The Magician: Upright and Reversed Meanings in Love, Career, Health, & More

the magician tarot

For many people, tarot cards are life-guiding instruments. Most tarot decks contain two main groups of cards, the Major and Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana, numbered I through XXI, has 22 trump cards that are well-known for representing major life events and revelations.

The Minor Arcana, also referred to as the Lesser Arcana, consists of 56 cards divided into four suits, each of which contains 14 cards. Each suit consists of ten numbered cards and four court cards (King, Queen, Knight, and Page). The 16 court cards represent the seeker’s personality traits as well as those who have a significant influence on their life.

The Magician

The Magician in Tarot is numbered one – the number of new beginnings and opportunities. Associated with the planet of Mercury, he has one arm stretching towards the universe and the other pointing down at Earth, which symbolizes his connection between the spiritual and material world.

Drawing this Major Arcana card indicates that with the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional resources, you have the power to manifest your desires and make all your dreams come true. This is a card with a lot of meaning!

Visual Elements:

the magician tarot

In French and Italian Tarot decks, the Magician was called the Bateleur – someone who sells quack medicine – or “II Baggato,” which means juggler. This is why the character was often represented as a street performer in earlier Tarot decks.

In the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, the Magician card depicts a man standing tall, with one arm pointing towards the sky and the other at the ground – establishing a connection between the physical and spiritual world.

On the table in front of him lies the four symbols of the Tarot suits: a cup, pentacle, sword, and wand. Each of these objects symbolizes one of the four elements (water, air, earth, and fire) which signifies that this Magician has all the elements he needs to manifest his intentions into reality.

His white robe and red cloak symbolize purity and worldly knowledge, while the infinity symbol above his head signals that he has access to unlimited potential. 

The Magician, though a powerful and straightforward card, often needs to be carefully interpreted. Below I’ll explain how this card can manifest in various aspects of your life.

The Magician General Meaning

The Magician appearing in your Tarot spread indicates that you have all the skills and abilities to be successful in life. It signifies a time in your life when you have the power to manifest your desired output.

With the various Tarot symbols present on this card, the Magician signals that you can become a manifestation powerhouse. The key is to use your energy to manifest the things that you want on a conscious level.

Now is the perfect time to proceed with an idea you recently conceived. The seed of potential has sprouted and you are being called upon to bring your intention to fruition. In your quest to achieve your goals, you must aim to have a soul connection to your objectives and intentions. So drop any distractions that may draw your focus away from your current task to ensure you stay on track and carry out your ideas.

The Magician Reversed General Meaning

The Magician reversed symbolizes that you are exploring your intentions but are not taking action yet. You are unsure of your capabilities, resources, and the methodical planning required to turn your aspirations into reality.

If this resonates, then you need to dive deeper into what your intuition is telling you. Most likely, you aren’t taking action because something isn’t quite right. Look for signs and opportunities from the universe and don’t be afraid to wait until things feel right.

If you are already taking action, the reversed Magician may be an indication that you are struggling to see progress or success. Perhaps you are unclear of your desired outcome and therefore have misdirected or unfocused efforts. You may be sabotaging your own results because you’re not manifesting correctly or have an energetic/subconscious mental blockage.

At such a time, try to ponder on the “why” of your goal. Perhaps your end goal is not aligned with the best outcome for you, and thus, the universe is sending you a big “Stop!” sign. This is an indication that you should step back and reconsider your path, taking careful note of anything that feels “wrong” or “off.”

The Magician Keywords

Here are some of the most common keywords associated with The Magician.


  • Power
  • Influence
  • Resourcefulness
  • Intellect
  • Skill
  • Ability
  • Concentration
  • Resourcefulness


  • Manipulation
  • Greed
  • Unused ability
  • Unworthiness
  • Conniving
  • Cunning
  • Lack of mental clarity

The Magician in Love Descriptions


In the context of love, the Magician in tarot is considered a good omen.

If you are single or just coming off from a breakup, this card indicates that now is a great time to meet someone new. Your partner will be serious about you and will treat you well. So, if you find yourself gaining interest in someone, don’t hold back; this may be your chance at real, lasting love.

