7 Easy Exercises To Develop Strong Clairaudience

clairaudience exercises

We often think of clairvoyance, which is psychic sight, when we hear the word psychic. In reality, there are many different ways that you can be psychic.

Most well-know psychic readers combine a few different techniques. For example, a psychic reader might see and hear as well as recieve knowings that guide their readings.

I recently wrote a post about clairaudience, or psychic hearing. I got quite a few questions about how clairaudience can be developed, so today I’m sharing some exercises that work well for me.

I’m not one of those people that was born with natural clairaudience. In fact, psychic hearing is one of the least natural psychic senses for me, yet I have been able to develop it over time. I really believe that anyone can develop all of the psychic sense with enough practice!

When you start to become clairaudient, you might hear words and sounds within your mind, or you might actually hear with your ears. Either way is 100% normal; we all have slightly different psychic senses.

Eventually, you’ll probably be able to hear both inside your mind and with your ears. If you’re just starting out, it’s typically easier to focus on hearing inside your mind.

Here are 7 exercises to develop strong clairaudience with a bit of practice!

7. Tune In To The Sounds Of The Earth

If you’re just beginning your journey to become clairaudient, you need to learn how to hear and discriminate between different sounds.

For this exercise, find a quiet place you can sit; this can be done inside or outside. Settle in and close your eyes. Begin to listen closely to the sounds around you, both those nearby and far away.

Once you’ve listened generally for a few minutes, try to isolate one sound. For example, if there’s a strong wind, you could listen to it and attempt to tune out all other sounds. Try to hear what the wind is saying and pick up on its energy through sound waves.

You can isolate any sound that you’d like, but I find that this exercise works better with sounds in nature (such as wind, water, birds, etc.).

6. Have A Friend Send You A Word

If you have a friend who is willing to practice clairaudience with you, then this is a great (and difficult!) exercise. Ask a friend to think of a word and send it to you. The friend can picture the word (letters and all) going into your head, but they must be actually saying the word in their mind rather than just speaking it.

Once they confirm that they’ve sent the word, you want to open your mind and wait to see what pops into your head. Listen for the sound of the word and close up your visual mind; if you start to the see the word or a picture of what it means then you need to ask them to specifically send the sound.

5. Practice With Flashcards & Spirit

If you don’t have a friend you feel comfortable practicing with then you can do a similar exercise with your spirit guides.

For this exercise, you’ll need flashcards. Write simple words that you like on these flashcards, such as cat, tree, dress, etc. I recommend making at least 20 flashcards to start.

Choose a flashcard without looking at it and lay it face down. Ask your spirit guides to speak the word on the flashcard to you. Open your mind and wait for the information to come in. Again, you don’t want to picture the word or object, but you want to hear it in your mind.

This exercise can take a while to do at first. I have sat with my mind “open” for 15+ minutes before I received an answer. It’s hard to hear our spirit guides because they vibrate at such a high frequency. Just remember that you’re training your psychic ears with this exercise, even if you don’t feel like it worked (it did!).

4. Imagine The Sounds

If you need to sharpen your hearing skills, a good place to start is with the imagination. This is a helpful exercise when you feel like you’re hitting a brick wall and you just can’t hear.

Listen to a song that you enjoy for 30 seconds or so, then shut the song off. Close your eyes and hear the song in your mind. Try to replicate the song as close as your can to the real thing. Make sure you include every instrument, inflection, etc.

Turn the song back on and see how close you were. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you’d like. The goal is to sharpen your senses and to focus your mind so you can pick up on subtle energies.

3. Ask For A Song As An Answer To Your Question

This exercise works well when you’re in the car or otherwise engaged but still want to practice. You’ll need a specific question, preferably one that you truly want an answer to.

Ask your spirit guides your question and set the intention that the next song to come on will hold the answer. Make sure that you’re either listening to the radio or set your music to shuffle randomly.

When the next song begins playing, listen extremely closely to the lyrics and the music. The answer isn’t always obvious and may just be in one line or even in the tone of the music.

The purpose of this exercise is to sharpen your clairaudient sense and awareness, even when you’re not specifically meditating. This is a great real-world exercise that prepares you to psychically hear throughout the day instead of just during your practice.

2. Ask A Question And Hear A Song In Your Head

This is a level up from the last exercise. When you feel ready, ask your spirit guides a question and set the intention that you will hear a song to answer the question in your head or mind.

You’ll need to be in a quiet place to be able to hear the song and will need to open your mind and allow the music to stream through. Go with whatever you hear, even if it feels random or off. We often don’t get the answers we expect!

1. Meditate On A Question

If you want to practice clairaudience in the most typical way, then you’ll need a quiet place you can meditate. Some people are very against meditating, but this exercise doesn’t call for a deep meditation: you simply need to close your eyes and open your mind.

Ask your spirit guides a specific question that you’d like the answer to and set the intention that you will receive the answer through audio. Close your eyes, open your mind, and wait to hear an answer.

In my experience, a very simple answer to your question will pop into your head. It’s often an answer you wouldn’t have thought of. You might hear the tone of voice of the speaker or might not, but you’ll likely know whether the answer is true.

This is a great exercise to practice often if you want to get really good at hearing psychically. The more you practice, the quicker this exercise will go, and someday the answer can be almost immediate.

I hope these exercises help you develop your clairaudient skills. Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions in the comments!