Are You Claircognizant? The Gift Of Psychic Knowing: Claircognizance

claircognizant and claircognizance

Clairvoyance and clairaudience are incredibly popular today, but they’re also very specific gifts. Many of us have to work to hone these talents and don’t necessarily see or hear spirits naturally. Claircognizant abilities are much more common, even though they aren’t as popular.

I find that a lot of people are claircognizant without realizing it. My hope is that this post gives you insight into a psychic ability that you may naturally possess!

What is Claircognizance?

If you’re claircognizant, you basically know things to be true or not true without any logical reason. You don’t see, hear, touch, taste, or feel anything that alludes to your knowing, but it’s simply there.

Being claircognizant is difficult because it probably feels like a natural part of who you are. You might not realize that you have a psychic gift since it’s so hard to separate claircognizant abilities from the logic of your own mind.

The difference is that claircognizant knowings have no explanation. You might later notice the logic or reason of your knowings, but they originate from your Higher Self, your spirit guides, etc. and have no basis in your regular life. These knowings very clearly don’t come from your own mind.

What’s The Difference Between Claircognizance and Clairsentience?

The major “clairs” (clairvoyance and clairaudience) are relatively easy to understand. Both the words and the senses that are used for these psychic abilities are obvious to us.

Claircognizance and clairsentience can be more difficult concepts to grasp.

Clairsentience, loosely translated, means “clear-feeling.” If you’re clairsentient, you find answers and clarity through your feelings.

Those with clairsentience can easily derive an answer or have a realization through their emotions. To these folks, emotion and logic go hand-in-hand.

Claircognizance, on the other hand, means “clear-knowing” loosely translated. Feelings and emotions are not involved with claircognizance. If you’re claircognizant, you get logical, factual knowings that are in fact quite separated from your emotions.

Is It Possible To Be Claircognizant and Clairsentient?

Of course! It’s quite possible to have all of the psychic senses, although this is rare if you haven’t worked to develop them.

I do find that claircognizance and clairsentience are almost opposite. One usually comes before the other. Generally, people will either have the intuitive feeling or the intuitive knowing first. The second will follow shortly after.

It’s helpful to figure out what sense comes most naturally to you. Working to develop that sense first gives you a clear path to advanced psychic.

Read the 5 signs of claircognizance below to help you to determine if you’re claircognizant or clairsentient!

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5 Signs You’re Naturally Claircognizant:

There are many ways to tell if you have natural claircognizant abilities, but in my opinion, these 5 markers mean that you possess strong natural claircognizance. Keep in mind that you can always strengthen any psychic ability, should you wish to develop it.

5. Your Dreams Give You Knowings

There are many different types of dreams. Some people notice vivid details through vision in their dreams, some hear the audio quite clearly, and others even taste food or drink.

It’s very common to experience dreams that are flooded with emotion. After you wake from these types of dreams, the details may be fuzzy, but the emotions are very sharp.

Claircognizant dreams are a bit different than the regular. Emotion may or may not be present in the dream or after you wake, but the key is that you experience a factual knowing. You will probably wake with some bit of knowledge that you didn’t have before the dream and you’ll recognize instantly that it’s true.

While these knowings are sometimes accompanied by emotion, the hallmark of a claircognizant dream is that the actual piece of enlightenment you gained from the dream is factual and exists separate from emotion.

If you’re claircognizant, you may have these dreams often, but experiencing them (even a few times in your lifetime) is a clear mark of claircognizant abilities.

4. You Experience Fast Downloads

Do you ever get a sudden rush of information that feels overwhelming? It might be quite random or it might be about a problem that you’ve been mulling over. Most psychics call this rush a download from your spirit guides.

If you experience downloads that are factual in nature or give you clear, unemotional answers that make logical sense, then you’re probably claircognizant. This is one of the biggest signs.

Honing these skills (to help you receive more information during a quick download) can be super useful, even in everyday life!

