13 Different Types Of Dreams & Nightmares You May Experience

13 Different Types Of Dreams & Nightmares You May Experience

Dreams are some of the most elusive, spiritual things in our everyday lives. It’s easy to pretend that our dreams are nothing when we wake up, yet they certainly feel real when we’re in the dreamscape. 

Scientists, philosophers, and fiction authors alike have been obsessed with dreams for centuries. What do they mean? Why do we have them?

While no one really knows what dreams mean, we can have our own beliefs. My personal conclusion is that dreams are either produced by our unconscious mind, are a production created by someone else (such as a spirit guide, higher self, deity, demon, etc.) or are a sign that we’re astrally traveling in our sleep.

Sometimes, I feel that various types of dreams can be a combination of these different origins. Dreams can be vivid, fuzzy, metaphorical, symbolic, literal, scary, peaceful, and many more things.

Today I’ll be discussing the 13 main different types of dreams as well as the various types of nightmares that we face. Many of these types of dreams are categorized according to clinical psychologists, while other types on this list are more metaphysical in nature.

If you want to learn how to interpret your different types of dreams then scroll to the bottom for a list of techniques!

13. Current Or Recent Event Dreams:

The types of dreams that you most often have are current or recent event dreams. In these types of dreams, you simply relive events that have recently occurred in real life.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

These types of dreams are very standard. Often, they are your mind’s way of working through the events.

Recent event dreams are created by your subconscious or unconscious mind. Sometimes, these dreams are a bit fuzzy; you might find that the details don’t exactly line up.

Other times, these types of dreams are vaguely symbolic. For example, you may have watched a movie about a war, then you have a dream about a violent environment.

Even if the details don’t line up perfectly, you will know that you had a recent event dream because you’ll feel the same emotions that you experienced in real life when the event actually happened.

These types of dreams may be a message that you need to work through some subconscious issues surrounding this event.

However, most often this dream is simply a result of an event that made an imprint on your mind. It may just mean that your subconscious mind needed to process the events further, so you did this work through dream.

You typically have no idea that you’re actually dreaming when you experience recent event dreams, unless you’re very good at lucid dreaming.

Keep in mind that recent event dreams are very normal and are actually helpful to our physical and emotional health! In our dream world, we are able to process the events that happen in our life without overthinking things in the real world.

12. Symbolic Dreams:

When you have a symbolic dream, you’re experiencing events that aren’t real. Instead, your dream is a metaphor for something in your life.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

I find that I often have symbolic dreams when the realistic scenario is too painful to re-live. These types of dreams are a way for me to work through the trauma without actually experiencing it again.

However, symbolic dreams can also reveal things about our subconscious minds. If you find yourself having symbolic dreams about seemingly random events, dig deeper in to the dream and figure out what metaphor the events represent.

For example, you could have a symbolic dream about friendship, family, career, spirituality, fertility, etc. Our dreams are often metaphors that hide within our subconscious. You only need to figure out what the symbolic dream is trying to tell you.

11. Cathartic, Problem Solving Dreams:

Cathartic dreams can take many forms. The one constant with these types of dreams is that they allow you to work out your emotions or solve a problem.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

In some way, these are therapy dreams. They give you a safe, constructive space to work out your emotional issue. These are really great types of dreams because the actual construct can change to be what you need in order to figure out your deepest emotions.

Alternatively, these dreams can also help you solve a more logical or rational problem. You can figure out the solution for a work issue, for example, in the context of the dream. 

Many people think of their most creative ideas in problem solving dreams. You’ll know that you had a cathartic/problem solving dream if you wake up knowing exactly how to proceed!

10. Prophetic Dreams:

In prophetic dreams, you either see the future before it happens or receive a telepathic message.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

These types of dreams are often a warning, especially if you’re seeing the future. You sometimes glimpse future events so that you can alter or stop them.

However, prophetic dreams can also be introducing you to the idea of something that will happen. This is your mind’s way of preparing you for the inevitable.

Although you may not be able to change the future in this scenario, your subconscious will be a bit more ready for anything painful.

Sometimes prophetic dreams can be telepathic dreams. This means that you receive communication from someone else’s thoughts or glimpse events happening in another location. 

With these types of dreams, you will usually get insight into events that are currently happening. You’ll know you had a prophetic dream if you can verify these dreams when you wake up.

Most prophetic dreams are messages from your spirit guides or deities, but they can also come from your higher self or unconscious mind.

9. Supernatural Visitation Dreams:

Unlike prophetic dreams, supernatural visitation dreams involve elements that aren’t quite natural on earth.

dark goddesses, dark goddess

An example of a supernatural dream would be encountering the dimensions of Hell or another world. Perhaps you get a visit from an otherworldly deity or have a brush with entities, the Fae, dragons, etc.

You’ll know you had a supernatural visitation dream if it was entirely unique. These types of dreams truly can’t be made up in your own head!

It will be clear when you wake up that you encountered the presence of another being or entity.

These types of dreams can mean a variety of things; the being can have positive, negative, or neutral intentions towards you. 

Sometimes, these supernatural dreams are a random encounter in the astral plane, while other times these dreams are more meaningful.

For example, many people have a supernatural visitation dream involving their ancestors. If you sense that a deceased relative has visited you and the dream feels like more than a memory, you have most likely been visited by the supernatural.

8. Nightmares:

There are many different types of nightmares. You’ll know you had a nightmare if the main feelings surrounding your dream are negative. You might feel fear, guilt, shame, horror, etc. 

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

Nightmares can be messages from the subconscious mind. They might show what you need to work out in real life, or they may illuminate the things you’re secretly afraid of. You might have more nightmares following an especially stressful event.

Alternatively, nightmares can be messages or warnings from your spirit guides, higher self, ancestors, deity guides, or other supernatural beings.

Lastly, certain types of nightmares can be a real life recreation or metaphor for past trauma. Even when you try to repress memories, they tend to bubble up during sleep, when you’re the most vulnerable.

Nightmares can even have multiple messages at once.

The most common types of nightmares in adults are:

  • Dreams about being chased
  • Dreams about death
  • Dreams about feeling lost
  • Dreams about feeling trapped
  • Dreams about being attacked
  • Dreams about snakes
  • Dreams about teeth falling out
  • Dreams about drowning
  • Dreams about poor performance
  • Dreams about natural disaster

Keep in mind that most types of nightmares will be personalized to you in some way. You will need to dig into the emotions and metaphors behind the visceral events of your dream to figure out why you had the nightmare in the first place.

7. Night Terrors:

Unlike nightmares, night terrors are different types of dreams that are more common in young children. 

Night terrors are actually a sleep disorder. When you have a night terror or sleep terror, you will physically flail, scream, or even sleepwalk while you’re still asleep.

In the dream realm, night terrors are much more intense types of nightmares because your physical body gets more involved.

However, these types of nightmares can also reflect unresolved trauma, repressed fear, or warning signs from guides.

6. Lucid Dreams:

Some of the coolest, most different types of dreams are lucid dreams. This literally means that you “wake up” while you’re dreaming.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

When you have a lucid dream, you manage to recognize that you’re in a dream and change your setting as much as you’d like. 

Many people are able to do fantastical things in lucid dreams such as fly, read people’s thoughts, or influence outside events with their minds.

However, lucid dreams aren’t always good. They can be happy, interesting, intellectually simulating, boring, guilt-ridden, terrifying, and more.

The only constant with lucid dreams is that you know you’re dreaming and can influence the world.

Lucid dreaming can be especially helpful when you’re having a recurring dream and need to work out and issue.

Keep in mind that lucid dreaming is not the same as astral travel. I personally feel that lucid dreaming happens in a landscape that is all our own, while astral travel happens in other realms or dimensions, so we’re not able to influence events in the astral plane as easily.

Almost everyone can experience lucid dreaming. However, these types of dreams take a bit of practice to experience and master.

Try to do a “reality check” the next time you’re in a dream. It can be helpful to do these in real life as well so you get into the habit. That way, your subconscious mind is more likely to remember your routine reality check, even when you’re in a dream.

A reality check is when you do a specific action to determine whether or not you’re awake. Some of the easiest reality checks are:

  • Check in the mirror to see if your reflection is clear and accurate
  • Push your hand into a solid object. Does it morph or move?
  • Look at an object, look away, then look back. Did it move or shift?
  • Check the time on the clock. If it’s constantly changing, then you’re in a dream
  • Pinch your nose and see if you’re still able to breath

You can also figure out ways to jump into a lucid dream consciously. Sometimes, even setting the intention that you will lucid dream before bed will work.

Another method is the “Wake Back To Sleep” method. Set an alarm clock for 5 hours after you go to sleep. When the alarm goes off, you should stay up for 30 minutes before going back to sleep.

The theory is that you’re more likely to lucid dream when you fall back asleep the second time. It may not work immediately, so keep trying for a number of nights in a row.

5. Past Life Dreams:

Although many official sources don’t recognize past life dreams as legit types of dreams, I experience them quite a lot.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

Of course, this only applies if you actually believe in past lives or the idea of reincarnation. Past life dreams are actually memories of other lives.

These types of dreams can be scary, happy, momentus, or insignificant. You’ll know you’re having a past life dream if you feel like yourself but also someone else.

Your circumstances will be totally different. For example, you may dream of living in a small village and fishing. However, this will feel normal to you in the context of the dream. It will be daily life as usual.

You may experience past life dreams because a memory is simply bleeding through. Other times, these types of dreams are an indicator that you need to process trauma or emotional issues from this life.

Although past life dreams are the most common types of dreams in this context, you can also have future life dreams.

I have only had one future life dream. I knew it was set in the future and had a whole different group of friends. I was myself, yet I was also someone else. 

For all I know, the dream wasn’t even set on earth! This dream convinced me that time doesn’t work in the spirit world as it does here.

However, past life dreams are much more common.

4. Shared Dreams:

Although shared dreams aren’t common, they are one of the most well-documented types of dreams because they aren’t explained by science.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

When you have a shared dream, you will experience the same dreamscape or events that someone else you know experiences. It can be shocking to compare notes and realize that you had the exact same dream at the same time!

There are many different theories about the purpose of shared dreams. I personally believe that shared dreams are actually types of dreams where two people meet in the astral plane and experience the same events.

3. Fantasy Dreams:

When you’re feeling especially low, you may have these types of dreams. Fantasy dreams, also known as comfort dreams, are dreamscapes that give you everything you want.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

You’ll know you had a comfort dream if you encounter positive parts of your past or experience your fantasies. 

For example, someone may have a dream about their old home and feel comfort from hanging out in their old room. Alternatively, they could dream about meeting their icon and having a constructive conversation, while is more of a fantasy dream.

The purpose of these types of dreams is to sooth the mind. Your subconscious mind knows that you need a bit of comfort or stability, so you experience dreams that give you exactly what you need.

Ultimately, these types of dreams are a method of self-soothing.

2. Recurring Dreams:

Some of the most distressing types of dreams are recurring dreams. These dreams can feel totally random or irrational, but recurring dreams are often a sign that you need to deal with something major.

Keep in mind that recurring dreams can be symbolic, metaphorical, supernatural, or prophetic. 

You will know that a dream is especially important when it’s recurring. Make sure that you sit down and analyze the dream to figure out why you’re experiencing the same events over and over.

Lucid dreaming can also be a good way to take over your recurring dreams and change them into something positive.

1. False Awakenings:

These types of dreams can be ultra-freaky. False awakenings are dreams in which you believe that you woke up. However, you’re actually still asleep.

different types of dreams, types of nightmares

The purpose of false awakening dreams is to make you think you’re in real life so you can fully experience the events of the dream.

Reality checks, detailed in the lucid dreaming section, can be helpful for false awakening dreams. Practice reality checks in daily life if you find that you’re having a lot of false reality dreams and want to be more aware.

How To Interpret Your Dream:

I personally think it can be helpful to figure out what different types of dreams you’re experience before you try to interpret them.

After all, the type of dream will give you clues as to why you’re having this specific vision.

Once you know what types of nightmares or dreams you’re having, the next most important thing about your dream is to analyze how you felt. 

Were the emotions positive or negative? Were you afraid, angry, joyous, revengeful, or calm?

Negative feelings usually indicate that a threat is present in your life. This can be a person, a situation, or your own thoughts. However, you can also feel afraid because you’re experiencing something powerful in your dream.

Feeling fear in a dream is quite common. Most of the time, fear is an indication that you need to dig deeper and face your trauma. However, fear can also be a warning sign that you need to be careful of someone or something in real life. I recommend doing some divination to figure out which type of message you’re getting.

Positive feelings usually mean that you’re turning over a new leaf or are about to achieve a goal.

You will need to put the dream into the context of your own life. Anything that feels familiar or reminds you of a past experience will be important.

I always recommend that you journal right after you wake up. If you’re still experiencing distress or confusion about a recent dream, sit down and write about it.

Do this in a stream-of-consciousness way. If something comes into your head, write it down. Feel free to draw, make maps or diagrams, write lists, or detail anything else that feels important.

Next, do some divination work to figure out exactly what your dream means. Even if you think you know, divination can be extra confirmation.

Some of my favorite methods of divination for dream interpretation are:

  • Bibliomancy
  • Tarot card readings
  • Using the pendulum (with charts or yes/no questions)
  • Scrying (including crystal ball reading)

You can also do a meditation where you try to reenter your dream. Even if the meditation doesn’t exactly recreate your vision, this can still be really effective to delve into the feelings and message behind your dream.

Ultimately, you’ll know if you dream interpretation is correct because it will feel right in your gut. When you know, you know. 

If you aren’t sure, this usually means that you haven’t totally figured out your dream yet. Keep pushing and you will certainly get there!

8+ Incredible Dark Goddesses & How To Work With Them

8+ Incredible Dark Goddesses & How To Work With Them

Throughout history, the “lighter” deities have been more popular. After all, there are hundreds of temples dedicated to Zeus, but only a small handful are dedicated to Hades. The same goes for light goddesses versus dark goddesses.

Many practitioners choose the path of light because they believe that light is in some way better. This is a personal preference and I always encourage you to follow your gut feelings, but for me personally, both light and dark have a place in the world.

After all, there is no light without dark. When we shine a light on our darkest spots, we can work through those core issues that hold us back.

I never want to worship the light without also recognizing the dark because both are parts of who I am. Humans exist in a world of duality, and for me, it’s important that I work with an array of gods and goddesses, too.

Who Are The Dark Goddesses?

The dark goddesses are deities from various traditions who embrace the left handed path, or the darker path. They are often called upon by witches and practitioners for shadow work, necromancy, sex, or “dark” magical work.

Definition-wise, the term dark goddess is applied to goddess who have challenging aspects. However, this by itself is misleading.

Let’s look at the Greek gods, for example. Zeus and Poseidon are the “light” gods who live in and rule Olympus, while Hades is the dark god regulated to the Underworld. However, when you compile the myths about the brothers, Zeus and Poseidon hurt both mortals and gods and a far greater rate than Hades. 

What is it about Hades that is dark, exactly? Is it the fact the he rules the dead? Unlike Satan in Christian tradition, Hades doesn’t have an evil personality. He’s simply strict and does his job.

Goddesses get put into similar categories. It’s my own personal belief that the light goddesses are who we’re supposed to pray to, while the dark goddesses are supposed to be shunned. However, these are just societal conventions that were probably used for political means at the time.

The other reason I think these goddesses became “dark” is because they focus on transformation and shadow work. These things are necessary, but they’re also painful. As human beings, we avoid pain when possible, so it makes sense that over time, people avoided working with the dark goddesses.

Lastly, light tends to represent order while dark represents chaos. It makes sense to me that man in general wants to avoid chaos, because we have enough of it in the world as it is. We live in a world where the very physics state that chaos is the outcome of almost any situation.

So, of course, it makes sense that we look for order. The dark goddesses bring anything but order! However, order feels (to me, at least) collective while chaos is individualistic. In Christian lore, angels follow a strict hierarchy while demons are out for themselves and are all quite different.

While you won’t get a whole lot of structure when you work with the dark goddesses, you will get a lot of individual shadow work. They will aid you in your spiritual growth and transform your life in a truly incredible way!

In many ways, darkness is metaphor for the deeper, unconscious truth that lurks below the surface. The dark goddesses will help you uncover these truths in your life.

Like Pluto in astrology, the dark goddesses will tear down the structures in your life that no longer serve you. This is almost always painful, but it’s also for your own good. You will transform at an unprecedented rate when you work with the dark goddesses.

As you read this list, remember that it is by no means exhaustive. These are just the dark goddesses that I know the most about, but definitely do your own research if there is another dark goddess who calls to you!

Why Work With The Dark Goddesses?

There are many reasons to work with the dark goddesses. They can teach you magical skills, lessons about death and rebirth, and help you work on the shadow self.

However, you definitely shouldn’t reach out to a dark goddess expecting to immediately get something out of the relationship. Unlike the relationships that you may experience with your spirit guides or ancestors, deity worship can be one-sided, for a while. Expect to give a lot more than you get.

These dark goddesses have been around for centuries. They have massively powerful energies and don’t solely exist to help humans grow. Remember that, going into this, you won’t necessarily achieve what you want right away.

Try to be open to any experiences that happen. I personally think even being able to contact a dark goddess is super cool! Although you might have a specific goal in mind, this may change depending on the relationship and what the dark goddess wants to do with you.


In Greek mythology, Hecate is the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the moon, the night, spirits, the sea, of crossroads, and of necromancy. She is associated with the Underworld and with childbirth.

Hecate is very popular with witches because she can be somewhat gentle and nourishing, yet she is still a dark goddess and represents everything that night encompasses.

As a figure, she can appear as a black dog, a polecat, or a serpent. Hecate is, depending on the myth, either a goddess of duality or a triple goddess. She references two (or three, depending on the myth) crossroads and shows us alternate paths to take.

Some of the Hecate’s most popular symbols are:

  • Crossroads (2 or 3 crossroads, depending on the myth)
  • Torches
  • Keys
  • Daggers
  • Hekate’s wheel
  • Black dogs
  • Polecats
  • Serpents
  • The dark moon

In fact, Hecate is very symbolistic because she is the goddess of witchcraft.

To witches all around the world, Hecate is known as a goddess of love, compassion, and protection. She is very often called upon because she is strong yet soft. Hecate is very responsive to the calls of human witches and seems to enjoy helping humans work magic.

Hecate rules the crossroads between the physical and spiritual planes. If you’re working on crossroads magic, Hecate is definitely the dark goddess you will want to call on.

Ultimately, Hecate will help you illuminate your shadow self, your unconscious choices, and your personal pathways. What is it that you truly want? What are you depriving yourself of? Hecate will help you answer these questions.

Hecate can be rather quiet, gloomy, or serious, but she is also very knowledgable. She is kind to those she works with, but you will also have to earn her respect and prove that you’re serious. She doesn’t generally like frivolous folks.

However, you don’t want to anger Hecate. She is known to cast serious curses on anyone who makes her mad. I think you would have to do something really terrible to make her angry, but you definitely shouldn’t call upon her unless you’re serious about working on your magical abilities. If you want to enhance your practice, she is one of the best teachers out there!

Hecate is most accessible during the night of the dark moon, though she seems to like the night in general. She enjoys dark stones like obsidian, roses, mugwort, frankincense, plums, dates, round cakes, belladona and hemlock (proceed with caution!!), fish, and all things blood-colored.


Although Lilith is a very popular figure in books, movies, TV shows, and even songs, the myths of Lilith are old and convoluted. The most famous myth states that Lilith was the first wife of Adam, long before Eve, and she was made as his equal. She refused to conform and submit, so (with the help of Lucifer) she escaped to the caves of Hell.

Later, God created Eve out of Adam’s rib so that she would be subservient to him. Lilith lived on in obscurity, but she kept her own power. Some myths say that she married Lucifer and ruled with him, while others state that she mated with demons and became the mother of all demonkind.

dark goddesses, dark goddess

Today, Lilith is known as the mother of demons, the mother of vampires, and the mother of cats. The many myths that mention Lilith are woven together through various cultures. For thousands of years, she has been feared, but in the modern day, many witches worship Lilith and even work closely with her.

Although Lilith is a demon, she isn’t “bad” in the way that we think of dark and light. She was demonized because she didn’t fit the mold and refused to conform to the pressures of her husband.

In the modern day context, demons create chaos while angels create order. Neither is better nor worse. Typically, angels follow a strict moral code while demons follow their own code, so you can work with a demon who does have a sense of morals, or you can encounter a demon who doesn’t care about anything.

I personally feel that Lilith is both strong and motherly. She gives you a good dose of tough love, but she wants to help you, too. However, you should absolutely be ready to work with her before you call on her. If you scare easily, then you may be frightened, but this is only because we have decided in our culture what “should” be frightening.

Ultimately, Lilith’s intent towards me has always been pure. She came to help me take back my personal power and find who I am.

Lilith is the goddess of the moon, so energy will be especially potent during the dark moon. She especially enjoys moon magic. She also likes sex magic, owls, and cats.


In Irish history, Brigid is one of the most important Celtic goddesses. She is the daughter of the King of the gods, a wife, and a mother, though she is sometimes shown as a warrior-maiden. Brigid can manifest as either a maiden, mother, or crone. She is the goddess of all things that come in threes.

Brigid is often depicted in triple form. She presides over the life, death, and rebirth cycle, but she also has three earthly passions which are poetry, smith-craft, and healing. You can find almost endless reasons why her number is three!

In Celtric tradition, deities are not a separate aspect from our world but should instead be integrated into everyday life. Brigid is so important because she is the goddess of many aspects of daily life (such as smith-craft and motherhood), and her fire is what was thought to get people through the dark days of winter.

She was the tender of the sacred flame and the goddess who helped to usher in spring. She is also the Celtic goddess of poetry, the arts, the hearth, fertility, motherhood, and of medicine and healing.

Throughout history, Irish folk prayed to Brigid in order to get through the winter. She was who kept the fire burning, who kept the animals alive, and who procured enough food for families to make it through the winter.

Witches from all walks of life work with Brigid. She regularly contacts people of all genders, cultures, religious beliefs, etc. She is a really accepting goddess! Brigid later became known as St. Brigid (a Christian saint), so she’s a powerful deity for both pagans and Catholics alike.

Imbolic is an especially powerful time to work with Brigid. Not only is the holiday sacred to her, but she singlehandly ushers in the spring.

Although Brigid is one of the dark goddesses because she is at her prime in the winter, she is also the goddess of fire. She will shine a light on every part of your life that feels obscure or hidden. Brigid doesn’t feel like a “dark” goddess exactly, she has an extremely powerful, fiery nature.  

For witches, Brigid helps with the protection of children, fertility, fire magic, healing magic, purification, and childbirth. Because she rules the element of fire and water, she can assist with candle spells or mirror spells/scrying. She teaches you to let go of the past and make space for new beginnings. She is always moving forward and is not one of the dark goddesses to get stuck in revenge.

Brigid enjoys traditional prayers, candle offerings, small oil lamps, spoken or written poems, milk, grain, and St. Brigid’s cross. I definitely recommend that you do some research into the traditions behind the worship of Brigid. She’s very traditional in nature!

According to many practitioners, she also likes rituals dedicated in her honor, such as spring cleaning.


In Greek mythology, Persephone is the daughter of Demeter who is captured by Hades and brought to the Underworld. He eventually releases her, but because she has eaten the pomegranate seeds in the Underworld, she must live half the year with Hades.

Although there isn’t a lot of information out there about working with Persephone, she is considered one of the dark goddesses and has many different archetypes.

dark goddess, dark goddesses, persephone

Persephone represents the gentler side of the feminine. She also represents the dead, especially during the winter months, while in the summer months she is optimistic and child-like as she lives above ground.

Many witches choose to work with Persephone as one of the dark goddesses in order to learn about communication with the dead. She is known to be quite strict (more strict than Hades, according to many practitioners) but she does have a soft motherly side once you have passed her tests. Ultimately, she is much stronger than many myths make her out to be.

Sometimes, witches are drawn to Persephone out of all of the dark goddesses because she has a wound relating to personal power. She is always trapped in between her mother and Hades. However, according to some people, she has managed to create her own life in this purgatory and works with the spirits of the dead in a personal way. 

Persephone is the mediumistic mystic, the serene wife, the joyful daughter, and the ultimate symbol of spring’s rebirth. She is withdrawn with people she doesn’t know, but can be friendly and warm with those she is close to.

Persephone enjoys offerings of pomegranates, pomegranate juice, honey, floral tea, flowers, floral scented incense (especially lily or willow tree), dark chocolate, butterfly or bird figurines, flower crowns, obsidian, black onyx, and jewelry.


In Greek mythology, Circe is the dark goddess of sorcery, so she’s called on quite often by witches. She’s good at the actual techniques of witchcraft and is known to be ultra-powerful, if a little vengeful.

According to some of the myths, Circe is actually Hecate’s daughter. She certainly comes from a family of magic!

dark goddess, dark goddesses, circe

Circe taught herself how to be an expert in plant magic. She gets along quite well with animals and is thought to have tamed the wild beasts on the island she was stuck on, including lions and wolves. While on the island, she developed her powers immensely because of her isolation.

Witches call upon Circe for lessons in sorcery and witchcraft, but she also helps with issues of loneliness, isolation, cleansing, individuality, acceptance, loss and transformation. She knows what it’s like to have everything stripped from her and still survive. 

When you’re stuck in the worst spot, Circe can be the best dark goddess to call upon. She was able to adapt to everything life (or the gods) threw at her, even when it felt impossible.

As a deity, Circe has a lot of feminine power. One of the reasons she is considered a dark goddess is because she’s incredibly strong and feminine but is also a skilled sorcerist.

Although Circe can aid practitioners in the actual skill of sorcery, she’s also skilled in necromancy, prophecy, illusion, and herbalism. Her favorite tools are the loom (she often “wove” her spells), the cup for potions, the blade, and the wand.

If you want to engage with plant spirits or do animal work then you might also consider calling upon Circe. Although she was alone on the island, she made quite a community for herself among plants and animals.

Lastly, Circe is called upon by practitioners who need to speak the truth. Be aware that she’s a strong goddess, but she can help you tear down the structures that no longer serve you and become the best version of your authentic self. 

Offering ideas for Circe include mandrake, juniper, night shade, various medicinal plants, animal figurines, and wine in a pretty chalice.


In Greek mythology, Nyx is the goddess of night. She is considered a minor goddess, yet she is one of the main dark goddesses because night is simply so important. It still blows my mind that she was considered minor to the Olympians and sent to the Underworld!

dark goddess, dark goddesses

Nyx is said to have spawned a variety of “dark” spirits including the Fates, Death, Pain, Sleep, and more. She is a very ancient deity and is usually envisioned as a dark sheen of mist rather than an individual.

Sometimes, she also appears as a chariot-driver or a winged goddess. Witches who work closely with Nyx report that her form changes often; she is as illusive as the darkness of night.

Nyx will teach her follows how to prophecize the future. In fact, when you’re working with Nyx, you will find that the prophecy and the answers you seek are hidden in the night, if you just know where to look. This can alternatively mean that the answers are already within your unconscious mind.

If you want to connect to the deepest part of yourself, then consider calling upon the dark goddess Nyx. The scariest thing about her will be what she reveals about you.

Generally, Nyx is a gentle goddess who reveals that the balance of light and dark is necessary. She shows us that not all dark things are bad. As far as the dark goddesses go, Nyx is one of the sofest, but don’t call upon her unless you’re truly ready to deconstruct the shadow self.

Nyx can also help you master the prophetic arts. She is known to aid practitioners with Tarot readings, pendulum practice, crystal ball work, mirror scrying, and meditation. Nyx is also a wonderful teacher of astrology and the moon.

If you want to connect to your own intuition and to all things that exist below the surface, Nyx may be the dark goddess for you to work with.

Keep in mind that, even though she can be gentle, she still resides in the Underworld. Just like when you work with the other dark goddesses, you might see or experience some things that feel scary when you start to work with her. However, she is typically gentle with beginners, although her lessons may be difficult.

If you want to connect with the dark goddess Nyx, I recommend that you begin during the night. She especially loves the dark of the moon, but a very dark night is a must to work with her. 

You can start by giving her an offering and doing a bit of divination work. Some offering ideas for this dark goddess include night-blooming flowers, incense, dark wine or spirits, black fabric, a veil, dark chocolate, dark berries, black animal votives, and symbols of her children (scissors, skulls, etc.). 


In Hindu tradition, Kali is the goddess of death and destructive. She is fierce and even a bit scary. Typically, Kali is shown as a blue women with between four and ten arms. She carries severed heads in each hand, but keep in mind that this image was mainly to scare off evil. Her job is to cleanse the world of all things bad.

Kali is one of the most well-known dark goddesses, yet she has so many positive aspects of her. In fact, Kali really represents empowerment, fortitude, and courage. She is a really dynamic feminine role model.

In Hindu myth, Kali is the goddess who slays demons, but she is also a creator-goddess. The idea is that the creator could be both good and loving as well as fearsome.

Kali is the ultimate protection from evil. Many witches call upon her to aid with protection spells specifically. She is a bit dark and powerful but is also a loving deity with a warm, mothering energy.

Otherwise, practitioners call upon Kali for self-empowerment and transformation. Like the other dark goddesses, she will burn your life to the ground if she needs to, but she keeps your highest good in mind. She dissolves all forms that don’t serve you and rebuilds your life and your sense of self from the ground up.

Kali will destroy your lifelong beliefs that you are not worthy or valuable and will force you to be your authentic self. She helps you find a deeper, more meaningful love for yourself while learning to live in reality.

Like many of the other dark goddesses, Kali has both the light and the dark in her. However, you tend to see her light side more often! She loves daytime and all creatures of the earth. After all, she is the creator.

Kali shows us that not all light is good and not all darkness is bad. One cannot exist without the other, so they both have a place in the world. However, she is very against evil forces, however you may define those.

You can contact the dark goddess Kali through meditation, by doing the goddess yoga squat (Asana), by performing Tantric rites, or by offering red hibiscus flowers, sweets, or rice and lentils.

The Morrigan:

The Morrigan is the Irish Celtic goddess of war, destruction, death, and transformation. She is known as the Phantom Queen and is often depicted on a battlefield, surrounded by crows.

Although The Morrigan is a fierce fighter, she also has the ability to shift into the shape of different animals, including the bull, the crow, and the wolf. This is ultimately how she wins the majority of battles.

Because of these shapeshifting abilities, the Morrigan is also the goddess of prophecy and witchcraft. Just as she is fierce in person, she also represents all things hidden and illusions.

Like Brigid, The Morrigan is a triple goddess. She is associated with three animals (the cow, crow, and wolf) but also has three separate aspects of her personality.

The Morrigan teaches us that light comes out of dark. She is the crow who eats the skin off of dead warriors after a battle, but in this manner she also represents in circle of life.

If you work with The Morrigan, she will probably destroy your life in many ways, but our of this chaos comes new life, and you will be revealed in your true form.

The Morrigan is also the perfect goddess to work with if you’re interested in shapeshifting, glamour, illusion, crow magic, sacred sex magic, and shadow work.

