Are You An Andromedan Starseed? How To Know For Sure

andromedan starseeds

Although Andromedan starseeds are technically rare compared to Pleiadians, you’ll probably encounter many Andromedans if you hang out with other starseeds. Andromedans have a really distinct energy that is both sensitive and tough.

However, this makes it hard to know if you’re from Andromeda, especially if you’re never experienced this energy before. You may not even recognize Andromedan energy in yourself!

My hope is that this post will help you discern whether you’re an Andromedan starseed. It may also help you figure out if you know any souls from Andromeda in your life here on Earth.

What Is A Starseed?

Starseeds are souls who have begun their incarnational cycle on other planets in our universe even in other universes before being born on Earth. Unlike souls who first incarnated on Earth, starseeds don’t feel totally comfortable with a lot of everyday things (such as violence), but they bring other gifts that Earthlings do not have.

Starseeds are drawn to Earth by the pull of their heritage, and they may feel an obligation to aid in the ascension process of planet earth. Starseeds who know this upon incarnating often face alienation from other humans because they do not resonate with human social behavior.  

Starseeds often feel like they do not fit in on earth, and this can cause some to feel depressed or lonely. However, various types of starseeds have very special abilities and a lot of innate power that they simply need to activate.

I find that one of the first steps to activating your power is to determine your soul’s origin. In fact, your soul’s origin will explain so much about you and will help you activate your power and take control of your life and even your soul.

What Are Andromedan Starseeds?

Andromedan starseeds are a group of souls that originated in the Andromeda Galaxy. Obviously, Andromeda is a massive galaxy, but I find that certain souls from Andromeda come here to Earth for specific purposes, so Andromedan starseeds tend to have certain things in common.

Andromedans are relatively rare here on Earth, especially compared to other types of starseeds. They tend to have great difficulty dealing with oppression (something they experienced in the Andromeda Galaxy) but also try to fly under the radar in some ways because they innately know what happens when their power is discovered.

You can be an Andromedan starseed without even knowing it. In fact, I didn’t realize that I was an Andromedan for most of my life.

Once I figured out where my soul comes from, I had a massive awakening. All of the other pieces started to fall into place, and I began to understand the matrix of the universe on a whole new level.

Am I An Andromedan Starseed? Signs Of The Andromedan Starseed:

Andromedan starseeds are really specific beings. Their energy is distinct, and once you figure out how to identify Andromedans, you may start to notice people in your life with these characteristics.

Here are the top characteristics of Andromedan starseeds here on Earth.

You Think Both Logically And Creatively

While Orion starseeds tend to be logical and Pleiadians are often quite creative, Andromedan starseeds are a mixture of both.

Many Andromedans follow their creativity into the workplace. For example, Andromedans tend to excel at writing, art, music, or even coming up with new ideas. If this isn’t something that an Andromedan uses in their career, then they may instead value their sense of fashion, home decor, or taste in machinery.

In some ways, Andromedans always have a creative streak. They get those big ideas that more rational beings struggle to produce.

However, Andromedans are also logical, which can be a bit unusual. Most Andromedans know when something doesn’t make sense because they follow rational threads. They’re often able to turn their creative endeavors into realistic structures because they know how to combine creativity and logic.

This doesn’t mean that Andromedans are always perfect when it comes to creativity and logic. There are of course times when an Andromedan won’t see the logic of a situation or will be unable to produce a creative masterpiece. However, for the most part, these two traits coexist in an Andromedan soul.

You Crave True Freedom

Andromedans need freedom and often feel trapped here on Earth. However, that can manifest in many different ways.

Some Andromedans literally want physical freedom. They might travel all over the Earth in search of this abundance or try to head to space. This is because, in the Andromedan Galaxy, souls have much more freedom than we experience here. They’re able to hop from planet to planet easily and don’t feel “stuck” in any one place.

However, some Andromedans also crave freedom in the metaphorical sense. They might feel restricted by people in their lives or even restricted energetically.

As an Andromedan, I’ve always felt like other people were trying to control me, as though I couldn’t express my true self. I also felt stuck here in an energetic sense, like my chakras were closed and I just couldn’t see the truth. My frustration with being limited built and built until I finally activated my Andromedan DNA and understood where I come from.

Ultimately, all of the freedom that Andromedans seek is within. We never lost our power, but we’ve been taught to believe that we no longer have it. In reality, we just need to activate the power that is within us and the power that we have stored in nature.

If you’re an Andromedan who is seeking freedom, I recommend that you go within to discover your power. Through this process, the very definitely of freedom will change and you’ll discover that there are limitless possibilities in your world, as long as you can vibrate at a high-enough frequency to take advantage of these opportunities.

You’re Very Empathetic And Sensitive

Almost all Andromedans are really sensitive. When you meet an Andromedan, you will immediately feel the sensitivity coming off their energy field. It can feel as though an Andromedan is especially susceptible to hurt.

Many Andromedans are also quite empathetic. They tend to cry easily as children and are deeply impacted by the horrors they witness on Earth. 

This sensitivity is ultimately a good thing for Andromedans because it allows them to tap into their natural power, but it can also be painful to have this extra sensitivity on Earth because there is so much violence and brutality, two things Andromedans aren’t used to.

You Sometimes Feel Lost On Earth

Similar to other starseeds, Andromedans often feel lost on earth. The terrain can feel stifling to starseeds, and the violence and mannerisms of animal creatures on earth is gut-wrenching.

Andromedans might even feel that they were put here by mistake. While this isn’t true, it’s important to recognize if you do feel uncomfortable in order to discern your soul’s origin. Andromedans are extremely sensitive, so they tend to be the most uncomfortable with earthly actions, specifically with violence and revenge, compared to all of the starseeds.

