The Known Types Of Starseeds: What Star System Are You From?


Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered if you’re really from earth? According to some belief syste4ms, many of us actually have souls that originated on other planets or even in other galaxies or universes. These souls are called starseeds.

But I do want to make one clear: I’m not really partial to the term starseeds. I’m using the term here for the lack of a better word, but I have some different beliefs about starseeds than other spiritual thinkers. I personally believe that most souls here on earth come from other star systems (for good or bad) and I think starseeds is just the new-age way of describing this.

If you’ve ever felt like something here on earth isn’t quite right, like the “truth” is hidden from you, then you are probably a soul from another galaxy and dimension. When you incarnated, you had to undergo the amnesia process, so you’ve forgotten your true nature.

Unfortunately, this can set you up for a pretty difficult life. It’s hard to look for the truth but never find it. Personally, this search left me disillusioned. I wondered if there was something wrong with me and why I just couldn’t accept the world as it is.

My journey took many years and it eventually led me to a whole new school of thought. But learning about starseeds was a big start for me because I realized that I have all these feelings for a reason.

There are many different types of starseeds and they all struggle in slightly different ways here on earth. You might find it helpful to know where your soul comes from because many of your struggles in your life will then start to make sense.

This post should help you figure out what type of starseed you are and what your mission is. While most starseeds find it difficult to live on earth and feel like there’s some truth that they’re missing, each type of starseed soul experiences these difficulties in slightly different ways.

I’ll first give some background on what starseeds are and why they are here, then I’ll list the 20 different types of starseeds that I’m currently aware of. Feel free to scroll ahead if you want to skip to the list of starseeds!

What Are Starseeds? The Meaning Of Starseeds

A starseed is a person whose soul has not originated from this planet. They can be any race, skin color, and background. Starseeds may have a strong feeling that they do not belong here on Earth and struggle with certain things that happen in this dimension and on this planet.

The term “starseed” originates from metaphysics and paranormal systems of belief, but the starseeds meaning has come to represent any person who did not have one of their earliest incarnations here on Earth. Basically, starseeds existed thousands of years ago but was only coined as a term in the last few decades.

Starseeds can be from other planets in this solar system, such as Mars or Venus, from the past or future in this dimension, from alternate dimensions or universes, or even from another galaxy.

Nowadays, there are many, many starseeds on Earth, but there are tons of people who aren’t starseeds, too. There are also many types of starseeds, so you may struggle to find people who think like you if you’re a starseed. It can feel lonely, being a starseed on earth, until you find your purpose.

There are earthlings here as well (souls who have primarily incarnated on Earth) and starseeds from realms we don’t yet understand. I’m including all of these types of starseeds on this list, so you should certainly be able to figure out where you fit.

How Do I Know If I’m A Starseed?

The idea of starseeds is a trendy new-age idea right now, but that means that everyone wants to be a starseed. Most other sites will tell you that starseeds have special capabilities and are inherently more spiritual than “regular” people.

I don’t believe that this is true. I think that we all have relatively old souls (especially since we’re humans, not bugs or animals!) and possess an incredible amount of experience. I also think most of us are from other dimensions and other “planets,” though the way this works throughout the dimensions is much more complicated than we can comprehend.

Earthlings (people who have primarily incarnated on Earth) will have different experiences than starseeds. They may be more grounded and more capable of living in the 3rd dimension. They can also have a stronger relationship with Mother Earth, with the seasons, and with the idea of good and evil existing simultaneously. They understand that Earth is a planet of dualities. I haven’t encountered a lot of earthlings and don’t think that many truly exist, but this is always a possibility.

Meanwhile, starseeds may struggle with certain elements of Earth, depending on their planet of origin. Most star systems/galaxies are very different from Earth, so it’s hard for starseeds to integrate here. It just isn’t natural for their DNA to be in the 3rd dimension. However, starseeds will have other unique gifts that they can use in their lifetime.

As you can see, we all have special traits regardless of where we are from. There is no “better” here. We all simply have different experiences. However, It can be helpful to figure out what type of starseed you are because this will help you identify your strengths and deal more directly with your repressed trauma from past lifetimes. It can also help you figure out the truth about what’s really happening in your life.

You might also be a hybrid, meaning that you could be part Earthling and part starseed. Or maybe you’re a hybrid of two starseed types. There are a lot of possibilities!

The whole point of finding out if you’re a starseed is to help you discover your natural gifts. Whether you’re a starseed, an earthling, or a hybrid, you have something special to offer. It’s all about figuring out what gifts are inside of you already.

