Composite Chart Ascendant in Astrology

composite chart ascendants

Composite charts are midpoint charts between two people and can tell you a lot about your relationship with another person. Unlike synastry, which looks at both people’s charts together and tells you the different aspects between people, composite charts look at the relationship chart

Relationships, much like homes, businesses, and countries, have birth charts. Relationship charts may look at the day the relationship started, or, often more accurately, the midpoint (or meeting point) between the two separate people. This is a composite chart. 

In Composite Chart Astrology, the Composite Ascendant is how the couple “comes off” to the world. It is how the couple appears, how they act around people and the perception that the world gets from the couple.

Note that this is different than the way you come off by yourself– this is not the energy that people get from you alone just from being in the relationship, but rather the perception of the relationship. 

Composite Ascendant in Aries

Composite Ascendant Aries couples come off as very vibrant, very warm, and very bold. This is a couple whose issues will present on the outside, but who will appear to be very warm and passionate regardless. They are not afraid to talk about their good and bad times. Composite Ascendant Aries couples are very take-charge, and they appear to always be doing something– on some kind of adventure or simply going out together. 

The world will see the Composite Ascendant Aries couple as very immediate. They tend to react very quickly to struggles between them, and may even have outbursts in public. When they are upset with each other, it shows immediately. They have very little patience with each other, and especially when dealing with issues. 

With the Composite Ascendant Aries couple, people may see them as being a very passionate but very rocky couple. Because their problems and anger tend to lie on the outside of the relationship, people often see this when they first meet them. Or, if the Composite Ascendant Aries couple are in a good place, this could come off as being very public about it.

This is a couple that may have a lot of PDA in public. They are very touchy feely, and it is almost as if their passion in the bedroom is visible to other people. Composite Ascendant Aries couples are very confident in their relationship, and very bold about what they are and what they are not. There are no nuances, no secrets. If they have an issue, the world will know about it, and if they have a very good sexual chemistry, the world will know about that as well. 

One of the downfalls of Composite Ascendant Aries couples is that they can come across as being a bit selfish towards this relationship. Since Aries is the self in astrology, the self in this couple refers to the relationship. They may leave others out, brag about their own relationship, and can often talk over people or make inside jokes around others. Their bold attitude towards their relationship may come off as rude to those who are not in it. 

There is a hint of drama in every Composite Ascendant Aries relationship. They are the kind of couple who will scream at each other on the street one moment, and then be making out behind the dumpster the next. It appears to the public that they are always up and down, there is nothing constant or solid about them.

Compromise for these couples is challenging, and they may have the same issues over and over because neither of them will relent.  Some examples in TV and media of Composite Ascendant Aries relationships are 

Composite Ascendant Taurus

Composite Ascendant Taurus couples come across as very traditional. They likely went through all the old fashioned ways of getting together, are very constant, and do not show a lot of ups and downs to the world. They are a private couple who keeps their issues between them, and they value loyalty over everything. 

This couple is very reliable and practical. Composite Ascendant Taurus couples likely have means to do very outstanding and adventurous things, as they work hard and likely have a lot of money saved up. However, they are not flashy or glamorous, and would rather spend their money in practical ways than on extravagant things. 

Composite Ascendant Taurus couples are very solid. From the moment they met, they always seemed the same. To the outside world, this is a couple that would never and could never break up– they seemingly have it all figured out.

Because Composite Ascendant Taurus couples have Scorpio in their 7th house, intense transformation and change is the shadow side of their relationship. They are very secretive about the things that don’t work in their relationship, so the world will never see them as anything other than solid and reliable. 

When a Composite Ascendant Taurus couple enters the room, goes out to dinner with a friend, or even has people over, there is the assumption that they will be picking up the bill. They tend to be more well-off with their friends, and their generosity as a couple is no question. 

Composite Ascendant Taurus couples think of things in the long term, and they are never rash with their decisions. They don’t threaten to end the relationship when they fight, and it appears that at the end of the day, they will always be together. They like consistency and they do not appreciate changes that catch them off guard. Composite Ascendant Taurus couples are rarely thrown off-center from their goals, and they rely on each other to get them through the hard times. 

