Two of Swords: Meanings In Love, Career, Health, Reversed, & More

two of swords meaning | two of swords reversed

two of swords meaning | two of swords reversed

The suit of Swords in tarot readings involves the expression of one’s will, the making of choices, or the use of one’s authority. All of these actions are present in the Two of Swords meaning, which is about the fortifications we construct between ourselves and others. 

On the Two of Swords, we see a young woman with a sword barrier across her heart. Her tight stance betrays her battle to control her emotions. She is avoiding any outsiders who try to approach her. This stance seems to say “Nothing comes in, nothing goes out.” 

The Two of Swords meaning is about the defenses we build between ourselves and other people and the walls we construct within ourselves. We suppress our emotions and refuse to feel them. 

By pretending that everything is okay, we avoid confronting the truth. And we believe one thing but feel something else. We divide ourselves in various ways and strive to keep them apart, even though we know we must reconcile them.

Today, I’ll go over every detail of the Two of Swords meaning. Hopefully, you’ll find a description in this post that accurately applies to what you’re reading.

The Two Of Swords

The traditional image for the Two of Swords tarot card is a blindfolded woman balancing two swords under the moon. She has her arms crossed over her chest, and can’t maintain the sword’s upright position. 

This card represents the internal conflict that arises when you must decide between competing interests. You’ll have to make a choice soon. The choice will probably be the right one, but you’ll want to find a middle ground somewhere. 

The Two of Swords suggests that now is not the time for risky behavior. So, find the balance and the knowledge you seek by looking inward. You are not exactly pressed for time, but once you make a choice, you’ll feel better.

You must apply the Two of Swords to specific situations to fully appreciate it. I’ll describe how this card can develop in various facets of your life in the descriptions below.

Visual Elements:

An image of a blindfolded woman appears on the Yeo of Swords Tarot card. She is seated, her arms folded over her chest, and she is clutching two swords.

She can remove the blindfold and walk away, but for some reason, she does not. It appears that the woman has gone to a quiet place by herself to think things over.

The woman appears to be able to see with her intuition thanks to the way her hair is parted and exposing her third eye.

There are rocks in the background water, which a boat must navigate around to reach the shore.

Like the blinded lady making a choice, the crescent moon in the sky is still in its waning phase.  This signifies progressing through a cycle. 

two of swords meaning | two of swords reversed

Upright Two Of Swords General Meaning 

The Two of Swords represents deliberation before making a choice. It’s best to think of the current standoff as a temporary ceasefire while parties regroup to discuss the next steps. 

The natural tendency is to fortify oneself, find some quiet, and avoid conflict. This approaching conflict may not simply disappear, therefore it’s best to end it now rather than later.

If nothing is done, the problem will only become worse and come back. With the presence of two swords on the card, it is possible to learn the identity of an adversary. 

The Two of Swords meaning suggests that friends and coworkers will be there to lend a helping hand no matter what difficulties you encounter. Therefore, take the best, most feasible next steps after carefully considering any recommendations.

Two Of Swords Reversed General Meaning 

The traditional interpretation of the Two of Swords reversed is that of trickery and of being oblivious to the manipulation of another person.

This card is most relevant to relationships involving collaboration, whether they be romantic, platonic, or professional. Pay attention to your intuition and assess the problem on your own if you feel that someone is being dishonest with you. This will help you get to the bottom of the situation.

There is an opening here for action, but the window of opportunity is short. The takeaway here is that you should move quickly.

Two Of Swords Keywords

Here are some of the most common keywords associated with the Two of Swords meaning.


  • an impasse 
  • avoidance
  • denial
  • facing your fears
  • hidden information
  • difficult choices 
  • stuck in the middle 
  • truce
  • weighing options 


  • anxiety
  • being emotionally guarded
  • confusion 
  • emotional detachment
  • information overload 
  • lies being exposed 
  • no right choice 
  • overly cautious
  • postponements
  • truth revealed
  • stalemate

Two Of Swords Meaning in Love


If you’re looking for love, the Two of Swords says that you might be lucky enough to have two possibilities to select from. You may be in touch with both prospects to keep your choices open, but you have to select one over the other at some point. The Two of Swords meaning also warns about underlying emotional issues that are preventing you from finding love.

