8 Herbs That Are Super Easy To Get For Powerful Love Magic


Everyone loves love spells, but actually performing one is where most people get stuck. Any spell needs a decent amount of ingredients that we don’t all have on hand in regular households.

Herbs are especially tricky to come by. Unless you live on a farm with a thriving herb garden, you probably don’t have every herb you need for a spell. Luckily, you can substitute herbs for any spell or even create your own as long as you know the properties of herbs.

I find it surprisingly hard to figure out what herbs can be used for what, so I intend to start writing posts about herbal uses to help anyone who feels stuck. For this post, I chose 8 herbs that I personally love to use in love magic (and find to be effective) but I also chose herbs that are readily available, either online in dried form or at the grocery store. It shouldn’t be super difficult to source these herbs for a spell!

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Here are my top 8 herbs for love magic that I use consistently:

8. Basil

Basil is known to be powerful when used in spells about love and fidelity, as well as finding a spouse or partner. I use it in relationship spells (to find a new relationship, encourage faithfulness, build an emotional connection, for self-love, etc.) but don’t find it to be as effective in spells concerning romance or sexuality.

It is a sturdy herb that builds hearty, earthly connections between partners.

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a great herb (that can be easily found in the spice section at the grocery store) if you need to “heat up” a cold and dying romance. It can be romantic and sweet or slightly sexual due to its zesty nature. Cinnamon is one of the most universal herbs for love magic that can be used almost any way you want.

6. Mint

Even thought mint is well-known for being a prime ingredient in money spells, I find that it works super well in love spells too. It can be utilized for anything from building a relationship rituals to passion spells, but I do find that it gives a bit of zest to the spell. If you’re performing a spell to calm fights then you may not want mint, but any spell that requires zing will benefit from the addition of mint.

5. Rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most often-used herbs in witchcraft because it can be purposed for so many different types of spells. It has been used for centuries and was included in wedding bouquets to bring long-lasting love to a marriage. Rosemary is great for any long-term partnership spell and for binding two people together.

4. Lavender

Even though lavender is typically thought of as a relaxation herb, it’s actually used quite often for love and sex spells. It can strengthen love between two people, ignite lust and attraction, or deepen an emotional bond.

Lavender is a great multi-purpose herb for any type of love spell you need to perform.

3. Rose

Rose might not technically classify as an herb, but in the witchcraft world it’s usually lumped right in with other herbal tinctures and dried flowers. There’s so many ways to use rose! I have dried rose petals (which you can crush up) as well as rose essential oil, which is my favorite way to use the rose flower in a love spell.

Rose is the classic Valentine’s Day flower for a reason. Roses not only create super powerful love spells (of literally any type), but also ensure future happiness between a couple as well as stability and faithfulness.

2. Chamomile

Chamomile is another herb that can be used in many, many different ways. For the purposes of love spells, Chamomile is great to attract a lover. It can also deepen the bond between two partners in an emotional or spiritual sense. I love that Chamomile is so versatile; you’re able to drink it, bathe in it, or use it in jar and satchel spells.

1. Jasmine

I see Jasmine as the herb that signifies emotional love, however I’ve found that it can also increase sensuality and passion. The key is that there needs to be some sort of emotional connection for jasmine to work; it’s not a purely physical herb. It can also be used to heal a broken heart.

If you need to actually buy herbs to perform a spell (and don’t live in an area where you can grow them yourself), I recommend checking out local botanical shops or Etsy. This is one of my favorite herb packages on Etsy. Keep in mind that you can always substitute ingredients in a spell, as long as you’re using similar ingredients with the same purpose (e.g. substituting lavender for rose in a love spell) and working with intention!

A quick note: always be careful when consuming any herb for the purposes of spell-work or witchcraft! Many of these herbs are used for non-consumption spells (in jars, satchels, etc.) and are not necessarily safe for consumption. Do your research to ensure the absolute safety of any spell before beginning!

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