The biggest sign that you’re a starseed is that you feel like you just don’t fit in here. Earth can seem really scary, violent, or simply off. You might question everything and always wonder if there’s something else out there, whether physically or spiritually.

Some starseeds are especially interested in the stars and science. They truly believe that aliens exist, yet they also believe in physics here on earth. Other starseeds are drawn to spiritual arts, healing, witchcraft, or psychism. They want to know what’s beyond the veil and feel like they have a larger purpose than just existing.

Of course, these characteristics will show up differently for you based on what type of starseed you are. Ultimately, starseeds want to consciously understand who they are and why they feel different.

Starseeds Are Different From Indigo, Crystal, And Rainbow Children

The general understanding is that starseeds are souls primarily from other planets or dimensions and that they have been sent here either to complete a task for their home planet (as a warrior/foot soldier) or to have a specific experience. Alternatively, some starseeds came here to escape the things that are happening on their home planet.

Think of Earth like a battleground – just one out of many. Starseeds are here to further the consciousness of humans (since consciousness can only evolve at a very slow rate because we still need to abide by the laws of physics) and “fight” by doing this, but there are also types of beings that don’t want us to evolve in that direction.

Starseeds are typically here to help humans and take back their power. At the same time, the 3D world is confusing for starseeds, because we aren’t from the 3rd dimension and are forced to come here with amnesia, so some starseeds get lost along the way.

Meanwhile, Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children have a different classification. These children are often lumped in with starseeds, but I don’t feel that this is correct.

These children are part of a group of souls who are being born during a certain generation for a specific purpose. Their auras reflect their purpose here based on the lessons they have learned, not necessarily their galaxy of origin.

Indigo children began appearing in the 1970s and have a specific Indigo-colored aura. Crystal children were born starting in the 90’s (with a crystalline aura) and Rainbow children were born starting in the 2000s (with a rainbow-colored aura).

These children are born to help the Earth ascend in really specific ways, but these classifications don’t describe where their souls come from. You can be a Rainbow child and also be a Sirian, while another Rainbow child could be an Andromedan. The Rainbow child refers to the generation that your current incarnation began in, while your Sirian origins are where your original soul DNA is from. In my mind, the classifications are completely different.

Starseeds Carry Ancient Trauma:

Some starseeds carry deep traumatic wounds upon their return to earth. This is usually due to some trauma that they experienced when they first incarnated on earth.

Many of us came to earth with no knowledge of violence, hate, or physical atrocity. When we saw these “animalistic” acts committed, we were deeply traumatized. We hadn’t seen anything like this. Even though many of us experienced war on our home planets in other dimensions, the sort of violence that we have here is specific to our dimension. 

Starseeds may spend hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes working through this trauma. Many starseeds get “stuck” in this dimension, in a false construct, and don’t realize that they can heal and ascend if they manage to overcome these barriers.

Some starseeds also bring trauma from their home planets. While many of us come from wonderfully peaceful planets (so we don’t experience trauma until we incarnate on earth), other starseeds come from planets that are at war. These starseeds experienced different kinds of trauma, such as mind control, which are now embedded in their unconscious mind.

If you’re one of these starseeds, then you’ll need to work through the trauma that you experienced on your home planet and the trauma of the things you’ve experienced here on earth.

Keep in mind that if you’re a starseed, some of the trauma you experienced in a past life may repeat during this life in a slightly different way.

For example, some Andromedans (from certain planets) are terrified of being imprisoned and see freedom as the ultimate goal, so they may struggle to live under a government that hampers freedom, depending on where they were born. Other Andromedans did not experience these atrocities on their home planet, but they do have trauma from experiencing violence here on earth. This could repeat as well to work through the trauma. After all, you can’t work through your pain unless it gets triggered.

Types Of Starseeds: What Type Of Starseed Am I?

Here are all of the different types of starseeds that I know of. There are definitely way more out there!

If none of these types of starseeds fit for you but you also don’t feel like you’re an earthling, then you may be from a place that humans haven’t yet discovered. I know a few people who are certainly starseeds, but I can’t quite figure out where they’re from.

I’m pretty sure that one of these people are from another universe altogether! Many of us travel extremely far to get here, so don’t worry if none of these types of starseeds seem to fit.

When you do find your type of DNA origin match, everything about it will feel right. You’ll simply know that you’re from this solar system or galaxy.

