Dreams About Snakes: Every Possible Meaning

Dreams About Snakes: Every Possible Meaning

Everyone has odd or scary dreams from time to time. Although you could dream about theoretically anything, dreams about snakes are some of the most common dreams that adults encounter.

I personally think this is because snakes have such a layered, symbolic meaning. They inspire fear and awe at the same time. These creatures are some of the most intricate symbols.

For many people, dreams about snakes are really frightening. However, snakes are kind of a double-edge sword. They are creatures that are depicted as both positive and negative, depending on the myth, so dreams about snakes can mean a variety of things.

Generally, the dreams about snakes meaning is one of two things. These types of dreams are either an indicate that there is someone or something poisonous in your life, or that healing or transformation needs to take place.

Don’t worry if you don’t know the meaning of your dream right away. After all, dreams are a combination of our unconscious thoughts and messages from guides (if this is something you believe in), so they can be pretty tricky to figure out.

Hopefully, this blog post will help you decipher exactly what your dream was trying to tell you if you’re wondering what dreams about snakes mean!

The General Meaning Of The Snake Archetype 

Snakes can mean many different things. Some people believe that snakes are inherently negative. If you believe in Starseeds, then you know that snakes are part of the Reptilians, who wish to gain power and rule the world.

In the Bible, the snake represents both Lucifer and Lilith. They are tricksters, betrayers, and the rulers of Hell. Snakes in this context represent deception or the Devil himself.

However, many witches feel that snakes aren’t necessarily bad but are wrongly accused, similar to both Lucifer and Lilith. In Ancient Greece, snakes symbolized healing, while they were a sign of spiritual transformation in Ancient Egypt.

The Chinese zodiac depicts snakes as intelligent, spiritual, and manipulative. They aren’t necessarily evil but are certainly intricate and aren’t totally good, either.

In many contexts, snakes signify transformation. This is for good or bad. Look at what in your life needs to change, what you’re missing, or how you need to transform. Alternatively, a snake can be a sign of power and strength.

Graphically, the snake is a straight line, yet it is also flexible and fast-moving. This shows the duality of the animal; it is both predictable and surprising.

The snake is sexual, enchanting, subtle, and cunning. It represents both sexuality and evil, yet the snake can also be the shadow self that we are ashamed of and hide.

Even the venom of the snake has a certain duality. It can be both poisonous and healing; it is the idea of “like cures like.”

I always recommend that you consider the idea of duality in your dream. The snake often represents opposing forces.

However, there are many specific meanings that snakes can take on. I’ll go over all of the different meanings of snakes as symbols, as people, as deities/spirits/demons, and as events. If you have trouble interpreting your dreams then scroll to the bottom where I’ll include some tips for how to decipher what your dreams about snakes actually mean for you.

The Snake As A Symbol

Sometimes, a snake in a dream is a symbol rather than a specific individual. Here are some of the main symbols that dreams about snakes represent.

Fear: Dreams about snakes can often mean that you’re afraid of something, whether this is a person (your boss, your mother, your partner, etc.), or a situation (making a commitment, going on a trip, having to face something). If your dream about snakes was related to fear, then the message is that it’s time to turn around and face the situation.

Anxiety: As far as symbols go, dreams about snakes that relate to anxiety are very common. The snake itself can represent your anxiety, or it can indicate that your emotions are out of whack and that you’re trying to pretend that your anxiety doesn’t exist. Again, the message is to dig deep and figure out what’s causing the anxiety instead of ignoring it.

Growth: On a more positive notes, dreams about snakes can represent growth and change. They indicate that your subconscious mind is growing, even if you’re in painful situations. This is generally a good sign!

Progress: In ancient Egypt, dreams about snakes symbolized transformation. They were a positive thing and meant that you were growing and making progress. Sometimes, dreams about snakes can indicate that you’re on the right track to reach your goals.

Warning: Sometimes, dreams about snakes are a clear warning. The first warning is that you should be cautious around people in your life. You may have a “snake” around you who you are blindly trusting, but you should dig deeper to see what their true intentions are. The second kind of warning is that you’re ignoring something in your subconscious mind and that you need to acknowledge the truth quickly.

Spirituality: Sometimes, dreams about snakes are actually quite spiritual. These types of dreams can indicate that you’re moving into a higher level of consciousness and activating more of your spiritual self.

Sexuality: Occasionally, dreams about snakes can represent a phallic symbol. These types of dreams might show that you’re suppressing your sexual needs or are feeling “less-than” sexually. Dig deep into your subconscious mind to figure out what’s going on.

Wisdom: Many cultures believe that snakes are a symbol of wisdom or knowledge. In this context, a dream about snakes can mean that you’re trying to find the answers to a problem or learn something new.

Repressed Desires: Because snakes are “hidden” and lowly, they can represent repressed desires. This dream is a sign to face your desires and deal with them instead of continuing to repress them. Alternatively, reconsider what you think you want. Is there something you want that you’re scared to admit to yourself?

Trauma: Alternatively, because snakes are hidden, they can represent trauma. The snake represents things that have been repressed in the unconscious mind and is a sight that you need to access your inner child/shadow self. Usually, the snake represents a part of you that you’re hiding.

Eternity: The image of the snake eating its own tail represents eternity.

Medicine: The ancient greeks used the symbol of the snake as an indicator of medicine or health. In modern-day times, the symbol of the snake is even on our general healthcare logo. Sometimes, snakes can mean that you need to reevaluate your health or seek alternate treatment.

The Snake As A Person

Often, dreams about snakes center around the other person. With this sort of dream, you will probably get the sense that the snake is someone else and may even be someone you know.

When the snake is representing another person, the message is usually a warning. This person may be someone who is poisonous or toxic in your life, or it’s someone who you shouldn’t trust. 

Sometimes, the snake as someone else represents the lies that you’re telling yourself about a person in your life, or they may be lying to you.

As a person, the snake typically represents someone who is betraying you. There is deceit here, but it’s hiding in plain sight. All of the information that you need is in your own mind, so dig deep to figure out the truth.

The Snake As A Deity Or Demon

Any animal in a dream can signify a deity, demon, or other entity or being. Dreams about snakes are no different. 

Unfortunately, there are tons of different spiritual beings who are represented by a snake. I’m listing the most common deities, demons, and spirits here who have a clear association with snakes.

I recommend that you do some research if any of these names strike you as signifiant. Otherwise, keep searching, because there are an infinite amount of spirits out there who associate themselves with the symbol of the snake.

How would you know if the snake in your dream is a deity, demon, or spirit? First of all, the energy would clearly be different. You would feel as though the snake is another being or entity, not just a projection of your subconscious mind.

If you’re still unsure, you can do divination to figure out if the snake does represent a spirit form. I like to use the pendulum, but you can also use Tarot cards, Oracle cards, a crystal ball, or other types of divination.

Here are some deities/spirits/demons associated with snakes:

  • Apophis
  • Hygeia
  • Mothra
  • Shiva
  • Nagas
  • Lilith
  • Isis (represented by the Cobra)
  • Dionisys
  • Hermes (two snakes)
  • Loki (the duality of healing/poisonous snake venom)
  • Balam (a King of Hell)
  • Aim/Haborym (a Great Duke of Hell)
  • Astaroth
  • Hygeia
  • Ganga
  • Your own familiar (don’t rule this out!)

However, keep in mind that deities/demons/spirits in dreams aren’t exactly usual. If you’re unsure, consider the other meanings before settling on this.

The Snake As A Health Issue

Sometimes, snakes in dreams can represent health issues. The Ancient Greeks believed that snakes represented medicine and healing. Even now, the symbol of American healthcare involves two snakes intertwined.

In dreams, snakes can indicate two different things related to health.

The first thing is that there is something poisonous in your life. This is usually represented by a venomous snake. This dream is a warning to deep deeper into your own health issues and tackle them head on.

Alternatively, the snake can mean that there’s a path to healing that you’re not currently recognizing. You need to look at all of the options available to you so you don’t miss out on something great.

The Snake As A Spiritual Message

Although snakes can be seen as scary, deceitful, or dangerous, in some cultures, snakes are considered extremely spiritual. This is especially common in Eastern cultures.

Dreams about snakes have a spiritual meaning that is generally positive. You are experiencing profound spiritual growth. You are grounded yet connected and are finally “putting it all together.”

Usually, dreaming about a snake means that your energy is awakening. It can be a message to focus on your chakras, starting with the base of your spine and reaching through the top of your head.

Types Of Snakes In Dreams:

Sometimes, various types of snakes in dreams can indicate specific things. Here are some of the most common types of snakes that may show up in your dreams.

Boa Constrictor

If you’re dreaming about a boa constrictor then you’re quite literally feeling “squeezed.” This can indicate that someone in your life is making you feel constricted or controlled. You might be feeling repressed or suffocated.

Alternatively, a boa constrictor can mean that someone is “squeezing” you financially or taking more than you can give.

Lastly, a boa constrictor can represent your own desires to overpower someone or to have power over a situation.

Think about how you felt around the boa constrictor. Were you scared of it or did you feel that it was a part of you?


Typically, a rattlesnake in a dream is a warning. The rattlesnake will rattle its tail to warn the threat away, and this is exactly what the dream is doing for you.

Most of the time, a rattlesnake in your dream is warning you about a toxic or deceitful person, but it can also indicate a situation that is not what it seems. Lastly, a rattlesnake can mean that you need to protect yourself somehow, whether this is spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Any Poisonous Or Venomous Snake

Many people have dreams about snakes that are venomous. This typically indicates negative events. Someone or something is “poisoning” your life.

Alternatively, dreams about poisonous snakes can indicate that your own thoughts are toxic or poisonous. You may be surrounded by something or someone poisonous. This can be negative people or entities, substances, bad food, or doubts and worries of yourself or others.

Garden Snake

If you’re having dreams about garden snakes, this is generally a good sign. The garden snakes represents someone or something you were worried about. You might have thought this person/situation was a threat, but you now realize that they/it are harmless. This dream indicates that there’s no need to worry.

A White Snake

A white snake is one of the best dreams about snakes you can have. This is almost always a good sign.

In a dream, a white snake indicates that you have a clear mind and know the way forward. It can mean that you are both grounded and spiritual, or that you’re undergoing a regeneration spiritually. 

The white snake is especially spiritual if it’s in the water. This relates to the soul, but can also mean good health or pure intentions.

A Black Snake

Generally, dreaming about a black snake is predicting something bad. The black snake usually symbolizes an obstacle that you need to overcome.

A black snake can also mean that something dark or dangerous is present in your life. Sometimes, this is a sign that you should be cautious, or it can mean that you need to deal with your emotional pain, distress, or attachments.

If you sense that the black snake is someone else, then these dreams about snakes can indicate that there is a bad relationship or someone with a negative energy around you. Be cautious with your finances and stay alert to danger or negativity.

Seeing a black snake means that you should avoid arguments or disputes. Don’t enter into any contracts that seem suspicious.

Sometimes, a black snake can signify the shadow self, the inner self, or invisible guides. If you have no negative feelings surrounding the black snake, then it is probably a powerful symbol of spirituality. Remember that not all dark things are bad; your feelings during the dream are the most significant indicator.

Spiritually, the black snake can be a powerful protection symbol. Someone or something is protecting you.

A Red Snake

A red snake can be a warning of potential danger. Often, a red snake is giving you a heads up about danger in your life.

Alternatively, a red snake can mean sexual passion or passion for a situation or person.

Many Snakes

If you have a dream with lots of snakes, this can indicate that you feel surrounded by snakes in life or are surrounded by toxic, dangerous people without realizing this.

This can also mean that you’re surrounded by negativity, worries, or have obstacles coming at you from every side.

At its work, dreams about snakes as a group can mean that you’re literally in the “nest” of the snakes and need to get away from something really dangerous or bad.

Various Event Meanings In Dreams About Snakes:

Sometimes, in dreams about snakes, there’s a specific event that happens. If you felt that the thing that happened with the snake was more important than the snake simply being in your dream, then one of these explanations might be more helpful.

The Snake Bit You…

Dreaming about a snake biting you can be really scary. Stay calm and know that there is a deeper meaning to this dream!

