Moon-Venus Aspects In The Natal Chart

moon-venus aspects in the natal chart

Moon-Venus aspects indicate a tie between your emotions and your sense of beauty in the world. 

The easier aspects tend to enhance your sense of elegance and charm. You’re able to read others well because you intuitively understand what they like. However, you may be prone to avoiding anything that’s less than graceful.

With the more difficult aspects, you have trouble integrating your emotions and feelings with your relationships, social circle, and sense of beauty.

Moon Conjunct Venus

The Moon conjunct Venus aspect is a truly special placement. With this aspect, you are incredibly charming and emotionally adaptable.

In fact, you may always feel the need to conform to what others desire. You tend to use roundabout methods of getting what you want since you don’t want conflict.

With Moon conjunct Venus, you may be extremely sensitive to criticism. Therefore, you’ll be overly sympathetic or empathetic to someone in order for them to like and approve of you.

These qualities make you appealing as both a friend and a romantic partner. After all, who doesn’t like someone who listens to them and adapts to their needs?

You have a romantic and gentle side that appeals to the feminine nature. With Moon conjunct Venus, you tend to attract children, animals, and anyone who likes a softer touch.

Moon conjunct Venus makes you especially charming in the sign that the conjunction is in. With an air sign conjunction, you may be verbally or socially charming, while a water sign conjunction gives you a deeper sense of emotional empathy.

Appearances may be very important for you, though the way that this manifests is again dependent on the sign. You may desire a beautiful or balanced home, enjoy artwork, or dress yourself a certain way.

In fact, appearances matter to you on an emotional level too with Moon conjunct Venus. When something doesn’t look right, it can set your emotions off.

While you are empathetic and sensitive, you may avoid dirty or messy situations. When things feel too hard to handle, you turn away. Beauty is what makes you happy, therefore you shy away from anything less than what you consider to be beautiful.

Moon conjunct Venus can make you a bit avoidant. You don’t like conflict and may go to great lengths in order to gloss over anything that would create problems.

You may have a strong desire for companionship. Love feels emotionally important, so you tend to be in relationships as much as possible. Love makes you feel emotionally content.

You may also engage in Venusian activities, such as shopping or eating, to feel better when you’re emotionally distraught. Be careful that you don’t use pleasure as a substitute for love.

Many of your Moon conjunct Venus qualities probably stem from your mother. You may have seen your mother use charm to get what she wanted or avoid problems and focus only on the beautiful elements of life. In this way, you would have learned how to behave from your mother.

Alternatively, you learned to charm your mother because she responded in the way that you desired. In this scenario, indirect tactics tended to work best, so you learned these Moon conjunct Venus qualities from your interactions with your mother.

This aspect can make you really creative and charming. Many famous artists and actors have this placement because it makes them feel so deeply.

However, you must be careful that you don’t emotionally manipulate others or use your charm or persuasion to get what you want. You know how to recognize and respond to other people’s emotions, but with Moon conjunct Venus, you have an opportunity to use your qualities for good.

Learn how to confront deeper emotions, even when they aren’t beautiful. Over time, you will come to realize that there is beauty in everything, even if it doesn’t feel Venusian at first, because reality has its own sense of artistry.

Moon Trine Venus

With Moon trine Venus, you’re naturally charming and charismatic. You put out a wildly appealing energy.

Even though others won’t know why they’re drawn to you, regular life just tends to feel more appealing or exciting when you’re around. 

Your natural sense of charm will be especially apparent in the signs of the Moon trine Venus aspect. For example, with an air sign trine, you will be chatty and charming in social circles, while a fire sign trine gives you a more fiesty, outgoing appeal.

With Moon trine Venus, you can certainly “turn on” your charisma when you want to. This may even be subconscious because your allure is natural within you.

You have a strong need to be around people with Moon trine Venus. This can manifest as a desire for relationships, friendships, or even just social groups.

Moon trine Venus generally indicates social success. You may “fall into” friend groups or relationships with very little effort; this can be astounding to someone without this aspect.

This aspect also indicates a great sense of style that is completely yours. In fact, your emotions influence your style, so you tend to dress and decorate your home in a way that represents who you are.

You must be careful that you don’t grow lazy with the Moon trine Venus aspect. Although most of these qualities are good, it’s easy for you to start expecting people or relationships to work out.

Don’t rely too heavily on your natural sense of charisma. You have a keen awareness of what other people need, but make sure that you dig deep and actually get to know people, beyond just getting what you want.

From time to time, you’ll find that you need to retreat and have a few days of solitude. Make sure that you take this time for yourself! 

With Moon trine Venus, it’s essential that you have space to emotionally recharge. 

Make sure that you confront the difficult things in life, too. With Moon trine Venus, it’s easy to ignore anything unpleasant and skirt the issues using your charm and sense of intuition.

However, it’s important that you learn to see the beauty in things that appear ugly as well as the parts of life that you feel are beautiful.

Moon Sextile Venus

If you have Moon sextile Venus in your chart, you generally have a good sense of people. Your natural charm makes you generally well-liked, regardless of whether or not you’re outgoing.

With a bit of effort, you can develop the skills to present yourself in a way that makes people want to be around you. Moon sextile Venus gives you the tools you need to learn how to read others and respond accordingly.

Moon sextile Venus can make you popular if you’re willing to put work in and enhance your social skills. You have a great emotional appeal just waiting to be developed.

