A Simple But Effective Manifestation Spell (Wish Spell)

wish spell, manifestation spell

As witches, we believe that we all have the ability to work magic and create positive change in our lives through spell casting. This is because we’re all connected: everything on Earth has an energy vibration and a frequency that it emits out into the world.

However, we also cast spells to make things really happen. The whole point of witchcraft is to see physical changes.

If you cast love spells, then you want to see your life love physically change through your magic. You cast money spells for more money, luck spells for more luck, etc. The whole point of spells is to make something happen!

Luckily, wish spells are among the simplest and most effective types of magic that a witch can cast.

This type of spell allows you to make a wish for anything – from winning the lottery to finding your soul mate, getting rid of bad habits or attracting good luck into your life.

I feel that this wish spell is the same thing as a manifestation spell, because you’re basically trying to make something that you desire happen. This kind of magic is really vague, but that means you can easily tailor it to your needs and situation.

Today we will go over how to cash this wish spell/manifestation spell and how to make sure it works.

Before Casting A Wish Spell: What You Need To Know

Before you actually cast your spell, you need to think about a few things. This is a really specific spell and you may only have one shot here so make sure you set up your parameters correctly!

Be Specific In Your Affirmation

You will write down your wish on the bay leaf, so theoretically (unless you can write in super tiny letters) your wish shouldn’t be too long. However, you do want to make it as specific as possible.

For example, I recently cast a successful spell using this method. I wanted to own a specific house that was up for sale, so I wrote the following:

I buy ____ house for _____ amount this month.

The timeline and the number amount are included. If I didn’t include both of those, then sure, I might buy the house for the right amount, but the opportunity could come in 20 years! Or maybe I’m able to buy the house since no one else swoops in but the price is way above my budget.

P.S. the spell totally worked – I’m the proud owner of a new house! So if it can do huge things like that, then I’m sure your wishes are within reach, too.

Make Sure Your Wish Is Physically Possible

Witchcraft has limits. Your magical power can make a lot happen, but energy can’t create outcomes that are physically impossible.

We’re used to the type of witchcraft that we see in Harry Potter but that’s just not possible energetically. Remember that energy takes the path of least resistance, so the energy will find the easiest way to accomplish your wish.

If your wish isn’t physically possible then your energy simply has no path to take. For example, you can’t set the intention that you will become immortal because (as far as we know at least – I could be wrong!) this isn’t possible in the physical world on earth.

You should also make sure that your wish is reasonable. If you wish that you become a millionaire tomorrow, you might be disappointed. That’s not to say that you won’t become a millionaire, but because this is a difficult wish, you would need a massive amount of energy to achieve your goals.

Unless you want to spend days on this spell draining your energy, I recommend choose a wish that is truly possible in your life right now. Dream big and be realistic.

Word Your Magical Wish Positively

It’s important that, when you write your wish on the bay leaf, you choose affirmative words. Some examples include:

  • I have a partner who truly loves me
  • I have a new job where I thrive
  • I find the perfect apartment

Obviously, the magical wishes you could choose are literally endless – there are so many other words you can use. You can use this spell for love spells, job spells, money rituals, and just about everything else in order to achieve your desires. However, the important thing is the wording of your wish.

Just like when you work to manifest something, make sure that your wish is worded in the present tense.

Don’t include any negative thoughts. This means you shouldn’t say something like I do not have a difficult family,” because your intentions may manifest without the not word being included. It’s important that you focus on what you do want during your magical ritual (e.g. my family is loving and peaceful towards me).

What Kind Of Wishes Will Work?

I get this question a lot. Many witches want to cast a wish spell, but when it comes down to it, they don’t know exactly what to wish for.

wish spell, manifestation spell

Should they cast a love spell? Should they wish for something extremely simple, such as the chance to meet someone, or wish for their forever partner?

Any professional witch will tell you that it’s totally up to you. Love spells work well here (both the extremely small and the large) as long as you focus on the positive thoughts about finding your true love.

Other spells work just as well. You can cast a money spell, a luck spell, a family spell, a friends spell, or anything else you desire. You can literally wish that you find the right puppy for your family, or you can wish that you manage to get your hands on a copy of your favorite book. It’s totally up to you and what you desire in your own reality!

How To Cast A Wish/Manifestation Spell

Now I’ll go over how to actually cast a manifestation spell/wish spell.

The idea is that you’re manifesting your wish here by releasing it to the Universe. This spell is super simple but is extremely powerful and only takes a few minutes.


wish spell, manifestation spell

-A white candle (you can also use a color that correlates to your specific wish, e.g. green for money, or you can use black if you prefer)

-A whole dried bay leaf

-A marker or pen to write on the bay leaf

-A fireproof bowl or cast iron pan

In case you aren’t sure what color candle to use (for those of you who don’t identify as a color magic practitioner), here is a guide. Remember that you can always substitute white or even black if you aren’t sure what color works. The power of the candle is ultimately based on your intention and intuition.

