Venus-Mars Aspects In The Synastry Chart

Venus-Mars Aspects In The Synastry Chart

Venus-Mars aspects are super intense in the synastry chart. They’re always charged and indicate both sexual and romantic/relationship-oriented energy.

Typically, the Mars person is the more aggressive individual while the Venus person is more passive. However, this will depend on the other aspects in the chart as well as the signs.

I find that Venus-Mars aspects are often present in the charts of people who stay together. This is because both planets are needed to balance a relationship.

Even the difficult Venus-Mars aspects can create a lot of attraction. They’re charged, and may be hard, but remember that difficult aspects are better than no aspects because they create passionate, focused energy.

Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry:

When you have the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect, this indicates a really powerful physical attraction. This aspect makes the couple turn sexual quite quickly. 

In fact, the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect is the ultimate aspect for sexual compatibility. Strong physical attraction is almost guaranteed.

When you meet someone with whom you have the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect, you’ll feel the immediate urge to make physical contact with them. The romantic, sexual attraction is almost irresistible. 

The sexual energy between this couple will be palpable, even to other people. It’s a very physical, animalistic aspect.

With the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect, the Mars person is usually more masculine. They have the sexual energy and physical body that the the Venus person admires, while the Venus individual may be more passive, with typical feminine energy.

Of course, this Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect doesn’t dictate which person has each planet. Therefore, the actual genders of the people have nothing to do with the energy that they share due to this aspect.

Typically, the Mars person will be more active or aggressive while the Venus individual is more passive. This happens regardless of their genders.

However, on some level, both people feel a lot of passion with this Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect. It’s extremely physical and usually denotes a great sex life.

The individuals in this relationship each view each other as the ideal mates. 

In the long-term, this aspect can be a bit difficult. Although the couple is attracted to each other, they also get under each others’ skin, which can make for a lot of passion arguments followed by physical “making up.”

This Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect is super powerful, but it isn’t necessarily blissful or peaceful. It causes a lot of commotion and frisson, for good or bad.

The chemistry in this relationship won’t die down quickly; this is a great aspect for the long-haul. However, the couple will need to learn how to communicate and to talk more calmly about issues in order to make this relationship work and remain passionate.

There will be a clear polarity between the masculine and the feminine with this aspect. The couple doesn’t necessarily like or dislike this polarity, but it naturally exists.

Ultimately, the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect means that the intensity in this relationship is off the charts. This can manifest in the positive or negative manners, or can be a combination of both.

Venus Trine Mars Synastry

With the Venus trine Mars synastry aspect, the romantic feelings are strong and natural in the relationship. This couple is sexually compatible, but also experiences the romance of being “in love.”

The energy between this couple is very natural. Even if the relationship doesn’t last, the couple will always hold a fond place in their hearts for each other.

In the beginning and throughout time, the Venus trine Mars synastry aspect means that the relationship is very fulfilling for both people. This isn’t something that takes a lot of work. 

The couple knows how to please each other sexually. In fact, the physical aspect of this Venus trine Mars synastry relationship is just as fulfilling as the romantic part.

With this aspect, the energy just flows. However, like any Venus-Mars aspects, the Mars person tends to have a slightly more masculine energy. This will be less obvious than the other aspects, but there is still an undertone of masculinity versus femininity. 

Venus trine Mars synastry means that the way the Mars person initiates is pleasing to the Venus person. Both people naturally know how to please the other in bed.

Ultimately, the Venus trine Mars synastry aspect means that the romantic relationship is natural, affectionate, and fulfilling. The couple enjoys each other sexually, but they are also on the same level in a romantic and creative sense. 

Unless other aspects indicate something different, this relationship will be quite easy, harmonious, and pleasant.

Venus Sextile Mars Synastry

Although the Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect isn’t as strong as the trine, it still indicates that there is a lot of romantic attraction between the couple. They know how to fulfill each other romantically and sexually.

In this relationship, there is both a lot of passion and a sense of emotional tenderness. With Venus sextile Mars in synastry, there is a lot of potential for a really fulfilling relationship.

However, the Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect is a bit more subtle. The chemistry is there, but it’s more of an undertone. 

This relationship will be very easy and simple. The couple is each attracted to the other and are pleased by the other. They may not be each other’s usual “type,” but this won’t bother either person.

The Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect means that it’s very easy to develop good sexual chemistry, too. There may not be as much sexual intensity as the conjunction or trine, but there is the potential to develop a really fulfilling sex life over time.

Generally, the Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect won’t make or break a relationship, but it is an easier aspect to have in the synastry chart.

Venus Opposition Mars Synastry

The Venus opposition Mars synastry aspect indicates a strong and compelling relationship. There is a lot of romantic and sexual attraction between this couple.

However, this Venus opposition Mars synastry relationship can be a bit of a roller-coaster. Both people may experience emotional ups and downs that cause problems in the relationship. It can feel a bit unstable.

Sometimes, this relationship feels like it’s always changing. The couple might be immensely attracted to each other in one moment, then repulsed by each other the next.

Generally, the Venus opposition Mars synastry aspect makes for a really complex relationship. It can be uncomfortable or difficult, but this aspect also creates an opportunity for both people to grow.

Remember that in the synastry chart, oppositions aren’t necessarily bad. They create a charged energy because of the polarity, but they also indicate that there’s an opportunity to change and learn.

On the one hand, this aspect creates a really intense romantic and sexual energy that borders on obsession. There isn’t a lack of desire in this relationship!

If this Venus opposition Mars synastry relationship turns negative, one or both people might become jealous or possessive. They might feel like they’re competing with everyone else. 

The opposition can become too volatile and polarized, leading to both people feeling like absolute opposites sexually and romantically. If this isn’t solved, it will eventually reach a breaking point.

However, this Venus opposition Mars synastry aspect has a positive element, too. Each person mirrors something on the other person because the way that they approach both sex and romance is opposite. If both people are able to recognize this mirroring, then they can explain their own desires to the other person and learn how to compromise.

Communication is really important with this aspect. Each person must be willing to let go of their preconceived notions and to transcend in the relationship.

Venus Square Mars Synastry

With the Venus square Mars synastry aspect, the emotion and sexual pull is really strong, but this couple will also experience a lot of miscommunications.

Typically, the Mars person will come across as too aggressive or inconsiderate, or the Venus person might feel like the Mars person is only interested in them sexually, not romantically. The Venus person usually needs more of the relationship aspect.

The Mars person person may feel that the Venus individual is too difficult, sensitive, or closed-off. They want more bluntness and animal instincts, but the Venus person desires a bit more finesse.

The Mars person might be attracted to the Venus person’s beauty or looks, but they’re not able to get what they want because the Venus person doesn’t react the way they desire when the Mars person initiates.

The Venus person is usually a bit more jealous than the Mars person in this relationship, but possessiveness may be an issue for both people, too.

In the beginning of the relationship, other people can see the tension. Some of this is because this couple might have really public, angry arguments.

Although both people are really attracted to each other with the Venus square Mars synastry aspect, the timing might be off. 

The Venus square Mars synastry aspect can be almost as charged as the conjunction, but the sexual energy is more unconscious. The couple might feel like it’s hard to actually access the sexual energy, even though it’s always there.

In fact, this relationship can be really frustrating for both people. They know that it could be something great, but they just can’t access it. This is especially true for the Mars individual.

Their sex life may never be quite what they’re looking for. Each person is attracted to the other, but they never seem to have the same timing. It’s hard for them to communicate what they truly want from the other; their wants and needs are quite different, so they don’t understand each other.

This couple may not realize how much they love each other until they’re physically away from each other, only to fight when they’re around each other again.

This Venus square Mars synastry relationship is love-hate. It is very possible to make it work long-term, but it will require a lot of communication. This couple will need to tap into the unconscious energy that is hard to reach in order to find romantic and sexual satisfaction.

Keep in mind that things won’t just resolve with this Venus square Mars synastry aspect. It will take a lot of work and communication to be able to work through these difficulties.

Dreams About Snakes: Every Possible Meaning

Dreams About Snakes: Every Possible Meaning

Everyone has odd or scary dreams from time to time. Although you could dream about theoretically anything, dreams about snakes are some of the most common dreams that adults encounter.

I personally think this is because snakes have such a layered, symbolic meaning. They inspire fear and awe at the same time. These creatures are some of the most intricate symbols.

For many people, dreams about snakes are really frightening. However, snakes are kind of a double-edge sword. They are creatures that are depicted as both positive and negative, depending on the myth, so dreams about snakes can mean a variety of things.

Generally, the dreams about snakes meaning is one of two things. These types of dreams are either an indicate that there is someone or something poisonous in your life, or that healing or transformation needs to take place.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the meaning of your dream right away. After all, dreams are a combination of our unconscious thoughts and messages from guides (if this is something you believe in), so they can be pretty tricky to figure out.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you decipher exactly what your dream was trying to tell you if you’re wondering what dreams about snakes mean!

The General Meaning Of The Snake Archetype 

Snakes can mean many different things. Some people believe that snakes are inherently negative. If you believe in Starseeds, then you know that snakes are part of the Reptilians, who wish to gain power and rule the world.

