2 Easy Money Spells That Work + Money Spell Troubleshooting

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Traditional witches will tell you that a money spell is difficult to cast, but money spells have been the easiest types of spells for me. The first time I cast a money spell was during the beginning of my journey into paganism. I saw tangible results and I knew that witchcraft was real. This money spell changed the game for me.

There are some things in the magical world that I’m not sure about. We all have areas where we question what’s real, but money spells aren’t one of those things for me. I 100% believe that money spells really work work with very little effort.

In fact, money spells are kind of my specialty. If I had to say I’m good at one specific area of magic, I would choose money hands down.

If you’re someone who doesn’t entirely believe in witchcraft, you may want to start with money spells. After all, the results are totally tangible. Not only can you improve your finances with these spells, but you can gain utter confidence that spells are real.

Anybody can cast a money spell! If your money spell doesn’t work the first time, this simply means that you need to remove blockers or raise more energy while repeating the spell. Don’t be afraid to dive in and try it.

A good money spell creates abundance in your life. Everything else will improve when money starts flowing. I have always found that my career improved alongside my financial situation, so my money spells give me a sense of security and joy.

How Money Spells Work:

First of all, you should know that money flows. It’s a lot like water. Money can be bad or scary, but it can also be really lovely or beautiful.

Ultimately, money by itself is completely neutral. The energy that you put into money will determine what it means to you. If you’re afraid of money or feel that you don’t deserve it, you probably won’t have very much of it. If you use money spells to gain momentum, you can keep it flowing and create abundance in your life.

A spell is a collection of focused energy that is sent out into the Universe. When you do this successfully, you receive what you requested back in your life. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, so it boomerangs around when you raise enough of it. This energy must be concentrated in order to see results from spell work.

When you cast a money spell, you’re essentially sending a whole bunch of energy into the Universe to create a flow of money in your life. The money will then take the path of least resistance to come to you. The more paths you leave open to receive money, the easier it will be to see results from your money spell.

Keep in mind that money won’t fall out of the sky. It will show up through real, tangible ways through people, places, or things.

Some of the way to receive money through spells are:

  • An unexpected bonus at work
  • A gift from a family member or friend
  • An offer for an odd-job
  • Backpay for something you forgot about
  • An unexpected increase in investments

And so many other ways. It could be the most random thing. Someone could visit your home, love your coffee table, and offer you double what it’s worth. The possibilities are endless!

1. An Easy Money Jar Spell

My personal favorite spell for long-term wealth is the money jar spell. You may see the effects pretty quickly, but it will continue to work over time. I would rather receive a continuous flow of money than a lump sum!

For this money jar spell, you can also use a bag instead of a jar (similar to a mojo bag) ,but I’ve had more success with the money jar spell. I think the jar works better because it’s sealed, so the energy builds and builds. However, you can definitely swap the jar out or a small bag or pouch if that feels right to you.

Supposedly, you should cast this money jar spell on a waxing moon so that the energy will continue to grow. Otherwise, you should cast it on the new moon or full moon.

However, I have actually cast this spell on the waning moon, which is the exact opposite of what you “should” do, and I still got over $10,000 from it. I wouldn’t let the moon cycles affect you too much; it’s your intention and energy that really counts. This all depends on your own practice and beliefs, of course.

If you feel called to cast this spell on a certain day, go for it. It might be a waning moon, but the moon may also be in Aries (which is fast and fiery), Capricorn (which is just straight up money), or another sign that works for you somehow. Any sign can be used to harness money energy.

Lastly, you can charge this spell on the full moon regardless of when you cast it. You can even charge it in the sun if you like the sign that the sun is in! The possibilities are endless; the day you cast the actual money jar spell is only the beginning.


  • A green candle (tea-light, taper, pillar; anything works here)
  • A small jar with a cork or screw top
  • $100 dollar bill
  • Powdered cinnamon or cinnamon sticks
  • Cayenne pepper
  • 1 piece of Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)
  • A bay leaf
  • A pen or marker

Feel free to substitute ingredients as needed. However, I recommend using divination (such as your pendulum or Tarot cards) to make sure you’re substituting with appropriate ingredients.

How To Cast This Money Jar Spell:

1. Set up your spell work area. I like to clean my work table with vinegar, light a few extra candles, lay out my crystals for energy, and burn incense to cleanse the room.

2. Cleanse your tools using incense, sound, your pendulum, etc. Ground your energy then cast a circle.

3. Spend some time meditating on your intentions. Picture the result you want; you should visualize your life as though you already have the money you need. 

4. Write out your intention on the bay leaf. You can substitute a piece of paper if necessary. Your intention can be simple, such as “money flows to me in large amounts,” or it can be more specific, such as “I receive $250 for my car payment.”

