7 Easy Ways To Bond With Your Tarot Deck


It can be tough to jump into working with a new Tarot deck and feel connected to it. Sometimes you may need time to actually bond with a new deck, even if you’re super excited to begin.

Bonding with any spiritual tool takes work; a Tarot deck is no different. Although it isn’t a living entity, anything can be infused with energy and take on energy of its own.

The best way to get started with a Tarot deck is to clear it and then bond with it. Here are my favorite 7 ways to bond and connect with your Tarot deck!

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7. Clear Your New Tarot Deck

The first thing you should do when you get a new tarot deck is to clear or cleanse it your deck. Check out this post to learn about different ways that you can quickly clear your new deck.

The purpose of bonding or connecting with your Tarot deck is to get to know it and infuse the deck with your energy, but you can’t do this if it’s not cleared of previous energy. This is why the first step should always be to clear your deck or you may get inaccurate readings and/or feel disconnected from the cards.

6. Spend Time Learning Each Card

When I first get a new Tarot deck, I take a few hours and go through the deck card by card. The purpose of this exercise is to learn each card individually and to get a feel for the characters on the card.

Look at the differences and similarities between each card and see how they fit together. If you’re familiar with other Tarot decks, then you can also compare these characters and drawings to your other decks. Try to notice what is different and unique about this deck.

The purpose of this exercise is to develop an individual bond with your deck by learning its energy!

5. Meditate On The Deck

Another spiritual way to bond with your Tarot deck is to meditate. I like to hold my deck in my hands while I follow a short guided meditation (there are plenty of short guided meditations on YouTube) or even just meditate on my own for 10 minutes or so.

The purpose of this meditation is to connect with the energy of the cards by raising your vibration.

Alternatively, you can choose one card and meditate on the meaning of it. Try to connect with the energy of the card in your meditation and see what comes up. This is a good exercise if you want to bond even further with a deck you already use regularly, or if you want to learn more about a specific card that you struggle to understand.

4. Sleep With Your Deck Under Your Pillow

Another way to raise your vibration while bonding with your deck is to sleep with your new Tarot deck under your pillow. It sounds weird, but I promise – it works!

Sleeping with anything under your pillow will impact your sleep and your dreams, so don’t be alarmed if your dreams are more cryptic or related to your deck somehow.

Even if you don’t notice a change in your dreams, you are subconsciously and energetically bonding with your Tarot deck by sleeping with it because sleep is when your subconscious is active and your mind is the most vulnerable.

3. Infuse Your Deck With Energy Using A Pendulum

If you work with the pendulum at all then you can consider infusing your Tarot deck with energy.

I swing my pendulum in a counterclockwise circular motion to clear my Tarot deck, then when it stops swinging, I reverse the direction and swing the pendulum in a circular motion clockwise, stating my intentions to infuse the deck with my energy.

You can put your own energy straight into the deck or you can infuse it with love, trust, truth, or really any quality that you want from the deck. I like to do this every few months to make sure that the deck understands my intentions.

2. Reorder Or Sort The Cards

A good way to bond with a new Tarot deck or get reacquainted with an old deck is to sort or reorder all of the cards.

You can put the cards in any order that you want, such as major to minor by number (or reversed), or such as placing them in piles based on suit, number, meaning, imagery, etc.

This is a great way to bond with each card as well as your Tarot deck if you want to get right down to business. It helps you to learn each card and its place in the deck without taking up too many hours.

1. Use Your Deck!

At some point, the only way to bond further with your Tarot deck is to start using it. Give yourself simple, 1-3 card readings answering daily questions. Do a bunch of these small readings and you’ll connect with your deck in no time!

Each deck will speak to you slightly differently because every Tarot deck has unique imagery and slightly different meanings. While I always recommend spending some time learning a deck and bonding with it before you jump into readings, once you’ve done 1-2 of the exercises above, it’s time to try out readings.

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