A snake bite can mean a few different things. First of all, it can indicate issues with your health. Look at your physical and emotional health. Are you being “poisoned” in any way? 

The venom of a snake can be both poisonous and healing, so this dream can sometimes indicate that you need an “antidote.”

In a relationship aspect, dreams about snakes biting you can indicate that you’re an easy target for a person or group of people. You need to regain control over your life and get of out any situations that allow others to “bite” you.

Your unconscious mind is trying to send you a warning. There is someone or something in your life that can harm you and you need to protect yourself. This is the most common meaning of a snake bit in a dream, but you should examine your own emotions in the dream to figure out what it means for you.

Lastly, this type of dream can mean that there is an aspect of your life that you need to let go of. You may feel paralyzed or trapped in some way, but the only person who can make changes is you. This dream is a sign that you need to summon your courage and act.

The Snake Bit Someone Else…

If the snake bites someone else in your dream, you need to pay close attention to how you felt about the situation and the person.

If you were worried or upset for the person, this can mean that you’re scared for a loved one. You may have unconscious emotions that you’re not dealing with regarding a situation that someone else is in. Alternatively, this dream could be a warning and is telling you to protect your loved on.

If you found yourself happy that the snake bit another person (because they were an enemy or someone you don’t like), this can indicate that it’s time to reflect and deal with your own cravings for revenge.

The Snake Was In Your House…

It’s super freaky to have a dream about a snake in your house. After all, your home is where you’re supposed to feel protected.

Firstly, you should consider the emotions you felt during the dream. Were you scared for your home, for your family, or for yourself?

If you felt invaded, then the house may represent the most private part of your mind. It can indicate that someone is invading, whether this is spiritually or emotional.

Dreams about snakes in your home can also mean that you have a “snake” in your family. Someone may be deceiving you or lying to you. This can also apply if you live with a roommate or have a difficult landlord. 

If the snake represents your own subconscious thoughts, then a snake in your home means that you’re unhappy with your living situation and need to actively change something.

Lastly, a snake in your home can indicate financial problems that are getting too close to home. It’s time to reexamine your finances before things crash down on you.

The Snake Was In Your Bed…

A snake in your bed can symbolize a few different things.

Firstly, this can quite literally indicate that there is someone toxic or deceitful in your bed. If you’re in a relationship and live together or are regularly inviting someone into your bed, then see if this dream relates to your partner at all. This can be a clear warning.

Alternatively, a dream about a snake in your bed can symbolize that you’re ignoring your deepest urges and desires. This dream is encouraging you to release the pent up energy that you have inside and be more truthful with yourself, especially when it comes to sex.

The Snake Strangled You…

Dreams about snakes strangling you are very common. They usually mean that you feel restricted in some way, whether you’re restricting yourself or are being boxed-in by someone else.

If this rings true for you, examine how you’re being restricted. This is a message from your subconscious telling you that it’s time to set yourself free. Maybe you aren’t able to do what you want, or you feel like you can’t speak up when you want to. It’s time to become your authentic self.

Sometimes, being choked or strangled by a snake indicates that someone is squeezing you financially rather than physically or emotionally.

The Snake Chased You…

If you dreamed about a snake chasing you, then you probably experienced a sense of danger in your dream. You may have woken up feeling afraid and shaky.

Firstly, examine if the snake represented a particular person. Did you sense an energy from the snake that correlates with someone you know? If so, look into the meaning of being chased by that person and why that would make you feel afraid.

However, if you don’t recognize the snake as a person, then look at what the snake did represent. Is there a situation in your life that you’re avoiding? Is there something you need to turn around and face?

This can also mean that there’s a situation where you need to speak your mind, but you have been avoiding this. If you are running away from something, your subconscious mind is sending you a message that this won’t continue to work.

When you’re being chased by anything in a dream, the message is almost always that you need to turn around and face your fear. It’s ideal if you’re able to do this in real life, once you figure out what the snake represents.

If you have this dream again, the best advice I have is to turn around and face the snake. You can also sleep with protection crystals or sigils for strength under your pillow to help you face the situation.

Sometimes, dreams about snakes chasing you can indicate that you feel trapped. The goal is to figure a way out of the situation, but you can’t do this unless you first face your fears.

The Snake Was Dead…

Usually, seeing a dead snake in your dreams a good sign. This means that you have overcome an obstacle in your life, or that you’re close to the conclusion of a difficult situation.

Sometimes, this can indicate emotional liberation or reaching new spiritual heights. If you don’t feel that you’re quite there yet, then this dream is a sign that you’re close to achieving what you desire. You can conquer anything, even if it feels impossible.

However, if you had a negative feeling looking at the dead snake, then think about what it could represent. Did you see the snake as a person or as a part of your own consciousness? What are you afraid of losing?

You Killed A Snake…

If you had a dream about a snake who you killed, this is usually a positive sign. It means that you can overcome your fears and accomplish anything. You are able to defeat any obstacles in your way.

Look at how you felt after you killed the snake. If you felt satisfaction, this means that you are close to overcoming a large obstacle in your life. If you felt guilty, then this indicates that there is a situation that you can’t resolve easily without hurting anyone.

Ultimately, dreaming about killing a snake signifies a struggle in your life that is ongoing and is something you need to turn around and face.

The Snake Shed Its Skin…

The symbolism of the snake shedding its skin is quite common. It shows up in the Bible, but is also symbolic of spring and renewal in Pagan cultures. 

I tend to feel that the snake shedding its skin is positive. For me, it vindicates turning over new leaves.

However, this act can also indicate that someone toxic in your life will soon be revealed.

How To Figure Out Your Dream:

Figuring out your dream is one of the most difficult parts of divination work. It’s not only anxiety-producing but can also be straight up hard. Many of our dreams are filled with obscure metaphors. 

The most important thing about your dream is to analyze how you felt. Were the emotions positive or negative? Were you afraid, angry, joyous, revengeful, or calm?

Negative feelings usually indicate that a threat is present in your life. This can be a person, a situation, or your own thoughts. If you encounter a deity or spirit in your dreams about snakes, then you may feel afraid or negative because the being is so powerful.

Feeling fear in a dream is quite common. Most of the time, fear is an indication that you need to dig deeper and face your trauma. Alternatively, fear can be a warning sign that you need to be careful. I recommend doing some divination to figure out which type of message you’re getting.

However, positive feelings usually mean that you’re turning over a new leaf or are about to achieve a goal. Snakes represent change, so if you feel happy, joyous, or peaceful in your dream, know that transformation is either happening or is about to happen.

It can also be helpful to ask yourself how you typically feel about snakes, especially before your dream. Sometimes, your subconscious mind or guides will send you a message based on your own preconceived notions.

If you’re naturally afraid of snakes, then dreams about snakes can symbolize your own fear or something in your life that is creating fear.

I always recommend that you do a bit of divination work to figure out exactly what your dream needs (and for additional confirmation), but you should start out by examining your gut instincts about the meaning. Remember that the answers are always inside of you!

Tarot vs Oracle: What’s The Difference?

Tarot vs Oracle: What’s The Difference?

Divination has become more and more popular in the last few years. Even though Tarot cards have been around for centuries, card decks are much more common and even acceptable in society today. The most common question I get is about Tarot vs Oracle cards and the distinction between the decks. So, what is the difference?

If you haven’t used either deck before, then you’ll be surprised to find that they’re completely different. The question of Tarot vs Oracle doesn’t have a simple answer.

If you’re new to card reading, you’ll probably want to try out each deck at some point. You’ll need to learn more about each deck before you can decide what works well for you!

Structure Of The Deck

The Tarot deck and the Oracle deck have completely different structures. This is the main distinction between the two types of decks.

The Tarot Deck:

The Tarot deck is quite structured and always has the same set of cards, although the illustrations may change from deck to deck.

Every Tarot deck will have 78 cards. The Major Arcana are the “bigger” cards when you’re looking at life events; there are 22 Major Arcana cards. Typically, these cards are represented by Roman Numerals.

The Major Arcana cards tell a story, beginning with The Fool and ending with The World. They are typically referenced by their names, not their Roman Numerals.

There are 56 Minor Arcana cards; these are bit more structured. Similar to regular playing cards, there are 4 suits in the Minor Arcana cards. These are as follows:

  • The Cups (water) represent emotions and creativity.
  • The Pentacles (earth) represent money, wealth, and physical security.
  • The Wands (fire) represent taking action.
  • The Swords (air) represent intellect.

Each suit has numbers (like a regular card deck) as well as Page, Knight, Queen, and King cards.

Every single card in the Tarot deck (Major or Minor Arcana) has a specific meaning. During a reading, the cards might be right side up or reversed; the right side up meaning is the “regular” definition of the card, while the reversed card is the opposite or inverse definition.

There are many ways to do a Tarot card reading. Although the Tarot deck is used for almost all types of questions, it’s generally best for “larger” life questions, or a reading where you need to see some sort of storyline.

In addition to the structure of the deck, there are many more Tarot spreads available (both online and in books) that have been perfected over centuries. The most common Tarot spread is the Celtic cross, but it’s a pretty complicated spread for beginners, so I recommend starting with a smaller 3-card spread if you’re new to Tarot.

Although there are certain Tarot decks that are extremely popular and well-known, the illustrations vary widely from deck to deck. The meanings will always be almost the same, but this is where your psychism will come in, because you can gather inspiration from the illustrations as well as the traditional interpretation of the cards.

For example, I have the classic Rider-Waite deck, but I also have a Fairy deck (in blue and silver colors) and a Halloween deck (which is mostly black coloring and is super witchy).

We are currently selling a super cool black and white astrology Tarot deck in our store. It will be available for limited time: check it out here!

Oracle Cards:

In complete contrast to the Tarot deck, Oracle cards have virtually no structure. This is one of the many reasons Oracle cards have gained so much popularity in the last few years. Oracle cards are perfect for beginners who don’t want to memorize a whole list of descriptions.

Oracle cards can be created in any way the artist would like. There are so many different kinds of Oracle decks out there, from Angel decks to Dark Witch decks.

I find that Oracle decks are especially useful for readings where you have a specific question that you need an answer to.

I also find that Oracle cards are better to use when you want to practice using your intuition in conjunction with a reading. While intuition is of course used during Tarot card readings, Tarot cards can also give concrete answers without even involving intuition, while it’s almost always necessary to discern more than what the Oracle cards give you.

If you want to work on your intuitive abilities, both decks are useful, but the Oracle certainly gives more opportunities to practice psychism.

Check out our astrology oracle cards that we recently began stocking. They’re made in the USA and answer lots of astrology-related questions.

Tarot vs Oracle: Which Is Better?

There really is no clear answer to the question of Tarot vs Oracle cards. Each deck serves its own unique purpose!

Some people are drawn towards one and find that they’re just better at using a specific deck. I personally use both, but when in doubt, I find that Tarot gives me more specific answers. Sometimes, however, I’m drawn to Oracle cards for a specific purpose, and I get a way better reading when I follow my gut.

I recommend that you pick up an inexpensive deck of each type and practice so you can figure out your own answer to the Tarot vs Oracle conundrum. Scroll down and check out my recommendation for affordable beginner decks.

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Which Is Easier?

When we’re talking about Tarot vs Oracle, the question of which is easier isn’t a simple one to answer.

Tarot cards can feel more complex because there are so many numbers, suits, and pre-determined definitions. At the same time, I find that Tarot can be a lot easier because there are definitions that you can work with. A Tarot reading is less guess-work.

Oracle cards are more loosely defined. There aren’t pre-written explanations for every deck online, so you need to interpret them as you go using your intuition. Depending on your skills, this might be easier or harder.

To summarize, the Tarot is more difficult in the logical sense, because you need to learn and memorize a set of definitions and then apply them, but the Oracle is more difficult intuitively, because you need to figure out your own definitions for every set.

How To Choose A Deck

Whatever you decide on the question of Tarot vs Oracle, choosing a deck of either type is a really personal venture.

When working with Tarot cards, I almost always recommend that you start with the Rider-Waite deck. It’s the most simple, common Tarot deck that matches all of the descriptions for each card out there.

There are a few different variations of the Rider-Waite deck. Here are my 5 favorite beginner Tarot decks to use. Or, click here to shop for unique Tarot cards for sale in our newly launched store.