5. Raise your energy as you picture the ideal outcome. Put some of this energy into the bay leaf using your hands.

6. Combine the cinnamon, cayenne pepper, $100 bill, Pyrite, and bay leaf in the spell jar then seal it shut. You can simply close the jar, or you can seal it with wax if you prefer. Spend 5-10 minutes putting your energy into the jar using your hands. I recommend that you raise energy from the elements (like the earth or fire from the candle) so that you don’t feel fatigued when you’re done.

7. You don’t need to speak during the spell, but I do like to chant. This is what I say while I’m activating the jar:

Money, money, come to me

In abundance, three times three

Enrich me in the best of ways

Harming none on its way

Bring me money, three times three

This I accept, so mote it be!

I didn’t come up with this; I found it on Pinterest somewhere along the way. It’s a pretty common money chant that has been around for many years. I also like how this chant includes the anecdote about “harming none.” Because my wording is kind of vague, I always try to include a clause about harming no one if possible.

Say this three times (or however many you feel intuitively). At this point, the spell is complete. You can close your circle.

I do like to charge my money jar spell during the next full moon, but you can even charge it the same night you cast it or use even the sun instead. Check out the astrological signs to make sure the sign correlates with your intentions.

This money jar spell can be stored anywhere that is safe. I actually hide mine in my clothing drawers so I don’t think about it too much. However, I do like to recharge it during the full moons, or I will pull it out and add some energy to the jar if the mood strikes me.

2. The Candle Money Spell

A candle money spell will typically work more quickly than the money jar spell, but it might not last as long. However, I find that this spell is great for times when you need a set amount of money.

money spell, money jar spell, money spells

For example, I cast a quick candle money spell when I wanted a chunk of change for our upcoming vacation. Cash was a bit tight and I didn’t want to dip into our savings or the money that I set aside for my spiritual work. I happened to receive a gift of money for the exact amount we needed!


  • A green pillar or chime candle
  • Money dressing oil
  • A bay leaf (you can substitute for a piece of paper if necessary)
  • A pen or marker
  • A firesafe pan or bowl to burn your bay leaf

Although not everyone uses a money dressing oil, I like to dress my candles before any candle spells.

My money dressing oil is super easy to make. I simply combine olive oil with ginger and cinnamon powder. After quickly charging this money oil, it’s ready to go.

You can also find some great money oil options on Etsy. If you buy a money oil online, make sure to clear it then charge it after you receive it.

How To Cast This Money Candle Spell:

Note: It’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher ready before performing any magic involving candles or open flames.

1. Set up your spell work area. I like to clean my table with vinegar, light a few extra candles, lay out my crystals for energy, and burn incense to cleanse the room.

2. Cleanse your tools using incense, sound, your pendulum, etc. Ground your energy then cast a circle.

3. Spend some time meditating on your intentions. Picture the result you want; you should visualize your life as though you already have the money you need. 

4. Dress your candle with the money dressing oil. This means that you rub the oil into the candle in a downward motion (in order to increase rather than banish), being careful to avoid the wick. If you prefer, you can draw a money sigil onto the candle, or you can do both. When you’re done, light the candle.

5. Write out your intention on the bay leaf. You can substitute for a piece of paper if necessary. Your intention can be simple, such as “money flows to me in large amounts,” or it can be more specific, such as “I receive $250 for my car payment.”

6. Raise your energy as you picture the ideal outcome. Put some of this energy into the bay leaf using your hands.

7. Burn the bay leaf in the candle flame. Once the bay leaf is burning, place it on a fire safe plate or container so you don’t burn your fingers. As the leaf burns, chant:

Money, wealth, riches abound

Find your way to me safe and sound

Fill my pockets and my wallet full

Banish debt with harm none rule.

8. Snuff out your candle and bury the ashes or remains of the bay leaf. If you live in the city as I do, you can bury them in the pot of a small household plant.

At this point, your spell is complete. Make sure you close your circle. You can save your candle in case your spell needs an extra boost; just re-light the candle and meditate on your intention for a bit.

Why Didn’t My Money Spell Work?

There are many reasons why a money spell doesn’t work. However, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the issue and fix it. I promise – anyone can cast a money spell successfully!

First of all, make sure your spell didn’t work without you realizing it. Take note of any extra money that comes in, even log it in the best money making app you can find. Did you get anything from the government? Were you unexpectedly gifted cash, or did you receive an abnormal bonus?

Your money spell results will be in the form of money that’s different from the norm. Your regular bonus that you planned to receive isn’t part of these results, but anything unexpected should be carefully considered.

You will know your money spell is working if you a) receive the exact amount you need or b) receive unexpected money multiple times in a short period of time.

