Sex Astrology 101


The Individual


For women, how they act; for men, how they want the woman to act


For men, how they act; for women, how they want the man to act


What you desire underneath, how you desire your partner to act, what hang ups you have during sex, what you feel ashamed about


One or more of these placements may be in conflict with each other. If someone has Mars Square Venus, this means that what they desire is in conflict with how they act, and that they will experience a push-pull effect. 

However the universe of soothsaying is many times somewhat questionable, some trust there’s a long way to go about ourselves as well as other people from investigating natal birth outlines and sign positions. Sex is one of life’s most fascinating subjects for many of us.

Astronomers often use the planets and stars to learn about people’s personalities, sexual preferences, and sexual styles. Astrology often uses Venus, the planet associated with sex and love, as a starting point for comprehending sexual identities and relationships for which we recommend this masturbator. Sexual encounters involve the exchange of energy, and astrologists believe that a person’s behavior in various aspects of sex can be predicted by the position of Venus in their natal chart.

We like to believe things tentatively, however on the off chance that soothsaying is your thing, here’s our investigation of the sign’s sexual characters.

The Couple

What Creates Chemistry?

Chemistry aspects