What Is Clairsentience? 16 Signs That You’re Clairsentient + How To Practice

clairsentience, clairsentient

There are many different psychic senses. In fact, you can be psychic through any of your senses. Some people are clairvoyant (the most popular psychic sense), while others hear spirits or even smell spirits and energy.

Today, I’m sharing everything I know about the meaning of clairsentience. I find that clairsentience is an incredibly wide-spread and useful psychic sense, yet there isn’t a ton of information out there about it. Many people are clairsentient but don’t realize what gifts they possess.

If you think you might be clairsentient, then my hope is that this post will give you more insight and a clear direction forward.

Scroll down to check out the 15 signs that you may be clairsentience and to read about how you can further develop your clairsentient abilities.

What Is Clairsentience? The Definition Of Clairsentience.

You probably hear the “clairs” being thrown around all the time, especially clairvoyance and clairaudience. But what is clairsentience? What does it really mean to have this psychic sense?

Loosely translated, the clairsentience meaning is: “clear feeling.” If you’re clairsentient, then you are basically psychic through your emotions, also known as the gut feeling.

clairsentience, clairsentient

According to most clairsentience definitions, it is one of the many “psychic senses.” In fact it is probably the most common psychic sense, even though clairsentience isn’t that popular.

Clairsentients are people who sense energy and receive information through feelings, visuals or symbolism. This means that it uses the sixth sense instead of one of the senses we’re used to.

Without using the five normal senses (smell, vision, touch, hearing, and taste), clairsentience is the ability to feel the present, past, or future physical and emotional states of people, places, things, spirits, and energy. It’s all about picking up information through emotions.

Clairsentients feel energy and pick up on vibrations subconsciously. They receive psychic messages through sensing feelings rather than hearing voices or seeing images. They may pick up emotional undertones from any person, place, thing, or idea.

Because of this, clairsentience is often associated with intuition or the sixth sense. It’s that nagging feeling about something that just won’t go away, even when you have no rational thought to back it up.

Simply put, clairsentience means that you feel like something is good, bad, different, etc. (based on what you’re picking up) but there’s no source for this knowledge, because it’s a psychic sense.

The definition of clairsentience is difficult to nail down, because unlike the other psychic senses, it doesn’t use a sense that we’re physically accustomed to. However, the sixth sense is just as important (if not more) than the other senses.

What Does Clairsentience Feel Like?

There are numerous factors that affect clairsentient people, but it all comes down to the ability to sense changes in energy.

Basically, you will be able to experience and sense both outer and inner energy in a more intuitive manner if you are clairsentient.

But what does this really mean?

First of all, if you are clairsentient, then you probably don’t even know that you have this gift. Most likely, it’s a psychic sense that you have been using for your whole life without realizing it.

You will probably get quick and immediately feelings (and maybe even physical reactions) if you’re clairsentient. For example, when you think about something and get a feeling of wrongness without knowing why, this is clairsentience.

Most people have all of the psychic senses of some level, but true natural clairsentients will experience really strong reactions to energy. This means that you will get physically sick the longer you think about a bad decision and will immediately feel better when you make a change.

You will also feel sick, depressed, or “off,” when you’re around someone who is feeling badly because you pick up on their psychic energy.

If you’re clairsentient, then you will know or feel things that haven’t been revealed to you at all. You will be able to tell when someone is feeling depressed simply by their psychic energy, even if their actual demeanor seems happy and cheerful.

Clairsentience is a really high-powered version of intuition. Many people get that strong gut feeling once in a while, but if you’re naturally clairsentient, you will constantly experience pangs of emotional intuition.

Are You Clairsentient Or Just An Empath?

clairsentience, clairsentient

People who are clairsentient are usually empaths as well, but the reverse isn’t always true.

The abilities of clairsentients go beyond those of an empath’s. Clairsentients feel and absorb other people’s emotions (similar to an empath) but they also get insight from these feelings.

