What Is A Honey Jar Spell And How Is It Different From A Sugar Jar Spell?

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A honey jar spell is often one of the first spells a beginner witch learns because it’s easy and safe. There isn’t much backlash (if you believe in the law of 3 and karma) but a well-made honey jar spell is super effective, even if you don’t have a ton of power.

If you need to appeal to someone’s better nature and want them to see you in a good light, try a sweetening jar. A honey jar spell (also known as a sweetening jar or even a sugar jar spell) can be used to sweeten virtually anyone’s feelings towards you, including family, friends, a boss, a coworker, etc.

Sugar and honey are the exact opposite of salt in witchcraft. Salt repels while sugar and honey attract; this is a great spell for attracting kindness and good thoughts from a specific individual.

Where does the honey jar spell come from?

The sweetening jar (which is either a honey jar spell or sugar jar spell) was originally a Hoodoo spell and has roots in folk magic, however it has been modified time and time again. Nowadays, it’s present in almost every magical culture.

This is one of the most universal spells. You’ll find some variation of it in almost any magical practice. This is because it’s safe and effective, making it a great spell for both beginner and advanced students of witchcraft.

What is a sweetening jar?

A honey jar (or sugar jar) is generally known as a sweetening jar; the purpose of it is to sweeten another person’s feelings towards you.

You can cast a honey jar spell on or about anyone you want. Many witches use sweetening jars for bosses, in-laws, or even significant others when things seem to be going sour.

The idea is that a sweetening jar won’t change the person’s feelings, but it will bring out your best qualities and help that other person to see you in a more authentic, positive light. Because it doesn’t straight up alter feelings or create energetic bonds, this is a relatively safe spell to cast karmically-speaking.

If you’ve done everything you can to endear yourself to someone and find that they still don’t like you for whatever reason, it might be time to try a honey jar spell!

You can also use a honey jar for self-love or to “sweeten up” a situation that is currently sour.

Lastly, some witches will create a honey jar to bless other people (and sweeten up the world in general towards a friend) or as a blessing on a marriage.

What’s the difference between a honey jar spell and a sugar jar spell?

A honey jar spell is the more common form of a sweetening jar. The ingredients are the same (you use either honey or sugar) but the outcome is slightly different.

A honey jar spell takes quite a bit of time to work, however it’s very strong. Honey is extremely slow and this spell is no exception. I do find that a honey jar spell is a much better long term spell if you don’t mind waiting a few months for the results to manifest.

A sugar jar spell takes effect quicker (sometimes even within a day or two) but dies out just as quickly. In my experience, sugar jar spells rarely last longer than a month or two, and sometimes only for a few days.

How to cast a honey jar spell:

It’s actually pretty simple to cast a honey jar spell. First, cast your normal circle, if you follow that practice.

Cleanse the jar (I like to use incense) then put the following ingredients inside the jar:

  • Lavender (cinnamon can be used instead)
  • A piece of paper with the person’s name on it whose feelings you want to sweeten, folded in half once
  • Honey to cover the other ingredients

Feel free to add in other herbs that you may feel drawn towards. I like to keep my ingredients an odd number.

Close the jar, then burn a pink candle (or white if that’s all you have). Say the following words as the candle burns:

Kindness grows inside your heart
All our differences fall apart
Sweetness shining like the sun
Send good to all and harm no one

Next, seal the jar with the pink wax. This means that you drip wax all along the top sides of the jar until the cover is completely sealed to the jar.

Lastly, take a few minutes to charge the jar. Put your hands around it and picture your ideal scenario. Send as much energy as you can gather from your hands into the jar.

If needed, break out the same candle (or another pink candle) and repeat the chant, then recharge the jar. If the spell isn’t working, continue these steps once a week until it does. You can also leave the jar out to charge in the moonlight if you want it to be extra powerful.

How to cast a sugar jar spell:

If you want quicker action, then you may want to cast a sugar jar spell instead of a honey jar spell. The process is the exact same as everything I’ve written out above with one exception: you use sugar instead of honey in the jar. Make sure you have enough to cover the other ingredients.

Additionally, if you find the spell isn’t working quickly enough, you could recharge it once a day (instead of once a week as with the honey jar spell) since this spell has the potential to work much faster.

What is the opposite of a sweetening jar?

If you want to banish someone out of your life instead of sweetening them up to you, I recommend a freezer spell. These spells require even less ingredients and energy than sweetening jar spells and are extremely effective.

Keep in mind that these spells are pretty extreme and might cause you to literally never see that person again. Be sure you’re absolutely done with the individual before you cast it.

Click here to learn how to cast a freezer spell!

Are Honey Jar Spells A Closed Practice?

There’s a lot of confusion over the idea of closed practices. I won’t get into it super deep here, but just know that different types of sweetening jars have been used in tons of different practices.

Some witches say that the traditional honey jar is a closed practice and shouldn’t be used. To my knowledge, this is true if you’re following the specific Hoodoo ritual when creating your honey jar. However, witches in Russia, Ireland, Iceland, and many more places have used sweetening jars for hundreds of years.

It’s totally fine to cast a honey jar spell as long as you do it in your own tradition. Don’t call upon Voodoo spirits if you’re not part of the Voodoo culture. This either won’t work or will backfire badly. Instead, call upon your own spirit guides, deities, or the elements you choose to work with.

The honey jar spell I put above isn’t part of any closed practice. It was adapted by me, but stems from folk magic all around the globe.

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