When you’re choosing Oracle cards, there’s much less structure. Here are my 10 favorite beginner Oracle card decks, however you can really start with any deck that you’d like since they’re so different. Go with your gut!


21+ Popular Divination Tools That WORK

21+ Popular Divination Tools That WORK

Divination has been around for thousands of years. At least, that’s how long we have been actively recording divination practices. Divination tools have been around just as long. Since the beginning of the occult, practitioners have used tools to gain answers to their questions from spirits.

Hundreds of years ago, witches and seers used to “see” using divination tools such as bone reading and entail reading. Obviously, these methods are not super popular anymore. Divination tools have evolved over time, and even though they look a little different, there are still many popular divination tools out there today that work.

Today, I’m introducing the 21 most popular divination tools right now. You may already use some of these divination tools or they may be completely unfamiliar to you.

Make sure to clear any divination tools before you use them. I use incense to clear my divination tools, but you can also use sage, sound, the sun, the moon, or visualization techniques.

It’s really important to clear a divination tool (especially if it’s new) so that you don’t have any different energy influencing your answers. The only way to get a valid reason is to clear your tools first!

Divination Tools:

These are my favorite 21 divination tools. I also find that these are the most popular divination tools to work with right now!

You may find that some of these divination tools work for you while others do not. This is perfectly normal. Try experimenting with various divination tools to find what methods are the most comfortable and natural for you.

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21. Pendulum (Dowsing)

The pendulum is one of my favorite divination tools because it’s so easy to use! Using the pendulum is the act of dowsing.

Not only is a pendulum very inexpensive to purchase (I typically buy 100% metal pendulums on Amazon), but it’s very easy to clear your pendulum once you own it.

I find that the pendulum is one of the best divination tools for yes/no answers or questions that call for a very specific answer. I also like using my pendulum with charts.

Keep in mind that you can use almost anything in place of a pendulum. You might want to make your own pendulum using a rock and string, or you can use a necklace. I prefer purchasing a pendulum because it’s made to swing equally in all directions, but this is simply a personal preference.

20. Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are one of the most popular divination tools throughout history. Although Tarot cards are a bit difficult to use at first, I really love Tarot and do recommend putting in the time to learn these divination tools if you’re interested.

If you’re new to Tarot, you’ll want to start off with a deck that is suitable for beginners. Practice asking your Tarot Cards simple questions to learn the deck before moving on to more complicated spreads.

Tarot cards won’t give you a super clear answer (unless you use Tarot for yes/no questions, which I personally do not), but will instead give you an insightful reading that is geared towards soul growth.

19. Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are similar to Tarot Cards but they’re much more flexible. Oracle cards are one of the newer divination tools on the market.

Tarot cards have specific suits and numbers; almost every deck has similar meanings for each card with slightly different photos. Oracle Cards are instead made in any way the creator wishes. No one deck is like another in any way.

You can purchase a variety of Oracle Card decks and use them for different sorts of readings. I like to keep my Oracle cards in one place and choose what deck I’ll use for a reading based on intuition.

18. The Pen (Automatic Writing)

The pen isn’t one of the most well-known divination tools, but it is highly effective. The pen is best used during automatic writing sessions.

Automatic writing is a great way to practice divination! You simply need a pen, a piece of paper, and a quiet place to sit. Check out this post for instructions on how to practice automatic writing.

17. Ouija Board

Although the Ouija board is often viewed with fear, I find that it is simply another divination tool. You may need to add some extra protection when you’re working with an Ouija board, but you can certainly connect to positive spirits and receive insightful answers.

I do recommend purchasing a brand new Ouija board instead of using one that has entities attached to it. You’ll need to clear the board and cast a circle in order to keep out negative spirits.

16. Crystal Ball

Scrying is the act of finding answers through looking into something transparent, such as a crystal ball. You can also scry using water, a mirror, a spoon, or anything else that is either transparent or has a reflection.

The crystal ball is one of my favorite divination methods when I’m working on developing clairvoyance! I use a clear crystal ball, but these divination tools come in a variety of sizes and colors, so choose something that feels right to you.

To learn more about how to use a crystal ball, check out this post.

15. Candle

The candle isn’t often though of as a divination tool, but it works quite well. You can scry into the candle flame if you want to practice clairvoyance. Alternatively, you can speak aloud (about any topic) and interpret the bounce and height of the candle flame as your answer.

I often incorporate candle divination into my spell work. If a candle flame is strong, I assume that my spell has a good amount of energy. If the candle is going wild, that’s an indication that something is off with the spell. If the candle flame is weak, I usually know to gather more energy in order to cast a spell successfully.

14. Tea Leaves

Tea leaves are a super fun divination tool! Tea leaf reading is a popular “psychic” tool, but that’s probably because it works.

I love doing a small tea leaf reading for myself at night. To practice tea leaf reading you’ll need a tea cup, a saucer, a kettle, and loose leaf tea.

Drink the tea until there are only a few drops left in the bottom, the flip the cup over so that the loose leaf tea has a chance to move about and stick to the side. Flip the cup back over and observe what patterns you see in the leaves.

13. A Table

Table turning was super popular in the Victorian times, probably because you only need a table. Similar to the Ouija board, table turning got a bad rap, but it’s really just another one of the many divination tools that we use to get answers.

The idea is that the energy of the group (sitting around the table) and the energy specifically coming from their hands (resting on the table) gives the spirits power to tip the table. You can ask a question then say various letters or answers. When the table tips to one side, this is indicative of an answer from the spirits.

Although table turning isn’t super popular nowadays, it is a super fun group activity for a spiritual community to try, similar to the Ouija board. Make sure to cast a circle or at least cast some type of protection barrier before beginning.

12. Astrology

Astrology is one of my all-time favorite divination tools. It isn’t so much a physical divination tool as it is an art. I use physical charts for the purpose of astrology, but most of the answers in astrology come from learning, studying, and intuiting.

It can take quite a bit of time to learn astrology, but I really feel that it’s worth it. Astrology is (in my opinion) one of the most accurate divination tools on this list. It’s a comprehensive science/art that you’ll start to see in every area of your life.

If you’re brand new to astrology, start out by learning about the big three signs: the sun, the moon, and the ascendant/rising sign. You can later learn about the other planets, the houses, aspects, asteroids, etc. More advanced students may want to delve deeper into things like the degrees of each sign and past life astrology.

Check out our section in the blog on astrology for more information!

11. Scrying Bowl

You don’t always need a fancy crystal ball or crystal to scry. In fact, you can use a plain old bowl of water!

You’ll want to use the same method you would use with a crystal ball. Let your eyes fuzz out and spend a few moments getting into a deep trance while focusing on the water. Over time, images will reveal themselves to you.

10. Wooden Runes

Wooden runes are based on Nordic runes, which are extremely complex. If you don’t know the full language of runes (most of us don’t), it’s much simpler to use wooden runes.

You can ask a question and pull a rune from a bag without looking. Once you know your rune, you can look up various interpretations of it to discern what answer you received.

These are some great wooden runes for beginners.

9. Playing Cards

Most people own playing cards, but you might not know that cards are effective divination tools. I typically use playing cards for numerical questions, but you can really use them any way you like.

If you want more than just numerical answers, you can assign values or meanings to each of the playing cards. Alternatively, you can pair each playing card up with a Tarot card definition. This is pretty easy because there are 4 Tarot suits that coincide with playing card suits.

8. The Palm

Palmistry is another one of the older divination tools on this list, but it’s still extremely popular today.

Learning to read palms is a bit more difficult than most give credit. This is a great book for beginners that’s complete with descriptions and pictures!

7. Crystals

Crystals can be used for so many spiritual activities, including divination. You may already own crystals and not realize that they can function as divination tools!

You might want to use crystals to enhance your divination abilities or place crystals on your chakras. Alternatively, you can scry using a crystal, as long as it’s slightly see-through or milky. Some of my best scrying sessions have been while using a crystal!

I generally keep crystals around my home to enhance my psychic abilities. Choose specific crystals for specific purposes. Don’t forget to bond with your crystal before using it.

6. Dice

You can use regular dice as divination tools! Most of us already own dice, so this is an easy way to practice divination without spending any money.

For very basic questions, an even number is a yes and an odd number is a no. It can be helpful to use multiple dice at once to get clearer answers. If the dice are split (one is even while one is odd) then the answer is unclear or unknown.

You can also ask numerical questions to the dice and gain insightful answers. For example, you could ask how many minutes would be most beneficial for your body to workout or other health-related questions. I also like using the dice for time-related questions.

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5. Astrology Dice

I just purchased a set of astrology dice a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed! There is one dice for the signs, one for the planets, and one for the houses.

I’ll ask all sorts of questions using the astrology dice. There really are no limits! Here are examples of questions I’ve asked:

What sign do I need to embody this week?

What sign/planet/house is causing me the most trouble right now?

Which sign describes my relationship with my cat/plant/parent/partner?

Which sign should I embody to further my career?

What house is currently holding me back?

What planet do I need to focus on to further my spiritual growth?

4. Books (Bibliomancy)

Bibliomancy is an ancient form of divination that’s really simple. The only divination tool you need for Bibliomancy is a book. You can use any book at all!

Ask a question out loud, then open the book (while closing your eyes) and point to the page. Open your eyes and read the sentence your finger landed on. This is your answer. Super simple!

3. Incense Smoke

Incense smoke can be used to get answers, similar to the flame of a candle. Ask a question then light your incense. Pay particular attention to the smoke as the incense burns.

You may see symbols, letters, patterns, or pictures in the smoke. You might instead notice that the smoke is strong, weak, angry, peaceful, etc. Feel what comes to you and go with the flow!

2. Mirror

The mirror is one of these divination tools that you probably already own. I love scrying into a mirror! I find that it’s as effective as a crystal ball.

You can use a handheld mirror, a full length mirror, or anything in between. I do recommend scrying into the mirror when it’s somewhat dark so that you can see more easily.

There are many ways to scry into a mirror; there really are no rules. You can ask a question and wait to receive the answer visually, or you can see what comes up. Sometimes, I even ask to see a past life in the mirror.

You can also use the mirror to see your own aura or to activate your chakras.

Lastly, I find that the mirror is really useful for shadow work and self work.

1. The Mind

It just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t include the mind on this list of divination tools. I believe that the mind is the primary divination tool. As much fun as it can be to use various tools and methods, psychism begins within us.

Don’t feel that you must become knowledgable at using a variety of divination tools. It’s certainly fun to play around and you can get many great answers from divination tools, but at the end of the day, the answers are always within.

If you want to develop your psychic abilities, I recommend focusing both on the abilities you naturally possess (see our posts on clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance to determine which abilities you should develop first) as well as focusing on divination tools to enhance these abilities.

8 Crystals For Psychic Development

8 Crystals For Psychic Development

Crystals are hugely popular in the occult world, for good reason! Whether you’re a beginner divination student or an advanced witch, you’ll find that specific crystals for psychic development enhance your energy and unlock certain abilities that you might not know you have.

Of course, we don’t need crystals to practice divination or to become psychic. We all have that inner knowing already inside of us. I find that crystals help us tap into that inner knowing and enhance our energy.

The great thing about crystals is that you can choose your crystal based on your desired outcome. For example, you’ll choose a different crystal if you want to communicate with your angels than if you want to ground yourself.

Regardless of what psychic skill you’re trying to develop, crystals can assist you. Think of these energetic tools like little friends: they’re here to help! These crystals are all especially powerful if you’re working to develop your psychic skills and senses.

Ways To Connect With A Crystal Psychically:

The first thing you should always do when you get a new crystal is to thoroughly cleanse it. Some crystals are self-cleansing, but most aren’t. Regardless, it never hurts to cleanse.

I like to leave my crystals on the windowsill overnight to cleanse. They get a bit of sunlight and a bit of moonlight (both of which are cleansing in different ways) and this resets the energy completely. You can also clean your crystals using incense (if you want quicker results) or by placing the crystal in sea salt for a bit.

Next, you need to connect with the energy of the crystal. Every crystal has its own energy and personality. You need to develop a relationship with your crystal that is specifically for the purpose of working on your psychic abilities.