If you’re in a serious relationship, the Two of Swords suggests that you’re not sure where you want to go in the future. You are pondering whether to continue this connection, or you may have another prospect on the horizon. 

This card also indicates a rift between you and your spouse, especially if you are unable to see one other’s point of view. At the very least, try to reach an agreement to bring some peace. 


When it comes to partnerships, the Two of Swords may indicate a stalemate or a relationship at a crossroads. You and your partner may have recently been squabbling often.  

Another scenario is that you and your partner are unable to agree on a critical relationship decision and are on a temporary truce. Set some time and space to consider the pros and cons of the issue and how to reach an agreement.

The Two of Swords meaning could also imply that a significant decision concerning the future of the relationship is necessary.  However, you’re both unwilling to make it because of the pain it would bring.

If you’re single, the Two of Swords meaning can indicate that you’re torn between two possible relationships. You must decide in the best interests of all parties involved, as keeping them waiting is unfair. Alternatively, this card could signal that you are terrified of rejection if you express your desire to someone.

Two Of Swords Meaning as Feelings 


When you’re wondering about how someone feels about you and the Two of Swords appears, it indicates that they are at a crossroads. They can’t seem to make up their mind if they want to go forward or go back. This person is confused and possibly even in denial about what to do next.

You and this person may both feel stuck in an impasse. They feel hopeless since no matter what they try, it always seems to fail. However, they are stuck with you because they care too much about you to abandon you. To what extent can you and your partner cooperate to stay together? This is a decision and a commitment that the two of you must thoroughly talk about.  


The Two of Swords reversed shows that a certain person in your life struggles with decisions.  Even if you give them multiple options, they prefer to avoid picking one. Instead of taking a stand, they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and hope the problem goes away on its own. This card indicates that the consequences of their choice will be severe.

This person is perplexed and overcome with emotion as well. And this individual even believes that other people are pressuring them to choose before they are emotionally ready to do so. 

As a result, they become defensive and fearful. They have a heavy load on their shoulders due to all the worry and indecision they’ve been experiencing.

Two Of Swords Meaning in Career


The Two of Swords meaning implies delay while waiting for a choice that someone else must make. That’s why it’s best not to force somebody to act before they’re ready. Things are more likely to go your way if you prepare thoroughly. 

Make sure you complete all of your work responsibilities. If you haven’t, figure out a way to explain and/or make apologies before you’re held accountable. 

This Minor Arcana card also implies its time to assess your career prospects. You have accomplished much in your career, but there will come a time when you are free to pursue other passions. The decision will be less difficult to make if you weigh the benefits and drawbacks.


If the reversed Two of Swords shows up in a career reading, you must open up to your coworkers. However confident you are in the superiority of your ideas, you must learn to appreciate the value and benefits of the plans and ideas of others. 

There comes a time in your professional life when trusting your gut feel and your ability to empathize with others is the best course of action. This is an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to work well with others. And contrary to appearances, not everyone is out to get you.

Two Of Swords Meaning in Money


Are there financial issues that you are avoiding facing at the moment? The Two of Swords says that you are avoiding dealing with your financial condition because you are in denial about it. If you conduct an honest assessment, you might discover that you need to make some difficult decisions.

Perhaps you had your heart set on a new designer outfit and a gadget. But a more thorough examination of your finances reveals that you could only afford one of these items at this time. Just keep a level head and a sensible perspective no matter the circumstances.


The burden of dealing with your financial predicament is finally teaching you to tackle it head-on. The truth sets you free to make the best choices possible.

The Two of Swords may also indicate that you are not paying enough attention while learning new financial concepts. There’s too much information and it doesn’t help at all. Don’t rush past the discomfort. Instead, acknowledge it and go steadily forward. Take things slow and learn a little bit each week. You’ll understand better if you take your time.

Two Of Swords Meaning in Health 


The Two of Swords talks of a hindrance in the flow of emotion. These blockages can produce negative impacts on your health. Perhaps you are suppressing your sentiments to the point of no return. This is causing you discomfort and disquiet.

These pent-up emotions that overwhelm you might also generate bodily symptoms. If you have been battling these types of concerns, it’s important to contact a doctor. 

