How To Meditate For Manifestation: The Beginner’s Guide

meditation manifestation

Many people are mostly aware of meditation as a practice that can calm their minds and bring complete peace and harmony to their lives. But some are unfamiliar with the fact that they can also use meditation for manifesting their desires whenever they want.

Meditation is one of the most powerful practices out there, especially when it comes to manifesting. Many successful people use meditation for manifesting their goals and desires and trust me, it works!

This type of meditation is also known as “manifestation meditation.” It’s something that’s worth learning if you’re big on manifestation because it really takes your practice to the next level.

How Does Manifestation Through Meditation Work?

If you want to manifest any of your desires, you need to understand that manifestation depends upon how you feel. In other words, you have to be in a high vibrational state of being to manifest the things you want in your life.

When you are feeling unhappy or depressed, you are in a low vibrational frequency and your manifestation won’t work as well. But when you are feeling happy, you are in a high vibrational frequency and now you are in the path of manifestation.

If you can manage to get into a high vibrational state, then through the power of the law of attraction you will most likely manifest your desire. At the very least, you have a better chance of manifesting what you want.

Meditation is the best way to uplift your vibration and you can do it very easily. Through meditation, you can deactivate the negative energy in your mind and allow the flow of pure positive energy, which directly raises your vibrational frequency and aligns your energy with the things that you want.

In fact, I find that a manifestation meditation is one of the best ways to manifest quickly, because the manifestation is often more powerful the deeper you can go.

How To Do A Self-Guided Meditation For Manifestation:

You can manifest your desires very effectively through meditation since practicing meditation not only increases your vibration but also helps you to boost up your manifestation.

Here are some easy steps to help you get started on a manifestation meditation.

Step #1: Choose Your Desire

Before you begin this practice you first have to choose what you want to manifest. This can be something as small as a certain type of food for dinner to larger items like a new house, job, or relationship. Your manifestation desire should be something that you really want and that you also believe you should have.

Make sure that you have clarity on what you desire before beginning your meditation.

Step #2: Relax Your Mind

Next, find out any place to sit where you feel comfortable and won’t be distracted. Close your eyes and start focusing on your normal breathing as you inhale and exhale.

Do this until your mind and body get completely relaxed. If any negative thoughts enter your mind, simply acknowledge them from a neutral space and allow them to flow away. Try not to focus on negative thoughts, but don’t get upset about them or ignore them, either. Just let them be and they will dissipate.  

Step #3: Activate Your Subconscious Mind To Manifest

This is an important step that you must take once you have completed reached an inner state of calmness. Next, activate your subconscious mind by repeating the following affirmation 3 times: 

“I now activate my subconscious mind and allow the infinite potential power to manifest my desire.”

Once you have repeated the affirmation in your mind you will feel more empowered and energetic. If you need to, you can repeat this affirmation more than just three times.

You can also create your own affirmation and use it for activating your subconscious mind, using words that feel good to you.

Step #4: Visualize Your Desire

Start focusing on the desire you want to manifest by using the power of your imagination. For example, you could have a desire to live in a place you are dreaming of. Visualize yourself living in that place, what that place looks like, and visualize the people you are meeting in that place.

Try your best to involve all of your senses as you are visualizing, like what you see and what you hear in that place, and feel your desire as though it is happening right now.

Keep visualizing it for at least 15 minutes. Be as detailed as you’d like. The trick is that you need to almost trick your mind into believing that what you’re visualizing is your current reality.

Step #5: Believe That What You Are Visualizing Is True

As you are visualizing your desire by playing a mental movie of it in your mind, the most important thing that you must do is to have complete faith that what you are visualizing is true and that it’s already happening right now.

The moment when you believe that you already have what you want, then the law of attraction activates on its own and starts to pull your desire towards you.

Your emotions are the most important part of your manifestation meditation, so it’s important that you experience the joy of having your desire. The more positive emotions you can feel, the faster you will manifest what you want.