For example, a clairsentient will get a strong feeling and know that someone’s decision is wrong, or maybe that the individual needs a specific kind of help. An empath will simply absorb the emotions without knowing anything about them.

Clairsentients also pick up on the emotions of places, objects, or intangible energy. They will sense the emotions they experience during a meditation. If you tell a clairsentient about an altercation that happened, they will immediately feel the vibes of the event and be able to infer information from your retelling.

Both clairsentients and empaths have a tough time of it. After all, it’s never fun to absorb other people’s emotions. However, I find that it’s often helpful for empaths to develop clairsentience in order to make sense of these feelings instead of just absorbing them at random.

What’s The Difference Between Clairsentience And Claircognizance?

The major “clairs” (clairvoyance and clairaudience) are relatively easy to understand. Both the words and the senses that are used for these psychic abilities are obvious to us.

Claircognizance and clairsentience can be more difficult concepts to grasp.

Clairsentience, loosely translated, means “clear-feeling.” If you’re clairsentient, you find answers and clarity through your feelings.

Those with clairsentience can easily derive an answer or have a realization through their emotions. To these folks, emotion and logic go hand-in-hand.

Claircognizance, on the other hand, means “clear-knowing” loosely translated. Feelings and emotions are not involved with claircognizance. If you’re claircognizant, you get logical, factual knowings that are in fact quite separated from your emotions.

Is It Possible To Be Claircognizant and Clairsentient?

Of course! It’s quite possible to have all of the psychic senses, although this is rare if you haven’t worked to develop them.

I do find that claircognizance and clairsentience are almost opposite. One usually comes before the other. Generally, people will either have the intuitive feeling or the intuitive knowing first. The second will follow shortly after.

It’s helpful to figure out what sense comes most naturally to you. Working to develop that sense first gives you a clear path to advanced psychic.

Read the 5 signs of claircognizance below to help you to determine if you’re claircognizant or clairsentient!

Clairsentience And The Chakras

clairsentience, clairsentient

Most psychic senses originate from one specific chakra. For example, clairvoyance comes mainly from the 3rd eye, so that is often the chakra that people focus on opening when they want to develop psychic senses.

If you’re clairsentient, that won’t be the case. This is why so many people struggle to open the third eye and grow discouraged. You may have psychic senses that originate from a totally different chakra, you just don’t know it yet!

Clairsentience usually starts in your gut. This makes sense if you think about what you feel inside our stomach when you’re nervous or stressed out. Most people have experienced butterflies when they make a big decision, which is the physical manifestation of the gut feeling. Clairsentience is like this, only 1000x stronger.

The solar plexus chakra (the 3rd chakra, located just below your chest, under where your ribs meet) is the root of clairsentience. The emotional knowledge is felt by this chakra and spans out through the entire body.

If you haven’t developed your solar plexus chakra, then you may not be using your clairsentience to its fullest potential. Luckily, there are tons of meditations and activations that you can do to develop the 3rd chakra.

clairsentience, clairsentient

Side note: I find that Andromedan starseeds are often clairsentient because they communicate through emotions and focus primarily on the solar plexus chakra. If you’re unsure, then it may be helpful to learn about your Starseed origin in order to further develop your psychic skills (since each Starseed has a specific chakra that is especially strong).

You need to work on developing your strongest psychic sense first from the chakra that is naturally the most powerful. This is why you might struggle to open your third eye, because you won’t make progress until you open the chakra that you need to work on first. Try to figure out what chakra comes naturally to you (based on the most natural psychic sense that you have) and start there.

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Clairsentience And Astrology/Tarot

clairsentience, clairsentient

Astute practices, like astrology, can also benefit from clairsentience. Developing your competence in astrology requires a great deal of study, memorization, and time on your part. But clairsentience can help you integrate, synthesize, and flow with any birth chart.

I have clairsentient abilities and find that they greatly help me when I’m studying astrology. When I put together something in a chart, I simply feel that it’s right. It all just clicks for me.