Ultimately, The Morrigan will give you a lot of tough love, but she will also be your protector. She is a fierce warrior and fights for those who need her protection, which often includes women, children, and animals.

Offering ideas for The Morrigan include storm water, crow feathers, a knife, milk, grain, honey, relics of war, crow, cow, or wolf figurines, and red wine.

How To Connect With The Dark Goddesses:

Working with the dark goddesses isn’t for everyone. They are often connected to witchcraft, the Underworld, death, rebirth, and transformation.

Although the specifics vary based on the dark goddess you connect with, you should be prepared for them to tear down structures in your life that don’t serve you, even if this is painful.

If a specific dark goddess wants to work with you, she will make herself known in a way that you can’t ignore. This usually happens during a turning point in your life when you are absolutely ready to transform.

However, you might not realize what’s happening right away. When Lilith first made herself known to me, it took me months to figure out that she was behind many of the happenings.

For example, I became obsessed with Lilith astrology (I literally wrote a 12k word blog post her), researched every myth I could find that referenced her, and generally thought about her quite often. For some reason, it never occurred to me that she was actually reaching out until I got a small deity reading on Etsy and was told that I should work with Lilith!

This actually did come at a point in my life when I was going through a major emotional transition. She wanted to help me take back my power and live a more authentic life.

Once I figured out that Lilith wanted to work with me, it wasn’t an instant connection. Working with the dark goddesses takes work and effort. You have to leave offerings, pray to them, talk to them, and think only of your relationship instead of what you can get out of it.

If a dark goddess is reaching out to you, then you may notice signs in your dreams, in divination readings, or in everyday conversation. You may also think about this dark goddess an excessive amount.

At first, look to who you’re naturally interested in. This is often because the dark goddess is hanging around and emitting energy. 

Keep in mind that not every witch or practitioner will resonate with every dark goddess, and this is totally normal! Ultimately, the relationship should be a two way street: the dark goddess is interested in working with you, and you’re interested in working with her. If it feels one-sided on either end, keep looking.

Each dark goddess will have her own unique energy and characteristics. You will get to know your specific dark goddess the more you work with her, which is why it’s best to start with just one deity. 

It can take many weeks or months to truly develop a relationship with any of the dark goddesses. In fact, it can be harder to really get in touch with the dark goddesses versus some of the lighter, happier goddesses, but in the end you can have a really meaningful bond that transforms your life.

So, once you know who you want to connect with, what now?

First of all, do lots of research. Look into the various myths that surround your dark goddess and try to get a flavor for her personality. Learn about her symbols and the various struggles she faced.

Once you feel like you’re well-versed in the historical/mythological aspect of reserach, it’s time to act. I typically leave an offering first. Make sure that this offering is something special; don’t just grab an old bracelet that you don’t want out of your drawer.

However, offerings don’t have to be expensive, either. They simply have to be personalized. A flower that is specific to your dark goddess will be much more impactful than a really expensive stone that’s generic or has no meaning.

You can also try to connect with your dark goddess through meditation, astral travel, or divination (such as the pendulum or Tarot).

I talk to my deities most often through the pendulum. It swings incredibly fast and strong when they’re around. I have literally never felt such a powerful energy before, so I’m sure that I’m talking to them.

When you first start working with a dark goddess, watch your dreams for any symbolism or encounters. You can also sleep with the sigil of the goddess under your pillow, but make sure you’re ready to have some pretty freaky dreams. After all, some of these goddesses live in places like the Underworld!

Lastly, you can do a ritual dedicated to your dark goddess of choice. Later, when you establish a clear relationship, you’ll know how your goddess wants to work with you.

2 Easy Money Spells That Work + Money Spell Troubleshooting

2 Easy Money Spells That Work + Money Spell Troubleshooting

Traditional witches will tell you that a money spell is difficult to cast, but money spells have been the easiest types of spells for me. The first time I cast a money spell was during the beginning of my journey into paganism. I saw tangible results and I knew that witchcraft was real. This money spell changed the game for me.

There are some things in the magical world that I’m not sure about. We all have areas where we question what’s real, but money spells aren’t one of those things for me. I 100% believe that money spells really work work with very little effort.

In fact, money spells are kind of my specialty. If I had to say I’m good at one specific area of magic, I would choose money hands down.

If you’re someone who doesn’t entirely believe in witchcraft, you may want to start with money spells. After all, the results are totally tangible. Not only can you improve your finances with these spells, but you can gain utter confidence that spells are real.

Anybody can cast a money spell! If your money spell doesn’t work the first time, this simply means that you need to remove blockers or raise more energy while repeating the spell. Don’t be afraid to dive in and try it.

A good money spell creates abundance in your life. Everything else will improve when money starts flowing. I have always found that my career improved alongside my financial situation, so my money spells give me a sense of security and joy.

How Money Spells Work:

First of all, you should know that money flows. It’s a lot like water. Money can be bad or scary, but it can also be really lovely or beautiful.

Ultimately, money by itself is completely neutral. The energy that you put into money will determine what it means to you. If you’re afraid of money or feel that you don’t deserve it, you probably won’t have very much of it. If you use money spells to gain momentum, you can keep it flowing and create abundance in your life.

A spell is a collection of focused energy that is sent out into the Universe. When you do this successfully, you receive what you requested back in your life. Energy can’t be created or destroyed, so it boomerangs around when you raise enough of it. This energy must be concentrated in order to see results from spell work.

When you cast a money spell, you’re essentially sending a whole bunch of energy into the Universe to create a flow of money in your life. The money will then take the path of least resistance to come to you. The more paths you leave open to receive money, the easier it will be to see results from your money spell.

Keep in mind that money won’t fall out of the sky. It will show up through real, tangible ways through people, places, or things.

Some of the way to receive money through spells are:

  • An unexpected bonus at work
  • A gift from a family member or friend
  • An offer for an odd-job
  • Backpay for something you forgot about
  • An unexpected increase in investments

And so many other ways. It could be the most random thing. Someone could visit your home, love your coffee table, and offer you double what it’s worth. The possibilities are endless!

1. An Easy Money Jar Spell

My personal favorite spell for long-term wealth is the money jar spell. You may see the effects pretty quickly, but it will continue to work over time. I would rather receive a continuous flow of money than a lump sum!

For this money jar spell, you can also use a bag instead of a jar (similar to a mojo bag) ,but I’ve had more success with the money jar spell. I think the jar works better because it’s sealed, so the energy builds and builds. However, you can definitely swap the jar out or a small bag or pouch if that feels right to you.

Supposedly, you should cast this money jar spell on a waxing moon so that the energy will continue to grow. Otherwise, you should cast it on the new moon or full moon.

However, I have actually cast this spell on the waning moon, which is the exact opposite of what you “should” do, and I still got over $10,000 from it. I wouldn’t let the moon cycles affect you too much; it’s your intention and energy that really counts. This all depends on your own practice and beliefs, of course.

If you feel called to cast this spell on a certain day, go for it. It might be a waning moon, but the moon may also be in Aries (which is fast and fiery), Capricorn (which is just straight up money), or another sign that works for you somehow. Any sign can be used to harness money energy.

Lastly, you can charge this spell on the full moon regardless of when you cast it. You can even charge it in the sun if you like the sign that the sun is in! The possibilities are endless; the day you cast the actual money jar spell is only the beginning.


  • A green candle (tea-light, taper, pillar; anything works here)
  • A small jar with a cork or screw top
  • $100 dollar bill
  • Powdered cinnamon or cinnamon sticks
  • Cayenne pepper
  • 1 piece of Pyrite (Fool’s Gold)
  • A bay leaf
  • A pen or marker

Feel free to substitute ingredients as needed. However, I recommend using divination (such as your pendulum or Tarot cards) to make sure you’re substituting with appropriate ingredients.

How To Cast This Money Jar Spell:

1. Set up your spell work area. I like to clean my work table with vinegar, light a few extra candles, lay out my crystals for energy, and burn incense to cleanse the room.

2. Cleanse your tools using incense, sound, your pendulum, etc. Ground your energy then cast a circle.

3. Spend some time meditating on your intentions. Picture the result you want; you should visualize your life as though you already have the money you need. 

4. Write out your intention on the bay leaf. You can substitute a piece of paper if necessary. Your intention can be simple, such as “money flows to me in large amounts,” or it can be more specific, such as “I receive $250 for my car payment.”

5. Raise your energy as you picture the ideal outcome. Put some of this energy into the bay leaf using your hands.

6. Combine the cinnamon, cayenne pepper, $100 bill, Pyrite, and bay leaf in the spell jar then seal it shut. You can simply close the jar, or you can seal it with wax if you prefer. Spend 5-10 minutes putting your energy into the jar using your hands. I recommend that you raise energy from the elements (like the earth or fire from the candle) so that you don’t feel fatigued when you’re done.

7. You don’t need to speak during the spell, but I do like to chant. This is what I say while I’m activating the jar:

Money, money, come to me

In abundance, three times three

Enrich me in the best of ways

Harming none on its way

Bring me money, three times three

This I accept, so mote it be!

I didn’t come up with this; I found it on Pinterest somewhere along the way. It’s a pretty common money chant that has been around for many years. I also like how this chant includes the anecdote about “harming none.” Because my wording is kind of vague, I always try to include a clause about harming no one if possible.

Say this three times (or however many you feel intuitively). At this point, the spell is complete. You can close your circle.

I do like to charge my money jar spell during the next full moon, but you can even charge it the same night you cast it or use even the sun instead. Check out the astrological signs to make sure the sign correlates with your intentions.

This money jar spell can be stored anywhere that is safe. I actually hide mine in my clothing drawers so I don’t think about it too much. However, I do like to recharge it during the full moons, or I will pull it out and add some energy to the jar if the mood strikes me.

2. The Candle Money Spell

A candle money spell will typically work more quickly than the money jar spell, but it might not last as long. However, I find that this spell is great for times when you need a set amount of money.

money spell, money jar spell, money spells

For example, I cast a quick candle money spell when I wanted a chunk of change for our upcoming vacation. Cash was a bit tight and I didn’t want to dip into our savings or the money that I set aside for my spiritual work. I happened to receive a gift of money for the exact amount we needed!


  • A green pillar or chime candle
  • Money dressing oil
  • A bay leaf (you can substitute for a piece of paper if necessary)
  • A pen or marker
  • A firesafe pan or bowl to burn your bay leaf

Although not everyone uses a money dressing oil, I like to dress my candles before any candle spells.

My money dressing oil is super easy to make. I simply combine olive oil with ginger and cinnamon powder. After quickly charging this money oil, it’s ready to go.

You can also find some great money oil options on Etsy. If you buy a money oil online, make sure to clear it then charge it after you receive it.

How To Cast This Money Candle Spell:

Note: It’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher ready before performing any magic involving candles or open flames.

1. Set up your spell work area. I like to clean my table with vinegar, light a few extra candles, lay out my crystals for energy, and burn incense to cleanse the room.

2. Cleanse your tools using incense, sound, your pendulum, etc. Ground your energy then cast a circle.

3. Spend some time meditating on your intentions. Picture the result you want; you should visualize your life as though you already have the money you need. 

4. Dress your candle with the money dressing oil. This means that you rub the oil into the candle in a downward motion (in order to increase rather than banish), being careful to avoid the wick. If you prefer, you can draw a money sigil onto the candle, or you can do both. When you’re done, light the candle.

5. Write out your intention on the bay leaf. You can substitute for a piece of paper if necessary. Your intention can be simple, such as “money flows to me in large amounts,” or it can be more specific, such as “I receive $250 for my car payment.”

6. Raise your energy as you picture the ideal outcome. Put some of this energy into the bay leaf using your hands.

7. Burn the bay leaf in the candle flame. Once the bay leaf is burning, place it on a fire safe plate or container so you don’t burn your fingers. As the leaf burns, chant:

Money, wealth, riches abound

Find your way to me safe and sound

Fill my pockets and my wallet full

Banish debt with harm none rule.

8. Snuff out your candle and bury the ashes or remains of the bay leaf. If you live in the city as I do, you can bury them in the pot of a small household plant.

At this point, your spell is complete. Make sure you close your circle. You can save your candle in case your spell needs an extra boost; just re-light the candle and meditate on your intention for a bit.

Why Didn’t My Money Spell Work?

There are many reasons why a money spell doesn’t work. However, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the issue and fix it. I promise – anyone can cast a money spell successfully!

First of all, make sure your spell didn’t work without you realizing it. Take note of any extra money that comes in. Did you get anything from the government? Were you unexpectedly gifted cash, or did you receive an abnormal bonus?

Your money spell results will be in the form of money that’s different from the norm. Your regular bonus that you planned to receive isn’t part of these results, but anything unexpected should be carefully considered.

You will know your money spell is working if you a) receive the exact amount you need or b) receive unexpected money multiple times in a short period of time.

If neither of those things have happened then your spell didn’t work. Here are some of the most common reasons why money spells fail.

1. You projected an energy of desperation when you cast the spell. Ideally, you’re picturing yourself feeling rich in both money and life. However, an energy of lack rather than abundance can be quite powerful and can sabotage your spell before it’s even finished.

When you cast money spells, it’s essential that you truly believe that everything will work out. Try to let go of any fear and act as though the money is already on it’s way to you. The second you believe this is the instant that it becomes true. Our thoughts shape our reality.

2. There was no opportunity for money to reach you. If you’re sitting at home, ignoring your friends/family, not reading your email, not applying to jobs, etc., money will have a tough time flowing to you. There’s literally no channels for it to come through!

Try to get out in the world and open up as many avenues as possible for money to come to you. If you don’t know where to start, then simply keep your eyes open. Sometimes, the money spell energy will send you an idea of a way you can make more money rather than tangible money, at least at first.

If you already have many avenues open then you can probably expect to receive some actual money.

3. You have personal hangups surrounding money. Typically, this means that you were either taught that money is bad or had experiences that caused you to develop this belief. Alternatively, you may believe that you don’t deserve money and that you aren’t worthy in some way.

Try to clear these beliefs before casting money spells. You can quickly clear some beliefs using the pendulum, or you can do shadow work or even journaling to try and work through this programming. Remember that money is ultimately neutral and you get to choose what energy you attach to any type of currency.

4. You didn’t raise enough energy. On a technical level, any spell needs energy to work. Money spells are no different. 

This is the most common reason why money spells fail. If you raised a massive amount of energy, then the spell would probably work on some level, even if you have negative beliefs or don’t have many paths for money to flow through. Ultimately, energy can accomplish the impossible.

You can simply work your jar using more energy or cast your spell again if you prefer candle money spells. I personally love money jar spells because you can add more energy to the jar at any time. On top of raising energy and putting it directly into the jar using your hands, you can charge the jar in a full moon or light a candle and channel that energy into the jar.

I recommend using this meditation to raise energy if you find yourself struggling. You can also try pulling energy from a different element (e.g. raise energy with fire if you previously used earth).

Common Money Spell FAQs:

I get a lot of questions about money spells. I’m including some of the most common money spell FAQs here, but I will add to this section over time as I continue to receive emails and questions via social media.

How quickly will I see results?

This is a complicated question to answer. There are so many factors!

If you raised enough energy, used good ingredients, and had the right intentions, then your spell should work. Assuming you have done all of these things, the amount of time it takes will now depend on how many avenues are available for the money to flow through.

When you cast a spell, you’re essentially sending concentrated energy into the Universe. The idea is that this energy will return to you in tangible ways based on your intentions. After all, the purpose of witchcraft is to actively make our lives better.

Because energy is not emotional, it takes the path of least resistance, regardless of what that path may be. If there are easy paths available for this particular money spell, then you will see results very quickly. If there are less paths or the avenues available require more energy, you may see a bit of a delay.

For example, let’s say you work a full-time job, have a side-hustle business, recently applied for a grant, and have a wide social circle. You’re likely to receive the money you need pretty quickly, because the energy can flow through any of these avenues. There are plenty of opportunities to receive money!

However, if you don’t currently work, haven’t applied for unemployment, and sit at home, the money won’t just fall into your lap. You will still get opportunities, but you have to pay attention and actively try.

As you can see, the timing is variable based on your own set of life circumstances. To speed up your money spell, get out there are try to earn in any way that feels right.

If you get clues along the way, make sure that you follow them. For example, I recently received an email to apply for a small grant the day after casting my money spell. I had not signed up for the email list and had literally never heard of the company. This was definitely my spell in action, but if I ignored the email, then the money would have taken a bit longer to reach me depending on the next path available.

Is a money spell white or black magic?

I’m not a huge believe in white versus black magic. I believe that light and dark exist, but I don’t necessarily feel that one is positive while the other is negative.

I actually believe that the terms “white magic” and “black magic” were created to scare people. There’s still a lot of fear surrounding witchcraft, so this easily fed into the idea that you’re either a good witch or a bad witch. The fear of practicing black magic causes many people to avoid witchcraft altogether.

New age spiritual folks might say that money spells are inherently black magic because they are self-serving spells, but I don’t think that all self-serving things are actually bad. In fact, I think there’s a lot of authentic power in knowing what you want and going after it.

Ultimately, I’m not actively trying to hurt anyone when I cast a money spell. In fact, I make sure to be extra-generous and spread my money around when I do receive a gift from the Universe. I leave bigger tips, treat my friends to dinner, or buy meaningful gifts for people I care about. Even my cat reaps the benefits because she gets the organic food that she loves!

In that sense, I truly believe that I’m casting this spell for a good reason. And, if I did get greedy or stop spreading the money around, I think that my money spells simply wouldn’t work as well. Like I said, money has to flow. If it is flowing for you, then you know you’re doing something right. The flow of money is simply condensed positive energy. How can that be black magic?

At the end of the day, you have to follow your own intuition. To me, money spells feel right. They give me a sense of inner power that’s both pure and powerful. When I cast a money spell, I’m not trying to control other people, but only to empower myself. 

How much money can I get from a spell?

The sky is the limit! I started small and worked my way up, but you should cast a spell for the amount of money you need, minimum.

You can also just cast a spell for a lot of money without specifying an exact amount. Many money spells call for a $1 bill or coins, especially when you’re creating a money jar spell, but I like to use a $100. Sure, you have to part with $100 for a while, but you will reap the rewards.

I find that this sends the intention into the Universe that I’m willing to spend money to make money. Symbolism is always important in magic.

If you ask for a larger amount, you will probably need to raise more/stronger energy. Doing a bit of divination before spell work can help you figure out the exact path you want to follow.

I will say that I have earned over 20k using a single money spell. At some point, I want to try a money spell for an even larger amount, although I will be creating a flow of energy by investing that money in my business and in good works.

But if I’m actively working, won’t the money come from my effort, not the energy of the spell?

Money has to flow through “regular” channels. It doesn’t come out of nowhere and can’t just fall in your lap. All money comes from a source, whether that’s a person, the government, a business, a trust fund, etc. That source is just another avenue for money to flow through.

Even in Harry Potter, money can’t be created out of thin air. It’s simply one of the laws of nature; all witchcraft has to follow the basic principles of physics.

However, the purpose of a money spell is to receive extra money. Your salary definitely doesn’t count as results because you already knew you would receive it. Results from your money spell will be new.

Keep in mind that the Universe needs many channels in order to funnel money into your life. Give yourself as many avenues as possible to receive this “extra” money, but don’t count the money that you already make as part of your spell.

I worked for years doing the same thing with my blog, but my income never increased. I tried everything I could think of but was stuck at the exact same number.

Once I cast my first money spell, a whole variety of new opportunities popped up. Educational resources appeared that I had literally never seen. Marketing started clicking for me, and I was given an opportunity to blog about the things I love, so my words were more authentic. Within a year, my income had doubled!

So yes, this money spell did send money through “regular” means. But, it gave me so many opportunities to increase my income that I literally never had before. It was unexpected, new, and different, which is how I know that my first money spell worked. It also took a lot of hard work.

For best results, money spells require physical effort and strong energy.

How specific should I be in my wording?

Many witches tell you that you must be extremely specific. I’m in the opposite camp. I think that less specific wording is much better.

This is because open-ended wording leaves more room for opportunity. If you cast a spell specifically to make more money in your job but your boss is dead set against giving you a raise, then you would have to raise an incredible amount of energy to see results.

However, if you cast a money spell for a specific amount, you could receive the money in any way. At this point in my life, I cast general money spells for larger amounts without having a specific dollar sign in mind. This allows the money to flow naturally and creates longer-term gains, in my opinion.

I find that the wording doesn’t matter as much as the intention does. When you cast your spell, what are you picturing? Are your feelings about money positive? Are you seeing what you do want, not what you lack? Do you picture feeling wealthy in both life and finances?

Money spells work best when other aspects of your life are figured out. Your spell won’t work as well if you’re using money as a substitute for other things, such as to feel better about your relationship, to buy prettier clothes so that someone likes you, etc. Money spells work because you are confident, want more money, and know what you’ll do with it that also feels right.

If you are picky about how money comes to you, then feel free to be as specific as you’d like. This is just my personal opinion on the matter!

Isn’t a money spell greedy?

We live in a world with money. Whether you think money is good or bad, it’s simply a part of our culture on Earth right now.

I personally believe that we chose to incarnate onto Earth in order to work on certain skills. One of these things that we must deal with is money.

I don’t believe that money should be ignored because it’s an essential part of our human experience. In fact, money is neutral; it’s simply currency.

Money allows me to have a home that I love, to nourish my body, to buy clothing that represents who I am, to travel and experience different cultures, and so much more.

I think that money is often portrayed as negative because it represents power. But isn’t power on a spectrum, too? Can’t we use our power in ways that are positive or negative?

For me, money represents my inner personal power. This is because I try to earn money through authentic means and by aligning with my purpose on Earth.

Money is like water. It can get jammed up and spill out sideways, or it can flow. In fact, even though money is physical, it’s energetic, too. If you feel guilty thinking about money then I recommend examining your feelings and programmed beliefs. What energy are you attaching to money? Ultimately, money is what we make of it.

How To Be A Hedge Witch: Solitary Practice, Hedge Jumping, & More

How To Be A Hedge Witch: Solitary Practice, Hedge Jumping, & More

The term hedge witch is incredibly popular right now. The hedge witch is pictured as the solitary shaman working alone at the edge of the forest. However, hedge witchcraft is an eclectic practice with so many elements.

Today I’ll be delving into my experience as a hedge witch, but you should keep in mind that this is all based on my own practice and research.

Ultimately, no witch needs a label. These characterizations are just human definitions.

However, labels do help us contextualize, sort, and understand how we can proceed in our practice. I feel that a label is solely for your own benefit and can change or morph as needed. Feel free to alter anything I say here if it doesn’t resonate with you!

Definition Of A Hedge Witch

The traditional hedge witch, if you can even use the word traditional, is someone who is a Seer, Shaman, and witch all in one. 

Historically, the term hedge witch was used for anyone who lived along the fringes of a village, behind the hedgerows. The village was on one side of the hedges and the unknown, “wild” beyond was on the other side.

These were the solitary men and women who acted as Shamans and witches in daily life, such as in the home and hearth, but who also offered divination or healing services to those in need.

However, hedge witch has always had a type of double meaning. Terms like hedge crossing, hedge riding, or hedge jumping all refer to the hedge witch venturing into another realm while keeping one foot in the mundane world.

Divination is almost always involved in the hedge witch’s practice. Seeing “beyond the veil” is really important for most hedge witches. This can refer to astral travel, the Otherworld, or various other realms depending on the tradition and belief set the witch is working with.

The term hedge witch is experimental. These witches practice folk magic that is passed down or learned through trial and error.

Although most hedge witches in history were Celtic, Anglo Saxon, or Greek, the fundamental properties of the hedge witch can apply to virtually anyone from any culture. The hedge witch is quite eclectic in his/her practice.

Most hedge witches work alone because they don’t conform to any one traditional. The magic that they practice is results-based. If something works, a hedge witch will repeat the process, and scrap rituals that have no practical effect.

The hedge witch respects both the old and the new traditions because they base their practice on practicality rather than on ritual alone.

For me, the whole purpose of practicing hedge witchcraft, much like folk witchcraft, is achieving actual results. Trial and error is a huge part of this

Because the hedge witch is so eclectic, they can be a psychic, medium, healer, witch, counselor, herbalist, and Shaman all in one.

The hedge with works with the space between life and death, but they also partner with the rhythm of nature. Herbs and green witchcraft are important when it comes to hedge witchcraft.

Animals, plant spirits, and nature spirits are all important to the hedge witch. These beings bridge the gap between the physical world and spiritual realms.

Common Hedge Witch Practices

Typically, hedge witches make the home and hearth the center of their magical activities. Daily acts are infused with magical intention.

For example, cleaning the home is actually spiritual cleansing. When the hedge witch waters their plants, they are bonding with the plant spirits.

Hedge witchery is all about trial and error in small ways. The hedge witch will change something small in the home and see how the energy manifests.

The natural world is also the root of the hedge witch’s practice. Green witchcraft is often incorporated on a daily basis in small ways.

Most hedge witches build relationships with plant spirits, mineral spirits, and the earth. There is a connection for for these witches between the earth and the spirit world that is fluid; they are one in the same.

In fact, hedge witches see herbs, plants, and minerals as separate spirits. Animism is typically popular in hedge witchcraft. The hedge witch will speak with the spirits of the trees, engage with critters outside, and generally form bonds with the earth around them. The seasons and cycles of nature are very important in hedge witchcraft.

Many hedge witches work as shamans. They may engage with the spirit world through trance or by altering their consciousness in some way.

Unlike many witches, hedge witches actually want to travel to other realms. Astral travel is very common as is experimentation with different types of hedge jumping, such as entering the dreams of others or various spirit realms.

Ancestor and spirit veneration is also quite normal for hedge witches. If you’re interested in working as a hedge witch, ancestor communication is a great place to start. Ancestors are very safe spirits.

However, hedge witches may also work with deities, spirits, angels, demons, and more. Although they’re typically solitary witches, they do tend to partner with many types of spirit beings.

Hedge witches tend to find power at borders. For example, some witches work on the border between the city and the country, at the edge of the water between the ocean and the land, at a crossroads, or using the energy of both the earth and the sky/air. The cemetery is another border (between life and death) that some hedge witches utilize.

How To Be A Hedge Witch

Working as a hedge witch is a great practice to explore if you feel a connection to both nature and the spirit world.

I personally love working as a hedge witch because I’m able to explore the physical and the spiritual realms at the same time. It feels like I’m combining many different pieces of myself when I practice the craft.

However, being a hedge witch is not for the faint of heart. It’s definitely not always light and fluffy. Hedge witchcraft can be pretty intense and wild at times.

To begin, I recommend working in your home. Invite in a house spirit, cleanse your home, and reinforce your wards weekly. You need to create a safe haven before beginning any type of spirit practice.

Spend time working with the spirits of plants and crystals in your house. If you don’t have any plants, this may be the time to pick out an easy plant to care for in your home as well as some crystals. Speak to the spirit, ask it where it would like to be placed, how much care it wants, etc.

Green witchcraft is a good foundation if you want to be a hedge witch. Do some theoretical study on the properties of different herbs and work practically with the spirits of these plants. Kitchen witchery is also fun and safe to experiment with at home.

It’s also good to infuse a bit of magic into your daily routines. Make cleansing, bathing, warding, and grounding regular activities.

Hedge witches are in-tune with the seasons. Do some research into seasonal holidays and festivals of different traditions and try various activities that correlate to nature.

For example, in the spring, I tend to clean, cleanse, prune my plants, etc. As the natural world wakes up and becomes more active, so do I. In the fall, I do a lot of introspective spirit work that can be a bit darker; I also work with the shadow self and perform rituals.

Many hedge witches like to focus on healing. If you’re interested, you may want to learn about the medicinal properties of herbs as well as the spiritual properties. Start with simple concoctions such as tea or herbs to help you sleep, relax, or ground yourself.

Once you have the basics down pat and are skilled at defensive spells, you can begin attempting to cross into the spirit world. After all, being a hedge witch is all about traveling to other realms!

However, hedge jumping can be dangerous. You intrinsically open yourself up to beings that don’t behave in the same ways as those in our physical world.

Therefore, it’s essential that you know how to protect yourself before beginning your journey as a hedge witch. You should learn how to cleanse, ward, and banish. You should also learn how to cast a circle before you start any spell work or spirit work.

Astral travel, dancing, drumming, trance meditation, sigils, and the use of entheogens are all popular methods of hedge jumping. 

Once you feel properly protected, experiment with astral travel. You can find great drumming beats on YouTube to help you travel astrally. The goal is to get into a deep enough trance that you can travel to spiritual realms.

Crystals for psychic development can help you on your journey, especially if you work with the spirits of the crystals. You can also use sigils to both ground you and enhance your psychic sight.

When you’re working with spirits, I recommend that you begin with your ancestors. Most ancestral spirits are very safe and will help protect you from beings who could mean you harm.

Once you have been working with your ancestors for some time, you can branch out and begin to contact other types of ghosts or spirits such as deities, angels, demons, etc.

Work with the spirits in your area. The spirits of the trees, flowers, and water right outside your door are available and are great to contact when you’re just beginning your work as a hedge witch.

As you advance, you may try to hedge jump into the Otherworld and work with the Fae. This is pretty advanced, so you should do a lot of research and focus on defensive magic for some time before you begin this.

However, the Otherworld is a really amazing place and you can have some incredible experiences when you begin working with the Fair Folk.

Grounding is really important when you begin hedge jumping. You can ground yourself using a sigil, a meditation, or even through incense or sound.

Some hedge witches focus on shape shifting in astral travel or in dreams. This is pretty advanced, but it can be really cool to find your animal alter-ego. A good way to start is in meditation, before you try this in the more “physical” realities of astral travel or lucid dreaming.

Daily or weekly meditation will be helpful in your work as a hedge witch. Dreamwork is also important; when you’re starting out, keep a dream journal and work with your subconscious during sleep. 

Work with sigils: they can both ground you and transport you to other realms. Trance-work is also good. Practice is key here!

Herbs can be used, even benign plants, to help you cross the hedge. However, you should be super careful of substances until you really have your defensive magic down pat.

Hedge witches don’t have to use mind altering substances, although some do. Even incense or spiritual tea can help to open you up spiritually.

If you’re interested in working with herbs and substances, Mugwort is a great herb to begin with. It’s very safe and subtle but can enhance your dreams.

Keep in mind that being a hedge witch is a journey. You need to push your boundaries, but you can have really incredible experiences in other worlds and gain deeply meaningful spiritual knowledge.

Don’t worry about the “rules” of hedge witchcraft. Try all things and experience, but always protect yourself before beginning something new.

Remember that no two hedge witches are alike. What works for others may not work for you, and that’s totally okay.

Do some experimentation and find your own path. After all, hedge witchcraft is about being authentic and connecting with both the physical and spiritual world around you.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into hedge witchcraft, you may enjoy this book on hedge witchcraft and Druidry. 

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3 Types Of Energy Vampires & How To Handle Them

3 Types Of Energy Vampires & How To Handle Them

The word “vampire” continues to be scary across cultures. The word vampire means someone who is dangerous and alluring, all at the same time. In the spiritual community, energy vampires are thought to be just as dangerous or bad as other vampires.