You Suffer From Anxiety, Depression, or Low Self-Worth

Many Andromedans have issues with anxiety or depression. They might also have low self-worth, usually without a really specific cause.

This typically manifests because Andromedans are so sensitive. They hold a large amount of trauma from their experiences on earth that they need to process, but when these traumatic experiences are suppressed, the Andromedan soul starts to suffer.

I find that anxiety and depression are usually catalysts for Andromedans. Once they’re able to work on their mental health, their frequency rises, and they begin to awaken to the power that they hold within them.

You Are Strongly Connected To Nature Or Animals

Like many other starseeds, Andromedans are often very connected to nature or animals. They’re able to recharge from being around living beings, especially those from the Earth, so they feel an intrinsic kinship with these beings.

Most Andromedans will find that their mental and physical health improves as they spend more time in nature. 

Similarly, Andromedans can be really attached to their pets. Because souls on Andromeda communicate with emotions rather than words, it feels natural for Andromedans to exist with their pets without needing to verbally communicate.

You Are Drawn To Tales Of Lost Lands And Ancient Civilizations

Many starseeds are drawn to the tales of lost lands, such as Atlantis, and to learn about ancient civilizations like Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Andromedans have these qualities, too.

While this quality doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re an Andromedan all by itself (because so many starseeds love ancient history!), it’s a good indication that you could be Andromedan, especially if the other characteristics fit your personality and soul, too.

You Have An Innate Balance Between Masculine And Feminine Energy

Many people struggle to balance their masculine and feminine energy. I’m sure you’ve met someone who was overly feminine and compliant, or someone who put all of their focus on active, masculine energy, but lacked a softer touch.

Keep in mind that I’m discussing masculine and feminine energy in a spiritual sense rather than a biological sense. Feminine energy tends to be empathetic, warm, and passive (similar to feminine signs in astrology) while masculine energy is active, assertive, and powerful.

Andromedan starseeds often have a good balance between masculine and feminine energy. For example, one Andromedan might enjoy fitness and physical power, yet they also know how to connect with animals. Another Andromedan might be active when they’re interested in something, but passive and feminine socially.

Andromedans don’t always have a perfect handle on how to use these energies, but if you’re an Andromedan, you will clearly be able to see both masculine and feminine energy within yourself.

You Struggle To Stick To A Routine

Many Andromedans struggle to appropriately ground themselves. They aren’t used to being “stuck” in a physical body like the kind we have here on Earth, so they try to escape and ignore the lowest three chakras (the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras).

This means that Andromedans have a hard time grounding themselves. We need these three chakras to truly feel grounded. When we’re not grounded, it’s extremely different to stick to a routine or follow through on various projects.

I find that many Andromedans will get a lot done, but that they work in sporadic bursts. They have trouble sourcing energy from the Earth (because those lower chakras are usually underdeveloped) and they just can’t make themselves follow through on mundane tasks.

If you’re an Andromedan starseed, it might be helpful to balance your chakras, either through meditation or using your pendulum. This helps me a lot when I need to complete tasks around the house.

Common Questions About Andromedan Starseeds:

Here are some of the most common questions about Andromedan starseeds that I get. Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions that I haven’t answered and I’ll add your question to this post!

Can I Be An Andromedan Starseed And Also Another Type?

Your soul has probably lived on many planets and even in many different galaxies or universes. You’ve picked up different traits and attributes over time because you’ve had so many varied lifetimes.

However, in my experience, each soul has one specific origin. We’re looking for the origin of your soul here because this knowledge can help you activate your DNA, connect with your guides, and unlock your power.

If you were originally an Andromedan starseed and then spent many lives in another galaxy (or vice-versa), you might feel confused. Many of the traits for both types of starseeds can apply to you.

In this case, I recommend that you sit on this knowledge for a bit. Ultimately, you’re looking for those core inner needs rather than the surface-level traits; this is what will define your soul’s origin.

For example, Andromedans almost always seek freedom. They feel trapped in some way, but this can manifest completely differently for each person. Instead of looking at the surface-level traits that you’ll find in many starseed descriptions (such as how Andromedans love to travel, Plebians have blue eyes, etc.), look at the meaning behind each soul origin. I really believe that this is how you will discover your origin and unlock your power.

Just because I’ve never encountered a true 50/50 hybrid starseed doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. As always, do your own research and follow your intuition because your experience will be different from mine!

What Is The Typical Andromedan Starseed Appearance?

One Andromedan can look vastly different from another. After all, we have different DNA in each human lifetime, but our soul’s origin does not change. There’s no way every Andromedan could possibly look like all the others!

However, I do find that you will feel when you’ve met an Andromedan because of their eyes. There’s a sensitive, deep energy that emanates from their eyes. Most likely, their parents talked about their serious or deep eyes as a child, and that never changes when someone has a true Andromedan starseed soul.

While there aren’t many common Andromedan starseed markings that I can share, the energetic markings and unmistakable. Once you identify Andromedans in your life, you will grow more comfortable sensing the energy of Andromedans and will be able to pick up on this discerning energy.

How Do I Find An Andromedan Starseed Activation?

There are many ways to activate your etheric DNA. I personally love these activations on Etsy – they’re only a few dollars. You can just listen to the activation in a comfortable spot and feel the effects without putting a ton of effort in. Plus, they really work! They don’t need to be Andromedan specific, either – I’m an Andromedan and I’ve used these activations with a lot of success.

However, there are plenty of other Andromedan starseed activations that you can look up on the internet, too. If you work with an Andromedan spirit guide (which you most likely have if you are from Andromeda), then you can use your pendulum or other divination tools to perform your own Andromedan starseed activation.