Step #6: Practice Gratitude To Boost Your Manifestation

Once you have completely visualized your desire, practice gratitude by creating a picture of those things that “you already have” (at least according to your manifestation) in your mind and start being grateful for them all one by one.

You can also do that by saying “I am so much grateful for having _______.” Simply name the thing you are grateful for here, the thing that you’re currently manifesting.

This will ultimately take you to the higher vibrations that will further boost up your manifestation as practicing gratitude is extremely powerful. 

Step #7: Stay Positive And Let This Energy Work For You

Always be positive and optimistic while manifesting (and when you’re done with the manifestation meditation) because the results really depend upon the nature of your thoughts.

Some people don’t feel optimistic when they are going to manifest something and therefore their manifestation doesn’t work for them.

You have to be completely sure and satisfied internally that your desire will be manifested. All you have to do next is wait for the energy to boomerang back. You’ll be surprised by how fast a manifestation meditation can work!

Manifesting Financial Well-Being Through Meditation:

Every person wants money. After all, money is what keeps us safe here on Earth, so I personally don’t believe it’s greedy to try and manifest money, nor do I believe that money is inherently bad. I manifest money all the time!

No matter whether you are financially stable or not, you can always manifest financial abundance in your life. The universe is completely abundant in nature and has unlimited resources. 

The keyword here is abundance, because you aren’t trying to manifest a tiny bit of money to hoard. Instead, look to manifest money that flows in and out. I like to increase my flow of money and find ways to give back as well.

You can manifest financial well-being through meditation in a very similar manner to the general manifestation meditation above.

To begin this method, find a quiet place to sit at home or you can also do that outside in nature. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths slowly and calmly, inhaling through your nose and exhaling from your mouth and then focus on your normal breathing until you completely calm your mind.

Activate your subconscious mind by repeating the same or any other affirmation that feels better to you at least 3 times. Next, imagine yourself living in a situation with abundance, whatever that means to you.

You may wish to imagine the way that money flows to you (through a job or specific avenue), or you might just picture yourself having lots of money with no worries. You can picture what you’d do with the money as well.

For example, you could see yourself buying the things you love and traveling to the places you have ever wished for, and enjoy the feeling of living your life in a constant state of financial well-being.

Make sure that you focus on the emotions surrounding money. See yourself being extremely happy and excited as you go to the bank and withdraw money, or envision the feelings of security that you get when you check your bank account.

You can end your manifestation meditation by saying: “I am very happy with the life I am living, which is full of financial freedom. Money flows to me in abundance and I enjoy my life financially.” Of course, feel free to tailor this depending on your exact aims.

Once you will do this, you will begin to find new opportunities, people, and events that will take you in the direction of financial freedom.

Manifesting Love Through Meditation:

For manifesting love in your life through meditation, you can use the same method from above.

When you reach the visualization step, simply visualize a powerful beam of a bright light falling from the sky into your crown chakra. From your crown chakra, this beam goes inside your body and begins balancing all of your other chakras one by one.

Once all of your chakras are balanced, visualize all of your chakras releasing powerful energy of love out from your body and spreading through the whole environment around you. You may find that the energy is especially strong from your heart chakra, but you want to make sure that all of your chakras are balanced to really reap the benefits.

Lastly, visualize the energy of love around attracting other people towards you and creating a strong bond between you and them. See yourself walking with your true romantic partner, spending some with them, and enjoying your relationship with them.

Again, make sure that you focus on the emotions of what you want. You can be as specific as you’d like in your visualization (and using all of your senses is helpful), but the emotions are what truly matters.

Allow the feelings of love to enter you and focus on how you feel. End up the practice by saying, “My heart emits love energy wherever I go. Others with a similar vibration are drawn to me.” 

Manifesting Health Through Meditation:

One of the most effective mental healing techniques that you can use is to manifest health through meditation.

To begin this technique, sit down in a comfortable place with your eyes closed and gently focus on your breathing until you reach a peaceful state. 

Now, imagine a bright white light of healing energy falling from the sky directly to your head, entering through your crown chakra. Feel the healing energy passing through your head to the rest of the parts of your body and as the energy passes through each part of your body, feel the sensation of every body part one by one.