Clairsentience can also be really helpful for Tarot or Oracle readings. When you use your clairsentient abilities in a reading, you’ll pick up on the energy of “rightness” when you have the correct answers.

It helps your reading start to flow and gives you the tools to instantly know (through the emotions in your body) when you’re off base.

16 Signs That You’re Clairsentient:

Only you can know if you’re truly clairsentient. However, many people go their whole lives utilizing their clairsentient abilities without even realizing it!

Luckily, you can greatly develop your clairsentient abilities once you realize that you have them. It’s simply a matter of seeing if these indicators fit for you.

These 16 signs that you’re clairsentient should give you some insight into whether you possess this psychic sense. Scroll down further to read about how you can develop your clairsentient abilities.

16. You Are Very Sensitive To Your Feelings

If you’re clairsentient, then you’ll be extremely sensitive to emotions, both your own and other people’s.

You can’t just ignore a feeling because it’s so strong. If you do try to ignore your emotions, you probably become depressed quite quickly.

It might seem like your emotions control you, but in reality, your feelings are just so strong that you can’t ignore them because they’re actually giving you psychic information. Your emotions are a blessing!

15. You Have Strong Gut Feelings About People

If you’re clairsentient, then you’ll also have strong gut feelings about other people.

As a clairsentient person, I’m constantly getting intuitive information from people that I meet in my daily life. Sometimes it’s just the energy of the person or their emotions and sometimes I get instant insights from this energy.

This can be a really simple trait or can be more complex. You might simply feel the bad or negative energy from someone you meet and want to get away, or you could get the feeling that they have had a hard life and are currently depressed (a more intricate insight).

14. You Have Trouble In Large Crowds

If you’re clairsentient, then you definitely struggle in crowds. You can’t help picking up on the energy of other people and are easily overloaded.

You might even drink alcohol or use other substances in order to dull your clairsentience when you’re in a crowd because it can be a lot to handle.

I could never figure out why I had so many issues in crowds. Now, I still need a lot of downtime after going to a really crowded place, but I know how to protect my energy which has helped a lot.

13. You Can Tell When Someone Is Lying

People give off physical and emotional cues when they lie and as a clairsentient person, those cues can be quite obvious to you.

When someone is lying, it makes me feel agitated. I feel an overall shift in my mood as well as physical sensations like nausea or feeling hot or cold (usually the opposite of how I felt before).

If you’re also clairsentient, then this could very well be what happens to you too.

12. Emotional Movies Or Books Impact You More Than Normal

I love books and movies, but I feel like I take on the emotions of the story. When I watch a poignant movie (which isn’t even necessarily sad!) I literally live in that world for the rest of the day. I just can’t separate from the message of a movie or book and go back to my real life.

No matter how often I tell myself that it’s fiction, my energy just won’t let go. If you find yourself getting ultra-emotional over any storyline and even taking on the energy of the story, then you could definitely be clairsentient. After all, every story holds real energy even if the story itself is fiction.

11. When You Do A Past Life Regression, You Pick Up On Feelings More Than Details

I remember doing my first past life regression when I was 5. I had no idea that I was clairsentient, and I saw some things, but the main thing I remember is the feelings that this past version of myself had during the regression. In fact, I can clearly remember the feelings to this day.

When you meditate or do a past life regression, you may pick up on the emotions rather than the specific details. The details may be fuzzy or even off, but the emotions will always feel real and accurate.

This can make you feel as though you’re not very psychic (since everyone wants specific details from psychics), but this isn’t true! Actually, this is your psychic sense in action.

10. You Never Forget An Emotion (And Probably Tie Memories To Emotions)

If you never forget how something made you felt, this can be a sign that you’re clairsentient.

You may have a really good memory because you’re able to categorize the past through the lens of your emotions. These feelings stick with you and become the lens through which you see your past.

