In astrology we discuss the sun signs, which represents the ego or the outer personality—but what astrologers often fail to […]

Chiron is always painful regardless of where it sits, and when Chiron is aspected, there is no exception. Sometimes, Chiron aspects […]

I’ve gotten lots of requests for astrology and zodiac wallpaper after the witchcraft wallpaper post, so I’m compiling all of […]

Chiron in the wound that you’re born with, but it continues to develop throughout your life for better or worse. […]

Chiron was only just discovered in 1977, but many astrologers (including myself) consider Chiron to be an essential asteroid in […]

Juno aspects seem minor to many astrologers, but these aspects can tell you a lot about the qualities that your relationship […]

Chiron shows our most challenging wounds. Chiron in Capricorn is the wound of recognition, but it can bleed into many […]

Chiron in the natal chart shows us our deepest, darkest wounds. Chiron in Sagittarius is an especially tricky placement because […]

Mercury is all about the mind while Venus is all about beauty and pleasure. The Mercury conjunct Venus aspect quite […]

Astrology has become more and more common over the past few years, but so have past life regressions, so it’s […]

Chiron in the astrology chart shows us our deepest wounds. Although healing this wound is a lifelong pursuit, the journey to […]

I admit it: I have a soft spot for asteroids in the birth chart. Although many astrologers don’t think that […]

Astrology for people is so popular, so why not cat astrology? I looked into my cat’s zodiac sign the minute I […]

Chiron is the wounded healer and shows our long-term wounds that often come from a past lifetime. Chiron in Libra […]

If you’re studying your Chiron placement, you will find that Chiron shows the area of your life or personality where […]

Mars is the planet of action; it rules our drive, our motivation, our methods of accomplishing tasks, and our attraction […]

Learning astrology is hard. I remember when I first got a copy of my natal chart: I was completely overwhelmed. There […]

Venus in Pisces is a floaty, etherial placement. Some of the most beautiful and talented actors, musicians, and artists have […]

Venus is the sign of beauty, money, pleasure, attraction, and style, so Venus in Aquarius can feel like a bit […]

In astrology, Lilith is one of the coolest points. We all know Lilith (whether from mythology or because she popped […]

Mars is the planet of action; it rules our drive, our motivation, our methods of accomplishing tasks, and our attraction […]

Mars is one of the best personal planets to learn about in astrology because it shows up so often in […]

Chiron is the Wounded Healer and is the asteroid that shows our deepest wounds. Chiron wasn’t originally important in astrology […]

The top questions I get when I’m reading someone’s birth chart are about love, marriage, money, and fame. This is […]

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, so this asteroid signifies our core wound that we develop from an early age. While […]

90% of the time, when I’m asked a question about astrology, it has to do with love and relationships. Everyone […]

Although every Chiron placement is important, Chiron in Gemini has the tendency to really affect an individual’s schooling, career, and […]

Flirting is human nature. It’s something that we can do consciously or unconsciously, but we all flirt a little different. […]

Karmic astrology synastry is suddenly really interesting when you want to look at your own relationship. I remember the first time […]

Most students of astrology are a little scared of retrograde planets. They’re super hard to read, and there’s a lot […]

We’re all a collection of most of the signs in astrology. Our birth charts are complex, so it’s 100% impossible […]

Juno is a relatively new asteroid in astrology, so it often gets overlooked. In my experience, Juno astrology is incredibly […]

So you’re just starting out on your astrology journey. It can be a little intimidating because there’s so much information! You […]

Ancient humans understood that the moon affects them, but this goes beyond a full or a new moon. While these […]

Mars is a popular planet that’s studied by beginner through advanced astrologists. It’s surprisingly complex, and represents much more than […]

If you’re new to astrology, then you might be learning just how important the moon sign is. The “big three” […]

The astrological influence of the asteroid Chiron is pretty huge. This is surprising to many modern students of astrology, because […]

Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer, is an extremely underrated and important asteroid in astrology. If you’re just beginning […]

If you’ve ever delved into anything metaphysical or spiritual, you’ve probably heard the word element thrown around. It seems complex, […]