If neither of those things have happened then your spell didn’t work. Here are some of the most common reasons why money spells fail.

1. You projected an energy of desperation when you cast the spell. Ideally, you’re picturing yourself feeling rich in both money and life. However, an energy of lack rather than abundance can be quite powerful and can sabotage your spell before it’s even finished.

When you cast money spells, it’s essential that you truly believe that everything will work out. Try to let go of any fear and act as though the money is already on it’s way to you. The second you believe this is the instant that it becomes true. Our thoughts shape our reality.

2. There was no opportunity for money to reach you. If you’re sitting at home, ignoring your friends/family, not reading your email, not applying to jobs, etc., money will have a tough time flowing to you. There’s literally no channels for it to come through!

Try to get out in the world and open up as many avenues as possible for money to come to you. If you don’t know where to start, then simply keep your eyes open. Sometimes, the money spell energy will send you an idea of a way you can make more money rather than tangible money, at least at first.

If you already have many avenues open then you can probably expect to receive some actual money.

3. You have personal hangups surrounding money. Typically, this means that you were either taught that money is bad or had experiences that caused you to develop this belief. Alternatively, you may believe that you don’t deserve money and that you aren’t worthy in some way.

Try to clear these beliefs before casting money spells. You can quickly clear some beliefs using the pendulum, or you can do shadow work or even journaling to try and work through this programming. Remember that money is ultimately neutral and you get to choose what energy you attach to any type of currency.

4. You didn’t raise enough energy. On a technical level, any spell needs energy to work. Money spells are no different. 

This is the most common reason why money spells fail. If you raised a massive amount of energy, then the spell would probably work on some level, even if you have negative beliefs or don’t have many paths for money to flow through. Ultimately, energy can accomplish the impossible.

You can simply work your jar using more energy or cast your spell again if you prefer candle money spells. I personally love money jar spells because you can add more energy to the jar at any time. On top of raising energy and putting it directly into the jar using your hands, you can charge the jar in a full moon or light a candle and channel that energy into the jar.

I recommend using this meditation to raise energy if you find yourself struggling. You can also try pulling energy from a different element (e.g. raise energy with fire if you previously used earth).

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Common Money Spell FAQs:

I get a lot of questions about money spells. I’m including some of the most common money spell FAQs here, but I will add to this section over time as I continue to receive emails and questions via social media.

How quickly will I see results?

This is a complicated question to answer. There are so many factors!

If you raised enough energy, used good ingredients, and had the right intentions, then your spell should work. Assuming you have done all of these things, the amount of time it takes will now depend on how many avenues are available for the money to flow through.

When you cast a spell, you’re essentially sending concentrated energy into the Universe. The idea is that this energy will return to you in tangible ways based on your intentions. After all, the purpose of witchcraft is to actively make our lives better.

Because energy is not emotional, it takes the path of least resistance, regardless of what that path may be. If there are easy paths available for this particular money spell, then you will see results very quickly. If there are less paths or the avenues available require more energy, you may see a bit of a delay.

For example, let’s say you work a full-time job, have a side-hustle business, recently applied for a grant, and have a wide social circle. You’re likely to receive the money you need pretty quickly, because the energy can flow through any of these avenues. There are plenty of opportunities to receive money!

However, if you don’t currently work, haven’t applied for unemployment, and sit at home, the money won’t just fall into your lap. You will still get opportunities, but you have to pay attention and actively try.

As you can see, the timing is variable based on your own set of life circumstances. To speed up your money spell, get out there are try to earn in any way that feels right.

If you get clues along the way, make sure that you follow them. For example, I recently received an email to apply for a small grant the day after casting my money spell. I had not signed up for the email list and had literally never heard of the company. This was definitely my spell in action, but if I ignored the email, then the money would have taken a bit longer to reach me depending on the next path available.

Is a money spell white or black magic?

I’m not a huge believe in white versus black magic. I believe that light and dark exist, but I don’t necessarily feel that one is positive while the other is negative.

I actually believe that the terms “white magic” and “black magic” were created to scare people. There’s still a lot of fear surrounding witchcraft, so this easily fed into the idea that you’re either a good witch or a bad witch. The fear of practicing black magic causes many people to avoid witchcraft altogether.

New age spiritual folks might say that money spells are inherently black magic because they are self-serving spells, but I don’t think that all self-serving things are actually bad. In fact, I think there’s a lot of authentic power in knowing what you want and going after it.

Ultimately, I’m not actively trying to hurt anyone when I cast a money spell. In fact, I make sure to be extra-generous and spread my money around when I do receive a gift from the Universe. I leave bigger tips, treat my friends to dinner, or buy meaningful gifts for people I care about. Even my cat reaps the benefits because she gets the organic food that she loves!

