How To Protect Yourself In Your Dreams


Most of us write off bad dreams as unfortunate effects of the unconscious mind. And sometimes, that’s true! But in my experience, we can be easily attacked in the dreamscape unless we take specific steps to protect our souls.

We are most vulnerable in the dream world. This world doesn’t work like ours – anything can happen at any time. Typically, unless experts at lucid dreaming, we also don’t know how to manipulate or change the dreamscape, so we can’t effectively protect ourselves.

How Can You Be Attacked In A Dream?

Some “attack” dreams are very obvious. If someone nefarious is chasing you or hurting you, and you get the sense that the energy from the other person is real, that they’ve invaded your dream, then this is a clear symbol of an attack.

Other attack dreams are much less obvious. Have you ever dreamed about a person you no longer speak to and thought about the dream for the rest of the day? If this dream happens only once then this could be a fluke, a symptom of a restless unconscious mind. But if this dream scenario happens over and over in various ways, then you may want to consider that the person is an energy vampire. And either consciously or unconsciously, they are siphoning energy from you. When you spend the day thinking about the person or the dream, you’re literally giving your energy away.

Entities can also attack you in dreams using symbolism. You probably won’t even know what’s going on, but the symbol becomes embedded in your unconscious mind. Symbols have power and some function as energy drains. Over time, you will give away more and more energy to the entity and have no idea how you got linked.

Some really powerful entities can manipulate your dreams to make you feel afraid or ashamed, then siphon away that negative energy. Others can even trap that dream piece of you in a low-frequency location and establish a link to siphon your energy.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can be attacked in the dream landscape without even realizing what’s taking place. That’s why it’s so important to protect your energy before you get attacked.

Why Would You Be Attacked In Your Dreams?

Most people or entities who want to attack you will also be the ones who need to siphon other people’s energy to survive. They choose to attack you in dreams because you’re most vulnerable. We’re told that dreams are just projections of the unconscious mind, that there is no energy in dreams. But if you believe in astral travel, then you must also believe that our dreams are projections that are real, at least in some sense.

Instead of physically attacking a person (which takes a lot of energy), entities will often choose to attack in dreams. They hold the upper hand here – they know the landscape and can manipulate the dream based on what scripts they see running in your unconscious mind.

Most of the time, people or entities who attack in dreams want to steal your energy. And they’re very successful at doing this on the sly. This is why it’s essential to protect yourself and your energy field.

Keep in mind that these “attacks” won’t always feel bad or scary. If anything, the dream might just be confusing or perplexing to you. But it’s still an attack because you’ve lost some of the energy that’s meant to be yours.

How To Protect Yourself In Dreams:

So, how do you actually protect yourself?

First of all, set wards around not just your physical body but also your astral/energetic bodies (all of them). Picture these wards following your energetic body as it leaves during sleep. Picture a ward that molds to you, however your energetic body shifts, and does not let outsiders in.

To set a ward, just picture a golden bubble around your body and reinforce it. You can look up ways to do this online, watch YouTube videos, or develop your own system of wards. If you’re interested in learning more about wards and protection magic in-depth, including the different types of wards and how to layer them, check out this course on protection magic.

You should also state, every night before bed, that you do not permit entities to enter your dreams. This out-loud statement works very well for me. I have been attacked repeatedly by specific individuals in my dreams, yet the attacks cease as soon as I make this statement before bed. When I miss a night, the attacks resume.

Here is a sample of what I say each night before bed:

I do not consent to allow anyone in my dream landscapes, on any level, who I would not personally deem to have 100% positive intentions for me. So mote it be.

I word it this way so that I am the judge of who enters. If you simply say “anyone who doesn’t have positive intentions,” then entities may slip through if they believe that their intentions are positive. After all, these entities are very low frequency and may feel that vampirism is good.

And that’s it! Pretty easy, right? I know this doesn’t seem like a lot, but it’s incredibly effective and important.

If you’re not sure whether you’ve ever been attacked, then you may want to keep a dream journal both before and after you set these wards. This can help you determine over time why you have specific dreams. Discernment is key here!