However, you must be careful that you don’t become a pushover. You tend to seek out bonds that are charming and pleasant, with no source of tension. In this long run, these types of relationships won’t help you.

Learn to stand up for yourself when you need to. You may have an emotional fear of conflict, so you come across as shallow, but the truth is that you’re afraid.

With Moon sextile Venus, you can enhance your social skills, but you can also face your fears surrounding conflict in a relationship in order to have more authentic communications.

This aspect means that it’s time to let others meet you halfway. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice yourself every time.

Learn how to develop your sense of charm and your eye for beauty, but don’t ignore the more unpleasant aspects of life along the way. In fact, you will come to realize that there is beauty in both the good and the bad; that’s what makes life real.

Moon Opposition Venus

With the Moon opposition Venus aspect in your natal chart, your emotions and your love life are at cross-purposes. You may feel that you can never be completely emotionally satisfied and have a fulfilling love life.

These difficulties extend to social relationships in general. You may feel emotionally blocked around others. You have trouble reading the social or emotional cues of the people around you and may respond in ways that don’t endear you to them.

Most likely, the issues caused by Moon opposite Venus started in childhood. You felt unloved by your parents, or simply believed that they could not fully understand you. This may have been especially prevalent with the mother.

Now, you unconsciously remember these childhood lessons and they cause social problems for you. The main source of your inability to socialize is most likely your own insecurity. Others feel this insecurity (that you desperately try to hide) and feel like you’re concealing something important.

With Moon opposition Venus, you come off as insincere or disgenuine. You try to play a part with other people and put on the face that you think they would like, so that you aren’t rejected, but this actually makes other people want to distance themselves from you. After all, most people can innately sense sincerity.

Others may perceive you as cold, unfriendly, distant, or superficial. You tend to lack warmth when you’re socializing, and if you do try to show affection, it may seem as though you have an ulterior motive, generally due to your unbalanced emotions.

When you are rejected, your own negative beliefs and insecurities are simply reinforced. However, you take steps to avoid dealing with your insecurity that comes with Moon opposition Venus.

For example, you may focus on luxury items, clothing, food, or anything in excess. You might also look totally to your relationships to “fix” these problems in you, or obsess over the status of your relationships and how they appear to others.

In fact, Moon opposition Venus means that you might get into difficult relationships quite often. You’re willing to compromise what you need emotionally in order to have a relationship and will put all of your energy towards your partner.

You may even try to obtain or keep a partner through questionable means like manipulation, blackmail, and other tactics that have very little to do with love. You could experience a variety of unfulfilling relationships, repeating the same steps over and over, until you work on the problem within yourself.

What you don’t realize is that you only do this because your own emotions are out of balance. Looking to external sources will never truly fix the disharmony within you.

To heal Moon opposite Venus, you must go within and deal with the painful emotions that are deep in your unconscious mind. These will be the false beliefs that you absorbed about yourself in childhood.

It’s essential that you do this work in order to have real, valuable relationships in your life. Otherwise, you will always see relationships as a game, with a winner and a loser.

When you start to feel possessive, jealous, or insecure, this is a sign that your Moon opposite Venus aspect has been triggered and that it’s time to work on self-acceptance. You may even need time alone to do this.

Your relationships will truly transform as you work through the difficulties that come with Moon opposition Venus. Over time, you will find that the type of relationship you desire is different than you ever pictured.

Ultimately, this aspect takes a lot of work, but it can also push you to become emotionally fulfilled and to only invest in relationships that feel truly fulfilling.

Moon Square Venus

With Moon square Venus, your emotions are at odds with the way that you show affection. You struggle to be affectionate in a way that feels authentic, but you also have trouble getting affection and love from others that is emotionally satisfying.

The things that you want out of life, especially your social life, don’t line up with what you really need emotionally. You may find that you’re always pushing for something (like social success) but you never feel totally satisfied.

The Moon square Venus aspect is the placement of the person who desperately wants to belong to the best group, only to find that they still feel empty when they finally get there.

On some level, you measure your success by Venusian qualities with Moon square Venus. This will depend on the signs that the aspect is in. For example, you may measure your worthiness by the extent of your social circle, by the beauty of your home or clothes, or by the amount of money you make and spend.

Alternatively, you could look to your romantic relationships as a measure of success, based mainly on what the relationship appears to be.

None of these things fulfill you emotionally, yet you continue to search from them with Moon square Venus. You might really believe that once you reach your Venusian goals you will feel happy. However, this never happens.

You are ignorant of your own emotional needs as well as those of others. When you’re in a group setting, you may only care about talking to the most important people. This won’t satisfy you emotionally, but you additionally have no qualms about stepping on others to get where you want to go.

With Moon square Venus, you may feel a chemical euphoric release in your brain when you achieve something Venusian. Unfortunately, this does not help you work through your emotions or satisfy you over the long haul.

You’re chasing emotional fulfillment in all of the wrong ways. Over time, you must learn to let go of the Venusian things and focus inside, on your own emotions. When you’ve successful done this, you will also find that you begin to feel empathy and compassion for others in a way you didn’t before.

Self-discipline isn’t a hallmark trait of someone with Moon square Venus. Anyone with this placement wants things easy and quick, and may even be lazy.

However, in order to gain true emotional fulfillment, you will have to consciously step back and do the tough, painful work to confront your own demons and deal with the feelings you have repressed.