In that sense, I truly believe that I’m casting this spell for a good reason. And, if I did get greedy or stop spreading the money around, I think that my money spells simply wouldn’t work as well. Like I said, money has to flow. If it is flowing for you, then you know you’re doing something right. The flow of money is simply condensed positive energy. How can that be black magic?

At the end of the day, you have to follow your own intuition. To me, money spells feel right. They give me a sense of inner power that’s both pure and powerful. When I cast a money spell, I’m not trying to control other people, but only to empower myself. 

How much money can I get from a spell?

The sky is the limit! I started small and worked my way up, but you should cast a spell for the amount of money you need, minimum.

You can also just cast a spell for a lot of money without specifying an exact amount. Many money spells call for a $1 bill or coins, especially when you’re creating a money jar spell, but I like to use a $100. Sure, you have to part with $100 for a while, but you will reap the rewards.

I find that this sends the intention into the Universe that I’m willing to spend money to make money. Symbolism is always important in magic.

If you ask for a larger amount, you will probably need to raise more/stronger energy. Doing a bit of divination before spell work can help you figure out the exact path you want to follow.

I will say that I have earned over 20k using a single money spell. At some point, I want to try a money spell for an even larger amount, although I will be creating a flow of energy by investing that money in my business and in good works.

But if I’m actively working, won’t the money come from my effort, not the energy of the spell?

Money has to flow through “regular” channels. It doesn’t come out of nowhere and can’t just fall in your lap. All money comes from a source, whether that’s a person, the government, a business, a trust fund, etc. That source is just another avenue for money to flow through.

Even in Harry Potter, money can’t be created out of thin air. It’s simply one of the laws of nature; all witchcraft has to follow the basic principles of physics.

However, the purpose of a money spell is to receive extra money. Your salary definitely doesn’t count as results because you already knew you would receive it. Results from your money spell will be new.

Keep in mind that the Universe needs many channels in order to funnel money into your life. Give yourself as many avenues as possible to receive this “extra” money, but don’t count the money that you already make as part of your spell.

I worked for years doing the same thing with my blog, but my income never increased. I tried everything I could think of but was stuck at the exact same number.

Once I cast my first money spell, a whole variety of new opportunities popped up. Educational resources appeared that I had literally never seen. Marketing started clicking for me and I immediately started to gain more instagram followers. Within a year, my income had doubled!

So yes, this money spell did send money through “regular” means. But, it gave me so many opportunities to increase my income that I literally never had before. It was unexpected, new, and different, which is how I know that my first money spell worked. It also took a lot of hard work.

For best results, money spells require physical effort and strong energy.

How specific should I be in my wording?

Many witches tell you that you must be extremely specific. I’m in the opposite camp. I think that less specific wording is much better.

This is because open-ended wording leaves more room for opportunity. If you cast a spell specifically to make more money in your job but your boss is dead set against giving you a raise, then you would have to raise an incredible amount of energy to see results.

However, if you cast a money spell for a specific amount, you could receive the money in any way. At this point in my life, I cast general money spells for larger amounts without having a specific dollar sign in mind. This allows the money to flow naturally and creates longer-term gains, in my opinion.

I find that the wording doesn’t matter as much as the intention does. When you cast your spell, what are you picturing? Are your feelings about money positive? Are you seeing what you do want, not what you lack? Do you picture feeling wealthy in both life and finances?

Money spells work best when other aspects of your life are figured out. Your spell won’t work as well if you’re using money as a substitute for other things, such as to feel better about your relationship, to buy prettier clothes so that someone likes you, etc. Money spells work because you are confident, want more money, and know what you’ll do with it that also feels right.

If you are picky about how money comes to you, then feel free to be as specific as you’d like. This is just my personal opinion on the matter!

Isn’t a money spell greedy?

We live in a world with money. Whether you think money is good or bad, it’s simply a part of our culture on Earth right now.

I personally believe that we chose to incarnate onto Earth in order to work on certain skills. One of these things that we must deal with is money.

I don’t believe that money should be ignored because it’s an essential part of our human experience. In fact, money is neutral; it’s simply currency.

Money allows me to have a home that I love, to nourish my body, to buy clothing that represents who I am, to travel and experience different cultures, and so much more.

I think that money is often portrayed as negative because it represents power. But isn’t power on a spectrum, too? Can’t we use our power in ways that are positive or negative?

For me, money represents my inner personal power. This is because I try to earn money through authentic means and by aligning with my purpose on Earth.

Money is like water. It can get jammed up and spill out sideways, or it can flow. In fact, even though money is physical, it’s energetic, too. If you feel guilty thinking about money then I recommend examining your feelings and programmed beliefs. What energy are you attaching to money? Ultimately, money is what we make of it.