  • Red: love, passion, strength, bravery, pleasure, action, resoluteness.
  • Orange: fertility, creativity, self-esteem, safety, abundance, energy.
  • Yellow: safety, wisdom, happiness, memory, concentration, logic, intellectual work.
  • Green: money, luck, fertility, healing, growth, prosperity.
  • Blue: health, calm, safety, truth, success, protection, depression.
  • Purple: power, psychic abilities, divination, dreams, memory.
  • Pink: love, honor, romanticism, friendship, affection, trust, attraction.
  • Brown: doubt, stabilization, protection, ideas, finding lost objects.
  • White: purification, protection, truth, purity, healing, clarity.
  • Grey: neutrality, emotional balancing, invisibility, compromises.
  • Black: negativity, inversion, banishing, protection, forgive, regret, end of a relationship.
  • Gold: success, wealth, recognition.
  • Silver: divination, goals, awakening of psychic abilities, visions.

For example, you might use pink during love magic, but you could use yellow or pink to attract love in a friendship way. Candle magic is really fun because it’s up to interpretation!

wish spell, manifestation spell

Ultimately, go with your gut and choose a candle color that feels right for this magic manifestation spell.

You will need a quiet place to complete this magic. You may also want to cleanse the room beforehand (I use sage or incense but you can use any cleansing method you prefer) and cast a circle to create your one person bubble.

Some witches prefer to cast this magical spell during a new or full moon in order to enhance the effects and magnify their power. However, I’ve cast this wish spell on really strange nights (when the moon was not on my side) because I had an immediate need of it, and it still worked well. Begin at a time that feels right for you and the universe will assist you.

**CAUTION: this magic spell process requires the use of candles and the burning of a bay leaf. Be as careful as possible so that you don’t burn yourself or start a fire! I recommend having a fire extinguisher or bowl of water on hand.**


Write your wish on the bay leaf in marker or pen. Be as specific as possible when creating your intention.

Light your candle. Draw energy from the flame and work to raise your own energy.

Place your hands (specifically the chakras on your hands) over the bay leaf. Close your eyes if you desire and meditate on your intention. Picture your wish happening. Spend at least 5 minutes doing this until you feel that you’re in a trance.

If it feels right, speak the words of your wish out loud, as many times as you want. Do this until you feel that you have put as much energy and power as possible into the bay leaf.

Holding the bay leaf carefully on one side, burn the leaf in the candle. This will release your intentions to the Universe. You can drop the bay leaf into a firesafe bowl or cast iron pan once it’s burning.

Let the candle burn down (if desired) then close your circle. Bury the ashes of the bay leaf outside or in a potted plant.

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

wish spell, manifestation spell

I will say that if you can’t get the bay leaf to completely burn, you should consider using a lighter or matches. I usually have to (manually) burn the remainder of the bay leaf in my cast iron pan so that the leaf is 100% ashes by the end of the spell.

Realize that this is really important because that’s the only way your intention and energy are released into the world. It doesn’t matter if you struggle to burn the bay leaf at first – the important thing is that you end up with only the ashes.

After this spell, you simply have to let nature take its course and continue on your journey. However, you can definitely practice this spell multiple times if you want to, as long as you’re choosing magical different topics that focus around your current desires. You should always be invested in any spell you cast.

I recommend waiting a while before repeating the exact same spell with the same manifestation since your energies are out there working. Have faith in your own abilities!

How To Supercharge This Spell:

wish spell, manifestation spell

If you’re into affirmations then you know that you need to be really consistent with your affirmation. Your belief in the affirmation is what actually manifests your desires.

You can easily supercharge this spell by continuing to say that affirmation that you wrote on your bay leaf. It can be helpful to say it out loud so that you can hear it, but you can also write it or simply think it. Do whatever you feel works for you and the Universe.

This process definitely isn’t necessary, but it can sometimes add an extra boost depending on how your mind works. If you’re the kind of person who likes to do multi-day magic spells then you may want to do this. The bay leaf wish spell always works well for me without the manifestation, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!

You can also create a sigil that you draw on your candle before you begin this spell. I sometimes do this (not always) because I do think it helps me set and realize my intention more closely. It also gives me more control over the flame while I’m in the moment and raising energy.

Alternatively, you can craft your own oil and anoint your candle. There are so many interesting kinds of oil that you can use, depending on your wish. It may be prudent to research oils after you have decided on the affirmation you will write, so that you have a sense of the kind of oil you need.

What If My Spell Didn’t Work?

wish spell, manifestation spell

There’s a lot of reasons why your spell might not work, but don’t get discouraged!

First of all, I recommend that you wait a good amount of time for your spell to work. Magic isn’t always quick, though it is often quite effective. Continue to meditation on your intentions and see if there are any changes in your life that manifest.

However, over time, you might be pretty sure that your wish won’t be manifesting in reality.

There are a few practical reasons why your spell didn’t work. I don’t have the space to list them all here, so I recommend that you read this blog post:

3 Easy Ways To Know If A Spell Worked And What To Do If It Didn’t

Most likely, your wish either wasn’t practical or you didn’t put enough energy into the wish. Alternatively, your wish may have worked, but not in the way you wanted (e.g. you cast a love spell and found a new lover but aren’t attracted to them).

It’s important to examine all the options which the post above will help you do!

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