Sometimes, people are stuck between two different types of starseeds. While you usually only have one planet of origin, you may have lived many lives in another system, too, so it’s normal to feel drawn to more than one. I recommend that you do some divination work (pendulum, cards, etc.) to figure out the truth about your DNA origin, which is your soul’s energetic imprint that follows you throughout lifetimes, and is the “type of starseed” that you’ll identify as.

18. Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiades is one of the nearest star clusters to Earth, only about 400 light-years away. The Pleiades consists of seven super bright stars, also known as the Seven Sisters, located in the Taurus constellation.

The people of the Pleiades are usually kind and gentle. As a unit, the Pleiadians are soul healers. They were some of the first starseeds here and they continue to pave the way for human beings to evolve and ascend.

Pleiadians have a high spiritual vibration and are quite telepathic. The Akashic records of the Universe are said to be held on the Pleiades, so these beings are trusted enough to watch over the lifetimes of all souls. They’re very spiritual beings!

The star system of Pleiades is often called the “School Of Learning” and is said to be a place where all beings can reincarnate to develop their understanding of healing and the essence of nature. Basically, it’s a place to discover meaning and purpose.

This is said to exist in the 5th dimension of love. The Pleiades is also a place where souls come for personal healing. These planets are iincrediblybreathtaking and loving!

On Earth, Pleiadians are also called the “record keepers” and are innate healers. They may seem like old souls from a young age because they have so much spiritual knowledge. They are family-oriented and tend to be good with children and animals. Everyone can sense the love that flows from them.

Pleiadians are usually natural humanitarians. They may go about their work in any way, but almost every Pleiadian here wants to make things better for humanity.

This doesn’t mean that they’re always right. Many Pleiadians lose their way or try to change things for the better only to inadvertently make things worse. However, their goal is always to help humankind and the masses in general. They usually feel like they have a really big mission here on Earth.

Many Pleiadians are crystals healers or work with energy in some way. They can also be teachers, writers, artists, musicians, doctors, engineers, and chefs. They naturally feel energy and can be very hands-on with energetic world.

Pleiadians might be drawn to astrology, spirituality, mmetaphysics space, astronomy, or they might jump into any area where they see a need fforimprovement.

They are known to be the most loving race in the galaxy. In fact, the Pleiades are comprised of planets with unconditional love, so this feels natural to them. They are peaceful people who truly enjoy spending time with each other; there isn’t a lot of conflict on their planets.

It can be hard for people from Pleiades to not get personally involved when they see someone else in pain. They want to jump in and save them, but this can hamper others from learning their own lessons.

Sometimes, Pleiadians can also struggle with codependency, mainly because they feel the effects of their missing twin flame more than other starseeds. They may be bullied or used by other people because of their kind and loving nature.

The heart chakra is the most natural for Pleiadians to activate, and is usually the chakra that jumpstarts their psychism. They truly want to love everyone, but they are easily hurt when they don’t receive this in return because they don’t always have strong enough boundaries for the 3rd dimension.

According to many spiritualists, there are over 75 million Pleiadians on the Earth at any given time, meaning they are the most densely populated types of Starseeds here.

17. Sirian Starseeds

The Sirius Dog Star, also known as Alpha Canis Majoris, is the homeland of Sirians. Souls can come from either Sirius A or Sirius B (a water planet that vibrates in the 6th dimension at an incredible frequency). It is on these planets where the Akashic records are stored.

Sirians are the peacekeepers and guardians here on Earth. They might seem a bit like warriors, but their actual purpose is to guide us during times of war, natural disaster, and other calamities. They have a strong energy regardless of their physical size, yet they can be extremely sensitive empaths, too, even though they probably hide this more sensitive side.

Legend says that Sirians helped build the Great Pyramids. According to science, the Great Pyramids were built to face the Sirius Dog Star. The Egyptian God Anubis is believed to have been a Sirian being, so many Sirians feel a call towards ancient Egypt.

Sometimes, Sirians may find it difficult to express emotions or open up. They’re used to taking action or being the stoic guardian rather than expressing their feelings to others. They might feel misunderstood by others because they do have emotions but they just can’t get them out.

Sirians are typically loyal and trustworthy if you take the time to get to know them, though they may seem closed-off at first. They are very focused, very determined and, set on whatever path they are on at a given time. It is very difficult to change the mind of a Sirian, but once their course changes, they do go wholeheartedly in the new direction.

