Three of Cups: Love, Career, Health, Reversed, & More

Three of Cups

Many tarot cards feature a group of young women raising their chalices in a toast as the Three of Cups. It’s not uncommon to see groups of ladies dancing and laughing together. And whether it’s a new relationship or a successful career, this card is a wonderful reminder that there’s reason to celebrate.

The Three of Cups represents friendship and community. The card implies you have a lot of friends and enjoy getting together with them to have a good time and toast to everyone’s success at a party.

And when you pull the Three of Cups, it’s clear you have a way of bringing out the best in people and eliciting information from them that they wouldn’t typically feel comfortable sharing. This card demonstrates your ability to work well in a team.

You bring joy to everyone around you just by being in rhythm with them. Additionally, you can motivate others by having faith in them, just like the Muses.

However, this card might also be a warning about the dangers of excess and frivolity if drawn as a challenge. If you’re like the famous grasshopper and you only care about having fun, you might be in for a rough winter. Discipline is a tough teacher, but the lessons are worth it.

The Three of Cups meaning is the focus of today’s article, as I intend to dissect it in great detail. Continue reading to find a description here that works for your purposes.

The Three Of Cups

This card, the Three of Cups, stands for the consummate, romantic love that every couple dreams of, or perhaps for a wonderful friendship. In many ways, these feelings represent the beginnings of a deeper emotional life.

The Three of Cups is a powerful Minor Arcana card, but you need to read it in context to properly appreciate its potential. In the following, I’ll detail the different ways in which this card can show up in your experience.

Visual Elements:

Success and joy are represented by the Three of Cups. Three beautiful young women lift their golden goblets in a dance of celebration.

They put their arms around one another and share a mutual feeling of closeness and friendliness. There is an abundance of fruit on the ground, and everyone appears happy.

A laurel wreath adorns the heads of all three women in the Three of Cups. Such wreaths have always represented triumph and achievement, a sign that things are going well, that luck is on your side. The laurel wreath indicates that we will emerge victorious from this chapter of our lives.

The flowers at the woman’s feet represent happiness, attractiveness, compassion, and expansion. All we have to do is open our eyes and hearts to see the beauty all around us, appearing just as the flowers do.

The three of cups meaning including three of cups in love, finance, career, yes/no answers, and the three of cups reversed

Upright General Three Of Cups Meaning 

Friendship and peaceful relationships in youth are symbolized by the Three of Cups. It’s a time when you’re willing to lend a hand, and when people are willing to lend a hand to you in return. This is about making the most of your time with friends and family.

The love, support, and compassion you need right now can be found among your female friends. As a group, you and your friends feel a strong sense of unity and solidarity, as well as a shared capacity for empathy and compassion.

The Three of Cups indicates a time of great social activity. Right now, there will be a happy medium where you may fulfill your obligations and still spend time with those who matter most to you. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy this harmony.

The Three of Cups is an extremely creative card. It suggests that you may pursue a creative outlet within a group environment, like enrolling in an art or dance class. This card represents the community and groups of people working together to achieve a common goal for the benefit of all. You may bond with other people while also letting your imagination run wild.

Three of Cups Reversed General Meaning 

When a third party enters a partnership, the Three of Cups reversed appears frequently in tarot readings. It’s a mirror that shows you, the querent, are becoming that “third wheel.” Whether this shows up in a relationship reading, a friendship, or a work reading, the Three of Cups meaning usually indicates that there is some third party (whether a person or a situation) that is causing problems for you. If this card shows up in a reading, you’ll need to consult the other cards for insight into the specifics of the connection.

The Three of Cups reversed can also be interpreted more generally as a sign that your imagination is being suppressed. You are feeling coerced into acting in line with the rest of the group. You may belong to a small, insular community that has set in stone its ways of doing things and is resistant to change. You should think about whether you’re willing to give up your creative skills for the group’s goals.

Seeing the Three of Cups reversed could be a sign that you feel cut off from others. If this describes you, it’s time to stop letting things get the better of you and start reaching out to those around you. Think about getting involved with a community of like-minded people, and if you find yourself in need of assistance, look for it.

Three Of Cups Keywords

Here are some of the most common keywords associated with the Three of Cups.


  • Celebration
  • Collaborations
  • Compassion
  • Festivities
  • Fruitfulness
  • Good conversations
  • Growth
  • Happiness
  • Happy gatherings
  • New ideas
  • Parties
  • Socializing
  • Weddings, Engagements, Graduation, etc.


  • Alone time
  • Affairs
  • Broken engagements and events
  • Cheating
  • Frustration
  • Going overboard
  • Gossip
  • Independence
  • Lack of friends
  • Neglected social life
  • Overindulgence
  • Solitude

Three Of Cups in Love Descriptions 


The Three of Cups promotes meeting new people and spending time with pals if you’re looking for love. You needn’t commit now. Have fun with your independence and meet lots of new individuals. Perhaps the focus should be less on finding the perfect partnership and more on enjoying life again.

