Dreams About Death: What They Mean & How To Interpret Them

dreams about death
Death in dreams is really about some kind of ending or change that you’re experiencing in real life, at least most of the time. But dreams about death can also signify that you’re afraid of something happening, something that will change, and you’re trying to hold on.
Have you ever wondered what the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying is? While there are many different death dream meanings, hopefully, this article will give you insight into your specific dream and what that dream means for you.
Dreams are an important part of processing life. Fear of the unknown can often be dealt with by dreaming about death. It is common to experience morbid dreams during times of change, such as job transitions, divorces, identity crises, or any other major change. And with all of the changes going on in the world, it isn’t surprising that dreams about death are more common than ever!
Because dreams about death have so many various meanings, we’ll go over lots of different death dream scenarios here. Read on to learn more about what your specific dream about death means!

Dreams About The Death Of Someone Else:

When you first dream about the death of someone else, you wake up pretty freaked. You might be wondering if this is a premonition, a trick of your subconscious mind, or a metaphor.

Often, these dreams feel really intense and serious. You may feel like you need to figure out the answer behind your dream.

The first step is to calm down. When you’re panicking, it’s hard to objectively interpret dreams about death.

Now: let’s get into the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying.

First, you should ask yourself if you have a strong fear of this person dying or of losing them in some way. If so, this is most likely a message from your subconscious mind that the relationship is more important than you realize. This is especially true if you’ve been growing apart from this person or haven’t remembered to check-in. Sometimes, these dreams are your mind’s way of telling you to reconnect, that this person is important to you.

Dreams about death can be nothing more than a manifestation of our worst fears. Even if those fears sit deep in your unconscious mind, they can be activated in the dream world. So always look to your mind first before assuming external influences.

A death dream about someone else can also indicate that the relationship itself is dying. If you’ve been growing apart from a friend and truly feel in your gut that continuing a relationship is not the right course, a death dream might be your subconscious mind’s way of telling you that you need to listen to your intuition. 

Dreams About Yourself Dying:

Depending on the quality of the dream, it can be a very frightening or a very peaceful dream. 

Some people have dreams about death that are very peaceful because they’re met with spirits or loved ones, giving them a chance to reconnect in the dream realm. This usually means that you can “cross over” in the astral without any true danger of dying; your soul temporarily leaves your body. 

Sometimes in these sorts of dreams, you’ll receive an important message from loved ones or spirit guides. Look closely at what you were told and any impressions you received.

However, other dreams about death, especially yours, can be very scary. If the death seems totally random, in a place/time you don’t know, then you could possibly conclude that your death dream was about a past life death. Look for any clues that may signify you were in a different body or place. 

If the dream is clearly you, in this life, and you die a scary or painful death, then this may be a message. Look closely at the scenario that caused you to die and at the emotions you experienced throughout the death dream. Often, I find that these sorts of dreams are metaphorical for something that’s happening in your real life, so look closely at the metaphor and the correlating emotions to find your answers.

Dreams about death where you die can also mean that you’re neglecting a part of yourself. Are you giving too much of your time or energy away? Have you agreed with others and ignored your gut feeling? These dreams might indicate that you need to follow the true path for you to “resurrect” that dead part of yourself. 

Do you always put other people’s needs ahead of your own? Do you enjoy self-sacrifice? The subconscious mind is telling you to stop. It is good to care for others. In the process, however, it’s toxic and unfair to neglect your own needs. When you dream about death, your mind is trying to tell you to stop denying yourself and your own needs.

Keep in mind that the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying usually stems from fear. So if you dream that you’re dying or if you even have dreams about being killed violently, look at the fear you experienced in the dream and try to see what emotions and metaphors sit behind that fear.

Dreams About Someone Who Is Already Dead:

Have you been dreaming of a dead person talking to you? Perhaps this person is a deceased relative or friend. There can be many reasons why you would experience conversation or even connection with a deceased individual in your dream.

A dream that is confusing, has mixed-up timelines, and leaves you feeling confused or sad is usually a sign that you are processing the loss of the deceased individual. This is simply your subconscious working out your grief. And these dreams can happen many years after the death itself!

The dream could have been a visitation if that person was calm and happy in the dream, maybe talking to you or showing you something. If you experienced no negative feelings except peace, this is often a sign that you were visited by the spirit of the deceased loved one. You’ll get a strong knowing that the presence was real.

Sometimes, you’ll have a death dream about a loved one with a cryptic message. Look closely at the dream to determine if either the loved one or your subconscious mind (using the face of a loved one) is sending you a message. Often, messages in dreams are metaphorical and must be carefully analyzed.

If you’ve been dreaming of a dead person talking to you, just know that you’re not alone. These dreams are very common and usually have a metaphorical meaning that will be unique to yourself.

Dreams About A Dead Body:

A death dream is typically about finality, but how you interpret it can show you how you’re coping with the transition. And a dead body is a big signifier that your subconscious mind is having trouble coping.

It is possible that you are struggling to let go if you dream of a dead body. The body represents the phase where we still hold onto the physical though the person’s spirit is gone. Look at what’s happening in your life and see if the metaphor applies. Is there something you’re struggling to let go of, a situation you can’t release, or a part of yourself you can’t give up?

Additionally, dreams about death concerning a dead body can be about any items that need to be buried but haven’t been buried yet. This means that you need to take that final step and finish a phase, relationship, or area of your life instead of clinging to those last few remnants. 

Dreams About A Child Dying:

If you dreamed of a random child’s death, then this may represent your own inner child. Perhaps you’re neglecting your inner child, and this death dream is a wake-up call to focus on your inner trauma, to parent your inner child in a more robust way.

However, these types of death dreams can also indicate that you’re successfully working with your inner child. In fact, the death of your inner child can mean that the child has become integrated into your adult psyche and no longer exists as a separate part of yourself.

