The Fool: Tarot Meanings in Love, Career, Health, & More

the fool tarot meaning

For many people, tarot cards are life-guiding instruments. Most tarot decks contain two main groups of cards, the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana, numbered I through XXI, has 22 trump cards that are well-known for representing major life events and revelations.

The Minor Arcana, also referred to as the Lesser Arcana, consists of 56 cards divided into four suits, each of which contains 14 cards. Each suit consists of ten numbered cards and four court cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Page). The 16 court cards represent the seeker’s personality traits as well as those who have a significant influence on their life.

The Fool

To be wise, you must first be the fool. The starting point of a tarot deck, the Fool, is often the indication of new beginnings for a person.

Visually, the Fool is depicted as a beggar or a vagabond standing on the edge of a cliff, showing his sense of the unknown and the courage to have the leap of faith to start anew. He may be inexperienced in most things but will jump right into them without knowing what to expect or where the jump will take him.

Visual Elements

The visual elements listed here all describe the Rider-Waite Fool card meaning, so you may need to adapt these descriptions based on the deck you’re using. The visuals and symbolism will be different with every deck, which makes your reading totally unique.

the fool tarot meaning

The Fool is represented with the number 0. It’s also known as the unnumbered card.

The story of the fool is shown as a man with all his worldly possessions in a small bag tied to the end of his stick, walking aimlessly and excitedly into the unknown. A small dog is seen hurrying to warn him of the possible misstep he could encounter because the fool does not yet know anything and has no experience making mistakes.

The Fool is undoubtedly a unique card with all its quirks and hidden meanings. To properly understand what the Fool means for you in certain life situations, I’ll explain how this card can manifest in various aspects of your life.

The Fool General Meaning

The Fool in the tarot is a card of new beginnings, opportunities, and the path of the unknown.

This card encourages you to take a leap towards something no without much caution. Right now, every moment in your life could feel like an ocean you need to cross, whether it be a job you want to leave for a new one or a relationship you might be scared to start.

The Fool makes you curious about these choices and what lies beyond them. This card may be an indication to finally take the leap and see what life has in store for you. Usually, it’s an indication that you need to try (and either succeed or fail) before you can learn.

The Fool Reversed General Meaning

The Fool Reversed would suggest that you have devised a plan about what you want to do but are scared to take the next step to put it to fruition. You worry about the consequences which never let you live in the moment or explore the vast opportunities that lie ahead.

Stop allowing your worrisome nature to hinder your progress, live a little – a little risk every once in a while won’t hurt.

The Fool Keywords

Here are some of the most common keywords associated with The Fool.


  • Beginnings
  • Freedom
  • Leap of faith
  • Innocence
  • Originality
  • Adventure


  • Stupidity
  • Reckless
  • Chaos
  • Careless
  • Distracted
  • Foolish
  • Judgment

The Fool in Love Descriptions


Marking a new beginning in a relationship, The Fool paints the idea of trying new things in order to find the love that you most desire, whether you’re single (and ready to dive into a relationship) or want to deepen your connection with your partner. It encourages you to explore new paths. 

People who are single can expect to wander into new territory of bonding where they’ll explore the possibilities that will await them. Take this card as a sign to express yourself in different ways and seek out what you most desire in love, even if it feels different or scary.


The Fool reversed can indicate that you’re not being cautious enough. You may be missing something big in your relationship, rushing into commitment, or ignoring signs that indicate betrayal. It can also mean that you’re simply not seeing when a partner isn’t right for you.

Reversed, The Fool encourages you to work on discernment in love, whether you’re single or committed. Even in a healthy relationship, you may be missing those small feelings that either you or your partner need to talk about in order to grow emotionally.

The Fool as Feelings Descriptions


As feelings, the Fool card indicates that your feelings will grow to new heights, and a sense of adventure will compel you to look ahead. It generally indicates feelings of excitement.

The Fool can also mimic the feelings of your inner child. You’re feeling very daring and brave and you’re curious about the world around you. This card encourages you to take the leap!


The flip side of this card describes that you are still deeply connected to your past. These feelings linger within you, making it harder for you to focus on the present. You may be stuck, unable to move forward, or feel a too-strong attachment to past people or events.

The Fool reversed can also indicate feelings of fear. If you feel too afraid to move forward in life, this card is an indication that you need to work through these emotions so that you can stop questioning yourself at every turn and trust your instincts. Y

The Fool in Career Descriptions


In the career respect, the Fool is a welcome sign for you to finally take the leap you always wanted for that dream job, promotion, or even to start your own venture.

This new feeling of excitement and energy to start something new will motivate you to keep going. You will be able to see the opportunities presenting themselves to you right now. All you have to do is be willing to put yourself first and have the courage to accept the opportunities that life gives you.

The Fool encourages you to simply go for you! The world is your oyster.


A reversed Fool card indicates that the rewards you want lie beyond the ocean, but you stand on the edge, not knowing how to swim.

Not knowing what lies ahead makes you restless and uneasy. It might also make you feel afraid to act. However, the Fool reversed usually indicates that some of this fear is valid.

This reversed card shows that you should be aware of your surroundings and be more careful before taking any chances regarding your career. Even if your current job feels boring or is blocking you from reaching the heights you desire, you should make decisions very carefully. Now is not the time to rush into something new or make huge changes.

The Fool in Money Descriptions


In a financial spread, this card indicates that you’re finding new ways to make or invest money. There may be new opportunities popping up all around you and they appear to be filled with possibilities.

Luckily, these investments are probably a good bet! The Fool is telling you to trust your instincts right now. The energy of money is on your side and you can’t go wrong.