Typically, Sirians are drawn to careers that incorporate the Earth’s natural frequency. They may enjoy working with the seasons or cycles of growth and like being in tune with the Earth. They could also enjoy ancient geometry because the energetic principles make sense to them.

Although most Starseeds have healing capabilities, Sirians tend to be “doers” rather than “healers.” They’re very action-oriented.

Sirians typically lead a rather simple life. They’re not usually power-hungry; instead, they simply want personal freedom. They are here to help us get through times of turbulence.

Many Sirians were here on earth during the times of Atlantic and Lemuria, so they may have memories of these ancient civilizations and could feel more of a connection to the earth than other types of starseeds. They were also the types of starseeds who preserved their energy in the actual earth (through crystals), so they are intuitively drawn to nature.

Sirians’ strongest chakra is the third eye, though they’re known to have strong throat chakras as well.

Most Sirians go through stages where they are very confused about why they are here and what their mission is. They may try out many different religions or sets of beliefs in order to find themselves, though they are especially attracted to Native and Pagan teachings.

16. Mintakan Starseeds

Mintakan starseeds come from Orion’s belt, but they more specifically hail from a planet called Artuvia, which is composed of crystal clear water. Mintakans primarily lived underwater on Artuvia and looked a bit like mermaids.

Sadly, Artuvia is no longer habitable due to the destruction of the environment by Reptilians. Mintakans feel especially homesick because they instinctively know that they can never return.

Here, many Mintakans are drawn to water and sea creatures because it gives them a sense of home. They are extremely positive souls (filled with love and compassion) yet they also have a deep sense of sorrow that is hard to let go of.

Some Mintakans really resist being here on earth and may develop phobias or other problems that hamper their lives. Others might push for love and harmony at all costs (because they want to recreate their homeland) but ignore the fact that these values don’t work the same here on earth. Mintakans are known to wear “rose-colored glasses” here on earth because this positively was 100% natural on their planet.

These types of starseeds don’t always understand negative intentions or choices. Even when their choices are misguided, they are always grounded in positivity, so they can experience a lot of trauma when others are intentionally negative.

If you’re a Mintakan starseed, you might benefit from root chakra healing. You probably feel ungrounded, as though you don’t belong here, and using your root chakra to ground yourself can make you more comfortable on earth.

You are being called to connect with Mother Earth in a way that is foreign to you, but as a Mintakan starseed, you will also sense that it’s right and necessary.

It’s also important that you cleanse regularly with water, since you’re highly empathic and will take on the energy of others. Water is your connection to your home planet and has more healing capabilities for you than for others.

15. Orion Starseeds

If you are an Orion Starseed, then you come from the constellation Orion. This is a very bright grouping of stars that can be seen on Earth without a telescope, but there are higher-dimensional versions that you cannot see, even on a clear night, with the human eye.

Orion Starseeds are very logical and mental. They may be sharp when it comes to science or rational thinking, though they can go into just about any field as long as they’re able to use their minds.

They are very task-oriented; they will see something through until it’s done. They believe in progress simply for the sake of progress, so thesesStarseeds might get excited by a new idea or invention, even if it doesn’t have use for them specifically. They hold logic above all else.

In fact, you can definitely argue with an Orion starseed because they will probably be willing to see your viewpoint as long as you have the logic to back it up.

They have a strong drive to understand the reasons and inner meanings of all things. Orion starseeds will analyze people or things in order to understand them. However, they can be critical of themselves and other people, since they expect perfection.

Orion Starseeds are very technologically advanced. They come from a star system with technology that we can’t even fathom, so they feel right at home in the tech world.

This isn’t all to say that Orions aren’t social. They can even be the life of the party if they feel like it! They still experience a range of human emotions, but they have trouble understanding how other people live their lives through the lens of emotions instead of seeing the logical reason for things.

Many people think that Orion Starseeds are cold, but this isn’t true. They have learned how to think primarily about logic as a survival mechanism on Orion; they do have feelings but typically keep them suppressed

The Greys took over Orion at some point during the Orion Wars and tried to enslave the beings on Orion so that they would be forced to reincarnate into that star system over and over. Only some Orion beings escaped by fleeing into space, and a few of those that escaped have reincarnated here on Earth.

Because of this, Orion starseeds may experience intense homesickness. They intrinsically know that they can never go back to their star system, yet nothing here feels familiar.

Some Orion starseeds also have a fear of enslavement because of this unconscious trauma. They may have a really hard time following orders or feeling trapped by others.

These types of starseeds value control over their destiny. They don’t like being told what to do or how to think because they know that everyone has the right to choose for themselves.

