How To Use A Crystal Ball: The Complete Guide For Beginners

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The crystal ball is one of the most well-known divination tools. If you visit any typical psychic, they probably have a crystal ball set up, even if it’s only for ambiance.

Crystal balls are divination tools, although they’re often associated with pop culture witchcraft, especially in movies. They were first used by the Celtic Druids, but crystal balls quickly gained popularity and were even later found in the Roman Empire.

With the rise of Christianity, the crystal ball as a legitimate tool no longer existed. Instead, the crystal ball as we know it became a lighthearted symbol of a psychic or a witch. Crystal balls are so often seen in seedy psychic parlors that many witches at first believe they don’t work.

Just like any other scrying tool, a crystal ball can be an effective divination tool. While it’s much easier to master crystal ball divination if you’re clairvoyant, I find that almost anyone can get something insightful out of a scrying session using a crystal ball.

Keep reading to learn how to use a crystal ball effectively!

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First, Protect and Ground.

Before you try any type of divination, I always recommend that you protect your energy and ground yourself.

There are many ways you can protect yourself, such as casting a circle energetically or physically surrounding yourself in salt. For these types of divination activities, I typically use a shield of white light: I find that this works quite well.

If you haven’t done this before, you’ll need to close your eyes and picture a strong circle of white light around you. Set the intention that only your higher self, your guides, or whoever you want to come through can penetrate the circle.

To ground, sit in a chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Picture a tether from your body to the earth. Feel your connection with the earth.

If this doesn’t work for you, a walk in nature also helps to ground.

These beginning steps are essential if you’re learning how to use a crystal ball! If you skip protection and grounding, you may end up really tired or depleted after your crystal ball divination session.

Why A Crystal Ball?

You can scry (which means that you foretell the future through vision) using any shiny surface. Theoretically, you could use a shiny spoon. Crystal balls tend to be the most popular scrying tools, though.

Why is that? The shape of the crystal ball makes it easier to scry quicker and more effectively. You can certainly use other surfaces, but I recommend using a crystal ball if you aren’t well-versed in the art of scrying.

What Kind Of Crystal Ball Should You Use?

There are so many different types of crystal balls. In the most simple sense, there are various colors. Clear, white, black, and purple seem to be the most popular.

I find that all colors work well, so I recommend you choose what resonates with you. Sometimes, you can choose a color that coincides with what you want to learn in your crystal ball divination session.

For example, if you have questions about love, a rose quartz crystal ball may be helpful. Amethyst crystal balls work well for health-related questions.

It is important to make sure that your crystal ball is perfectly round (not oval or flat on the bottom). It’s also helpful to get a crystal ball that comes with a stand.

Before using a crystal ball, you need to cleanse it so that you’re working with pure energy. You can either leave your crystal ball on the windowsill for a few hours (it can be cleansed by both the sunlight or the moonlight) or light a stick of incense and let the smoke waft around the crystal ball.

Here are some great options for crystal balls on Amazon.

How To Use A Crystal Ball For Scrying:

Everyone has a slightly different method for how to use a crystal ball: this is mine! Don’t be worried if you find that you need to change some of these details. Do what works for you and follow your intuition.

First, you need to set the scene. I like to scry in low light because I find that there is less reflections and glare that detracts from the crystal ball divination work.

I do know, however, that some witches prefer to scry in bright light. Some witches scry in complete darkness. You may need to try using your crystal ball in different light to figure out what works for you.

I recommend placing a dark cloth under or behind your crystal ball. You can either place your crystal ball on a stand or put it directly on the cloth. Make sure to nestle it so it doesn’t roll away.

If you have chosen to scry in the darkness, then you’ll need some source of light. I typically light a small candle and place it about a foot behind my crystal ball. This gives me enough light to work with but doesn’t detract from the ambiance.

Sit comfortably in front of your crystal ball. When you’re ready to begin, close your eyes and breathe to center yourself.

Open your eyes and gaze at the surface of the crystal ball. You want to open your mind completely. Imagine that your mind is blank and let go of any thoughts that enter it.

I find it most effective to let my eyes slightly fuzz out as I focus. You will probably find that the more your eyes fuzz over, the sharper the images you’ll see in the crystal ball. I’m honestly not sure how this works scientifically, but it’s definitely real.

When you get into the zone, you might start to see a lot of images. You could know what they mean, or the meanings of the pictures might be a mystery to you.

The one difficulty with scrying is trying to remember the images that you see after the session. I don’t like to break my concentration once I’m in the zone to write down messages, but I also tend to forget them.

I’ve found a happy middle ground where I stop every 5-10 minutes and write down as much as I can remember. If I’m quick about it, then it’s usually relatively easy to get back into trance.

Keep in mind that when you first begin, you might not see anything at all. It can take a while to get deep enough into the trance, especially if you’re not super clairvoyant. Keep working on your trance and I promise, it’ll start to work!

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What Types Of Visions Will You See During Your Crystal Ball Divination Session?

The types of visions you see during a crystal ball divination session are really varied. It’s impossible to say exactly what you’ll see because it depends so much on the individual.

For starters, I do recommend going into your session with a specific question or purpose. You definitely don’t have to do this, but I find that it helps to get more accurate visions.

Once you’re in your trance, you might start to see visions on the surface of the crystal ball, inside the crystal ball, or even off to the side. There really are no rules.

When you first see something unexpected, don’t freak out. Try to open your mind further and see more details, or simply let the vision come to you.

How To Use A Crystal Ball If You’re Not Getting Any Messages:

You might be wondering how to use a crystal ball because you’ve already tried it but didn’t get any messages. This is actually really common, especially if you have only tried using a crystal ball a few times.

It’s not that the crystal ball malfunctioned or that your eyes didn’t work; the issue is that you couldn’t go deep enough into a trance to allow messages to come through. You simply weren’t at the right frequency to see the images on the crystal ball.

There are a few fixes for this. Firstly, you can try doing a meditation before your crystal ball divination session to get into a deeper trance. Any good meditation should open up your energy field to allow you to see things more quickly. You can find great, simple meditations on YouTube.

Alternatively, you may just need to spend some more time getting into a trance. This means that you take more time to let your eyes fuzz over before you expect to see anything. Work on opening your mind to incoming messages.

After Using The Crystal Ball

It’s all fun and games to learn how to use a crystal ball for divination, but you need to make sure that you effectively close out the session as well.

When you’re done using your crystal ball, draw in your energy and send any excess energy down to the earth. Replenish yourself using energy from the earth if you instead feel depleted.

Close out your white circle of light and thank your guides (or whoever you called upon) for assisting you during your crystal ball divination session.

If you feel depleted, it can help to eat or drink after a crystal ball divination session. Sometimes, you can expend quite a bit of energy while scrying.

I find that the crystal ball can be a wonderful tool to call on, especially when I’m feeling stuck. Sometimes, my Tarot cards and my pendulum just aren’t giving me clear answers, and trying a different type of divination can be super effective.

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