Moon-Nodal Aspects In Synastry

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The North and South Nodes show the native’s past lives and the direction of the soul’s evolution in this lifetime. When someone’s Moon aspects their partner’s Nodes in the synastry chart, this often indicates an emotional past life connection.

It also shows that, as a couple, you have the potential to grow on the emotional level together, though you may need to work through some trauma first. These relationships generally center around nurture and security.

These Moon-Nodal aspects depend quite a bit on the sign and house of the aspect. This is where the emotional growth or traumas will appear.

Moon Conjunct North Node Synastry (Opposite South Node)

If you have the Moon conjunct North Node synastry aspect, you also have the Moon opposite South Node synastry aspect.

This aspect creates a deep emotional bond in your relationship. You will find great meaning in each other.

The North Node person tends to act as a role model for the Moon person while they grow and heal their emotional self, while the Moon person gives the Nodal person the stability to push towards their soul’s purpose.

This relationship will be centered around nurture and emotional security. Ideally, the Moon person gives the Nodal person a strong emotional foundation so that they can grow into who they’re meant to be.

With the Moon conjunct North Node synastry aspect, you experience intense attraction at first, but your relationship is distinctly emotional. You may feel that your relationship is meant to be, so it’s a hard bond to break, even if you hurt each other.

You instinctively recognize each other from a past life through your soul memory. However, with the Moon conjunct North Node synastry aspect, you’re together in this life to grow and evolve.

This relationship is centered around growth. You won’t get stuck in the past, although you do recognize each other’s energy. Even if you part, you will feel attached to the memory of the other person. There are strong energetic bonds that tie you from past lifetimes.

Sometimes, the Moon person may feel that they give more emotionally than the North Node person, but this won’t cause much of an issue. The Moon individual is able to provide the support the North Node person needs to push and evolve towards the North Node.

In this lifetime, the North Node person has earned this sense of emotional security. In turn, the North Node individual might bring the Moon person luck or happiness; they give off a glamorous vibe that makes the Moon person feel emotionally fulfilled.

With this Moon conjunct North Node synastry aspect, the Moon person helps the North Node person to feel safe and nurtured, but they also show them how to be more caring, kind, and emotionally expressive, especially in the sign that the conjunction is in.

The North Node person helps the Moon individual grow in the outer world. They give the Moon person a clearer sense of their emotional nature and can aid them in healing their wounds.

Although the Moon conjunct North Node synastry aspect can be a bit intense while you’re actively working towards healing, you should remember that it’s normal to feel uncomfortable as you evolve. Ultimately, you are teaching each other important lessons that will contribute to promote soul growth in this life and the next.

Moon Trine North Node Synastry (Sextile South Node)

If you have the Moon trine North Node synastry aspect, you most likely also have the Moon sextile South Node synastry aspect, though this isn’t always the case.

This aspect indicates a past life emotional relationship. This contact could have been romantic, familial, or friendly, but you were certainly intimate with your feelings, at the very least.

With the Moon trine North Node synastry aspect, the Moon person acts as a safe haven for the Nodal person to push against their past and evolve towards their North Node sign.

The Nodal person may feel that they can be vulnerable with the Moon person. This is simply natural; the energy just flows. The Moon person pushes their partner to heal from their past and grow, even if this isn’t a conscious action.

On the other hand, the Nodal person helps the Moon person deal with their emotions, potentially overcome issues with their mother figure, and delve deeper into their subconscious mind. Again, the Nodal person might not actively mean to do this, but their energy simply helps the Moon person naturally.

The Moon trine North Node synastry relationship can be very fulfilling. You feel like you’re growing together and understand each other on a very deep level, separate from the rest of the world.

This relationship can even be life changing. You each intuitively sense what the other needs and wants, and you can act on your intuition to create a safe space just for the two of you.

Even though this Moon trine North Node synastry relationship is a beneficial aspect, it still requires work, just like any North Node aspect.

At times, the emotional intimacy can feel almost uncomfortable, but it’s always beneficial because it pushes you to grow in a positive direction.

Moon Sextile North Node Synastry (Trine South Node)

If you have the Moon sextile North Node synastry aspect, you most likely also have the Moon trine South Node synastry aspect, though this isn’t always the case.

This aspect indicates that you had an emotional relationship in a past life. This was a connection based on nurturing and taking care of each other.

Because of your energetic bond, you felt a sense of destiny or fate when you first met. Your relationship may have moved quickly or felt quite strong in this life since your ties remained in place from your past relationship.

