How To Make Moon Water + 24 Ways To Use It

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Although witches have made moon water for centuries, it has become especially popular during the last few years. Moon water is easy to use, easy to make, and it’s effective.

In fact, there really is nothing like the power of the moon. Witches love working with the moon for a reason!

Today, I’ll be sharing my easy and effective process for making moon water, but I’ll also talk about 24+ awesome ways to use moon water, and the properties of moon charged water based on the moon phase and the astrological sign.

How To Make Moon Water:

If you’re just learning how to make moon water for the first time, I don’t recommend that you watch TikTok videos.

You can’t learn how to make moon water by just putting a jug of water in the moonlight. Without intention, magic doesn’t work.

Here’s how to make moon water that is super potent during any kind of moon:

1. Source a vessel (I like to use glass but you can use plastic if necessary) and fill it with water. Make sure your water is safe to drink if you intend to consume your moon charged water.

2. Place your vessel under the moonlight after the sun has set. Speaking out loud (if possible), ask the moon to infuse this water with its energy. If you believe in animism, it can be helpful to leave an offering for the moon, such as incense, food, beverage, or even a song. This is a kind of thanks for lending its energy to charge your water.

You can also put your hands around your jar, close your eyes, and infuse the jar with your intentions. Mediate on the outcome you want and on your goals with this water. The water will now draw in the essence of the moon once it rises.

3. Remove your vessel from its spot before the sun rises again and store it somewhere away from the light of the sun, so that the solar energy doesn’t change the essence of your moon water. I like to store my moon water in a closed drawer or put a cloth over the jar.

That’s it – you now have moon water!

However, there are a few fun things you can add.

Firstly, I love adding crystals to my moon water. I do this before the moon rises so that my crystals are infused with the moon’s energy, too. Make sure that you use water-safe crystals.

You can also ask a specific moon deity to help you infuse the water with the power of the moon. This works especially well if you’re already in contact with a deity, but can be tricky for beginners.

Uses of Moon Water:

There are so many ways to use moon water. The list is honestly endless!

Here, I’m listing some of the most common uses for moon water, as well as some of my favorites. However, feel free to experiment if you want to try something that’s not on this list with your moon water.

Remember that you should only drink moon water if it comes from a purified source (spring water, your tap, etc.). River water and rain water definitely aren’t safe to drink until the water is purified!

Here are my favorite ways to use moon water in both spell work and everyday life:

24. Bath With Moon Water

One of my favorite ways to use moon charged water is in the bath. Bath spells are super easy and can focus on just about any topic, but they’re especially potent when you add just a drop of moon water.

For example, you may employ moon water in bath spells pertaining to cleansing, blessing, divination, or power. Simply add a few drops of moon water and allow the bath to infuse before you hop in.

Full moon water tends to give more power to the bath spell, but new moon water is great for cleansing and renewal.

23. Drink Moon Water

Another easy way to use moon water is to simply drink it. You only need a sip to feel the effects.

When you drink your moon water, you’ll be empowered with the moon’s energy. It won’t be as strong as sun water (which tends to give a lot of energy) but will be more subtle and spiritual. I especially like to drink moon water when I want to connect to the spiritual realm; I find that it helps to open the third eye chakra.

Make sure to use spring, distilled, or tap water when you’re learning how to make moon water if you plan on drinking it.

22. Energize, Cleanse, & Charge Your Crystals

If you have crystals that are safe in water (which you should definitely check before trying this – water is an easy way to ruin some gorgeous crystals!) then you can cleanse, charge, and re-energize your crystals using moon water.

I find that most of my crystals love being cleansed and charged using moon water. The subtle yet strong energy of the moon is very compatible with the energy of most crystals. 

You can leave your crystals in a bowl of moon water to charge, or you can simply dab the water onto the crystal and let it air dry.

21. Make A Potion With Moon Water

If you enjoy making potions then you’ll find that moon water only enhances the strength of your recipe. Try to use water that corresponds to the moon phase and sign that works well with your potion.

