Using a pendulum is one of the oldest spiritual practices, but it’s actually very easy.  All you’ll need to do is get a pendulum, either stone or metal of some type, and put it outside in the ground for a day or so. Soaking up the earth and sunlight gives the pendulum its power and keeps it grounded and connected, so that even when your ego gets involved (and it will at times), the pendulum still can give you the right answers.

Step One: Get Comfortable With It

This practice utilizes the connection between the universe and your own body. When you use the pendulum, the part of your physical body that is innately connected to all that is, the a-sympathetic nervous system, takes control.  A lot of people have a hard time allowing this part of their body to take full control because they fear that they are changing the results or forcing the pendulum to do something that it would not be doing otherwise, but holding it too tightly can counteract the affects and lead to no result. The important part here is to trust your answer, trust your body, and trust your connection to the universe.

Actually Using the Pendulum:

The next thing to do is hold the pendulum about three quarters of the way up, and show it yes and no. To do this, you will swing it forward and backward toward and away from you, and tell the pendulum that this motion will represent yes. Then, swing it side to side and tell it that this will represent no. At this point, you can hold the pendulum comfortably still and ask it to show you yes, and to show you no. The pendulum will repeat these actions back to you, showing that you are in good communication with it.

The Incantations:

The next thing you need to do is clear your ego from the dowsing session. A lot of times, we as people allow our own biases and preconceived notions to  become involved in these sessions. We may look for answers we want to get, not ones that are universally true. To begin clearing these previous biases, start making a circle with your pendulum in a counterclockwise direction and repeat the following words:

“I ask to clear any fear, doubt, guilt, shame, or any fear based patterns that could be affecting me. I ask to clear any false beliefs that may not be serving me, or any negativity that is in any of my four bodies: physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental.”

At this point, you should allow the pendulum to continue to spin until it stops naturally. When it stops, begin spinning it in a clockwise direction and repeat the following words:

“I ask to add in light, unconditional love, angelic light, and a strong connection to my higher self as I search for the truth during this session. I ask to add in all positive energy and a direct connection with all that is.”

At this point, you are ready to begin your dowsing session.

Dowsing with Charts:

There are a couple ways you can go about doing a dowsing session. Here is a link to a series of charts that I really like and recommend, which is free and printable. You can use these charts by beginning with the chart of ten, and allowing the pendulum to show you which charts you should go to next. You will do this by holding the pendulum at the center of the arch, and asking it to show you the first chart.

When you get to the first chart, you will repeat this process, asking it to show you which ones on the chart are important at that time. Intuition is very important here, as some of the words on the charts may have different meanings for different people, but it is likely that you will know exactly what it is pertaining to. Before you leave that chart, ask your pendulum if there are any others on the chart, and if the indicator that you received on the chart is clearable.

Clearing with Charts:

If there are more, find out what they are before you leave the chart. If there is something that you need to clear on the chart, repeat the steps above by spinning the pendulum in a counterclockwise direction and repeating the following:

“I ask to clear _______, and any fear, doubt, guilt, shame, or any fear based patterns that could be affecting me. I ask to clear any false beliefs that may not be serving me, that have been created by this, or any negativity that is in any of my four bodies: physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental. I ask that all patterns of thinking that ________ created also be cleared.”

Then, you will begin to spin the pendulum in a clockwise direction and repeat the incantation from above. Once you are done on this chart, return to your chart of ten and ask to go to the next chart. You will repeat this process until you feel that the session is over, and ask the pendulum if there is anything left for you to know on the charts. If it says no, then you may ask your yes or no questions.

Yes or No Questions:

Asking yes or no questions is easy in theory. It can become more difficult when we project what we want to be true onto the pendulum. One way that I’ve found is easy to combat this is by writing your questions on pieces of paper, folding them so you cannot see them, and making piles of yes and no before revealing what the questions were. This only works if you have over 5 questions, and the more questions you write on these pieces of paper the better. This makes it less likely for you to project any unnecessary hopes onto the pendulum.