In the Bible, the snake represents both Lucifer and Lilith. They are tricksters, betrayers, and the rulers of Hell. Snakes in this context represent deception or the Devil himself.

However, many witches feel that snakes aren’t necessarily bad but are wrongly accused, similar to both Lucifer and Lilith. In Ancient Greece, snakes symbolized healing, while they were a sign of spiritual transformation in Ancient Egypt.

The Chinese zodiac depicts snakes as intelligent, spiritual, and manipulative. They aren’t necessarily evil but are certainly intricate and aren’t totally good, either.

In many contexts, snakes signify transformation. This is for good or bad. Look at what in your life needs to change, what you’re missing, or how you need to transform. Alternatively, a snake can be a sign of power and strength.

Graphically, the snake is a straight line, yet it is also flexible and fast-moving. This shows the duality of the animal; it is both predictable and surprising.

The snake is sexual, enchanting, subtle, and cunning. It represents both sexuality and evil, yet the snake can also be the shadow self that we are ashamed of and hide.

Even the venom of the snake has a certain duality. It can be both poisonous and healing; it is the idea of “like cures like.”

I always recommend that you consider the idea of duality in your dream. The snake often represents opposing forces.

However, there are many specific meanings that snakes can take on. I’ll go over all of the different meanings of snakes as symbols, as people, as deities/spirits/demons, and as events. If you have trouble interpreting your dreams then scroll to the bottom where I’ll include some tips for how to decipher what your dreams about snakes actually mean for you.

The Snake As A Symbol

Sometimes, a snake in a dream is a symbol rather than a specific individual. Here are some of the main symbols that dreams about snakes represent.

Fear: Dreams about snakes can often mean that you’re afraid of something, whether this is a person (your boss, your mother, your partner, etc.), or a situation (making a commitment, going on a trip, having to face something). If your dream about snakes was related to fear, then the message is that it’s time to turn around and face the situation.

Anxiety: As far as symbols go, dreams about snakes that relate to anxiety are very common. The snake itself can represent your anxiety, or it can indicate that your emotions are out of whack and that you’re trying to pretend that your anxiety doesn’t exist. Again, the message is to dig deep and figure out what’s causing the anxiety instead of ignoring it.

Growth: On a more positive notes, dreams about snakes can represent growth and change. They indicate that your subconscious mind is growing, even if you’re in painful situations. This is generally a good sign!

Progress: In ancient Egypt, dreams about snakes symbolized transformation. They were a positive thing and meant that you were growing and making progress. Sometimes, dreams about snakes can indicate that you’re on the right track to reach your goals.

Warning: Sometimes, dreams about snakes are a clear warning. The first warning is that you should be cautious around people in your life. You may have a “snake” around you who you are blindly trusting, but you should dig deeper to see what their true intentions are. The second kind of warning is that you’re ignoring something in your subconscious mind and that you need to acknowledge the truth quickly.

Spirituality: Sometimes, dreams about snakes are actually quite spiritual. These types of dreams can indicate that you’re moving into a higher level of consciousness and activating more of your spiritual self.

Sexuality: Occasionally, dreams about snakes can represent a phallic symbol. These types of dreams might show that you’re suppressing your sexual needs or are feeling “less-than” sexually. Dig deep into your subconscious mind to figure out what’s going on.

Wisdom: Many cultures believe that snakes are a symbol of wisdom or knowledge. In this context, a dream about snakes can mean that you’re trying to find the answers to a problem or learn something new.

Repressed Desires: Because snakes are “hidden” and lowly, they can represent repressed desires. This dream is a sign to face your desires and deal with them instead of continuing to repress them. Alternatively, reconsider what you think you want. Is there something you want that you’re scared to admit to yourself?

Trauma: Alternatively, because snakes are hidden, they can represent trauma. The snake represents things that have been repressed in the unconscious mind and is a sight that you need to access your inner child/shadow self. Usually, the snake represents a part of you that you’re hiding.

Eternity: The image of the snake eating its own tail represents eternity.

Medicine: The ancient greeks used the symbol of the snake as an indicator of medicine or health. In modern-day times, the symbol of the snake is even on our general healthcare logo. Sometimes, snakes can mean that you need to reevaluate your health or seek alternate treatment.

The Snake As A Person

Often, dreams about snakes center around the other person. With this sort of dream, you will probably get the sense that the snake is someone else and may even be someone you know.

When the snake is representing another person, the message is usually a warning. This person may be someone who is poisonous or toxic in your life, or it’s someone who you shouldn’t trust. 

Sometimes, the snake as someone else represents the lies that you’re telling yourself about a person in your life, or they may be lying to you.

As a person, the snake typically represents someone who is betraying you. There is deceit here, but it’s hiding in plain sight. All of the information that you need is in your own mind, so dig deep to figure out the truth.

The Snake As A Deity Or Demon

Any animal in a dream can signify a deity, demon, or other entity or being. Dreams about snakes are no different. 

Unfortunately, there are tons of different spiritual beings who are represented by a snake. I’m listing the most common deities, demons, and spirits here who have a clear association with snakes.

I recommend that you do some research if any of these names strike you as signifiant. Otherwise, keep searching, because there are an infinite amount of spirits out there who associate themselves with the symbol of the snake.

How would you know if the snake in your dream is a deity, demon, or spirit? First of all, the energy would clearly be different. You would feel as though the snake is another being or entity, not just a projection of your subconscious mind.

If you’re still unsure, you can do divination to figure out if the snake does represent a spirit form. I like to use the pendulum, but you can also use Tarot cards, Oracle cards, a crystal ball, or other types of divination.

Here are some deities/spirits/demons associated with snakes:

  • Apophis
  • Hygeia
  • Mothra
  • Shiva
  • Nagas
  • Lilith
  • Isis (represented by the Cobra)
  • Dionisys
  • Hermes (two snakes)
  • Loki (the duality of healing/poisonous snake venom)
  • Balam (a King of Hell)
  • Aim/Haborym (a Great Duke of Hell)
  • Astaroth
  • Hygeia
  • Ganga
  • Your own familiar (don’t rule this out!)

However, keep in mind that deities/demons/spirits in dreams aren’t exactly usual. If you’re unsure, consider the other meanings before settling on this.

The Snake As A Health Issue

Sometimes, snakes in dreams can represent health issues. The Ancient Greeks believed that snakes represented medicine and healing. Even now, the symbol of American healthcare involves two snakes intertwined.

In dreams, snakes can indicate two different things related to health.

The first thing is that there is something poisonous in your life. This is usually represented by a venomous snake. This dream is a warning to deep deeper into your own health issues and tackle them head on.

Alternatively, the snake can mean that there’s a path to healing that you’re not currently recognizing. You need to look at all of the options available to you so you don’t miss out on something great.

The Snake As A Spiritual Message

Although snakes can be seen as scary, deceitful, or dangerous, in some cultures, snakes are considered extremely spiritual. This is especially common in Eastern cultures.

Dreams about snakes have a spiritual meaning that is generally positive. You are experiencing profound spiritual growth. You are grounded yet connected and are finally “putting it all together.”

Usually, dreaming about a snake means that your energy is awakening. It can be a message to focus on your chakras, starting with the base of your spine and reaching through the top of your head.

Types Of Snakes In Dreams:

Sometimes, various types of snakes in dreams can indicate specific things. Here are some of the most common types of snakes that may show up in your dreams.

Boa Constrictor

If you’re dreaming about a boa constrictor then you’re quite literally feeling “squeezed.” This can indicate that someone in your life is making you feel constricted or controlled. You might be feeling repressed or suffocated.

Alternatively, a boa constrictor can mean that someone is “squeezing” you financially or taking more than you can give.

Lastly, a boa constrictor can represent your own desires to overpower someone or to have power over a situation.

Think about how you felt around the boa constrictor. Were you scared of it or did you feel that it was a part of you?


Typically, a rattlesnake in a dream is a warning. The rattlesnake will rattle its tail to warn the threat away, and this is exactly what the dream is doing for you.

Most of the time, a rattlesnake in your dream is warning you about a toxic or deceitful person, but it can also indicate a situation that is not what it seems. Lastly, a rattlesnake can mean that you need to protect yourself somehow, whether this is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Any Poisonous Or Venomous Snake

Many people have dreams about snakes that are venomous. This typically indicates negative events. Someone or something is “poisoning” your life.

Alternatively, dreams about poisonous snakes can indicate that your own thoughts are toxic or poisonous. You may be surrounded by something or someone poisonous. This can be negative people or entities, substances, bad food, or doubts and worries of yourself or others.

Garden Snake

If you’re having dreams about garden snakes, this is generally a good sign. The garden snakes represents someone or something you were worried about. You might have thought this person/situation was a threat, but you now realize that they/it are harmless. This dream indicates that there’s no need to worry.

A White Snake

A white snake is one of the best dreams about snakes you can have. This is almost always a good sign.

In a dream, a white snake indicates that you have a clear mind and know the way forward. It can mean that you are both grounded and spiritual, or that you’re undergoing a regeneration spiritually. 