I recommend sitting with your crystal in your hands and spending a few moments connecting with its energy. Feel the vibrations coming from your crystal. You can ask it if it would like to work with you to develop your psychic abilities. If the crystal doesn’t want to, then you won’t be able to use this specific crystal for the purpose of psychic development; keep going until you find one that is agreeable.

For the first few weeks, try to spend consistent time with your crystal. You can wear it, carry the stone around in your pocket, or meditate holding the crystal.

Once you have connected, you can continue doing all of these things while also using your crystal during divination practice. For example, you can place the crystal on your third eye or crown chakra when meditating, surround yourself with many crystals while working on divination, hold the crystal in your hand to access its energetic power, or sleep with your crystal under your bed or pillow to enhance psychic dreams.

The possibilities are endless!

Crystals For Psychic Development:

Here are my 8 favorite crystals for psychic development!

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Amethyst is a well-known crystal that can be found at most metaphysical shops. It can be anywhere from light purple to dark purple, although sometimes it is even clear or translucent.

Amethyst is a great crystal for psychic development. It works to open the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, so Amethyst is perfect for both beginner and advanced students. Amethyst is one of my favorite crystals for psychic clairvoyance and psychic protection, although the energy is really strong, so you need to be sure that you’re ready. If you’re just dabbling, a weaker crystal may be better.

At some point, I recommend that every witch or psychic invest in a good Amethyst crystal. Make sure to test the energy of the crystal to see how it wants to be used! Click here to shop for a great Amethyst crystal for psychic development.


If your divination goal is to communicate with your Angels or guides then Angelite is one of the best crystals for psychic development. Angelite is also a great crystal for mediumship and channeling if you want to communicate with the other side.

This is a very peaceful, relaxing crystal that allows you to cross over. I love using this crystal when I’m feeling anxious, but it’s also one of my favorite crystals for psychic work because it is so serene while raising a huge amount of awareness. It can also help you develop telepathic abilities.

If you work with chakras during your divination practice, then you can use Angelite for the Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras.

Click here to shop for raw Angelite.


If you want crystals for psychic development that have to do with the “clairs” (e.g. clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance), then Azurite is your best bet. This crystal has traditionally psychic properties and will open all of the psychic senses. It was used in ancient civilizations for powerful prophetic visions.

Azurite is also a great crystal for psychic development if you work with cards or tools such as the pendulum, Tarot, astrology, etc.

Click here to shop for an Azurite crystal.


If you’re looking for a crystal for psychic development that won’t overpower you, try Celestite. The energy of Celestite is gentle but incredibly useful when you’re developing psychic gifts. It does a bit of everything.

While Celestite is known as the crystal that connects you with your Angels, it’s also great for general communication with guides and with creatures from other realms and dimensions. It can even help you connect with your Higher Self or unconscious inner self. Celestite will help you transcend your consciousness to a higher plane.

Lastly, Celestite can simply help you connect with and trust in the universe.

Click here to shop for Celestite.


If you’re a bit nervous about developing your divination abilities, Charoite is one of the best crystals for psychic development practice. It’s super protective and will help you adjust to higher frequencies. Charoite is also associated with deep emotional and physical healing, so you will probably experience some sort of healing moment during your psychic practice.

Charoite is also a great crystal for healers to use, as it can help them to access their psychic abilities in order to heal.

Click here to shop for Charoite.


Labradorite is one of the best crystals for psychic development if you need to “illuminate the way ahead.” Not only will it shed light on a situation when you’re hitting a wall or when you just can’t break through psychically, but it will protect you from anything negative while you work.

The energy of Labradorite quite literally forms a barrier to all negative energy. It also helps you to release the negative energy (such as fear or self-doubt) that you hold inside. Labradorite will instill faith and trust within you. It has quite a strong energy.

Labradorite is especially great when you’re working to enhance intuitive wisdom, clairvoyance, or visualization. Try using Labradorite for your next divination session or meditation.

Click here to shop.

Lapis Lazuli:

Lapis Lazuli is a well-known stone that pairs with the Priestess card in Tarot, which is a personal favorite of mine. This stone will help you unlock your inner wisdom while remaining graceful. It has a strong feminine energy that is subtle yet powerful.

Lapis Lazuli will give you confidence in your psychic abilities while simultaneously unlocking your intuition.

Click here to shop for Lapis Lazuli.


Moonstone is a famous crystal in folklore and even on vampire TV shows, but most people don’t know that it’s one of the best crystals for psychic development. It is strongly connected to the moon, which signifies your intuition. Moonstone will enhance your psychic abilities during practice, but it can also bring psychic dreams and show the shadow self.

Moonstone is also great if you want to develop clairvoyance or clairsentience; it’s all about the self and about intuition. Use moonstone to access your unconscious mind or during past life regressions for huge results.

Click here to shop for moonstone. 

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How To Use A Crystal Ball: The Complete Guide For Beginners

How To Use A Crystal Ball: The Complete Guide For Beginners

The crystal ball is one of the most well-known divination tools. If you visit any typical psychic, they probably have a crystal ball set up, even if it’s only for ambiance.

Crystal balls are divination tools, although they’re often associated with pop culture witchcraft, especially in movies. They were first used by the Celtic Druids, but crystal balls quickly gained popularity and were even later found in the Roman Empire.

With the rise of Christianity, the crystal ball as a legitimate tool no longer existed. Instead, the crystal ball as we know it became a lighthearted symbol of a psychic or a witch. Crystal balls are so often seen in seedy psychic parlors that many witches at first believe they don’t work.

Just like any other scrying tool, a crystal ball can be an effective divination tool. While it’s much easier to master crystal ball divination if you’re clairvoyant, I find that almost anyone can get something insightful out of a scrying session using a crystal ball.

Keep reading to learn how to use a crystal ball effectively!

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First, Protect and Ground.

Before you try any type of divination, I always recommend that you protect your energy and ground yourself.

There are many ways you can protect yourself, such as casting a circle energetically or physically surrounding yourself in salt. For these types of divination activities, I typically use a shield of white light: I find that this works quite well.

If you haven’t done this before, you’ll need to close your eyes and picture a strong circle of white light around you. Set the intention that only your higher self, your guides, or whoever you want to come through can penetrate the circle.

To ground, sit in a chair with your feet firmly on the ground. Picture a tether from your body to the earth. Feel your connection with the earth.

If this doesn’t work for you, a walk in nature also helps to ground.

These beginning steps are essential if you’re learning how to use a crystal ball! If you skip protection and grounding, you may end up really tired or depleted after your crystal ball divination session.

Why A Crystal Ball?

You can scry (which means that you foretell the future through vision) using any shiny surface. Theoretically, you could use a shiny spoon. Crystal balls tend to be the most popular scrying tools, though.

Why is that? The shape of the crystal ball makes it easier to scry quicker and more effectively. You can certainly use other surfaces, but I recommend using a crystal ball if you aren’t well-versed in the art of scrying.

What Kind Of Crystal Ball Should You Use?

There are so many different types of crystal balls. In the most simple sense, there are various colors. Clear, white, black, and purple seem to be the most popular.

I find that all colors work well, so I recommend you choose what resonates with you. Sometimes, you can choose a color that coincides with what you want to learn in your crystal ball divination session.

For example, if you have questions about love, a rose quartz crystal ball may be helpful. Amethyst crystal balls work well for health-related questions.

It is important to make sure that your crystal ball is perfectly round (not oval or flat on the bottom). It’s also helpful to get a crystal ball that comes with a stand.

Before using a crystal ball, you need to cleanse it so that you’re working with pure energy. You can either leave your crystal ball on the windowsill for a few hours (it can be cleansed by both the sunlight or the moonlight) or light a stick of incense and let the smoke waft around the crystal ball.

Here are some great options for crystal balls on Amazon.

How To Use A Crystal Ball For Scrying:

Everyone has a slightly different method for how to use a crystal ball: this is mine! Don’t be worried if you find that you need to change some of these details. Do what works for you and follow your intuition.

First, you need to set the scene. I like to scry in low light because I find that there is less reflections and glare that detracts from the crystal ball divination work.

I do know, however, that some witches prefer to scry in bright light. Some witches scry in complete darkness. You may need to try using your crystal ball in different light to figure out what works for you.

I recommend placing a dark cloth under or behind your crystal ball. You can either place your crystal ball on a stand or put it directly on the cloth. Make sure to nestle it so it doesn’t roll away.

If you have chosen to scry in the darkness, then you’ll need some source of light. I typically light a small candle and place it about a foot behind my crystal ball. This gives me enough light to work with but doesn’t detract from the ambiance.

Sit comfortably in front of your crystal ball. When you’re ready to begin, close your eyes and breathe to center yourself.

Open your eyes and gaze at the surface of the crystal ball. You want to open your mind completely. Imagine that your mind is blank and let go of any thoughts that enter it.

I find it most effective to let my eyes slightly fuzz out as I focus. You will probably find that the more your eyes fuzz over, the sharper the images you’ll see in the crystal ball. I’m honestly not sure how this works scientifically, but it’s definitely real.

When you get into the zone, you might start to see a lot of images. You could know what they mean, or the meanings of the pictures might be a mystery to you.

The one difficulty with scrying is trying to remember the images that you see after the session. I don’t like to break my concentration once I’m in the zone to write down messages, but I also tend to forget them.

I’ve found a happy middle ground where I stop every 5-10 minutes and write down as much as I can remember. If I’m quick about it, then it’s usually relatively easy to get back into trance.

Keep in mind that when you first begin, you might not see anything at all. It can take a while to get deep enough into the trance, especially if you’re not super clairvoyant. Keep working on your trance and I promise, it’ll start to work!

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What Types Of Visions Will You See During Your Crystal Ball Divination Session?

The types of visions you see during a crystal ball divination session are really varied. It’s impossible to say exactly what you’ll see because it depends so much on the individual.

For starters, I do recommend going into your session with a specific question or purpose. You definitely don’t have to do this, but I find that it helps to get more accurate visions.

Once you’re in your trance, you might start to see visions on the surface of the crystal ball, inside the crystal ball, or even off to the side. There really are no rules.

When you first see something unexpected, don’t freak out. Try to open your mind further and see more details, or simply let the vision come to you.

How To Use A Crystal Ball If You’re Not Getting Any Messages:

You might be wondering how to use a crystal ball because you’ve already tried it but didn’t get any messages. This is actually really common, especially if you have only tried using a crystal ball a few times.

It’s not that the crystal ball malfunctioned or that your eyes didn’t work; the issue is that you couldn’t go deep enough into a trance to allow messages to come through. You simply weren’t at the right frequency to see the images on the crystal ball.

There are a few fixes for this. Firstly, you can try doing a meditation before your crystal ball divination session to get into a deeper trance. Any good meditation should open up your energy field to allow you to see things more quickly. You can find great, simple meditations on YouTube.

Alternatively, you may just need to spend some more time getting into a trance. This means that you take more time to let your eyes fuzz over before you expect to see anything. Work on opening your mind to incoming messages.

After Using The Crystal Ball

It’s all fun and games to learn how to use a crystal ball for divination, but you need to make sure that you effectively close out the session as well.

When you’re done using your crystal ball, draw in your energy and send any excess energy down to the earth. Replenish yourself using energy from the earth if you instead feel depleted.

Close out your white circle of light and thank your guides (or whoever you called upon) for assisting you during your crystal ball divination session.

If you feel depleted, it can help to eat or drink after a crystal ball divination session. Sometimes, you can expend quite a bit of energy while scrying.

I find that the crystal ball can be a wonderful tool to call on, especially when I’m feeling stuck. Sometimes, my Tarot cards and my pendulum just aren’t giving me clear answers, and trying a different type of divination can be super effective.

Questions or comments? Drop us a line and we’re happy to help!

5 Easy Exercises To Develop Strong Claircognizance

5 Easy Exercises To Develop Strong Claircognizance

Claircognizance is a great psychic sense to have. It’s relatively easy to develop, but unless you’re especially gifted, claircognizant abilities typically don’t come out of nowhere.

Like any other skill, the development of psychic abilities takes time and practice. It can be difficult, however, to know exactly how to practice. Here are 5 wonderful exercises that are really effective for developing claircognizant abilities!

5. Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is an excellent way to practice claircognizance. Even though automatic writing is a specific type of divination all on its own, you can’t be successful at automatic writing without claircognizance.

To practice automatic writing, you’ll need a comfortable place to sit, a pad of paper, and a pen.

Touch the pen to the paper but don’t consciously write anything. If you hand starts moving, let it go without thinking and just write. It can take 5-10 minutes for automatic writing to begin, so don’t worry if nothing happens at first.

If you have trouble separating your conscious mind from this exercise, try closing your eyes. Don’t open them or look at your writing until you feel completely done.

At first, your writing may not make much sense. That’s totally normal. I recommend saving all of your practice in a notebook so you can refer to it later. You never know what symbols might show up!

4. Sleep With A Question Under Your Pillow

We are at our most vulnerable during sleep, so it’s a great time to practice using our unconscious psychic abilities.

Think of a question that you don’t know the answer to. For this to work, you need to want the answer. Write your question on a piece of paper and tuck it under your pillow or inside your pillowcase.

Each morning, record the messages you received in your sleep. It doesn’t matter how random these messages or thoughts are: make sure to write them down! At some point, you may be able to piece together your dreams to discern an answer to your question.

Regardless of how advanced you are in developing your claircognizance or psychic abilities in general, I recommend doing this exercise when you’re struggling to get an answer. It’s always much easier to find the truth during sleep!

3. Ask Yourself Questions With Flashcards

I love using flashcards for psychic training! Flashcards are used a bit differently to develop claircognizant abilities, but they’re still very effective.

For this claircognizant exercise, you need to write a question on the front of the card and the answer on the back, but you’ll write the same questions on multiple cards, giving different answers on the back of each flashcard.

For example, you might write: “What color is on the back of this card?” on 5 flashcards. On the back of each card, you will write a color, making sure that you never repeat the same color. The answer on one card will be blue, while the answer on another card is green.

Shuffle the flashcards then practice answering the question using your claircognizant abilities. If the answer doesn’t immediately come to you, don’t worry: this is a difficult exercise.

When you’re trying to answer the question on the front of the card, focus on opening your mind to allow knowledge to enter. Keep your mind blank so that information can flow through. When you do get an answer, even if you aren’t sure, go with it.

It’s okay if you don’t get many (or any) answers at right in the beginning. Practice this exercise once a day and you’ll improve more quickly than you think!

2. Meditate To Open Your Crown Chakra

Most psychic information will come through your third eye or crown chakra. I find that claircognizant information tends to come through the crown chakra, at least for me.

If you haven’t worked on your crown chakra before then I recommend doing a meditation specifically to open your crown chakra. This will help you to receive a whole bunch of psychic information, but it will also enable you to gather energy through your crown chakra if you practice witchcraft, so I recommend this exercise for a variety of reasons.

This is a great crown chakra meditation on YouTube that’s only 15 minutes.

1. Meditate To Connect With A Claircognizant Spirit Guide

If you’re claircognizant or are focusing specifically on developing your claircognizance, you can ask for a spirit guide who will assist you on your journey.

Those of you who have been practicing for a bit might already have this spirit guide. It can be helpful during your meditation to first ask if you already have such a guide. If you find that you don’t, then you can go on to ask if an evolved spirit will work with you to develop your claircognizant abilities.

There are so many ways for you to connect in this meditation. First, I recommend going into a deep meditation by relaxing. If visualization works for you, then you can picture yourself going down an elevator, walking on a beach, etc. If visualization isn’t your thing, then you can simply sit in stillness until you connect.

You don’t need to literally hear your spirit guide in your head in order to work with them. Your spirit guide can reach you in many ways, such as through dreams, through signs, etc.

If you ask for a spirit guide to work with, you may start to notice more opportunities for you to use your clairvoyant abilities. Take advantage of this and trust that your spirit guide is assisting you by providing practice opportunties!

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Want to learn more about developing your psychic abilities? I highly recommend this book: it includes great exercises to help you develop all 6 psychic senses!


10 Signs You Were A Witch In A Past Life

10 Signs You Were A Witch In A Past Life

We’ve all lived many past lives. Even if you do a past life regression or read you birth chart to find out about one of your most recent past lives, there are so many lives hidden just beyond.

I find that many of us who are naturally interested in witchcraft were witches in a past life. If you feel that you were then you should trust your intuition, however this post will go over a few markers of a past life as a witch if you need extra confirmation.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to have all of these signs to be a witch in a past life; even 2 or 3 of these probably mean you were a witch.

You’re Drawn Towards Witchcraft

An interest in witchcraft, especially without any reason (e.g. your mother isn’t a witch but you’re still super drawn to the craft) is a sign of a past life as a witch.

We tend to be drawn towards the hobbies or occupations of our past lives.

You Feel A Connection To The History Of Witchcraft

Do you feel your interest spark when someone mentions witches or witchcraft in history? I remember how intrigued I felt when I first learned about the Salem witch trials; I again felt the same when I saw a show about a Celtic witch on TV.

Witches existed in so many areas of the world. When you first hear learn about these witches, you’ll have a strong reaction if you were a witch in a past life. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you were a witch in that specific area, but it simply means you’re interested in the way of life due to a past connection.

You Hide Your Spiritual Beliefs

Throughout history, or at least during the last 2000 years, witches had to hide their beliefs. This was true regardless of where the witch lived.

If you were a witch in your past life, you probably had to pretend that you believed in certain things when you actually believed in the ideas behind witchcraft.

Now, you may still have this trait. You might feel uncomfortable talking about your spiritual beliefs if they’re not necessarily mainstream, but you also might steer clear of discussing spiritual beliefs at all, even if yours are readily accepted.

You Have Trouble Speaking Your Truth

Because witches were persecuted, many individuals who had past lives as witches now have trouble speaking the truth. If you find that you stay silent when you know something doesn’t sit right with you, this could be from “training” in a past life.

During the last 2000 years, witches had to be silent to survive. Christianity took over and regardless of what type of church ruled at any given time, witchcraft was not only a sin but often illegal and deadly.

Even though witchcraft is much more acceptable in this day and age, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a knee jerk reaction; this may have served you well in a past life and enabled you to survive.

You’re Afraid Of Bad Spirits Or Demons

Many science-minded folks don’t believe in bad spirits or demons, but witches certainly do. In witchcraft, there is complete balance, meaning there cannot be positive forces without negative forces.

Witches know how to protect themselves from detrimental spirits, especially as they practice to become more advanced, but you may have been afraid of demons and spirits before you knew how to ward yourself against them in this life.

Witches are very realistic, so it’s normal to be afraid of something if you believe it exists. If you found that this fear existed in a strong way during childhood, before you knew you wanted to be a witch, then this is probably a sign of a fear from a past life as a witch.

You’re Afraid Of Christianity

It was 100% natural for witches to be afraid of Christianity during many points in history. It was the invention of the Catholic Church that caused problems for witches. Before Catholicism, witchcraft was simply a way of life and wasn’t feared.

After Christianity took over, witches were persecuted in a number of ways. Any sane witch would have been afraid of Christianity.

If you feel a tick of fear surrounding Christianity or the church, that is a clear sign that you were a witch, especially in the last 2000 years.

You Have Witch Marks

Do you have odd, large birthmarks that you were born with? Birth marks are known as witches’ marks.

Although this is by no means proven, the mark of the witch can travel through lifetimes, so a birth mark can be an indicator that you were a witch in a past life.

Alternatively, this can be a sign that witchcraft is in your family DNA and that you have ancestral witches in your line.

Sometimes, past life witches don’t have physical marks, but they do have signs that they were a witch when they’re looking at past life astrology charts. These are astrological marks. Look to any witchy sign (Scorpio and Pisces most of the time) as well as the deeper houses (8th house and 12th house) or aspects that combine these.

You Were Interested In The Elements As A Child

As a child, were you especially interested in one or more of the elements? You may have felt powerful or emotional during a windy day, a rain storm, a snow storm, etc. You might have loved candles and fire, or you could have been a fan of the ocean.

Maybe you really loved the park, the woods, trees, and flowers, Sometimes, witches gravitate towards the Fae and all fairy-like things as children.

All of these interests are signs that you were a witch in a past life and have carried your powers over with you.

101+ Effective Healing Affirmations For The Body & Soul

101+ Effective Healing Affirmations For The Body & Soul

Affirmations only became popular over the last few years, but they’re now hugely celebrated for one simple reason: they work. Healing affirmations are especially powerful because they can help to overcome many different afflictions.

These affirmations for healing can apply in so many different cases. Whether you have a physical or mental illness, or you’re simply going through a difficult emotional time, these healing affirmations can quite literally change your reality.

The idea behind affirmations is that our thoughts (and words) create our corporeal world, so after enough repetition, we will start to believe the affirmation which will then change our body chemistry. This is great if you believe in energy work, but for all you science people out there, the data stands behind affirmations as well.

It might feel stupid at first to say an affirmation out loud, but just try it for a week or so and you’ll soon find that it feels natural and good.

How Can You Use These Affirmations For Healing?

There are so many different ways that you can use healing affirmations. Some ideas include printing (or writing) out the affirmation and hanging it in your home, setting it as your iPhone background, sleeping with the affirmation under your pillow, or even just repeating the affirmation a specific amount of times each day.

You can say the affirmation or look at it, but for the best effect, I recommend that you do both. The more you experience the words behind the affirmation, the more powerful the results will be.

How do you chose which affirmation will be most effective?

As always, go with your intuition. When you’re reading this list of 101+ healing affirmations, you should browse until you come across an affirmation that just feels right. You’ll know when you see it.

If a few different affirmations for healing sit well with you, then you can either work with multiple affirmations or work with one at a time until you achieve your desired results.

General Healing Affirmations:

These are affirmations for general healing if you want to focus on the self as a whole entity.

I give myself permission to heal.
I let go of my perceived pain.
I accept the lesson my pain is offering me.
I release the past and trust that everything is happening for my greatest good.
I know these circumstances are a gift to help me grow.
I trust that everything in my life is unfolding perfectly.
I bless the past and embrace the present moment with an open heart.
I am strong, independent and respect my boundaries.
Nothing and no one can take away my power.
I have wonderful loving relationships.
I allow myself to play every day.
I am proud of all my accomplishments.
I am filled with positive energy.
I express my joy through singing and dancing.
I am determined to cure my wounds, soul, mind, and see things differently.
The past is over and it has no power over me now. I refuse to be a victim anymore. I claim my power.
Everyone has something to teach me, I raise above the events and see the main picture.
I return the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love and humor.
I have a perfect body, a brilliant mind, and a tranquil spirit.

Physical Healing Affirmations:

These affirmations for healing focus specifically on physical healing. Your thoughts and words quite literally have the power to change your body chemistry!

Every time I think healing thoughts, my body responds in kind.
My body is getting stronger each day.
I put myself, my health, and healing above everything. I strive to live a good life.
The beauty of my face does not define me. The purity of my heart matters the most.
I see my current circumstances as an opportunity to grow.
As I focus more and more on how I *can* heal, new ideas and inspiration come into my life.
I trust and respect my body’s wisdom.
I am a priority in my life. My health and healing matter. I’m worthy of a life that feels good to live.
I release my feelings of pain and replace them with loving kindness for myself.
I allow myself to heal inside and out.
Pain is a teacher, and I am learning from it to face afflictions.
I am the master of my world. I release the hurt and move into future with joy and enthusiasm.
My health is improving.
Happiness is the music of my body, and vitality is its song.
I am deciding to get well. I am deciding to be well. There’s no other option.
My body is healing itself.
I am physically and emotionally connected to an abundant source of healing. It’s always available to me.
I welcome all the ways my body can be healed. I give every opinion and option my open mind. I hold every possibility in my spacious, generous heart.
My muscles give me the support I need.
I am more energetic than my wounds and sickness.
I choose food that nourishes every cell in my body.
I am at ease with my pain because I know it will heal soon.
The non-physical in me honors the physical me.
I know that everything isn’t going to change all at once in a day, but I can make small choices that lead to bigger changes.
I am in charge of my pain and understand the needs of my body.

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Emotional Healing Affirmations:

These emotional affirmations for healings focus on your feelings and emotional well-being.

