Dreams About Snakes: Every Possible Meaning

dreams about snakes

Everyone has odd or scary dreams from time to time. Although you could dream about theoretically anything, dreams about snakes are some of the most common dreams that adults have.

I personally think that this is because snakes have such a layered, symbolic meaning. They inspire fear and awe at the same time. These creatures are some of the most complicated animals when they’re used as symbols.

For many people, dreams about snakes are really frightening. However, snakes are kind of a double-edge sword. They are creatures that are depicted as both positive and negative, depending on the myth, so dreams about snakes can mean a variety of things.

Generally, dreams about snakes mean one of two things. These types of dreams are either an indication that there is someone or something poisonous in your life, or that healing or transformation needs to take place.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the meaning of your dream right away. After all, dreams are a combination of our unconscious thoughts and messages from our guides (if you believe in spirit guides), so they can be pretty tricky to figure out.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you decipher exactly what your dreams about snakes mean!

The General Meaning Of The Snake Archetype 

Snakes can mean many different things. Some people feel that snakes are inherently negative. If you believe in Starseeds, then you know that snakes are part of the Reptilians, a race that wishes to gain power and rule the world.

In Biblical context, the snake represents both Lucifer and Lilith. They are tricksters, betrayers, and the rulers of Hell. Snakes represent deception or the Devil himself.

However, many witches feel that snakes aren’t necessarily bad but are wrongly accused, similar to both Lucifer and Lilith. In Ancient Greece, snakes symbolized healing, while they were a sign of spiritual transformation in Ancient Egypt.

The Chinese zodiac depicts snakes as intelligent, spiritual, and manipulative. They aren’t necessarily evil but are certainly intricate and aren’t totally positive, either.

In many contexts, snakes signify transformation. This transformation can be for good or for bad. Look at what in your life needs to change, what you’re missing, or how you need to transform.

Alternatively, a snake can be a sign of power and strength.

Graphically, the snake is a straight line, yet it is also flexible and fast-moving. This shows the duality of the animal; it is both predictable and surprising.

The snake is sexual, enchanting, subtle, and cunning. It represents both sexuality and evil, yet the snake can also be the shadow self that we are ashamed of; it can represent the deepest part of our unconscious minds.

Even the venom of the snake has a certain duality. It is both poisonous and healing and follows the “like cures like” rule.

I always recommend that you consider the idea of duality in your dream. The snake often represents opposing forces. This dreams about snakes are tricky to figure out because they can have so many meanings, but this is also what makes these types of dreams so interesting and impactful. 

There are many specific meanings that snakes can take on. I’ll go over all of the different meanings of snakes as symbols, as people, as deities/spirits/demons, and as events.

If you have trouble interpreting your dreams then scroll to the bottom where I’ll include some tips for how to decipher what your dreams about snakes actually mean for you.

The Snake As A Symbol

Sometimes, a snake in a dream is a symbol rather than a specific individual. Here are some of the main things that dreams about snakes can symbolize.

Fear: Dreams about snakes can often mean that you’re afraid of something, whether this is a person (your boss, your mother, your partner, etc.), or a situation (making a commitment, going on a trip, having to face something). If your dream about snakes was related to fear, then the message is that it’s time to turn around and face the situation.

Anxiety: As far as symbols go, dreams about snakes that relate to anxiety are very common. The snake itself can represent your anxiety, or it can indicate that your emotions are out of whack and that you’re trying to pretend that your anxiety doesn’t exist. Again, the message is to dig deep and figure out what’s causing the anxiety instead of ignoring it.

Growth: On a more positive notes, dreams about snakes can represent growth and change. They indicate that your subconscious mind is growing, even if you’re in painful situations. This is generally a good sign!

Progress: In ancient Egypt, dreams about snakes symbolized transformation. They were a positive reptile and meant that you were growing and making progress. In this sense, dreams about snakes can indicate that you’re on the right track to reach your goals.