Their goal here is to seek knowledge and to stop any takeover that resembles that which happened to the Orion star system.

Orion Starseeds may also have a strong connection to Ancient Egypt.

14. Arcturian Starseeds

If you are an Arcturian Starseed, then you come from the constellation of Arcturus. This star system has been colonized by people from other worlds because it is a very strategic place for those who’d like to observe the goings-on of Earth.

Here on earth, Arcturians are likely to struggle with their shadow side. More than other starseeds, they have deep-seated trauma that they need to deal with.

Arcturians may have beliefs about what is “right” or “wrong” that they developed due to the trauma they experienced here on earth. Underneath, they have real emotions, but they struggle to let their walls down. Typically, Arcturians are afraid to be vulnerable because they know that they are easily hurt.

In order for Arcturians to learn how to live on earth, they must deal with their shadow side and confront the things they believe are “wrong.”

Arcturians can benefit from inner child work and energy healing as well. They have trauma that must be unpacked in order to move forward with their mission.

Most Arcturians have two sides to them: one that is warm, emotional, and open, and another that is stoic, logical, or even a bit cold. It can be confusing to be around an Arcturian because they change so rapidly!

Arcturians are usually good at balancing masculine and feminine energy, though they become more masculine when they get out of alignment. When Arcturians feel disconnected, they’re likely to experience power struggles with other people.

On Earth, Arcturians are fabulous leaders. People generally trust them and look to them for help, and they might sometimes feel as though they bear the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Arcturian starseeds can also feel a lot of fear when they believe that they can’t accomplish something. When they’re able to align their energy to the Universe, they will start to figure out how to accomplish certain things, even through energy alone.

In the starseed community, Arcturians are known for being math-crazy. Geometry is huge for Arcturians, but I find that not all Arcturians are necessarily good at math. Instead, they just like breaking things down into a simple structure that they can understand.

On the star Arcturus, there is a ton of crystal technology, so Arcturians may be drawn to crystals or to nature. This is where their affinity with geometry comes from.

13. Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedans are a semi-rare type of starseed here on Earth. They come from the Andromedan Galaxy, the closest galaxy to ours.

Generally, Andromedans crave freedom. You can find Andromedans traveling the world in search of “true” freedom, breaking free of the binds that control them, or searching for a way to free themselves from the third-dimensional body.

It’s very difficult for Andromedans to be here on earth because where they come from, they actually have freedom in a way that we as humans do not. Andromedans may spend their lives searching physically for freedom (they’re often the people who want to travel the globe or move to a new city when they start to feel constricted), but they are never content until they realize that freedom only comes from within.

Many Andromedans are extremely sensitive. They can suffer from anxiety, depression, or low-self worth, and they are easily horrified by the physical and mental atrocities that humans on Earth commit.

Andromedans often have a special connection with children, animals, or nature. They see innocence and are good at spotting the childlike spirit in just about anyone. However, they don’t feel like they fit in here on Earth and usually see themselves as the odd one out.

Mentally, Andromedans are both creative and logical. They’re often interested in ancient civilizations because they’re always searching for the truth that will set them free.

To learn more about Andromedans, check out my full post on starseeds from Andromeda here.

12. Lyran Starseeds

The souls from the Lyran star system are some of the oldest starseeds here on Earth. They tend to be either Feline or Avian from Lyra, though it seems to me like Feline souls are more common here.

Lyran starseeds easily trust in the flow of life. They don’t need to micromanage or control because they know that everything unfolds as it should be. This means that they’re also pretty adaptable based on the situation that they’re in.

Typically, Lyrans are extremely independent. They’re the kinds of people who don’t mind jetting off on a new adventure and they aren’t afraid of much.

I find that Lyrans usually love to travel. They like all kinds of adventure and they’re always looking for something new or exciting. Some Lyrans prefer to see new places, while others like different and unique experiences. 

When you meet a Lyran, you’ll probably know right away. They have a confident energy yet they aren’t boastful; they just seem comfortable with who they are.

Many Lyrans have a similar energy to cats. They know what they want and how to get it but they don’t need to tell you every detail.

Typically, Lyrans will have either Feline or Avian markings. Some Lyrans have cat-like features or energy with a sharp mind, while others have more of a bird-like appearance (long nose, fingers, thin face, etc.). 

Lyrans are here for many purposes, since they had to flee most of the planets that they come from. Some come to help humanity while others come for a new adventure. They aren’t afraid of anything, even incarnating on a new planet!