For example, I sometimes use moon charged water when I’m making this divination potion. Just a drop or two suffices! Because the potion is about psychic senses, I prefer to use Pisces moon water.

20. Water Your Plants

Your plants might love moon water just as much as you do! In fact, I find that watering my plants with lunar-infused water gives them an extra boost of energy and nurture. It’s also a great way to show your plants a bit of care.

19. Add Some Moon Water To Flower Vases

Similarly, you can add moon water to flower vases in order to prolong the life of your flowers. This is a great way to nurture your flowers and connect with the energy of the moon.

18. Make A Fragrance Or Perfume

I love making a perfume or fragrance and infusing it with energy. A perfume is one of my favorite ways to cast a glamour spell, plus it lasts for as long as you want to continue using it.

For extra power, simply add a few drops of moon water to your fragrance or perfume to amplify your intentions.

17. Represent A Deity Or Your Own Intentions On Your Altar 

If you have an altar, you may enjoy setting out moon water on it to represent your intentions, the spell you’re working on, or an offering to a deity. I currently have an altar dedicated to Lilith, so I have new moon water set out since she loves the dark moon.

16. Diffuse Moon Water In Your Home

If you have a diffuser that you use with essential oils, add a few drops of moon water to enhance the effects of the oils you use and clear the air. Don’t forget that the properties of the moon sign and phase will be diffused into your home, too.

15. Give Moon Water To Your Animals

Just like plants, pets and animals love moon water. I find that giving my pets moon water gives them a subtle boost of energy and makes them feel nurtured. 

Don’t be surprised if your pets act a bit different after consuming moon water. Just like humans, pets are influenced by the moon phase and sign, so experiment and see what type of moon water works well with your pets.

14. Make A Cleansing Spray

One of my favorite uses for moon water is to make a cleansing spray. Simply put moon charged water and a few sprigs of rosemary (or other cleansing/protective herb) in a spray bottle. If you’d like, you can sprinkle some salt in, too.

Charge this cleansing spray with your intention that it will cleanse negative energy. This spray can now be used to cleanse your house, altar, car, shoes, workplace, or even yourself. I love having this cleansing spray on hand in a pinch!

13. Make A Cleaning Spray

You can also make a cleaning spray using moon water. Add the water and vinegar to a spray bottle using a 1:1 ratio. If you’d like, you can also add rosemary and salt, or any herb that you think smells good. Infuse the bottle with the intention that it will physically clean your home, clean negative energy, and protect you from physical and energetic enemies.

This cleaning spray can be used anywhere in your home. I find that vinegar is natural but strong so it’s one of my favorite cleaning agents!

12. Use Moon Water In A Floor Wash

More specifically, you can use moon water in a floor wash. This is similar to the cleaning spray but is a specific cleansing/protection spell that’s best used on any type of hard floor.

Make a floor wash using water (with as much moon water as you’d like), vinegar, and any herbs that smell good to you. Wash your home from back to front, setting your intention as you wash, then dump the water outside.

11. Paint/Rinse Your Paint Brushes Or Makeup Brushes

Moon water is great for cleaning your paint brushes or makeup brushes! In fact, this is one of my favorite ways to use moon water for beauty, because it resets your brushes and allows you to start with a clean slate next time.

10. Add Into Dishwasher Detergent

To infuse your dishes with the energy of the moon or really cleanse them, add a few drops of moon charged water to your dishwasher detergent and let the energy of the moon do the rest.

9. Add Moon Water To Tea, Coffee, Or Other Beverages

Although I like to drink moon water all by itself, I also like adding a few drops to my beverages like tea, coffee, lemonade, etc. I recommend that you focus on the moon phase and sign before doing this as even a few drops can really change your mood and energy levels!

8. Use In Homemade Facial Masks

One of my favorite ways to use moon water for beauty is in homemade face masks. You can actually incorporate a few drops into the mask itself, or you can wash your face afterwards with moon water for a strong glamour cleansing.