For someone already in a relationship, the Magician indicates that the relationship will move to the next level in terms of commitment and happiness. In the utmost magical fashion, this is a whirlwind romance – be sure to hold onto it for eternity because it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The Magician in love can also indicate that you can manifest the person or situation you desire. You have everything you need within you – now is the time for “magic” to happen!


For those in a relationship, the Magician reversed in a love context indicates that you need to be more open and honest with your partner about your needs and desires. You may be tempted to try and manipulate your partner the way you want – don’t. Consider this card a warning to go about things the right way. Honesty is much better than trickery.

In fact, this is a clear warning to stay away from the “darker” side of the magician. Trickery or manipulation will not truly help you achieve your goals.

If you are single or just coming off a breakup, the Magician card can mean you are becoming more hostile towards your future love life. You feel like you will never attract anyone good towards yourself. Don’t lose faith. If you stay positive and keep good intentions, you will eventually attract all of that goodness back to you!

Consider that the Magician reversed in love indicates a time of rest and introspection. Right now, you need to go within and reclaim your power.

Lastly, the Magician reversed in love can indicate deception, either towards you or from you. Everything may not be what it seems.

The Magician as Feelings Descriptions


In terms of representing feelings, the Magician signifies self-confidence in one’s talents and abilities. It is the sense that you can achieve whatever you want through conscious application and willpower.

However, you should be mindful not to abuse this power and only assert it when needed, in a kind and gentle manner.

Generally, the Magician as feelings is a beneficial card filled with all good emotions!


The reversed Magician often signifies a lack or complete absence of self-confidence. Perhaps things are not going your way due to which you feel a lack of control.

This Major Arcana card may also mean that your self-confidence has turned into arrogance and pride. This is the time to reflect on your actions. A healthy balance of confidence is necessary to achieve your goals, but be sure to remain humble during your pursuit, especially when you pull the Magician reversed.

The Magician in Career Descriptions


An upright Magician in a career context bears good news. This card indicates that you are feeling powerful and self-assured.

Perhaps you will be provided with an opportunity to mentor someone or be mentored by someone who will give you valuable insight and the benefit of their experience. Stay on the lookout for such opportunities and people because when this card appears, you have a great chance to excel in your work life.

Generally, the Magician in career indicates that you can manifest just about anything you want. Remember that the power is within you and direct your manifestation carefully. 


In a career Tarot spread, the Magician reversed may signal that you are not living up to your full potential. Whether it’s at a job or a new venture, you are afraid of the risks involved. This is not only hindering your self-growth but is lowering your confidence too.

Take the time to figure out why change is difficult for you. Is it fear or disappointment that’s holding you back? In any case, you will need to take a proactive approach to change your circumstances.

Sometimes, the Magician reversed in a career reading indicates that you need to be very careful of manipulation and trickery, either from yourself or from other people. Watch out for any deception.

The Magician in Money Descriptions


In a financial Tarot spread, The Magician points to new opportunities presenting themselves. These opportunities will require you to take courageous steps and put your original ideas into motion if you wish to see them come to life.

When this card appears, know that big things are coming your way. Make sure to seize every opportunity as this Magician card will only show you the way but never reveal its secrets. The choice is yours – grab the reins and make it happen!

The Magician in a money reading is always a good card, but you have to actually take action and manifest what you desire. This can also be a sign that now is a great time to do a money manifestation or money spell.


From a financial perspective, the Magician reversed is an indication that you are not applying your abilities and skills to the opportunities available for you.

You may be experiencing feelings of self-doubt and are afraid to take risks. The only way to release yourself of this financial rut is to thoroughly analyze, weigh your options and trust your instincts to make the right decision.

With the Magician reversed in a money reading, be very careful around others. You’re likely to be deceived or taken advantage of, so follow your logical mind and your intuition at this time.

The Magician in Health Descriptions


If you have been ill or mentally drained, the Magician shows that your strength and good health are making a comeback.

Often, this card indicates that a powerful healer may be needed to give you the healing boost you need. Draw on the Magician’s strength to gain physical and mental clarity, and weigh what health options are best for you.

The Magician in a health reading can also indicate that you need to manifest your wellness instead of focusing on the negative. The power is within you!