However, it can be very difficult for Composite Ascendant Taurus couples to break their rut. They may fall into a routine, and even though both of them crave experiences beyond mundane life, they may over-value the consistency in their relationship and never actually make those changes. This is a very secure and stable relationship, and often if it ends, the world won’t understand why. One example of a Composite Ascendant Taurus couple in TV and Media is Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd from Grey’s Anatomy. 

Composite Ascendant Gemini

With Composite Ascendant Gemini, this couple is very mental, rather than emotional or physical. They are logical, quick witted, and very fun to be around, though it may not make sense that they would actually be romantic together to others. They think and communicate with ease together, likely working out a lot of issues early on in the relationship just by using these tactics. 

These two inspire a lot in each other. They are very curious about the world, and spend a lot of time questioning the things around them and discussing ideas in depth. They are very go-with-the-flow and adaptable in their relationship, and they may come off as the couple who is “up for anything.”

When they enter a room, they do so with ease. They don’t stick to each others sides, they enter as a unit and break apart to go have small conversations with other people. Composite Ascendant Gemini couples are masters of the arts of hosting and attending parties, and no room feels complete without their presence.

There is a lot of freedom in the Composite Ascendant Gemini relationship. These two are flexible with each other and there are never control issues from an outside perspective. There is a natural trust that flows between these people, which gives them the capability of exploring the world as individuals. They may seem more like close friends than a romantic relationship to others. 

Composite Ascendant Gemini couples come off as being very restless, and to those around them, it may seem as though they are not fully satisfied in their life together. They may even have nervous energy around other people, which they may not have as individuals. 

The Composite Ascendant Gemini couple seems to be always changing and evolving. One minute they will seem incredibly happy together, and the next it is as if the relationship is the worst thing that has ever been thrust upon them. This is because the relationship is ruled almost entirely by both people’s mental bodies, and the mental body is the fastest changing of any of our four bodies. 

However, they are incredibly logical and rational together. Once they work through any communication issues early on in the relationship, they tend to be able to navigate any issue using their logic. One example of a Composite Ascendant Gemini couple on TV is Monica Geller and Chandler Bing on Friends. 

Composite Ascendant Cancer

With Composite Ascendant Cancer, the couple is largely emotional rather than physical or intellectual. Their instinctive responses to each other come from their emotional bodies, and they may seem very attached and secluded from the world. 

Insecurities run rampant in relationships with Composite Ascendant in Cancer. These two people are very sensitive to each other, and it feels as though they bring out the most insecure parts in each other. They may have small fights or emotional battles often because managing these responses to each other can be very difficult. Composite Ascendant Cancer couples are reactive, but unlike Composite Ascendant Aries couples, their reactions are not angry, but are rather emotional. 

This couple is very home-minded and home oriented, meaning that you probably won’t see them out and about very often. They enjoy the comfort of their own home, and each other’s embrace more than other couples, and may become a bit reclusive if they are not careful. Large changes or life altering decisions make this couple feel very insecure– they like consistency, and they like things to stay the same.

They are similar to Composite Ascendant Taurus couples in their enjoyment of comfort, home, and consistency. However,  rather than Composite Ascendant Taurus couples, who find their security in stability, Composite Ascendant Cancer couples find their security in their emotional connectivity. If one of them begins to pull away emotionally, even for a family event or personal issue, the other is left feeling incredibly insecure which may lead to problems within the relationship. 

The longer these two people stay together, the better their relationship becomes. They value familiarity and comfort, so they will become less insecure over time. Additionally, if these two people are able to emotionally support each other and open up to each other through the chaos that is life, their relationship will strengthen. Each time they support each other, they get stronger, and each time they close off to each other, they get weaker. 

Another way this relationship may manifest is that they may be afraid to address their issues out of fear of losing the other person. This can lead to rather moody reactions between the two people, and often a sulky environment that leads to more issues in the future. It is best to express these emotions rather than to let them build up, and to learn to intuit each others moods. The cancer ascendant means that you have the capability of being extremely sensitive and intuitive to each other’s moods and emotions when you want to be. 