Warning: Sometimes, dreams about snakes are a clear warning. The first warning is that you should be cautious around people in your life. You may have a “snake” around you who you blindly trust, but you should dig deeper to see what their true intentions are. The second kind of warning is that you’re ignoring something in your subconscious mind and you must acknowledge the truth.

Spirituality: Sometimes, dreams about snakes are actually quite spiritual. These types of dreams can indicate that you’re moving into a higher level of consciousness and activating more of your spiritual self.

Sexuality: Occasionally, dreams about snakes can represent a phallic symbol. These types of dreams might show that you’re suppressing your sexual needs or are feeling “less-than” sexually. Dig deep into your subconscious mind to figure out what’s going on.

Wisdom: Many cultures believe that snakes are a symbol of wisdom or knowledge. In this context, a dream about snakes can mean that you’re trying to find the answers to a problem or learn something new.

Repressed Desires: Because snakes are “hidden” and lowly, they can represent repressed desires. This dream is a sign to face your desires and deal with them instead of continuing to repress them. Reconsider what you think you want. Is there something you want that you’re scared to admit to yourself?

Trauma: Alternatively, because snakes are hidden, they can also represent trauma. The snake represents things that have been repressed in the unconscious mind and is a sign that you need to access your inner child/shadow self. Usually, the snake represents a part of you that you’re hiding.

Eternity: The image of the snake eating its own tail represents eternity.

Medicine: The ancient greeks used the symbol of the snake as an indicator of medicine or health. In modern-day times, the symbol of the snake is even on our general healthcare logo. Sometimes, snakes can mean that you need to reevaluate your health or seek alternate treatment.

The Snake As A Person

Sometimes, dreams about snakes mean that the snake represents someone else. With this sort of dream, you will probably get the sense that the snake is an individual being and may even be someone you know.

When the snake is representing another person, the message is usually a warning. This person may be someone who is poisonous or toxic in your life, or it’s someone who you shouldn’t trust. Your dream is telling you that this person is literally a snake underneath. 

Sometimes, the snake as someone else represents the lies that you’re telling yourself about a person in your life, or it can mean that they are lying to you.

As a person, the snake typically represents someone who is betraying you. There is deceit here, but it’s hiding in plain sight. All of the information that you need is in your own mind, so dig deep to figure out the truth. This type of dream is a warning that you shouldn’t ignore.

The Snake As A Deity Or Demon

Any animal in a dream can signify a deity, demon, or other entity/being. Dreams about snakes are no different. 

Unfortunately, there are tons of different spiritual beings who can appear as a snake. I will list the most common deities, demons, and spirits here who have a clear association with snakes.

I recommend that you do some research if any of these names strike you as signifiant. Otherwise, keep searching, because there are an infinite amount of spirits out there who associate themselves with the symbol of the snake.

How would you know if the snake in your dream is a deity, demon, or spirit? First of all, the energy would clearly be different. You would feel as though the snake is another being or entity, not just a projection of your subconscious mind.

If you’re still unsure, you can do divination to figure out if the snake does represent a spirit form. I like to use the pendulum, but you can also use Tarot cards, Oracle cards, a crystal ball, or other types of divination.

Here are some deities/spirits/demons associated with snakes:

  • Apophis
  • Hygeia
  • Mothra
  • Shiva
  • Nagas
  • Lilith
  • Isis (represented by the Cobra)
  • Dionisys
  • Hermes (two snakes)
  • Loki (the duality of healing/poisonous snake venom)
  • Balam (a King of Hell)
  • Aim/Haborym (a Great Duke of Hell)
  • Astaroth
  • Ganga
  • Your own familiar (don’t rule this out!)

However, keep in mind that deities/demons/spirits in dreams aren’t exactly usual. Unless you feel strongly that a deity is calling to you, then the source of your dream is most likely someone else or a message from your own mind. If you’re unsure, consider the other meanings before settling on this.

The Snake As A Health Issue

Sometimes, snakes in dreams can represent health issues. The Ancient Greeks believed that snakes represented medicine and healing. Even now, the symbol of American healthcare includes two snakes intertwined.