Before diving into energy vampires, I want to say that I truly believe that every myth and legend has a root in reality.

Of course, pop culture twists folklore tales and turns them into something else entirely, but for every legend and fairytale, there is typically a real-life origin. I have found this to be true whether we’re talking about fairies, ghosts, or even vampires.

Although some practitioners believe that there are many different types of vampires, today I’ll be specifically talking about energy vampires.

These are the types of vampires that I have personal experience with, but energy vampires are also the most common type encountered in regular life.

What Are Energy Vampires?

The definition of an energy vampire is simply: someone or something that steals energy from you. 

This is a pretty broad definition, but that’s because there are many different types of energy vampires who possess different strengths. 

An energy vampire can be on the physical plane or in the spiritual realm. This means that your friend or neighbor can be an energy vampire, but you can also have entities that attach to your energy field and act as energy vampires over time. Astral energy vampires are much more common than we realize.

Some energy vampires know that they’re stealing energy from you and do this intentionally to gain power. Others do it unconsciously or subconsciously.

I find that most human beings don’t realize that they’re energy vampires, but about 50% of entities do realize what they’re doing.

Energy vampires need energy to function appropriately. They usually have a stunted or damaged energy system. They can’t generate enough energy themselves, so they must source external energy.

This doesn’t mean that every energy vampire is “evil.” In fact, some people drain the energy of others without even realizing it. They might have been born with a damaged energy system or they sustained trauma to their energy system during this life.

Other energy vampires have entities attached to them draining their energy, so they unconsciously drain the energy of those around them to try and replace their own power. It’s a negative cycle that is hard to break out of.

Sometimes, a person becomes an energy vampire because of physical ailments. They don’t have the right body chemistry to sustain energy levels over time, so they must take energy from other people.

Others do realize that they’re draining energy. These types of energy vampires use their energy-draining skills to gain power. In some darker occult practices, this was a common way to boost your own power or prestige.

Luckily, the energy system can always be healed. If you think that you may be an energy vampire, scroll to the bottom where I’ll discuss methods for grounding and healing your energy system.

Keep in mind that human beings always exchange energy on some level. When you greet someone and give them a huge, there is a brief exchange of energy.

Just being around another human means that you each pick up on some of each other’s energy. Sometimes, you can exchange energy with another person if you’re not even physically around them because you have psychic cords.

So, what’s the difference between natural human energy exchange and human energy vampires?

Any energy vampire will take a lot of energy and give very little in return. I don’t classify someone as an energy vampire unless the exchange is way out of balance. 

Keep in mind that not every toxic person you know is an energy vampire. It’s possible to be toxic, narcissistic, sociopathic, etc. without actually draining the energy of other people. This is a really specific classification. I’ll go over how to tell the difference later in this blog post.

Ultimately, someone is only an energy vampire if they physically steal your energy.

There is a whole spectrum of energy vampires. Some people will become vampiric for just a short period of time (such as after a breakup when energy levels are extremely low) while others might be chronic energy vampires. Some are physical, some are spiritual, and some are simply thought forms.

Types Of Energy Vampires:

There are many different types of energy vampires, because they exist on a spectrum. However, for the purpose of this post, I’ll separate energy vampires into 3 distinct types and talk about the differences within each type.

The Human Energy Vampire

The well-known definition of the energy vampire is human. Most spiritual communities fear human energy vampires more than entity energetic vampires.

Even in psychology and science, the human energy vampire has a distinct classification.

Human energy vampires are pretty common. Many humans have damaged energy systems to some degree, so they need to steal energy from others.

Some human energy vampires steal energy just from being around you without actually doing anything. However, it’s more common for human energy vampires to take energy through words or actions. This is an easier way for energy vampires to gain energy.

Some of the most common ways for human energy vampires to take energy include:

1. Praise. These types of energy vampires will praise people to either get what they want or to make the other person feel indebted to them. This praise is not genuine and is accompanied by a vague, ugly feeling.

2. Intimidation. Many energy vampires gain energy through intimidation. They put someone else down, even very subtly, and gain energy through the exchange.

3. Guilt. This can be subtle or covert. These types of energy vampires will make someone else feel guilty and draw on their energy. They are effectively getting the person to lower their shield so that they can “steal” their source.

4. Focus On Self. If you’ve ever been sucked in by someone talking about themselves incessantly or complaining about their problems, then you know what this type of energy vampire sounds like. As you listen, they are actively sucking your energy out of your field.

5. Touch. Although we all exchange energy when we touch, an energy vampire will take a lot of energy through physical interactions. In fact, you may feel depleted after you hug or even brush against this person.

Some types of energy vampires do these things in the short term only. For example, if a friend breaks up with her boyfriend, her energy system may go off, forcing her to steal from other people. She might complain quite a bit and want more touch than usual. She probably doesn’t even realize she’s doing this, but she will naturally “right” her energy system over time.

Other energy vampires steal energy over the long-term. These are the relationships that tend to feel one-sided.

If you have a mutual give and take in a relationship with someone then it is almost guaranteed that they aren’t an energy vampire. One-sided relationships will drain you and are more likely to be relationships with an energy vampire in them.

The Entity Energy Vampire

One of the other common types of energy vampires is the entity. The term entity is relatively broad, but it generally refers to a negative spiritual being that hangs out in your energetic field.

Although not all entities are energy vampires, most of the entities who attach to you will steal energy in some way.

Initially, the entity energy vampire will attach to you because of the state of being that you’re in. This means that you weren’t warded and had an emotionally “low” moment. Your vibration was low enough that the entity could successful attach to you.

From thereon, the entity hangs out in your energy field and drains you. The longer the entity is attached to you, the stronger it becomes. For this reason, it’s ideal to get rid of entities right away.

If you have entities attached to you, it’s common to feel tired or drained. You may also have negative dreams or nightmares. Some people even feel different emotionally or start wanting things that are out of character for them.

Some entities simply hang out; you may barely notice them. Others can be powerful energy vampires and drain a lot of energy out of you. Just like other types of energy vampires, there is a broad spectrum with entities.

Over time, powerful entities can even draw so much energy that their host becomes physically ill. However, this is rare.

It’s extremely common to have astral attachments or entities. They’re like spiritual parasites. Just like we need to cleanse our bodies every so often, we must do the same for spiritual attachments.

I regularly cleanse my entities using the pendulum. I also ward myself and actively work to keep entities from attaching to my energy field in the first place.

The Vortex Energy Vampire

The vortex energy vampire doesn’t have a true name. It’s not well-known in the spiritual community, but I have personally encountered this type of energy vampire, so I wanted to include the categorization.

The vortex isn’t a human or an entity. It’s simply a ball of negative energy manifested by your own thoughts or actions.

When this energy gets strong enough, it takes on its own form. It hangs out in your energy field and sucks energy out of you, leaving you drained and tired.

The longer you continue to feel or do whatever it is that created the vortex, the stronger it gets.

For example, people in abusive relationships often have energy vortexes attached to them. When they ignore the abusive actions of their partner and stay in the relationship, the energy vortex gets stronger and drains more of their energy.

A simple way to get rid of this energy vortex is to change the feelings or actions that created it in the first place.

However, this can be relatively difficult. A short term solution is to clear the vortex using the pendulum or by doing a simple meditation. In the long term, it’s much more effective to get to the root of the problem, or you may have to clear the vortex over and over.

Energy Vampires Symptoms:

When you first meet an energy vampire, you typically won’t be repulsed by them. If you feel yucky around someone right away, this just means that they have negative energy.

Energy vampires are much more difficult to spot. Unless you’re energetically sensitive and do energy work quite a bit, you probably won’t notice that your energy is being drained until enough time goes by.

The energy of the person can feel positive or negative. However, your own energy will feel depleted over time.

Energy vampires can act totally normal, or they can be super toxic personalities. Although new age spiritual gurus tell us that energy vampires are just toxic people, I don’t find this to be perfectly representative. After all, someone can be a terrible person without actually stealing your energy.

Here are some of the things you may feel when you’re around an energy vampire for too long:

Lethargic, Tired, or Calm.  These types of energy vampires suck the energy out of you just by being in the same area. If you find yourself wanting to fall asleep every time you’re around a specific person, then this is a clear sign that they’re an energy vampire. This can also be a constant feeling for an entity energetic vampire.

Migraines or Headaches. Unusual migraines or headaches, if you don’t commonly have head pains, are almost always related to energy. When I cast a spell and forget to pull enough energy from the elements, I immediately get a migraine. It’s also a tell-tale symptom that you have an energy vampire around you.

Heavy Cloud of Depression. This will come out of nowhere. You will suddenly feel like there is an oppressive cloud holding you down. You may feel less enjoyment doing your usual activities or feel that the world is less colorful.

Feeling Floaty/Not Grounded. If you feel a little dizzy or floaty then this can be a symptom that you have energy vampires around you.

Feeling Both Tired & Angry. I find that you need both of these symptoms together to determine that you were near an energy vampire. This indicator is more common around human types of energy vampires.

Sudden Nausea or Stomach Ache. If you feel a really unexpected stomach pain and can’t link it to a virus or other stomach bug, then this can be a clear symptom of an energy vampire.

Tightness In Chest/Shortness Of Breath. You may feel like you just can’t breathe the second you’re around someone. This is an indicator that you’re near an energy vampire. See if the feeling goes away when you remove yourself from the situation.

You generally need at least a few of these symptoms to say that you definitely have any types of energy vampires around you.

These symptoms will only show up when you’re physically around a human energy vampire. If you have a migraine for three days in a row, but only see someone on the 2nd day, they probably didn’t cause that symptom.

However, if you have an entity that is acting as an energy vampire, then these symptoms may be more consistent because they’re always in your energy field.

Make sure that the person or entity is actually stealing your energy. If you’re freely giving your energy away then they don’t really count as a true energy vampire.

For example, you may be the one putting yourself down or getting over-involved in other people’s problems. These are surefire ways to give your energy away. Try to keep energetic exchanges reciprocal in nature.

Keep in mind that most empaths or psychically sensitive people will be drained after being in a crowd. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you were around an energy vampire.

The more you learn about energy manipulation, the more psychically sensitive you become. This is a good thing because it means you’re getting stronger, but it also means that your energy will be drained more quickly around other people. Instead of assuming you were near an energy vampire, learn how to protect your own energy so that you don’t give it away.

I only conclude that I was around a human energy vampire if I feel at least 2-3 of these symptoms multiple times in a row. Alternatively, I sometimes feel like I’m coming down with the flu. If this happens multiple times around someone and goes away once we separate, that’s another clear indicator.

Entity energetic vampires are more difficult to spot because they’re always around you. It can be hard to tell if you have an entity attached to you or if you’re just sick. To determine this, I like to use my pendulum, but you can work with any type of divination that appeals to you.

How To Protect Yourself:

There are many ways to protect yourself from these different types of energy vampires. You simply need a bit of preparation.

If you’re dealing with a human energy vampire, it’s ideal to just separate from them if possible. Cut ties and see them as little as possible.

This isn’t always possible due to our relationships or ties with these people, so if you can’t separate permanently, there are other tactics you can try.

A cord cutting ritual is always a good place to start. There are many types of cord cutting spells online, but you can also just do a cord cutting visualization or meditation. Hopefully, this will dispel the energy and give you a chance to put up a shield.

Next, you need to call upon your protection skills. This will be essential for both human energy vampires and entity energy vampires.

Cleanse yourself (and your home, if necessary), then put up wards on both your home and your body. Reinforce these wards as needed.

With entity energy vampires, you may need to banish them. There are many different banishing spells you can try. Alternatively, you can use the pendulum to banish them through energy.

In the future, it can be helpful if you make a witch ball or talisman to keep energy vampires away. This will work for both types of energy vampires.

You can also carry crystals for energetic protection. I find that Onyx, Obsidian, Hematite, Clear Quartz, Selenite, and Apophyllite all work well.

Once you have adequately protected yourself and banished any negative energy, work on your chakras and energy system. When you generate more energy naturally, it will be harder for psychic or human energy vampires to attach to you.

Be careful with empathy. We are taught that empathy is good, but it’s also giving away your energy.

What If You’re An Energy Vampire?

No one wants to be an energy vampire. If you recognize yourself in a lot of these signs then this might be a good time to do some energy work.

Keep in mind that, if you are an energy vampire, you’re not truly replenishing your energy. You’re just trying to fill a void, but stealing other people’s energy only works temporarily.

You will feel much healthier mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically if you can heal your energy system.

The first step to healing if you think you’re an energy vampire is proper grounding. In fact, grounding is really important for everyone.

Sit in a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Picture a cord from the earth coming out of your feet or legs and tying you to the ground. You can also picture two cords; one grounds you to the earth while the other sends energy from the earth into you.

As most witches know, human beings can gather energy from the elements. For now, practice taking energy from the earth (which is the easiest element to start with) or from the flame of a candle when you’re feeling low. It can be especially helpful to do this before you’re around other people.

Long-term, you will want to work on your chakras and on healing your energy system. This is a great book for chakra healing with many valuable exercises.

Types Of Ghosts, Spirits, and Entities

Types Of Ghosts, Spirits, and Entities

Although many people are afraid of spirits, most types of ghosts are completely harmless. Many “hauntings” are actually just spirits stuck on earth trying to work through their trauma.

However, there are many types of spirits and beings in general. Not all of these “otherworldly” beings are human souls.

It can be really fun to learn about the different types of ghosts as well as kinds of spirits and entities. There are so many cool types of beings that exist in other realms, but there are also beings that we should all be aware of for protection purposes.

Types Of Ghosts, Spirits, and Entities: 

There are so many types of ghosts and spirits, plus a bunch of different types of entities. It would be impossible to list every single kind on this list!

Instead, I’ll list the types of ghosts, spirits, and entities that are most common when you’re working with the spirit world. There are certainly others and I will add to this list as I encounter them.

Ancestral Spirits

Ancestral spirits are, quite literally, the spirits of your ancestors. They tend to be around you because of their connection to you or to your lineage.

Sometimes, you may have ancestral spirits near you who you actually knew in person (such as a grandmother) while other ancestral spirits will be from generations back.

I find that some ancestral spirits simply enjoy being around their family members while others actively want to work with you.

Ancestral spirits are my favorite types of ghosts or spirits to contact if you’re just beginning spirit work. They’re very safe and will protect you.

Unlike other types of spirits, who could potentially mean you harm, ancestral spirits are very safe. It’s hard to set up good boundaries when you haven’t done a lot of spirit work, but ancestral spirits are always on your side, so you won’t need to worry.

You can simply ask your ancestral spirits if they would like to work with you and see who shows up. I use my pendulum for this, but there are many ways to communicate with spirits (tarot cards, psychic divination, meditation, etc.) to see what spirits would like to work with you.

If you’re a witch, working with your ancestral spirits will almost certainly enhance your power. They’re always there to aid you, but there’s also something about keeping it within the bloodline that draws power.

Ancestral spirits will typically show themselves in a form you recognize. Even though they could take on any form they desire, they probably want you to know how they are.

However, their appearance may be slightly modified. For example, your grandfather might appear slightly younger and healthier than he was when you last saw him alive.

Earthbound Spirits

Similar to ancestral spirits, earthbound spirits are types of ghosts who were actually alive on earth at one point in time. 

Most earthbound spirits are on this energy plane because of their connection to a place or event. The most harmless and classic “hauntings” occur because of this type of ghost.

It’s common for earthbound spirits to get “stuck” in a place. If they had a traumatic death, they may linger around the scene of the death, unable to release their negative feelings. 

Spirits can also linger when they feel that they have unfinished business. Some spirits don’t realize they have died right away and can hang around for this reason.

Mediums work with earthbound spirits to release them. Ideally, a spirit can choose to visit earth but isn’t necessarily stuck. However, it can be tricky to get earthbound spirits to this place if you’re not an experienced medium.

Some “scary” spirits are actually just earthbound spirits who are personally tormented. They may not even realize that they’re hurting anyone. Always consider this as a possibility if you’re dealing with a difficult spirit.


Recordings are one of the common types of ghosts that show up on haunted reality shows. However, they aren’t actually spirits in the physical sense.

Instead, a recording is a ball of energy that gets stuck playing on a loop in one specific location. The event that cased this energy to get stuck was probably very traumatic or emotionally charged.

For example, some mediums see these types of ghosts replaying their own death over and over. The ghost doesn’t actually exist in the sense that the spirit is still there (unlike an earthbound spirit), but the collection of energy is strong enough that the events appear to happen on a loop.

It’s pretty scary to encounter a recording when you’re witnessing a traumatic event, but these types of ghosts can’t hurt anyone. They can’t even interact outside of their “loop” because they are just a memory.

Keep in mind that these types of ghosts aren’t actually suffering. You don’t need to help them release the trauma; the actual spirit has already moved on. At some point in time, the energy will start to dissipate. This is a natural process that happens quite often.

If you have ever felt spooked in a supposedly haunted place, that was probably because you could sense recordings. They are more common types of ghosts than we realize and are much less scary than they seem.

Of course, if there is a recoding playing in your own home, that may be an issue. Recordings are some of the hardest types of ghosts to get rid of because there’s no actual spirit to work with.

You may need to call in other spirits to help you shift the energy. It’s a lengthy process! If you do find yourself in this situation, feel free to email me for more detailed plans.

Spirits Of The Dead

Spirits of the dead are similar to ancestral spirits, but they just aren’t related to you.

I find that most spirits of the dead are around certain people. For example, a husband may have his deceased wife’s spirit around him, or his good friend may “haunt” him in order to keep contact.

Spirits of the dead can be any type of earthbound spirit or other spirit. They aren’t necessarily stuck on earth (or stuck at all), but they may visit from time to time. Spirits like to keep contact too!

I find that spirits of the dead generally aren’t harmful. They’re usually people you know who just want to say hello.

If you do have a spirit who is being malicious, you should first consider whether this is an earthbound spirit or recording. Many spirits will cause harm without realizing it because of their own trauma.

Of course, because all people become spirits when they die, there are some spirits who do wish to cause harm. It’s helpful in this case to consider that you are much stronger on this plane than most spirits. Any spirit of the dead has to work extremely hard to move an item, but it barely weighs anything to you.

A simple cleansing and warding of your home should do the trick if you need to get rid of a scary spirit.

Alternatively, you can summon spirits of the dead using necromancy. You don’t actually revive them into a human body (as the word necromancy is used in pop culture) but instead summon them into a semi-physical form in order to communicate or work together.

I don’t recommend doing this. You can certainly ask if the spirit of someone you lost will visit you, but forcing them to appear through summoning typically has negative results.

You also run the risk of summoning the wrong spirit. Unless you’re a very advanced witch or magician, this is incredibly tricky and can be quite dangerous.

Spirit Guides

Your spirit guides are personal to you. They are often around your energy field and are available to offer advice and counsel.

Spirit guides can be anyone from deceased ancestors to souls you’ve never met, ascended masters, or even angels.

I find that most of us have a bunch of spirit guides at any one time that are automatically assigned to us and changed as needed. You can also request spirit guides for a specific purpose.

Some witches believe that you can have both positive and negative spirit guides. I have never personally experienced this, but it does make sense to me that you could attract a lower-vibrational guide based on life choices or events.

I use my pendulum to “upgrade” my spirit guides if needed. I ask for spirit guides of the highest vibration for the highest purpose.

Plant Spirits

Did you know that each and every plant has a concrete spirit separate from its being? I always knew that plants had energy, but didn’t realize that plant spirits were a type of ghost (or spirit, more accurately) until I got deeper into my work with plants.

When you work with plants, it’s essential that you treat them as an actual spirit. If you feel no connection to a plant, that’s probably because you’re just working with the material of the plant rather than the spirit. It may as well be fake!

Plant spirits are wonderful types of spirits to connect with. They’re very safe and gentle because plants are immobile. They all have their own wants, needs, and personalities.

I recommend that you first interact with plants spirits of the plants in your home or yard. This way, you’ll have enough contact to build a relationship with the plant spirit. You can simply begin talking to the plant as though the spirit is listening. This is enough to activate the spirit if it has become dormant from lack of care.

It’s really important to treat your plant as a living being once you activate the spirit. Ask your plant how much water it would like, what placement in the house it enjoys, which plants it wants to be next to, etc. Try to get a feel for your plant’s spirit. Is it gentle or more outgoing?

It can be hard to do any of this if you’re not psychic. I’m not terribly psychic myself, but I do get intuitive hunches about things. Most of us do.

I also use my pendulum when I’m working with plant spirits and find that this is an effective way to get my questions answered.

Make sure that once you begin working with a plant spirit, you give it regular care and attention. This doesn’t need to be anything too fancy! The spirit just wants to know that it is cared for and even loved. You can create a rift or negative relationship if you force the spirit to activate and then ignore it.

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Mineral Spirits

Although mineral spirits aren’t common or well-known, they’re types of spirits that are all around us. If you have crystals, minerals, or even stones in your home then you’re around mineral spirits without realizing it.

Mineral spirits are incredibly diverse because there are so many different types of stones and crystals. You can communicate with your mineral spirits using your intuition, cards, or your pendulum to learn more about the specific spirit and what they like.

Each mineral spirit will want to work with you on different things. For example, one spirit may like to work on relationships or self-love, while another prefers to work on health issues.

Most mineral spirits enjoy interacting with people as long as they’re treated respectfully. Ask them where they would like to be placed, how much sunlight they need, and how they would like to partner with you, if at all.

Some of these spirits just won’t want to work together. This is rare, but it does happen. They may be super unhappy being pulled out of the ground. The best course of action is to bury this mineral spirit in a place natural to its habitat.

Negative Entities

Entities are types of spirits that feed off your energy. They aren’t human in the sense of ancestral spirits or spirits of the dead.

Some entities may be with you for just a short time to get a boost of energy while others feed off you for a long term. They basically hang out in your energy field and suck vitality out of you.

When you have entities attached to you, it’s common to feel depleted, angry, or depressed. There are many different types of entities, but the common thread is that they all steal your energy and are rather hard to get rid of. 

Some of the more common negative entities are:

  • Geopathic Entities
  • Black Spiral
  • Vampire
  • ET Surgical Contract
  • Beast
  • Henchman
  • Disincarnate
  • Demon
  • Negative ET
  • NOW Zombie
  • Witch
  • Warlock
  • Tengu Spirit
  • Poltergeist
  • Draco Shapeshifter
  • Murderer
  • False Light Being
  • Greys
  • Nordics
  • Psychic Weapon

Some of these entities are actual beings while others are energetic “build-ups” that don’t have a true consciousness. Either way, they all drain you.

You can clear entities using your pendulum or meditation. However, entities are more likely to attach to you when you’re either engaging in low-vibrational behavior or when you’re near people with many entities.

Difficult situations (such as a toxic relationship or traumatic event) can also cause entities to flock to you.

Generally, entities don’t cause any harm on the physical realm. You probably won’t even know that they’re around, but your emotions can be subtly influenced and your energy will certainly be drained.

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Goetic Demons

There are 72 Goetic Demons which were first discussed in the Lesser Key Of Solomon, written in the 17th century. These spirits aren’t very demonic and can be really helpful if you want to work with a spirit.

Each of these demons has a specific talent or skill. For example, if you wish to work on money magic, there is a demon who can help you with just that.

These aren’t types of ghosts because they’re not really spirits of people. Instead, Goetic Demons are comprised of many different types of spirits from different beings. There’s a lot of variation here.

Goetic demons typically like working with witches or spiritual practitioners. It’s common for them to help out with spells. They may want something in return, so I recommend negotiating carefully (I do this using my pendulum) before you commit to working together.

I don’t find that Goetic demons cause issues unless they’re summoned. If you haven’t specifically summoned a Goetic demon and are having a problem with a spirit, Goetic demons probably aren’t the source.

This is a great pocket guide that I highly recommend if you’d like to learn more about working with Goetic demons.

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Psychic Cords

Although psychic cords aren’t actually types of ghosts or spirits, I thought it was important to include this classification because the energy is very much alive. Psychic cords can have a huge impact on us and can sometimes mimic energy vampires, entities, or other types of ghosts.

A psychic cord is a link between you and another living being, although they’re most common between humans or humans and their pets. Some psychic cords can be wonderful because they transmit love and empathy, but more often than not, psychic cords drain us.

Have you ever left a conversation with someone you care about feeling a little vulnerable or overly connected? This may be a psychic cord. It’s usually a feeling of codependency.

Luckily, psychic cords can be easily cut in meditation. Simply visualize the cord between you and the other person then release it.

The Fae Folk

The Fae Folk are types of spirits that exist in a dimension adjacent to ours. Because they’re so close to our world, you can interact with them physically much more than you’re able to with other types of ghosts.

Many practitioners are afraid of the Fae. Working with fairies is definitely somewhat advanced, but it can also be really cool. I’m a huge lover of the Fae Folk. Even learning about the Otherworld itself is insanely interesting.

Most Fae Folk are location bound. This means that if you encounter a fairy on a hike, you probably won’t bring the spirit home with you. However, this isn’t always the case because fairies don’t have the same physical rules as us.

The Otherworld, which is the dimension where fairies exist, is filled with many different types of spirits and beings. When you think of a fairy, you’re probably thinking of a pixie, which is just a specific type of Fae. However, there are too many types to count. We probably don’t even know all of the different sort of Fae Folk that exist.

Working with the Fae Folk isn’t necessarily dangerous, but you must do your research before you begin. Some practitioners tend to assume that everything spiritual is meant to help them and this is not the case. Like humans, Fae Folk can be benevolent, evil, or everything in between. Unlike humans, locked doors don’t keep them out once you make an enemy.

I recently wrote a whole post about working with the Fae Folk for those of you who are interested. I could go on and on about fairies for days because I find the Otherworld to be vastly interesting!


Elementals are quite literally the spirits of the elements. For example, there are elementals for air, earth, fire, and water. These beings are a part of the elements but are also tasked with safeguarding their element and nature in general.

Every tree has a spirit within it; every body of water has a water spirit tied to it. You can probably find elementals right in your backyard!

According to some traditions, there are actual gods or guardians of each element. For example, in some traditions, there is a specific god of water, also known as an elemental king.

Alternatively, there are spirits that guard different pieces of nature. Gnomes, which are also a part of the Fae kingdom, are elementals of earth, while nymphs are elementals of water.

If you want to work with a particular element, it can be worthwhile to call upon the elemental spirit associated with it. 

Deities & Gods

There are so many different types of deities, gods, and goddesses that it’s hard to know where to begin!

Basically, every tradition or religion has its own set of gods and goddesses that (I believe) exist in other dimensions and realms. These deities will sometimes agree to work with us based on a variety of factors.

There are Olympian gods and goddesses, Roman deities, Viking deities, nature deities, Celtic deities, African deities, Hindu deities, Pagan/Wiccan gods and goddesses, etc. 

If you’re interested in working with deities, the best place to start is by researching. Do a lot of research into the types of deities you’d like to work with before beginning.

My first experience working with a deity was pretty scary. I felt called to contact Hades, so I burned an incense stick as an offering. I also wrote his sigil on a slip of paper, activated it, and put it under my pillow.

Well, this was not ideal for a few reasons. First of all, I was actively working with a massive deity during sleep, which is my most vulnerable time. I literally invited him into my dreams. Secondly, I should have simply asked him if he wanted to work with me and waited for a sign. Instead, I forced the issue.

I ended up having a series of really horrifying, gruesome dreams. Truly terrible things happened to myself and my family in my dream world. I found myself in a hell-like pit, but every time I woke up, I also had negative entities in my room. I literally couldn’t escape it.

Finally, I burnt the sigil and asked that we part ways. The dreams stopped immediately. I cleansed my house and everything went back to normal. 

I was afraid I had mistakenly summoned a demon, but I later realized that this was Hades. I had assumed that all deities and gods were beneficial and out to help me. However, gods are really powerful and you have to be ready to work with them in entirety. They’re multifaceted and definitely won’t represent new-age spiritual guides.

Working with deities, gods, or goddesses isn’t just a cake walk. You have to be ready to experience anything. 

If you want to work with deities, I recommend doing a lot of research on the different types of gods and goddesses. There are so many! 

You may want to put your intention into the universe and see what deity responds. Keep an eye out for signs and symbols. This will be the most pain-free way to partner with a deity. Once you know who is interested in working with you, make regular offerings to keep the relationship positive.


Many practitioners work with angels. There are so many different types of angels and too many myths to count surrounding these celestial beings, but there is often something attractive about the idea of a higher being that simply knows more than other types of ghosts or spirits.

Angels are incredibly powerful. In fact, we can’t even contemplate the kind of power that they hold; our minds just could not understand the concept. 

One thing I have noticed from my work with angels is that they’re often very black and white in their thinking. They have concrete ideas about what is right and wrong and there is no room to bend.

If you want to begin working with angels, do some research and reading into the mythology. Read texts on Enochian Magic as well as Biblical references. Learn about the angels throughout different cultures and religions.

I used to recommend Doreen Virtue as an angel guru, however she recently switched directions and became a Born Again Christian. While I don’t follow her work anymore, I do still love some of her old books that you can find used on Amazon.


Okay, so we have Goetic demons up above, but what about demons in general? Demons have been a source of fear and interest for centuries, so I definitely want to address these types of ghosts, if you can call them that.

Demons, by and large, are chaotic. They are the opposite of angels in this way. Angels are very structured and oriented.

While angels each have a designated role, demons mainly serve themselves. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re bad, it just means that you don’t always know what to expect when you’re working with a demon.

The Goetic demons are some of the demons out there, but many more exist. I find that chaos witches often work with demons because they literally gain power from chaos.

Demons are neither good nor evil. Any demon can act good or evil, but there is no inherent bias.  Some demons enjoy working with humans, but they often have a price for their help. Make sure that you negotiate carefully so that both parties are happy with the agreement.

Of course, demons can be negative and scary. Some negative entities are actually demons, but this doesn’t mean that all demons are bad. Angels can be scary, and so can the Fae, elementals, or even regular types of ghosts. You just need to be strong, keep your protection wards up, and know exactly what you want before you try summoning a demon.

One last note: demons probably own’t seek you out if you don’t try to contact them. If you feel like there’s a negative being in your house and have done absolutely nothing to call this being to you, it’s probably one of the other types of ghosts or entities. In fact, I would be much more cautious around some of the entities I talked about above than I would with demons in general.

However, demons can be pretty powerful, so you should know what you’re doing if you summon them. Unlike the more benign types of ghosts, some demons have quite a bit of physical power on our plane. They can move large objects or hurt you.

Demons can be hard to get rid of once you have summoned them. Make sure you have your cleansing and warding down pat. It’s also good to have some pretty strong banishing spells under your belt before you attempt working with demons. In general, this is a good practice unless you’re working with the much safer ancestral spirits or types of ghosts who you personally knew.

Everything You Need To Know About The Fae Folk

Everything You Need To Know About The Fae Folk

Have you ever taken a walk through the woods but can’t stop checking behind you? Did you feel like you were being watched, or that the woods were speaking to you?