The white snake is especially spiritual if it’s in the water. This relates to the soul, but can also mean good health or pure intentions.

A Black Snake

Generally, dreaming about a black snake is predicting something bad. The black snake usually symbolizes an obstacle that you need to overcome.

A black snake can also mean that something dark or dangerous is present in your life. Sometimes, this is a sign that you should be cautious, or it can mean that you need to deal with your emotional pain, distress, or attachments.

If you sense that the black snake is someone else, then these dreams about snakes can indicate that there is a bad relationship or someone with a negative energy around you. Be cautious with your finances and stay alert to danger or negativity.

Seeing a black snake means that you should avoid arguments or disputes. Don’t enter into any contracts that seem suspicious.

Sometimes, a black snake can signify the shadow self, the inner self, or invisible guides. If you have no negative feelings surrounding the black snake, then it is probably a powerful symbol of spirituality. Remember that not all dark things are bad; your feelings during the dream are the most significant indicator.

Spiritually, the black snake can be a powerful protection symbol. Someone or something is protecting you.

A Red Snake

A red snake can be a warning of potential danger. Often, a red snake is giving you a heads up about danger in your life.

Alternatively, a red snake can mean sexual passion or passion for a situation or person.

Many Snakes

If you have a dream with lots of snakes, this can indicate that you feel surrounded by snakes in life or are surrounded by toxic, dangerous people without realizing this.

This can also mean that you’re surrounded by negativity, worries, or have obstacles coming at you from every side.

At its work, dreams about snakes as a group can mean that you’re literally in the “nest” of the snakes and need to get away from something really dangerous or bad.

Various Event Meanings In Dreams About Snakes:

Sometimes, in dreams about snakes, there’s a specific event that happens. If you felt that the thing that happened with the snake was more important than the snake simply being in your dream, then one of these explanations might be more helpful.

The Snake Bit You…

Dreaming about a snake biting you can be really scary. Stay calm and know that there is a deeper meaning to this dream!

A snake bite can mean a few different things. First of all, it can indicate issues with your health. Look at your physical and emotional health. Are you being “poisoned” in any way? 

The venom of a snake can be both poisonous and healing, so this dream can sometimes indicate that you need an “antidote.”

In a relationship aspect, dreams about snakes biting you can indicate that you’re an easy target for a person or group of people. You need to regain control over your life and get of out any situations that allow others to “bite” you.

Your unconscious mind is trying to send you a warning. There is someone or something in your life that can harm you and you need to protect yourself. This is the most common meaning of a snake bit in a dream, but you should examine your own emotions in the dream to figure out what it means for you.

Lastly, this type of dream can mean that there is an aspect of your life that you need to let go of. You may feel paralyzed or trapped in some way, but the only person who can make changes is you. This dream is a sign that you need to summon your courage and act.

The Snake Bit Someone Else…

If the snake bites someone else in your dream, you need to pay close attention to how you felt about the situation and the person.

If you were worried or upset for the person, this can mean that you’re scared for a loved one. You may have unconscious emotions that you’re not dealing with regarding a situation that someone else is in. Alternatively, this dream could be a warning and is telling you to protect your loved on.

If you found yourself happy that the snake bit another person (because they were an enemy or someone you don’t like), this can indicate that it’s time to reflect and deal with your own cravings for revenge.

The Snake Was In Your House…

It’s super freaky to have a dream about a snake in your house. After all, your home is where you’re supposed to feel protected.

Firstly, you should consider the emotions you felt during the dream. Were you scared for your home, for your family, or for yourself?

If you felt invaded, then the house may represent the most private part of your mind. It can indicate that someone is invading, whether this is spiritually or emotional.

Dreams about snakes in your home can also mean that you have a “snake” in your family. Someone may be deceiving you or lying to you. This can also apply if you live with a roommate or have a difficult landlord. 

If the snake represents your own subconscious thoughts, then a snake in your home means that you’re unhappy with your living situation and need to actively change something.

Lastly, a snake in your home can indicate financial problems that are getting too close to home. It’s time to reexamine your finances before things crash down on you.

The Snake Was In Your Bed…

A snake in your bed can symbolize a few different things.

Firstly, this can quite literally indicate that there is someone toxic or deceitful in your bed. If you’re in a relationship and live together or are regularly inviting someone into your bed, then see if this dream relates to your partner at all. This can be a clear warning.

Alternatively, a dream about a snake in your bed can symbolize that you’re ignoring your deepest urges and desires. This dream is encouraging you to release the pent up energy that you have inside and be more truthful with yourself, especially when it comes to sex.

The Snake Strangled You…

Dreams about snakes strangling you are very common. They usually mean that you feel restricted in some way, whether you’re restricting yourself or are being boxed-in by someone else.

If this rings true for you, examine how you’re being restricted. This is a message from your subconscious telling you that it’s time to set yourself free. Maybe you aren’t able to do what you want, or you feel like you can’t speak up when you want to. It’s time to become your authentic self.

Sometimes, being choked or strangled by a snake indicates that someone is squeezing you financially rather than physically or emotionally.

The Snake Chased You…

If you dreamed about a snake chasing you, then you probably experienced a sense of danger in your dream. You may have woken up feeling afraid and shaky.

Firstly, examine if the snake represented a particular person. Did you sense an energy from the snake that correlates with someone you know? If so, look into the meaning of being chased by that person and why that would make you feel afraid.

However, if you don’t recognize the snake as a person, then look at what the snake did represent. Is there a situation in your life that you’re avoiding? Is there something you need to turn around and face?

This can also mean that there’s a situation where you need to speak your mind, but you have been avoiding this. If you are running away from something, your subconscious mind is sending you a message that this won’t continue to work.

When you’re being chased by anything in a dream, the message is almost always that you need to turn around and face your fear. It’s ideal if you’re able to do this in real life, once you figure out what the snake represents.

If you have this dream again, the best advice I have is to turn around and face the snake. You can also sleep with protection crystals or sigils for strength under your pillow to help you face the situation.

Sometimes, dreams about snakes chasing you can indicate that you feel trapped. The goal is to figure a way out of the situation, but you can’t do this unless you first face your fears.

The Snake Was Dead…

Usually, seeing a dead snake in your dreams a good sign. This means that you have overcome an obstacle in your life, or that you’re close to the conclusion of a difficult situation.

Sometimes, this can indicate emotional liberation or reaching new spiritual heights. If you don’t feel that you’re quite there yet, then this dream is a sign that you’re close to achieving what you desire. You can conquer anything, even if it feels impossible.

However, if you had a negative feeling looking at the dead snake, then think about what it could represent. Did you see the snake as a person or as a part of your own consciousness? What are you afraid of losing?

You Killed A Snake…

If you had a dream about a snake who you killed, this is usually a positive sign. It means that you can overcome your fears and accomplish anything. You are able to defeat any obstacles in your way.

Look at how you felt after you killed the snake. If you felt satisfaction, this means that you are close to overcoming a large obstacle in your life. If you felt guilty, then this indicates that there is a situation that you can’t resolve easily without hurting anyone.

Ultimately, dreaming about killing a snake signifies a struggle in your life that is ongoing and is something you need to turn around and face.

The Snake Shed Its Skin…

The symbolism of the snake shedding its skin is quite common. It shows up in the Bible, but is also symbolic of spring and renewal in Pagan cultures. 

I tend to feel that the snake shedding its skin is positive. For me, it vindicates turning over new leaves.

However, this act can also indicate that someone toxic in your life will soon be revealed.

How To Figure Out Your Dream:

Figuring out your dream is one of the most difficult parts of divination work. It’s not only anxiety-producing but can also be straight up hard. Many of our dreams are filled with obscure metaphors. 

The most important thing about your dream is to analyze how you felt. Were the emotions positive or negative? Were you afraid, angry, joyous, revengeful, or calm?

Negative feelings usually indicate that a threat is present in your life. This can be a person, a situation, or your own thoughts. If you encounter a deity or spirit in your dreams about snakes, then you may feel afraid or negative because the being is so powerful.

Feeling fear in a dream is quite common. Most of the time, fear is an indication that you need to dig deeper and face your trauma. Alternatively, fear can be a warning sign that you need to be careful. I recommend doing some divination to figure out which type of message you’re getting.

However, positive feelings usually mean that you’re turning over a new leaf or are about to achieve a goal. Snakes represent change, so if you feel happy, joyous, or peaceful in your dream, know that transformation is either happening or is about to happen.

It can also be helpful to ask yourself how you typically feel about snakes, especially before your dream. Sometimes, your subconscious mind or guides will send you a message based on your own preconceived notions.

If you’re naturally afraid of snakes, then dreams about snakes can symbolize your own fear or something in your life that is creating fear.

I always recommend that you do a bit of divination work to figure out exactly what your dream needs (and for additional confirmation), but you should start out by examining your gut instincts about the meaning. Remember that the answers are always inside of you!

An Introduction To Mundane Astrology: Nations, Politics, & Big Events

An Introduction To Mundane Astrology: Nations, Politics, & Big Events

There are many different branches of astrology. Mundane astrology is the branch of astrology governing places, countries, cities, entities, corporations, geographical events, and the world.