I am ready to forgive anyone I feel has hurt me.
I allow myself to give and receive love.
I take responsibility for the quality of my relationships.
I am willing to give the love I expect from others.
My mantra in life is to forgive myself and those who hurt me.
I am happy to give without expectations.
I am capable of unconditional love.
I treat the people in my life with compassion and understanding.
I release all emotional blocks that stop me from enjoying peace of mind.
I set myself and others free by choosing to forgive.
Everything I am going through is making me a stronger, wiser, and more compassionate person.
I create loving and healthy relationships.
I am worthy of being loved.
I want to fly free; that’s why I have given up on everything that weighs me down.
I am willing to be at peace with myself and everyone.
I choose to forgive because it feels better to love.
I accept my imperfections, and I am grateful for all the blessings I have.
I choose to let go of the past and open my heart for love again.
I acknowledge my unresolved feelings with patience and self-reflection.
I am kind to myself and others.
I have the power to overcome my sadness.
I always choose love.
I can be tranquil in every situation.
I am gentle with myself through the healing process.
I accept and do not judge myself for feeling sad.
I see every emotion as guidance to my healing.
I am anxious, but so what? I can handle it.
I am becoming happier every day.
I have compassion and kindness for everyone.
I know that my feelings do not define my essence.
The love that I have for myself and others is beyond words.
I do not hold a grudge against those who have hurt me. I prefer to be free and ease myself.
How I feel matters, therefore I concentrate on aspects of life that make me feel good.

Mental Healing Affirmations:

These affirmations for healing focus specifically on your mind and mental health, as well as your thoughts.

I let go of my need to be right.
I accept my part in everything that happens in my life.
I am willing to amend my own behavior.
I allow the perspective of others to deepen my understanding and love for them.
I believe in my ability to manifest happiness and healing.
I visualize my highest self to take good care of my mind.
By changing my thoughts, I create peace in my world.
I practice being at peace when other people are agitated.
I’m ready to release the stories in my head and forgive myself for believing everything my inner critic has ever said.

Spiritual Healing Affirmations:

These spiritual affirmations for healing work to heal your soul at an energetic level.

I allow myself time and space for my soul to heal.
I attract people who can help me heal through love.
I move beyond forgiveness to understanding and I have compassion and kindness for all.
I believe everything happens for a reason, even though I may not know it in this moment.
I allow love to guide all my relationships.
I am determined to cure my wounds, soul, mind, and see things differently.
All things are unfolding as they are supposed to.
I am divinely protected, and stress is not going to control me.
I learn to love myself unconditionally, more and more every day.
I give time and space to my soul to restore.
God has created me uniquely and is always beside me.
I am gifted with the universe’s clarity, strength, and wholeness.
I have a purpose, and I need to fulfill it.
I voice my truth and intuitions.
I have unconditional love for everyone.
The problems are illusions, and I do not concentrate on them.
I am ready to answer the callings of my soul and guardian angels.
I prefer inner peace more than false hopes and temporary satisfactions.
I foster peace, energy, and love in my spirits.
I have a soul full of vitality and pure love.
Everything happens for a good reason, always.
I am accepting and know how to take care of myself.
All the affection I need is within me.

5 Ways to Do a Past Life Regression Meditation

5 Ways to Do a Past Life Regression Meditation

For a long time, past life regressions were kind of taboo. It’s only very recently (thanks to TikTok, in part!) that past life regression meditations became popular.

Of course, many people still don’t believe in past lives. Others are unsure. Whether you know past lives are real for certain or you’re just exploring, my hope is that this post will give you some insight into the different methods you can use to do a past life regression.

These methods are accessible and easy for anyone! Go with your gut and try out the past life regression meditation method that feels right.

1. Use The Youtube Guided Session

Brian Weiss is basically the past life master or guru in the spiritual community. He wrote one of the original books on past lives (Many Lives Many Masters).

He’s a super cool guy; he was a trained psychiatrist who believed only in science and accidentally discovered that past lives exist while hypnotizing a client.

Now, he’s one of the leading past life regressionists. If you want to actually do a past life regression (with your eyes closed by going into a deep meditation) and wish to see your own life, then I recommend using his guided regression on YouTube.

This video got popular on TikTok, but regardless of PR, it’s  a great regression whether you’re a beginner or advanced.

The video is about 30 minutes long; you’ll want to make sure you have a quiet place where you can relax without interruptions. You’ll also want to make sure you aren’t too tired so you don’t accidentally fall asleep.

Don’t stress too much about the specifics and just give it a try! You may be surprised by how much you discover. Click here to access the video.

This past life regression meditation is especially good for anyone who can’t afford a session with a trained professional but doesn’t feel ready to do a self-guided meditation.

2. Use Past Life Oracle Cards

love past life oracle cards. This is a simple way to do a past life reading without even closing your eyes.

My favorite past life oracle cards were created by Doreen Virtue and Brian Weiss, but Doreen Virtue is unfortunately no longer involved in spiritual practices, so these cards are no longer being sold.

They are available on Etsy, and I promise, it’s worth the wait in shipping time. Check them out here. These are the mini cards because they’re the only cards sold right now. Regardless, this is 100% the best past life oracle deck.

The oracle cards tell about different situations, places, people, and life purposes. For example, you could get Authority Figures and Finances one after the other. This would probably mean that you held a position of authority and managed money.

The first few cards will set the stage for your life, but keep pulling cards until you figure out what happened in your life. What did you learn from it? Was there one defining thing that still lingers in your unconscious memory? Why is the Universe showing you this life?

You may get some intuitive feelings as your pull cards – assume they’re right! For example, if you feel that the Authority Figures and Finances cards means you worked in a city in finance, you’re probably correct.

You may also get inklings as to the time period, setting, or people that were in your life.

If you have more questions after you’ll pulled a good amount of cards, try using the pendulum to clear them up or confirm your intuition.

This isn’t technically a past life regression meditation, but you can always do a simple meditation after you pull cards to actually see the life described.

3. Use The Pendulum

If you work with the pendulum, dowsing can be a simple way to discover a past life.

You’ll need to make a few of your own charts that pertain specifically to a past life. Here is a good example of a past life chart. I recommend drawing your own in any way that feels right.

You’ll want to get comfortable with your pendulum before you attempt to ask specific past life questions. Once you feel ready to do your past life reading, make sure to clear the pendulum beforehand and find a quiet place to work.

You can ask as many questions as needed to flesh out your past life I recommend making at least a few different charts to get details, as well as asking yes and no questions for confirmation.

4. Do A Self-Guided Past Life Regression Meditation

If you feel ready or are naturally pretty strong during mediations, you can attempt a self-guided past life regression meditation.

The process will be similar to the YouTube guided meditation (#1 in this list), but you will be guiding yourself.

You of course don’t need to actually speak the words in your head to guide yourself. You can simply visualize yourself taking the steps to walk through the relaxation period and then your past life.

With this method, it’s easy to get stuck in one potion of your past life. You’ll need to make sure that you continue to ask yourself: “what happens next?” in order to see a full life.

This is a great script that will give you an idea of the direction you need to go in. Because it’s your own past life regression meditation, you can personalize it however you’d like.

5. Book An Appointment With A Regressionist

If you want to start off with a professional or even just want to experience what a full past life regression feels like, search on Google for a past life regressionist in your area.

You’ll want to check reviews in order to find a good regressionist. There are some certifications that these professionals can have, but they don’t generally speak to the quality of the sessions.

These sessions are usually 2-3 hours long and are very involved. If you have trouble meditating, this is a good place to start for a past life regression meditation.

The one caveat is that these sessions are generally very expensive. If you can afford it, then by all means give it a try.

If you’re tight on cash or feel nervous about having someone else experience your personal past life, then try out the YouTube guided meditation at the top of this list.

Remember, regardless of the method you choose, follow your gut and be open to receiving information in any form. Sometimes the Universe will send you messages in ways you don’t expect!

Alternatively, if none of these methods are working for you but you enjoy studying astrology, try doing past life astrology and see if this works better. Past life astrology is so complicated that we wrote a whole other post on it – check it out here.

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Are You Claircognizant? The Gift Of Psychic Knowing: Claircognizance

Are You Claircognizant? The Gift Of Psychic Knowing: Claircognizance

Clairvoyance and clairaudience are incredibly popular today, but they’re also very specific gifts. Many of us have to work to hone these talents and don’t necessarily see or hear spirits naturally. Claircognizant abilities are much more common, even though they aren’t as popular.

I find that a lot of people are claircognizant without realizing it. My hope is that this post gives you insight into a psychic ability that you may naturally possess!

What is Claircognizance?

If you’re claircognizant, you basically know things to be true or not true without any logical reason. You don’t see, hear, touch, taste, or feel anything that alludes to your knowing, but it’s simply there.

Being claircognizant is difficult because it probably feels like a natural part of who you are. You might not realize that you have a psychic gift since it’s so hard to separate claircognizant abilities from the logic of your own mind.

The difference is that claircognizant knowings have no explanation. You might later notice the logic or reason of your knowings, but they originate from your Higher Self, your spirit guides, etc. and have no basis in your regular life. These knowings very clearly don’t come from your own mind.

What’s The Difference Between Claircognizance and Clairsentience?

The major “clairs” (clairvoyance and clairaudience) are relatively easy to understand. Both the words and the senses that are used for these psychic abilities are obvious to us.

Claircognizance and clairsentience can be more difficult concepts to grasp.

Clairsentience, loosely translated, means “clear-feeling.” If you’re clairsentient, you find answers and clarity through your feelings.

Those with clairsentience can easily derive an answer or have a realization through their emotions. To these folks, emotion and logic go hand-in-hand.

Claircognizance, on the other hand, means “clear-knowing” loosely translated. Feelings and emotions are not involved with claircognizance. If you’re claircognizant, you get logical, factual knowings that are in fact quite separated from your emotions.

Is It Possible To Be Claircognizant and Clairsentient?

Of course! It’s quite possible to have all of the psychic senses, although this is rare if you haven’t worked to develop them.

I do find that claircognizance and clairsentience are almost opposite. One usually comes before the other. Generally, people will either have the intuitive feeling or the intuitive knowing first. The second will follow shortly after.

It’s helpful to figure out what sense comes most naturally to you. Working to develop that sense first gives you a clear path to advanced psychic.

Read the 5 signs of claircognizance below to help you to determine if you’re claircognizant or clairsentient!

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5 Signs You’re Naturally Claircognizant:

There are many ways to tell if you have natural claircognizant abilities, but in my opinion, these 5 markers mean that you possess strong natural claircognizance. Keep in mind that you can always strengthen any psychic ability, should you wish to develop it.

5. Your Dreams Give You Knowings

There are many different types of dreams. Some people notice vivid details through vision in their dreams, some hear the audio quite clearly, and others even taste food or drink.

It’s very common to experience dreams that are flooded with emotion. After you wake from these types of dreams, the details may be fuzzy, but the emotions are very sharp.

Claircognizant dreams are a bit different than the regular. Emotion may or may not be present in the dream or after you wake, but the key is that you experience a factual knowing. You will probably wake with some bit of knowledge that you didn’t have before the dream and you’ll recognize instantly that it’s true.

While these knowings are sometimes accompanied by emotion, the hallmark of a claircognizant dream is that the actual piece of enlightenment you gained from the dream is factual and exists separate from emotion.

If you’re claircognizant, you may have these dreams often, but experiencing them (even a few times in your lifetime) is a clear mark of claircognizant abilities.

4. You Experience Fast Downloads

Do you ever get a sudden rush of information that feels overwhelming? It might be quite random or it might be about a problem that you’ve been mulling over. Most psychics call this rush a download from your spirit guides.

If you experience downloads that are factual in nature or give you clear, unemotional answers that make logical sense, then you’re probably claircognizant. This is one of the biggest signs.

Honing these skills (to help you receive more information during a quick download) can be super useful, even in everyday life!

Additionally, you might get Deja Uu from time to time. This is another form of a download, although the meaning can be a bit more cryptic.

I find that Deja Vu is often the first signal of psychism in anyone, especially if it happens often. If you’re claircognizant, your Deja Vu will have an element of remembering something rather than remembering feelings.