General Meanings For Dreams About Death:

We’ve covered most of the common death dream situations. However, most dreams about death have similar meanings. Here are the top metaphors that might be conveyed through your death dream.

Most death dreams revolve around the spiritual meaning of dreaming of someone dying, so look at your dream as a metaphor and see how these explanations fit.

1. Release A Person, Place, Thing, Or Idea You’ve Been Holding Onto

Death is ultimately a release and a change. It’s painful and unpleasant, just like the change you’re facing, but it’s also a part of the circle of life.

So it makes sense that the most common explanation for a death dream is that you need to release something. Where are you still holding on?

Look at the deeper metaphor behind your dream and figure out what it means for you. Dreams are unique and the message is conveyed to everyone differently. How might this metaphor apply to your death dream? What do the symbols in the dream mean to you personally? Why did you subconscious mind choose that setting/person/experience?

Grief and loss are naturally associated with death in our subconscious mind. If you dream about death, it means that you are mourning over something or someone in your life.

If you have experienced a failed relationship, the sudden death of a loved one, a lost job opportunity, or something similar that has caused you to feel the intense emotions of loss and fear, this is probably the culprit of your dream about death.

2. Overcome Your Fear

Often, dreams of someone dying are interpreted as fears of loss. Some people may be afraid of losing someone they value or some of the qualities they possess. Dreams are a reflection of this fear. Your relationship with others could be made more stable in reality to overcome such fear.

Or, perhaps this dream indicates that it is time to lose someone and that’s okay but your mind can’t accept this reality. Perhaps your dream about death is giving you the metaphor to prepare you for the inevitability that a relationship may end.

3. It’s Time For New Beginnings

You may be about to enter a new phase in your life and could experience new positive beginnings if you see yourself dying in a dream.

Dreams mean new things and changes are coming your way and you’re going to be happy about them. You might be starting a new career or advancing in your job, getting married or divorcing, moving to a new place, or starting something afresh. Often, dreams about death mean new things and changes are on their way.

These sorts of death dreams relate perfectly to the Death card in the Tarot. This card is not about literal death but is more a death of an aspect of the self or a situation that no longer serves you. But this death is necessary to have new, more poignant beginnings. So see this ending as a positive, even if it feels bad or scary right now. Because better things await you in the future!

4. It’s Time For A Wake-Up Call

Death-related dreams can also be interpreted as a wake-up call. Throughout your waking life you ignore an area that needs your attention.

Remember how the dream made you feel. Now think back to a real-life encounter or situation that made you feel the same way. This is probably what your dream is about.

Dreams about death are very scary but can serve a purpose: the horror of the dream forces you to look at the thing you’ve been avoiding or missing. Sometimes, we actually need these traumatic dreams for our minds to focus on what’s important.

5. A Part Of You Has Died, Making Room For The New

Dying in a dream can symbolize that a part of you has already died. Unlike the other explanations on this list, this dream about death signifies that you’ve already done the work and are nearing the end of the transition.

If you felt at peace with the death, ready to move on to bigger and better things, then know that you’ve already moved through most of the changes. This is just your subconscious (or spirit guides’) way of reaffirming that you’re on the right track.

6. You Lack A Character Trait Of The Deceased

If you dreamed about someone else dying, hone in on your emotions. Was there one specific thing or element about the person that you missed most? What did you feel the lack of as you processed the death in your dream?

When you focus on one certain part of another’s personality, this can indicate that you’re missing this very thing in yourself. In this scenario, it’s possible that your dream about death is trying to tell you that you need to incorporate that very thing into yourself and take back your own power.

7. You Are Subconsciously Trying To Escape

When we can no longer handle what life throws at us, we want to escape.

Have you been feeling extra burdened? Do you secretly long to “get out,” whether that means actually running away or exiting a relationship, job, or activity? If so, your dreams about death are probably a metaphor from your subconscious mind. 

These dreams are telling you to look deeper into the situation. While you probably don’t actually want to escape via death, this is a sign that you need to look for ways to change your situation. How can you alter the flow of energy to make your life more pleasurable?

How To Figure Out Your Dream:

Figuring out your dream is one of the most difficult parts of divination work. It’s not only anxiety-producing but can also be straight up hard. Many of our dreams are filled with obscure metaphors. 

The most important thing about your dream is to analyze how you felt. Were the emotions positive or negative? Were you afraid, angry, joyous, revengeful, or calm?

Negative feelings usually indicate that a threat is present in your life. This can be a person, a situation, or your own thoughts. If you encounter a deity or spirit in your dreams about snakes, then you may feel afraid or negative because the being is so powerful.

Feeling fear in a dream is quite common. Most of the time, fear is an indication that you need to dig deeper and face your trauma. However, fear can also be a warning sign that you need to be careful of someone or something in real life. I recommend doing some divination to figure out which type of message you’re getting.

Positive feelings usually mean that you’re turning over a new leaf or are about to achieve a goal. Snakes represent change, so if you feel happy, joyous, or peaceful in your dream, know that transformation is either happening or is about to happen.

It can also be helpful to ask yourself how you typically feel about snakes, especially before you had the dream. Sometimes, your subconscious mind or guides will send you a message based on your own preconceived notions.

If you’re naturally afraid of snakes, then dreams about snakes can symbolize your own fear or something in your life that is creating fear.

I always recommend that you do a bit of divination work to figure out exactly what your dream means (and for additional confirmation), but you should first begin by examining your gut instincts about the meaning. Remember that the answers are always inside of you!

We often process our experiences through dreams. The majority of time, dreams about death are not about the literal death but rather about the challenges, changes, and unknowns we face. For further insight into your death dreams, pay attention to how they make you feel.