In natal astrology we study a single person’s chart, but in mundane astrology, we study something larger, something that’s more established.

The term Mundane astrology comes from the Latin word mundus, meaning world. It’s quite literally the astrology of the world!

Mundane astrology shows us what is happening in the world due to the gravitational pull of the planets. It can be used to predict the future and prepare for possible events.

Why Study Mundane Astrology?

If you believe that Mundane astrology is true, then you could theoretically predict world events. Even if we can’t actually do anything to change these events (as this is usually impossible because the energy of the planets is so strong), you can still be prepared for what is coming.

For example, the United States is entering its Pluto return right now. This only happens about every 250 years, so this is the first Pluto return for the US.

Looking at the chart helps me a lot because I can try to figure out what I think is going to happen and prepare.

Just before the stay-at-home order hit, astrologers were predicting some sort of massive lockdown. In fact, Mundane astrologers had been speaking up about the year 2020 for over 50 years! Mundane astrology can be super helpful if you’re interested in the astrology of politics.

I also love using Mundane astrology for my business in order to work with the energies.

Even if you only study Mundane astrology for your own amusement, it will at the very least help you be prepared while you become a better astrologer and learn more about various placements.

How To Read A Mundane Astrology Chart:

To draw up a Mundane astrology chart, you do the exact same thing as you would with your own chart. 

For a nation or country, you simply need the birth date and place of the country. This is usually the “official” time and place that the country or nation came into existence. For the United States, we use the date, place, and time the Declaration of Independence was signed.

However, you can also use the first official inauguration if there is no clear date as to when the nation truly began.

You do the same type of thing for a business, entity, town, city, or other place or thing. If you don’t have a specific birth time then you can either use your best guess, use 12pm (and omit references to the points and houses), or you can use your pendulum to determine a birth time that both looks and feels correct.

A Mundane astrology chart will look the same as any other, but the signs, houses, and planets have slightly different meanings that clearly apply to bigger entities.

A Caution About Mundane Astrology:

I hate to say that but, after having the fear of GOD put in me one too many times when I was first starting out, I feel it’s necessary.

Don’t believe everything you read! Many Mundane astrologers will present their opinion like it’s fact.

For example, with upcoming Pluto return, I have heard that our government will be overturned, that the world will explode because of climate issues, and that we will move to another planet. I mean seriously? Other countries have made it through their Pluto returns, but some haven’t. So at the end of the day, who knows?

We’re all just guessing based on our own associations, our experiences, and the history that we have researched.

Additionally, many astrologers let their own political, social, or ethical beliefs influence what they see in a chart. Most of us do this sometimes (it’s really hard not to) but it’s also really important to look at the chart objectively.

If we just see what we want to see then we won’t be prepared. So, if an astrologer is giving you a bunch of good news that goes against common sense and the current climate, don’t put too much stock into that.

However, don’t believe the astrologers who only present doom and gloom, either. Usually, what’s going to happen in somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

Always trust your gut over any blog post! I’m definitely not correct 100% of the time and I don’t imagine that anyone else is, either. We are all influenced by our experiences and our biases.

What Do The Signs Mean In Mundane Astrology?

I won’t list out the meanings of the signs here because, in Mundane astrology, you can read the signs as you would regularly. 

However, the meanings of the planets and the houses are very different, so I’ll go into those below!

I recommend looking at the planet/house first and then applying the meaning of the sign to the aspect using your regular knowledge of the sign’s elements and qualities.

What Do The Planets Mean In Mundane Astrology?

In my opinion, the planets are very important in the Mundane astrology chart. I recommend looking at the planets first and seeing what you can pick out in a chart.

The Sun:

In Mundane astrology, the Sun represents the leaders and people in authority positions. These are the folks that the public does or must look up to. The Sun would represent prime ministers, kings, emperors, presidents, magistrates, judges, etc.

Sometimes, the Sun can represent individuals who the public listens to, even if they aren’t technically in an authority position. This authority is bestowed by the people.

In a Mundane “natal” chart, the Sun can also represent the force or will of the nation/country.

The Moon:

If the Sun is the leader, the Moon represents. the people in general. Sometimes this is all of the people, while other times the Moon can represent women more specifically. It also indicates crowds.

Alternatively, the Moon can represent anything to do with water (including transport, conditions, etc.) as well as land and crops.

The Moon almost always shows where the public’s attention falls. Anything that draws a crowd or that people notice is related to the Moon.


Mercury represents anything relating to news and media. This includes newspapers, TV channels, books, publishers, the press, speakers, news commentators, professors, and intellectuals. Sometimes, Mercury can also represent what is being taught or conveyed intellectually.

In Mundane astrology, Mercury can indicate transportation (usually public) as well as communication.


Venus represents artists, musicians, actors, athletes, theater, festivals, children, courtship, and marriage. Everything relating to beauty and entertainment is Venus.

When Venus is badly aspected, the beauty and harmony of a country will suffer.


Mars represents the military (the navy, the army, the air force, etc.), the local police, attacks on the country, disputes, conflict, and opposition. Anything relating to fire will show in Mars when looking at the Mundane astrology chart.

However, Mars can also represent leaders who aren’t in the public eye, such as engineers, military leaders, and doctors. This planet can also show epidemics, crimes of violence, and more commotions. If something violent is happening, look to Mars first.


In Mundane astrology, Jupiter is a bit of a duality. It represents the religious community as well as the judicial system.

Priests, religious leaders, bankers, judges, and lawyers are all represented in Jupiter. Because Jupiter rules both expansive finances and philosophy, it can show things relating to order, peace, prosperity, religious beliefs, and more.


Saturn represents the local law enforcement and the minor executives. For example, Saturn in the United States tends to represent the executive branches of each state or city.

Alternatively, Saturn can represent civil servant employees, land owners, mine operators, any public buildings or parks, and the elderly population.

In a more negative sense, Saturn shows epidemics, large-scale tragedy, public sadness, national calamities, and scarcities.


Uranus is the black sheep of the Mundane astrology chart. It represents political tension of all natures. When Uranus shows up, the people are trying to break out of the mold.

Typically, Uranus specifically shows rioting, strikes, and breaks for individualism. It can sometimes indicate right wing politics (more on the Libertarian side) but can also show scientific discoveries and inventions.

Uranus governs air and rail transport as well as labor organizations, explosions, anarchy, and the electrical and radio industry.


If Uranus leans right then Neptune leans left, towards socialism and communism. However, Neptune can also represent socialized medicine and hospitalization, charities, covet plots, fraud, illicit activities, and loss.

Neptune in certain aspects can indicate illusion. It can show when the people are unable to see what’s real, and it can show the illusions that a country or nation projects to the rest of the world.

However, Neptune represents the spirituality of a country as well. This is on a much deeper level than religion. It can indicate drugs or addictions on a mass-scale.


At its best, Pluto represents change and rebirth. In any chart, Pluto is all about metamorphosis and regeneration, regardless of how painful that may be.

In Mundane astrology, Pluto can indicate many things. Some of these include political undergrounds, espionage, organized crime, wealth, power, control, violence, rape, death, hidden information, organized labor, mob psychology, and the collective unconscious of the nation.

The Ascendant:

The Ascendant shows how the country/nation/entity/corporation is viewed by others. Aspects to the ascendant can more specifically show if the entity is viewed in a positive or negative light.

What Do The Houses Mean In Mundane Astrology?

Although I think the planets are super important in Mundane astrology, I definitely recommend that you do some research into the houses, too. Here’s my description of the houses and what they rule in Mundane astrology.

The 1st House:

In Mundane astrology, the 1st house rules the country as a whole. It also shows how the country/city/entity/corporation comes across to others, because this is where the Ascendant sits.

When you’re looking at transits, pay special attention to anything in the 1st house. These planets will affect the country as a whole. Most huge events show up in the 1st house.

The 2nd House:

The 2nd house rules the wealth of a nation, the economy, currency, revenue, banks, the Stock Exchange, financial institutions, money market, and trade. 

It also rules the possessions or property of people as a whole. Anything material is ruled by the 2nd house. 

Planets in the 2nd house will affect the finances or economy of the country, nation, or corporation.

The 3rd House:

The 3rd house rules all sorts of short-term transportation such as travel by car, bus, subway, or bike. Because the 3rd house is communication, it shows everything relating to information and news, such as the Post Office, the media, the news, internet, telephones, magazines, publications, and newspapers.

It can also rule young people and education or places of learning. 

Generally, the 3rd house will show the way that information is relayed and received in a country. Any planets transiting the 3rd house will affect either the reception or the output of information.

The 4th House:

The 4th house is the foundation. It rules the home, land owners, and workers of the land, as well as foundational cities and the basis for which individuals are working/voting. Sometimes, the 4th house also rules the weather.

Because the 4th house is opposite the 10th (which generally rules the leaders or people in power), it’s all about the common person/family unit. It’s usually a direct contrast with the leaders and may indicate where the country came from or how it was initially created. 

The 5th House:

The 5th house rules theater, sporting events, places of amusement and entertainment, gambling, and social functions. It shows how the people find hobbies and spend their free time; it’s all about what folks do for fun as a society. What things are considered recreational? The 5th house will show this.