9. You Pick Up On The Feelings Of Spirits

If you are in contact with spirits in any way, then you could find that you pick up on their emotions. Clairsentients specifically connect with the emotions of spirits rather than hearing, seeing, or feeling spirits.

This can be a difficult psychic sense to have because it feels vague, but it can also be very helpful when you want to know how a spirit is feeling. I’ll include more information about how to work on this down below!

8. You Know When An Idea Feels Right Or Wrong, But You Can’t Tell Why

Have you ever had an idea but knew that something about it was wrong? This can be a sign of clairsentience.

Again, clairsentience here can be difficult, because you can’t put your finger on exactly what is wrong. Your psychic sense doesn’t give you the answers but does indicate that something is off. You have to sort through and figure out what it is for yourself.

7. Others Say You’re Too Sensitive

As a young child, I was always told that I was too sensitive. This is an indicator of being an empath, but if you attach meaning to the things you’re sensitive about, then you may also be clairsentient.

Most clairsentients will appear really sensitive because they feel every psychic message that they get. Unless they completely shut out the spiritual world, they can’t just stop being sensitive. This is actually a gift once you know how to use it!

6. Your Mood Can Change Quickly, For No Clear Reason

When you’re clairsentient, your mood can change based on the energy that you pick up. This energy can be from other physical people, from a place or object, or even from a spirit. 

Your mood might change drastically with little to no reason, especially when you’re highly clairsentient. 

5. You Read Into Small Details When You’re Around Other People

For me, one of the hardest parts of being clairsentient comes up when I’m around other people. I notice the smallest changes in energy and have a tendency to take it personal.

For example, when you’re telling a story, you might pick up on the fact that the other person is bored, even if their mannerisms don’t show this. It’s hard to realize this without shutting down and can feel extremely draining if this happens multiple times in a night.

Because you’re so sensitive to energy as a clairsentient, you’re able to interpret how people truly feel, yet this can be hurtful, too.

It’s important to remember that no one is out to get you and that people have a wide variety of reactions to situations. But I’ll be honest – this is something I still struggle with all the time!

4. “Dark” Energy Makes You Dizzy, Uncomfortable, Or Physically Ill

If you’re around energy (a person, place, thing, etc.) that feels bad, even if you don’t know why you’re getting that feeling, you may become extremely uncomfortable or even ill. I have the tendency to get nauseous or to get a headache, but the symptoms will be different for everyone.

3. You Feel The Energy When You Visit Different Places

Clairsentients often love traveling to historical cities in order to feel the energy. If you’re clairsentient, you can naturally sense the difference in energy between different places.

For example, you’ll instantly know that the vibe is different in New York City versus Chicago. You may not be able to put it into words until you have truly digested the feeling because the emotional psychism always comes first.

You may also want to travel to places where the energy is positive or strong and avoid places that feel dark.

2. You Are Physically Sensitive To Energy

When you sense energy as a clairsentient (regardless of where it comes from), your body will usually react. You’ll feel a strong sense of peace with good energy and butterflies or physical symptoms (such as nausea) when the energy doesn’t feel so good.

You may not know why your body is doing this, especially if you aren’t aware of your abilities.

1. You Need Quiet Time To Recharge

Most clairsentients need time to recharge after being social. You might feel depleted when you take in a lot of energy, because your body is quite literally processing tons of information. Like anything else, you need to rest your body and your energy before you’re ready to go again.

How To Develop Your Clairsentient Abilities

There are many different ways to develop your clairsentient abilities. Most of these methods involve consciously noticing when you use your abilities, because this is how you will better be able to control them during everyday life.

Here are some of my favorite ways to develop clairsentience.

Work On Developing Your Solar Plexus Chakra

Clairsentience comes from the solar plexus charka, so it’s essential that you open, clear, and develop this chakra if you want to get more insights.

I like doing meditations on YouTube that are specific to the solar plexus chakra. However, you can also activate this chakra using your hands or a pendulum.