Composite Ascendant Leo

Composite Ascendant Leo couples come off as proud, confident and incredibly warm– and no party is complete without them. They are the couple you are always hoping will show up, and when they do grace you with their presence, you will feel incredibly important to know them. 

This couple needs to be creative together– it is the only way their relationship will truly flourish. This couple is incredibly outgoing, and likes to make friends and be part of social circles, and they are not very private about what is going on in their lives. They may have a tendency to inflate the importance of their relationship, and may make others feel insecure about their own in the process, although they may not intend to do this.

If you are having a relationship issue and you go to a person who is in a Composite Ascendant Leo relationship, they may respond like “well I don’t know, in my relationship we don’t have that issue.” It is important that to have healthy relationships outside of their romantic one, the Composite Ascendant Leo couple tempers their pride in their own relationship. 

Additionally, this pride can keep them from addressing the issues that they do struggle with. They may not want to admit when something isn’t working, which may lead them to forcing issues to work instead of getting to the root of the problem. This couple should be careful not to get too prideful of the appearance of their relationship– the value of the relationship is in the work that you put into it, not how pretty you look together or how it looks from the outside. Not wanting to admit that something is wrong does not mean that everything is right. 

There are many positive qualities in this relationship as well. These two people see and expect the best in each other, and have a way of bringing it out in each other. They are warm, loving, and compassionate to each other, and more than anything they are loyal and noble. There will be no cheating scandals or no disloyalty in a Composite Ascendant Leo relationship, as long as both people are nurturing their creativity and being kind to one another. 

However, there may be a possessiveness in the relationship that neither person can describe, but both play into it to an extent. They are prideful and protective of their relationship, which can actually be derived from a degree of insecurity if the couple is not careful. They need to bolster each other up, make each other feel important, instead of just trying to look important. By fostering creativity, love, and joy, and continuing to be playful with each other, this couple can be more secure and therefore less possessive of one another. 

Giving each other plenty of attention is a staple in a Composite Ascendant Leo relationship. Both people need extra attention in order to keep things going, and the attention must be personal and warm. This is not a good relationship for busy people, but between the right people, it can foster so much love and affection, and warmth as it continues to grow. 


Composite Ascendant Virgo

Couples with Composite Ascendant in Virgo are very practical and unassuming, especially when you first met them. They are practical and reliable, but promote a large degree of freedom in the relationship similar to the Composite Ascendant Gemini couple. This couple does not demonstrate their issues to the world, and others may see the relationship as largely practical rather than emotional. 

It is important to remember with Composite Ascendant Virgo, the seventh house of the relationship is in pisces. This indicates that the shadow, or hidden side of the relationship is extremely emotional, but the couple hides that by projecting an unemotional and practical front to the rest of the world. 

One couple I knew that had Composite Ascendant in Virgo appeared to only be together because they were good friends, and because one of them was helping the other with school-work. This is not uncommon in Composite Ascendant Virgo couples– it may seem as though a project, work, or school has brought the two people together, and they are only together for that reason, not anything else. 

When problems arise, the Composite Ascendant in Virgo couple may pick away at each other, hating each other for the small details of who they are rather than seeing the big picture. They tend to try to find fault in each other, as they think that there is always someone “to blame.” This comes from a fear of their own imperfection, so they attempt to pin that imperfection on the other person. It is important that this couple learns to be kind to one another, and know that just because it is not the other person’s fault does not mean it is their own. Sometimes there are situations beyond human control. 

This couple may be susceptible to their environment, and even judgmental of others. They may have a bit of a superiority complex, thinking that their relationship is better than others, but really this relationship may bring out their wounds and insecurities. Together, you can be incredibly helpful to those around you. You are always offering a helping hand, and know how to give strong advice based on your own experiences. 

This couple makes great listeners, and enhances each other’s helping skills. With Composite ascendant in Virgo, they need to be careful not to be too anxious or nervous around each other or in new environments, because this can take away from the beautiful service that they can do together as a couple. 

