30+ Herbs For Money Magic


Money spells are some of the most popular types of spells in witchcraft. In most money spells, you’ll find that you use a variety of herbs, depending on the specific needs your spell. But there are so many different herbs for money magic. How to choose?

Today I’ll be going over some of my favorite herbs for prosperity, as well as what kinds of money spell each herb works best with.

If you’re wondering how to use these herbs in a prosperity ritual, I recommend that you check out two of my favorite, most successful money spells. When casting these spells, you can tailor them to your own needs and swap out the herbs as you see fit.

Here are 30 of my favorite herbs for money magic, quick prosperity, and long-term wealth!

30. Basil

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

Basil has many, many uses, but one of the most common is prosperity and wealth. As one of the top herbs for money, I recommend using basil in any money spell if you can.

Not only does basil generally signify wealth, but it specifically attracts success, making your spell more likely to work, since you need opportunities to actually make money.

Basil is a masculine herb associated with Mars and fire, so it brings quick effects and motivation.

29. Bay Leaves

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

Another one of the most popular herbs for money magic is bay leaves. The bay leaf is kind of a catch-all for prosperity spells, since it’s also a great ingredient for luck spells, wish spells, and any other spell that needs a positive intention.

I pretty much include a bay leaf in every kind of money spell I’ve cast!

28. Cinnamon

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

If you’re looking for money herbs that pack a punch, consider using cinnamon. It is a masculine herb associated with fire and the sun, so it works well for both long-term and short-term gains.

Generally, I find that cinnamon is one of the most effective herbs for prosperity spells, probably because it’s warm, inviting, and fiery. It’s good for extra motivation and will increase your power during the spell.

27. Patchouli

One of the most powerful attractors, I almost always use Patchouli as a prosperity herb. It is Scorpionic in nature so it’s really intense and attracts quite a bit of money, though I find it’s better used as a long-term herb (not for short-term gains). 

During the Victorian era, Patchouli was associated with wealth and the upper class. On top of its regular associations, I find that this history lends it quite a lot of energy to manifest long-term prosperity.

26. Nutmeg

Another great fiery herb for prosperity is nutmeg. Associated with the planet Jupiter, nutmeg has the potential to bring a lot of money very quickly. It’s also a great herb for luck and health.

25. Clove

Also associated with the planet Jupiter, clove is a great herb for money magic for obvious reasons. In the past, cloves could only be afforded by the ultra-wealthy, so the energy of this herb has taken on prosperity-related connotations.

Nowadays, clove incense is often burned for increased wealth, though I find that cloves are a great addition to a money-related spell jar, too.

24. Dill

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

23. Alfalfa

Alfalfa is a feminine herb associated with Venus and Earth, so its effects are a bit different. It’s best used in an earthly spell (such as a jar spell) or anytime you want to ground your spell and receive prosperity from the earth.

This money herb also works well when used in a spell to receive money for any beautification purposes due to its connection with Venus. I find Alfalfa to be useful as an addition for more subtle, gentle energy to allow money to flow.

22. Mint

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

Another one of the catchall herbs for prosperity is mint. Associated with Mercury and the air element, this is a fast-acting herb that’s perfect for quick money spells. It can also bring added power to just about any spell.

21. Chamomile

As a flower of the sun, Chamomile is a surprisingly strong herb for prosperity. It brings about money and general blessings, so I typically use it in larger, broader spells.

20. Irish Moss

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

Irish Moss is best used for money and luck, so I recommend this money herb when you want to bring money through slightly random channels (or don’t care how you get it). For example, you’re likely to win a bit of money, find some bills on the ground, or be randomly gifted a chunk of change when you use Irish Moss.

Generally, I find that Irish Moss will supercharge any money spell and create effects more quickly.

19. Ginger

If you want to add some spice to your money spell then consider using ginger. I find that ginger generally lends more power to my spell and keeps it active for a longer duration.

18. Rosemary

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

As one of the most commonly used herbs for money in witchcraft, rosemary is a classic. It literally can’t hurt to add rosemary to your money spell. It’s also one of the oldest herbs used in witchcraft, so it has a lot of energy behind it. 

17. Bergamont:

As an air herb associated with Mercury, Bergamont is a great herb for money spells when you need to use your intellect to get money coming your way. For example, I often use Bergamont when I’m casting a spell to usher in new ideas for my business that will also grow my bank account.