In dreams, snakes can indicate two different things related to health.

The first thing is that there is something poisonous in your life. This is usually represented by a venomous snake. This dream is a warning to dive deeper into your own health issues and tackle them head on.

Alternatively, the snake can mean that there’s a path to healing that you’re not currently recognizing. You need to look at all of the options available to you so you don’t miss out on something great.

The Snake As A Spiritual Message

Although snakes can be seen as scary, deceitful, or dangerous, in some cultures, snakes are considered extremely spiritual. This is especially common in Eastern cultures.

Dreams about snakes have a spiritual meaning that is generally positive. You are experiencing profound spiritual growth. You are grounded yet connected and are finally “putting it all together.”

Usually, dreaming about a snake means that you are awakening. It can be a message to focus on your chakras, starting with the base of your spine and reaching through the top of your head, in the shape of the snake.

Types Of Snakes In Dreams:

Sometimes, various types of snakes in dreams can indicate specific things. Here are some of the most common types of snakes that may show up in your dreams.

Boa Constrictor

If you’re dreaming about a boa constrictor then you’re quite literally feeling “squeezed.” This can indicate that someone in your life is making you feel constricted or controlled. You might be feeling repressed or suffocated.

Alternatively, a boa constrictor can mean that someone is “squeezing” you financially or taking more than you can give.

Lastly, a boa constrictor can represent your own desires to overpower someone or to have power over a situation.

Think about how you felt around the boa constrictor. Were you scared of it or did you feel that it was a part of you? Did you feel trapped, or were you excited by the power of the snake?


Typically, a rattlesnake in a dream is a warning. The rattlesnake will rattle its tail to warn the threat away, and this is exactly what the dream is doing for you.

Most of the time, a rattlesnake in your dream is warning you about a toxic or deceitful person, but it can also indicate a situation that is not what it seems. Lastly, a rattlesnake can mean that you need to protect yourself somehow, whether this is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Any Poisonous Or Venomous Snake

Many people have dreams about snakes that are venomous. These dreams typically indicate negative events. Someone or something is “poisoning” your life.

Alternatively, dreams about poisonous snakes can indicate that your own thoughts are toxic or poisonous. You may be surrounded by something or someone poisonous. This can be negative people or entities, substances, bad food, or doubts and worries about yourself or others.

Garden Snake

If you’re having dreams about garden snakes, this is generally a good sign. The garden snakes represents someone or something you were worried about. You might have thought this person/situation was a threat, but you now realize that they are harmless. This dream indicates that there’s no need to worry.

A White Snake

A white snake is one of the best dreams about snakes you can have. This is almost always a good sign.

In a dream, a white snake indicates that you have a clear mind and know the way forward. It can mean that you are both grounded and spiritual, or that you’re undergoing a regeneration spiritually. 

The white snake is especially spiritual if it’s in the water. This relates to the soul, but can also mean good health or pure intentions.

A Black Snake

Generally, dreaming about a black snake is predicting something bad. The black snake usually symbolizes an obstacle that you need to overcome.

A black snake can also mean that something dark or dangerous is present in your life. Sometimes, this is a sign that you should be cautious, or it can mean that you need to deal with your emotional pain, distress, or attachments.

If you sense that the black snake is someone else, then these dreams about snakes can indicate that there is a bad relationship or someone with a negative energy around you. Be cautious with your finances and stay alert to danger or negativity.

Seeing a black snake means that you should avoid arguments or disputes. Don’t enter into any contracts that seem suspicious.

Sometimes, a black snake can signify the shadow self, the inner self, or invisible guides. If you have no negative feelings surrounding the black snake, then it is probably a powerful symbol of spirituality. Remember that not all dark things are bad; your feelings during the dream are the most significant indicator.

Spiritually, the black snake can be a powerful protection symbol. Someone or something is protecting you.

A Red Snake

A red snake can be a warning of potential danger. Often, a red snake is giving you a heads up about danger in your life.