Feel that energy is healing every part of your body down to your toe and releasing all the pain and stress of the body from your feet into the Earth.

Remain in this state of relaxation for at least 10 to 15 minutes as the healing energy flows through your body. Imagine that you are truly healed. Picture yourself doing activities you love with no health problems and focus on the emotions you feel.

Finally, you can end up by saying “My body is completely healed and is filled with the pure white healing energy.” 

Using Affirmations To Manifest Through Meditation:

An affirmation can play a crucial role in manifestation meditation, especially when you are going to manifest your desires and goals.

Affirmations are a set of positive words or phrases that can be used to manifest anything you want by drawing your attention and focusing on it consistently. You can manifest almost everything using affirmations through meditation. The method is very simple:

For example, you have a desire to meet up with your old friend Peter to whom you haven’t seen for years. You can use the same procedure from above by sitting in a quiet place and calming your mind completely.

Once you have done that, you can start the affirmation by saying “I enjoyed meeting Peter at his home after a very long time. I feel very great after meeting him and I also enjoyed the moment I had a coffee with him and sharing our childhood stories with him. This made my day very special and wonderful.”

You can change this affirmation to fit your specific circumstance. Include as many details as you feel you need. Make sure you focus on the emotions you feel while you say the affirmation.

Keep in mind that you can say this affirmation in your mind during your meditation (usually during or after picturing your desired outcome), or you can physically say the affirmation out loud. Repeat it until you truly believe it and have experienced the emotions associated with your affirmation.

You can also do a meditation and say your affirmation without visualizing the outcome. This can work well for people who hate visualizing. You simply need to calm your mind (using the steps above in the earlier instructions section) and then repeat your affirmation over and over until you believe that it is real.

Manifesting Abundance Using Affirmations Through Meditation:

Abundance means plenty of what you want with unlimited resources including health, money, relationships, and most importantly, success. Of course, abundance for you will depend on how you define success in your life.

Your life is meant to be lived abundantly, so it is possible and even easy (once you learn how to do it) for you to manifest abundance in every part of your life. 

There are many techniques to manifest abundance. One of the most effective techniques is using affirmations during meditation. If you want to manifest abundance in your every life experience then you can start it by using the same method as above, and when you reach your inner state of being by focusing on your breathing, say the following affirmation:

“I have connected myself with the power of abundance. Living life with abundance is possible for me and I have an abundance of all the things I want in my life. I can live every moment of my life with good health, joy, wealth, and prosperity. Everything in my life is positively charged.”

I love doing this abundance manifestation for meditation because it’s very simple and broad. I find that this method brings abundance to me, but I don’t have to focus on the specifics: my life simply gets better in various ways.

It’s a great open-ended manifestation to use if you’re not sure exactly what you want.

Using Gratitude To Manifest Anything:

Gratitude meditation is another powerful manifestation technique in which you practice gratitude while you meditate to manifest your desires quickly. Gratitude allows you to train your mind to focus on the things you already have, and once you consistently focus on what you already have you begin to attract more of the things you want. It also helps you in boosting up your manifestation since it gives more power and energy to your focus. 

To start a gratitude meditation for manifestation, simply choose something that you want to manifest.

Next, sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes. Take 3 long deep breaths slowly and calmly, and then focus on your normal breathing.

Once you get completely relaxed, picture your desire in your mind and focus on it for at least 5 minutes. See what your desire looks like and feel as you have your desire with you in your current life. This is the typical manifestation meditation that I described above.

Next, visualize all the things you actually have that you’re grateful for. And as you picture each of those things, show gratitude by saying “I am very grateful to the Universe for _______.” Do this with as many things in your life as you can think of.

You can make this method more effective in the end by saying “Thank you to the Universe for providing me with the things I desire. You blessed me with all the good things in my life, and I really appreciate and everything. My life now is truly a miracle for me and I am very happy with it.”

This type of thinking will attract more abundance to you and can strengthen any manifestation meditation that you have previously done.