How To Cleanse A Pendulum: 5 Strong & Easy Ways

how to cleanse a pendulum

The first time I picked up my pendulum I was so excited to use it.

I had ordered it from amazon from China, and I pulled it right out of the plastic wrap and just went for it, not realizing at all that it needed to get rid of all the energy it had picked up on the way to me.

Learning how to cleanse a pendulum is so important before you use it, because you’re never sure whose influence is in it. Energy is such a tangible thing, and we put our energy into everything we do.

A simple clearing for a brand new pendulum, or even one that just needs some revamping will not suffice.

The energy that the pendulum picks up– any energy at all– will leave a signature on all of the answers you get going forward. This means that anyone who picks up the pendulum and tries it, anyone who you’re working with the pendulum on, or anyone who even walks by it throughout the day leaves their energy in it.

Your own negative energy can affect the pendulum as well. Imagine you’re having a bad day, and you pick up the pendulum to give you answers that you really care about, the pendulum is likely to pick up on that negative ego energy and carry it with it to other sessions.

I’ve found that when my pendulum begins getting too worn out, I can tell the difference. My pendulum won’t move as fast or with as much power, and I begin to get annoyed about it, knowing that a clearing and cleansing requires time and energy– and also time away from my pendulum.

This is when it’s important to know how to cleanse a pendulum.

A cleansing requires more time and energy than a simple clearing, but it will result in much more accurate and effective readings if you do it correctly, and it will help you with your intuition overall.

I’ve found that more “cleansing’s” are better than less, so try to do this at least once a week if not more to help your pendulum stay grounded and connected only to the universe, not to your ego or your negativity.

How To Cleanse A Pendulum:

Here are the easiest and most effective ways when you’re learning how to cleanse a pendulum.

6. The Earth

The strongest and most powerful way to cleanse your pendulum is by placing it on the earth, near a rock, for about 24 hours and letting it absorb the minerals of the earth. You don’t necessarily have to bury it, but surrounding the pendulum completely with the earth doesn’t hurt.

The benefit of not burying the pendulum is that it can also absorb the sunlight and moonlight if it is left out of the ground, while simultaneously absorbing the earth energy.

Earth energy is so strong and so powerful, and even when we begin to feel like the pressures of the world are getting to us, it is always good to return to the earth and reconnect with it in a physical way. The pendulum, usually being made out of either stone or metal, needs to also return to it’s home to reconnect in that same physical way.

5. Salt

Salt is the next most powerful way to clear the pendulum. In this instance, you want to take a bowl of salt (course sea salt is preferable), add a little bit of water, and place the pendulum in the bowl. Put the bowl outside in the sunlight or moonlight to invoke all the elements, and leave it there as long as possible, preferably for 24 hours.

Salt is important because like the earth, it is an extremely cleansing and purifying, and will definitely get rid of all of those energies you don’t want. This is exceptional because by the end of it, you’ll basically be starting with a clean slate.

When you take the pendulum back inside, make sure you ask it if the clearing was sufficient, and if you get a strong enough yes, then you know it is ready to be used again.

4. Sage

If you think that the energies attached to your pendulum are not as strong, and that it may just need a light cleansing, you can always use Sage. In this instance you would light sage the way you do incense and burn it, making sure the pendulum goes back and forth through the smoke. Do this until you feel like it is no longer required, and then ask the pendulum if the cleansing worked.

If it did work, don’t forget that this is more temporary than other cleansing’s and you may have to repeat this action if the pendulum is around any other energies in the near future.

3. Sunlight

If you don’t have the time or resources to put your pendulum outside for an entire night, you can always just put it in the sunlight for an hour or two. This would require a well-lit windowsill, and time. Place your pendulum on the window, making sure it has direct sunlight, and even open the window if possible.

This is not as strong as the other cleansing’s, but the sun is extremely purifying and will likely get rid of any recent negative energies that your pendulum may have picked up. I actually recommend leaving your pendulum in the sunlight anytime you are not using it to try to get rid of anything that you may not have even realized would be affecting it.

2. Moonlight

Like Sunlight, moonlight is an extremely powerful cleanser, especially when the moon is full or in any of the water signs. Leave your pendulum on a well-lit windowsill while you sleep, and ask it in the morning if that was sufficient.

Remember that your pendulum will let you know if it needs to be cleansed just from the way it’s acting, so make sure you form a good relationship and bond with it so that you can tell the difference between a strongly connected pendulum and one that has external influence

1. A Simple Clearing

The last and most basic way to clear a pendulum is just by asking it to clear itself.

In this instance you would spin the pendulum counterclockwise, asking it to clear any negative energies it had picked up recently, and once it gets back to not moving, spin it clockwise to invoke it’s connection to the universe and realignment with its purpose.

Make sure you ask if it was sufficient, and if it was not, try one of the other ways listed above!

What’s The Difference Between Types Of Pendulums?

There’s also an energetic difference between a metal pendulum and a stone one.

Stone pendulums are more likely to pick up energies and are much more malleable, but this can also be extremely helpful in readings since they can pick up the other person’s energy much more easily than a metal one.

Stone pendulums need to be cleansed much more often but will give greater insights in readings. If you have a tool that’s stone, then I highly recommend that you learn how to cleanse a pendulum.

Metal pendulums need to be cleansed much less, but are also better for clearing things like entities and other problems.

Both kinds of pendulums will work for all kinds of things, but I recommend having both so that you can always use one while the other is being cleared.

Happy Dowsing!