If you’ve recently started a relationship, you’ll have many great dates and times with friends. Enjoy each other’s company without worrying about long-term obligations. Your relationship is still in the honeymoon phase, and you should focus on these new and enjoyable feelings without adding pressure.

In a more established partnership, the Three of Cups in love says you will rediscover the joy and leave aside routines and commitments. If you’ve had relationship problems, you can put them behind you and enjoy your time together right now.

The Three of Cups means that you and your ex may remain friends or keep in touch through mutual pals. This card indicates that your close friends will bring you joy and be a great form of company. Enjoy being around friends and allow yourself to be social in order to move on.


Unfortunately, the Three of Cups reversed is not a positive omen for those who are already in relationships. It may be a sign that the spark between you and your partner has faded. Those initial fluffy may not last forever, no matter how good they felt.

The appearance of this card may signal the postponement of festivities. Another person may be the source of the tension in your pairing – someone in between the two of you or a separate third party could play this role. Someone may be lurking behind you, so keep an eye on your partner’s back as a warning.

A happy and fulfilling relationship may be on the horizon if you are currently single. However, these connections aren’t always long-lasting. It has been mentioned that as your relationship progresses, the initial enthusiasm and joy may begin to wane.

Three Of Cups as Feelings Descriptions 


Typically, the Three of Cups stands for jubilation, merriment, and contentment. It has to do with having a good time with other people. Any time the Three of Cups tarot card shows up in a reading, it’s a good omen that you’ll soon be feeling happy and content.

When the Three of Cups appears upright, it usually indicates that your emotional state is favorable.

Maybe wonderful news has just come your way, or maybe you’re just surrounded by people that care about you. No matter the source of your happiness, take some time to appreciate it.

Similarly, the upright Three of Cups meaning denotes a compassionate person who cares deeply about those in their immediate vicinity.

This card indicates that you have a generous and kind spirit if you are supported by a strong social network of friends and relatives.


The Three of Cups reversed as feelings usually denotes a lack of feelings. In yourself, it can mean that you don’t feel something you believe you should or that you’re simply feeling a bit flat. You may also be feeling unsupported in general.

When relating to another person, the Three of Cups reversed suggests that appearances can be deceiving. Look at someone’s actions to determine their feelings, not their words.

Three Of Cups in Career Descriptions 


The Three of Cups meaning in career indicates a friendly and collegial office setting when applied to professional reading. Your teamwork is impressive, and you all seem to be enjoying yourselves at work. Your current task may be manageable, allowing you some time for relaxation. Working long hours and tight schedules go unnoticed when you’re having so much fun. Enjoy this social time period in your life!

If you’re currently job hunting, keeping in touch with people and tapping into their networks could be helpful. A new job is typically found not through what is posted on job boards but through who you know. Thus it is important to maintain contact with your various networks.


Reversed, the Three of Cups might signify abandoned ambitions when viewed in the context of a person’s profession. Have you been on a downslide when it comes to your career? It’s time to take the bull by the horns again.

This might not be the best moment to introduce something new or throw a party relating to your career. An event’s postponement or cancellation may be indicated using this card.

In the office, too, the Three of Cups is a warning sign. Someone may be working against you in secret. While you’re with them, they could seem nice and normal, but they might be a bit of a backstabber. This card is an indication to watch out for yourself.

Associating with negative people and engaging in destructive behaviors can exacerbate existing tensions, or put a strain on even the healthiest of interpersonal bonds. Do what you can to keep from having to deal with these predicaments. And avoid getting stuck in the middle of drama when you pull the Three of Cups reversed.

Three Of Cups in Money Descriptions 


Right now is a crucial time to avoid being overly fixated on your financial situation. Money will be flowing normally, but it may be going out just as quickly or almost as quickly. You must be aware that this is a plentiful universe. All of your requirements, monetary and otherwise, will be satisfied as long as you do your bit to make it so. 

Take care that you don’t over spend with the Three of Cups. It’s a card all about parties, so it’s easy to spend a bit more than you intend. This can be a sign to ground yourself, but also indicates that you shouldn’t get miserly. Don’t forget to have fun! Balance is key.


You appear to have little interest in actually working toward your goal of sitting comfortably on your throne of life. You have let previous heartbreaks or disappointments drag you down to the point where you are ignoring your work. Some of which could earn you a fortune if you only realized your worth and stopped listening to the chit-chat of others and focused on your own finances.

If you’re in the fortunate position of having some money to spare right now, don’t go crazy on frivolous purchases. The more money you spend or the more luxurious your lifestyle becomes, the more envious people will become, even if they are close to you. Take precautions, maintain a low profile, and have fun. This is definitely a card that indicates all of your future investments should be well-thought-out and prudent. 

Three Of Cups in Health Descriptions 


This card bides well if you have been fretting over medical issues. The Three of Cups represent regaining lost strength and health. The number 3 represents finality and fullness. As a result, you’re nearing the end of a trying period in your life.