However, this house can also rule the birth rate, children (and how they’re raised), and sexual concerns. 

The 6th House:

The 6th house rules public health, hospitals, healthcare, and epidemics. However, it also rules trade unions, national services, civil servants of the country, and workers and employees of a company.

This house can show a country’s general attitude towards work and health.

The 7th House:

The 7th house rules foreign affairs, relations with other countries (for better or worse), and the national marriage/divorce rate.

It shows the “other parties” involved with the nation/country/corporation. It can also indicate other people involved in an event who are victims.

The 8th House:

The 8th house rules the death rate, the types of people who die, how the nation treats death, and financial relations with foreign countries. It can also indicate how much debt a country or corporation is in as well as loans, interest, and taxes.

The 8th house can also be relevant the people are feeling oppressed or there is some sort of power struggle.

The 9th House:

The 9th house rules higher education (college or university), professors, and philosophic and scientific institutions as well as religion, churches, and religious influence on the public.

However, the 9th house can also rule long distance travel by a plane or boat or places of recreational/large events. The 9th house also governs law and the judicial systems.

The 10th House:

The 10th house shows the person or people in power (such as the monarch or president) and the government in general. Sometimes, the 10th house can also rule famous people, even if they’re not actually in positions of power.

In a more national sense, the 10th house rules reputation, credit, power, and public employment rate.

When a planet is transiting the 10th house, it will impact the leaders of the nation/corporation or the government or ruling entity as a whole. This house is especially relevant when studying the astrology of politics.

The 11th House:

The 11th house rules the masses and groups. Mob psychology is definitely present here. The 11th house is especially useful if you’re looking at a Mundane astrology chart for an event.

However, most “rebellious” periods or times of change have to do with the 11th house. Idealism and hope is also represented here.

The 12th House:

The 12th house rules places of confinement such as prisons, hospitals, asylums, secret societies, and occult religions. It also rules the people who work or live in these places.

It also rules endings and can indicate how an event or reign will end.

When a planet transits the 12th house, this usually indicates that something hidden will come to light.

King Of Wands: Love, Career, Health, Advice, & More

King Of Wands: Love, Career, Health, Advice, & More

Court cards are some of the most difficult cards to read in the Tarot deck. While the Major Arcana cards are relatively easy to apply to any situation, it’s pretty hard to separate court cards from their personality. This issue with the King of Wands is no different.

Today, I’ll be going over every single aspect of the King of Wands. Hopefully, you will find a description in this post that accurately applies to your reading!

In the Tarot deck, Kings represent outward leadership. They are competent and mature. The King of Wands has a clear set of values that he developed through experiences as the Page of Wands and the Knight of Wands and through his relationship with the Queen of Wands.

Although Kings often point to a person in a reading, this will depend on your spread. Consider if the King of Wands can indicate a person as your first course of action. If this is impossible, focus on the values of the King and how his morals apply to your situation.

King Of Wands:

There are so many different ways to read the King of Wands. To help you be more specific, I’ll go over the card and symbolism as well as the general meaning, then I’ll give interpretations of the King of Wands in specific situations.

If you want to read about the King of Wands in love, career, finances, as advice, as a person, as a yes/no answer, or reversed, feel free to scroll ahead to the appropriate section.

Visual Elements:

The visual elements listed here all describe the Rider-Waite King of Wands, so you may need to adapt these descriptions based on the deck you’re using. The visuals and symbolism will be different with every deck, which makes your reading totally unique.

king of wands, king of wands reversed, king of wands love, king of wands yes or no

In the Rider-Waite deck, the King of Wands is shown sitting on his throne wearing a bright orange robe, a yellow cape, and a gold crown. His throne is decorated with both lions and salamanders.

He holds a wand that has leaves blossoming from the trunk. Unlike the Queen, the King of Wands doesn’t have lions on the base of his throne. The only live animal present is the salamander/lizard at his feet.

The King of Wands is looking off to the side. This represents peering into the future and looking forward.

Although the King of Wands doesn’t have a clear astrological association, I personally feel that he correlates well with the astrological sign of Leo. However, he does have elements of all of the fire signs.

King Of Wands Keywords:

Here are some of the most common keywords for the King of Wands.


  • Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Visionary
  • Takes control
  • Decision maker
  • Innovativeness 
  • Boldness
  • Optimism
  • Fast-paced
  • Action-oriented
  • Warm
  • Protective
  • Magnetic


  • Forceful
  • Selfishness
  • Impulsiveness
  • Extremism
  • Tyrant
  • Vicious
  • Powerless
  • Ineffective
  • Weak

General King Of Wands Meaning:

The King of Wands is the ultimate leader. He doesn’t dream up ideas like the Page or put his dreams into action like the Knight. Instead, he makes a plan, then enlists others to help him see it through. In modern-day life, he is the manager or business owner of any situation.

At his best, the King is self-confident but not arrogant. He has a lot of experience in life and can easily implement his ideas. He gains knowledge through past failures, so he now knows how to control his fire and harness it.

However, the King is also bold. His astrological sign is Leo, after is. He knows when it’s time to take a risk and when he needs to step back and wait.

The King of Wands is a dominant character. People look up to him because he knows what he’s doing. There’s nothing fake about his status; he has earned his place on the throne through hard work.

In any situation, the King has control over the outcome. If you’re facing an issue, the King indicates that you are able to solve it! All of the power you need is within you. Be bold and own your capability.

The King of Wands can also be a sign to look for opportunities in unexpected places. He is always learning and growing, so he sees every situation as useful. This card can mean that you are learning from even the most difficult of events. See the glass as half full instead of half empty.

The King does have a full family and truly loves them. He’s a fun and lively dad as well as a caring husband. His only downfall is that he can sometimes be a bit stubborn; he truly believes he knows what’s best for everyone. The King can be consumed by the pursuit of the things he wants, but in personal relationships, this personality type can be very intense.

In groups, the King is always center-stage. Other people are drawn to him because he’s charismatic and knowledgable. His confidence makes his personality shine.

Ultimately, the King of Wands knows how to take the fiery energy of a new idea and turn it into something real. He can create something out of nothing because he has both the willpower and the knowledge. He tends to represent some of the greatest leaders throughout history, the people who knew when to act and when to wait.

His only downfall is his stubbornness. When he truly believes something he isn’t likely to budge. He may see the world only in black or white colors; something is either right or wrong.

Sometimes, the King will push others to agree with him. However, at his best he is charming and charismatic, so these qualities are kept in check.

King Of Wands In Love:

The King of Wands is typically a good omen in a love position. As a person, he is loving, warm, and protective. He knows how to employ both logic and emotions in his relationships and will go to any lengths to care for his partner.

In a relationship, the King of Wands represents the traditional partner. He is very caring for his family and acts as the “man” of the house (even if he represents a woman). This is the person who works to put their ideas into action and get things done, especially in a business sense. 

The relationship is passionate and deep. Although you may have arguments here and there, you still have a strong spark. You see each other as individuals but also come together as a team.

Work to keep your relationship passionate while you pursue your individual goals at the same time. You are definitely a power couple!

If you’re single, the King of Wands indicates that you’re having a great time all by yourself. In fact, you have a lot of passion and spark within you! Don’t worry about finding someone; they will come along when you’re ready.

This card generally means that you’re doing really well in your own life. You have control and mastery over who you are and are truly successful. Hone your own creative fire and create the life you want. Once you do meet someone, don’t be afraid to go after them.

In a negative reading, the King of Wands represents someone who is extreme in his thinking. He may push to change your mind when your beliefs clash or not allow you to have your own thoughts. The King can be very pushy when it comes to who is “right” and “wrong.”

This card can also represent anger or fights. The King is quick to anger but calms down just as quickly. However, you may need to use more logic in order to temper these fights.

Ultimately, the King of Wands encourages you to go after what you want. You have all of the passion and desire you need within you; it simply needs to be activated.

King Of Wands As Feelings:

Generally, the King of Wands as feelings is passionate. This person is feeling intense, but their emotions are most likely positive.

In a relationship reading, the King of Wands definitely indicates strong feelings of attraction. The individual is most likely attracted to the person physically and mentally. They may also feel ultra-protective of the other person.

When it comes to friendship, the King of Wands indicates that the person is feeling really excited and passionate about the conversations that you have or the things that you do together. It’s a merging of energies that works perfectly! 

This individual can also be feeling bursts of feelings. They may come in quick bits; maybe they feel extremely good around a certain person, only to feel tired later.

However, confidence is quite literally King here. This individual is feeling extremely confident and self-possessed in a positive way. They know they can accomplish anything they want!

King Of Wands Career:

If you pull the King of Wands in a career reading, this is usually a good thing. The King is knowledgable and capable. He does well in anything he takes on!

The King of Wands in career encourages you to take chances. Even if things seem scary, go for it. You’re bound to do well with the King on your side.

Sometimes, the King of Wands can even indicate that you should take even bigger risks in your career than you may be planning. If you have been considering a huge decision, this is your sign to go for it.