Realize When You Use Clairsentience Naturally

You probably use your clairsentience all the time without realizing it. In order to make your abilities conscious, practice by paying close attention to when you feel something and how it changes your thought process.

Learn How To Put Words To Your Emotions And Figure Out Why

One of the hardest parts of being clairsentient is that you know what you feel but you don’t necessarily know how to explain it. The feeling simply exists without words and can be hard to translate into any language.

Often, clairsentience is the result of learning how to be psychic in other dimensions, so it’s hard to use here on Earth where people only understand concrete words and the things that they can see.

It can be helpful to learn more about emotions (check out psychology books for more information) so that you can start to label your feelings and integrate your clairsentience into the 3rd dimension.

Journal About The Feelings That You Get

Another good way to learn about your clairsentience is to journal about your feelings. This will help you translate your psychic senses into something that others can logically understand.

Connect With Your Spirit Guides Through Emotions Only

If you’re clairsentient, then chances are you have spirit guides who know how to communicate with you through emotions.

I recommend that you try to connect with your spirit guides through just your emotions. This means that you can send out an emotion and feel what they respond with. You’d be amazed by how much information you can find out just from feelings!

Try To Put A Name To Feelings When You Enter A Room

Do you ever enter a room and immediately feel different? To make your clairsentience more conscious and therefore usable, practice putting a name to what you feel when you enter a room and the energy changes.

Cleanse Yourself Regularly To Clear Out Stagnant Emotions

If you’re clairsentient, then you pick up a lot of energy out in the world, both good and bad. It’s important that you cleanse yourself regularly in order to reset.

You can do a cleansing bath, cleanse with sage, or utilize other forms of self-cleansing.

Create A Home That Feels Energetically Good

You probably feel your home on more than one level. Make sure that you cleanse your home regularly, bring in the four elements, and create a space that feels happy design-wise.

Practice Reading The Emotions Of Others

You can practice clear sentience just about anything you’re around others! However, you can specifically read the emotions then ask the person how they’re feeling (if you think they will be truthful) and see what you get.

Practice Picking Up On The Emotional Imprints Of Objects

When you’re by yourself, you can practice clairsentience using objects. Most objects have emotional imprints, or residues of the emotions put into the object. Hold the object in your hands and see what you pick up.

Consciously Utilize Your Clairsentience While Doing Readings/Astrology

If you’re into card or pendulum readings or astrology, this is a great time to utilize your clairsentience. Focus on the feelings you get as you do the readings and follow your intuition, then see where it leads you.

Meditate To Strengthen Clairsentience

You can always meditate to strengthen your clairsentience. I recommend that you look up specific meditations on YouTube so that you can cater to this psychic sense.

Pros And Cons Of Clairsentience

Every psychic sense has both pros and cons.

With clairsentience, you will know immediately if something feels good or bad. For example, when I think about a storyline that I’m crafting for my new book, I have an immediate feeling when I’m off and I’m able to stop and fix my work.

This is great because when you learn to truly follow your psychic sense, you aren’t making decisions in the dark anymore. You can always feel the truth, especially as you practice and make these skills more conscious.

However, the downside is that you don’t get the verbal information to make a change. In the example above, I get the sense that something is off with my storyline but (unlike with clairvoyance) I’m not shown or told how to actually fix this. I have to brainstorm and come up with ideas until I find something that does feel right.

Basically, you have to keep guessing until you happen upon an answer that feels right emotionally. This is the main downside of clairsentience.

It can also be difficult to put your feelings into words as a clairsentient, so communication can be a struggle. You feel what you want to say but you don’t know how to say it.

Learning about emotions in a psychology sense was very helpful for me. This knowledge enabled me to label my feelings and explain them to other people more accurately. The feelings themselves never changed, but these practices helped me integrate my psychic senses into the real world.

I hope this post helped you learn about the meaning of clairsentience and whether or not you’re clairsentient! Stay tuned for more information and exercises over the next few months.

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