If you’ve ever had an experience like this, then you have probably been around the Fae Folk without even knowing it.

The Fae Folk, also known as the Fair Folk or Good Folk, are present in many areas. You probably picture a gorgeous, magical, woodsy area when you think of fairies, but in reality, they can live in a simple backyard or city park.

Who Are The Fae Folk?

The Fae Folk, also known as the Good Folk or fairies/faeries, come from the Otherworld. Within the Otherworld, there are many different factions, political “parties,” and types of fairies and creatures.

Even though you probably picture a fairy as a small, angelic being with wings, in reality, the Fae Folk are comprised of many different creatures. There is no one specific type of fairy.

Accounts from well-known witches mention pixies, elves, kelpies, fairy horses, fairy dogs, and much much more. Some beings in the Otherworld are so different that we have no human name for them. We certainly don’t have a record of every being in the Otherworld.

The fairies that you hear about the most in the witchcraft or in spiritual communities are pixies, elves, and house fairies, also known as Brownies. There are many types of fairies, but these are the types of Fae Folk that most commonly come in contact with humans.

These Fae Folk seem to move with the human population they’re attached to. For example, in North America, there are some Fae Folk indigenous to the area (such as those associated with the Cherokee Nation) but there are also Scottish Fae Folk, Irish Fae Folk, Germanic Fae Folk, and more who migrated over to America with their people.

Almost every area of the world has groups of Fae Folk who are indigenous to the region. The Fae Folk come in all different sizes, shapes, and forms; they may look very different from each other. There is no set way that a fairy looks.

The word “fairy” is actually a catchall term. It was first used over 700 years ago in the English language, but the words elf, goblin, and imp were often substituted for fairy. There was no true definition of what constituted a fairy besides someone from the Otherworld.

In our world, house and garden Fae Folk most commonly interact with humans. House fairies are usually known as Brownies, although not always. Pixies are the most common type of garden Fae Folk, while elves are well-known in Iceland and colder climates.

Of course, this is just a general rule. There are many different kinds of Fae Folk that you may discover in your area; the type of Fae you interact with depends totally on where you live.

Keep in mind that if you end up working with a specific group of fairies who abide by certain cultural rules, there are still many other types out there who act totally differently. I don’t personally have experience with all types of fairies because this would be virtually impossible! The Fae Folk or are a vast subset.

When it comes to the nomenclature, the Fae Folk or Fair Folk seems to symbolize all creatures of the Otherworld, as does the Fae or the Good People/Good Neighbors.

Fairy, in pop culture, seems to refer to our idealized vision of a Tinkerbell pixie. In fact, when we heard the word fairy, we often picture a pixie without realizing it.

For the purposes of learning, the word fairy or faery (both spellings are now used interchangeably) refers to one individual creature, although I don’t recommend calling these creatures by the word fairy to their face.

Do Humans Worship Faeries?

Unlike our practices with gods or goddesses, witches don’t worship fairies. The Fae Folk are beings of the Otherworld that you can choose to develop a relationship with, but this relationship should be a give and take rather than the sort of bond we develop with deities.

Humans don’t rule over the Fair Folk. Hundreds of years ago, peasants believed that humans were above the Fae but yet they were simultaneously afraid of them. I (as well as other witches) find that it’s better to treat faeries as equal but different from us.

The human kingdom in no way rules over the Fae Folk because they can exist independently of us. In fact, they don’t need us for many things, although some faeries enjoy forming relationships with humans.

Respect is super important when it comes to working with faeries because of this equal relationship. In contrast with spirits or ghosts, who we sometimes help to release trauma or ask for favors or guidance, fairies are neither there to support us or to ask for help from us. They’re simply part of their own world.

Where Do Fairies Live?

Most Fae Folk and faeries live in the Otherworld. Not much is known about the Otherworld besides that fact that it exists separate from our dimension or plane.

Legend says that the Otherworld is rather close to our world. It’s almost as though we live side by side with fairies but we’re in a slightly different dimension. We are still close enough to interact. In old Ireland, legend said that fairies lived on the plane just above us.

Fairies use glamours to affect what we can see. Typically, they have to hide themselves from us, because our worlds are so close.

Some Fae Folk live in nature (as we generally assume) but others live in mines, in the sea, or even in cities. There are so many different kinds of Fae; their living arrangements are just as vast and varied

Fae can also be seasonal creatures. Some Fae are active year round while others are specific to a season and rest in-between. For example, the Seelie Court tends to be most active in spring and summer while the Unseelie Court is more active in fall and winter.

I have found that the Otherworld tends to have a wild quality that we don’t possess as humans. We are more cautious and afraid. We have distinctly human emotions, but these types of feelings aren’t always present in the Otherworld.

The Fair Folk don’t always understand things like empathy, sadness, or love in the same way that we do. However, this also depends on the individual fairy. Many of the Fae Folk are quite hedonistic.

There are many beings in the Otherworld. Witches report seeing fairy dogs and horses. They are much like our animals yet quite distinct. There are some beings that we simply have no names for because they are so far outside the realm of our imagination.

It is thought that the Otherworld is more accessible to those on earth than other places, such as the Underworld. There are said to be portals to the Otherworld all over the earth. A mushroom ring is thought to be one type of portal, but many more exist.

The movie Alice In Wonderland is actually said to be a great representation of the Otherworld. In the Otherworld, the colors are brighter, the characters more strange, and time isn’t consistent.

Are Fairies Evil Or Dangerous?

When I start to talk about the Fae Folk to newer witches, I’m immediately hit with the question: “Wait, but are fairies evil? Aren’t they really dangerous to work with?”

It’s a common misconception that fairies are just totally bad. However, in my experience, the Fae Folk aren’t good or bad. They’re just individuals. Every fairy that you meet will act a bit different, just like humans.

One difference is that fairies have their own rules, ethics, morals, and etiquette. It can be difficult to understand them because they live by a culture that we aren’t used to.

I think it’s human nature to be afraid of anything or anyone who has equal power as us. It makes sense that we’re afraid of power and of the unknown because in centuries past, this meant we could be overpowered or even killed. 

Even though it’s biologically normal for us to be afraid, a bit of research will usually help to dispel that fear. I find that most of the terror surrounding the Fae Folk is because of the unknown elements rather than fairies themselves.

So then, can fairies actually hurt you?

Simple answer: yes. Fairies can be unpredictable. They don’t act like humans in many ways. If you do something that upsets them, they’re more than capable of hurting you. 

Once you invite fairies in your house, you can’t just lock your doors against them. They aren’t bound by physical laws like we are, which makes it a bit harder to protect yourself. 

The Fae Folk exist in a realm or dimension that is very close to ours, unlike ghosts or spirits. They have more physical power here than spirits do and can cause objects to move quite easily. They are able to touch humans, something that would be incredibly difficult for a spirit to accomplish.

Many powerful witches and spiritual teachers who work with the Fae Folk have described negative interactions. There are reports of faeries stealing items, causing bad luck for a long time, killing crops, hurting animals, making people sick, temporarily blinding humans, or causing madness or loss of speech.

At the very worst, faeries have been known to cause strokes, bruising or muscle cramps (when they pinch or hit you), steal children, or even try to kill humans.

Keep in mind that these stories are the worst case scenarios. In all of these instances, faeries were enacting revenge that they felt was well-deserved based on something the human had done, whether the individual realized the indiscretion or not.

Typically, fairies only want to harm a human if the person has touched or ruined a fairy place, although this always depends on the fairy in question. There are very forgiving fairies, such as house fairies, and there are parts of the Fae Folk who will hurt humans for no reason at all, such as the Unseelie Court. 

However, fairies can also heal you. They can befriend you, make your gardens grow, play with your animals, and introduce you to a really magical world. There are some lovely fairies out there who enjoy playing with children, working with nature, and interacting with the more beautiful parts of the world.

Fairies have been known to warn humans of danger. One witch reports being woken up in the middle of the night by a fairy when her house was on fire. My sister had a fairy woman warn her when a negative entity was lying to her and she was able to protect herself.

Some fairies assist witches with their practice, teach their favorite humans new recipes or spells, or even heal chronic illnesses.

Just like humans, fairies have a whole range of temperaments. I personally feel that there is no reason to be more scared of fairies than you are of humans walking down the street, but there is a good reason to be respectful and optimistically cautious.

I personally believe that some of the scary legends about the Fae Folk are true. I think that others came into existence to explain terrible things like infant death or kidnappings. Before we had DNA tests, organized police, or medicine like antibiotics, death was much more common and often more brutal, so people blamed these things on fairies as a coping mechanism.

Much of your interactions with fairies will depend on the way you treat them as well as the individual fairy’s personality and temperament. In any culture, there is dark, light, and a whole array of colors in between.

Keep in mind that fairies are often mischievous. This doesn’t mean that they’re bad, but they typically enjoy playing tricks or using word play. They might steal things from your home or trick you into giving them something.

Most faeries can’t lie. While they will technically tell the truth, they’re experts at using word play to trick you or avoid answering your question.

Remember that once you strike a deal with a fairy, there is no getting out of it. Fairies are known to force you to consent verbally (the verbal deal is extremely important to them) in any way possible, so negotiate extremely carefully.

Even agreeing to further negotiation is a deal of sorts, because you simply can’t back out of chatting once you have agreed! The word “maybe” is your friend when you’re talking to faeries.

If you do choose to work with the Fae Folk, by contacting them, you’re kind of agreeing to whatever they say before they’ve even said it. This is because you are the one initiating contact. 

However, most fairies in my experience (at least the ones near me) are very generous and forgiving, as long as you remain humble and acknowledge when you messed up.

They tend to know that I’m trying and seem to appreciate effort. This isn’t everyone’s experience, so go into any situation with the Fair Folk prepared. I’ll talk more about how to prep down below.

Before you contact the Fair Folk or attempt anything with them, you should know:

  • Basic Fae Folk terminology 
  • Fairy etiquette
  • How to set up boundaries and wards without causing offense
  • How to protect yourself if needed

I’ll go over how to do each of these things below. Read on if you’re interested in working with the Fair Folk at some point.

Can I Eat Fairy Food?

Ok, so what about eating fairy food? Is it dangerous? This is a pretty basic question and a valid concern because we are so often warned against eating fairy food.

Legend says that eating the food of the Fae Folk will cause you to become stuck in the fairy world or go crazy because you will lose taste for all regular food.

First off, how would you actually get stuck in the fairy world? Obviously, this has never happened to me, but legend (as well as many modern day witches) says that you will typically be “taken” into the Otherworld when you’re alone. This will probably be when you’re out on a walk.

It may take months for this to happen, but you will suddenly go missing. Everyone will assume that you have been kidnapped; it’ll be like you vanished without a trace.

Some who are taken in the world of the Fae Folk never return while others come back a good time later. Time doesn’t work the same in the Otherworld, so it’s hard to say how much time you will miss while you’re gone or what experiences you will have there.

Alternatively, if you lose the taste for regular food, you can go crazy or die because you simply refuse to eat. Fairy food is also said to make humans sick.

You might be wondering how you would even eat fairy food. If you can’t usually see fairies, then how could you possibly be offered food?

The most obvious way would be if you were to eat something you find in the woods in a spot that clearly belongs to the Fae Folk. If you sense fairy energy, hear music, feel as though you’re being watched, see a ring of mushrooms, etc., don’t eat anything from the area. The most commonly consumed foods in these areas are berries, herbs/leaves, or mushrooms.

However, fairies will sometimes appear as humans, too. Imagine you come along a lemonade stand in the middle of an abandoned road tended by children. They offer you free lemonade along your trip. This might just be a regular lemonade stand, or it might be fairies in disguise.

The way to protect yourself is to pay for the lemonade. Fairies are all about free trade, so it’s rare for their spells to work if you’re actually paying for the goods you receive. The same thing goes for free donuts outside a coffee shop or even samples in the mall. In general, don’t take free food unless it’s from someone you know.

It is safe to eat the food of the Fae Folk if it’s a gift given in reciprocity. Let’s say you gave your faery friends a shiny mineral stone and they reciprocate with some berries (that you know for a fact are safe to eat). These berries are a gift in reciprocity,, meaning you won’t owe a debt if you consume them.

It’s also fine to eat fairy food if you specifically ask for it and are granted the food, as long as you reciprocate with a gift in kind. Fairies are all about an equal exchange, but it has to be something you want to do. They won’t actually ask for a gift back yet fairy etiquette often demands it and you may be punished if you don’t reciprocate.

Lastly, you can be offered fairy food by a member of the Fair Folk in dreams or in astral travel. I recommend politely refusing if possible. This is much more dangerous because you can be more easily tricked.

How To Contact The Fae Folk:

Before you even think about contacting the Fae Folk, set up some boundaries and wards. I’ll go more into how to do this in the next section.

You should also be prepared to put in the effort before you contact fairies. Once you start giving gifts on a regular basis and building a relationship, they may get upset or hurt if you suddenly stop and might retaliate. Of course, not every fairy is like this, but there are some unspoken Fae Folk rules that it would be prudent to follow.

Respect the Fair Folk and what belongs to them. Don’t go brazenly into areas that are clearly marked for fairies. Instead, contact them and let them come to you at their own pace. If you do get the feeling that you intruded, don’t go back to the area unless invited.

Learn more about your local folklore and regional legends before beginning. Try to figure out what kinds of Fae Folk live in your area and who you might be contacting.

Keep in mind that if you want to build a relationship with any one of the Fair Folk, it can take a while. The Fae don’t trust anyone right off the bat, especially not humans.

These relationships should look kind of like a relationship with any human person. You can’t just ask for the Fae to be around when you feel like it, as you may do with your guides. This has to be an equal relationship; they don’t like feeling used.

To begin working with the Fae Folk, start leaving them offerings. They enjoy small shiny things like crystals, silver bobbles, mirrored pieces, etc. They also like sweet food, milk, honey, and alcohol.

Give them the best part of your food or trinkets instead of the worst. They want to be noticed and love knowing that you put the effort in to build a relationship.

If you don’t want the Fae in your house right off the bat, leave the offerings outdoors. Try to pick a specific place and be consistent about leaving offerings there. If you live in an apartment, you can use a window box or find a spot at the park if you don’t want to invite the Fae Folk into your house (which I wouldn’t if you’re not super experienced). It’s easier and safer to work outside.

Plant lots of flowers in your yard if you have one! The Fair Folk in general love gardens and nature. When you see butterflies or birds frequenting your yard, that usually means it’s the type of place that faeries would enjoy, too.

When working with the Fae, avoid iron. It’s said to harm them. Just in case, I try to keep it out of my yard.

Fairies love wind chimes or anything that makes music. They also love small fairy houses and are drawn to children who make them little dwellings. If you want to be super clear about your intentions, try placing some wooden fairy homes in your yard.

In general, be kind and generous to wildlife. The fairies will see what type of person you are before you even start contacting them.

You can also simply tell the fairies that they are welcome by talking out loud or writing a note. However, once you say it, you can’t take it back, so be very specific in your wording.

If a member of the Fair Folk is interested in talking to you, they may leave you gifts. move items around, show up in dreams, or even reveal themselves to you during waking hours. Keep your eyes open and always remember to reciprocate gifts!

How To Know Your Contacting The Fae Folk, Not Spirits Or Ghosts:

Sometimes spirit work can be difficult because spirits can lie. You might be talking to a negative entity who has convinced you they’re an orphaned child. It can actually be a bit dangerous, if you’re not careful.

So, how can you know that you’re contacting the Fae Folk and not spirits or ghosts?

First of all, the Fae Folk are actually around quite often. You may have thought you had ghosts or spirits around when it was actually fairies.

There are a few ways to tell the difference. When fairies or the Fair Folk are around, items might disappear. Cats will act strangely. You may hear sourceless, wild music, or have a strange song stuck in your head. You may see motion in your peripheral vision that looks shiny or flashy.

I’ll include more ways to know if the Fae around around below, but for the purpose of this section, there are some clear differences between the presence of fairies and the presence of ghosts.

Spirits, ghosts, or entities will have a dark or shadowy form that you can see if you possess any clairvoyant abilities, but they will be fuzzy or see-through. Fairies won’t appear like that; they’re generally completely visible or totally hidden.

Spirits will make small things move because it takes a lot of energy for them to interact on our plane. Fairies can move things quite easily, but they will usually wait until you’re not looking, while ghosts or spirits will move something small in front of you to indicate that they’re present.

Fairies enjoy the objects themselves. They might steal things; some fairies, such as Brownies, could even help you clean up your home or yard. Spirits, on the other hand, only move things for the purpose of interacting with you. They want you to know that they’re around.

Ghosts or spirits will give off a distinct vibe when they’re present. You will feel like a person or entity is present. The feeling could even be heavy. Fairies will give off a light, mischievous feeling.

If you’re speaking with a being, note that fairies can’t lie but ghosts can. However, legend states that if you ask a spirit the same question three times, they will either answer it truthfully all three times or will have to change one of the answers and you will know that they are lying.

Just to be safe, ask any being the same question three times (in a super polite way!) and see how they answer.

If you are sure that you’re in contact with a fairy and don’t actually want to work with them, I recommend leaving the area if you’re in the fairy’s domain. If you’re in your home, see if you can just ignore each other or pretend they don’t exist or figure out a way to politely banish it. When in doubt, use friendly caution. 

However, if you’re sure it’s a ghost or entity and are getting bad vibes, you don’t need to be as polite. Throw up your wards and banish it right away.

Fae Folk Rules & Etiquette

Faeries have different etiquette than humans. Although many Fae Folk rules will depend on the specific types of faeries that you’re working with, it doesn’t hurt to start with a few basics.

Most faeries I have contacted have been very forgiving if I messed up. I have heard that this isn’t always the case. As always, do your research before going in.

First of all, it isn’t generally polite to call them fairies or faeries. Instead, call these beings the Fair Folk or Good People. You can also ask them what they would like to be called.

Don’t try to force a fairy to give you its name. To faeries, names are very important and hold a lot of power. You can ask what the faerie would like to be called by you.

It’s also best to avoid giving faeries your name, but to be polite and truthful. I recommend using a nickname that is somehow related to your full name so they won’t feel tricked if they find out.

Another legend says that faeries don’t like to be thanked. Depending on the type of faery you’re talking to, thanks can either be offensive because it implies that they’re subservient to you, or it may mean that you owe them a debt and are now bound to them.

Instead of thanking the Fair Folk, express gratitude for gifts given. Some lines that work well are:

“I’m so happy that this object is here. It’s beautiful.”

“I really appreciate this _______.”

Reciprocal gifts or offerings are always good, too.

If the Fair Folk give you a gift, you should probably accept it. In fact, faeries may be offended if you reject the gift, or at the very least a bit hurt.

However, faery gifts are sometimes traps. Legend says that gifts that seem like something are nothing, and gifts that seem like nothing are actually something quite important, for good or bad. Use your intuition when it comes to accepting gifts.

If you do receive a gift from the Fair Folk, give a return gift that’s thoughtful as quickly as possible. Faeries work on a debt system and typically feel owed if they give you something.

For example, if you gift them something back, they might avoid causing you mischief because they appreciate your reciprocation.  If you don’t return a gift, then expect some things to go missing from your home. These are the unspoken Fae Folk rules.

Try to never spy on the Fair Folk. If faeries are seen when they don’t wish to be, they may get angry or withdraw all-together. Faeries like to be invisible in our world because it can be dangerous to them.

If you do see them and aren’t positive they want you to, simply pretend not to notice. Most of the Fae Folk have strong glamours that they put up, but you can sometimes see through them if your psychic sense is activated. It’s best to go on your way and avoid staring.

When you’re in contact with faeries, do not brag about it to anyone. It’s safest to tell no one at all, but if you do want to share your experiences, tell only your closest friends in private. 

If a fairy asks you not to tell other people something, don’t speak of it. They have ways of knowing. However, most fairies just don’t want you to brag about your contact with them.

Make sure to speak well of the Fae Folk, even when they aren’t around, because they could be listening. Silence is always better.

Don’t lie to the fairies. You can certainly stretch the truth or be clever about what you say as they always are, but don’t straight up lie.

For example, give them a nickname instead of your real name, but don’t give a fake name. Faeries can get upset if they find out they have been lied to.

Don’t break your word. In the kingdom of the Fair Folk, there are no “three strikes.” You only need break your word once to anger them. A promise is a promise, even if it didn’t feel serious to you at the time. If you agree to something, faeries consider your word a binding oath.

When you’re giving offerings to the Fae Folk, try to notice what things they like. Most faeries prefer sweet food like honey, cream, bread, crackers, champagne, or even whiskey. They will also like things that are native to or traditional of your area or ancestry, whichever they’re more connected to.

Avoid meat or heavily processed food. Fairies that love meat typically aren’t the sort you want around.

If you’re doing yard work, taking down trees, etc., give your nature spirits and fairies a few days notice. Bring an offering out to the yard and explain to them why you have to do this work. Generally, it’s best to avoid this as much as possible.

Be kind and generous to nature and animals and keep trash away from fairy areas. Faeries really hate getting dirty!

Lastly, if faeries as to borrow something, it’s usually good to give it to them. They will always pay you back somehow. Faeries don’t like to owe debts.

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Signs The Fae Folk Are Around

When you first start talking to the Fae Folk and attempt working with fairies, you’ll want to know if they’re actually around. There are a few things that mean you likely have fairies in your yard or home, depending on where you have invited them to be.

Some of the signs that indicate fairies are around:

  • You see light flickering in the corner of your eye
  • You see “spheres” of light around flowers, greenery, or mushrooms
  • Your shoes move from one place to another
  • Your jewelry, crystals, or other shiny objects disappear
  • Your pets (especially cats) act like they’re playing with an invisible creature
  • You have interesting dreams filled with bright colors, fairy music, or sweet food
  • You are taught things in dreams by fairies
  • You hear bells, tapping, laughter, fairy music, or singing with no source
  • A random gift (that could be virtually anything) shows up in your house or yard
  • You come across a mushroom ring (a clear sign the Fae Folk were there)
  • You smell the overwhelming scent of flowers with no clear source
  • You feel as though someone is watching you

You may also have a strong feeling that fairies are around you. If you feel happy, buoyant, or generally different this can be a sign.

How To Protect Yourself From The Fae Folk

I always recommend that you learn about protection before you begin work with the Fair Folk. While many of the Fae are wonderful creatures and friends, it’s just prudent to protect yourself like you would even around human beings.

First of all, set up some wards. I recommend that you ward your home so that only those invited may enter. Engage with faeries outside only, at first, until you feel comfortable inviting them in.

I also recommend that you ward your body and the bodies of anyone else who lives in your home. I typically draw from the earth to power these wards so that they stay strong over time. I like to make a talisman that will break 24 hours before the wards go down, so I have a chance to re-do them.

It’s very important that you ward against physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual damage, as fairies are able to inflict many different kinds of harm.

I cleanse my space frequently to make sure that nothing untoward has slipped past my wards. I recommend doing this, although your wards will get stronger over time.

You can even ward your yard if you’re feeling nervous. When you’re first meeting with fairies, invite them in the for the afternoon or for a set amount of time. Be very careful with your wording as this now means they’re allowed in which you can’t take back until the time period has past.

If you have children, it’s especially important that you ward them properly before beginning work with the Fair Folk. Children can be attractive to fairies with ulterior motives. Legend says that the Fae sometimes steal children right out of their beds and replace them with Fae children.

Place iron in your children’s rooms as well as crosses, if this feels comfortable to you. Teach them how to act around the Fae Folk and how to stay safe. Keep an eye on your children when you’re in nature, such as on a walk through the woods.

If worst comes to worst, about 80% of faeries are repelled or injured by iron. You can make a charm of iron or place a bit of iron into a spray bottle and create iron spray. Any type of iron as well as steel (which contains iron) will work.

However, this is really a last resort because using iron will damage your relationship with the Fair Folk beyond repair. It’s quite literally throwing them out of your home instead of working with them. I would much rather apologize for what I have done, give a gift, or come to some sort of resolution rather than banish faeries from my life.

At the end of the day, you should always trust your own instincts. There are wonderful faeries full of light and love, and there are also darker faeries who need little provocation. If something feels off, it probably is.

Take steps to protect yourself before you begin working with the Fae and you will have much less to worry about.

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More Resources On The Fae Folk

Here are some great books if you’re interested in delving deeper into working with the Fae Folk.

A Witch’s Guide to Faery Folk: How to Work with the Elemental World

Magic of the Celtic Otherworld: Irish History, Lore & Rituals

The Art of Celtic Seership: How to Divine from Nature and the Otherworld

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25+ Types Of Fairies (Types Of Fae) From A-Z

25+ Types Of Fairies (Types Of Fae) From A-Z

When you first become interested in the fae, it can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many types of fairies and types of fae. Where to begin?

Today I’m going over the most well-known types of fairies. Keep in mind that I am not personally acquainted with every type of fae on this list because there are just so many!

I certainly believe that fairies exist, but there are some types that I haven’t encountered. Certain types of fairies are much more human-friendly than others.

Fairy, faerie, or fae is the general world for the fae folk, which includes many different types of fairies. Every type of fairy on this list is technically part of the fae folk but has a more specific name, too.

It’s sort of like calling yourself a human but also identifying yourself based on the country you’re a citizen of.

Because the fairy world is different from ours, not every type of fairy is so clearly defined. Their rules are different and they don’t always classify themselves in a way that’s easy for us to understand.

This is simply the best way we have to classify fairies. Plus, most fairies seem to call themselves by these names!

Many types of fairies consider themselves tied to one element. For example, pixies tend to be earth fairies, while salamanders tend to be fire fairies.

Some fairies can belong to more than one element, but this is rare. Fairies typically travel in groups according to the element they’re tied to.

Where Did Fairies (the Fae) Originate From?

There are many different legends that try to explain the origination of farieis.

One such legend says that fairies are simply nature spirits. They’re always present in the elements and are the caretakers of nature.

Another says that fairies are spirits of the dead, however this belief sprang up during Victorian times when “death” became a huge part of pop culture spirituality.

In general, most types of fae seem to exist near humans but are separate and distinct. They live on earth, in our world, but aren’t always in the same dimension/on the same plane.

Fairies are neither good nor bad. They all have individual personalities. However, working with fairies is pretty advanced and you do need to be careful.

You can learn from fairies and gain magickal powers, but you can also incur their wrath if they feel slighted or you can be tricked if you encounter a mischievous member of the fae.

It’s good to first learn about the different types of fairies and do a bit of research into the type you want to work with before beginning.

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Types Of Fairies:

If you’re just starting to learn about the different types of fae and fairies then you can quickly feel overwhelmed. After all, there are way more types than I could even include on this list, with many different distinctions and classifications.

As a beginner, you should definitely learn about Brownies, Pixies, Elves, and Dryads, as well as the Seelie Court and Unseelie Court.

The first are the types of fae that you’re most likely to interact with. The courts generally run the “world” of fairy.

I included all of the types of fae that I know the most about, but as my knowledge expands, I will add more types of fairies to this list!


Brownies are your typical household spirit. They originated in Scottish folklore, although they popped up in English and German folklore at times, too.

Originally, Brownies were known as helpers for farmers. They tended to do outdoor tasks during the night such as shoveling hay, feeding the sheep, etc.

Brownies are short (at about 3 feet tall) and have pointed ears, brown complexions, and brown working clothes. They’re super earthly! In fact, when they don’t have a family, they tend to live underground because they don’t have wings.

J.K. Rowling definitely got some inspiration for house elves from Brownies. They have a lot in common. However, Brownies are never slaves and can leave a family or property anytime.

Brownies are drawn towards the most deserving families. To them, this means the people who work the hardest and who most need extra help.

When Brownies stick with a family for a while and are generally happy, they will bring good luck to the household. They’re a kind of magical magnet for luck.

If you have a Brownie living with you, then you should keep your house nice and tidy. Brownies will help you with chores but want you to keep the living area clean, too.

Don’t forget to feed your Brownie or they will get angry! They love milk, cookies, or honey left out at night. They simply want to feel thought-of. 

Brownies will make friends with your pets and love being in a household with animal friends.

The typical drawing of the Brownie in Scottish lore shows the fairy sleeping with the barn cat. Brownies will get angry if you mistreat your pets because they can form quite tight bonds with animals.

Although Brownies can come out at any time, they’re nocturnal and do most of their chores at night. They’re shy and hate being spied on while they’re cleaning.

If you want to attract a Brownie to your house, there are a few things you can do to “put out a signal.”

First of all, Brownies like rural areas. Living on a farm will make your home especially attractive to a Brownie, but more nature in general is always better.

It’s also good if you live in a home with lots of hiding places for the Brownie to go during the day. They love homes with chests, closets, and secret doors.

Brownies love cozy houses, so try to make your home as warm and happy as possible.

You can also put out a request for a Brownie (even verbally saying it or writing the request on a piece of paper and burning it works) and see if you attract an interested fairy.

However, be careful because Brownies can be fickle. If you upset them, you’ll find yourself in a bit of trouble. They will either take off, never to be seen again, or will cause problems in your home.

Don’t try to pay your Brownie for anything or be too materialistic when it comes to them. They don’t want expensive items as gifts but simply enjoy thoughtful presents like the food they enjoy or comfy little areas set up for them in the home.

If you treat your Brownie well, they can be super loyal to your property or even your family. Some Brownies bond really tightly with their families, or even one member of the family, and feel quite the allegiance.

Although Brownies will sometimes be “in between” families, they’re very social and generally like living around people. These are some of the sweetest types of fairies who love being around humans!


When you think of the different types of fairies, the image that pops into your head is probably a pixie, even if you don’t realize it.

Pixies are only about 4 inches tall and tend to live in the gardens and woods. They’re the types of fae that has the most contact with humans, so they tend to show up a lot in pop culture such as fairytales or Disney movies.

types of fairies, types of fae, pixies

Although pixies are well-known in southwestern England’s folklore, they can live in any wooded area or garden. You can easily find pixies if you simply walk into the woods or a pretty patch of flowers! Pixies will go anywhere where there is nature.

In fact, if you want to work with the fae, you can quite easily attract pixies to almost any location.

Pixies do have wings, but they’re known as earth or nature fairies. They’re super tiny with human-like figures and delicate wings that move extremely fast, almost like a hummingbird.

Some Pixies dress only in green while others prefer other colors of nature, like blue or yellow.

Pixies will choose an area or community to live in, but these communities get torn up quite often to build homes and developments.

When this happens, the pixies in the area will be traumatized and go into hiding. However, they may not leave unless the area is totally decimated.

If you want to draw pixies into your yard, create woodsy areas or a pretty garden for them to live in. Pixies appreciate both shelter and nature, and they will always come check out a cute little fairy house!

Even though pixies tend to enjoy contact with humans, they’re very cunning and can delight in leading humans astray. They are your typical mischievous types of fairies. Of course, every pixie will be a bit different since they all have individual personalities.

Pixies don’t understand human desperation or pain. They play a lot of jokes for fun, but these jokes may not seem funny to people and can cause harm for humans.