The King of Wands can also indicate that you spend too much time second guessing yourself when it comes to career. You need to go with your gut instincts because you’re usually right.

Typically, the King of Wands is about doing something different. This could mean that you choose to try something unique in your career or that you’re ready to switch jobs or careers entirely. Remember that, if it feels right in your gut, it is right.

If you don’t have much experience in an area, then the King of Wands may be telling you to listen to those who know more than you. In fact, there are probably some people you could learn a lot from who are surrounding you.

Alternatively, you may be the wiser, older mentor. If so, then this card is simply a pat on the back. You have done well and others look up to you! Keep doing what you’ve been doing and know that there are great opportunities ahead.

Ultimately, the King of Wands almost always indicates success in career. However, the King can sometimes appear in a negative position, which can be confusing. This typically means that you simply aren’t taking the plunge. It’s time to do the thing you’re scared of or to try a different method. The power is all within you!

King Of Wands Money:

Similar to career, the King of Wands is a great card to find in a money placement. The King is very good with money and finances, so this card indicates that you’re probably in a stable situation. You have found a good balance of spending versus saving.

As financial advice, the King of Wands indicates that you should trust your intuition. You have all of the tools you need to make sound financial decisions. If you’re considering an investment or purchase, the King of Wands tells you to go with what feels right and what simultaneously makes logical sense.

The King of Wands can also mean that an unexpected financial windfall is in your future. Alternatively, it can indicate that you will soon figure out how to make the money you need.

Ultimately, the King of Wands is always a good omen in a money position. It says that you should continue to be mindful of your spending habits, but don’t worry too much; you’re already on the right track.

King Of Wands Health:

When you pull the King of Wands in a health reading, it generally means that you’re in good health. However, the King can be pretty extreme. He pushes himself to the limits in order to succeed.

This card can also indicate that you’re overdoing things. Maybe you started a new workout regimen or diet. The King of Wands is telling you to tone it down and make sure that your lifestyle is sustainable for optimal long-term health.

Otherwise, you could end up with an injury or simply exhaust yourself. Sometimes, this card means that you just need a small pause to recuperate. 

The King of Wands can also mean that you need to listen to your body. It will tell you everything you need to know from an intuitive sense. Always trust your own body over the advice of other people.

However, if you’re working with someone in the health feel who is represented by the King of Wands, then you can be assured that this person will definitely help you on your path. They have the knowledge that you need to progress with your health!

King Of Wands As Spirituality:

If you pull the King of Wands in a spirituality reading, it’s generally a good sign. This card indicates that you have a lot of knowledge and are putting it into practice.

However, the King of Wands is all about action. He doesn’t take much time for meditation or reflection. He trusts his gut instincts because they’re usually right, so he acts on them immediately.

In a spiritual context, the King of Wands can sometimes mean that you need to slow down. Spirituality isn’t something that you can “figure out” in one day. It takes time. Learn to be still or to meditate. Sometimes, you will find the most answers in stillness.

If this is relevant to your reading, then start out small. Even a 5 minute meditation can be extremely beneficial. The joy really is in the journey, and you don’t want to miss any piece of your spiritual journey.

King Of Wands As A Person:

As a person, the King of Wands indicates someone who is a natural-born leader. They are confident and can see any project through. This person simply calls others to them because of their enormous energy field.

Sometimes, the King of Wands can indicate someone who is clever and persuasive. They definitely know how to work people to their advantage. However, they do truly care about those close to them.

The King of Wands can also indicate someone who is charismatic and fun to be around. They tend to be the center of any group because people simply want to be around them.

Ultimately, this person is super warm and passionate, but they can also be a bit controlling or over-confident. They truly think that their beliefs are right and will try to convince others until they are worn down. However, they almost always mean well.

King Of Wands Yes Or No:

In almost every reading, the King of Wands as a yes or no indicates that the answer is definitely yes. In fact, this is one of the best cards to pull if you’re looking for a “yes.” 

Reversed, the King of Wands as a yes or no isn’t necessarily bad, but it does mean that you should proceed with caution. Look at how your decision will affect other people. You may need to alter your course so that others aren’t injured.

King Of Wands Advice:

The King of Wands as advice is telling you to trust in yourself. You have everything you need within you. Find the motivation and the passion and follow your intuition.

In fact, the King says that power is only within you. Respect who you are and don’t ignore you gut feelings.

You have everything you need. You only need to acknowledge your competency. Don’t compare yourself to others. Instead, find your unique strengths and utilize them.

In any situation, you simply need to persevere. Opportunities are currently being presented to you, but you need to actively seize them.

King Of Wands As A Negative Or Obstacle Placement:

If the King of Wands appears in an obstacle placement or as a negative, it can be a really tricky card to read. The King is simply so positive!

I personally interpret this to mean that someone is being too extreme, too set in their ways, or is displaying black or white thinking. Is there any room to bend in this situation? Keep in mind that not everything needs to be exactly “by the rules.”

Sometimes, the King of Wands can also indicate that you’re focusing too much on what other people think of you or how others see you. Try to look at the task at hand, instead.

Symbolism In The King Of Wands:

In every Tarot card, there is a whole myriad of symbols. In some readings, the symbolism will be extremely important, so I’m including the main symbols on the King of Wands card here.

Keep in mind that symbolism will vary based on the deck you’re using. I recommend looking closely at the pictures on your cards if you’re not using the Rider-Waite deck. The symbolism of the card you actually pulled is much more important than the general meaning! This is one of the reasons why I love using varied decks.

The Salamanders:

The King of Wand’s throne and cape are both decorated with salamanders who are biting their tails. This symbolizes infinity, while the salamanders themselves symbolize fire. In fact, salamanders are actually the all-powerful fire elementals.

The Lions:

The King of Wands is very much like a Leo in astrology. The lions on his throne represent his large personality. He is a natural leader and has a big, warm energy that draws others to him.

The lions symbolize the outward personality of the King. He is confident and charismatic.

The Lizard:

Alternatively, the small lizard to the side of the throne symbolizes the inner, hidden personality of the King of Wands.

The lizard is considered lowly, representing the King’s “lower” birth. He has worked for his spot and he doesn’t want to forget that. The lizard indicates that the King will always remember where he comes from.

Although the lizard isn’t “Kingly,” the King puts him right to the side of his throne. The lizard is clearly visible, but only to those who bother to look down.

The lizard can also indicate that the King’s emotions are balanced. Just like the lizard’s body temperature, the King’s emotions don’t burn too hot. Inside, he is logical and centered.

King Of Wands Reversed:

The King of Wands reversed is impulsive and arrogant. He takes what he wants with no regard for anyone else. 

Although he is extremely driven and is often successful, he will crush anyone in his path. It’s difficult for others to be around the King of Wands reversed.

In terms of family or relationships, the King of Wands reversed can indicate that someone is focusing too much on themselves or their career. They may be neglecting the people close to them, who probably feel shut out. 

Sometimes the King of Wands reversed indicates a workaholic, while other times it indicates someone who is too arrogant and impulsive, someone who doesn’t plan ahead. This King may even be aggressive to others when they contradict what he believes.

As advice, the King of Wands reversed can indicate that you need to slow down. Be careful that you don’t make rash decisions. You need to think things through logically instead of rushing in and following your first impulse. Right now, your impulses could be wrong.

The King of Wands reversed is selfish and ruthless. He doesn’t care about others and pushes through anyone to get to his goal. As a person, it indicates someone who has a one-track mind and tends to think only of themselves. This individual may also be dominating or egotistical.

In a relationship, the King of Wands reversed indicates that one person’s attitude is the issue. The couple probably isn’t acting like a unit but are focusing on their own wants and needs. One or more of the partners might be acting selfish or domineering. This couple probably displays the worst aspects of the fire element.

Sometimes, the King of Wands reversed can indicate that you are insecure and react by becoming egotistical. This is simply a defense mechanism, although others may not be able to see through your bluster.

The King of Wands reversed can also mean that someone in the relationship is having control issues. They have a general distrust and might even show some fear of commitment.

If you’re single, the King of Wands is advising you to take control and go after what you want. Ultimately, you need to work on being independent; your own inner light is what partners will be attracted to.

In career, the King of Wands reversed indicates a lack of direction. You might wait for opportunities to fall in your lap instead of pursuing your dreams. It’s time to take on a more active, leadership-oriented role and make it happen for yourself.

However, the King of Wands reversed can also indicate that you’re listening to someone unreliable. At the end of the day, it’s important that you listen to your own gut feelings and intuition.

Alternatively, the King reversed can mean that you’re being too arrogant or controlling in your work. Be careful that you act respectfully towards coworkers.

Financially, the King of Wands reversed also indicates that it’s time to take action. If you want to improve your financial situation, you must find a way to achieve this. The only thing standing in your way is inaction!

You may have unrealistic expectations about money. Make sure that you keep your feet on the ground and take realistic, actionable steps to achieve the financial situation that you want.

2 Easy Money Spells That Work + Money Spell Troubleshooting

2 Easy Money Spells That Work + Money Spell Troubleshooting

Traditional witches will tell you that a money spell is difficult to cast, but money spells have been the easiest types of spells for me. The first time I cast a money spell was during the beginning of my journey into paganism. I saw tangible results and I knew that witchcraft was real. This money spell changed the game for me.