Otherwise, Bergamont works well for fast-acting money and luck spells.

16. Allspice

Allspice is typically used more commonly for money, but luck, prosperity, and increased energy are applicable uses for this herb, too. With its application in baked goods, drinks, incense, wax warmers, and sauces and soups, this herb for your money magic is limitless!

15. Fennel

Fennel is one of the best general herbs for wealth, especially the long-term kind. I recommend using Fennel when you want to increase your holdings, investments, or other tangible types of wealth.

14. High John The Conqueror Root

As a masculine herb ruled by Mars, High John The Conqueror is a great herb for prosperity spells. It brings about abundance in general, so it can be pretty life-changing when used in a money spell. I recommend using this herb for long-term, big idea-type spells.

13. Thyme

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

Thyme isn’t known as one of the strongest herbs for money magic, but it will add power to just about any spell. When I need an extra ingredient, I like to include thyme because it feels very cyclical to me and works well for longer-term money spells.

12. Orange

Oranges are associated with Gaia, the goddess of fertility, as well as Enlil, god of air and earth. Typically associated with the Sun and the fire element, the orange is definitely a masculine fruit in witchcraft.

The orange is closely associated with love, fertility, success, prosperity, and friendship. They often bring calm and happiness to a setting (think Christmastime).

Whatever energy you associate with oranges will be the most powerful in any spell you perform. I find that they bring an extra punch (sort of like the energy of the sun) to any ritual. So while oranges are used specifically in prosperity rituals, they certainly bring that expansive energy to any spell, making them the perfect choice for money magic.

If you don’t want to use an entire orange due to rotting, consider using just a bit of an orange peel.

11. Jasmine

Generally, Jasmine is associated with luxury. Because it is governed by the Moon and by the water element, Jasmine is one of the best herbs for prosperity when you need money to flow in an almost intuitive sense. It blooms only at night, so it also works well if you’re doing a spell to make money from an activity that takes place during the evening hours.

Surprisingly, Jasmine is one of the most popular herbs for wealth, despite its lunar associations. I always have a lot of luck when I use Jasmine – I’ve decided that it allows me to tap into the psychic part of the spell and manifest money more effectively. 

10. Honeysuckle

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

A general attractor, Honeysuckle is a great addition when you’re casting a spell to draw something or someone towards you. Of course, this makes it one of the best general herbs for prosperity. 

Honeysuckle is often associated with the Fae, so it works well if you’re doing a money spell with the Fae Folk. 

9. Angelica

Angelica creates harmony and allows things to flow. While it isn’t known for being specifically one of the herbs for money, I like to use Angelica in my spells and find that it helps money flow more easily as an additive. 

8. Calendula

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

Calendula is one of the most useful herbs for money, especially if you need a chunk of change quickly. It’s often used for gambling spells, luck spells, or chance spells where money is involved.

7. Vervain

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

While Vervain is primarily known for its protective properties, it’s also one of the top herbs for prosperity spells. It encourages all things to “flourish” and attracts wealth in general. 

Vervain is especially useful when casting a spell to increase the money you already have, or to attract money through a specific channel (such as a business or one of the popular side hustles out there).

6. Juniper Berries

To me, Jupiter Berries signify all new things. If you want money to come to you through a new or different channel, Juniper Berries are a great addition to your spell.

5. Bayberry

If you are casting a shorter-term spell for money or luck then Bayberry is one of the best herbs for prosperity to use. It definitely packs a punch and will help you get some quick cash!

4. Coltsfoot

Coltsfoot is generally a great herb for gaining extensive wealth over a longer period. Consider using it for spells when you want to grow your savings, your stock holdings, etc.

3. Golden Seal

Golden Seal is specifically helpful as one of the herbs for money spells that are about a certain business. If you want to help your business grow and increase profits, consider using Golden Seal.

2. May Apple

Herbs for money magic, herbs for prosperity, herbs for wealth

According to many folk witches, May Apple is perfect for a monthly money spell. For example, if you want gains throughout a specific month, I recommend using May Apple.

To never be without money for the period of one month

1. Wood Rose

For all-around good fortune, wood rose is a great choice. It’s definitely more of a long-term herb, so I recommend using this flower for spells where you want slow gains over a long period.

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