Sometimes, the Moon trine South Node synastry aspect can make you feel like you’re family (even if you didn’t grow up together) or you may want to treat each other like family. This often goes a bit beyond romance since you fall back into your familial patterns.

The Moon sextile North Node synastry aspect creates a deep emotional undercurrent in your relationship. However, you have the opportunity to develop this further and grow from your past.

In fact, you can learn how to nurture each other in a way that moves you towards your souls’ purposes instead of getting stuck in the relationship from your past life.

Specifically, this is an opportunity for the Nodal person to work towards their soul growth/qualities of the North Node and for the Moon person to learn more about their emotions, about how to nurture themselves and someone else, and to work through their issues with their mother figure.

With the Moon sextile North Node aspect, both people must want to do the work to heal and grow. You can ignore this calling as a couple, but if you commit to dealing with your issues and don’t shy away, both of you have a real opportunity to grow.

Sometimes, this couple can become codependent or overly emotionally attached. They can feel dependent on each other because of their past life emotions. This makes it very hard to move on if the relationship ends.

Of course, both people have the opportunity to push past codependency, but they must choose to do this.

Moon Conjunct South Node Synastry (Opposite North Node)

If you have the Moon conjunct South Node synastry aspect, you also have the Moon opposite North Node aspect in synastry. You can’t have one aspect in a synastry chart without the other.

This aspect represents a strong past life connection that was imbalanced in some way. Typically, the Moon person was the one taking care of the Nodal individual.

Sometimes, this aspect could represent a mother-child past life relationship, or a partnership where the Moon person was much older and had to nurture the Nodal person, even if the relationship was romantic. In some way, these partners weren’t equal in this past life.

The Moon conjunct South Node synastry aspect is formed through an imbalance of nurture. When you meet again in this life, you feel a sense of security, familiarity, and emotional safety, at least at first.

There is an instant attraction with this aspect and it often feels quite positive because you recognize each other. You sense a similarity in each other and recognize that you both need the same kind of security.

The Moon conjunct South Node synastry relationship makes you feel a lot of comfort in the relationship, as though you’ve found a refuge, but you may not feel that you’re moving forward. When you’re together, you tend to fall back on old patterns for consolation instead of growing and learning.

Both people might start to feel that they’re going in the wrong direction, even though the relationship felt “meant to be” in the beginning. Over time, it starts to feel wrong on a deep, core level.

Both people may feel indebted to each other in some way. The Moon person feels like they have to take care of the South Node person, while the Nodal person feels like they simply can’t let go of the emotional security and turn their back on the Nodal person.

This Moon conjunct South Node synastry aspect can make the Moon person feel extremely drained over time, while the Nodal person can start to feel held back by the lack of emotional growth or change.

To make this relationship work, both people need to push beyond the comfort zone. They must start taking responsibility for only themselves without losing their sense of empathy for their partner.

Additionally, both partners need to balance things out emotionally. This can be very hard to do, but it is possible and can help both people to heal past life wounds.

Moon Square North Node Synastry (Square South Node)

If you have the Moon square North Node synastry aspect, you most likely also have the Moon square South Node synastry aspect, though this isn’t always the case.

This aspect creates an instant feeling of recognition. Your emotional bodies sense each other, even if you don’t mentally know the other person.

It’s very difficult to resist the energetic pull that you feel when you first meet. Over time, you will find that this square aspect creates a lot of friction, but in this specific case the square can be helpful.

This relationship will be filled with constant tension. This is painful but also forces you to grow, both emotionally and on the soul level.

Often, the Moon square North Node synastry aspect indicates an unresolved emotional issue between partners in a past life. This was a painful split that was never healed, so while they don’t technically have a problem with each other, this turbulent energy remains.

It’s as though exes are meeting again after a nasty split. They don’t logically remember each other, however their energetic bodies hold the memories of what happened.

The same issues that caused issues in your past lives will spring up in a similar manner, even in this life. You will run into similar relationship problems over and over with the Moon square North Node synastry aspect.

This friction can be uncomfortable and indicates many ultra-emotional fights. If you’re able to work through these emotions, then you will both come out much stronger and more evolved.

The Moon square North Node synastry aspect can also indicate issues with how you nurture each other. Again, this comes from a past life. You will need to learn how to comfort and nurture in a way that the other person understands and accepts.

Often, the couple isn’t able to work through the trauma of the past and splits up quite dramatically. Although this is always a possibility, a split indicates that you will have to come together in a future life to fully work through these issues.

However, if you can deal with these nurture issues and communicate to meet in the middle, then you can grow as individuals and in your relationship as well as heal some of your personal karma.