They’re especially known to steal stuff from your home or take items and hide them somewhere else so you can’t find them.

However, as long as you treat pixies well and give them gifts that they approve of, they will probably respect you, too.

They enjoy tiny houses, nectar, and honey. Leave a small offering out for pixies if you’re interested in making contact!

Pixies especially love flowers, so planting blooms (especially those native to your area) will draw them towards your property. 

You probably won’t be able to find a pixie community because they magically cloak these areas. They like to stay hidden, especially nowadays due to the devastation of nature. But, they will come to your area if you create a beautiful, natural spot!

When you’re giving gifts to pixies, consider what is natural to your region. They will especially enjoy things that grow naturally in your area. In return for your gifts, pixies will help your gardens flourish and grow.


The Banshee only exists in Ireland and Scotland, typically on the Moors, and has the “cry of death.”

types of fairies, types of fae, banshee

The Banshee is a female spirit/type of fairy that predicts death. Her cry is typically an omen.

She can appear in a lot of different forms. According to fairy-lore, she is known to appear either as a beautiful young woman, a stately matron, or an old, ugly hag.

The Banshee isn’t often seen with the physical eye but she is certainly heard. Her mourning cries are known to be extremely haunting.

The Banshee runs a comb through her long, silver hair while she cries. In fact, in some parts of Ireland, combs are thought to be bad luck simply because of the Banshee. 

Some folks believe that there are many different Banshees in Ireland; a group of Banshees is very bad luck compared to a single fairy.

The Banshee usually doesn’t harm people she encounters, but her cry does predict death. However, when you hear her cry, she is simply predicting the death for someone in the area, not necessarily your own.


Leprechauns are well-known types of fairies, but they’re also very real!

types of fairies, types of fae, Leprechauns

Leprechauns appear as super small, aged men dressed in green or red. They often wear a pointed cap and love to smoke pipes. They’re mainly found in Ireland.

Even though most types of fae don’t have set jobs like humans do, Leprechauns are the exception. They are first and foremost cobblers, but can also act as bankers in the fairy world.

You will hear Leprechauns coming by the tapping of their hammer. They always have a shoe and hammer in hand. Legend says that Leprechauns are are constantly crafting shoes because other types of fairies wear out their shoes nightly during revels while dancing.

Leprechauns also love music and dance themselves. They especially enjoy the fiddle, the Irish drum, and the harp. Sometimes, a Leprechaun can even help a human with their musical abilities.

Some Leprechauns are distrustful and secretive around humans, but if you act kindly towards them without expecting anything in return, they might bestow some of their gold upon you.

Most Leprechauns avoid humans. It’s said that if a human can capture a Leprechaun, then the fairy must reveal the hiding place of his gold. However, almost every human who has tried this has been tricked by the Leprechaun and ends up with less than he started with.

Leprechauns love gold and ale. They’re known to be information brokers and always have a bit of information to sell you, probably for a hefty price. They’re typically honest, although a few of them can be tricksters.

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Although Elves have become super popular due to books and movies, legends around elves date back thousands of years.

types of fairies, types of fae, elves

According to mythology, there are both light elves and dark elves in the fairy kingdom.

In general, legends about elves tend to be from European/Germanic sources as well as Nordic and Icelandic. Elves are often depicted with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Out of all of the types of fairies, elves are closest to humans in size and stature. They’re a bit slimmer but are similar height.

Elves have high cheekbones and angular features compared to humans. They are also said to have mesmerizing eyes and pointed ears.

Nowadays, folks in many cultures still believe that elves exist. In fact, many of the caves in Iceland are protected by the government because 3/4 of the residents believe that elves reside in the area.

Elves are thought to be the types of fairies who typically place changelings in human homes. This can occur for a variety of reasons that I’ll discuss in the changelings section of this post.

While elves are sometimes friendly towards humans, they can also take revenge if they feel offended. They generally stay away from humans, especially when compared to other types of fae.

Legend says that elves are the types of fairies that are the protectors and caretakers of the forest. They are usually tied to the specific forest that they protect and live in groups.

Elves are very smart and agile. They have keener perceptions than humans but use their senses in nature and avoid technology.


Kobolds are types of fae who live in mines. There haven’t been many sightings of Kobolds so it’s hard to say exactly what they look like.

Generally, Kobolds only interact with miners. Some Kobolds are trouble makers and will undo the miners’ progress, but others will actually help or knock on the tunnels to warn the miners of a cave-in.


Changelings are a rather scary part of fairy legend. While they aren’t exactly a type of fae, changelings are in a league of their own.

According to legend, a changeling is a fairy child that has been swapped for a human child. The changeling will grow up with human parents but won’t appear like a normal human child.

Fairies swap babies for a few reasons; each culture has its own legend. Sometimes, a fairy will swap a sick fae child with a healthy human child. This fae child will either die in infancy or will grow up sickly. You will notice that they’re beautiful and artistic with fairy features, even though they may be unhealthy.

Other fairies swap their babies because they want a beautiful human child and feel that their own baby is ugly, or to strengthen their bloodline if there is sickness. Sometimes, a fairy will need a talent that only a human child possesses.

Of course, changelings are rare, if they really exist anymore. The development of technology has made the practice of swapping babies dangerous for fairies.

If you do encounter a changeling, you’ll notice their fairy features. They won’t look like their parents and will probably have some magickal skills. They may also have trouble fitting in socially because fairies relate to each other in a very different way.

It’s unclear if changelings ever truly existed or if this was a way to explain infant mortality rates in Medieval times. I can’t personally attest to the fact that changelings exist, but I won’t rule it out. I find that all legends have some bit of truth in them.


Devas are small fairies that look almost like fireflies. If you live in a woodsy area, you have probably seen devas without even knowing it.

types of fairies, types of fae, devas

The deva originated in Persia and Greece. Devas appear as bright orbs of light in nature, although they’re particularly found in the woods.

Devas love being around well-cared for plants. They are known to guide medical researchers or witches seeking to use plants for their medicinal qualities. However, a Deva won’t stay near a plant that is in decay.


Dryads are types of fairies that are tied to trees. While they aren’t the actual spirit of the tree and are a type of fae, if the tree dies, the dryad will die too.

types of fairies driads

Dryads don’t typically travel far from their trees. They’re very attached to one specific area and will do everything in their power to keep their tree alive.

These types of fae will look more favorably upon humans if they care for their trees. They can be a bit shy, but when they see a human taking care of the environment and treating animals and nature well, they’re more likely to open up and communicate.

You will be able to tell that you have a dryad in your yard if any of your trees have a “face” look on them. Alternatively, you will feel an active, different energy around a tree; this indicates that the tree spirit also has a dryad attached. 

If you want to chat with dryads in your backyard, first show them your spirit through taking care of your trees. After a bit, they will begin to trust you.

It’s easier to communicate with dryads if you’re actually touching the tree and standing on the ground with bare feet since they communicate through the earth.

Dryads are some of the sweetest types of fae. If you’re just dipping your toes into communication with the fae, I recommend starting with dryads!


Gnomes are well-known due to pop culture, but they’re actually one of the many types of fairies that live among tree roots in the forest.

The myth of Gnomes originated in Scotland, but they’re thought to inhabit any woodsy area, including many parts of the U.S. 

Gnomes look almost like little dwarfs. They mature quickly, so they typically appear old. They wear pointed red hats with green or blue clothing.

You’ll find gnomes in most natural, woodsy areas, so their diet depends on exactly where they’re living. Gnomes are known to enjoy fruit, nuts, vegetables (especially root vegetables), eggs, and mushrooms.

Gnomes are extremely connected to nature. In fact, they’re actually earth elementals, so they’re very powerful with anything related to the earth. If you want to work earth magic and manage to befriend a gnome, then they can help you to grow super powerful.

They’re known to care for animals and are natural healers, although they tend to use their powers for animals and plant life, not humans. 

Gnomes are very shy and cautious. They stay far away from humans, especially due to their small size. 

Irish Sea Water Guardians

Irish Sea Water Guardians are only a few inches tall, but they fiercely guard the Irish sea. 

These types of fairies are sacred to the Irish sea god Manann. They’re surrounded by a greenish blue light; you won’t often see them with the naked eye but may see the light that they give off.

These types of fae especially love storms! They surf the waves and bob up and down. They’re friends with dolphins and other intelligent sea creatures.

If any sea creature needs help, the Irish Sea Water Guardians will always come to their aid. 


Kelpies are ugly, scary water fairies that are thought to be cannibalistic and carnivorous. 

According to Scottish and Irish legend, Kelpies eat deer off the shoreline as well as other types of fairies and even humans. 

Male kelpies are thought to be shapeshifters. They can turn into handsome men to lure young women into the water and either trap them or consume them.

Typically, the kelpie is seen in the form of a horse if they won’t reveal their true form. You can find kelpies in the ocean as well as rivers and streams.

Some kelpies are even though to be the classic scary monsters that have created huge legends, such as the Loch Ness Monster.


Mermaids are huge in pop culture, so most people don’t believe in them. However, in the witch/magical community, Mermaids are definitely real.

Most of these types of fairies prefer to be known as mer or merfolk, although they’re called mermaids and mermen in pop culture.

Merfolk are very beautiful (both the men and women) and are half human, half fish creates who live in the oceans and seas. 

There are stories about Merfolk that paint them in both a positive and a negative light. Some tales sale that Merfolk lured ships to the rocks and sailors to the deaths, while others say that Merfolk rescued drowning men.

These types of fairies do not live in homes. Instead, the swim throughout the oceans and frequently migrate. They tend to live in family units, although these can grow quite large. Merfolk protect everyone within the group.

Although the Merfolk generally hide from humans, they have become more visible as the ocean gets polluted. They will sometimes reach out to humans to try and stop further pollution.


Nymphs are a type of fae from Greece. There are many different types of nymphs, including tree nymphs, water nymphs, wood nymphs, etc.

In some legends, nymphs have the reputation for being hyper-sexual. They are generally known as beautiful females, but unlike Sirens, they are relatively harmless.

Nymphs can be a bit mischievous like all types of fairies, but they don’t hurt humans. Sometimes, they even fall in love with humans and will be quite committed.


Salamanders aren’t a well known type of fae, but they are powerful!

Generally, Salamanders are known as a fire elemental and can be really helpful if you’re a witch working with fire. They appear as fiery lizards in red and orange tones, although they are also known to show up as a classic fire fairy or even a ball of fire or light.

Salamanders are some of the strongest elementals. They embody the spirit of fire. They come to the aid of humans or witches in the areas of passion and revenge as well as the physical manifestation of fire.

Like all types of fairies, Salamanders can be mischievous, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you ask them to work together. They can get quite upset if they feel that they have been slighted and wreak havoc.

Seelie Court

The Seelie Court is one of the most well-known aspects of fairy-lore. They’re thought to be benevolent fairies who act as arbiters and judges in faery disputes.

The Seelie Court is typically seen at twilight when they conduct their courtly processions. They’re especially active during the spring and summer months.

Most members of the Seelie Court enjoy beautiful things. They’re all about the stunning dresses and clothing, harmonious instruments, delicate flowers, and of course, dances. The Seelie Court is made of the most beautiful types of fairies.

The Seelie Court types of fairies are known to be somewhat friendly to humans. They are said to seek help from humans if needed and return human favors with kindness.

However, like any other types of fairies, the Seelie Court has mischievous fairies, too. They can easily play tricks on you or get revenge if they feel slighted.

The Seelie Court is known as the “good” counterpart of the Unseelie Court. Some legends say that they fight each other, while others say that they are simply polar opposites and avoid each other.


A Selkie is a type of fae that has the abiliy to change from a seal into a human being at-will.

Selkies occupy the seas near Ireland, although their exact location is fluid. They take the form of grey seals or great seals while in the sea, but they can also appear as human women or classic fairies. They tend to come out on important seasonal days (such as Midsummer’s Eve).

Legend says that Selkies occasionally mate with human men. Some tales say that a man can wed a Selkie if he finds her seal skin on the beach and hides it from her, but she will return once she finds it.

Will O’Wisp

The Will O’Wisp is a type of fae that is seen on any body of water at night. They will look like a small firefly or flickering orb of light.

The Will O’Wisp is seen across the world and is known by many different names in different cultures. They will typically appear in groups, so keep your eyes out for a bunch of flickering lights.

They also tend to like calm waters rather than rough waves, so they’re more commonly found on lakes or ponds. 

Sometimes, Will O’Wisps are also found in earthly areas, such as on grassy hills or even in the woods.

Some legends say that these types of fae only appear as lights, while other stories say that the lights are from the lanterns these fairies carry as they revel. Generally when you see Will O’Wisps, you can assume that they’re having a party, which they do almost nightly.

Unseelie Court

The Unseelie Court is the darker counterpart to the Seelie Court. The Unseelie Court is made up of many different types of fairies, but they’re thought to attract lower types of fae such as Boggarts and Bogies.

The Unseelie Court is thought to be ugly or even hideous and more than a bit scary. The court can be made up of dark fairies as well as lost spirits, so they tend to be most active during autumn (Halloween) and winter.

Dark magic is often the work of the Unseelie Court. They’re known to work with witches concerning black magic or make deals with humans, but these deals never work out well for the human.

In fact, humans would do well to stay far away from the Unseelie Court. There is virtually no way to get along with them, but there are many ways to make them angry.

The term “unseelie” translates to “unblessed.” Even in the fairy world, the Unseelie Court is dark, dangerous, and evil. 

The court travels at night on the winds. Members of the Unseelie Court can’t reproduce, so they’re said to steal humans and force them to join the court in order to keep their numbers up. According to legend, travelers going through woodsy areas at night should be careful and avoid the Unseelie Court.

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A Boggart is generally thought to be a Brownie turned bad. Similar to Boggarts in Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling seriously got a lot of her info from fairy-lore), modern-day Boggarts will haunt a home or an area, such as a trunk or a closet, and cause general issues.

Typically, a Boggart is a Brownie who was treated badly. This can make the Brownie act out, and over time they will turn into a Boggart, which means they’re attached to a property for the purpose of causing issues.

Alternatively, a Boggart can be a Brownie who stayed with a home after the family left. If the home falls into disrepair but the Brownie is attached to the property, then they can start to go a bit crazy and begin “haunting” the area.

Other Boggarts are Brownies who are simply mischievous in nature. Although most Brownies are helpful and social, there are always a few who are just naturally pranksters. These Boggarts delight in playing tricks on humans or scaring them.

Ideally, you will never encounter a Boggart because you won’t anger a Brownie, but if you do get into a situation with a Boggart, you may need to do an exorcism of your home.

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5 Ways To Create A Witchy Atmosphere During Spell Work

5 Ways To Create A Witchy Atmosphere During Spell Work

Although you can technically cast a spell anywhere, I like to set the mood when I’m practicing. This isn’t always necessarily, but it does help me get into the vibe of the magic.

When I’m feeling witchy, I’m actually able to gather stronger energy. This is true for most witches; you at least want to get into the tone of the spell you’re casting subconsciously and unconsciously to create something really powerful.

Beginner witches generally don’t have many tools or a full on spell work room to use, but these things aren’t always necessary. There are many ways to add the “witchy vibe” into a setting without spending much/any money.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to create a witchy atmosphere during spell work!

Play Music

Some witches like to work in silence while others prefer music. I find that a good playlist helps me get into the witchy mood for spell work.

I actually have a few different playlists for when I practice. One is more Irish with haunting melodies while another is boho and has a lot of Fleetwood Mac. I also have a playlist with edgier tunes for spell work that’s more intense/dark.

If you’re interested in playing music while you practice, spend a bit of time and put together a good playlist. Make sure that it’s cohesive and goes with the vibe of the spell that you’re casting.

It’s pretty awful to have to stop in the middle of a spell and find a different song; this can totally kill the mood. I recommend that you put together your playlist before casting your circle so you don’t get interrupted! 

If you’re struggling to get into the vibe of your spell work then playing music is a great first step. I fall into a trance much more quickly when music is on, especially when the songs resonate with me on that particular day.

Burn Incense

Setting the witchy mood is all about the senses. Smell is really important, even subconsciously, and helps me stay focused during spell work.

My favorite way to get into spell work when it comes to smell is by burning incense. I choose my incense scent based on what I actually like and what scents go with the spell I’m casting.

When I’m practicing, I burn incense from beginning to end, so I like to have a lot on hand. 

If you purchase incense online, make sure that your incense sticks are high quality. I have bought some truly terrible incense off of Amazon that smelled totally synthetic, like a bad perfume. This is a great store on Etsy that sells affordable incense sticks.

Bring In The Elements

Engaging the senses during spell work is important but so are the elements. After all, the fundamentals of witchcraft are centered around the four elements.

I like to bring each element into my space before I begin practicing. On a visual and spiritual level, I feel that having a balance of the elements keeps me focused and alert. The elements also help me ground my energy more effectively.

For example, I place a plant on the table I’m working on (earth) as well as a cup of water or indoor fountain (water), a series of lit candles (fire), and incense (air). I sometimes use a fan for air instead if I want a lot of flow, or I’ll open the window if there’s a summer breeze outside.

You can choose whatever you’d like to represent the elements. Make sure that you feel a connection to each and that you have somewhat balanced ratios between the elements, although this doesn’t need to be perfect. You can also include more of one specific element if you feel it’ll help you based on the spell you’re casting.

Make A Mini Alter

Some witches have a set alter that they use every time they practice. Personally, I’m a bit more fluid. I like to use the coffee table in my living room while practicing and I put away my tools in between.

Regardless, setting up your alter is always a good way to incorporate that witchy vibe into your practice. You can do this with a set alter or with a simple table that you’ll be using for only an hour.

I like to spread a cloth out on my alter (I use something like this), place candles around the corners, and add in tokens that mean something to me. Sometimes I include a crystal ball or Tarot cards, other times I choose a bowl of salt, figurine, or crystals.

You can put as many or as few things on your alter as you’d like. I recommend that you keep an eye out while shopping for things that appeal to you. These certainly don’t have to be expensive pieces, but they should be the items that help to set the mood.

The more you’re able to feel witchy, the stronger your energy will grow. This means that your spells will be more effective. Everything here has a purpose!

Dress The Part

Lastly, I like to dress a certain way when I’m practicing. It really helps me get in the mood!

You’ll generally find me doing spell work in black leggings, a black crew neck, and black socks. I like to be comfortable but also prefer wearing black so that my energy is like a blank slate.

Of course, everyone is different! Some witches like dressing up (edgy, trendy, Victorian, etc.) depending on the spell they’re casting. Others like to be comfortable. Some witches like color and color associations for certain spells while others always dress in black, white, or neutral tones.

Figure out what type of clothing works for you. It’s OK if you have to try out a few different things!

I do feel that clothing is pretty important because everything during spell work has some kind of association, so the way you look and feel will add specific energy to your practice.

I hope this post helps you brainstorm ways to bring in that “witchy vibe” during spell work. Happy casting!

The 5 Best Books For Beginner Witches

The 5 Best Books For Beginner Witches

Learning is an essential piece of witchcraft. Without gathering knowledge, you’re just shooting in the dark.

Even though intuition is really important when you’re practicing, it’s equally as crucial that you know what tools to use and how to cast spells successfully.

The whole point of witchcraft is that you combine intuition and knowledge of the elements to create a really powerful spell. Without the knowledge, you’re using affirmations, not practicing the craft.

always recommend that beginner witches do a bit of research before they jump right in. Even now, I spend about 30% of my time that’s devoted to the craft learning.

Today I’m sharing my 5 favorite (and most essential) books for beginner witches!

All of these books are staples on my shelf. They’re filled with fundamental information and spell work, and some of them are even free on Kindle Unlimited.

Buckland’s Complete Book of Witchcraft

If you’re just starting out, Buckland’s really is the OG guide to witchcraft. This is the first book I bought and I’m still glad I have it on my bookshelf.

You won’t get a ton of practical advice out of Buckland’s (no spells or Tarot spreads), but you will get an overview of all the fundamentals you need to know about before you start your journey into witchcraft.

You’ll learn about everything from the history of witchcraft to tools, clothing, names, deities, covens, rituals, marriage rites, birth rites, death rites, meditation, dreams, divination practices, herbalism, healing, Wiccan denominations, and more.

This is the one book I really recommend purchasing in physical form! I still reference it over and over.

Check it out on Amazon here.

The Green Witch: Your Complete Guide to the Natural Magic of Herbs, Flowers, Essential Oils and More

If you’re at all interested in using herbs or earthly elements in your craft (as most witches are) then The Green Witch is a great starting point.

I find that green witchcraft isn’t just a choice but is somewhat essential. I always ground, use the earth for energy, etc., even though I don’t consider myself solely a green witch.

Most witches love working with living things because of the energy exchange. So many living things are earthly elements, so I really recommend this book for everyone!

This book is also extremely intuitive. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to connect but already has some of the practical knowledge.

Click here to check out The Green Witch.

A Modern Guide to Witchcraft: Your Complete Guide to Witches, Covens, and Spells

This is the absolute best book for any witch who wants a full modern guide to witchcraft. If you’re currently practicing in your living room or closet with just a few tools then you’ll love this manual.

Not only is there an entire section/mini-grimoire devoted to spells, but this manual also goes over magick, the history of witchcraft, the elements, gods/goddesses, types of witchcraft, altars, tools, plant magic, and crystals. You’ll learn about love spells, potions, hexes and jinxes, self-care spells, and more.

This book is available for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Click here to check this text out.

The Spell Book for New Witches: Essential Spells to Change Your Life

I talk about this spell book a lot on this blog, so you might have seen it mentioned before. In my opinion, this is the absolute best spell book for beginner witches!

Every spell I’ve ever cast from this book has worked perfectly. The spells are all relatively easy to cast, don’t require a ton of ingredients, and the ingredients that are used make total sense to me.

There are 10+ sections in this book so you can find everything from love spells to home spells and luck spells. It’s also very easy to alter these spells if needed. Plus, it’s available for free on Kindle Unlimited!

Check it out here.

A Witches’ Bible: The Complete Witches’ Handbook

A Witches’ Bible is a super traditional book that goes over everything you need to know about witchcraft.

It definitely isn’t as modern as some of the selections above, but if you want to really learn about why we practice witchcraft in a certain way and where it all comes from then you’ll love this text.

The rituals explained in this book are especially helpful. It gets into the how and why, and most of the rituals are easily adapted if you’re a solo practitioner.

This text will certainly answer any lingering questions that you have about the craft and how magic works.

Bear in mind: A Witches’ Bible is definitely on the darker side. This isn’t some fun, fluffy, light witchcraft manual; this text is based in history and tradition. Even if you don’t want to practice like this book recommends, I still think it’s a great read for knowledge reasons alone.

Check it out here.

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A Simple Spell To Make Someone Call You (Or Text You)

A Simple Spell To Make Someone Call You (Or Text You)

Strangely enough, I get requests for a “spell to make someone call you” way more often than I do for general love spells.

I think part of this is because most people want a specific action to happen. Just knowing that someone might love you doesn’t feel concrete enough.

While these spells can be just as tricky and dangerous as love spells, they are possible. Today I’ll go over every aspect of the most effective spell to make someone call you.

How Does This Spell Work?

Much in the way that any other spell works, this spell to make someone call you will only work if your intention is strong enough and you use the right ingredients to release that energy into the Universe.

I’m not going to lie: this is a tough spell to cast. Your intention needs to be really strong to make it work effectively.

The reason that you need such powerful energy is because, most likely if someone isn’t already calling you, their intention is specifically to not call you.

Unlike other spells where there simply is no intention and you create one, you actually need to reverse someone’s intention with the spell to make someone call you.

You’ll need to make sure that you raise quite a bit of energy and direct it successfully. You will also need to control your mind during the spell to ensure that you cast it with just the right intention and thoughts.

Sometimes, a powerful emotion can make your intention stronger. If you feel grief, anger, etc., you can channel that emotion into the spell and raise much more energy than if you felt neutral.

At the same time, you will need to make sure that this emotion doesn’t influence your thoughts or intentions.

For example, you wouldn’t want to be thinking angry thoughts (although the emotion of anger can help you raise more energy) because this might make the person on the receiving end call you angrily.

Can The Spell To Make Someone Call You Backfire?

Short answer: yes.

A lot of times when you casts a spell to make someone call you, the person who ends up calling won’t really want to.

Instead, the individual who you cast the spell on will feel like he/she needs to call you. They might even be a little angry or annoyed by this, so the phone call might not be super pleasant.

Do you ever do something without knowing why you did it? That’s basically how this spell works. You’re creating a lot of unconscious energy that prods someone into picking up the phone without consciously wanting to call you.

Ultimately, there isn’t much you can do to change someone’s actual feelings. A love spell creates infatuation or the illusion of love, but it doesn’t create the real thing.

This spell forces someone to call you, but it doesn’t force them to want to call you.

If you’re on the fence about casting a spell to make someone call you, consider a honey jar spell instead. The person you cast the honey jar spell on will need to have some positive thoughts about you already, but it’s a much more effective spell if you want to create true positive feelings.

If you don’t care about any of this and just want to cast a spell to make someone call you, then go for it! Everyone has different motivations and I’m definitely not judging them as wrong or bad, I’m just giving you the facts.

What About The Rule Of Three?

Some witches believe in the rule of three. This rule is based around the concept of karma and means that any spell you cast will come back on your threefold (three times worse than what you sent out).

Ultimately, this means that any spell you cast with a good intention will come back on you just as much as the spells with bad intentions.

Some witches believe wholeheartedly in this rule, some believe in it to some extent, and some don’t believe in it at all.

I fall somewhere in the middle. I actually have been burned three times from some spells I’ve cast, but I have been totally fine with other spells.

I think it all depends on how much you’re following your gut instinct. Does it feel okay to cast this spell? If it does, I personally think you’ll be fine.

You can also use divination tools (like the pendulum or tarot cards) to make sure that you’re good to go before beginning the spell.

How Long Does This Spell Take To Work?

This is a tough question to answer. A spell to make someone call you is really tricky and depends on so many factors.

I find that if your intention is just right and you raise a huge amount of energy, this spell will theoretically work right away. To do this, you would need to not only be an incredibly strong witch, but you would also need to execute this spell perfectly.

It might take a bit of time for this spell to make someone call you to actually work. It all depends on the intention that you put out and the amount of energy you were able to raise.

So: be patient. This spell could take 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days to work.

Okay, So What If This Spell Doesn’t Work?

A spell might not work for a variety of reasons.

Check out this post here if this spell doesn’t work to try and figure out why.

I do find that most of the time, with this spell to make someone call you, you’ll find that it won’t work either because your intention wasn’t strong enough, or because the other person’s intention was too strong.

If your intention and energy doesn’t outweigh the other person’s then nothing will change. Your spell won’t affect them.

You need to make sure that you raise enough energy to overpower any other intentions in the universe.

If this spell to make someone call you doesn’t work after 7 days, cast it again. You can keep trying until it works. However, I recommend that you figure out why it didn’t work before casting it again so you can make some adjustments.

How To Cast This Spell To Make Someone Call You:

This spell to make someone call you is pretty simple, but you will need a few ingredients to cast it effectively.


  • A bay leaf (or piece of paper)
  • A red candle (you can substitute white if needed)
  • Your cellphone
  • A pen

I like to use a tall candle or chime candle for this spell, but you can also use a tea light candle if that’s all you have.

First, always cast a circle before beginning any spell work. Not only does it protect you from negative entities, but it keeps your energy within the circle, making the spell much stronger.

Once the circle is cast, you’re ready to begin your spell work.

Write down the name of the person (who you wish to call you) on the bay leaf using a marker or a pen, then light the candle.

Turn your phone off and flip it over so you can only see the back. Place the bay leaf on top of your phone.

Gather your energy. It can take 10-15 minutest to gather energy energy for a strong spell, so don’t rush this part. I like to use the candle flame to pull energy from, but this is a personal preference.

When you feel ready, focus on your intention and repeat the following chant:

“The desire is strong
You want to call me
You cannot stop it
Do it
Do it
Do it
So mote it be”

Repeat this chant as many times as you feel is needed. I typically say it only once, but you can say it 3 times, 7 times, or as many times as you’d like.

When you’re done, burn the bay leaf in the candle flame then snuff out the candle; use a snuffer instead of blowing the candle out as that effectively blows your spell out.

The spell to make someone call you is now complete: you can close your circle and turn your phone back on.

Why Use A Candle For A Communication Spell?

Most spells to make someone call you use the element of air. I get it: air means communication and clearly signifies the telephone.

However, I personally don’t find that air is strong enough to change someone’s intention. Instead, I think that you need a forceful and fast-working element. Fire is perfect for this spell.

If you feel really strongly about using the element of air instead of fire, then feel free to change up this spell, however I really recommend using a candle at the minimum.

Questions or comments about this spell? Drop a line in the comments and I’m happy to help!

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10 Beginner Witchcraft Mistakes To Avoid

10 Beginner Witchcraft Mistakes To Avoid

When you first start off learning witchcraft, it can be overwhelming. There’s so much information out there and a lot of it is contradictory!

Today, I’m sharing the 11 mistakes I made that I wish someone had warned me about. While making mistakes is never a bad thing because we always learn from them, these are all simple fixes that change the outcome of your spells.

Here are the top 11 mistakes I recommend avoiding in order to cast more powerful spells as a beginner or advanced witch!

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11. Expecting A Spell To Work Without Any Real World Effort

While magic is certainly magical, a spell won’t work if you ignore the “real world effort” while you’re waiting for your spell to take effect.

For example, let’s imagine that you cast a money spell, yet you never leave your home, refuse to get a job, and ignore any opportunities that come your way. The spell can’t possibly work because the Universe can only bring you money through normal means.

Once you’ve cast a spell, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help it along and that you’re keeping all doors open.

10. Spending Too Much Money On Supplies

Beginner witches can easily get overwhelmed because many spells call for so many supplies. If you’re just starting out, I don’t recommend spending hundreds of dollars on supplies.

Instead, think about the most basic supplies that you need. It’s pretty easy to start off with candles (for candle spells), string (for knot spells), incense, and crystals.

Once you have tried a few spells, you’ll start to figure out what types of spells you enjoy and you can invest money specifically in those supplies. Try out candle spells, jar spells, bath spells, potions, etc., then narrow down based on what feels right and what spells are the most successful for you.

9. Not Using Enough Supplies

At the same time, you do need some supplies to practice witchcraft. If a spell calls for basil and cinnamon, you can’t just throw black salt in the mix instead and expect it to work.

You certainly can substitute ingredients, but you need to use ingredients that work for the same types of spells. Money ingredients can be substituted for other money ingredients in a spell; substituting and ingredient that signifies psychic potential probably won’t work.

8. Neglecting Energy Work

A lot of beginner witches jump right in and cast spells, then sit around and wait. This is all good, but to successfully cast a spell you need to raise energy.

Before you start spellcasting, or even during, make sure that you practice raising energy. Your spell won’t work without it!

Even a simple 5 minute meditation before casting a spell can help you raise a significant amount of energy and put so much more into the spell.