Alternatively, a red snake can mean sexual passion or passion for a situation or person.

Many Snakes

If you have a dream with lots of snakes, this can indicate that you feel surrounded by snakes in life or are surrounded by toxic, dangerous people without realizing this.

This can also mean that you’re surrounded by negativity, worries, or have obstacles coming at you from every side.

At its worst, dreams about snakes as a group can mean that you’re literally in the “nest” of the snakes and need to get away from something really dangerous or bad.

Various Event Meanings In Dreams About Snakes:

Sometimes, in dreams about snakes, there’s a specific event that happens. If you felt that the thing that happened with the snake was more important than the snake simply being in your dream, then one of these explanations might be more helpful.

The Snake Bit You…

Dreaming about a snake biting you can be really scary. Stay calm and know that there is a deeper meaning to this dream!

A snake bite can mean a few different things. First of all, it can indicate issues with your health. Look at your physical and emotional health. Are you being “poisoned” in any way? 

The venom of a snake can be both poisonous and healing, so this dream can sometimes indicate that you need an “antidote.”

In a relationship aspect, dreams about snakes biting you can indicate that you’re an easy target for a person or group of people. You need to regain control over your life and get of out any situations that allow others to “bite” or hurt you.

Your unconscious mind is trying to send you a warning. There is someone or something in your life that can harm you and you need to protect yourself. This is the most common meaning of a snake bite in a dream, but you should examine your own emotions in the dream to figure out what it means for you.

Lastly, this type of dream can mean that there is an aspect of your life that you need to let go of. You may feel paralyzed or trapped in some way, but the only person who can make changes is you. This dream is a sign that you need to summon your courage and act.

The Snake Bit Someone Else…

If the snake bites someone else in your dream, you need to pay close attention to how you felt about the situation and the person.

If you were worried or upset for the person, this can mean that you’re scared for a loved one. You may have unconscious emotions that you’re not dealing with regarding a situation that someone else is in. Alternatively, this dream could be a warning and is telling you to protect your loved one.

If you found yourself happy that the snake bit another person (because they were an enemy or someone you don’t like), this can indicate that it’s time to reflect and deal with your own cravings for revenge.

The Snake Was In Your House…

It’s super freaky to have a dream about a snake in your house. After all, your home is where you’re supposed to feel protected.

Firstly, you should consider the emotions you felt during the dream. Were you scared for your home, for your family, or for yourself?

If you felt invaded, then the house may represent the most private part of your mind. It can indicate that someone is invading, whether this is spiritually or emotional.

Dreams about snakes in your home can also mean that you have a “snake” in your family. Someone may be deceiving you or lying to you. This can also apply if you live with a roommate or have a difficult landlord. 

If the snake represents your own subconscious thoughts about your house, then a snake in your home means that you’re unhappy with your living situation and need to actively change something.

Lastly, a snake in your home can indicate financial problems that are getting too close to home. It’s time to reexamine your finances before things crash down on you.

The Snake Was In Your Bed…

A snake in your bed can symbolize a few different things.

Firstly, this can quite literally indicate that there is someone toxic or deceitful in your bed. If you’re in a relationship and live together or are regularly inviting someone into your bed, see if this dream relates to your partner at all. This can be a clear warning.

Alternatively, a dream about a snake in your bed can symbolize that you’re ignoring your deepest urges and desires. This dream is encouraging you to release the pent up energy that you have inside and be more truthful with yourself, especially when it comes to sex.

The Snake Strangled You…

Dreams about snakes strangling you are very common. They usually mean that you feel restricted in some way, whether you’re restricting yourself or are being boxed-in by someone else.

If this rings true for you, examine how you’re being restricted. This is a message from your subconscious telling you that it’s time to set yourself free. Maybe you aren’t able to do what you want, or you feel like you can’t speak up when you want to. It’s time to become your most authentic self.

Sometimes, being choked or strangled by a snake indicates that someone is squeezing you financially rather than physically or emotionally.

