3 Easy Glamour Spells For Enhanced Beauty Using Witchcraft

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With so many types of spells out there, it’s tough to figure out where to start. Glamour spells have been used by witches for centuries, but they aren’t the most well-known types of spells by any means.

Because glamour spells are generally underground, there aren’t many spells on Google or Pinterest that are readily available. I’m hoping that this post will provide you with some simple glamour spell ideas that work.

What Are Glamour Spells?

In magic, a glamour is a veil that hides what’s underneath. A glamour spell brings out one’s natural beauty while hiding those less-than-desirable aspects.

When you’re casting a glamour spell, you can either personally choose the aspects that you want to enhance or you can simply visualize beauty and let the spell choose.

A glamour spell typically doesn’t last that long. I find that most glamour spells I cast will last for a full day or so. I tend to cast glamour spells when I really need them which is mainly for special events.

I personally use glamour spells to appear more like who I truly feel I am inside. I don’t use them to run from myself, but I do have specific aspects of myself that I like more than others, and enhancing those aspects gives me confidence.

When Should You Cast Glamour Spells?

I recommend casting a glamour spell anytime you want to enhance your natural beauty. This might be when you feel a bit down, when you want to attract someone, when you’re going into a social situation you feel nervous about, or before a big night or event.

Sometimes, you may just want to cast a glamour spell for fun. All 3 of these glamour spells are relatively harmless, so go for it!

I don’t recommend that you cast a glamour spell if you feel at odds with yourself. A glamour spell is most effective when you harness your inner power and believe in yourself, but you first need to have some level of self-love.

A glamour spell isn’t likely to cause any type of negative karma, but it can bring out the effects you most hate in yourself if it’s cast with a negative or self-deprecating attitude.

A History Of Glamour Spells:

Glamour spells have been around for a long time. Before makeup and cosmetic modifiers were available to everyone, glamour spells were primary method of beauty modification.

In fact, makeup, botox, hair products, etc. are all forms of glamour spells. While witches in the 1200’s used herbs or chants for increase beauty, we use cosmetics.

Glamour spells are timeless and well-practiced for a reason: they work!

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3 Easy Glamour Spells For Enhanced Beauty:

Here are 3 very simple glamour spells that are effective for both beginner and advanced students of witchcraft. If you choose to cast a circle during your practice, make sure to go ahead and do that before beginning these spells.

3. A Glamour Spell For Physical Beauty

For this spell, you will need:

  • A mirror
  • A bowl of rose water (made with essence of rose oil or with rose petals)

First, you will need to leave the bowl with rose water under the moon overnight. Try to plan with the moon phase or sign, depending on the outcome you want. For example, the Libra moon would provide very refined beauty, while the Aries moon would enhance bold beauty.

The next day, sit in front of the mirror with your rose water. Place your hands over the rose water with your palms facing the bowl.

Close your eyes and visualize the highest version of yourself. I recommend picturing yourself as you actually appear, then making small adjustments. This spell shouldn’t be too drastic. Start small so that you can actually see the effects.

Once the picture is cemented, describe your ideal image to your bowl of water. Send energy out using your hands. Describe yourself three times in the same way.

Spend as much time as you need sending your energy into the water. When you’re ready, wash your face and hands with the rose water.

For best results, repeat this spell daily until you see strong effects.

2. A Glamour Spell To Enchant Your Beauty Products

It’s easy to enchant any beauty product that you wish. If you want to hide your dark circles, then enchant your concealer. For larger eyes, enchant your eyeshadow, mascara, or eyeliner.

To enchant a beauty product, simply gather your energy, hold the product in your hands, and take a few minutes to send your intentions into the product.

The more energy you can raise the better, and the more specific your visualization is when you send your energy into the product, the more powerful the spell will be.

I like to enchant my cream, foundation, or shampoo, because they tend to be used most often.

An enchantment will only last for so long (mine usually work for 2-3 weeks), so you’ll need to repeat this spell as necessary.

1. A Ritual Bath Glamour Spell For Aphrodite

If you work with deities, or even if you’re interested in working with Aphrodite for the purpose of this glamour spell, then this beauty ritual bath is wonderful for enhanced beauty.

Before the bath, set out an offering for Aphrodite. This offering can be dried roses, petals, wine, or anything else that you feel represents the goddess of love.

Set up your bathroom in a way that feels pleasant and romantic to you. I like to use pink or red candles, rose petals, rose oil essence, bath salts, mirrors, makeup, and anything else that represents beauty.

Think of the bath as your giant cauldron and add ingredients to it one by one as it fills.

Once the bath is ready, hop in and focus on your intention. Spend 20 minutes or so picturing exactly how you want to appear to others and how this will make you feel. Send your gathered energy into the bath, then picture the water infusing your skin.

If it feels right to you, chant the words:

Beauty within, beauty without,

I am fabulous, without a doubt.

Once you feel that the energy has been absorbed by your skin, the spell is finished.

This is a simple glamour spell that you can build into your weekly or nightly ritual!

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