The Fool also indicates that now is a great time to start a new project with financial goals in mind.


The Fool card, when reversed, showcases dangerous situations hiding in plain sight. There might be consequences you’re not aware of right now, which can put you at risk, leaving you with losses you cannot afford. You need to plan any decisions very carefully before you act and look at all of the variables.

During this time, don’t give in to your impulse purchases and be smart with your money, so you’ll have a more realistic and safe approach to financial decisions. 

Generally, The Fool reversed indicates a promising financial future but shows that you should think before you act, or you may find yourself in a tricky situation. It isn’t a bad card but simply indicates that caution is necessary. 

The Fool in Health Descriptions


For those who feel ill and have health issues, The Fool brings forth the sign of a new start which bodes well for your health. It can be seen as a symbol of recovery from any physical and mental issues, or at least the beginning of recovery.

Sometimes, The Fool just indicates that you’re finally uncovering the information you need to restore your health. Don’t give up yet – the journey is just beginning. Follow where any spark of energy leads you and you’ll find answers.

The Fool card is also often associated with surprises. Some couples might perhaps expect news of a child since it also relates to the birth of a new life. So hang tight; the news of your bundle of joy may be arriving sooner than you expected it to.


The Fool reversed would suggest that you should try different approaches and treatments to resolve your health issues. You may be going down the wrong path right now that won’t lead to true recovery. The answers are out there, but you need to switch tactics.

For example, you may need to look into a new methodology, find a new doctor, or consider a different course of action than what you’ve been doing regarding your health.

It can also mean that you are prone to take a misstep or have an accident. At this time, make sure to be mindful of your surroundings and ensure you take the necessary steps to improve your health and well-being.

The Fool as Spirituality Descriptions


In a spiritual spread, the Fool indicates that your journey towards a new spiritual awakening is just beginning. You’re finally on the right track.

However, don’t get stressed if you don’t know everything yet. Instead, follow that spark of creative energy that you’re receiving to find your truth.

Focus on anything that makes you feel closer to nature or the spiritual world right now. Remember that there is no one methodology and that your real truth is inside of you.


This reversed Fool indicates that you might be starting to have doubts about your faith. These doubts will lead you on a path to experience different spiritual journeys by casting off old traditions for new ones.

People around you will question your newfound interests and be puzzled by your choices. Just be sure to explain your reasons behind this journey of self-discovery but be mindful of the paths you will encounter as there will be a lot of roadblocks along the way. 

The Fool reversed indicates that while you’ll encounter roadblocks, you shouldn’t give up. Don’t be afraid of finding the truth but keep trying and pushing to accomplish your spiritual goals.

The Fool as a Person Descriptions


The Fool is seen as a free spirit, adventurous, and child-like who is curious about the world around him. This person is willing to put their utmost trust in others without worrying about the consequences which is why they are sometimes taken advantage of. They are not concerned with the material world and act at the moment with a sense that everything will work out in the end.

While it is good to be hopeful, you should not throw logic out of the window. Always consider the pros and cons and approach situations accordingly.


As a person, the Fool reversed represents someone who takes risks at reckless moments in life. The personality of the fool endangers him and those around him.

This can also be a person who is too naive, someone who needs to watch out for others who may take advantage of them. 

The Fool Yes or No Meanings


The Fool indicates an optimistic outlook on life. It gives you hope for a better future and marks the start of new beginnings.

Important decisions might likely be coming your way with a future that will be in your favor. You should embrace them with an open mind and the desire to know what will happen next.  The Fool almost always means “yes” in a Tarot reading because it’s a card of optimism. 


When pulled in reverse, the Fool tarot card means “no,” or it may be an indication to look closer before you act. This is because the Fool reversed mainly represents recklessness and naivety.

Think rationally and avoid making any life-altering decisions at this moment. Instead, consider putting the breaks on and retrieving more information before making your next move.

The Fool Advice Descriptions


The advice that comes along with The Fool card is to stop fearing the unknown and step into the future with a carefree heart.

Look towards the horizon that is full of vast opportunities. It might be time to bring your dreams to reality and ensure you live them to the best of your abilities. 

Generally, The Fool means that you should go for it! Don’t be afraid to leap into the unknown because the energy of the Universe is on your side right now.


The Fool reversed will tell you to be cautious in your decisions. While new things await you, there may also be risks and dangers that come along with any new scheme.

Be on the lookout for anything that might be too reckless. Take the time you need to fully plan out what you want to do before you act. Be more mindful about your relationships, career, and goals since distraction might hinder any balance you have in your life. 

Generally, The Fool reversed tells you to be cautious and wait before diving into something.

Symbolism in The Fool

The Vagabond and his Possessions:

The vagabond shows the carefree nature of a person who does what he wants. He travels with only his few possessions, showing that you do not need a lot to be joyful and content in life. It indicates that one should always aim to find happiness in the current moment.

The Edge of the Cliff:

The edge of the cliff symbolizes the beginning of the unknown. Its far end, where one takes a leap of faith, symbolizes not knowing what lies ahead. Just like in our lives, when we are unsure about things, we take a leap of faith, hoping that everything will work out in the end.

The Dog:

At the feet of the careless vagabond stands a barking dog that warns him about the dangers of the cliff. This dog symbolizes our consciousness, giving us warning signs when we get too distracted or start to wander in life.

Our consciousness equips us with an urge to be prepared for the worst and is the thought that inhibits us when we plan for the future. It’s both positive and negative. The dog, the spirit of the consciousness, is our guide to not be reckless and sometimes act as the roadblocks to our freedom for our own benefit.