5 Ways To Create A Witchy Atmosphere During Spell Work


Although you can technically cast a spell anywhere, I like to set the mood when I’m practicing. This isn’t always necessary, but it does help me get into the vibe of the magic.

When I’m feeling witchy, I’m actually able to gather stronger energy. This is true for most witches; you at least want to get into the tone of the spell you’re casting subconsciously and unconsciously to create something really powerful.

Beginner witches generally don’t have many tools or a full-on spell workroom to use, but these things aren’t always necessary. There are many ways to add the “witchy vibe” into a setting without spending much/any money.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to create a witchy atmosphere during spell work!

Play Music

Some witches like to work in silence while others prefer music. I find that a good playlist helps me get into the witchy mood for spell work.

I actually have a few different playlists for when I practice. One is more Irish with haunting melodies while another is boho and has a lot of Fleetwood Mac. I also have a playlist with edgier tunes for spell work that’s more intense/dark.

If you’re interested in playing music while you practice, spend a bit of time and put together a good playlist. Make sure that it’s cohesive and goes with the vibe of the spell that you’re casting.

It’s pretty awful to have to stop in the middle of a spell and find a different song; this can totally kill the mood. I recommend that you put together your playlist before casting your circle so you don’t get interrupted! 

If you’re struggling to get into the vibe of your spell work then playing music is a great first step. I fall into a trance much more quickly when music is on, especially when the songs resonate with me on that particular day.

Burn Incense

Setting the witchy mood is all about the senses. Smell is really important, even subconsciously, and helps me stay focused during spell work.

My favorite way to get into spell work when it comes to smell is by burning incense. I choose my incense scent based on what I actually like and what scents go with the spell I’m casting.

When I’m practicing, I burn incense from beginning to end, so I like to have a lot on hand. 

If you purchase incense online, make sure that your incense sticks are high quality. I have bought some truly terrible incense that smelled totally synthetic, like a bad perfume. This is a great store on Etsy that sells affordable incense sticks. I also love this moon incense on Amazon.

Bring In The Elements

Engaging the senses during spell work is important but so are the elements. After all, the fundamentals of witchcraft are centered around the four elements.

I like to bring each element into my space before I begin practicing. On a visual and spiritual level, I feel that having a balance of the elements keeps me focused and alert. The elements also help me ground my energy more effectively.

For example, I place a plant on the table I’m working on (earth) as well as a cup of water or an indoor fountain (water), a series of lit candles (fire), and incense (air). I sometimes use a fan for air instead if I want a lot of flow, or I’ll open the window if there’s a summer breeze outside.

You can choose whatever you’d like to represent the elements. Make sure that you feel a connection to each and that you have somewhat balanced ratios between the elements, although this doesn’t need to be perfect. You can also include more of one specific element if you feel it’ll help you based on the spell you’re casting.

Make A Mini Altar 

Some witches have a set altar that they use every time they practice. Personally, I’m a bit more fluid. I like to use the coffee table in my living room while practicing and I put away my tools in between.

Regardless, setting up your altar is always a good way to incorporate that witchy vibe into your practice. You can do this with a set altar or with a simple table that you’ll be using for only an hour.

I like to spread a cloth out on my altar (I use something like this), place candles around the corners, and add in tokens that mean something to me. Sometimes I include a crystal ball or Tarot cards, other times I choose a bowl of salt, figurine, or crystals.

You can put as many or as few things on your altar as you’d like. I recommend that you keep an eye out while shopping for things that appeal to you. These certainly don’t have to be expensive pieces, but they should be the items that help to set the mood.

The more you’re able to feel witchy, the stronger your energy will grow. This means that your spells will be more effective. Everything here has a purpose!

Dress The Part

Lastly, I like to dress a certain way when I’m practicing. It really helps me get in the mood!

You’ll generally find me doing spell work in black leggings, a black crew neck, and black socks. I like to be comfortable but also prefer wearing black so that my energy is like a blank slate.

Of course, everyone is different! Some witches like dressing up (edgy, trendy, Victorian, etc.) depending on the spell they’re casting. Others like to be comfortable. Some witches like color and color associations for certain spells while others always dress in black, white, or neutral tones.

Figure out what type of clothing works for you. It’s OK if you have to try out a few different things!

I do feel that clothing is pretty important because everything during spell work has some kind of association, so the way you look and feel will add specific energy to your practice.

I hope this post helps you brainstorm ways to bring in that “witchy vibe” during spell work. Happy casting!

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