The 10 Most Powerful & Simple Healing Spells In Witchcraft

healing spells

Most new witches want to get right into the exciting spells. I get a lot of requests for truth spells, freezer spells, honey jars, banishings, and other pretty intense spell-work.

After a bit, you might start to realize just how powerful the more subtle spells can be. I especially love healing spells. I find that good healing spells are almost always the answer, or are at the very least are a good place to start instead of jumping right to banishing spells.

Here are my 10 favorite healing spells for various situations, including both physical and emotional healing!

10. Healing Water Enchantment

I thought it was a good idea to start with one of the simplest, quickest healing spells in case you’re reading this post in a pinch.


  • A glass of water (that’s it!)

I prefer to use a glass, but you can use a plastic bottle if it’s all you have. Water is the perfect liquid to imprint with your intensions, so this spell is super simple but instantly powerful.

Hold the glass of water between your hands and say whatever you most need. For example:

My migraine is gone and I am full of health.

Close your eyes as you say these words and focus on putting all of your energy into the water. Raise as much energy as you can (I raise energy through my feet from the earth and send it out through my hands) and picture the outcome that you want. Do this for at least 2 minutes.

Once you have enchanted the water, drink it within the hour for optimal results.

9. Body Healing Bath Ritual

If you’re feeling sick or even a bit run-down, this is one of the best healing spells that will get you back on your feet quickly.


  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 3 drops eucalyptus essential oil
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil
  • A lighter
  • A blue pillar candle (white can be substituted)

Cleanse your bathroom. Fill your bath with warm water, then add in the Epson salt, the eucalyptus oil, and the peppermint oil.

While the tub fills, light the candle and set it in a safe location in the bathroom. Soak in the bath for 20 minutes; focus your energy on healing your body. Feel the infused bathwater energize your body and picture a white light filling your body.

After 20 minutes, drain the bath and snuff out the candle.

8. Healing Spells For Others

This healing spell uses a mirror and is very effective at healing others, even over long distances.


  • A handheld mirror
  • A large fire safe plate
  • A pen and piece of paper
  • Blue pillar candle (white can be substituted)
  • 3 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 4 quartz crystals or other healing stones
  • A lighter

Cleanse your tools and ingredients, then lay your mirror face up on a large fire-safe plate or area.

Write down the name of the person who needs healing and place it on top of the mirror. You can fold the paper if you desire.

Place the candle on the paper and the mirror. Anoint the candle with rosemary essential oil; don’t get any oil on the wick. Focus strongly on your intentions and gather your energy.

Place the quartz crystals (or other healing crystals or stones – choose what feels right) around the mirror, paper, and candle in a diamond shape. Place one candle at the north point, one to the south, one to the east, and one to the west.

Light the candle and meditate for 10 minutes on your desires and intentions. Picture the outcome you desire in vivid detail.

After 10 minutes, open your eyes. Point at each crystal in turn, starting with the north, and move in a clockwise direction. As you move around the circle, say:

With this candle I cast away all illness and dismay.
With these crystals I unite and banish all sickness tonight.
With this mirror I expand, amplifying healing energy I command.

Allow the candle to burn while you meditate on your intentions and raise a significant amount of energy for the spell. Make sure to pull the energy from somewhere else (I usually pull from the earth) or you can get sick as you heal someone else. It’s okay if the wax drips onto the paper or mirror while you do this.

When you feel finished, snuff out the candle (don’t blow it out). Bury your candle and the sheet of paper outside.

7. Friendship Healing Knot Spell

This healing spell will mend any friendship that has a current issue or rift. It can even help to heal a friendship between two people who have grown apart.


  • 2 pieces of long string in different colors
  • Scissors
  • 6 small bells (with small hooks at the top so they can be hung)
  • 2 pink tea light candles (white can be substituted)
  • A lighter
  • 2 photographs: one of each party in the relationship
  • Tape

Cleanse your area and your tools. Thread both pieces of string through the first bell, then tie a knot at the top to secure the bell.

Repeat this for all 6 of the bells, spacing them out relatively equally down the string.

Place the tea light candles on either side of you (or where you sit or stand) and light them. Jingle your string of bells twice then say:

With these bells I banish all hate,

With each ring I let go and forgive,

With this photo I bring us together.

If this spell doesn’t work immediately, take out your ingredients and repeat it once a week.

6. A General Healing Spell For Health

This is one of the healing spells that requires a few more ingredients, but it’s super effective for the long-term.


  • 3 white candles
  • Mint essential oil
  • Sandalwood essential oil
  • 3 clear quartz crystals or other healing crystals
  • 3 small pieces of paper

Cleanse your space and ingredients.

Sprinkle each of the candles with all three oils, then do the same to the crystals. Place the candles in a triangle shape on your alter or table and place a stone in front of each candle.