7. Skipping Basic Defensive Practices

Defensive spells don’t feel fun, but it also isn’t fun to leave yourself vulnerable and then get psychically attacked. Defensive spells are necessary for a reason!

When you’re just beginning, you need to at the very least cast a circle before practicing magic. Do this until you’re absolutely confident that you can work without it! I personally still cast a circle before I practice any kind of magic.

I also recommend setting up wards for yourself and for your home or learning about other basic defensive magic practices.

6. Casting Spells You Don’t Care About

In my personal experience, casting a spell you don’t really care about won’t yield results. Your spell needs to matter in order to put enough energy into it.

I have tried casting minuscule spells just because I wanted to practice magic, but if I don’t really care about the outcome, it just doesn’t work. Subconsciously, I can’t be bothered to put enough energy into the spell and I rarely get any outcome at all.

5. Reading But Not Practicing

There’s so much information out there that it’s easy to get stuck in the research phase. You certainly do need to read and learn before you jump right into casting spells, but you also need to just practice. There’s no better way to learn than to do!

I recommend doing a bit of research about the basics, gathering a few tools, and trying out some spells. In between spells, spend more time doing research, then try another spell. I find that a bit of give-and-take works well!

4. Expecting Your Spells To Work Instantly

This isn’t Harry Potter folks. We don’t just wave a wand and get the results we want (even though I wish we could!). Magic takes time because it does have to follow the laws of the Universe.

I find that most spells work within a few weeks. You’ll probably have a sense of when you can expect the spell to work while you’re casting it.

If after a month or two, there still aren’t any results, you’ll need to figure out why your spell didn’t work and make a plan to proceed.

3. Using Sketchy Spells Off The Internet

I source spells from many places, both online and in books. Sometimes, super random spells that I try out work insanely well!

At the same time, you want to use a spell that is both tested (by whoever wrote it) and that also seems logical. Before trying out a spell, do a bit of research. Look into the ingredients used in the spell: are they traditionally used for this type of magic?

Make sure the wording to the spell is specific and feels right. If it doesn’t, go right ahead and change it.

At the end of the day, use both logic and intuition when you’re picking out a spell recipe, and change anything in the ingredients list that doesn’t sit well with you. This is especially true if you’re casting hexes and jinxes, because these types of spells can easily backfire.

This is a great spell book for beginners. I have tried most of the spells in this book and loved every single one!

2. Assuming That Everything You Read Is True

Witchcraft isn’t a science. Anyone from anywhere can write an article and give opinions on how to practice the craft!

Unfortunately, not all of this information is true. Some information might be true for you, but it won’t work for someone else. Everything in witchcraft is personalized.

A great example of this is the “rule of 3.” This rule basically states that anything cast with a negative intention (such as a jinx or hex) will spring back on the caster three times over.

Some witches swear by this rule and treat it as gospel, while others don’t follow it at all. Many witches are somewhere in between.

Don’t expect everything you read in any one source to be true for you. Instead, use a combination of intuition and logic to find your own path.

1. Using Affirmations Instead Of Witchcraft

Witchcraft involves the practice of magic and the use of spells. This means that you need to physically cast a spell as well as summon energy and state your intention.

To cast a spell, you need to perform some type of action. It doesn’t always have to involve tools or ingredients, but spells often do because the tools you use release extra energy to aid in your spellcasting.

Many beginner witches fall into the trap of assuming that affirmations or intention is witchcraft. This isn’t the case! You need to summon energy from resources, such as a candle flame or herbs from the earth. The idea behind witchcraft is that this extra energy combined with your intention will be enough to successfully cast the spell.

At the end of the day, don’t worry too much about making mistakes. I wrote this post to try and help you get ahead of the curve so that you can be more successful right off-the-bat, but mistakes are just a part of the game.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and learn along the way! Everything you do, whether you see it as a positive or negative, is all part of your journey.

How To Cast A Circle: A Guide For Beginner Witches

How To Cast A Circle: A Guide For Beginner Witches

Circle casting is one of the most basic practices in witchcraft. Although some witches don’t know how to cast a circle or simply choose not to, learning how to cast a circle is always a good place to start.

I personally cast a circle before I begin spell work 100% of the time. For me, learning how to cast a circle was essential because it gives me the protection I see. Whether or not it works for you is a different story; no two witches are alike. I highly recommend casting a circle at least a few times before you decide whether or not it’s for you!

There are two main reasons that I recommend that you learn how to cast a circle.

Firstly, the circle offers continuous protection from negative energy and entities. While we don’t typically need this protection during every day life, it’s much more essential that we protect ourselves when we’re doing spell work, as all energy and entities (both positive and negative) are attracted to spell work.

This is mainly because we are opening ourselves up to different energy by connecting with the other side. We are also expending a good deal of energy (although we may draw it from other sources, such as the earth), which draws spirits and other types of entities.

Anything out of the norm will call to other spirits. I find that a circle is the perfect way to prevent spirits and entities from disrupting my spell work.

Secondly, learning how to cast a circle will ensure that your energy doesn’t disperse if you lose your focus during spell work. The circle keeps the energy that you gather contained so you don’t lose energy before your spell is complete. You won’t need to worry about losing your energy; it will simply bounce off the circle wall and come back until you’re ready to release it into the spell.

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Is There Only One Way To Cast A Circle?

You’ll probably practice one method when you’re first learning how to cast a circle, but there are so many ways to cast a circle that your method may change over time.

Some circle casting methods take up to an hour, some only take 30 seconds. There are formal methods and informal methods. You might speak out loud or talk only in your mind; you can use physical tools or employ visualization. There are plenty of different ways to cast a circle!

The one thing that is consistent is that you must create a circle of energy that both protects you from outside entities and holds your own energy in the circle. Other than that, it’s up to you!

What Tools Do You Need To Cast A Circle?

Theoretically, you can learn how to cast a circle with absolutely no materials. You don’t really need certain items or elements to cast a circle.

Personally, I use one object of each element to cast my circle. For example, I’ll use a bowl of water, a plant, incense (for air), and a candle.

I place elements in in a circle before speaking and visualizing the circle. I then call upon each of these elements to hold the energy of the circle while I’m busy with my spell work.

Alternatively, you can use a crystal to represent each element, or a sigil of each element drawn into the appropriate area of the circle.

I also love using Tarot cards or Oracle cards. I will choose a card that represents each element. This is super fun with Oracle card decks, because no deck is the same. With Tarot cards, there really are no rules, although you can use the Queen or King of each suit if you want to be very clear. I also like using the Major Arcana cards that I feel represent each element.

You might make this circle quite small (on a tabletop, for example), or you might want to create a large circle using your 4 items and sit in the middle of them.

Here are the directions you should place each element:





Some witches will actually draw a circle or make a circle out of salt, leaves, etc., instead of using the elements. I have tried this before and found that it works well, although it can be a bit messy. I prefer this method when I’m working outside.

You don’t need to use any tools at all for your circle if you’d prefer to work with visualization alone. I like using tools because I find that it helps me cast a stronger circle. I’m not sure if this is a placebo effect, but it works!

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How To Cast A Circle

Here are the general steps for how to cast a circle. I find that the process is super simple once you get used to it!

Step 1: Cleanse Your Space

First, you need to make sure that your space is cleansed. I prefer to use incense for this. Cleanse yourself, the room you intend to use, and any materials you will use in your circle.

If you don’t want to use incense, you can also use sound or sage. You can even visualize a cleansing with white light and cleanse 100% through visualization.

Step 2: Create A Physical Circle

At this point, you will either place your elements in a physical circle (in front of you or around you: either works) or you will need to take a few moments to visualize a circle of light around you. Make sure that the circle has both a top and a bottom; you should be fully enclosed.

If you want to summon extra protection and energy during your spell work then I recommend using both physical items and performing a visualization.

If you choose only visualization, you’ll need to make sure that you call upon one of the elements for energy. For example, I call upon earth and link the energy of the earth to my circle. The earth will then provide continuous energy to keep the circle intact while I’m working.

If you use your own energy, the circle will fall apart the second you’re not focusing on it, however if you use the earth’s energy and program the circle so that energy flows directly from the earth into the circle you have visualized, then the circle will hold up while you’re busy elsewhere.

Step 3: Call Upon The Elements

At this point, you’re ready to call upon the elements. I find that the strongest circles include all 4 elements. Keep in mind that this is what works for me, but as you learn how to cast a circle, you can tailor these words and steps however you like.

You need to face each element individually and say something that effectively calls upon the element, asking it to work with you to reinforce the circle. Move clockwise as you do this.

Here are the directions and the order through which I call upon the elements:






When I’m casting the circle and speaking to each element, I use my finger to point. I find that it helps me to send out all of my energy through one point. I create a slow circle with my finger as I speak to each element until I arrive back at the North.

To begin, focus on the North and ground yourself. Feel the energy coursing through your body from the earth, through your feet to your head and your hands, and speak something like this:

“Earth, I call upon your power to create and reinforce this circle. Hail and welcome, Earth.”

Turn then to the East and repeat a similar statement, substituting Earth for Air. Continue this until you have spoken to all 4 elements.

I also include Spirit as the 5th element. You can substitute any word for Spirit (God, Universe, Higher Self, or any god or goddess you work with), or you can omit this entirely if that feels right.

Once you have called upon your elements, it’s time to state your intentions.

Call upon the people (spirits) or guides you want to help you with your spell work. This is the time to state what energy may pass through the circle. You can speak in any manner you like.

Once you’re done, say something like:

The circle has now been cast and I am between worlds.

This statement affirms that the circle is secure. If you feel that you must visualize the circle again for it to be complete, feel free to do so.

Step 4: Do Your Spell Work

At this point, the circle is cast. If this is your first practice session then congratulations: you learned how to cast a circle!

Don’t worry if you didn’t do everything perfectly. It’s the intention that truly creates the circle.

Now, you can go ahead and do your regular spell work. Whether you’re actively casting spells or are doing divination work or shadow work, you can safety begin. If you’re casting curses, hexes, and jinxes, then you need to make sure that your circle is especially strong since this kind of magic can attract darker entities.

My circles hold up for many hours. If you supplied energy to the circle correctly, then you don’t need to worry about it depleting as the minutes pass.

Step 5: Close The Circle

I say, “Thank you, Earth for co-creating with me. You are free to go, but are welcome to stay.” I say that for each element as I move back around the circle.

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How To Cast A Circle: Leaving The Circle Temporarily

When I was first learning how to cast a circle, I didn’t realize that I could physically leave it. I would avoid going to the bathroom or grabbing a drink of water during my spell work because I didn’t want to break the circle.

You definitely don’t need to do that! There are simple and easy ways to leave a circle without damaging the energy.

Once you’ve cast your circle, I don’t recommend leaving it without first creating a door. You can certainly pass through your circle without creating a door, but you might feel a jolt of energy. You may also reduce the strength of the circle if you continue to pass through it, so you’ll need to support the circle with visualization each time you leave.

A much simpler method for leaving the circle involves creating a door. Use your finger or any sharp tool to visually and physically “cut” a doorway to walk through. I recommend that you do this while facing the northeast direction.

Once the door is cut, you can (physically and visually) push the door open and shut it once you’re outside. Do the same when you return back to the circle, then reseal the area.

Make sure that you shut the door on your way in and out so that nothing extra can enter your circle.

The History Of Casting A Circle

Learning how to cast a circle is not a new art. Babylonian magic involved circle casting in various forms; this is some of the oldest recorded magic in history.

Pre-Christianity Pagan religions regularly used magic circles, although these rituals were normally done in groups and were performed outdoors. Celebrations and festivals (often surrounding Pagan holidays) in addition to spell work took place within circles.

Unsurprisingly, the shape of the circle is associated with magic throughout history. At points, circular stone structures were thought to be powerful, just as mushrooms in a circular shape were thought to hold dark magic.

Once Christianity took over, it was much more dangerous to practice magic in the open. Learning how to cast a circle was more important than ever, because it protected the Pagan practitioner from all harm, including disruptions or suspicion from other humans. The idea was that a circle would allow you to cast your spells in peace without anyone noticing.

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of witchcraft and the occult, I recommend this book.

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8 Crystals For Psychic Development

8 Crystals For Psychic Development

Crystals are hugely popular in the occult world, for good reason! Whether you’re a beginner divination student or an advanced witch, you’ll find that specific crystals for psychic development enhance your energy and unlock certain abilities that you might not know you have.

Of course, we don’t need crystals to practice divination or to become psychic. We all have that inner knowing already inside of us. I find that crystals help us tap into that inner knowing and enhance our energy.

The great thing about crystals is that you can choose your crystal based on your desired outcome. For example, you’ll choose a different crystal if you want to communicate with your angels than if you want to ground yourself.

Regardless of what psychic skill you’re trying to develop, crystals can assist you. Think of these energetic tools like little friends: they’re here to help! These crystals are all especially powerful if you’re working to develop your psychic skills and senses.

Ways To Connect With A Crystal Psychically:

The first thing you should always do when you get a new crystal is to thoroughly cleanse it. Some crystals are self-cleansing, but most aren’t. Regardless, it never hurts to cleanse.

I like to leave my crystals on the windowsill overnight to cleanse. They get a bit of sunlight and a bit of moonlight (both of which are cleansing in different ways) and this resets the energy completely. You can also clean your crystals using incense (if you want quicker results) or by placing the crystal in sea salt for a bit.

Next, you need to connect with the energy of the crystal. Every crystal has its own energy and personality. You need to develop a relationship with your crystal that is specifically for the purpose of working on your psychic abilities.

I recommend sitting with your crystal in your hands and spending a few moments connecting with its energy. Feel the vibrations coming from your crystal. You can ask it if it would like to work with you to develop your psychic abilities. If the crystal doesn’t want to, then you won’t be able to use this specific crystal for the purpose of psychic development; keep going until you find one that is agreeable.

For the first few weeks, try to spend consistent time with your crystal. You can wear it, carry the stone around in your pocket, or meditate holding the crystal.

Once you have connected, you can continue doing all of these things while also using your crystal during divination practice. For example, you can place the crystal on your third eye or crown chakra when meditating, surround yourself with many crystals while working on divination, hold the crystal in your hand to access its energetic power, or sleep with your crystal under your bed or pillow to enhance psychic dreams.

The possibilities are endless!

Crystals For Psychic Development:

Here are my 8 favorite crystals for psychic development!

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Amethyst is a well-known crystal that can be found at most metaphysical shops. It can be anywhere from light purple to dark purple, although sometimes it is even clear or translucent.

Amethyst is a great crystal for psychic development. It works to open the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, so Amethyst is perfect for both beginner and advanced students. Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals for psychic clairvoyance and psychic protection, although the energy is really strong, so you need to be sure that you’re ready. If you’re just dabbling, a weaker crystal may be better.

At some point, I recommend that every witch or psychic invest in a good Amethyst crystal. Make sure to test the energy of the crystal to see how it wants to be used! Click here to shop for a great Amethyst crystal for psychic development.


If your divination goal is to communicate with your Angels or guides then Angelite is one of the best crystals for psychic development. Angelite is also a great crystal for mediumship and channeling if you want to communicate with the other side.

This is a very peaceful, relaxing crystal that allows you to cross over. I love using this crystal when I’m feeling anxious, but it’s also one of my favorite crystals for psychic work because it is so serene while raising a huge amount of awareness. It can also help you develop telepathic abilities.

If you work with chakras during your divination practice, then you can use Angelite for the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

Click here to shop for raw Angelite.


If you want crystals for psychic development that have to do with the “clairs” (e.g. clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance), then Azurite is your best bet. This crystal has traditionally psychic properties and will open all of the psychic senses. It was used in ancient civilizations for powerful prophetic visions.

Azurite is also a great crystal for psychic development if you work with cards or tools such as the pendulum, Tarot, astrology, etc.

Click here to shop for an Azurite crystal.


If you’re looking for a crystal for psychic development that won’t overpower you, try Celestite. The energy of Celestite is gentle but incredibly useful when you’re developing psychic gifts. It does a bit of everything.

While Celestite is known as the crystal that connects you with your Angels, it’s also great for general communication with guides and with creatures from other realms and dimensions. It can even help you connect with your Higher Self or unconscious inner self. Celestite will help you transcend your consciousness to a higher plane.

Lastly, Celestite can simply help you connect with and trust in the universe.

Click here to shop for Celestite.


If you’re a bit nervous about developing your divination abilities, Charoite is one of the best crystals for psychic development practice. It’s super protective and will help you adjust to higher frequencies. Charoite is also associated with deep emotional and physical healing, so you will probably experience some sort of healing moment during your psychic practice.

Charoite is also a great crystal for healers to use, as it can help them to access their psychic abilities in order to heal.

Click here to shop for Charoite.


Labradorite is one of the best crystals for psychic development if you need to “illuminate the way ahead.” Not only will it shed light on a situation when you’re hitting a wall or when you just can’t break through psychically, but it will protect you from anything negative while you work.

The energy of Labradorite quite literally forms a barrier to all negative energy. It also helps you to release the negative energy (such as fear or self-doubt) that you hold inside. Labradorite will instill faith and trust within you. It has quite a strong energy.

Labradorite is especially great when you’re working to enhance intuitive wisdom, clairvoyance, or visualization. Try using Labradorite for your next divination session or meditation.

Click here to shop.

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is a well-known stone that pairs with the Priestess card in Tarot, which is a personal favorite of mine. This stone will help you unlock your inner wisdom while remaining graceful. It has a strong feminine energy that is subtle yet powerful.

Lapis Lazuli will give you confidence in your psychic abilities while simultaneously unlocking your intuition.

Click here to shop for Lapis Lazuli.


Moonstone is a famous crystal in folklore and even on vampire TV shows, but most people don’t know that it’s one of the best crystals for psychic development. It is strongly connected to the moon, which signifies your intuition. Moonstone will enhance your psychic abilities during practice, but it can also bring psychic dreams and show the shadow self.

Moonstone is also great if you want to develop clairvoyance or clairsentience; it’s all about the self and about intuition. Use moonstone to access your unconscious mind or during past life regressions for huge results.

Click here to shop for moonstone. 

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6 Ways A Love Spell Can Go Terribly Wrong

6 Ways A Love Spell Can Go Terribly Wrong

Love spells are super popular in witchcraft. Who doesn’t love love?

Even though they’re lots of fun, love spells are also really tricky. They’re hard to cast well and can backfire easily.

As much as you might picture your ideal outcome when you’re considering a love spell, there are lots of ways a love spell can go wrong that you should consider equally.

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6. It Doesn’t Work

First of all, your love spell might straight up not work. This can happen for a variety of reasons.

You might not be able to raise enough energy to successfully cast a love spell, or you might just be working with a bad spell.

Another reason your spell might fail is if your intention is wrong. For example, you might think you’re casting a love spell, but you’re projecting anger when you raise energy, the spell turns into a hex.

The spell might then cause your intended to have trouble in future relationships or to be unable to find a partner. These are only a few examples of the way the spell might manifest, but the point is that you haven’t really cast a love spell if your intention wasn’t love.

5. You Create Obsession, Not Love

Remember in Harry Potter, when J.K. Rowling explains that love spells can’t really create love, so they create obsession? She definitely took that bit of knowledge from traditional witchcraft.

As popular as love spells are, they just can’t create love if it doesn’t already exist. If someone does love you then you can manifest that love to grow, but if absolutely no love exists, then it can’t be created.

If you cast a strong love spell on someone who doesn’t love you, the spell will probably manifest in obsession. Your intended might become totally obsessed with you without knowing why, but even if you enter into a relationship, it won’t ever feel like true love.

If love spells backfire in this way, they can end up feeling more like hexes or jinxes rather than true love spells.

4. You Manifest Love, But You Aren’t Sure If It’s Real

If your intended already loves you then there is a possibility for a love spell to work. They could start to see you in a better light and notice your positive qualities. Their love can then grow naturally with the assistance of the spell’s energy.

The problem with this is that you might not know if it’s real.
As long as your spell is cast, you’ll always feel as though the relationship isn’t legit.

This is a common issue with successfully cast love spells. Even if you think you won’t have this problem, think carefully before casting!

3. Your Love Spell Creates A Chord

Sometimes, you love spell doesn’t create love or obsession. Instead, you can create a chord that ties you to your intended.

Your intended might want to move on or meet other people but is tied to you so they can’t. You will probably also be tied.

Sometimes, this will mean that you work things out and get back together. That sounds great right? Not so fast. You’ll both feel like you’re together out of obligation, not out of desire. These are the types of relationships where both people absolutely hate each other but stay together anyways.

For either person to move on, you need to break the chord between you and the object of your spell.

2. It Exposes Qualities Of The Spell’s Object

Let’s say your love spell works perfectly. Your lover wants to be with you and give the ultimate commitment. All of a sudden, however, you start noticing things about your partner that you didn’t see before and these aren’t not good qualities.

It’s pretty common for a witch to cast a love spell on someone they think they want to be with, only to find out when it works that they don’t. Unfortunately, love spells are really hard to reverse. Sometimes, you just can’t reverse it completely.

Before you cast a love spell, you need to be completely positive that your intended is the person for you.

1. Your Partner Finds Out About It

If everything does go according to plan and you ride off into the sunset, there’s still one glaring issue. Will you ever tell your partner about the spell that you cast?

In so many ways, a love spell zaps the free will of the intended. You basically decided what your partner would feel and acted on it.

Even if your partner did already love you, instead of letting it grow naturally, you coerced their love to grow. If they didn’t love you and you created obsession or a chord, then this is an even more volatile situation.

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m not telling you to never cast a love spell. There are plenty of love spells that don’t force the other person to do anything. There are self-love spells, love spells to enhance your own attractiveness, love spells for rose colored glasses, etc.

Regardless of what others tell you, always follow your own intuition. When you’re struggling to know if you should cast a spell, try divination (Tarot, pendulum, etc.) to figure out if a spell is right for you, and follow your gut.


10 Signs You Were A Witch In A Past Life

10 Signs You Were A Witch In A Past Life

We’ve all lived many past lives. Even if you do a past life regression or read you birth chart to find out about one of your most recent past lives, there are so many lives hidden just beyond.

I find that many of us who are naturally interested in witchcraft were witches in a past life. If you feel that you were then you should trust your intuition, however this post will go over a few markers of a past life as a witch if you need extra confirmation.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have all of these signs to be a witch in a past life; even 2 or 3 of these probably mean you were a witch.

You’re Drawn Towards Witchcraft

An interest in witchcraft, especially without any reason (e.g. your mother isn’t a witch but you’re still super drawn to the craft) is a sign of a past life as a witch.

We tend to be drawn towards the hobbies or occupations of our past lives.

You Feel A Connection To The History Of Witchcraft

Do you feel your interest spark when someone mentions witches or witchcraft in history? I remember how intrigued I felt when I first learned about the Salem witch trials; I again felt the same when I saw a show about a Celtic witch on TV.

Witches existed in so many areas of the world. When you first hear learn about these witches, you’ll have a strong reaction if you were a witch in a past life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you were a witch in that specific area, but it simply means you’re interested in the way of life due to a past connection.

You Hide Your Spiritual Beliefs

Throughout history, or at least during the last 2000 years, witches had to hide their beliefs. This was true regardless of where the witch lived.

If you were a witch in your past life, you probably had to pretend that you believed in certain things when you actually believed in the ideas behind witchcraft.

Now, you may still have this trait. You might feel uncomfortable talking about your spiritual beliefs if they’re not necessarily mainstream, but you also might steer clear of discussing spiritual beliefs at all, even if yours are readily accepted.

You Have Trouble Speaking Your Truth

Because witches were persecuted, many individuals who had past lives as witches now have trouble speaking the truth. If you find that you stay silent when you know something doesn’t sit right with you, this could be from “training” in a past life.

During the last 2000 years, witches had to be silent to survive. Christianity took over and regardless of what type of church ruled at any given time, witchcraft was not only a sin but often illegal and deadly.

Even though witchcraft is much more acceptable in this day and age, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a knee jerk reaction; this may have served you well in a past life and enabled you to survive.

You’re Afraid Of Bad Spirits Or Demons

Many science-minded folks don’t believe in bad spirits or demons, but witches certainly do. In witchcraft, there is complete balance, meaning there cannot be positive forces without negative forces.

Witches know how to protect themselves from detrimental spirits, especially as they practice to become more advanced, but you may have been afraid of demons and spirits before you knew how to ward yourself against them in this life.

Witches are very realistic, so it’s normal to be afraid of something if you believe it exists. If you found that this fear existed in a strong way during childhood, before you knew you wanted to be a witch, then this is probably a sign of a fear from a past life as a witch.

You’re Afraid Of Christianity

It was 100% natural for witches to be afraid of Christianity during many points in history. It was the invention of the Catholic Church that caused problems for witches. Before Catholicism, witchcraft was simply a way of life and wasn’t feared.

After Christianity took over, witches were persecuted in a number of ways. Any sane witch would have been afraid of Christianity.

If you feel a tick of fear surrounding Christianity or the church, that is a clear sign that you were a witch, especially in the last 2000 years.

You Have Witch Marks

Do you have odd, large birthmarks that you were born with? Birth marks are known as witches’ marks.

Although this is by no means proven, the mark of the witch can travel through lifetimes, so a birth mark can be an indicator that you were a witch in a past life.

Alternatively, this can be a sign that witchcraft is in your family DNA and that you have ancestral witches in your line.

Sometimes, past life witches don’t have physical marks, but they do have signs that they were a witch when they’re looking at past life astrology charts. These are astrological marks. Look to any witchy sign (Scorpio and Pisces most of the time) as well as the deeper houses (8th house and 12th house) or aspects that combine these.

You Were Interested In The Elements As A Child

As a child, were you especially interested in one or more of the elements? You may have felt powerful or emotional during a windy day, a rain storm, a snow storm, etc. You might have loved candles and fire, or you could have been a fan of the ocean.

Maybe you really loved the park, the woods, trees, and flowers, Sometimes, witches gravitate towards the Fae and all fairy-like things as children.

All of these interests are signs that you were a witch in a past life and have carried your powers over with you.

3 Easy Glamour Spells For Enhanced Beauty Using Witchcraft

3 Easy Glamour Spells For Enhanced Beauty Using Witchcraft

With so many types of spells out there, it’s tough to figure out where to start. Glamour spells have been used by witches for centuries, but they aren’t the most well-known types of spells by any means.

Because glamour spells are generally underground, there aren’t many spells on Google or Pinterest that are readily available. I’m hoping that this post will provide you with some simple glamour spell ideas that work.

What Are Glamour Spells?

In magic, a glamour is a veil that hides what’s underneath. A glamour spell brings out one’s natural beauty while hiding those less-than-desirable aspects.

When you’re casting a glamour spell, you can either personally choose the aspects that you want to enhance or you can simply visualize beauty and let the spell choose.

A glamour spell typically doesn’t last that long. I find that most glamour spells I cast will last for a full day or so. I tend to cast glamour spells when I really need them which is mainly for special events.

I personally use glamour spells to appear more like who I truly feel I am inside. I don’t use them to run from myself, but I do have specific aspects of myself that I like more than others, and enhancing those aspects gives me confidence.

When Should You Cast Glamour Spells?

I recommend casting a glamour spell anytime you want to enhance your natural beauty. This might be when you feel a bit down, when you want to attract someone, when you’re going into a social situation you feel nervous about, or before a big night or event.

Sometimes, you may just want to cast a glamour spell for fun. All 3 of these glamour spells are relatively harmless, so go for it!

I don’t recommend that you cast a glamour spell if you feel at odds with yourself. A glamour spell is most effective when you harness your inner power and believe in yourself, but you first need to have some level of self-love.

A glamour spell isn’t likely to cause any type of negative karma, but it can bring out the effects you most hate in yourself if it’s cast with a negative or self-deprecating attitude.

A History Of Glamour Spells:

Glamour spells have been around for a long time. Before makeup and cosmetic modifiers were available to everyone, glamour spells were primary method of beauty modification.

In fact, makeup, botox, hair products, etc. are all forms of glamour spells. While witches in the 1200’s used herbs or chants for increase beauty, we use cosmetics.

Glamour spells are timeless and well-practiced for a reason: they work!

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3 Easy Glamour Spells For Enhanced Beauty:

Here are 3 very simple glamour spells that are effective for both beginner and advanced students of witchcraft. If you choose to cast a circle during your practice, make sure to go ahead and do that before beginning these spells.

3. A Glamour Spell For Physical Beauty

For this spell, you will need:

  • A mirror
  • A bowl of rose water (made with essence of rose oil or with rose petals)

First, you will need to leave the bowl with rose water under the moon overnight. Try to plan with the moon phase or sign, depending on the outcome you want. For example, the Libra moon would provide very refined beauty, while the Aries moon would enhance bold beauty.

The next day, sit in front of the mirror with your rose water. Place your hands over the rose water with your palms facing the bowl.

Close your eyes and visualize the highest version of yourself. I recommend picturing yourself as you actually appear, then making small adjustments. This spell shouldn’t be too drastic. Start small so that you can actually see the effects.

Once the picture is cemented, describe your ideal image to your bowl of water. Send energy out using your hands. Describe yourself three times in the same way.

Spend as much time as you need sending your energy into the water. When you’re ready, wash your face and hands with the rose water.

For best results, repeat this spell daily until you see strong effects.

2. A Glamour Spell To Enchant Your Beauty Products

It’s easy to enchant any beauty product that you wish. If you want to hide your dark circles, then enchant your concealer. For larger eyes, enchant your eyeshadow, mascara, or eyeliner.

To enchant a beauty product, simply gather your energy, hold the product in your hands, and take a few minutes to send your intentions into the product.

The more energy you can raise the better, and the more specific your visualization is when you send your energy into the product, the more powerful the spell will be.

I like to enchant my cream, foundation, or shampoo, because they tend to be used most often.

An enchantment will only last for so long (mine usually work for 2-3 weeks), so you’ll need to repeat this spell as necessary.

1. A Ritual Bath Glamour Spell For Aphrodite

If you work with deities, or even if you’re interested in working with Aphrodite for the purpose of this glamour spell, then this beauty ritual bath is wonderful for enhanced beauty.

Before the bath, set out an offering for Aphrodite. This offering can be dried roses, petals, wine, or anything else that you feel represents the goddess of love.

Set up your bathroom in a way that feels pleasant and romantic to you. I like to use pink or red candles, rose petals, rose oil essence, bath salts, mirrors, makeup, and anything else that represents beauty.

Think of the bath as your giant cauldron and add ingredients to it one by one as it fills.

Once the bath is ready, hop in and focus on your intention. Spend 20 minutes or so picturing exactly how you want to appear to others and how this will make you feel. Send your gathered energy into the bath, then picture the water infusing your skin.

If it feels right to you, chant the words:

Beauty within, beauty without,

I am fabulous, without a doubt.

Once you feel that the energy has been absorbed by your skin, the spell is finished.

This is a simple glamour spell that you can build into your weekly or nightly ritual!

Questions or comments about these glamour spells? Drop me a line and I’ll be sure to answer ASAP!

