Divination has become more and more popular in the last few years. Even though Tarot cards have been around for […]

Divination has been around for thousands of years. At least, that’s how long we have been actively recording divination practices. […]

Crystals are hugely popular in the occult world, for good reason! Whether you’re a beginner divination student or an advanced […]

The crystal ball is one of the most well-known divination tools. If you visit any typical psychic, they probably have […]

Claircognizance is a great psychic sense to have. It’s relatively easy to develop, but unless you’re especially gifted, claircognizant abilities […]

We’ve all lived many past lives. Even if you do a past life regression or read you birth chart to find […]

Affirmations only became popular over the last few years, but they’re now hugely celebrated for one simple reason: they work. Healing […]

For a long time, past life regressions were kind of taboo. It’s only very recently (thanks to TikTok, in part!) […]

Clairvoyance and clairaudience are incredibly popular today, but they’re also very specific gifts. Many of us have to work to […]

I’m a huge fan of Tarot cards and use my Tarot decks regularly, but there’s something about Oracle cards that […]

We often think of clairvoyance, which is psychic sight, when we hear the word psychic. In reality, there are many different […]

Psychism is so exciting, but it can feel pretty elusive. I truly believe that everyone is psychic and can develop […]

After I published this post all about indicators that you might be clairvoyant, I’ve been inundated with questions on how […]

The word “psychic” is thrown around so often that it’s easy to misuse it. Someone who is psychic will receive psychic […]