Whether you’re actually able to remember it or you can’t remember it (but feel like something important is on the tip of your tongue) depends on the person and on the level of experience, but it’s the fact that you feel that you should know something that classifies this type of Deja Vu as claircognizant.

The reason I include Deja Vu here is because it is essentially a download and it’s sometimes so fast that you can’t even decipher the meaning. Spirits communicate at an incredibly rapid energetic pace, so it can be super difficult for human beings to understand every communication. Our minds simply don’t work that fast.

I personally feel that Deja Vu is essentially a spirit (or spirit guide) communicating to you all at once. The amount of energy that suddenly gathers can have an effect on you, therefore you experience a type of out of body “remembering.”

3. You Can Spot Liars Easily

You don’t need a gut feeling to know that someone is being insincere or straight up lying to you. For some reason, you’re just quite sure of it.

Claircognizance is knowing without having any of your senses activated expect your mind. You might not even need to pick up on the signals that a person is lying (although you might store those away in your mind to confirm your theory); you just know it.

It can actually be a bit difficult to be claircognizant because you have no solid answer as to why you know it. You can explain that you saw it, heard it, or felt it psychically, but how do you explain just knowing something that you didn’t know a few moments ago? The key is to trust the messages that you receive.

You might find that your claircognizance kicks into overdrive when you’re around people you feel threatened by. These are often insincere people; insincerity is something you’re naturally good at spotting.

You can also easily spot people who are genuine. You may feel positive instantly towards someone without knowing them. You might just decide that a person is truthful without digging. If you’re often right, these are signs of claircognizance.

2. You Get Out Of The Blue Ideas Or Messages

All of the psychic senses can feel sudden. If you’re clairvoyant, for example, you’ll be looking at the regular world and abruptly see a picture in your mind that has nothing to do with your surroundings.

Claircognizance is no different. If you’re claircognizant, you’ll suddenly realize something that you didn’t know before in the blink of an eye.

There are so many types of knowings that can occur for a claircognizant individual. For example, you might suddenly realize that you shouldn’t go to a certain outing, that your dog doesn’t like their new bed, or that your mother wants you to call her. You will get factual knowledge that can be anything from a dire warning to a small tidbit of information.

Sometimes, these messages will be about yourself or your own life, while other times you may get claircognizant messages about other people, animals, plants, etc.

You may get a lot of ideas out of the blue that you’re excited to try. I often get claircognizant messages about projects I’m working on and these knowings push me forward because I suddenly have a clear direction. When I act on these knowings, I’m almost always successful.

Some people get claircognizant messages about just one area of their life, while others receive more random claircognizant messages that pertain to many topics.

1. Your Knowings Are Factual In Nature

Being claircognizant doesn’t mean that you experience a wave of emotion which then contributes to a knowing. Instead, you receive the knowing first.

Claircognizant knowings are factual in nature. A specific knowing might trigger an emotional response if it feels personal to you, but this will come after you receive the knowing.

For example, if you’re studying past life astrology in your birth chart, you will get informational facts about your past life rather than feeling the emotions that the previous “you” felt.

The reason your knowings are factual is because your spirit guides and Higher Self are all factual beings. To them, all things that happen simply are. When you have the claircognizant line of communication, they don’t need to reach you through emotion, so they can simply transmit the idea or thought.

Those with claircognizant abilities are extremely mental. In a way, this is psychism of the mind. It’s as if a knowing or idea suddenly sprang from your mind (similar to Zeus in Greek Mythology) without you needing to work for it.

Want to learn more about developing your psychic abilities? I highly recommend this book: it includes great exercises to help you develop all 6 psychic senses!


The 10+ Best Oracle Card Decks For Beginners

The 10+ Best Oracle Card Decks For Beginners

I’m a huge fan of Tarot cards and use my Tarot decks regularly, but there’s something about Oracle cards that just speaks to me.

There are less rules and restrictions; every deck is 100% unique. When I use a deck and get the exact answer that I need, I really do feel like the universe is talking directly to me.

I often recommend Oracle cards to beginner readers, because on top of being so much fun, they’re a lot easier to work with. Tarot can be very tricky if you’re new to reading. Oracle cards require less knowledge and more intuition.

There really is no “beginner” Oracle card deck because they’re all so unique. I believe that you should start with a deck that feels right to you and build your collection over time. Oracle card decks are one of my favorite divination tools to use when I’m feeling free and inspired!

Today I’m sharing my favorite 10 Oracle card decks under $30! These decks are absolutely gorgeous and span a whole range of interests. Whether you like your decks a little darker (like the Halloween deck) or more on the spiritual side (such as the Starseed deck), there’s something for everyone here.

The Halloween Oracle: Lifting the Veil between the Worlds Every Night

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Living Wheel Astrology Oracle Cards

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Work Your Light Oracle Cards

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Moonology Oracle Cards

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The Psychic Tarot Oracle Cards: a 65-Card Deck, plus booklet

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Messages from the Mermaids

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The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook

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Fairy Wisdom Oracle Deck and Book Set

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Spellcasting Oracle Cards

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The Starseed Oracle: A 53-Card Deck and Guidebook

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7 Easy Exercises To Develop Strong Clairaudience

7 Easy Exercises To Develop Strong Clairaudience

We often think of clairvoyance, which is psychic sight, when we hear the word psychic. In reality, there are many different ways that you can be psychic.

Most well-know psychic readers combine a few different techniques. For example, a psychic reader might see and hear as well as recieve knowings that guide their readings.

I recently wrote a post about clairaudience, or psychic hearing. I got quite a few questions about how clairaudience can be developed, so today I’m sharing some exercises that work well for me.

I’m not one of those people that was born with natural clairaudience. In fact, psychic hearing is one of the least natural psychic senses for me, yet I have been able to develop it over time. I really believe that anyone can develop all of the psychic sense with enough practice!

When you start to become clairaudient, you might hear words and sounds within your mind, or you might actually hear with your ears. Either way is 100% normal; we all have slightly different psychic senses.

Eventually, you’ll probably be able to hear both inside your mind and with your ears. If you’re just starting out, it’s typically easier to focus on hearing inside your mind.

Here are 7 exercises to develop strong clairaudience with a bit of practice!

7. Tune In To The Sounds Of The Earth

If you’re just beginning your journey to become clairaudient, you need to learn how to hear and discriminate between different sounds.

For this exercise, find a quiet place you can sit; this can be done inside or outside. Settle in and close your eyes. Begin to listen closely to the sounds around you, both those nearby and far away.

Once you’ve listened generally for a few minutes, try to isolate one sound. For example, if there’s a strong wind, you could listen to it and attempt to tune out all other sounds. Try to hear what the wind is saying and pick up on its energy through sound waves.

You can isolate any sound that you’d like, but I find that this exercise works better with sounds in nature (such as wind, water, birds, etc.).

6. Have A Friend Send You A Word

If you have a friend who is willing to practice clairaudience with you, then this is a great (and difficult!) exercise. Ask a friend to think of a word and send it to you. The friend can picture the word (letters and all) going into your head, but they must be actually saying the word in their mind rather than just speaking it.

Once they confirm that they’ve sent the word, you want to open your mind and wait to see what pops into your head. Listen for the sound of the word and close up your visual mind; if you start to the see the word or a picture of what it means then you need to ask them to specifically send the sound.

5. Practice With Flashcards & Spirit

If you don’t have a friend you feel comfortable practicing with then you can do a similar exercise with your spirit guides.

For this exercise, you’ll need flashcards. Write simple words that you like on these flashcards, such as cat, tree, dress, etc. I recommend making at least 20 flashcards to start.

Choose a flashcard without looking at it and lay it face down. Ask your spirit guides to speak the word on the flashcard to you. Open your mind and wait for the information to come in. Again, you don’t want to picture the word or object, but you want to hear it in your mind.

This exercise can take a while to do at first. I have sat with my mind “open” for 15+ minutes before I received an answer. It’s hard to hear our spirit guides because they vibrate at such a high frequency. Just remember that you’re training your psychic ears with this exercise, even if you don’t feel like it worked (it did!).

4. Imagine The Sounds

If you need to sharpen your hearing skills, a good place to start is with the imagination. This is a helpful exercise when you feel like you’re hitting a brick wall and you just can’t hear.

Listen to a song that you enjoy for 30 seconds or so, then shut the song off. Close your eyes and hear the song in your mind. Try to replicate the song as close as your can to the real thing. Make sure you include every instrument, inflection, etc.

Turn the song back on and see how close you were. You can repeat this exercise as many times as you’d like. The goal is to sharpen your senses and to focus your mind so you can pick up on subtle energies.

3. Ask For A Song As An Answer To Your Question

This exercise works well when you’re in the car or otherwise engaged but still want to practice. You’ll need a specific question, preferably one that you truly want an answer to.

Ask your spirit guides your question and set the intention that the next song to come on will hold the answer. Make sure that you’re either listening to the radio or set your music to shuffle randomly.

When the next song begins playing, listen extremely closely to the lyrics and the music. The answer isn’t always obvious and may just be in one line or even in the tone of the music.

The purpose of this exercise is to sharpen your clairaudient sense and awareness, even when you’re not specifically meditating. This is a great real-world exercise that prepares you to psychically hear throughout the day instead of just during your practice.

2. Ask A Question And Hear A Song In Your Head

This is a level up from the last exercise. When you feel ready, ask your spirit guides a question and set the intention that you will hear a song to answer the question in your head or mind.

You’ll need to be in a quiet place to be able to hear the song and will need to open your mind and allow the music to stream through. Go with whatever you hear, even if it feels random or off. We often don’t get the answers we expect!

1. Meditate On A Question

If you want to practice clairaudience in the most typical way, then you’ll need a quiet place you can meditate. Some people are very against meditating, but this exercise doesn’t call for a deep meditation: you simply need to close your eyes and open your mind.

Ask your spirit guides a specific question that you’d like the answer to and set the intention that you will receive the answer through audio. Close your eyes, open your mind, and wait to hear an answer.

In my experience, a very simple answer to your question will pop into your head. It’s often an answer you wouldn’t have thought of. You might hear the tone of voice of the speaker or might not, but you’ll likely know whether the answer is true.

This is a great exercise to practice often if you want to get really good at hearing psychically. The more you practice, the quicker this exercise will go, and someday the answer can be almost immediate.

I hope these exercises help you develop your clairaudient skills. Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions in the comments!

Are You Clairaudient? 5 Signs You Have Psychic Hearing

Are You Clairaudient? 5 Signs You Have Psychic Hearing

Psychism is so exciting, but it can feel pretty elusive. I truly believe that everyone is psychic and can develop different types of supernatural gifts. I often get asked: what are steps you can actually take to do this?

Firstly, I think it’s helpful to know what psychic senses you possess naturally, because the strongest is often the easiest sense to develop first.

The main ways you can have psychic senses are through:

  • Clairvoyance: seeing
  • Clairaudience: hearing
  • Clairsentience: feeling
  • Clairalience: smelling
  • Clairgustance: tasting
  • Claircognizance: knowing

If you want to read all about the 5 signs that you may be clairvoyant (which is psychic seeing) click here!

Here are 5 easy signs that you have strong natural clairaudience, which is psychic hearing. Keep in mind that even if these signs don’t fit you it is possible to develop any of the senses, it will just take more time.

5. You Sometimes Hear A High Pitched Ringing Noise In Your Ears

Have you ever heard a sudden high pitched noise that didn’t have an origin? The first few times this happened to me, I was sure it was construction outside, but it turns out that this is actually your spirit guides speaking to you.

Guides speak at a much higher frequency so it can be hard for humans to tune in and accurately depict individual words. Hearing this high pitched noise means that you’re slightly tuned into the frequency and just need to refine your hearing!

4. You Tend To Hear First When Doing a Past Life Regression Or Meditating

When you’re in a deep hypnosis or trance for the purpose of doing a past life regression or meditation, what sense becomes clear first?

For example, if you’re supposed to be on a beach during your meditation, do you see the water and sand first or do you hear the sounds of the ocean and wind? If hearing is the first (or even one of the first) senses then this is a good indicator of clairaudience.