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A Delicious & Effective Divination Potion

A Delicious & Effective Divination Potion

The quintessential image of the witch is incomplete without a large cast iron cauldron filled with a bubbling potion. While the image is folklore, potions are a really effective form of witchcraft. There’s always truth in the legends! This divination potion is one of many, many potion recipes that are proven to work.

I love brewing potions for a variety of reasons. There are so many types of potions. They can be brewed to drink, to bathe in, to anoint yourself with, and even for the simple act of brewing the potion itself.

I brewed this potion on Halloween, when the veil was the lowest, to enhance my divination abilities. Not only is it absolutely delicious, but it’s very effective!

What Is A Divination Potion?

A divination potion will quite simply give you enhanced divination powers.

Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you’ll suddenly start seeing spirits if you aren’t clairvoyant at all. This potion will instead enhance abilities that you already possess.

If you’re not sure what psychic abilities you have, I recommend reading my series on the different psychic senses:

Let’s say you’re clairaudient and clairsentient. This means you can psychically hear as well as feel emotionally. This divination potion will enhance both of those senses, but not others that you don’t possess.

This potion will also enhance your skills during any type of divination practice, such as Tarot, astrology, scrying, pendulum, etc.

I find that this divination potion is especially effective for a past life regression meditation or even if you’re just looking into past life astrology in your birth chart. If you’re one of those people who struggles to learn about your past lives, this potion should help.

Tools Needed For This Potion:

This potion is relatively simple and doesn’t require a lot of ingredients.

To brew any potion, you always need a cauldron or pot. The best tool to have is a 100% cast iron cauldron, but these are expensive. It’s otherwise good to use a cast iron pan or any pan that isn’t completely metal, as this tends to dilute the power of the potion (in my experience).

This is a great cast iron pan to use, but it (and most others) is super expensive. If you can’t afford a cast iron cauldron or pot, don’t worry: you can still make this potion.

You can 100% use a metal pot, but you may need to gather some extra energy and let it brew for a bit longer since the metal will zap some of the energy.

You will also need some sort of heat source to concoct this potion. You can use a stove (gas or electric), a fire, or even a bunch of candles under your pot if that’s all you have.

I don’t recommend using a microwave as a heat source. It won’t have similar effects as an open flame.

The other ingredients you need for this divination potion are:

  • 1/2 cup apple juice (fresh or pure is best)
  • 1/2 cup apple cider (alcoholic or nonalcoholic, depending on your preference)
  • 1/2 teaspoon allspice
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground or whole cloves
  • 1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

Divination Potion Recipe:

If you typically cast a circle while practicing, then do so before beginning this potion.

Once you have your ingredients, you’re ready to begin brewing the potion. Here are the steps to properly brew this divination potion:

  1. Warm your pot over your heat source. Once the pot is warm, add all of the ingredients, one by one, focusing on your intention of increased divination.
  2. Let the ingredients sit for about 10 minutes without stirring the pot.
  3. After 10 minutes, turn the heat source up to bring the potion to a boil.
  4. Now, it’s time to gather your energy, however you do this. Spend another 5-10 minutes sending energy into the pot, picturing your desired outcome (increased divination, especially in the manner you’d like it). Continue to do this until you feel done.
  5. Stir the potion in a clockwise motion 13 times. After this is done, you can stir the potion with the spoon as needed, but do so gently without making a full circle. You want these 13 circles to be the only circles you complete with your spoon.
  6. When the potion is completely blended, shut off the heat source and let it cool. Serve as soon as it has cooled slightly; this potion is best served hot.

This recipe makes 1 serving. Feel free to double or triple it as needed.

I generally don’t chant when I brew this potion, but if you feel that you want to chant, then by all means do so. You can look up a simple chant for a divination spell or write your own.

The purpose of chanting is typically to put more energy into the spell or to make your intention more clear. If you struggle in either of these areas then I do recommend coming up with a chant.

If you don’t chant (I personally don’t), then make sure to raise enough energy during #4 of the steps. You’ll also need to be very clear with your intention mentally.

So there it is: a simple, easy, and super yummy divination potion recipe! 

Questions or comments about the brewing process? Drop me a line and I’m happy to help!

Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes: What’s The Difference?

Curses, Hexes, and Jinxes: What’s The Difference?

Whenever I mention that I practice witchcraft, I get questions about hexes and curses without fail.

Curses show up in almost every modern day witch story from Harry Potter to fairytales, so it’s not surprising that non-practitioners want to know if these spells are actually done.

Some witches choose to use jinxes, hexes, and curses in their magic, while others don’t. Some witches believe in the Law of 3, others don’t. Regardless of how you feel and what you belief, it never hurts to learn the theory behind these spells.

There are distinct differences between jinxes, hexes, and curses that will impact how they’re cast and the effect that each spell has on its target.

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Here are the main differences between jinxes, hexes, and curses, as well as common examples of each!


Jinxes are small, relatively harmless spells. When you cast a jinx, tt will cause your target minor annoyances that are temporary.

Casting a jinx mainly makes you feel better about a situation. The downside is that you probably won’t know if it worked unless you’re super close with the individual.

Jinxes are generally harmless towards the target but are mean-spirited. They’re cast when you want something negative to happen to your target. They also don’t last that long, although you can set a specific time period before casting a jinx.

Some good examples of jinxes:

  • The spell of shattered sight to make someone appear less attractive (to their own eyes only)
  • A jinx to send sand or dirt into someone’s sheets at night
  • A jinx that causes the target to step in water when wearing socks
  • A spell to send someone nightmares


Hexes are much stronger than jinxes. These spells will send negative energy towards your target (depending on your intention) but the hex won’t last super long.

Generally, a hex is either seasonal (or for a set duration of time) or stops working when the target learns their lesson. Hexes are often useful when someone continues to do wrong and you need them to change.

Some common hexes are:

  • A seasonal hex to alienate the target’s friends and family
  • A hex to make someone regret leaving you
  • A hex to make it difficult for a player to find love
  • A hex to destroy someone’s hope


Unlike hexes and jinxes, curses are meant to last for a long time. Some curses even last for generations.

A curse can be placed on a person, family, place, etc. Curses really are the worst of the worst and should be saved for dire situations.

It’s typical for witches to cast curses on their abusers or on someone who made their life a living hell.

Some examples of curses are:

  • A curse to strand someone alone in life
  • A curse to destroy a romantic relationship or marriage
  • A curse to make the intended feel helpless
  • A curse to return the hurt that someone has done

Interested in learning more about jinxes, curses, or hexes? Check out these books:

What Types Of Witch Are You? A Guide To All 22 Kinds

What Types Of Witch Are You? A Guide To All 22 Kinds

There are so many types of witches out there that it can be really confusing to figure out what type of witchcraft you feel drawn to.

I get questions daily about how to figure out what type of witch you are, so I wanted to put it all into one post. Today, I’ll be going over the 22 types of witches and the types of spells that they usually cast!

Can You Be More Than One Type Of Witch?

The simple answer is yes! Most people don’t fit neatly into a category and it’s rare to encounter a witch that only practices on type of witchcraft.

I personally incorporate elements of many types of witches and witchcraft, although I find that some types work better for me than others.

But you might think, if you won’t fit into any of these categories, then what’s the point of learning about the different types of witches? Well for starters, reading about the types of witches can help you figure out what kind of magic calls to you; it can give you a starting point for practicing magic.

Reading about the types of witches can also help you to define what elements you wish to use in the craft when you start designing your own spells. You probably won’t be drawn to all 22 of these types of witchcraft, so hopefully this post will help you narrow down how you want to practice magic.

Most witches (nowadays, at least) identify as eclectic. It’s likely that at least a few different types of witchcraft will call to you. We tend to be strongest when using the elements that we’re most drawn to, which is why it’s helpful to do research into this area.

Are These The Only Types Of Witches There Are?

There are so many types of witches that I couldn’t possibly include them all here! These are the 22 types of witches that I’m very familiar with; they’re generally the most common types of witches as well.

I’ll do my best to update this post as I learn about new, slightly more obscure types of witches and witchcraft. If you come across types of witches that aren’t included, let me know in the comments!

22 Types Of Witches & Witchcraft:

Here are the 22 different types of witches, complete with descriptions about their practice preferences and how they raise energy.

Keep in mind that these distinctions aren’t absolute: there’s clearly some overlap between the types of witches, but that’s because the types of witchcraft have never been formally categorized, so all of these different types developed separately in different areas of the world. For that reason alone, you can identify with as many of these types of witches as feel right intuitively!

22. Green Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

The green witch is very similar to the cottage witch and the kitchen witch, but the green witch focuses mainly on the earth.

Green witches are also called garden witches or forest witches. They are very connected to the earth and draw their magic from nature and specifically from earthly elements.

If you’re a green witch, you probably incorporate many earthly elements (such as herbs, plants, etc.) into your practice and enjoy studying these areas. If you’re ever feeling drained, step into nature and absorb power from the earth. You may perform some of your most powerful spells surrounded by nature.

Some green witches connect with earth spirits or the Fae and enjoy incorporating this spirit work into their practice.

21. Hedge Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A hedge witch almost always practices alone, or is at least not a part of a group or coven in regular routine. I see hedge witches as the traditional “medicine men/women” of past centuries, whether they were a part of a tribe or lived in a small cottage in the European countryside.

The hallmark of the hedge witch is that they perform small, day-to-day domestic actions that make life easier for both them and others. They often focus quite a bit on the hearth and home and tend to partner with animals.

The hedge witch will focus mainly on interactions with nature. The word “hedge” means the boundary between this world and the spirit realm; hedge witches are known for “flying” into the spiritual world when they practice magic.

The veil is extremely thin for hedge witches and it’s important to them that the other side is incorporated in their practice alongside nature and earth magic.

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20. Kitchen Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

The kitchen witch, also known as the hearth witch, mainly practices magic in the (you guessed it!) kitchen. The kitchen witch uses herbs, cooking, potions, and any other type of recipe to concoct spells.

If you’re a kitchen witch, you probably love smells, baking/cooking, gardening, or learning about herbs and spices. Your power stems from the actual process of cooking or baking and the emotions you put into it.

When a kitchen witch grows their own herbs, a spell will be extra strong. Kitchen witches are often drawn towards plants and enjoy the process of creating a dish from beginning to end. They also tend to have healing energy when family or friends are sick and can quite literally heal through food, tea, etc.

19. Cottage Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

The cottage witch is super trendy right now due to the Cottage Core aesthetic, but the cottage witch also has a really prominent place in history. These were the underground witches who practiced magic quietly in their homes while the rest of the world practiced religion.

The cottage witch is also known as the home witch, and despite the well-known aesthetic, you can be a cottage witch in any kind of home (not just an idyllic English countryside cottage). The foundation of the cottage witch is that magic is practiced in the home and about the home.

There can be some overlap with the kitchen witch and the green witch, but the cottage witch primarily feels that their home must be sacred. If you’re a cottage witch, you probably take steps to create a home that feels cozy and spiritual. Both the design and the energy of the home are important to you.

You may include different elements in your home (such as a fountain for water or plants for earth). Routine clearings with sage or other cleansing agents will be important to keep your space sacred and your most powerful magic will be performed in a room that feels energetically balanced.

Often, cottage witches or home witches have some Taurus placements in the natal chart that speak to their affinity for the home.

18. Faery Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

Also known as a Fae witch or Fairy witch, the Faery witch connects with faeries at the most basic level. Faery witches love nature spirits, woodland creatures, trees, and the Fae, and they invite all of these elements into their practice.

If you’re a Faery witch, you’re probably pretty eclectic (meaning you combine many different types of practices to create your own). For example, many Faery witches are also Hedge witches, Green witches, etc. The main distinguisher is that a Faery witch works specifically with the Fae during at least some of their spells.

As a Faery witch, you might practice alone. You probably love the magic of fairies (and may have as a child too) and feel right at home in the woods. For extremely powerful magical spots, look for areas where mushrooms have sprouted (in a circle) or places that just feel magical. Faeries love nature, so you may want to incorporate woodland elements into your craft.

For more info on connecting with Faeries safely and effectively, check out this absolutely wonderful Fairy Bible.

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17. Fire Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A fire witch essentially draws power from fire. If you’re a fire witch, you may love the element, or you may have more success with fire spells such as candle spells, potions over an open flame, etc.

As a fire witch, you may be hot and fiery in nature, even if others don’t necessarily see this. You probably like quick results which is exactly what a fire spell will bring you.

Focus on candle spells, fire deities, red and orange crystals, and hot/spicy herbs to gain more power. I recommend practicing drawing your power from the flame of a candle when casting a spell, instead of from the earth or another source.

An experienced fire witch almost always carries a lighter or matches on him/her in case they need to cast a spell in a pinch!

16. Divination Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A divination witch essentially focuses, at least quite a bit, on divination practices. This can mean literally any type of divination practice such as Tarot, astrology, scrying, pendulum, meditation, etc.

Most divination witches practice some of the types of witchcraft as well, but they enjoy incorporating divination practices into the craft. For example, a divination witch may use Tarot in spells, scry before performing a spell, or draw power from swinging the pendulum.

If you’re a divination witch, you probably feel the need to know things or check in with your spirit guides before performing a spell. You might draw power from feeling as though the veil is low, and you need a connection to the other side in order to perform a strong spell.

15. Sun Witch/Solar Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A sun witch or solar witch will derive power from the sun. If you identify as a sun witch or solar witch (although you may identify with other types of witches as well), then you’ll cast extra powerful spells during the daytime or in the direct sunlight.

You would benefit from charging your tools in the sunlight (instead of the moon) and performing magic at sunrise or sunset, when the power of the sun is transformative. Spells that deal with new beginnings will be better to cast at sunrise, while banishing spells will have more power during sunset.

You might enjoy sunbathing because of the power you gain from the sun. Make sure to get a few minutes of sun in every day, even if it’s just through a window in the winter. The energetic energy is the same for a sun witch/solar witch.

Sun witches often dress in warm colors; the colors of the sun fuel their energy. If you’re feeling down, brighten up your life in some way, either by getting some actual sun, bringing in yellow and orange color elements, or meditating and drawing power from the sun energetically.

14. Storm Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

If you’re a storm witch, you draw energy from crazy weather. You might have a preference for a specific type of storm or enjoy chaotic weather energy in general, but you will definitely feel more powerful and excited when the weather is tumultuous.

A storm witch generally casts spells based on the weather rather than based on the moon and needs a whole lot of chaotic energy to pour into a spell. This is a pretty strong type of witchcraft!

As a storm witch, it’s a good idea to charge your tools in a storm and/or to collect storm water, snow, etc. for use in spells. It also helps to use your emotions as well as the elements of a storm to fuel your magic, as many witches say that a storm is the earth’s way of expressing itself.

13. Swamp Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

If you’ve ever seen the American Horror Story season Coven, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say swamp witch.

Swamp witches generally feel out of place in society. They traditionally lived in the swamps (although you can be a swamp witch without literally living in the middle of the Louisiana Bayou) because they didn’t fit in with city-folk and needed to practice magic in solace.

If you’re a swamp witch, you might not only feel like an outcast but also feel a personal distain for social norms. You might not get the idea of society or care about culture.

Even though it’s pretty specific, the swamp witch is one of my favorite types of witches because she is so unique and natural. She lives in the elements and doesn’t care if she gets sticks in her hair or mud on her feet.

The swamp witch uses the healing elements of nature around them (especially mud) and develops their own strong magic through the intense emotions they feel surrounding society and expectations.

12. Lunar/Moon Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

The moon witch is one of the types of witches that represents emotions, water, and the subconscious, as well as powerful, deep magic.

If you’re a moon witch, you may be very in-tune with lunar cycles and draw power from the moon. It’s important to routinely notice not only what phase the moon is in (waxing, full moon, waning, new moon, etc.) but also what astrology sign the moon is in. Both of these elements will impact a moon witch more than others.

As a moon witch, your strongest spells are best performed when you take the moon phase into consideration and when you specifically draw power from the moon. Charging your tools in the moon or making moon water will also assist you in performing large spells as well.

One of the biggest challenges for a moon witch, more than other types of witches, is embracing the ebbs and flows of life. The moon witch’s emotions may shift with the lunar phases and it can feel like a difficult rollercoaster, but the moon witch’s power stems from these very emotions.

Generally, a moon witch has at least a few strong water placements in the astrological chart to enhance this lunar power.

11. Elemental Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

Elemental witchcraft can be involved in almost any other type of witchcraft and used by any type of witch. The hallmark of an element witch is incorporating the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) into their practice.

Elemental witches use the elements when casting spells; they may only use one element at a time or may try to incorporate all 4 elements in any spell.

If you’re a beginner witch, researching the elements is a great place to start, but almost all advanced witches use and honor the elements as well.

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10. Sea Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A sea witch has a strong connection to water and to the ocean. Some sea witches are particular to the ocean and to salt water, while others feel a connection to all bodies of water.

Just being around the ocean gives the sea witch a boost of power. If you’re a sea witch, you may want to collect sand, shells, driftwood, or even sea water to use in your magic.

You may also perform strong spells on the beach and change the type of spell you cast depending on the weather and the mood of the ocean.

Sea witches also tend to connect with ocean spirits (consciously or unconsciously) and have an almost psychic connection with the sea. They may research sea folklore or incorporate sirens in their magic in some way as well.

9. Hereditary/Ancestral Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A hereditary witch, also known as an ancestral witch, believes that witchcraft is a gift passed down from ancestors.

To be a hereditary witch, you of course need to have ancestors who were witches. Most of us don’t know definitely if we do have witches in our ancestral lines since witchcraft has been a well-kept secret during history and is 99% undocumented, but we can do a bit of research (depending on the region of our ancestors, lifestyle, etc.) as well as divination (with the pendulum, tarot, etc.) to figure out if it’s possible to be a hereditary witch.

Ancestral witches harness power from the spirits of their ancestors to perform magic. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a hereditary witch, even if you come from a long line of witches: there is always a choice.

8. Cosmic Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A cosmic witch is all about the sky. Cosmic witches will look to astrology, astronomy, and the stars and moon in general. They tend to incorporate energy from the stars in their practice and may especially like to study past life astrology.

Some cosmic witches are starseeds and integrate practices from their home planet into the craft. Cosmic witches might connect with deities associated with the stars or formulate spells based on planets, the alignment of the stars, etc.

Many cosmic witches practice magic based on astrology and consult the day’s natal chart before performing a specific spell. They may harness the energy of specific planets to strengthen their spell and generally draw energy from the stars and the sky.

7. Chaos Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A chaos witch quite literally draws power from chaos. These are the types of witches to perform emotional, tumultuous magic. Their spells are fueled by energy that clashes.

Chaos witches often perform magic with intense music, during storms, after a fight with a friend or significant other, or even when they’re feeling a bit crazy emotionally. These witches can also perform powerful spells after a chaotic event in the world occurs. They probably don’t mind using energy to cast hexes and jinxes.

These witches are very powerful as long as they’re performing spells that feel right intuitively and don’t get in over their heads. Chaotic energy is simply strong energy, but chaos witchcraft needs to be performed and harnessed in a specific manner.

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6. Ceremonial Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

More traditional witchcraft was all about ceremony, and ceremonial witches go back to the basics. These witches are focused on the ritual of the craft and draw power from performing a ceremony that is meaningful.

There are usually specific rituals and invocations that call upon the spirit world when a ceremonial witch is forming magic. There are many old occult teachings that are based around ceremonial magic; the ceremonial witch may adhere to one of these practices or combine old occult teachings to create their own.

Sometimes, the ceremonial witch is part of a coven and treat their witchcraft more as a religion.

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5. Urban/City Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

It isn’t typical to practice witchcraft in the city, at least historically, but the city witch/urban witch actually draws power from the city.

The city witch thrives on chaotic city energy, on being around groups of people, and even on the individual energy of the city itself.

The urban witch/city witch finds ways to perform spells in small spaces and uses energy more so than herbs or a huge amount of tools.

Often, the city witch will perform different types of magic depending on the energy they feels from a city. To them, the city is a living, breathing entity with a personality of its own.

4. Dianic Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

Dianic witches focus on the feminine. They usually worship the Roman goddess Diana, but they can sometimes focus on all goddesses as the divine feminine is the most important aspect of Dianic witchcraft.

Dianic witches will practice a lot of meditation and visualization in addition to their magic. The focus of the practice is to heal inner wounds that these witches have received from the patriarchy.

Dianic witches are generally quite feminist and enjoy congregating in a feminine group; it is the power of the woman that fuels their magic.

3. Secular Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

A secular witch can incorporate almost any practice into their craft, but the main idea is that secular witches don’t worship any higher beings or deity. Essentially, they are non-religious.

Typically, a secular witch does believe in energy and works with energetic forces in witchcraft, however you can’t be a secular witch if you pray to any kinds of gods or deities, or if you’re heavily involved in a religion.

A secular witch can certainly be spiritual in his/her own time, but their witchcraft specifically works with energy that is unnamed and that doesn’t have a personality. Other than this one distinction, secular witches can and do incorporate almost every other element of witchcraft into the practice.

2. Traditional Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

The traditional witch has a base in very old magic, often known as the “Old Religion,” especially in Italy. These witches do a lot of research and take a historical approach to their magical practice.

Folklore is very important to traditional witches, and they will usually incorporate some sort of ritual or ceremony into their practice, depending on what they feel called to during research. They want to honor the “old” ways of performing the craft.

Traditional witches may incorporate many other types of witchcraft into their practice, but it always has a base in history and tradition.

1. Eclectic Witch

types of witches; types of witchcraft

The eclectic witch encompasses all types of witches and types of witchcraft. It is basically a little of everything!

If you’re an eclectic witch, you don’t have any one set religion or tradition that you must adhere to. Instead, you pull from many different practices.

You might enjoy traditional Wiccan ceremonies, worship Greek gods and goddesses, work with the forest, the sea, and the sun, and use divination in your spells. You may have a totally different mixture than this.

Your practice can be secular or you can worship a higher being, but the hallmark of the elcectic witch is mixing at least two different practices together. The eclectic witch makes his/her own rules.

Nowadays, most of us are eclectic witches. We aren’t always clear types of witches and most modern witches mix and match, but it’s still helpful to know about the different types of witchcraft so that you can effectively combine techniques in your practice.

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10+ One Word Spells For Instant Results

10+ One Word Spells For Instant Results

Practicing witchcraft can feel like a lot of work. Most witchcraft spells are long and drawn out, and they require a decent amount of ingredients, time, and power.

As much as I love spending a few hours getting really involved in a spell, there’s something ultra-powerful about a spell that’s simple and quick. If you can focus your energy and direct enough intention during that short period of time, there’s a lot of potential for a fast spell to succeed.

Today I’m compiling a list of my favorite one word spells. These spells are mostly derived from Latin, Gaelic, and Greek, and they have all been tried and tested by myself as well as other witches. They’re great when you’re in a pinch and need to cast a spell quickly without attracting notice!

Now, you could just say the single word and assume that your spell is done, but any of these one word spells will be more powerful if you either raise a bit of energy (between your hands, with a pendulum, in your mind’s eye, etc.) or perform a simple ritual as you say the word.

For example, you could light a candle (I like to use colored tea light candles and choose my color based on the purpose of the spell) and raise energy that way, or burn a bay leaf with your intention written on it. Another easy way to activate these words is through noise, such as a gong or a bell, or by knotting a string as you repeat the word.

Whatever your method is, you need to focus on your intention and desired outcome as if it has already come to pass. If I’m doing a spell for my dog’s safety, I’ll picture him safe and happy in his travels as if this is happening in the current moment, even if he’s sitting right next to me sleeping.

I recommend memorizing at least a few of these words (or writing them down in your phone) to use when you’re in a pinch!

When you perform these spells, at the very least, raise a bit of energy between your palms and say the word 3 times, either in your mind or out loud, while you picture your desired outcome. These are all super simple spells that can be done around others without them even noticing!

One Word Spells:



This is a simple one word spell used to verbally cast a circle. Cast the circle with your hand (by moving it in a circular motion) and/or using visualization to enhance the effects.



This is one of my favorite one word spells because it’s used to attract new friends. It’s a great spell to have up your sleeve when you’re in a new situation surrounded by strangers.



This spell is used to strike up a conversation or to continue a conversation. It’s definitely a fire spell; the translation means that you’re literally asking for the conversation to catch fire. This would be extra effective if used with candle magic.



This is one of my favorite healing one word spells. It’s used to send positive energy to someone (you’re asking for the positive energy to flow to them), so you can send whatever kind of energy you’d like, whether it’s spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical. It helps to have a tool to direct the energy, although you can use your hands or finger as well.



If you need protection around your home, use this spell for instant results. This is also a great defense spell against hexes and jinxes.



This spell will basically stop someone from talking, so it’s useful when you want to stop a conversation or when you want to make sure someone doesn’t spill your secrets.



Musufugax is best used to counteract negativity, bad luck, or send ill intentions back to the sender.



If you need to be invisible, use this one word spell. If done correctly, your aura will fuzz and you will fade into the background so that you aren’t noticeable. Try to visualize fuzzing your aura as your chant this spell.



If you’re running late and need faster transport, try this one word spell. It’s especially effective (in my experience) when you’re on the subway, but it’s even great when you’re driving. It will essentially ask the universe to clear the path so that you get through every traffic light or stop as quickly as possible.



This is a great spell for quick, clear weather, especially in a pinch.



This spell is used to calm down someone who is upset (sad, angry, etc.). It’s a sea spell, so it works best when you cast it using water in some manner.



This is another one of the best healing one word spells. It promotes instant good health in yourself or others, depending on how you direct your intentions.



This one leaf spell is meant for bay leaf magic. Write your wish on a bay leaf and hold it in your hand as you say this spell, then burn the leaf and meditate on your intention.

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The 10 Most Powerful & Simple Healing Spells In Witchcraft

The 10 Most Powerful & Simple Healing Spells In Witchcraft

Most new witches want to get right into the exciting spells. I get a lot of requests for truth spells, freezer spells, honey jars, banishings, and other pretty intense spell-work.

After a bit, you might start to realize just how powerful the more subtle spells can be. I especially love healing spells. I find that good healing spells are almost always the answer, or are at the very least are a good place to start instead of jumping right to banishing spells.

Here are my 10 favorite healing spells for various situations, including both physical and emotional healing!

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10. Healing Water Enchantment

I thought it was a good idea to start with one of the simplest, quickest healing spells in case you’re reading this post in a pinch.


  • A glass of water (that’s it!)

I prefer to use a glass, but you can use a plastic bottle if it’s all you have. Water is the perfect liquid to imprint with your intensions, so this spell is super simple but instantly powerful.

Hold the glass of water between your hands and say whatever you most need. For example:

My migraine is gone and I am full of health.

Close your eyes as you say these words and focus on putting all of your energy into the water. Raise as much energy as you can (I raise energy through my feet from the earth and send it out through my hands) and picture the outcome that you want. Do this for at least 2 minutes.

Once you have enchanted the water, drink it within the hour for optimal results.

9. Body Healing Bath Ritual

If you’re feeling sick or even a bit run-down, this is one of the best healing spells that will get you back on your feet quickly.


  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 3 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • A lighter
  • A blue pillar candle (white can be substituted)

Cleanse your bathroom. Fill your bath with warm water, then add in the Epson salt, the eucalyptus oil, and the peppermint oil.

While the tub fills, light the candle and set it in a safe location in the bathroom. Soak in the bath for 20 minutes; focus your energy on healing your body. Feel the infused bathwater energize your body and picture a white light filling your body.

After 20 minutes, drain the bath and snuff out the candle.

8. Healing Spells For Others

This healing spell uses a mirror and is very effective at healing others, even over long distances.


  • A handheld mirror
  • A large fire safe plate
  • A pen and piece of paper
  • Blue pillar candle (white can be substituted)
  • 3 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 4 quartz crystals or other healing stones
  • A lighter

Cleanse your tools and ingredients, then lay your mirror face up on a large fire-safe plate or area.

Write down the name of the person who needs healing and place it on top of the mirror. You can fold the paper if you desire.

Place the candle on the paper and the mirror. Anoint the candle with rosemary essential oil; don’t get any oil on the wick. Focus strongly on your intentions and gather your energy.

Place the quartz crystals (or other healing crystals or stones – choose what feels right) around the mirror, paper, and candle in a diamond shape. Place one candle at the north point, one to the south, one to the east, and one to the west.

Light the candle and meditate for 10 minutes on your desires and intentions. Picture the outcome you desire in vivid detail.

After 10 minutes, open your eyes. Point at each crystal in turn, starting with the north, and move in a clockwise direction. As you move around the circle, say:

With this candle I cast away all illness and dismay.
With these crystals I unite and banish all sickness tonight.
With this mirror I expand, amplifying healing energy I command.

Allow the candle to burn while you meditate on your intentions and raise a significant amount of energy for the spell. Make sure to pull the energy from somewhere else (I usually pull from the earth) or you can get sick as you heal someone else. It’s okay if the wax drips onto the paper or mirror while you do this.

When you feel finished, snuff out the candle (don’t blow it out). Bury your candle and the sheet of paper outside.

7. Friendship Healing Knot Spell

This healing spell will mend any friendship that has a current issue or rift. It can even help to heal a friendship between two people who have grown apart.


  • 2 pieces of long string in different colors
  • Scissors
  • 6 small bells (with small hooks at the top so they can be hung)
  • 2 pink tea light candles (white can be substituted)
  • A lighter
  • 2 photographs: one of each party in the relationship
  • Tape

Cleanse your area and your tools. Thread both pieces of string through the first bell, then tie a knot at the top to secure the bell.

Repeat this for all 6 of the bells, spacing them out relatively equally down the string.

Place the tea light candles on either side of you (or where you sit or stand) and light them. Jingle your string of bells twice then say:

With these bells I banish all hate,

With each ring I let go and forgive,

With this photo I bring us together.

If this spell doesn’t work immediately, take out your ingredients and repeat it once a week.

6. A General Healing Spell For Health

This is one of the healing spells that requires a few more ingredients, but it’s super effective for the long-term.


  • 3 white candles
  • Mint essential oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil
  • 3 clear quartz crystals or other healing crystals
  • 3 small pieces of paper

Cleanse your space and ingredients.

Sprinkle each of the candles with all three oils, then do the same to the crystals. Place the candles in a triangle shape on your alter or table and place a stone in front of each candle.

Write the name of the person you intend to heal three times (once on each piece of paper) even if this person is yourself. Place all three pieces of paper in the center of the triangle.

Light the candles and raise your energy. Focus on the sick person and picture them being well and whole. Repeat the following 3 times:

Magic mend and candle burn,

Illness leave and health return.

Let the candles burn for 30 minutes then snuff them out. Repeat this ritual nightly or weekly until the individual is healed.

5. A Self Love Healing Jar

Jars spells are some of my favorite healing spells because they’re effective and cathartic to make and cast.


  • Rose petals
  • Catnip
  • Pure white sugar
  • Rosemary Essential oil
  • Pink salt
  • A sealable jar
  • A pink candle

Light the candle and cleanse all of your ingredients, then fill the jar with the ingredients. Seal the jar with the pink candle wax.