This card predicts a lot of parties, which could be harmful to your health. Take care not to overdo it. Stay sober and enjoy yourself in moderation. Maintaining healthy body weight and fitness levels is just as important as the bonds we create with one another. If you’re looking for a health supplement to aid in your weight loss journey, check out Geeks Health in-depth Ikaria lean belly juice review.


The Three of Cups reversed is a message that you have the potential to learn a great deal and make significant progress toward bettering your health. But, you need to hunker down and actually do the work in order to see results. Focus on doing research and look at the actual results of something instead of ignoring your issues.

Three Of Cups as Spirituality Descriptions  


The Three of Cups may be a sign that you’re more likely to find success on your path if you’re surrounded by people who share your interests. Having this kind of interest suggests that you might be looking for a church or spiritual community to join.

Possible plans include attending a spiritual retreat to meet like-minded people. Now is a wonderful opportunity to explore your spirituality and learn more about who you are while also having fun doing it. Dive in!


You may have been engaging in group spiritual activities as part of your spiritual journey. Yet among you, there could be one person who isn’t so committed to the group’s stated goals.

Everyone relies on their gut feelings when judging others, right? Now can be a good moment to listen to your gut and take stock of the folks you find yourself in company with. People can be nice in your presence but quite different when they have their back turned. 

The Three of Cups reversed warns against straying too far from your moral compass and reminds you to avoid making snap decisions. Being deliberate and dispassionate about what matters in your spiritual life pays well.

Three Of Cups as a Person Descriptions 


This persona of the Three of Cups is optimistic, upbeat, and caring. This is a person who has made a lot of friends and kept in touch with them all their lives. They have a positive outlook on life and are usually laughing, smiling, and making conversation.

This individual is extremely considerate of others and takes care to avoid doing anything that can cause distress to others around them. The individual who represents the Three of Cups may enjoy going out and participating in a wide variety of celebratory events.

Sometimes, the Three of Cups meaning as a person indicates a bit of a party animal.


The Three of Cups reversed represents a person who should be avoided. In tarot, this is an unfaithful person who takes advantage of those closest to them. Whenever they are denied something, they steal it anyway. Due to their low self-esteem, they seek any kind of attention, positive or negative, in an attempt to feel better about themselves.

This person confuses their emotions with their thoughts. They usually have a tumultuous background that distorts their view of the present. After betrayal, whether by someone else or themselves, they frequently experience a low mood. They are constantly worried that people would turn their backs on them.

Three Of Cups Yes or No Meanings 


A clear YES card, the primary symbol of the Three of Cups is a party. This party could be held in honor of a wedding, a new baby, or any other joyous family occasion. All your efforts warrant a well-deserved reward. If you’ve been waiting a while for anything, this could be your chance to see a positive resolution.


When the Three of Cups appears in reverse, caution is warranted, making this card a definite NO. However, when this card is reversed, its message takes on a darker tone. This could be a signal that you’ve overdone it with the festivities and need some downtime.

You may be feeling overwhelmed because you have given too much affection or gratitude to others. Seeing this card may prompt you to reevaluate your current perspective and seek a more healthy equilibrium between your feelings and your actions. It’s time to step back and reassess before you proceed.

Three Of Cups Advice Descriptions 


This card suggests that if you need help solving a problem, you should enlist the aid of your friends. Don’t try to go it alone; rely on your friends and family.

Seeing the Three of Cups in response to a business query could mean you need to make more connections and build better relationships with your coworkers.

This card suggests you broaden your romantic horizons. The time has come to leave the house. Meet new people and start chatting it up.

Generally, the Three of Cups is all about relationships, so building your relationships is the key when seeking advice.


With the Three of Cups reversed, do not make any hasty decisions that could turn out to be regrettable later. Don’t take any big chances at the moment because doing so could bring you ill fortune. Generally, the Three of Cups reversed is telling you to slow down and reassess – there’s something you’re missing.

If you’re feeling down, it can help to reflect on your prior successes and the strengths you’ve developed. This isn’t a metaphor for your life, but it could stand in for a roadblock. As you move forward, take stock of your priorities and values before proceeding.

Symbolism in the Three Of Cups

The figure’s position or poses – Here we see “woman power” at work; this ancient symbol calls to mind the Great Mother, the three Graces, and the three Moirae, the Great Goddess in her many guises as a virgin, a mother, and a wise woman.

Fruits/harvest – The harvest is quite successful and deserves to be celebrated. Have fun in the community because you are a part of it. Remember to express gratitude for everything that has been provided for you and don’t take anything for granted.

Raising the Cups – This represents the collective experience of a group as well as the fruitfulness of the soul as it relates to its capacity to ascend above oneself. On the other hand, the pejorative connotations involve an air of emotional superiority. In the same way that it appears in the Nine of Cups and the Ten of Cups, the motif of the raised cups is also present in this card.

The dance – Consider the risks of succumbing to peer pressure, getting drunk, and generally losing one’s bearings. It also represents the enjoyable side of life and living.