11. Lemurian and Atlantean Starseeds

Lemurian and Atlantean Starseeds are thought to be souls who were incarnated on Earth before these civilizations were lost.

Some souls were from these places (due to DNA activation then) while others are from other places then came here

Atlantis is thought to be in the ocean near the Bermuda Triangle, which lies between Bimini, Cuba, and San Juan Puerto Rico.

Plato first wrote about a fictional Island called Atlantis in 360 B.C., though the idea of the “great flood” shows up in just about every culture and myth.

Legend has it that the Atlanteans were an extremely powerful and advanced race who came to dominate much of Earth between 10,000 and 50,000 years ago before they were destroyed by some cataclysmic event. Some people think this event was a natural occurrence such as a meteor, while others think that the Atlanteans invented an incredibly powerful crystal laser which destroyed their civilization.

Lemuria was a similar sort of civilization, said to be near India, that developed technological, philosophical, and healing technologies. Even less is known about Lemurians, but they were also thought to have been destroyed, either due to Draconian influences or due to a natural disaster.

Some Lemurian and Atlantean Starseeds escaped on spaceships while others died in the disasters and were reincarnated. However, these Starseeds usually long for an enlightened civilization like these, though our Earth is very different nowadays.

10. Shapeshifting Starseeds (Draconians)

Draconian starseeds come from the Draco constellation which is only around 303 light-years from Earth. Some Draconians are also Reptilians, but not all.

Though Draconians are thought to be “evil,” this isn’t always the case.

Draconians aren’t able to absorb energy from Source the way that other types of starseeds are. While an Arcturian starseed might retreat to spend some time alone, meditate, or go for a walk and feel reenergized, these things don’t work for Draconians.

Typically, Draconians will try to gain energy from other people instead. This means that they can sometimes start drama, manipulate others, or even gain energy from violent or chaotic situations. 

Draconians can learn how to gain energy from other sources, such as the four elements, but this is something they have to consciously do. Many Draconians either don’t know this or prefer to gain energy from other people. If you’ve ever met a Draconian who does this, you probably feel tired and zapped after being around them.

Keep in mind that Draconians can also learn how to forge a connection to Source. This isn’t an energy that their souls were created with, but with a lot of light work, energy work, and meditation, this cord can be formed and enlarged over time.

Draconians tend to reincarnate in the same families over and over and teach their children so that their power remains condensed. This also ensures that they teach their children how to draw energy in similar ways.

Many Draconians end up in the structures of organized religion or politics in order to grow their power and gain energy.

Some shapeshifting follow the agenda of enslaving the rest of the universe like they did on Orion. They believe that others were meant to be slaves. Yet others believe in a free world. It’s incredibly hard for them to break free from their people, because they probably grew up surrounded by other shapeshifters, so this takes a lot of bravery and courage.

We don’t really know a ton about these shapeshifters because they can literally bend their shape. They might not always do this physically but often mentally. This is usually how they “win” on other planets/galaxies, too. It’s not always war like we think of it.

There’s a lot more info that I have to share on this but it isn’t possible to share on this blog. For more info about dark soul groups, check out my course subscriptions here.

9. The Grays

The Grays are another type of starseed race that is separate from Reptilians. The main difference is that they quite simply don’t have a reptilian appearance in their natural form, but instead look like large Grey aliens. They also have a slightly different agenda.

However, most of the same energetic issues apply to both Grays and Reptilians. Grays don’t have a direct connection to Source either, but this is certainly something that they can forge.

Many Grays come to human starseeds through dreams in the astral plane, both helpful and harmful.

8. Maldek Starseeds

Maldek was a planet which was on the other side of Mars that has not existed for millions if not billions of years. The current remains of the planet are what appears to be an asteroid belt.

Originally, Maldek was a warlike planet. Maldekians were highly intelligent, but they weren’t great with emotions. They mainly existed in the mental realm and focused on technological development. Ultimately, they destroyed their own planet with technology because they weren’t able to catch up spiritually.

Maldekians are extremely smart and mentally gifted. They have strong masculine energy, and they may be drawn towards technology or science.

However, these types of starseeds struggle to feel and express their emotions. They may also have difficulties with their morals or spirituality. The heart and emotional bodies of Maldekians are usually underdeveloped.

Maldekians can certainly experience love and often have strong emotions, but they don’t know how to identify them because they aren’t used to focusing on the emotional body.