Write the name of the person you intend to heal three times (once on each piece of paper) even if this person is yourself. Place all three pieces of paper in the center of the triangle.

Light the candles and raise your energy. Focus on the sick person and picture them being well and whole. Repeat the following 3 times:

Magic mend and candle burn,

Illness leave and health return.

Let the candles burn for 30 minutes then snuff them out. Repeat this ritual nightly or weekly until the individual is healed.

5. A Self Love Healing Jar

Jars spells are some of my favorite healing spells because they’re effective and cathartic to make and cast.


  • Rose petals
  • Catnip
  • Pure white sugar
  • Rosemary Essential oil
  • Pink salt
  • A sealable jar
  • A pink candle

Light the candle and cleanse all of your ingredients, then fill the jar with the ingredients. Seal the jar with the pink candle wax.

Raise your energy and place your hands around the jar. Meditate on your healing intentions and picture the best outcome for 5-10 minutes. Continue this until you feel finished and that the spell has been cast, then snuff out the candle.

For extra power, charge the jar in the full moon once a month.

4. Healing Spell For Emotional Trauma

This is one of the most simple yet effective healing spells for emotional trauma.


  • A white candle
  • Sea salt
  • A healing oil (can be anything that feels healing to you; I mix almond oil and lavender essential oil)

Cleanse your space, then place the white candle on a table in front of you and sprinkle sea salt around the candle in a circle. Anoint yourself with the healing oil. I like to place the oil on my neck, my temples, and my wrists, but put it wherever feels right.

Stare into the candle flame and chant:

Earth below, sky above. Fill the dark of night with love.

The morning sun will take my pain. And I will awake renewed again.

Repeat this as many times as feels necessary. Imagine your pain flooding out of your body and into the candle flame where it will be absorbed by the sun. Repeat this ritual as necessary until the emotional trauma is gone.

3. Healing Spell For An Undiagnosed Illness


  • 6 pink candles arranged in a semi-circle
  • A dying purple or blue flower
  • A blossoming pink or white flour
  • A small pot of soil

Light the candles from left to right, saying once:

Flame of hope, flame of power, restore my/his/her strength, hour by hour.

That I they may flare with life like you, and health and light in me/them renew.

In each candle, drop and burn a petal from the dying flower and say:

Into the fire, sickness burn, burn away, restore and transform with each new day.

Drop the singed petals into the pot of soil. Pass the blossoming flower around the candles 6 times as you say:

Rise, rise to the skies, new health thrive.

Let the candles burn as you meditate on your desired outcome and raise your energy. When you feel done, bury the burned petals with the soil, then scatter the living flower petals outside.

2. Healing From A Breakup

This is one of my favorite spells to perform after a breakup. Hexes always sound like a good idea when you’re angry or hurt, but they rarely help you feel better about the situation.

This “healing from a breakup” spell will do much more for you even though it isn’t directed at your ex.


  • A pink candle
  • A white candle
  • Incense (any kind that feels healing to you)
  • Sage or Palo Santo
  • 5 stones: I use pink quartz, amethyst, malachite, lapislazuli, and selenite, but choose what feels right to you

Cleanse your room and area using Sage or Palo Santo. Place the 5 stones on your altar or table with the pink quartz in the middle and the other stones surrounding it. Light the pink candle, then light the white candle and say:

I let go of (name of ex).

Repeat this chant over and over while you use the Sage or Palo Santo to cleanse yourself. Sweep the cleansing agent all over and around your body (front and back) being careful not to burn yourself or touch your clothes.

After you feel cleansed, put out the cleansing agent and begin to focus on the white candle’s flame. Repeat whatever mantras feel comfortable here; you can repeat more than 1 line. Here are some ideas:

I set us free with love.

I’m full of love and I let you go with love.

My heart is full and free.

I’m free and at peace.

Continue this until you feel a weight life. Your heart should feel happier. Repeat this spell as needed, whenever you feel down or sad.

1. Depression Banishing Spell


  • A yellow and a pink candle (white can be substituted)

Light both candles in front of you. Close your eyes, raise your energy, and chant:

Blessed goddess of love and light

Please come help me on this night

My heart is heavy and my feelings are blue

My soul is sad and I know not what to do.

Help me banish the pain I feel,

This lackluster feeing has no appeal

Help me see the love begin

And feel my heart be light again,

Let me climb up from this hole,

And be with you heart, body, and soul.

I ask thee goddess on this night please, 

Help me be happy again, so mote it be.

After chanting, close your eyes. Picture all depressive feelings flowing out of your body and into the candle flame then burning away. Continue this until you feel done. Continue this spell once a night until you are rid of depression.

I hope these healing spells bring you light and love! My favorite part of a healing spell is how safe it is – the potential for bad karma is extremely low (if not nonexistent) but there’s so much potential for beauty from a healing spell. These are great spells for beginner and advanced witches alike.

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