Return To Sender Spell: The Ultimate Guide

Return to sender spell

Whether you need to cast a return to sender spell against an individual or as a protective measure in general, this ultimate guide should help!

What is a Return to Sender Spell?

Alright, let’s dive in. A “Return to Sender” spell is all about protection. Think of it like a magical bouncer for unwanted vibes. If someone’s sending negative energy or bad intentions your way, this spell steps in and says, “Not today!” Instead of letting that negativity settle into your life, the spell reflects it right back to where it came from. It’s a way of maintaining your space and keeping things balanced. It’s not about revenge or causing harm; it’s more about ensuring you’re not the dumping ground for someone else’s issues. Cool, right?

Here are some examples of times a return to sender spell will come in handy:

Workplace Drama: You know that co-worker who’s always spreading rumors or just seems to have it out for you? Instead of getting tangled up in the negativity, a “Return to Sender” spell can help keep their bad vibes from affecting your work mojo.

Difficult Neighbors: Got a neighbor who’s always casting envious glances your way or making passive-aggressive comments about your garden? Use the spell to send that negativity right back over the fence.

Online Trolls: If someone’s consistently sending negative comments or messages your way online, this spell can act as a digital shield. It’s a way of keeping your online space clear and healthy.

Past Relationships: Sometimes, even after a relationship ends, you might feel lingering negative energy from an ex-partner. A “Return to Sender” spell can help to redirect any unresolved bitterness or bad wishes they might be holding onto.

Mysterious Bad Vibes: Ever had those days where you just feel like there’s a dark cloud hanging over you, but you can’t pinpoint the source? This spell can act as a general protector, bouncing back any unidentified negative energies lurking around.

A return to sender spell is great if someone is intentionally trying to curse you, but more likely, someone is just sending bad energy or thoughts your way. Maybe they’re just negative to be around, or they’re always making passive-aggressive comments. A return to sender spell comes in handy here, too. You can do this spell for intentional magic or just for negative thoughts or words that are harming you. Either way, the negative thing the person is doing will rebound right back towards them.

It’s best to do a return to sender spell when you feel like you’re actually being attacked by someone. If you’re just annoyed by someone and want them to get karma in general, this spell won’t do much – it will only work when they attack you, not just when someone is acting shitty in general. In that case, you’d want to do a karma spell.

You can also do a return to sender spell in general. This spell will act like a shield around you, sending any negativity back towards an individual. You don’t need to do this spell towards a specific person. In fact, the general shield is my favorite way to do a return to sender spell, because it’s a preventative measure.

How to Cast a Return to Sender Spell

In this section, I’ll go over the actually methods for casting a return to sender spell. There are SO many great return to sender spells out there. I’m going to share my top two return to sender spells that work best for me.

1. Return to Sender Envelope Spell

Return to sender spell

This is a spell I originally found in Judika Ille’s book, though there are plenty of variations on the internet. This is my own variation with lots of substitutions (and my own incantation) that I’ve found works incredibly well.


  • An envelope
  • Paper and pen/pencil
  • Sea salt
  • Spider web (or knotted string)
  • Bone dust
  • A black candle

If you don’t have sea salt, you can also use beach sand or dirt (both are good substitutes).

The spider web here is to signify the threads of fate, and the idea of weaving your own web. But this can be symbolic, so you can also use any-colored string (I prefer silver but anything works!) and tie the string up into a bunch of intricate knots.

Lastly, the bone dust is great to use if possible. I cook a lot of chicken soup, then I dry the bones and use my mortar and pestle to grind them up. If you don’t have bone dust, you can use a small bone or anything representing a bone, such as a drawing or sculpture. You can also substitute dirt or cemetery dirt if necessary.

Light the black candle.

On the paper, write your target’s full legal name and date of birth. You can also add a photo of them (and write that info on the back) or their signature, as well as any taglocks such as hair or nails. But simply put, all you really need is the name and DOB.

Now you’re going to say the incantation, and add each ingredient where appropriate.

Whispers in shadows, words they throw,
Hidden knives that aim to show.
Mend the breaks, heal the hurt,
Turn their mischief into dirt. [add sea salt]

Echoes of their deeds now trace,
Leading back to their own space. [add bone dust]
With my compass, they won’t find,
A safe path; they’re left behind.

Entangled now in snares they set, [add spider web]
In their own traps, they are met.
Stranded, left to the fate they spun,
Their deeds reflect, their time is done.

Next, take a few minutes to raise energy, picture your outcome, and send that energy into the paper.

Lastly, seal the envelope with the black candle then put it somewhere safe.

If you ever want to dissolve this spell, you can open the envelope, dissolve the energy, and burn each ingredient separately.

2. Return to Sender Mirror Spell

Return to sender spell

Purpose: Use the reflective power of a mirror to send negativity or unwanted energy back to its source.


Preparation: Find a quiet space where you can perform the spell undisturbed. It’s best if the space is dimly lit, creating a serene ambiance. You want this spell to feel as calm as possible, at least within your bubble.

Cleansing: Begin by lighting the sage or palo santo. Allow the smoke to cleanse the area, your tools, and yourself. As you do this, visualize the smoke carrying away any residual negativity. Again, you need a totally pure atmosphere within your circle.