7. Add To Your Bird Bath

Birds love moon water too! Adding even a few drops of moon water into your bird bath can change the mood or vibe. I especially love Virgo water in bird baths because it infuses the birds with good health.

6. Use While Cooking/Baking

You can definitely use moon water while you’re cooking or baking to make “spelled” food. For example, during the holidays, add a few drops of moon charged water in a phase/sign that feels social and loving, such as Cancer or Gemini, and watch everyone get along!

5. Add Moon Water To Humidifiers

If you have a humidifier, you can add a few drops of moon water and let the energy disperse across your home.

4. Make A Banishing Potion

I love using moon water in my banishing potions. Add something spicy (such as cayenne pepper) to a few drops of moon water and infuse the potion with your intentions.

You can sprinkle this water under someone’s feet when you want them to leave your home or add a tiny bit of it into drinks. It works super well!

3. Use Moon Water For Divination

If you’re into divination then you’ll find that moon water is a super effective way to connect. You can drink moon water before meditating, put it in your third eye chakra, hold a jar of moon water and infuse yourself with the energy, etc.

Full moon water will give you stronger divination powers if you’re trying to reach spirits, but new moon water is more subtle and helps you connect to your unconscious self.

2. Make Moon Water Ice Cubes

You can use moon water to make ice cubes and pop them into your drink for a subtle infusion!

1. Use In General Spell Work

Most witches learn how to make moon water in order to use it in spells. Moon charged water amplifies your intention and helps any spell move along, even with less power.

To use moon water in a spell, you can drink it before the spell, actually use a few drops in your jar, anoint your candle with moon water, rub it somewhere on your body, charge your tools with moon water, use it in a potion, or employ moon water in just about any other way you’d like!

Note: rain, sea, stream, river, snow, etc. water shouldn’t be consumed unless it’s from a safe source or is properly filtered. Make sure that anything you add to your moon water is safe for consumption, too, if you tend to drink the moon water or give it to your pets.

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Properties Of Moon Water Based On The Moon Phases:

Once you learn how to make moon water, you’ll realize that there are a lot of variables when it comes to lunar energy. The moon goes through different phases, all of which affect the way that the moon water will work.

Here are the moon phases as well as the properties that your moon water from each specific phase is likely to hold.

New Moon Water:

The new moon is all about setting your intentions and new beginnings. New moon water can help you set goals, start projects, and venture into the unknown.

Use your new moon water in spells or rituals focusing on bringing something into fruition, such as a spell for new employment, a new relationship, new friends, etc.

I also find that new moon water helps to reveal the unconscious self. Drink new moon water before doing shadow work or while working with one of the dark goddesses to unlock your shadow side.

Lastly, new moon water is helpful when you’re casting spells relating to justice, crosses, or hexes.

Waxing Moon Water:

When the moon is waxing, it’s slowly growing from dark (the new moon) to full. This is a great time to take action and make things happen.

Use waxing moon water to make things grow. If you’ve already set something in motion but want to see it prosper, waxing moon water will help you get there.

For example, you can use waxing moon water to promote growth of abilities, skill, knowledge, relationships, money, fertility, luck, etc.

Full Moon Water:

When the moon is full, your power is at its peak. Full moon water is ultra-strong for a reason!

You can use full moon water in just about any spell if you need an extra boost. It also makes a great offering to deities or spirit guides because full moon water is just special in the magical community.

For example, use full moon water in spells to promote health, strength, love, protection, or to achieve your dreams, even if they seem far off.

You can also use full moon water in any ritual that signifies completion. The full moon completes the moon cycle, so full moon water often represents the end of something. I like to use full moon water in my cord cutting spells to help me let go of past situations or people.

Waning Moon Water:

When the moon is waning, it is slowly growing smaller and smaller, until the new moon comes.

The waning moon is a great time for re-evaluating. Look at your past and decide what you’ll do different in the future. Waning moon water can assist you on this journey.