There are some things in the magical world that I’m not sure about. We all have areas where we question what’s real, but money spells aren’t one of those things for me. I 100% believe that money spells really work work with very little effort.

In fact, money spells are kind of my specialty. If I had to say I’m good at one specific area of magic, I would choose money hands down.

If you’re someone who doesn’t entirely believe in witchcraft, you may want to start with money spells. After all, the results are totally tangible. Not only can you improve your finances with these spells, but you can gain utter confidence that spells are real.

A good money spell creates abundance in your life. Everything else will improve when money starts flowing. I have always found that my career improved alongside my financial situation, so my money spells give me a sense of security and joy.

How Money Spells Work:

First of all, you should know that money flows. It’s a lot like water. Money can be bad or scary, but it can also be really lovely or beautiful.

Ultimately, money by itself is completely neutral. The energy that you put into money will determine what it means to you. If you’re afraid of money or feel that you don’t deserve it, you probably won’t have very much of it. If you use money spells to gain momentum, you can keep it flowing and create abundance in your life.

A spell is a collection of focused energy that is sent out into the Universe. When you do this successfully, you receive what you requested back in your life. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, so it boomerangs around when you raise enough of it. This energy must be concentrated in order to see results from spell work.

When you cast a money spell, you’re essentially sending a whole bunch of energy into the Universe to create a flow of money in your life. The money will then take the path of least resistance to come to you. The more paths you leave open to receive money, the easier it will be to see results from your money spell.

Keep in mind that money won’t fall out of the sky. It will show up through real, tangible ways through people, places, or things.

Some of the way to receive money through spells are:

  • An unexpected bonus at work
  • A gift from a family member or friend
  • An offer for an odd-job
  • Backpay for something you forgot about
  • An unexpected increase in investments

And so many other ways. It could be the most random thing. Someone could visit your home, love your coffee table, and offer you double what it’s worth. The possibilities are endless!

1. An Easy Money Jar Spell

My personal favorite spell for long-term wealth is the money jar spell. You may see the effects pretty quickly, but it will continue to work over time. I would rather receive a continuous flow of money than a lump sum!

For this money jar spell, you can also use a bag instead of a jar (similar to a mojo bag) ,but I’ve had more success with the money jar spell. I think the jar works better because it’s sealed, so the energy builds and builds. However, you can definitely swap the jar out or a small bag or pouch if that feels right to you.

Supposedly, you should cast this money jar spell on a waxing moon so that the energy will continue to grow. Otherwise, you should cast it on the new moon or full moon.

However, I have actually cast this spell on the waning moon, which is the exact opposite of what you “should” do, and I still got over $10,000 from it. I wouldn’t let the moon cycles affect you too much; it’s your intention and energy that really counts. This all depends on your own practice and beliefs, of course.

If you feel called to cast this spell on a certain day, go for it. It might be a waning moon, but the moon may also be in Aries (which is fast and fiery), Capricorn (which is just straight up money), or another sign that works for you somehow. Any sign can be used to harness money energy.

Lastly, you can charge this spell on the full moon regardless of when you cast it. You can even charge it in the sun if you like the sign that the sun is in! The possibilities are endless; the day you cast the actual money jar spell is only the beginning.


  • A green candle (tea-light, taper, pillar; anything works here)
  • A small jar with a cork or screw top
  • $100 dollar bill
  • Powdered cinnamon or cinnamon sticks
  • Cayenne pepper
  • 1 piece of Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)
  • A bay leaf
  • A pen or marker

Feel free to substitute ingredients as needed. However, I recommend using divination (such as your pendulum or Tarot cards) to make sure you’re substituting with appropriate ingredients.

How To Cast This Money Jar Spell:

1. Set up your spell work area. I like to clean my work table with vinegar, light a few extra candles, lay out my crystals for energy, and burn incense to cleanse the room.

2. Cleanse your tools using incense, sound, your pendulum, etc. Ground your energy then cast a circle.

3. Spend some time meditating on your intentions. Picture the result you want; you should visualize your life as though you already have the money you need. 

4. Write out your intention on the bay leaf. You can substitute a piece of paper if necessary. Your intention can be simple, such as “money flows to me in large amounts,” or it can be more specific, such as “I receive $250 for my car payment.”

5. Raise your energy as you picture the ideal outcome. Put some of this energy into the bay leaf using your hands.

6. Combine the cinnamon, cayenne pepper, $100 bill, Pyrite, and bay leaf in the spell jar then seal it shut. You can simply close the jar, or you can seal it with wax if you prefer. Spend 5-10 minutes putting your energy into the jar using your hands. I recommend that you raise energy from the elements (like the earth or fire from the candle) so that you don’t feel fatigued when you’re done.

7. You don’t need to speak during the spell, but I do like to chant. This is what I say while I’m activating the jar:

Money, money, come to me

In abundance, three times three

Enrich me in the best of ways

Harming none on its way

Bring me money, three times three

This I accept, so mote it be!

I didn’t come up with this; I found it on Pinterest somewhere along the way. It’s a pretty common money chant that has been around for many years. I also like how this chant includes the anecdote about “harming none.” Because my wording is kind of vague, I always try to include a clause about harming no one if possible.

Say this three times (or however many you feel intuitively). At this point, the spell is complete. You can close your circle.

I do like to charge my money jar spell during the next full moon, but you can even charge it the same night you cast it or use even the sun instead. Check out the astrological signs to make sure the sign correlates with your intentions.

This money jar spell can be stored anywhere that is safe. I actually hide mine in my clothing drawers so I don’t think about it too much. However, I do like to recharge it during the full moons, or I will pull it out and add some energy to the jar if the mood strikes me.

2. The Candle Money Spell

A candle money spell will typically work more quickly than the money jar spell, but it might not last as long. However, I find that this spell is great for times when you need a set amount of money.

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For example, I cast a quick candle money spell when I wanted a chunk of change for our upcoming vacation. Cash was a bit tight and I didn’t want to dip into our savings or the money that I set aside for my spiritual work. I happened to receive a gift of money for the exact amount we needed!


  • A green pillar or chime candle
  • Money dressing oil
  • A bay leaf (you can substitute for a piece of paper if necessary)
  • A pen or marker
  • A firesafe pan or bowl to burn your bay leaf

Although not everyone uses a money dressing oil, I like to dress my candles before any candle spells.

My money dressing oil is super easy to make. I simply combine olive oil with ginger and cinnamon powder. After quickly charging this money oil, it’s ready to go.

You can also find some great money oil options on Etsy. If you buy a money oil online, make sure to clear it then charge it after you receive it.

How To Cast This Money Candle Spell:

Note: It’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher ready before performing any magic involving candles or open flames.

1. Set up your spell work area. I like to clean my table with vinegar, light a few extra candles, lay out my crystals for energy, and burn incense to cleanse the room.

2. Cleanse your tools using incense, sound, your pendulum, etc. Ground your energy then cast a circle.

3. Spend some time meditating on your intentions. Picture the result you want; you should visualize your life as though you already have the money you need. 

4. Dress your candle with the money dressing oil. This means that you rub the oil into the candle in a downward motion (in order to increase rather than banish), being careful to avoid the wick. If you prefer, you can draw a money sigil onto the candle, or you can do both. When you’re done, light the candle.

5. Write out your intention on the bay leaf. You can substitute for a piece of paper if necessary. Your intention can be simple, such as “money flows to me in large amounts,” or it can be more specific, such as “I receive $250 for my car payment.”

6. Raise your energy as you picture the ideal outcome. Put some of this energy into the bay leaf using your hands.

7. Burn the bay leaf in the candle flame. Once the bay leaf is burning, place it on a fire safe plate or container so you don’t burn your fingers. As the leaf burns, chant:

Money, wealth, riches abound

Find your way to me safe and sound

Fill my pockets and my wallet full

Banish debt with harm none rule.

8. Snuff out your candle and bury the ashes or remains of the bay leaf. If you live in the city as I do, you can bury them in the pot of a small household plant.

At this point, your spell is complete. Make sure you close your circle. You can save your candle in case your spell needs an extra boost; just re-light the candle and meditate on your intention for a bit.

Why Didn’t My Money Spell Work?

There are many reasons why a money spell doesn’t work. However, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the issue and fix it. I promise – anyone can cast a money spell successfully!

First of all, make sure your spell didn’t work without you realizing it. Take note of any extra money that comes in. Did you get anything from the government? Were you unexpectedly gifted cash, or did you receive an abnormal bonus?

Your money spell results will be in the form of money that’s different from the norm. Your regular bonus that you planned to receive isn’t part of these results, but anything unexpected should be carefully considered.

You will know your money spell is working if you a) receive the exact amount you need or b) receive unexpected money multiple times in a short period of time.

If neither of those things have happened then your spell didn’t work. Here are some of the most common reasons why money spells fail.

1. You projected an energy of desperation when you cast the spell. Ideally, you’re picturing yourself feeling rich in both money and life. However, an energy of lack rather than abundance can be quite powerful and can sabotage your spell before it’s even finished.