Protection Circle: Pour a circle of salt around the space where you will sit. This circle will act as a barrier, keeping unwanted energies out and amplifying the energy of your spell.

Light the Candle: As you light the white candle, visualize its flame as a beacon of protection, illuminating and enhancing the space’s positive energy.

Mirror Activation: Holding the mirror in front of you, gaze into it and say:
“Mirror of reflection, shield of protection,
Take what’s sent to me, return to its direction.”

For this part, you can picture a protective circle around you in general, or you can picture reflecting a certain individual’s negativity.

This spell is more of a general return to sender spell, while the first is best directed at an individual who you know.

Can the Return to Sender Spell Go Wrong?

There are a few ways this spell can backfire, which I’ll cover here so you’re prepared.

The first (and biggest) pitfall is that you inadvertantely block out people in general, including positive people. If you use this spell frequently without a clear reason, you might inadvertently block out positive energies or messages coming your way. Balance is key. You want to make sure you’re specific about what or who bounces off your shield. Otherwise, your energy might just give off a “don’t fuck with me” vibe and you’ll struggle to maintain relationships. Use this spell sparingly when you have actual need of it. You don’t want all positively bouncing back at others because then you miss the chance to have a positive, mutual relationship! The way to get around this pitfall is to be super specific with your wording and intentions while you cast the spell.

Another common pitfall is misidentifying the source. Sometimes what we perceive as external negativity might actually be our own internal struggles reflected outward. If you use the spell thinking the issue is external when it’s really something inside of you, the spell won’t address the root problem. It’s SO important to do shadow work before casting a return to sender spell. You want to make sure that the negative influence is actually from outside of you, otherwise doing the spell will be a waste of time, since nothing will change.

Lastly, you may run into issues when casting a return to sender spell on a true narcissist. Someone with strong narcissistic qualities has built up their own shield that’s actually super strong. That’s why its so hard to successfully do magic on a narcissist. You may need to add additional protective layers and shouldn’t count on this one spell solving all your problems. Working with magic on a narcissist is always a multi-step approach, and it will only work once you’ve done the necessary shadow work (learning to say no, removing yourself from toxic situations, etc.).

FAQs About Casting a Return to Sender Spell:

Is there any way to enhance the power of the spell?

Working on it during specific moon phases, like a waning moon (great for banishing), can amplify its effects. Also, combining the spell with other protective rituals or using charged crystals can boost its power.

I did the spell, but I still feel negative. What did I do wrong?

Spells are about channeling and focusing energy. There could be several reasons it didn’t work as expected: unclear intent, internal issues you might be mistaking for external negativity, or perhaps you need a different approach to protection. You might also want to do some shadow work to figure out if you targeted the issue in the correct way.

How often should I do this spell?

It depends on your circumstances. If you feel you’re constantly bombarded with negativity, you might do it more often. But doing it too frequently without reason could block out positive energies too. I recommend doing this spell either when you’re feeling a lot of negativity from those around you in general, or when you need to block one specific person.

Are there any specific days or times that are most effective for performing this spell?

While the waning moon phase is often preferred, some practitioners might also choose to perform this spell on a Saturday (associated with banishing) or Tuesday (connected to Mars and defense). But honestly, the best time is when you feel the need and are focused on your intent.

Can I add personal items to the spell to enhance it?

Absolutely! Incorporating personal items, like a strand of hair, a photograph, or even a personal talisman, can strengthen the connection between you and the spell, making it more potent. This is especially true when you’re casting the spell against a specific individual.

I don’t want to send the negativity back, just deflect it. Can I modify the spell?

Of course. The spell is adaptable. Instead of focusing on returning the energy, concentrate on neutralizing or grounding it. Envision the negativity dissipating or being absorbed and neutralized by the earth. You’ll also want to focus more strongly on the protective shield portion of the spell rather than the reflective shield part.

Can I perform the “Return to Sender” spell for someone else?

You can, and it can work, but you need to truly get into their headspace and imagine what it would feel like to be them. It’s best if you can tap into their energy before performing the spell. We talk more about how to do that on the Patreon.

Can I combine the “Return to Sender” spell with other spells or rituals?

Definitely. Combining spells can be potent if done correctly. For instance, after doing a “Return to Sender” spell, you might want to follow up with a cleansing ritual and then a protection or blessing spell to ensure your space is not only free of negativity but also imbued with positive energy. Or, you may need to follow up with more curses. BUT I always recommend doing one spell at a time. In between spells, go back to doing something mundane. Space the spells out by at least a few hours, though one spell a day is ideal. You need to “close” the magic and give it time to go out into the world, otherwise, your energy can get all confused. 

I don’t think this curse is serious enough. Where can I find more intense curses or other curses to couple with this spell?

Here are some books I recommend for more serious cursing:

Alternatively, you may want to try a freezer spell if you just want absolutely nothing to do with this person. This is much more effective for making your life “better” than the return to sender spell, especially if you’re really, truly done with them.

If you’re not done with them but are sick of them treating you badly, try a honey jar spell along with this return to sender spell. That will get you better effects than a curse, which can actually make them treat you worse.