3-Card Tarot Spreads For Every Question You Could Ever Ask

Everyone gets into Tarot wanting to do massive spreads with crosses, significators, etc., but sometimes the three-card spreads really are the best. Not only are they they easiest, but they’re the simplest to read, which means you’re more likely to interpret the cards accurately.

A tarot spread doesn’t have to be large to be impactful. Some of the best readings I’ve ever got and given were 1-3 card spreads. Often, one card alone can tell someone everything they need to know! But, if you’re looking for a bit more complexity, three-card spreads are the way to go.

I recommend picking and choosing what aspects of each spread works for you. You’ll feel which spread is right to choose – don’t doubt your intuition!

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A General Situation

Past / Present / Future

Situation / Obstacle / Advice

Opportunities / Challenges / Outcomes

Problem / Don’t do this / Do this

Desire / Obstacle / Solution

Pro / Con / Best choice

The Past

Cords to the past to cut / How to heal my heart / Ways to nurture me

Last year’s biggest lesson / Last year’s biggest achievement / Advice for this year

Card to represent you in a past life / What was unresolved from that past life / How this same issue is effecting me today

The obstacle / Past influences / How to clear them

What you wish you could have done differently / Why things had to happen the way they did / How this is helping you now

Childhood / Adolescence / Adulthood

The Future

Tomorrow / Next week / Next month

What to expect this morning / What to expect this afternoon / What to expect this evening

Week / Month / Year

Idea / Reality / Potential

New moon / Full moon / Dark moon

Now / Later / Distant future

The future in a week / A year / 5 years

Card of the day / Unexpected twist / Potential obstacle

A Relationship

Past of relationship / Present of relationship / Future of relationship if all things stay the same

What the other person is thinking / What the other person is feeling / What the other person is doing

What is the current state of our relationship / What needs to improve / What can I do to improve it

Your wants in a relationship / Their wants in a relationship / Compatibility

What brings you together / What pulls you apart / What needs you attention

Factors pushing you together / Factors pulling you apart / Outcome if all things stay the same

How do others see you / What kind of person are you attracting / What will help you find love

My own pattern role / Outcome if I stay / Outcome if I go

Your sexual appetite / Your sexual fears / What you should embrace

Karma that’s playing out right now / Past life connection / Our purpose together

How do they feel about you / Are they seeing other people / Do they want to commit to you

Enemies / Traitors / Allies

Family / Friends / Self

Me / Issue that needs healing / Partner

Me / My partner / Our child

Chords to the past to cut / How to heal my heart / Ways to nurture me

Career & Finances

Focus / Advice / Outcome

What is your dream job / How can you get there / What qualities do you need to develop

What am I passionate about / What am I good at / How can I combine them

The main cause of financial problems / Obstacles working against you / What you need to do

My current financial situation / Areas to restrict spending / Let the money flow this way

What I’m doing wrong / What I’m doing right / What I need to do next

What’s going well / What’s not going well / How to get back on track

What is my purpose / How can I bring this into my business / What does the future hold

Where I should invest my energy / Something I need to learn / How this will change my life

Benefits of staying / Benefits of leaving / What choice I should make

How to find abundance / Sources of love / Silver lining

Idea / Manifestation / Process

Making a Decision

Problem / Don’t do this / Do this

What I really want / Where my internal compass is guiding me / The outcome if I move forward

Option 1 / Option 2 / Option 3

The solution / An alternate solution / How to choose

Choice 1 outcome / Choice 2 outcome / Guidance

A course of action / Best outcome / Worst outcome

Action / Reaction / Outcome

Best case scenario / Worst case scenario / Probable outcome

Illusion / Disillusionment / New understanding

Self Work

Unconscious mind / Subconscious mind / Conscious mind

My male energy / My female energy / How to balance duality

Myself / Reality / Advice

Who I think I am / Who others think I am / Who I really am

You / Your current path / Your Potential

Am I where I want to be / What are my options / What do I fear the most

Greatest strength / Greatest weakness / Driving passion

Hidden talent / Obvious talent / Super secret talent

Hidden desire / It’s manifestation / The consequences

Hidden strength / Hidden shortcoming / Hidden opportunity

Male energy / Female energy / How to balance my duality

Needs / Wants / Fears

Past self / Present self / Future self

Me / My direction / My unconscious desires

My emotion / Source of emotion / Next action

Fear / Current response / Better response

Identity / Community / Purpose

Self deception / Deception by others / First step to finding the truth

Mother / Father / Me

Spiritual Work

Me / Spirit guide / How to connect

Mind / Body / Spirit

Psychic gift / How to enhance it / Why it’s important

Physical body / Emotional body / Spiritual body

Light / Shadow / Where I need to bring the light

Higher principle / Test / How to pass said test

Which spread worked best for you? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to pin this post to save it for later.

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