The Snake Chased You…

If you dreamed about a snake chasing you, then you probably experienced a sense of danger in your dream. You may have woken up feeling afraid and shaky.

Firstly, examine if the snake represented a particular person. Did you sense an energy from the snake that correlates with someone you know? If so, look into the meaning of being chased by that person and why that would make you feel afraid.

However, if you don’t recognize the snake as a person, then look at what the snake did represent. Is there a situation in your life that you’re avoiding? Is there something you need to turn around and face?

This can also mean that there’s a situation where you need to speak your mind, but you have been avoiding this. If you are running away from something, your subconscious mind is sending you a message that this won’t continue to work.

When you’re being chased by anything in a dream, the message is almost always that you need to turn around and face your fear. It’s ideal if you’re able to do this in real life, once you figure out what the snake represents.

If you have this dream again, the best advice I have is to turn around and face the snake. You can also sleep with protection crystals or sigils for strength under your pillow to help you face the situation.

Sometimes, dreams about snakes chasing you can indicate that you feel trapped. The goal is to figure a way out of the situation, but you can’t do this unless you first face your fears.

The Snake Was Dead…

Usually, seeing a dead snake in your dreams a good sign. This means that you have overcome an obstacle in your life, or that you’re close to the conclusion of a difficult situation.

Sometimes, this can indicate emotional liberation or reaching new spiritual heights. If you don’t feel that you’re quite there yet, then this dream is a sign that you’re close to achieving what you desire. You can conquer anything, even if it feels impossible.

However, if you had a negative feeling looking at the dead snake, then think about what it could represent. Did you see the snake as a person or as a part of your own consciousness? What are you afraid of losing?

You Killed A Snake…

If you had a dream about a snake who you killed, this is usually a positive sign. It means that you can overcome your fears and accomplish anything. You are able to defeat any obstacles in your way.

Look at how you felt after you killed the snake. If you felt satisfaction, this means that you are close to overcoming a large obstacle in your life. If you felt guilty, then this indicates that there is a situation that you can’t resolve easily without hurting anyone, or it can mean that you’re trying to “kill” your repressed trauma/shadow self.

Ultimately, dreaming about killing a snake signifies a struggle in your life that is ongoing and is something you need to turn around and face.

The Snake Shed Its Skin…

The symbolism of the snake shedding its skin is quite common. It shows up in the Bible, but is also symbolic of spring and renewal in Pagan cultures. 

I tend to feel that the snake shedding its skin is positive. For me, it indicates turning over new leaves.

However, this action can also indicate that someone toxic in your life will soon be revealed.

How To Figure Out Your Dream:

Figuring out your dream is one of the most difficult parts of divination work. It’s not only anxiety-producing but can also be straight up hard. Many of our dreams are filled with obscure metaphors. 

The most important thing about your dream is to analyze how you felt. Were the emotions positive or negative? Were you afraid, angry, joyous, revengeful, or calm?

Negative feelings usually indicate that a threat is present in your life. This can be a person, a situation, or your own thoughts. If you encounter a deity or spirit in your dreams about snakes, then you may feel afraid or negative because the being is so powerful.

Feeling fear in a dream is quite common. Most of the time, fear is an indication that you need to dig deeper and face your trauma. However, fear can also be a warning sign that you need to be careful of someone or something in real life. I recommend doing some divination to figure out which type of message you’re getting.

Positive feelings usually mean that you’re turning over a new leaf or are about to achieve a goal. Snakes represent change, so if you feel happy, joyous, or peaceful in your dream, know that transformation is either happening or is about to happen.

It can also be helpful to ask yourself how you typically feel about snakes, especially before you had the dream. Sometimes, your subconscious mind or guides will send you a message based on your own preconceived notions.

If you’re naturally afraid of snakes, then dreams about snakes can symbolize your own fear or something in your life that is creating fear.

I always recommend that you do a bit of divination work to figure out exactly what your dream means (and for additional confirmation), but you should first begin by examining your gut instincts about the meaning. Remember that the answers are always inside of you!

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