6 Effective Studying Spells For Exams, Class, & Enhanced Focus

The top spells for studying and spells for exams | Studying spells to help you pass

An essential part of success in school is studying, and while it can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation or focus to do so, there are a few witchcraft spells that can help you gain an extra edge. After all, isn’t the whole purpose of witchcraft to make life easier? These spells for studying can help you pass exams, do well in class, or simply find the motivation to focus.

By using these spells, you’ll be able to absorb new information more easily, create effective study habits, and increase your chances of acing your next exam.

Color Associations For Studying:

The top spells for studying and spells for exams | Studying spells to help you pass

Before we dive into the top spells for studying, I want to go over the color associations you’ll be using.

Yellow: Yellow is associated with creativity, structure, and concentration. It’s perfect for activities that require long-term focus and problem-solving skills. If you’re looking for clarity, opt for yellow.

Blue: Blue is the color of wisdom and knowledge. It helps to open up mental pathways so that new information can be more easily absorbed. It’s not as aggressive as yellow and is more calming. So while you won’t want to use the color blue if you need to seriously focus and crunch for an exam, blue is perfect for when you need to reflect, such as when you’re writing a personal statement or an essay with a personal or philosophical connection.

Green: Green symbolizes growth and renewal. It can be used to increase motivation and attention span during studying.

White: White is the color of purity and clarity. It can help clear away mental blocks and open your mind to new ideas. Generally, choose white when you need to cleanse your mind and start anew. I especially enjoy using white when I’m just beginning my study period to start fresh.

Orange: Orange is the color of energy and enthusiasm. It can help you stay alert, motivated, and energized while studying. If you find yourself getting bored or if things start to feel tedious, orange can lend a hand in recharging your focus. It won’t provide as much clarity as yellow, but will provide a gentle boost that isn’t overboard.

Red: Red is the color of power and strength. It can help increase your confidence and improve your mental performance, but use it sparingly as too much red can be overwhelming. If you need a serious boost of energy, use red, but keep in mind that your aggression can be increased, too.

When you choose a spell to cast, you can tweak the color associations as needed. For example, you’ll want to use yellow if you want clarity and creativity for an upcoming test, but you’ll want red if you need energy and motivation to study.

Now that you’re familiar with the colors associated with each spell, let’s take a look at the spells themselves.

Incense To Burn While Studying:

The top spells for studying and spells for exams | Studying spells to help you pass

You can also burn specific scents of incense while studying to increase concentration and clarity. You can even use incense while casting your studying spell. Here are some of my favorite incense scents to use.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon helps to stimulate your brain and increase concentration. This is my go-to incense for studying!

Lavender: Lavender is calming and can help you relax and focus on the task at hand. It’s best-used when you experience study-related anxiety.

Frankincense: Frankincense can energize your mind and body, helping you stay alert during long study periods. It boosts mental activity but is simultaneously calming, so it’s perfect to use when you’re nervous about an upcoming test.

Patchouli: Patchouli is a great scent to use when you’re feeling disorganized or overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do. It can help clear away mental blocks and stimulate creative thinking, so it’s perfect for activities like writing essays or coming up with creative solutions to problems.

Rosemary: Rosemary is perfect for any problem-solving or memory-related activity. It can help to boost your recall and retention, so you’ll be able to remember the material better when test time comes around.

Peppermint: Peppermint is one of my favorites. It’s super energizing, which makes it perfect for those late-night study sessions. Plus, the scent can help to increase your focus and productivity.

Now that we’ve covered color associations and incense let’s get down to the studying spells!

Spells For Studying:

Here are my favorite spells for studying. Feel free to tweak/change these as needed to suit your purposes! These are simply the spell recipes that work for me.

The first few spells are quick and easy candle spells for specific purposes, while the last few spells are jar or bag spells that work slowly but last longer.

6. Protection & Clearing Spell For Studying:

The first spell is a protection spell that helps protect you and your studying space from any distractions. You’re essentially creating a little bubble where nothing can disturb you, physical or spiritual. If you have trouble with others barging in while you’re studying or if you find that rogue thoughts cross your mind too often, I recommend starting with this spell.