Maldek starseeds are strong and steady. They are very deliberate decision-makers because they look at the facts. They’re also very driven, though they may be too focused and ignore the relationship side of their lives. They can sometimes be a bit socially awkward or too blunt because they don’t understand emotions.

Ultimately, Maldek starseeds have a lot of natural gifts. They must learn how to understand their own emotions and relate to others. They certainly don’t want to repeat what happened on their planet, so learning how to incorporate the emotional and spiritual bodies is the way forward for them.

7. Martian Starseeds

Starseeds from Mars are here on Earth, too. Long ago, Mars was colonized by a war-like society.

When Maldek was destroyed, Mars was impacted as well, which is why the atmosphere is no longer habitable, most likely due to radiation.

Martian starseeds come here in order to stop the same thing from happening on our planet. However, many of them come with a bit of a soul health issue due to the radiation that they experienced. Martians often need to do some energetic soul healing to feel whole and healthy in their physical bodies.

Typically, Martians have very strong masculine energy. They are definitely a warrior soul group, and they’re very mental and action-oriented. It can be hard for Martians to live here because any anger is seen as scary on Earth, while anger is simply natural to them because it’s a way of survival.

On Mars, the inhabitants were extremely intelligent and powerful, but they didn’t focus much on emotions or spirituality, so they may have difficulty explaining their feelings here on earth.

Martians can be incredibly loving underneath once you get past their tough exterior, and they’re very loyal. Most Martians do need some space and can’t be suppressed because they feel the need to act when something is off. They even deal with their emotions through actions; words don’t always come easy to them.

The military can be a comfortable career choice for Martians. They enjoy physical structure and order, though their planet did not get to the technological/scientific level of the Maldeks; they’re more organized and grounded, while the Maldekians were reaching for the stars.

Martians can be very loving underneath their harsh experience, but it’s hard for them to access and express their empathetic side. This simply takes practice.

Right now, Martians can’t go home because of the atmosphere on Mars. Their civilization as they knew it no longer exists. This can be difficult for some Martians because they can’t be as physical as they’re used to, and for them, this is just a way of life.

Some Martians also have trauma because they were forced to flee their home planet.

6. Venusian Starseeds (The Hathors)

The Venusians are a unique and special breed of humans. They’re originally from a different universe, but they’ve settled on Earth’s sister planet Venus.

The Hathors (as they’re also known) more recently came to earth, though they are still relatively rare.

These folks have an angelic appearance when in their natural form featuring ethereal wings. The Hathors are all about love and forgiveness; kindness is always rewarded by this race, especially since they are from the 4th dimension.

Venusian starseeds have a strong heart chakra. They’re able to output unconditional love because most of their power comes from their heart chakra.

They truly believe in the power of love to transform a person’s life. They are highly attuned to their surroundings and to the energy of other people, especially to love vibrations, and can be quite sensitive.

Venusians are also very sensitive to beauty of all kinds. They can distinguish between different energies and have a strong 6th sense since they’re extremely attuned to subtle differences. Venusians can be amazing healers, a natural career choice for them.

However, Venusians can also be too sensitive with energy; their systems are easily overloaded by the ugliness on planet Earth. They might struggle to live in the 3rd dimension and deal with more primitive things like trade or money.

5. Polarian Starseeds

Polarians are from the star system of Polaris, a triple star system, containing Polaris A, Polaris Ab, and Polaris B.

Polaris is known as the North Star here on Earth because it is the brightest star in Ursa Minor and located in a position close to the north pole.

On earth, Polarians are very loyal and consistent, though this can sometimes be detrimental. When they choose to be loyal to someone, they will follow through, even if their loyalty isn’t well-placed.

Polarians make fantastic friends and supporters. They’re very group-oriented and believe that everyone should get an equal say. 

The North Star calls to Polarians, both physically and in the metaphorical sense. They have a natural sense of direction and always follow the path in front of them, even if others believe that they need to make changes.

Polarians can easily get stuck because they struggle to create change or make decisions for change. They have a lot of hesitation and can become stagnant.

Overall, Polarians are a stubborn bunch. They have a lot of Taurus energy and will stick with a choice no matter what the evidence to the contrary says. However, they’re also persistent and will see any endeavor through.

Polarians are the glue in any social group. They aren’t always the leader or the most charismatic member, but they are solid enough to keep everyone else together and grounded. Polarians know that the whole is greater than any one part of a group alone.

