What Is Sun Water And How Can I Make It?


Moon water is super popular these days, but I like making sun water equally as much! While it isn’t as well-known, I feel that it’s extremely powerful in its own right.

Moon water is infused with the energy of the moon, so sun water is (of course) infused with the energy of the sun.

So then, what’s the difference?

Sun water and moon water have different properties. If you’ve studied astrology at all, then you know that the sun is your outer self, your ego, and your personal light. The moon is your inner emotional self and unconscious self.

The sun represents fire and stability while the moon represents water and emotions. They’re both useful but have their own purposes.

When choosing between moon water and sun water, you’ll want to consider what you’re using it for and what type of properties you need to accomplish your goal.

Keep reading to find out some of the most powerful uses for sun water!

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How Can You Make Sun Water?

To make sun water, you will need:

  • A clear jar, glass, or bowl (I like to use a mason jar with a screw on top to preserve my sun water for the long term)
  • A window-sill that faces the sun for at least a few hours a day
  • Water (I like to use purified or spring water but that’s a personal preference)

Fill the jar (or bowl or glass) with water and set it on a windowsill. All you need to do is set the intention that the water will be infused with the power of the sun by simply thinking it.

If you feel the need to say an incantation or charge the water with your hands, then by all means do so! Whatever feels right is right. For me, just thinking the intention makes powerful spell water.

I like to let my water sit in the full sun for at least 3 hours, but if you don’t have the time, it will be charged after even 15 minutes (and I have personally felt the effects of this).

You can most quickly create strong sun water by placing your glass or jar directly in the sunlight, but if it’s winter and the jar has potential to freeze, you can also make sun water through a window pane. Be prepared for it to take a bit longer.

How Can You Use Sun Water?

There are so many uses for sun water!

The most obvious way to use sun water is to consume it, however I do recommend being careful. It is extremely potent and can actually alter your personality for a few hours (12 at most in my experience).

I recently made and drank sun water under the Virgo sun and spent the rest of the day meticulously cleaning my house. I didn’t even realize I had drank that specific water until later and was shocked by how powerful it was.

Consume it carefully, but also note that sun water can be great if you need to invoke a specific energy quickly. Make sure to check what sign the sun is in astrologically before you do so, as this will influence how you think and act.

If the sun is in Capricorn, then you may become more work and goal oriented, but if the sun is in Cancer, you’re likely to become family oriented or care more about your home and pets.

The sign the sun is in will influence your personality and thoughts, but sun water in general gives you an added boost of energy.

You can also use sun water in spell work. Sun water is extremely potent and works well for spells that need a lot of energy. It’s helpful when cleansing negative energies or entities, when casting defensive spells, in love or fame spells, and when working with sun deities.

Use sun water in your spell work whenever it feels right intuitively. Don’t forget to double check that the sign the sun is in works with your spell as well. For example, Aries sun water would work well in a protection spell while Pisces sun water would work better in a psychic enhancement spell.

You can also add a splash of your sun water to a bath spell or jar spell. Even a drop will add to the magic.

Sun water is also believed to heal us physically. Many functional medicine doctors feel that water charged by the sun heals cellular damages, creates an alkaline environment within the body, and is anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial.

A History of Sun Water:

Throughout time, in almost every Pagan culture, the sun was considered sacred. In Bath, the Celtic people worshiped Sulis (the goddess of the sun) at a site near the thermal springs, making sun water an integral part of the religious culture.

Later, the Romans built a temple at the same location, and Christians even utilized it centuries after.

Sun water has been important in spell work for longer than documentation has existed. The sun gives us energy, so sun water will give any spell a huge amount of power.

Have you tried making sun water? Let us know in the comments!