However, waning moon water can also help you remove things from your life. I love to use waning moon water when I cast a freezer spell, meant to freeze someone or something out of your life. Waning moon water can help to remove stress, negativity, addictions, weight, toxic relationships, bad habits, and more.

Super Moon Water:

Super moon water is like full moon water but much more powerful. If you need a massive amount of energy for a spell, such as a spell that affects a lot of people or is widespread, use super moon water and kick your energy into overdrive.

Lunar Eclipse Moon Water:

In witchcraft, a lunar eclipse signifies change. I like to use lunar eclipse moon water when something needs to change drastically. If you’re trying to do something huge, consider using lunar eclipse moon water.

However, lunar eclipse moon water can be really erratic, as the moon is literally cycling through all of the phases at once, so proceed with caution. Sometimes, the outcomes of spells using this water may turn out differently than you’d planned. I recommend building a fail-safe into your spell in case you need to reverse its effects.

Blue Moon Water:

The phrase “once in a blue moon” exists for a reason: blue moons are super rare. It’s a second full moon in one month, so the energy of the moon is super strong.

Similar to eclipse water, blue moon water is extra strong. I recommend using it to build on a spell that you previously cast, since a blue moon is the second full moon in a month. 

I love blue moon water because it makes things happen but isn’t as erratic as eclipse water.

Properties Of Moon Water Based On The Astrology Signs:

Every few days, the moon switches into a new astrology sign. Moon witches make moon charged water and don’t focus on the moon’s sign at all, but I find that the moon sign really changes the flavor and outcome of the moon water.

I definitely recommend that you look into the moon’s sign on the night you plan to make moon water. If you’re just learning how to make moon charged water, then I recommend that you do this even more! You don’t want to use your moon water and have unintended consequences because the moon sign changes the outcome.

Generally, each of the moon signs have different properties. I will list these properties briefly below, but if you’re into astrology, then you’ll be able to get a feel for the different outcomes of the moon water.

For example, Virgo moon water can manifest practical energy. I once drank Virgo moon water and cleaned my entire house, even though I had meant to organize my spreadsheets that day. Virgo can also be a bit judgment, so be careful that this doesn’t manifest as self-judgment instead!

As you can see, every astrological sign has many different sides which can all affect your moon charged water. Although learning how to make moon water isn’t an exact science, it’s a good idea to at least know what sign the moon is in before you actually use the water.

These moon signs will feel especially potent if you’re making full moon water. The full moon infuses an intense amount of energy into your water, however you’ll still feel some of the effects if you make new moon water instead.

Here are the properties of moon water for each astrological sign:

Moon Water In Aries: courage, positive energy; charging tools

Moon Water In Taurus: stability, earth, spells relating to money or possessions, beauty, fertile energy

Moon Water In Gemini: positive charge, overcoming obstacles, enhanced communication, social graces, creativity with words

Moon Water In Cancer: loving and maternal energies, protection, emotional connectedness, home and hearth

Moon Water In Leo: luck, creativity, successful energy, arts, politics, being in the spotlight, the heart chakra

Moon Water In Virgo: practical energy, planning, cleaning, dealing with daily financial matters, chores, figuring out the truth

Moon Water In Libra: persuasion, balancing energies, legal matters, refined beauty, poise, social graces, agreeableness

Moon Water In Scorpio: psychism, spiritual energy, banishing energy, shadow work, dealing with inner turmoil

Moon Water In Sagittarius: transformation, spiritual energy, meditation, travel, philosophy, learning new things

Moon Water In Capricorn: career, politics, attaining material goods, practical matters, deciphering right from wrong

Moon Water In Aquarius: innovation, inventive energies, being unique, diversity

Moon Water In Pisces: psychic energy, astral projection, enhanced divination, dream work, enhanced sensitivity

Want to learn more about the moon? Check out this post on moon spells, rituals, manifestation, and learn all about how to be a moon witch.