Relationship Compatibility Synastry Reading

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A synastry reading is done by placing one chart on top of another and reading the aspects. With a synastry reading, you will gain information into what attracts each person to the other, past life karma, marriage potential, strengths and weaknesses of the relationship, communication styles, sexual chemistry (if applicable), ways to improve the relationship, and more.

If you’re concerned with a specific area of the relationship, please let me know ahead of time and I’m happy to spend extra time looking at those planets and aspects.

This reading can be for any relationship between two people including romantic, platonic, family, parent-child, or business relationships.


What you will receive:

  • A 6+ page pdf report detailing all aspects of the relationship including past life karma and future advice (delivered within 72 business hours)
  • A copy of the synastry birth chart
  • 2 follow up questions after the reading is delivered (if desired)

What I need from you:

  • Both people’s birth date, place (city, state, and country), and time (exact is best for at least one of the people and will provide a more accurate reading).
  • Any information on the relationship (type of relationship) and what you may be looking to get out of the reading if there are specifics

Return policy:

Due to the nature of the reading, there are no refunds or returns.

Legal Disclosure: this service is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be substituted for the advice of a doctor, medical professional, or legal professional.