The 5 Best Tarot Decks For A Beginner Tarot Reader


If you’re a beginner Tarot reader, it can be really hard to figure out exactly what materials you need. There are so many decks, guidebooks, and contradictory information out there, as if Tarot isn’t overwhelming enough!

After a lot of experimentation, I’ve found my favorite decks for beginners. These decks are easy to use and all correlate very closely to most Tarot information that you might find on the internet. When you Google a definition, results will definitely be accurate for these specific cards.

I recommend choosing a deck then sticking with it until you know all of the cards and feel ultra-comfortable with it. You can even stay with a few decks forever – there aren’t any rules!

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Here are my 5 favorite Tarot decks for beginners.

5. The Rider-Waite Deck

This is the most classic Tarot deck. I always recommend beginning with this deck because when you look up information online (e.g. the meaning of the Queen of Cups), you will always find definitions that exactly relate to the pictures on this deck. This deck is also what most beginner Tarot books are based off.

The Rider-Waite deck was created in the early 1900s and is by far the most well-known Tarot deck today. While this deck has many spin-offs, I recommend starting with the basic, original deck. Here’s a link to the Rider-Waite deck on Amazon.

I also recommend utilizing either Biddy Tarot (a great online resource for Rider-Waite tarot definitions) or purchasing a guidebook specific for the Rider-Waite deck. I think Llewellyn’s version is the best.

4. The Radiant Rider-Waite Deck

This Radiant Rider-Waite deck is basically a done-up version of the traditional deck. It’s more vibrant (with less vintage colors) and has a few changes in imagery to make the deck more modern.

If you want a deck that is super clear, go with the Radiant over the regular Rider-Waite.

3. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook

This Tarot deck is a beautiful option for anyone drawn to natural, science, or the wildness of the Universe. The cards are black (giving the deck a cool witchy feel) but the drawings are super eclectic. Some feature artwork that feels cosmic to me, which others feature animals that we encounter in everyday life.

What I love about this deck is how closely it relates to the traditional Rider-Waite deck. It does come with a guidebook, but the similarities in imagery make it easy to use Google and online Tarot guides with this deck as well. Click here to shop this deck and guidebook on Amazon.

2. OK Tarot: The Simple Deck for Everyone

This Tarot deck is a super cute bright pink shade, but what I love is that all of the images are insanely simple. For example, the Sun card is quite literally a hand-drawn sun.

While these drawings aren’t very close to the original Rider-Waite deck images, they do make it easy to come up with your own reading. I like to think that this is more of an intuitive deck rather than a deck you would use with the well-known meanings of cards. The OK Tarot Deck is definitely fun for newbies to play around with!

1. Modern Witch Tarot Deck

This is my absolute favorite tarot deck for beginners. The Modern Witch Tarot Deck is an ultra-contemporary twist on the traditional Rider-Waite deck. Unlike the Radiant deck, the characters are actually modernized (in current day fashion, using technology, etc.) but somehow capture the original essence of the Rider-Waite meanings.

You can use this deck to look up Tarot meanings and you’ll find that they all work perfectly with the images on the cards because it’s based off the Rider-Waite deck. These cards are also super diverse and really celebrate humanity.

Lastly, it comes with a fabulous guidebook for a pretty low price. Click here to shop!

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