Take care of your emotional wellness. And take care of yourself in general since everything is connected, plus it affects your health as a whole.


The Two swords reversed can represent your inability to find balance. You may have difficulty balancing your emotions and thoughts. These could be harming your health. Spend time looking after yourself.

It is difficult to take the first steps toward a healthy life, especially if you refuse to accept assistance. Professionals in the medical field have instruments to help you improve and recover quickly. Have faith in them. You can’t bear the weight of the entire planet on your shoulders.

Two Of Swords Meaning as Spirituality


In the context of spirituality, the Two of Swords suggests that the direction you should be heading is currently unclear to you. The important thing is to find that peace within yourself. This way you learn how to filter out all the distractions from the outer world and tune into the wisdom that lies within yourself. If you are successful in doing this, the way forward will be made abundantly clear to you.


The Two of Swords reversed, in the context of spirituality, is telling you that it is possible to have too much information at your disposal. This is even if it is beneficial to educate oneself on various spiritual disciplines. 

Do not turn your journey toward spiritual enlightenment into a merely intellectual pursuit by reading every book ever written on every spiritual practice that has ever been created. Focus on one discipline at a time, and master it. 

Two Of Swords as a Person Descriptions 


As a person,  the Two of Swords is someone who seeks harmony in relationships and situations. They struggle to operate when there are confrontations and/or unsolved issues in their environment. This problem generates toxic undercurrents.

Two of Swords as a person represents someone who requires balance in things.  They work hard to maintain and/or restore harmony around them. The Two of Swords dislike conflict and will go to great lengths to avoid it. They have difficulty making decisions and do not want to upset anyone.

If you confront them with change, they consider how it will affect others rather than how it will affect them. It is difficult for them to express their feelings to others. They prefer to keep them to themselves. They are extremely private people.


The Two of Swords reversed as a person is someone unable to distinguish between fact and fiction. They are disoriented and confused, and they have no idea what is going on around them. This is someone who can’t maintain healthy relationships, as there is always unnecessary drama going on.

The reversed Two of Swords symbolizes someone who can be turbulent and belligerent at times. They lack tact and are constantly saying the wrong thing to the wrong people at the wrong time. They may keep awful secrets of abuse hidden from those who can help them.

Two Of Swords Yes or No Meanings 


The Two of Swords is frequently regarded as a “maybe.” When this card appears in a reading, it is an indication that at this point, you can’t get a definitive “yes” or “no” answer.  There is a need for additional information first before making a carefully considered decision. 


The Two of Swords reversed is a “yes”. if this card appears in a reading, it often indicates that you have earned the necessary experience to make a choice. I recommend that you listen to your gut instinct to guide you in your decision. 

Two Of Swords as Advice Descriptions 


The Two Of Swords as Advice says you are not yet ready to make a decision. Wait for it to pass. Sit on it.

The Two of Swords represents balance—how do you bring balance to a situation… or do you not? Look for a happy medium. 

This card might sometimes signify that you need to protect your energies. If you are dealing with a draining person or situation, shut it off and establish a firm boundary.

When dealing with a quarrel, the Two of Swords tells you to attentively listen to both sides.


Meanwhile, the Two of Swords suggests that you stop procrastinating and start putting your idea into action. If you are unable to make a decision, one may be made for you.

You can readily see what needs to be done. Now all you have to do is make it happen.

The Two of Swords reversed may also tell you to take a neutral attitude in specific situations. Don’t get stuck in the middle, however, and don’t let things get out of hand.

Symbolism in the Two Of Swords

The blindfold:

The blindfold illustrates how the mind’s sphere extends far beyond what is physically evident. Indeed, it only starts where physical vision ends.

On the plus side, the blindfold suggests mental activity and a lack of prejudice. The negative side, on the other hand, refers to someone who is delusional and has no idea what is going on.

The crossed arms:

It is a common belief that the soul resides in the chest along with the heart. The crossed arm represents how all thoughts originate here and then circle back around to this point. However, this may also suggest confinement and obstructiveness.

The wide waters:

The idea, of limitless seas, represents the hydrologic cycle as well as the rushing emotions.  The only thing we need to determine, however, is whether or not the figure in the picture has noticed what’s going on behind her. 

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