I’m not conducting readings at this time, but I’m hopeful to free up more time in the future!

am always looking for great Tarot/astrology/psychic services on Etsy to recommend to my readers. I specifically look for readers who 1) offer audio or visual services and 2) are accurate, deep, positive, and helpful. Here are some of my current favorites:

Martini Company

The Moonstone Mystic


The Herbal Academy: A great site for learning everything about herbalism in a scientific and spiritual way. I’ve been a member for a few years and can’t recommend these classes enough! Some of my favorites are:

Creating Spells that Work – Witchcraft for Beginners pt.1: This is a great beginner spellcasting course that covers every aspect of spellcasting. 


Activations by Zoe: These activations are incredible – I always feel the physical effects immediately.


General Witchcraft:

Spell Books:

Advanced Magic:

Herbalism Books:

Kabbalah/Qliphothic Initiation & Draconian Magic:



Elegance Of Ancient: This shop has some gorgeous Ancient Greek art. I currently have a few pieces in my home and love them.

Kimro Studio: Another Etsy shop with great art, including Greek mythology, Arthurian legend, gothic art, and general witchy prints.

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