In a health Tarot, the reversed Magician is still a positive card signaling that you need to believe in your ability to heal before you actually experience the healing. This is the time to take a step back and heal from the inside out. 

However, the Magician reversed in a health reading is also an indication to listen to yourself over other people. Always trust your own intuition.

The Magician as Spirituality Descriptions


In a spiritual context, the upright Magician signals that now is a great time to begin some form of spiritual development. You will be surprised at how much you will benefit from this spiritual journey once you focus and concentrate your energy on this path. If you’ve had an interest in a spiritual subject, this card recommends pursuing it as you have the ability to do well in this pursuit.

Plus, the Magician in a spirituality reading indicates that you have incredible manifestation energy. Right now, you can accomplish just about anything you want through manifestation or witchcraft. Take advantage of this expansive energy to change your life however you’d like.


In spirituality, the reversal of the Magician may be a sign that your old spiritual path is not suitable for you anymore. Now is the time to embark on a new spiritual journey and let go of any old beliefs or practices that no longer work for you.

It’s also an indication that you need to connect yourself instead of relying on other people. The answers are within you.

The Magician as a Person Descriptions


As a person, the Magician tarot card represents someone skillful, spontaneous, creative, and original. You understand matters quickly and can reason well in difficult situations.

The Magician can often act as an intermediary between the spiritual and material world due to his deep knowledge and experience. If you have these traits, this card showing up in your Tarot may be telling you to use your abilities to help those around you.

Generally, the Magician is a well-adjusted person with a good sense of energy who can make things happen.


The Magician reversed as a person represents someone who has poor concentration and scattered ideas with a tricky or conniving intent, making hasty and impulsive decisions.

This person may be a smooth talker who easily seduces and tricks people around them, but their feelings lack depth, and their tricks are often exposed.

If you find yourself adopting such traits, this may be the universe’s way of giving you the warning to change your ways before you are exposed.

The Magician Yes or No Meanings


The Magician symbolizes power and action in your life. When drawn upright, its connotations are certainly positive. Therefore, by answering yes, this card suggests using your willpower to move forward and take action. 

However, the Magician as a yes or no card also indicates that you need to actually take action in order to make this yes a reality, if applicable.


In a yes/no question, the reversed Magician is generally considered a no.

This Major Arcana card indicates that you have lost faith in your abilities and have fallen into a bottomless pit of doubt and uncertainty. Instead of trying to make failed attempts work, take this time to rediscover your talents and start planning so that you can move closer to your ultimate desires.

Sometimes, the Magician reversed in a yes or no question simply indicates that you need to go within and listen to your intuition because something isn’t quite right.

The Magician Advice Descriptions


As advice, the Magician could be saying you have everything you need – power, knowledge, and experience. It’s all just a matter of focus now. Direct your will, and don’t give up until you have achieved your goals.

Magic is at your fingertips; hold onto it, and you’re sure to see your intentions manifest into reality. You need to act, at least in a spiritual sense, in order to achieve your desired results.


The Magician reversed is a symbol of weakness and apathy. Often, it indicates that an individual is not ready to assume a position of power or intends to abuse it soon.

As advice, this card asks you to check yourself. Are you asserting your will in an unwilling situation? – don’t! This is not the time to force matters.

Sometimes, the Magician reversed as advice indicates that you’re trying to (unsuccessfully) manipulate the word around you instead of listening to your intuition. Now is the time to go within so that you can find the answers you need.

Symbolism in The Magician

The Magician’s Posture

The Magician holds a wand in his left hand, raised above his head, while his right hand points to the ground. By doing this, he calls on and acts as an interpreter between the spiritual and material world.

Red Roses

Over the Magician’s head is a vine of red roses representing desire. Red roses are also present on the table, along with white lilies that represent abstract thought. Intertwined with each other, these flowers showcase wisdom and strength, symbolizing that both need to go hand in hand for one to achieve true success.

The Suit Symbols

On the table in front of the Magician lies four objects that represent the Minor Arcana – a wand, a cup, a sword, and a pentacle. Each of these symbolizes the four elements – fire, water, air, and Earth, showcasing the Magician’s infinite power and knowledge of all things present in the universe.