Raise your energy and place your hands around the jar. Meditate on your healing intentions and picture the best outcome for 5-10 minutes. Continue this until you feel finished and that the spell has been cast, then snuff out the candle.

For extra power, charge the jar in the full moon once a month.

4. Healing Spell For Emotional Trauma

This is one of the most simple yet effective healing spells for emotional trauma.


  • A white candle
  • Sea salt
  • A healing oil (can be anything that feels healing to you; I mix almond oil and lavender essential oil)

Cleanse your space, then place the white candle on a table in front of you and sprinkle sea salt around the candle in a circle. Anoint yourself with the healing oil. I like to place the oil on my neck, my temples, and my wrists, but put it wherever feels right.

Stare into the candle flame and chant:

Earth below, sky above. Fill the dark of night with love.

The morning sun will take my pain. And I will awake renewed again.

Repeat this as many times as feels necessary. Imagine your pain flooding out of your body and into the candle flame where it will be absorbed by the sun. Repeat this ritual as necessary until the emotional trauma is gone.

3. Healing Spell For An Undiagnosed Illness


  • 6 pink candles arranged in a semi-circle
  • A dying purple or blue flower
  • A blossoming pink or white flour
  • A small pot of soil

Light the candles from left to right, saying once:

Flame of hope, flame of power, restore my/his/her strength, hour by hour.

That I they may flare with life like you, and health and light in me/them renew.

In each candle, drop and burn a petal from the dying flower and say:

Into the fire, sickness burn, burn away, restore and transform with each new day.

Drop the singed petals into the pot of soil. Pass the blossoming flower around the candles 6 times as you say:

Rise, rise to the skies, new health thrive.

Let the candles burn as you meditate on your desired outcome and raise your energy. When you feel done, bury the burned petals with the soil, then scatter the living flower petals outside.

2. Healing From A Breakup

This is one of my favorite spells to perform after a breakup. Hexes always sound like a good idea when you’re angry or hurt, but they rarely help you feel better about the situation.

This “healing from a breakup” spell will do much more for you even though it isn’t directed at your ex.


  • A pink candle
  • A white candle
  • Incense (any kind that feels healing to you)
  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • 5 stones: I use pink quartz, amethyst, malachite, lapislazuli, and selenite, but choose what feels right to you

Cleanse your room and area using Sage or Palo Santo. Place the 5 stones on your altar or table with the pink quartz in the middle and the other stones surrounding it. Light the pink candle, then light the white candle and say:

I let go of (name of ex).

Repeat this chant over and over while you use the Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse yourself. Sweep the cleansing agent all over and around your body (front and back) being careful not to burn yourself or touch your clothes.

After you feel cleansed, put out the cleansing agent and begin to focus on the white candle’s flame. Repeat whatever mantras feel comfortable here; you can repeat more than 1 line. Here are some ideas:

I set us free with love.

I’m full of love and I let you go with love.

My heart is full and free.

I’m free and at peace.

Continue this until you feel a weight life. Your heart should feel happier. Repeat this spell as needed, whenever you feel down or sad.

1. Depression Banishing Spell


  • A yellow and a pink candle (white can be substituted)

Light both candles in front of you. Close your eyes, raise your energy, and chant:

Blessed goddess of love and light

Please come help me on this night

My heart is heavy and my feelings are blue

My soul is sad and I know not what to do.

Help me banish the pain I feel,

This lackluster feeing has no appeal

Help me see the love begin

And feel my heart be light again,

Let me climb up from this hole,

And be with you heart, body, and soul.

I ask thee goddess on this night please, 

Help me be happy again, so mote it be.

After chanting, close your eyes. Picture all depressive feelings flowing out of your body and into the candle flame then burning away. Continue this until you feel done. Continue this spell once a night until you are rid of depression.

I hope these healing spells bring you light and love! My favorite part of a healing spell is how safe it is – the potential for bad karma is extremely low (if not nonexistent) but there’s so much potential for beauty from a healing spell. These are great spells for beginner and advanced witches alike.

Questions or comments about these spells? Drop a line in the comments or shoot me an email – I’m always happy to help!

5 Ways To Deal With Your Enemies Through Magic

5 Ways To Deal With Your Enemies Through Magic

When dealing with an enemy, most witches jump right to hexes or generally negative spells. While this is what feels good in the moment when you’re hurt, it doesn’t always give you the outcome you want.  A jinx or hex will make things difficult for your enemy, but it might not actually help you at all.

My goal is always to fix what’s going on with me, regardless of whether or not that affects my enemy. These are all spells that have brought me comfort and resolved situations with difficult people for the long haul. As Frank Sinatra said, the best revenge is massive success.

Now, I’m not saying you should never cast a jinx or a hex. If you’re really feeling that, then by all means go for it, but one of these other spells might help you resolve the situation in a way that gives you peace.

5. A Sweetening Jar

My first line of “defense” is actually to try and sweeten the person’s feelings towards me. A sweetening jar (also known as a honey jar or a sugar jar, depending on the base you want to use) will “sweeten” someone’s feelings towards you and help them to see all of your positive qualities.

If your issue is that the other person doesn’t like you (not that something irreparable happened), then start with a sweetening jar. It’s a relatively harmless spell that can be extremely effective. Read more on sweetening jars here.

4. A Freezer Spell

If there isn’t any chance of performing a sweetening jar spell or you would still have issues with your enemy even if they liked you, then consider a freezer spell. This spell will quite literally “freeze” someone out of your life. It’s really effective (even for beginner witches) and is useful to keep someone far, far away.

I wrote a whole post here explaining more about the freezer spell and how to cast it. Keep in mind that you need to have a freezer to keep the spell in for a good while and will need to make sure no one touches it. This is a pretty permanent, heavy-duty spell, so don’t cast it unless you’re 100% sure you’re done with the individual.

3. A Cord Cutting Spell

If the biggest issue is that you can’t stop obsessing over your enemy, or if you feel like you’re inexplicably tied together energetically, a chord-cutting spell might help.

This spell will remove any connection between the two of you. There are many variations of this spell, but for the simplest version, you only need a cord or piece of string, scissors, and a black or white candle.

2. A Moon Water Healing Bath

Sometimes we obsess over our enemies because of how they make us feel about ourselves. If this is the case, a moon water healing bath may be the perfect spell to boost your self-esteem and self-love.

For a moon water bath, I use Epsom salts or Himalayan salt and moon water. You can make moon water by leaving a cup of water out any night, but I like to make moon water that corresponds with astrology and my chart.

For example, I find that Pisces moon water is very spiritual and healing, while Virgo moon water is physically healing. Figure out what moon will best help you grow your self-love and confidence.

1. If All Else Fails, Use A Jinx Or Hex

Cursing someone is usually my last resort. I’m not one of those witches who is super against cursing, but it normally doesn’t sit well in my gut if there’s another option I can try first.

A curse is pretty strong and is something I reserve for the very worst of enemies, so when none of the other 4 options work, I try a jinx or a hex. I find that hexes and jinxes carry less karma (for me) than curses.

A jinx is a spell that creates minor annoyance for your enemy. For example, you could jinx someone to always forget about their coffee until it’s cold, to step in water with socks, or to repeatedly stain their white clothes. While jinxes are fun and make you feel temporarily better, they don’t really alter the circumstances at all, plus you usually don’t get the satisfaction of seeing it in action.

A hex is a bit of a stronger spell that wishes bad luck or ill intentions on your enemy. For example, you could sabotage their career at work or wreak havoc on their finances. I find that the most effective hexes are the ones which send karma back onto your enemy, especially if you feel that they’ve done you wrong. I do recommend tailoring the hex to your situation; browse Pinterest or Google to find a hex that works for you and feels right.

What’s your method of choice for dealing with enemies using witchcraft? Drop a line in the comments!


What Is A Honey Jar Spell And How Is It Different From A Sugar Jar Spell?

What Is A Honey Jar Spell And How Is It Different From A Sugar Jar Spell?

A honey jar spell is often one of the first spells a beginner witch learns because it’s easy and safe. There isn’t much backlash (if you believe in the law of 3 and karma) but a well-made honey jar spell is super effective, even if you don’t have a ton of power.

If you need to appeal to someone’s better nature and want them to see you in a good light, try a sweetening jar. A honey jar spell (also known as a sweetening jar or even a sugar jar spell) can be used to sweeten virtually anyone’s feelings towards you, including family, friends, a boss, a coworker, etc.

Sugar and honey are the exact opposite of salt in witchcraft. Salt repels while sugar and honey attract; this is a great spell for attracting kindness and good thoughts from a specific individual.

Where does the honey jar spell come from?

The sweetening jar (which is either a honey jar spell or sugar jar spell) was originally a Hoodoo spell and has roots in folk magic, however it has been modified time and time again. Nowadays, it’s present in almost every magical culture.

This is one of the most universal spells. You’ll find some variation of it in almost any magical practice. This is because it’s safe and effective, making it a great spell for both beginner and advanced students of witchcraft.

What is a sweetening jar?

A honey jar (or sugar jar) is generally known as a sweetening jar; the purpose of it is to sweeten another person’s feelings towards you.

You can cast a honey jar spell on or about anyone you want. Many witches use sweetening jars for bosses, in-laws, or even significant others when things seem to be going sour.

The idea is that a sweetening jar won’t change the person’s feelings, but it will bring out your best qualities and help that other person to see you in a more authentic, positive light. Because it doesn’t straight up alter feelings or create energetic bonds, this is a relatively safe spell to cast karmically-speaking.

If you’ve done everything you can to endear yourself to someone and find that they still don’t like you for whatever reason, it might be time to try a honey jar spell!

You can also use a honey jar for self-love or to “sweeten up” a situation that is currently sour.

Lastly, some witches will create a honey jar to bless other people (and sweeten up the world in general towards a friend) or as a blessing on a marriage.

What’s the difference between a honey jar spell and a sugar jar spell?

A honey jar spell is the more common form of a sweetening jar. The ingredients are the same (you use either honey or sugar) but the outcome is slightly different.

A honey jar spell takes quite a bit of time to work, however it’s very strong. Honey is extremely slow and this spell is no exception. I do find that a honey jar spell is a much better long term spell if you don’t mind waiting a few months for the results to manifest.

A sugar jar spell takes effect quicker (sometimes even within a day or two) but dies out just as quickly. In my experience, sugar jar spells rarely last longer than a month or two, and sometimes only for a few days.

How to cast a honey jar spell:

It’s actually pretty simple to cast a honey jar spell. First, cast your normal circle, if you follow that practice.

Cleanse the jar (I like to use incense) then put the following ingredients inside the jar:

  • Lavender (cinnamon can be used instead)
  • A piece of paper with the person’s name on it whose feelings you want to sweeten, folded in half once
  • Honey to cover the other ingredients

Feel free to add in other herbs that you may feel drawn towards. I like to keep my ingredients an odd number.

Close the jar, then burn a pink candle (or white if that’s all you have). Say the following words as the candle burns:

Kindness grows inside your heart
All our differences fall apart
Sweetness shining like the sun
Send good to all and harm no one

Next, seal the jar with the pink wax. This means that you drip wax all along the top sides of the jar until the cover is completely sealed to the jar.

Lastly, take a few minutes to charge the jar. Put your hands around it and picture your ideal scenario. Send as much energy as you can gather from your hands into the jar.

If needed, break out the same candle (or another pink candle) and repeat the chant, then recharge the jar. If the spell isn’t working, continue these steps once a week until it does. You can also leave the jar out to charge in the moonlight if you want it to be extra powerful.

How to cast a sugar jar spell:

If you want quicker action, then you may want to cast a sugar jar spell instead of a honey jar spell. The process is the exact same as everything I’ve written out above with one exception: you use sugar instead of honey in the jar. Make sure you have enough to cover the other ingredients.

Additionally, if you find the spell isn’t working quickly enough, you could recharge it once a day (instead of once a week as with the honey jar spell) since this spell has the potential to work much faster.

What is the opposite of a sweetening jar?

If you want to banish someone out of your life instead of sweetening them up to you, I recommend a freezer spell. These spells require even less ingredients and energy than sweetening jar spells and are extremely effective.

Keep in mind that these spells are pretty extreme and might cause you to literally never see that person again. Be sure you’re absolutely done with the individual before you cast it.

Click here to learn how to cast a freezer spell!

Are Honey Jar Spells A Closed Practice?

There’s a lot of confusion over the idea of closed practices. I won’t get into it super deep here, but just know that different types of sweetening jars have been used in tons of different practices.

Some witches say that the traditional honey jar is a closed practice and shouldn’t be used. To my knowledge, this is true if you’re following the specific Hoodoo ritual when creating your honey jar. However, witches in Russia, Ireland, Iceland, and many more places have used sweetening jars for hundreds of years.

It’s totally fine to cast a honey jar spell as long as you do it in your own tradition. Don’t call upon Voodoo spirits if you’re not part of the Voodoo culture. This either won’t work or will backfire badly. Instead, call upon your own spirit guides, deities, or the elements you choose to work with.

The honey jar spell I put above isn’t part of any closed practice. It was adapted by me, but stems from folk magic all around the globe.

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8 Herbs That Are Super Easy To Get For Powerful Love Magic

8 Herbs That Are Super Easy To Get For Powerful Love Magic

Everyone loves love spells, but actually performing one is where most people get stuck. Any spell needs a decent amount of ingredients that we don’t all have on hand in regular households.

Herbs are especially tricky to come by. Unless you live on a farm with a thriving herb garden, you probably don’t have every herb you need for a spell. Luckily, you can substitute herbs for any spell or even create your own as long as you know the properties of herbs.

I find it surprisingly hard to figure out what herbs can be used for what, so I intend to start writing posts about herbal uses to help anyone who feels stuck. For this post, I chose 8 herbs that I personally love to use in love magic (and find to be effective) but I also chose herbs that are readily available, either online in dried form or at the grocery store. It shouldn’t be super difficult to source these herbs for a spell!

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Here are my top 8 herbs for love magic that I use consistently:

8. Basil

Basil is known to be powerful when used in spells about love and fidelity, as well as finding a spouse or partner. I use it in relationship spells (to find a new relationship, encourage faithfulness, build an emotional connection, for self-love, etc.) but don’t find it to be as effective in spells concerning romance or sexuality.

It is a sturdy herb that builds hearty, earthly connections between partners.

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great herb (that can be easily found in the spice section at the grocery store) if you need to “heat up” a cold and dying romance. It can be romantic and sweet or slightly sexual due to its zesty nature. Cinnamon is one of the most universal herbs for love magic that can be used almost any way you want.

6. Mint

Even thought mint is well-known for being a prime ingredient in money spells, I find that it works super well in love spells too. It can be utilized for anything from building a relationship rituals to passion spells, but I do find that it gives a bit of zest to the spell. If you’re performing a spell to calm fights then you may not want mint, but any spell that requires zing will benefit from the addition of mint.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most often-used herbs in witchcraft because it can be purposed for so many different types of spells. It has been used for centuries and was included in wedding bouquets to bring long-lasting love to a marriage. Rosemary is great for any long-term partnership spell and for binding two people together.

4. Lavender

Even though lavender is typically thought of as a relaxation herb, it’s actually used quite often for love and sex spells. It can strengthen love between two people, ignite lust and attraction, or deepen an emotional bond.

Lavender is a great multi-purpose herb for any type of love spell you need to perform.

3. Rose

Rose might not technically classify as an herb, but in the witchcraft world it’s usually lumped right in with other herbal tinctures and dried flowers. There’s so many ways to use rose! I have dried rose petals (which you can crush up) as well as rose essential oil, which is my favorite way to use the rose flower in a love spell.

Rose is the classic Valentine’s Day flower for a reason. Roses not only create super powerful love spells (of literally any type), but also ensure future happiness between a couple as well as stability and faithfulness.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is another herb that can be used in many, many different ways. For the purposes of love spells, Chamomile is great to attract a lover. It can also deepen the bond between two partners in an emotional or spiritual sense. I love that Chamomile is so versatile; you’re able to drink it, bathe in it, or use it in jar and satchel spells.

1. Jasmine

I see Jasmine as the herb that signifies emotional love, however I’ve found that it can also increase sensuality and passion. The key is that there needs to be some sort of emotional connection for jasmine to work; it’s not a purely physical herb. It can also be used to heal a broken heart.

If you need to actually buy herbs to perform a spell (and don’t live in an area where you can grow them yourself), I recommend checking out local botanical shops or Etsy. This is one of my favorite herb packages on Etsy. Keep in mind that you can always substitute ingredients in a spell, as long as you’re using similar ingredients with the same purpose (e.g. substituting lavender for rose in a love spell) and working with intention!

A quick note: always be careful when consuming any herb for the purposes of spell-work or witchcraft! Many of these herbs are used for non-consumption spells (in jars, satchels, etc.) and are not necessarily safe for consumption. Do your research to ensure the absolute safety of any spell before beginning!

The 50+ Best Witchcraft Wallpaper For Your iPhone

The 50+ Best Witchcraft Wallpaper For Your iPhone

I like my iPhone’s background to be inspirational. As I’ve worked harder on witchcraft over the years, I find that a witchcraft wallpaper background helps me to stay in a spiritual space even when I’m busy with regular life.

Sometimes I want my background to be a simple cottage in nature, which other times I want something a little more edgy. I put together my absolute favorite 50+ witchcraft wallpaper choices here for you to check out!

How to Save on the Phone:

Press and hold the photo that you want and click save to iPhone. This should work on Androids as well! Once you’ve saved the photo to your camera roll, you can go into settings and change your wallpaper.

How to Save on the Computer:

Right click and click save to desktop (or whatever folder you prefer). Once the photo is saved to your computer, you can go into settings and change your wallpaper.

Note: The sizing is slightly different on each phone and computer so you may have to crop these photos slightly to fit your phone. They should be close enough that you won’t lose much of the photo!

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What Is Sun Water And How Can I Make It?

What Is Sun Water And How Can I Make It?

Moon water is super popular these days, but I like making sun water equally as much! While it isn’t as well-known, I feel that it’s extremely powerful in its own right.

Moon water is infused with the energy of the moon, so sun water is (of course) infused with the energy of the sun.

So then, what’s the difference?

Sun water and moon water have different properties. If you’ve studied astrology at all, then you know that the sun is your outer self, your ego, and your personal light. The moon is your inner emotional self and unconscious self.

The sun represents fire and stability while the moon represents water and emotions. They’re both useful but have their own purposes.

When choosing between moon water and sun water, you’ll want to consider what you’re using it for and what type of properties you need to accomplish your goal.

Keep reading to find out some of the most powerful uses for sun water!

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How Can You Make Sun Water?

To make sun water, you will need:

  • A clear jar, glass, or bowl (I like to use a mason jar with a screw on top to preserve my sun water for the long term)
  • A window-sill that faces the sun for at least a few hours a day
  • Water (I like to use purified or spring water but that’s a personal preference)

Fill the jar (or bowl or glass) with water and set it on a windowsill. All you need to do is set the intention that the water will be infused with the power of the sun by simply thinking it.

If you feel the need to say an incantation or charge the water with your hands, then by all means do so! Whatever feels right is right. For me, just thinking the intention makes powerful spell water.

I like to let my water sit in the full sun for at least 3 hours, but if you don’t have the time, it will be charged after even 15 minutes (and I have personally felt the effects of this).

You can most quickly create strong sun water by placing your glass or jar directly in the sunlight, but if it’s winter and the jar has potential to freeze, you can also make sun water through a window pane. Be prepared for it to take a bit longer.

How Can You Use Sun Water?

There are so many uses for sun water!

The most obvious way to use sun water is to consume it, however I do recommend being careful. It is extremely potent and can actually alter your personality for a few hours (12 at most in my experience).

I recently made and drank sun water under the Virgo sun and spent the rest of the day meticulously cleaning my house. I didn’t even realize I had drank that specific water until later and was shocked by how powerful it was.

Consume it carefully, but also note that sun water can be great if you need to invoke a specific energy quickly. Make sure to check what sign the sun is in astrologically before you do so, as this will influence how you think and act.

If the sun is in Capricorn, then you may become more work and goal oriented, but if the sun is in Cancer, you’re likely to become family oriented or care more about your home and pets.

The sign the sun is in will influence your personality and thoughts, but sun water in general gives you an added boost of energy.

You can also use sun water in spell work. Sun water is extremely potent and works well for spells that need a lot of energy. It’s helpful when cleansing negative energies or entities, when casting defensive spells, in love or fame spells, and when working with sun deities.

Use sun water in your spell work whenever it feels right intuitively. Don’t forget to double check that the sign the sun is in works with your spell as well. For example, Aries sun water would work well in a protection spell while Pisces sun water would work better in a psychic enhancement spell.

You can also add a splash of your sun water to a bath spell or jar spell. Even a drop will add to the magic.

Sun water is also believed to heal us physically. Many functional medicine doctors feel that water charged by the sun heals cellular damages, creates an alkaline environment within the body, and is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.

A History of Sun Water:

Throughout time, in almost every Pagan culture, the sun was considered sacred. In Bath, the Celtic people worshiped Sulis (the goddess of the sun) at a site near the thermal springs, making sun water an integral part of the religious culture.

Later, the Romans built a temple at the same location, and Christians even utilized it centuries after.

Sun water has been important in spell work for longer than documentation has existed. The sun gives us energy, so sun water will give any spell a huge amount of power.

Have you tried making sun water? Let us know in the comments!

3 Easy Ways To Know If A Spell Worked And What To Do If It Didn’t

3 Easy Ways To Know If A Spell Worked And What To Do If It Didn’t

One of the first questions a beginner witch will ask, pretty much without fail, is: “how do I know if my spell worked?”

More experienced witches will say, “you’ll just know.” And while that’s definitely true, it isn’t always helpful to beginners.

I’m one of those students who needs concrete guidelines. I learn from structure, so it was really important for me to figure out exactly how I would know if a spell was successful or not.

Here are 3 easy ways to tell if a spell worked, plus what to do if it didn’t!

1. You’ll Feel Powerful As The Spell Ends

The actual ingredients of any spell are always important, but the most important piece of spellwork is your own concentration. You need to have not only mental focus, but emotional focus.

When you’re focusing so intently on a spell (I typically do it with my eyes closed and my hands outstretched while I chant), you will start to feel the energy buzzing. This feeling will grow the longer you do it.

The energy will build as the spell progresses. If you feel this energy grow extremely powerful as the spell ends, there’s a good chance your spell worked.

99% of the time, this can be accomplished with a lot of focus, plus the desire for the outcome you’re trying to achieve.

Keep in mind that while this means that your energy went somewhere, if you didn’t visualize the spell correctly or used ingredients that don’t match your intention, you may have accidentally done a different spell.

This is why it’s super important to focus very clearly on what you want and use ingredients that align with your desires. However, I find that when you feel this intense energy, it always has to go somewhere, so you definitely did something magical!


2. You’ll Feel Tired Or Complete Afterwards

After this culmination of energy, you might feel a little wiped. If it’s a super large spell, I take a nap, but most of the time I just need to chill out on the couch for a bit.

That’s a clear indication that your spell worked!

Sometimes, I’m not tired at all, but I do feel as though the spell was completed. I know this because I’m not interested in thinking about the topic anymore and feel very clearly that it’s time to move onto another activity.

This is another good indication that your spell is working while you go about your day!


3.You’ll See The Effects Of Your Spell Within 1-2 Months

Most spells take 2 months to work, max. Unless you did a spell for something huge or something long-term (such as a new job, a fertility spell, etc.), then odds are you’ll reap the rewards within 1-2 months.

If your spell was clearly short term (or had no timeline specified) and you don’t notice any change at all within 1-2 months, then your spell either didn’t work or the energy was misdirected in a way you didn’t foresee.


So, what if the spell didn’t work?


First, look to see if anything has happened that you may have caused inadvertently. The Universe always takes the path of least resistance, so your spell may have technically worked in a way you didn’t foresee. This happens quite a lot with love spells and money spells, but it can occur with any type of magic

If your spell had an unintended effect, you can either reverse the spell (if you don’t like what it has done) or cast another that works alongside the current spell (if you don’t mind the effects of it).

However, if there are no unintended effects and nothing has happened at all, then there are two possibilities:

  • You didn’t gather enough energy, so the spell didn’t have enough power to work. You will need to do the spell again using different (or more) ingredients, cast a more powerful circle calling on the elements, and spend more time concentrating on focusing your energy during the spell.
  • The Universe will not allow your spell to work. Sometimes (though very rarely), a spell is blocked because of karma. In this case, the energy probably dispersed. If you feel in your gut that this is true, then there’s nothing else that can be done at this time. If you’re unsure, using divination tools (such as tarot cards or a pendulum) can help you figure out what happened. Keep in mind that this is super rare and only happens about 1% of the time, for me at least.

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How To Cast A Basic & Effective Freezer Spell

How To Cast A Basic & Effective Freezer Spell

The freezer spell is one of the most well-known spells in witchcraft, and is even used by non-practitioners. It has some seriously deep roots in Hoodoo, but was even used in religious communities. It’s easy, and it works.

Maybe you have a terrible boss who won’t leave you alone, or an ex who continues to cause issues, or maybe someone you used to be friends with is gossiping about you behind your back. Whatever your case is, this is the perfect spell if you need to stop someone in their tracks.

A freezer spell will literally “freeze” the person in their tracks and will keep them far away from you. The person won’t contact you as much (or at all, if it was super effective) and won’t be able to hurt you.

It’s also possible to cast this spell for someone else. If someone is hurting a loved one, you can cast it with the intention of working on your target and get the same effects.

Why Choose a Freezer Spell?

I like the freezer spell because it helps get rid of difficult people without casting hexes and jinxes on anyone. I’m a huge believer in karma, and this feels a lot safer to me! When I’ve done this spell for good and valid reasons, I’ve never experienced any bad karma from it, other than unexpected effects of the spell.

The freezer spell is also a really easy spell for beginners. It’s a good go-to because you probably already have the materials you need and it doesn’t take long to cast.

How Does The Freezer Spell Wok?

The spell will freeze the intended person out of your life, but it may work in odd, unexpected ways. I once tried to freeze a friend’s boss, but my friend ended up getting temporary medical leave after her health worsened.

The boss wasn’t specifically fired and didn’t want to stay away from my friend, but she was forced to (due to the medical leave) until my friend was paid until she was able to find another job. So theoretically, this spell worked, but my friend had asked me to cast it so that she could keep that specific job. In that sense, the freezer spell backfired.

For this reason, I only do this spell when the situation is dire enough to warrant it. You never know exactly what will happen, but if you really never want to see this person again, then it’s worth a try. You should be willing to rid your life of the individual at all costs. If that doesn’t sound good to you, then you may want to try something different than a freezer spell.

Who Should I Cast A Freezer Spell On?

Make sure that when you choose a target for your freezer spell, you’re fine with never seeing the person again. Don’t cast this on your in-laws, for example, if you want your kids to have a relationship with their grandparents.

You also shouldn’t cast this spell on someone you’re in a fight with or you might never make up. In fact, you probably won’t even speak again. You need to be absolutely sure that this person contributes nothing but harm to your life before casting the freezer spell.

This is an effective spell and it’s hard to reverse, so choose wisely!

How To Cast An Effective Freeze Spell

Step 1: Choose a container. I’m not fancy so I use a plastic baggie. You can also use a Tupperware container, a freezer-proof jar, or anything that feels right to you. The only necessity is that it completely seals.

Step 2: Gather your tools. You’ll need the container, sufficient water to fill it water, a small piece of paper, a pen, and items for a circle (if desired).

Step 3: Cleanse your tools. I simply smudge them with any kind of incense that feels right, but do this however you like. You can also just envision them being cleansed with white light.

Step 4: Cast a circle. Once you’re between worlds, you’re ready to do the spell.

Step 5: Write the following on a small bit of the paper, substituting in the proper names:

I hereby bind “John Doe” from spreading hurtful and unwanted rumors about “me.”

If you’re doing the spell for someone else, substitute “me” with their name. Fold the paper into small pieces when you’re finished.

Step 6: Hold the paper in your hand and chant the following:

This slip of paper is (name), and his/her actions against me.

I hereby freeze (name) and bind him/her from causing me harm.

As my will so mote it be.

While you chant these words, focus with all of your power (mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.) on your intention and picture the person disappearing from your life.

Step 7: Place the paper in the bag, fill it with water, seal the bag, and put it in the back of your freezer. I hide mine behind my food so that I don’t even think about it. At this point, the freezer spell is over and you can close the circle.

The more you’re able to open your chakras and focus on your intention, the more likely the freezer spell is to work. Stronger energy = a stronger freeze!

Sometimes, spells simply don’t work for a variety of reasons. I personally have never had a freezer spell fail, so that’s saying something. A freezer spell is powerful magic!

If this spell does fail, I recommend looking very closely into your motives and emotional state when casting the freezer spell. It’s hard to go wrong with the ingredients, so the culprit is typically your own energy, unless the universe is blocking you.

How To Recharge A Freezer Spell

Sometimes, the spell will work for a bit, then the person will reappear. This means that the energy wasn’t strong enough to last and that you need to recharge it.

Take the bag out of the freezer for an hour or so and let it melt. Once the ice is defrosted, chant something similar to what you said initially (above) and place the bag back in the freezer. Try to focus your energy even more intensely. You can do this as many times as needed.

I typically don’t recharge a freezer spell unless I really need to. They generally hold for quite a bit, but if the person is causing a stink again, then it’s definitely time to do a recharge.

How To Reverse A Freezer Spell

Sometimes, you freeze someone and regret it. I just read a post about a mom who put her daughter’s boyfriend in the freezer, but months later he showed back up, proving that he was reformed. Her daughter refused to get back together with him. The very guilty mother had to quickly reverse the freezer spell, and then her daughter was suddenly amenable.

If something similar happens to you and you need to reverse your freezer spell, follow these steps:

Take the bag out of the freezer and let it defrost. Burn the piece of paper over a candle after it has dried out, then pour the water over the ashes, chanting:

I release you from the binding and reverse all effects of this spell.

As my will so mote it be.

Ideally, this will reverse the spell. Most of the time it works, but sometimes it can’t completely reverse it. Like I said, the freezer spell is strong and pretty permanent, so cast wisely.

What To Do When The Situation Is Resolved

You may never want to reverse the freezer spell, but at some point when the situation is resolved, you’ll need to get that baggie out of your freezer. Maybe you’re moving, getting a new freezer, or just trying to reorganize. Regardless, it’s impractical to hang on to a freezer spell forever.

I recommend leaving your freezer spell in place until the situation has been resolved for some time. There shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that it worked. Once your intuition tells you it’s time, go ahead and dispose of the freezer spell.

Remove the bag and thaw it in a container so you can save the water. Once the water is melted, bring the container outside and dig a small hole. Place the paper in the hole and pour the water over it. As you do this, say:

I release you from the binding, but enjoin you not to harm me again.

As my will so mote it be.

Fill the hole in with dirt and avoid touching it.

So there you have it: everything you need to know about casting a freezer spell! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced witch, I can guarantee that you’ll be happy to have this spell up your sleeve.

Interested in learning more basic spells? I highly recommend this book of spells for beginner witches!

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