When you cast money spells, it’s essential that you truly believe that everything will work out. Try to let go of any fear and act as though the money is already on it’s way to you. The second you believe this is the instant that it becomes true. Our thoughts shape our reality.

2. There was no opportunity for money to reach you. If you’re sitting at home, ignoring your friends/family, not reading your email, not applying to jobs, etc., money will have a tough time flowing to you. There’s literally no channels for it to come through!

Try to get out in the world and open up as many avenues as possible for money to come to you. If you don’t know where to start, then simply keep your eyes open. Sometimes, the money spell energy will send you an idea of a way you can make more money rather than tangible money, at least at first.

If you already have many avenues open then you can probably expect to receive some actual money.

3. You have personal hangups surrounding money. Typically, this means that you were either taught that money is bad or had experiences that caused you to develop this belief. Alternatively, you may believe that you don’t deserve money and that you aren’t worthy in some way.

Try to clear these beliefs before casting money spells. You can quickly clear some beliefs using the pendulum, or you can do shadow work or even journaling to try and work through this programming. Remember that money is ultimately neutral and you get to choose what energy you attach to any type of currency.

4. You didn’t raise enough energy. On a technical level, any spell needs energy to work. Money spells are no different. 

This is the most common reason why money spells fail. If you raised a massive amount of energy, then the spell would probably work on some level, even if you have negative beliefs or don’t have many paths for money to flow through. Ultimately, energy can accomplish the impossible.

You can simply work your jar using more energy or cast your spell again if you prefer candle money spells. I personally love money jar spells because you can add more energy to the jar at any time. On top of raising energy and putting it directly into the jar using your hands, you can charge the jar in a full moon or light a candle and channel that energy into the jar.

I recommend using this meditation to raise energy if you find yourself struggling. You can also try pulling energy from a different element (e.g. raise energy with fire if you previously used earth).

Common Money Spell FAQs:

I get a lot of questions about money spells. I’m including some of the most common money spell FAQs here, but I will add to this section over time as I continue to receive emails and questions via social media.

How quickly will I see results?

This is a complicated question to answer. There are so many factors!

If you raised enough energy, used good ingredients, and had the right intentions, then your spell should work. Assuming you have done all of these things, the amount of time it takes will now depend on how many avenues are available for the money to flow through.

When you cast a spell, you’re essentially sending concentrated energy into the Universe. The idea is that this energy will return to you in tangible ways based on your intentions. After all, the purpose of witchcraft is to actively make our lives better.

Because energy is not emotional, it takes the path of least resistance, regardless of what that path may be. If there are easy paths available for this particular money spell, then you will see results very quickly. If there are less paths or the avenues available require more energy, you may see a bit of a delay.

For example, let’s say you work a full-time job, have a side-hustle business, recently applied for a grant, and have a wide social circle. You’re likely to receive the money you need pretty quickly, because the energy can flow through any of these avenues. There are plenty of opportunities to receive money!

However, if you don’t currently work, haven’t applied for unemployment, and sit at home, the money won’t just fall into your lap. You will still get opportunities, but you have to pay attention and actively try.

As you can see, the timing is variable based on your own set of life circumstances. To speed up your money spell, get out there are try to earn in any way that feels right.

If you get clues along the way, make sure that you follow them. For example, I recently received an email to apply for a small grant the day after casting my money spell. I had not signed up for the email list and had literally never heard of the company. This was definitely my spell in action, but if I ignored the email, then the money would have taken a bit longer to reach me depending on the next path available.

Is a money spell white or black magic?

I’m not a huge believe in white versus black magic. I believe that light and dark exist, but I don’t necessarily feel that one is positive while the other is negative.

I actually believe that the terms “white magic” and “black magic” were created to scare people. There’s still a lot of fear surrounding witchcraft, so this easily fed into the idea that you’re either a good witch or a bad witch. The fear of practicing black magic causes many people to avoid witchcraft altogether.

New age spiritual folks might say that money spells are inherently black magic because they are self-serving spells, but I don’t think that all self-serving things are actually bad. In fact, I think there’s a lot of authentic power in knowing what you want and going after it.

Ultimately, I’m not actively trying to hurt anyone when I cast a money spell. In fact, I make sure to be extra-generous and spread my money around when I do receive a gift from the Universe. I leave bigger tips, treat my friends to dinner, or buy meaningful gifts for people I care about. Even my cat reaps the benefits because she gets the organic food that she loves!

In that sense, I truly believe that I’m casting this spell for a good reason. And, if I did get greedy or stop spreading the money around, I think that my money spells simply wouldn’t work as well. Like I said, money has to flow. If it is flowing for you, then you know you’re doing something right. The flow of money is simply condensed positive energy. How can that be black magic?

At the end of the day, you have to follow your own intuition. To me, money spells feel right. They give me a sense of inner power that’s both pure and powerful. When I cast a money spell, I’m not trying to control other people, but only to empower myself. 

How much money can I get from a spell?

The sky is the limit! I started small and worked my way up, but you should cast a spell for the amount of money you need, minimum.

You can also just cast a spell for a lot of money without specifying an exact amount. Many money spells call for a $1 bill or coins, especially when you’re creating a money jar spell, but I like to use a $100. Sure, you have to part with $100 for a while, but you will reap the rewards.

I find that this sends the intention into the Universe that I’m willing to spend money to make money. Symbolism is always important in magic.

If you ask for a larger amount, you will probably need to raise more/stronger energy. Doing a bit of divination before spell work can help you figure out the exact path you want to follow.

I will say that I have earned over 20k using a single money spell. At some point, I want to try a money spell for an even larger amount, although I will be creating a flow of energy by investing that money in my business and in good works.

But if I’m actively working, won’t the money come from my effort, not the energy of the spell?

Money has to flow through “regular” channels. It doesn’t come out of nowhere and can’t just fall in your lap. All money comes from a source, whether that’s a person, the government, a business, a trust fund, etc. That source is just another avenue for money to flow through.

Even in Harry Potter, money can’t be created out of thin air. It’s simply one of the laws of nature; all witchcraft has to follow the basic principles of physics.

However, the purpose of a money spell is to receive extra money. Your salary definitely doesn’t count as results because you already knew you would receive it. Results from your money spell will be new.

Keep in mind that the Universe needs many channels in order to funnel money into your life. Give yourself as many avenues as possible to receive this “extra” money, but don’t count the money that you already make as part of your spell.

I worked for years doing the same thing with my blog, but my income never increased. I tried everything I could think of but was stuck at the exact same number.

Once I cast my first money spell, a whole variety of new opportunities popped up. Educational resources appeared that I had literally never seen. Marketing started clicking for me, and I was given an opportunity to blog about the things I love, so my words were more authentic. Within a year, my income had doubled!

So yes, this money spell did send money through “regular” means. But, it gave me so many opportunities to increase my income that I literally never had before. It was unexpected, new, and different, which is how I know that my first money spell worked. It also took a lot of hard work.

For best results, money spells require physical effort and strong energy.

How specific should I be in my wording?

Many witches tell you that you must be extremely specific. I’m in the opposite camp. I think that less specific wording is much better.

This is because open-ended wording leaves more room for opportunity. If you cast a spell specifically to make more money in your job but your boss is dead set against giving you a raise, then you would have to raise an incredible amount of energy to see results.

However, if you cast a money spell for a specific amount, you could receive the money in any way. At this point in my life, I cast general money spells for larger amounts without having a specific dollar sign in mind. This allows the money to flow naturally and creates longer-term gains, in my opinion.

I find that the wording doesn’t matter as much as the intention does. When you cast your spell, what are you picturing? Are your feelings about money positive? Are you seeing what you do want, not what you lack? Do you picture feeling wealthy in both life and finances?

Money spells work best when other aspects of your life are figured out. Your spell won’t work as well if you’re using money as a substitute for other things, such as to feel better about your relationship, to buy prettier clothes so that someone likes you, etc. Money spells work because you are confident, want more money, and know what you’ll do with it that also feels right.

If you are picky about how money comes to you, then feel free to be as specific as you’d like. This is just my personal opinion on the matter!

Isn’t a money spell greedy?

We live in a world with money. Whether you think money is good or bad, it’s simply a part of our culture on Earth right now.

I personally believe that we chose to incarnate onto Earth in order to work on certain skills. One of these things that we must deal with is money.

I don’t believe that money should be ignored because it’s an essential part of our human experience. In fact, money is neutral; it’s simply currency.

Money allows me to have a home that I love, to nourish my body, to buy clothing that represents who I am, to travel and experience different cultures, and so much more.

I think that money is often portrayed as negative because it represents power. But isn’t power on a spectrum, too? Can’t we use our power in ways that are positive or negative?

For me, money represents my inner personal power. This is because I try to earn money through authentic means and by aligning with my purpose on Earth.

Money is like water. It can get jammed up and spill out sideways, or it can flow. In fact, even though money is physical, it’s energetic, too. If you feel guilty thinking about money then I recommend examining your feelings and programmed beliefs. What energy are you attaching to money? Ultimately, money is what we make of it.