Additionally, you might get Deja Uu from time to time. This is another form of a download, although the meaning can be a bit more cryptic.

I find that Deja Vu is often the first signal of psychism in anyone, especially if it happens often. If you’re claircognizant, your Deja Vu will have an element of remembering something rather than remembering feelings.

Whether you’re actually able to remember it or you can’t remember it (but feel like something important is on the tip of your tongue) depends on the person and on the level of experience, but it’s the fact that you feel that you should know something that classifies this type of Deja Vu as claircognizant.

The reason I include Deja Vu here is because it is essentially a download and it’s sometimes so fast that you can’t even decipher the meaning. Spirits communicate at an incredibly rapid energetic pace, so it can be super difficult for human beings to understand every communication. Our minds simply don’t work that fast.

I personally feel that Deja Vu is essentially a spirit (or spirit guide) communicating to you all at once. The amount of energy that suddenly gathers can have an effect on you, therefore you experience a type of out of body “remembering.”

3. You Can Spot Liars Easily

You don’t need a gut feeling to know that someone is being insincere or straight up lying to you. For some reason, you’re just quite sure of it.

Claircognizance is knowing without having any of your senses activated expect your mind. You might not even need to pick up on the signals that a person is lying (although you might store those away in your mind to confirm your theory); you just know it.

It can actually be a bit difficult to be claircognizant because you have no solid answer as to why you know it. You can explain that you saw it, heard it, or felt it psychically, but how do you explain just knowing something that you didn’t know a few moments ago? The key is to trust the messages that you receive.

You might find that your claircognizance kicks into overdrive when you’re around people you feel threatened by. These are often insincere people; insincerity is something you’re naturally good at spotting.

You can also easily spot people who are genuine. You may feel positive instantly towards someone without knowing them. You might just decide that a person is truthful without digging. If you’re often right, these are signs of claircognizance.

2. You Get Out Of The Blue Ideas Or Messages

All of the psychic senses can feel sudden. If you’re clairvoyant, for example, you’ll be looking at the regular world and abruptly see a picture in your mind that has nothing to do with your surroundings.

Claircognizance is no different. If you’re claircognizant, you’ll suddenly realize something that you didn’t know before in the blink of an eye.

There are so many types of knowings that can occur for a claircognizant individual. For example, you might suddenly realize that you shouldn’t go to a certain outing, that your dog doesn’t like their new bed, or that your mother wants you to call her. You will get factual knowledge that can be anything from a dire warning to a small tidbit of information.

Sometimes, these messages will be about yourself or your own life, while other times you may get claircognizant messages about other people, animals, plants, etc.

You may get a lot of ideas out of the blue that you’re excited to try. I often get claircognizant messages about projects I’m working on and these knowings push me forward because I suddenly have a clear direction. When I act on these knowings, I’m almost always successful.

Some people get claircognizant messages about just one area of their life, while others receive more random claircognizant messages that pertain to many topics.

1. Your Knowings Are Factual In Nature

Being claircognizant doesn’t mean that you experience a wave of emotion which then contributes to a knowing. Instead, you receive the knowing first.

Claircognizant knowings are factual in nature. A specific knowing might trigger an emotional response if it feels personal to you, but this will come after you receive the knowing.

For example, if you’re studying past life astrology in your birth chart, you will get informational facts about your past life rather than feeling the emotions that the previous “you” felt.

The reason your knowings are factual is because your spirit guides and Higher Self are all factual beings. To them, all things that happen simply are. When you have the claircognizant line of communication, they don’t need to reach you through emotion, so they can simply transmit the idea or thought.

Those with claircognizant abilities are extremely mental. In a way, this is psychism of the mind. It’s as if a knowing or idea suddenly sprang from your mind (similar to Zeus in Greek Mythology) without you needing to work for it.

Want to learn more about developing your psychic abilities? I highly recommend this book: it includes great exercises to help you develop all 6 psychic senses!