7 Easy Exercises to Develop Strong Clairvoyance

After I published this post all about indicators that you might be clairvoyant, I’ve been inundated with questions on how to actually develop clairvoyance.

It’s surprisingly hard to find specific exercises that will develop psychic abilities. I’ve found so many websites that tell you to simply practice visualizing something, but by itself this exercise just doesn’t grow strong clairvoyance.

So, here are 7 easy to understand exercises that will help you develop your clairvoyant abilities.

I ranked these exercises from beginner to advanced. If you’re new to working on your psychic abilities, start with the first few exercises on this list, but if you’re looking for more advanced practices, scroll to the bottom and check out the last two.

7. Visualization Exercise With An Object

This is one of the beginner exercises on this list. You won’t actually be connecting with spirits or getting information, but you do need to have a specific skill set in order to see psychically; this is the first step.

To do this exercise, choose an object to work with that’s small and distinguishable. Some examples are a stuffed animal, a plant, or a tea cup.

Set the object down in front of you and study it closely for a few minutes, then close your eyes and try to picture the object in your mind’s eye. Get as many details as you can. Ideally, the object would be perfectly accurate in your mind.

After you’ve done all you can, open your eyes and see how accurate your picture was. Study the object again, then repeat the exercise and see if you can get the picture to look exact.

What this exercise does is helps you to develop clear psychic vision. Those of us born with clairvoyant abilities (usually) still need to put the work in to make the pictures more clear. Often, beginner clairvoyance is really fuzzy and non-specific.

This exercise will direct your abilities and help you capture more specific pictures, even when you’re (later) getting the information from spirits instead of just seeing the object in front of you. I recommend repeating this exercise a few times a week.

6. Practice With Spirit Guides

First, you’ll need to establish contact with a spirit guide who will work with you on growing your clairvoyant abilities. This is pretty to do – simply ask (out loud if you feel like it) for a clairvoyance development guide. Most of the time, someone will show up to help you within 5 minutes or so. Just to be on the safer side, ask that they be 100% light with only pure intentions.

If you’re already pretty psychic, you can ask your spirit guide what you should do to further your practice. If you’re not quite sure what to say (and are a little newer to practicing), then there’s one easy exercise that your guide will most likely do with you.

Ask your spirit guide to put a specific picture into your head. It can be quite literally anything, so keep your mind open. Close your eyes, open your chakras (if you find that you receive more information this way) and wait for the picture to come to you.

It may form slowly. That’s perfectly okay. Take your time and look at every little detail in the picture until it’s extremely well filled-out.

One picture I received from a spirit guide was of a river (that I’ve never been to) with a rowboat on it. After I spent time filling in all of the details, I realized from the leaves in the water that it was autumn. The boat was actually a bit rotted and falling apart but had a nice energy to it. I was able to pick up details about the animals in the picture, the bark of the trees, the clouds in the sky, etc.

The more you work on this exercise the better you’ll get at seeing details.

This whole exercise is only in your mind’s eye and doesn’t use your actual eyesight at all, so you’ll want to have your eyes closed in order to focus.

5. Set The Intention To Receive Messages and Pictures Through Dreams

This is more of a passive exercise that you can do while you’re actively working on your abilities in other ways. Before going to bed at night, say out loud:

“I ask my spirit guides to send messages and pictures through dreams with the intent of improving my clairvoyant abilities.”

Saying it out loud seems to work better for me, but if you’re unable to do that you can whisper the words or just say them inside your head.

See what comes up in your dreams and if they happen to become more vivid. When you do have dreams that you feel are from your spirit guides, don’t forget to write them down. I keep a dream journal and put as many details down as I can.

4. Meditate And/Or Do Past Life Regressions

Most clairvoyants aren’t immediately able to see spirits with their eyes open. I do know a few people with this gift, but it’s extremely rare. Don’t worry if you’re not able to do this. You probably just need to develop your abilities.

An intermediate way to do this is to build meditation (with intention) into your weekly routine. I recommend meditating (with the purpose of developing your clairvoyant abilities) at least once a week. I find twice a week to be optimal.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a relaxing meditation. This is an exercise. There are a few different ways to do this successfully.

One way is to ask your spirit guides to escort you on a past life regression. You can see a different past life every time you meditate, but make sure to fill out the whole picture. At first, your past lives may look a little fuzzy, but you will want to bring all of the smaller details into focus.

For example, if you see yourself standing in a field, instead of asking what happened in your life, flesh out the field. What color is the grass? Are there flowers? What shoes are you wearing? What does the sky look like? Focus on the visual and try to build a complete picture.

Another way to do this exercise is to do a specific meditation. You can look these up online or find scripts on YouTube. Often, these meditations will have you walking through a field, a garden, a beach, etc. The trick is not to relax into the meditation, but to use your mental focus to sharpen the image. Ask yourself similar questions about your surroundings (the colors, textures, etc.) and create a super clear picture. Meditation is a good option if you’d rather not get into past lives at this time.

3. Practice Seeing Auras

If you want to learn to use your clairvoyant abilities with your eyes open (which is certainly more advanced), a good place to start is seeing auras.

An aura is the energetic field that surrounds any living being. You can see an aura on yourself (by practicing in the mirror), on other people, on pets, on plants/trees, etc.

I like to practice in a few different ways. Firstly, you can set a house plant against a white or neutral wall. Spend 10-15 minutes looking at the plant. Let your eyes fuzz out slightly if that helps and observe the area just around the plant. Eventually, you should be able to see the first bit of energy that creates the aura. If you can’t see colors, that’s totally okay – this will come in time.

Another way to practice is in the mirror. I find it easier to see my own aura in a dark room. I basically do the same exercise as I do with the plant.

The aura extends surprisingly far off of someone. As you practice this, you’ll be able to see further and further. At first, you might only see the aura right off of someone’s head or body, and that’s totally fine. Even if you don’t see something for the first 5 sessions or so, you’re actually programming your brain to see energy (although it may feel like you’re not doing anything). Keep practicing!

2. Practice Seeing Energy Between Your Hands

Similar to seeing auras, this exercise develops clairvoyance with your eyes open. It’s much easier to “see” psychically with your eyes closed, so these exercises are a bit more advanced and can take longer to master.

Hold your hands in front of you about 4-6 inches apart with your palms facing each other. Give the energy a few minutes to gather. As it does, you’ll start to feel your palms buzzing.

Spend 10 minutes or so looking at this energy between your hands. You can let your eyes fuzz out (or unfocus) if this helps. You may only see a small bit of energy at first or even nothing at all. This is totally normal. If you repeat this exercise a few times a week, this sight will develop.

After you’ve spent a few minutes seeing the energy, you can try slowly moving your hands further away, then closer together, and watch the energy stretch.

1. Practice Telepathically Sending Card Images

This is one of the hardest exercises to do. You’ll need a friend or partner to work with.

Grab a deck of cards (regular cards, Tarot cards, Oracle cards – whatever works!) and choose a card without showing it to your partner. Picture the card in your mind as clearly as possible and see if you can transfer that image into the mind of your friend.

You can picture the image going into your friend’s mind however you find easiest, whether you see it being implanted into their mind, traveling on a string, or shown in front of their eyes. See if your friend can either guess or describe the card.

This can take a long time to get. I like to practice this for 15 minutes or so a few times a week. Eventually, you’ll get very good at it, but don’t expect results the first time and don’t give up if you’re struggling. I promise, it can work!

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