3. You’ve Heard Other Voices In Your Mind

I don’t mean this in a way that could signal mental illness at all. If you’re hearing voices in your head that are telling you false information, instructing you to perform harmful actions, etc. then that is definitely not clairaudience and would be better dealt with by your doctor. If however, you sometimes hear a sentence from a voice other than your own that gives you guidance, this can be a sign of clairaudience.

For example, you may be considering an issue when you suddenly hear a voice give you insight. I usually hear this in my mind (not with my physical ears) but it sounds very different from my own internal voice.

2. You Talk To Yourself In Full Sentences

Are you ever in the car or the shower and you just have to say a full sentence out loud? This is often because you have so many words in your head that you need to put the words out there.

Even though this doesn’t feel like something that is psychic per se, this can be a sign of a busy mind due to the amount of information that you’re receiving from the universe. It’s also a sign that you’re working on organizing your thoughts which can help you to become a more coherent clairaudient.

1. Thoughts Pop Into Your Mind With No Clear Origin

Are you ever going about your daily life and have a sudden thought that you know didn’t come from your own head? I find that these thoughts are often ideas I couldn’t dream up if I tried, so I know that they’re from spirit.

These thoughts are a sign that you do have some level of natural clairaudience, but as you work to develop it, you will start to have more and more guidance throughout the day and may even be able to ask for it directly.


7 Easy Exercises to Develop Strong Clairvoyance

7 Easy Exercises to Develop Strong Clairvoyance

After I published this post all about indicators that you might be clairvoyant, I’ve been inundated with questions on how to actually develop clairvoyance.

It’s surprisingly hard to find specific exercises that will develop psychic abilities. I’ve found so many websites that tell you to simply practice visualizing something, but by itself this exercise just doesn’t grow strong clairvoyance.

So, here are 7 easy to understand exercises that will help you develop your clairvoyant abilities.

I ranked these exercises from beginner to advanced. If you’re new to working on your psychic abilities, start with the first few exercises on this list, but if you’re looking for more advanced practices, scroll to the bottom and check out the last two.

7. Visualization Exercise With An Object

This is one of the beginner exercises on this list. You won’t actually be connecting with spirits or getting information, but you do need to have a specific skill set in order to see psychically; this is the first step.

To do this exercise, choose an object to work with that’s small and distinguishable. Some examples are a stuffed animal, a plant, or a tea cup.

Set the object down in front of you and study it closely for a few minutes, then close your eyes and try to picture the object in your mind’s eye. Get as many details as you can. Ideally, the object would be perfectly accurate in your mind.

After you’ve done all you can, open your eyes and see how accurate your picture was. Study the object again, then repeat the exercise and see if you can get the picture to look exact.

What this exercise does is helps you to develop clear psychic vision. Those of us born with clairvoyant abilities (usually) still need to put the work in to make the pictures more clear. Often, beginner clairvoyance is really fuzzy and non-specific.

This exercise will direct your abilities and help you capture more specific pictures, even when you’re (later) getting the information from spirits instead of just seeing the object in front of you. I recommend repeating this exercise a few times a week.

6. Practice With Spirit Guides

First, you’ll need to establish contact with a spirit guide who will work with you on growing your clairvoyant abilities. This is pretty to do – simply ask (out loud if you feel like it) for a clairvoyance development guide. Most of the time, someone will show up to help you within 5 minutes or so. Just to be on the safer side, ask that they be 100% light with only pure intentions.

If you’re already pretty psychic, you can ask your spirit guide what you should do to further your practice. If you’re not quite sure what to say (and are a little newer to practicing), then there’s one easy exercise that your guide will most likely do with you.

Ask your spirit guide to put a specific picture into your head. It can be quite literally anything, so keep your mind open. Close your eyes, open your chakras (if you find that you receive more information this way) and wait for the picture to come to you.

It may form slowly. That’s perfectly okay. Take your time and look at every little detail in the picture until it’s extremely well filled-out.

One picture I received from a spirit guide was of a river (that I’ve never been to) with a rowboat on it. After I spent time filling in all of the details, I realized from the leaves in the water that it was autumn. The boat was actually a bit rotted and falling apart but had a nice energy to it. I was able to pick up details about the animals in the picture, the bark of the trees, the clouds in the sky, etc.

The more you work on this exercise the better you’ll get at seeing details.

This whole exercise is only in your mind’s eye and doesn’t use your actual eyesight at all, so you’ll want to have your eyes closed in order to focus.

5. Set The Intention To Receive Messages and Pictures Through Dreams

This is more of a passive exercise that you can do while you’re actively working on your abilities in other ways. Before going to bed at night, say out loud:

“I ask my spirit guides to send messages and pictures through dreams with the intent of improving my clairvoyant abilities.”

Saying it out loud seems to work better for me, but if you’re unable to do that you can whisper the words or just say them inside your head.

See what comes up in your dreams and if they happen to become more vivid. When you do have dreams that you feel are from your spirit guides, don’t forget to write them down. I keep a dream journal and put as many details down as I can.

4. Meditate And/Or Do Past Life Regressions

Most clairvoyants aren’t immediately able to see spirits with their eyes open. I do know a few people with this gift, but it’s extremely rare. Don’t worry if you’re not able to do this. You probably just need to develop your abilities.

An intermediate way to do this is to build meditation (with intention) into your weekly routine. I recommend meditating (with the purpose of developing your clairvoyant abilities) at least once a week. I find twice a week to be optimal.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a relaxing meditation. This is an exercise. There are a few different ways to do this successfully.

One way is to ask your spirit guides to escort you on a past life regression. You can see a different past life every time you meditate, but make sure to fill out the whole picture. At first, your past lives may look a little fuzzy, but you will want to bring all of the smaller details into focus.

For example, if you see yourself standing in a field, instead of asking what happened in your life, flesh out the field. What color is the grass? Are there flowers? What shoes are you wearing? What does the sky look like? Focus on the visual and try to build a complete picture.

Another way to do this exercise is to do a specific meditation. You can look these up online or find scripts on YouTube. Often, these meditations will have you walking through a field, a garden, a beach, etc. The trick is not to relax into the meditation, but to use your mental focus to sharpen the image. Ask yourself similar questions about your surroundings (the colors, textures, etc.) and create a super clear picture. Meditation is a good option if you’d rather not get into past lives at this time.

3. Practice Seeing Auras

If you want to learn to use your clairvoyant abilities with your eyes open (which is certainly more advanced), a good place to start is seeing auras.

An aura is the energetic field that surrounds any living being. You can see an aura on yourself (by practicing in the mirror), on other people, on pets, on plants/trees, etc.

I like to practice in a few different ways. Firstly, you can set a house plant against a white or neutral wall. Spend 10-15 minutes looking at the plant. Let your eyes fuzz out slightly if that helps and observe the area just around the plant. Eventually, you should be able to see the first bit of energy that creates the aura. If you can’t see colors, that’s totally okay – this will come in time.

Another way to practice is in the mirror. I find it easier to see my own aura in a dark room. I basically do the same exercise as I do with the plant.

The aura extends surprisingly far off of someone. As you practice this, you’ll be able to see further and further. At first, you might only see the aura right off of someone’s head or body, and that’s totally fine. Even if you don’t see something for the first 5 sessions or so, you’re actually programming your brain to see energy (although it may feel like you’re not doing anything). Keep practicing!

2. Practice Seeing Energy Between Your Hands

Similar to seeing auras, this exercise develops clairvoyance with your eyes open. It’s much easier to “see” psychically with your eyes closed, so these exercises are a bit more advanced and can take longer to master.

Hold your hands in front of you about 4-6 inches apart with your palms facing each other. Give the energy a few minutes to gather. As it does, you’ll start to feel your palms buzzing.

Spend 10 minutes or so looking at this energy between your hands. You can let your eyes fuzz out (or unfocus) if this helps. You may only see a small bit of energy at first or even nothing at all. This is totally normal. If you repeat this exercise a few times a week, this sight will develop.

After you’ve spent a few minutes seeing the energy, you can try slowly moving your hands further away, then closer together, and watch the energy stretch.

1. Practice Telepathically Sending Card Images

This is one of the hardest exercises to do. You’ll need a friend or partner to work with.

Grab a deck of cards (regular cards, Tarot cards, Oracle cards – whatever works!) and choose a card without showing it to your partner. Picture the card in your mind as clearly as possible and see if you can transfer that image into the mind of your friend.

You can picture the image going into your friend’s mind however you find easiest, whether you see it being implanted into their mind, traveling on a string, or shown in front of their eyes. See if your friend can either guess or describe the card.

This can take a long time to get. I like to practice this for 15 minutes or so a few times a week. Eventually, you’ll get very good at it, but don’t expect results the first time and don’t give up if you’re struggling. I promise, it can work!

I hope these exercises help you develop your clairvoyant skills. Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions in the comments!

Are You Clairvoyant? 5 Signs You Have The Psychic Sight

Are You Clairvoyant? 5 Signs You Have The Psychic Sight

The word “psychic” is thrown around so often that it’s easy to misuse it. Someone who is psychic will receive psychic information through one of the many senses, so there are multiple different types of psychics.

The main ways you can have psychic senses are through:

  • Clairvoyance: seeing
  • Clairaudience: hearing
  • Clairsentience: feeling
  • Clairalience: smelling
  • Clairgustance: tasting
  • Claircognizance: knowing

I plan on doing a segment on each of the “Clairs,” but this specific post will focus on Clairvoyance, which is psychic sight.

Let me start by saying that I truly believe everybody is psychic in one way or another. I think that we are all capable of developing each of the these skills, but certain senses will come more naturally to each of us.

I’ll talk about the 5 indicators that you have natural clairvoyance in this post, but if you don’t have all of the indicators, you can certainly still develop psychic sight. It will take a bit more work but it’s certainly possible.

If you’re just starting to develop your psychic abilities, I recommend focusing on the sense that comes the most naturally to you.

I find that most people possess multiple psychic senses, but are often strong with either hearing or seeing. Sometimes a person has both equally strong, but (in my experience) this is rare. See if these signs apply to you and if psychic sight is something you may want to develop.

Without further ado, here are the 5 indicators that you have strong natural psychic sight, otherwise known as clairvoyance!

5. You Create A Picture In Your Head When Hearing A Story Or Reading

Imagine a friend is telling you a story about what happened to them over the weekend. Are you picturing the scene in your mind’s eye? This is a sign of clairvoyance.

Another clear sign is attempting to picture the scene when you’re reading a book. This gets me in a bit of trouble when I eventually watch the movie version of a book because it’s never exactly what I pictured, but this is helpful if you’re working to develop clairvoyance!

4. You See Floaters Out Of The Corner Of Your Eye

Do you ever see something move out of the corner of your eye? It could be sparkly light, colorful light, or even little black floaters. This is often an indication of clairvoyance.

The idea is that it’s much easier to see energy (or spirits) when you let your guard down, so you may tend to see this light out of the corner of your eye first because you aren’t focusing on it.

3. You Visualize First When Meditating

Do you find it easy to visualize when you’re meditating? If this is how you tend to start off your visualizations then that is a clear sign of clairvoyance.

If you’re unsure, search for a guided meditation on YouTube. Sit down, close your eyes, and follow along. See if you instantly picture something, or if you draw in the picture through other senses (noises, smells, etc.). Notice how vivid your picture is and how easily you are able to conjure it.

Another way to test this is to do a past life regression. If you’re easily able to visualize your past life then you definitely have some clairvoyance. If you tend to hear or know rather than see, you may want to explore other psychic avenues first.

2. You Sometimes See Energy Or Auras

Do you ever see colors above someone’s head? This is a clear indicator of clairvoyance. You may also see energy moving in a room (where there should be only air) which is another sign.

If you don’t tend to see auras or energy without really trying, don’t worry too much – you may need to develop your psychic sight further (this can be one of the last things to come) or you may have other senses that are stronger.

1. Your Dreams Are Visual

One of the first signs of clairvoyance, even in children, is super visual dreams. You may be in a varied layout in a dream that you’ve never seen in real life. This is a clear indicator of psychic sight, especially if your dreams are always different, visual, and colorful.

Interested in developing your clairvoyant abilities? Check out these 7 easy exercises to develop your psychic sight!