To get started, light a yellow candle in your study area and focus on your intention to have an undisturbed, uninterrupted study session. Visualize yourself free of any distractions and surrounded by an energy of protection. As the candle burns, chant:

“I call upon the powers that be

To protect me as I study

No distractions, no intrusions

Only focus and concentration.”

Repeat this chant several times until you feel a sense of safety and focus come over you. Once finished, blow out your candle and feel free to get started with your studying session.

5. Candle Spell For Motivation And Energy To Study:

The next spell is great when you need some extra motivation and energy to study. It helps to clear your mind of any negative thoughts or anxieties and fills you with the power and drive that you need to get through your studying session. To begin, light a red candle in your study area and focus on your intention for increased motivation and energy. Visualize yourself energized and passionate about the task at hand. As the candle burns, chant:

“The fire of passion will consume me

I am unafraid to study hard and do what I need to do

My motivation is strong and my energy is endless

I will have success in everything I do.”

Repeat this spell several times until you feel your energy and motivation surge. Once finished, blow out the candle and get started with your studying session.

4. Spell For Mental Clarity:

This spell is great when you need to focus on a particular topic or break down complex concepts into more manageable bits. Lighting a green candle will help to open your mind and give you clarity of thought as you work through your material. To get started, light a green candle in your study area and focus on your intention to gain clarity as you work through your material. Visualize yourself in a calm mental state where everything is crystal clear and easily understood. Be as specific in your visualization as you’d like. As the candle burns, chant:

“My thoughts are now aligned

My mental clarity is strong and divine

I understand this material with ease

My studies will lead to success.”

Repeat the chant several times until you feel a sense of mental clarity come over you. Once finished, blow out the candle and begin your studying session.

This is one of my favorite spells for studying because who doesn’t need clarity? However, I also like using this as one of my go-to spells for exams since it’s a fast-acting spell that simply enhances your natural mental state.

3. Focus Spell Jar:

This spell is great for those who need a little extra focus. It works best when done at the beginning of your studying session, as it helps to set an intention and aid in concentration.

To get started, fill a glass jar or container with the following ingredients:

  • Coffee grounds or beans for energy (substitute black tea if desired)
  • Rosemary for mental focus
  • Mint to awaken the senses
  • Citrus rinds to sharpen the senses
  • Tiger’s eye crystal for a sharp mind

Combine the ingredients in the jar and light and orange candle. Pour your energy into the jar, picturing the process of focusing and the desired outcome. Chant:

“My mind is focused, my heart is true,

With this jar I begin anew,

Let there be no mistake, nor haste, nor waste,

As I focus and finish this task today.”

Let the candle burn down, then charge the jar in the sunlight.

2. Exam Luck Spell Bag:

Looking for one of the easiest spells for exams? This is a tried and true method. Gather seven beans, whether black beans, lentils, or any other kind of bean.

Find a small pouch that can hold the beans. As you place each bean into the pouch, charm it for a different purpose. For example, you may charm one bean to be used for clarity, another to be used for memory, and another to be used for creativity. Choose how you charm your beans based on the type of exam you’re taking. An essay-based example will require different charms than multiple choice!

To charm the bean, hold it in your hands and pour your energy and focus into the bean. Picture the purpose of the bean and endow it with that purpose, telling it what it is for. Do this until you’re sure that each bean is charmed.

Bring the bag to the exam and keep it on your person if possible. A safe way to do this (without appearing as though you’re attempting to cheat) is by putting the bag in your shoe or bra. This is one of the easiest and quickest spells for exams that works well!

1. Luck Bath:

Want a little extra luck? Take a luck bath the day before or the morning of the event you need luck for. This adds a bit of oomph to other spells for studying or when you need a slight boost for an exam. This spell can also give you luck when you have a full day of studying ahead of you.

Fill a hot bath and add in spearmint and clover, both for luck. Charm the bath by pouring your energy into the water and picturing your desired outcome. Be very clear in your visualization about the areas of your life that you need luck for, otherwise you may get luck in generalized areas. Chant:

“The winds of change I feel tonight,

The waters are calm; the sky is bright.

Luck be mine, come onto me,

My desires are true, so mote it be.”

Take the bath and picture your bad luck draining away and your body being infused with lucky energy.

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