The modern world can feel fragmented to Polarians. They’re used to being a part of a cohesive unit, so modern-day life (with the emphasis on independence) seems disjointed.

They might struggle to have independence because that’s not where they come from. The modern world can feel fragmented and disjointed to them.

Polarians uniquely know how to restore unity to the world. They can operate at lower vibrations that keep them grounded, but can also access higher vibrations to enhance their intuition.

4. Hadarian Starseeds

Hadarians come from a society where love is always unconditional. For them, there is simply no such thing as conditional love.

On earth, Hadarians can be traumatized easily because conditional love feels traumatic. They also struggle with the ideas of manipulation or lying, because they’re used to complete transparency on their home planet.

Hadarians may have codependency issues on earth. It’s hard for them to say no if someone isn’t asking from a loving place, because they still want to give love. They also have trouble establishing firm boundaries and can easily become doormats.

Conditions are hard for Hadarians to understand, so they don’t know how to create boundaries for themselves, either. They can struggle with all kinds of addictions or just overdo everything; learning when to stop is difficult for someone from Hadar.

If Hadarians can learn how to establish boundaries, then they make wonderful additions to earth because of the incredible love they have to offer.

3. Anunnaki Starseeds

The Nibiruans, also known as Anunnaki, are an advanced race that ruled over Earth thousands of years ago. The Anunnaki first show up as the gods of the Sumerians, but similar gods appeared in many different myths and cultures.

The Anunnaki were most likely human-like but much larger in stature, around 7 feet tall on average. Some legends say that the Anunnaki actually created humans using their own DNA and the DNA of natural animals, though this is up for debate.

It doesn’t seem like many Anunnaki exist here on Earth anymore; they’re mainly known as an ancient race. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still involved with our race in some way.

2. Earthling

Earthlings are people whose souls first incarnated here on earth, meaning that the ways of our 3 dimension world feel much more natural to these souls.

The earthling personality type is more animalistic than starseeds, which means they intuitively understand life and death. They know that peace can only exist when violence also exists because we live in a world of dualities.

Earthlings don’t have qualms about killing to eat and are more likely to accept bad things happening without question.

While earthlings may struggle to connect to higher dimensions, they’re very connected to the third dimension, which makes them quite grounded and stable.

1. Other Types Of Starseeds

Not everyone fits into any of these categories. If you’re struggling to get answers, then consider that you’re from a different place altogether.

My dad is a super-spiritual guy but also has a collection of characteristics that don’t make sense based on this list. He knows he had past lives in Atlantis but he doesn’t feel a huge affinity with Atlantis, either. Eventually, we figured out that he’s actually from another dimension, much much further away than any of these Starseeds.

Ultimately, there’s a lot we don’t know about Starseeds. The idea of Starseeds is super new (at least with this much detail) and information is hard to come by.

I recommend digging into your own Akashic records. Do a meditation, work with your pendulum, or give yourself a Tarot reading. Ultimately, trust your gut and what it tells you.

Remember that it only matters where you came from before if this knowledge can enhance your experience now.

Famous Starseeds:

I think a lot of famous people are Starseeds, especially the artists who are brilliant but misunderstood. So many famous artists have struggled to live on Earth, which makes me think that they’re not from here. They also quite literally bring us otherworldly art, music, etc. that changes Earth as we know it.

However, I also think some of our most brilliant scientists are from other star systems. Science is something that is very evolved for many Starseeds, and our knowledge on earth might seem ridiculous to someone coming from a planet like Orion. It makes sense that famous Starseeds bring us many of the scientific breakthroughs we’ve had.

You can guess at the famous Starseeds based on who you like, but off the top of my head, I think that Freddie Mercury, Robin Williams, Stevie Nicks, Princess Diana, Elvis, Einstein, Socrates, and Nikola Tesla are all Starseeds who came onto Earth pretty recently after living on another star system. They all struggled to fit in here (some made it work better than others) but also brought us something new, something that people on Earth didn’t have.

I also think that we’ve definitely had some more negative famous Draconian Starseeds here on Earth, particularly world leaders who tried to dominate, or the people behind them pulling the strings. And that’s not to say that none of those people I mentioned were possibly “negative” starseeds. Everyone ultimately has an individual choice.

Not all starseeds are as obviously one type, so it’s hard to say for sure what star systems people are from. It’s a personal journey and there may be no way for us to know. As you come to learn more about the different types of Starseeds, you’ll start to identify people in your own life automatically.

Looking to learn more about specific types of starseeds? Stay tuned for a post about each star race!