This couple is all about perseverance. With Composite ascendant in Virgo, they are willing to do whatever it takes to make the partnership work, and they are in it for the longevity of the relationship. 

Composite Ascendant Libra

Composite Ascendant Libra couples are likable, harmonious, stylish, classy, and polite. They are easy to be around, easy to get along with, and always the most attractive couple in the room. They enjoy a balanced and harmonious relationship, which means that layers below the surface may be many unaddressed issues. They have passive rather than reactive responses to each other, and may not address something unless it is of the utmost importance. 

In a Composite Ascendant Libra relationship, the couple’s responses to each other are very diplomatic by nature. They attempt to maintain a feeling of peace and harmony, and do not like to get out of balance. They tend to talk things out rather than fight them out, and the process of making any decision as a couple is very difficult. 

This is a couple that likes to lay out all the pros and cons of every decision they will make in order to achieve balance and harmony. If they spend too much or too little time together, they may feel out of balance, and this may be different for both individuals. They will have to decide on where to eat, what to dress, what to portray to the public, and how to handle each other’s families. These decisions are always very carefully thought out, and because the couple is incredibly indecisive, it takes them longer than other couples to decide what kind of relationship they want to have. 

Since both people are natural flirts, there may be some degree of jealousy in the relationship. The natural charm and charisma that comes from both people may be enticing to those not in the relationship, which could lead to conflict in the future. 

There is a tendency for score-keeping in this relationship, especially due to the balanced and equal nature of libra. With Composite Ascendant in Libra both people want to make sure that they are treating each other fairly, but they also want to make sure that they are being treated fairly. With ascendant in libra, the shadow side of the relationship is Aries, so there is a tendency for both people to be a bit selfish. This can develop into a score-keeping type mentality, where neither person is really giving for the sake of giving, and is giving so that they can later receive. 

It is important for Composite Ascendant Libra couples to remember that life isn’t always fair, and balance/equality cannot always be achieved. Remember that the scales of justice are always at play, and that things do tend to even themselves out over time, even if there is a power imbalance in the moment. 

Composite Ascendant Scorpio

Composite Ascendant in Scorpio couples wear their pain on the outside. This means that every issue your relationship has, people around you can clearly spot from a mile away– even if you do your best to keep it private. With Composite Ascendant in Scorpio, you both may want to keep the relationship private, but that is not exactly how things go, and people can often see how much pain the relationship causes both individuals. 

This is a relationship that is full of passion and intensity, and these two individuals may have been brought together by their sexual side. They feel each other’s pain in all things, and go through losses together. With Composite Ascendant in Scorpio, the thing that ties these individuals together is their pain– they have the innate ability to tap into each other and take on the other’s pain for them, making life more bearable for both of them. 

The flip side is that this couple may become very manipulative of each other, because they understand each other’s emotions so well. With Composite Ascendant in Scorpio, both people can use their own pain to manipulate their partner into doing what they want. They may also be suspicious of each other, and the world, and may become intensely possessive and jealous as their intimacy increases. 

This is a couple that would love to be secluded from the world, and desires nothing but complete ownership of each other’s souls. This is an issue that is faced on a daily basis as the couple tries to interact with the outside world. It may seem that any interaction between one person and anything in the outside world may be taken as a personal insult to the other person. When people leave relationships like these, they leave a permanent mark on both people. 

However, at its best, this relationship forces you to take on challenges and face yourself. The Composite Ascendant in Scorpio relationship forces both people to transform in a multitude of ways, and to adapt better to their surroundings and their reactions to the world. They must learn to be more trusting and more accepting of each other’s individuality if they want the relationship to work. 

Composite Ascendant Sagittarius 

The Composite Ascendant Sagittarius couple is open-minded and free, especially at the beginning of the relationship. As time goes on, they may find themselves in a battle of wits with each other, but they never stop craving freedom. 

This relationship can go one of two ways. The couple could admit that together they crave freedom, and they could spend time traveling and exploring the world together, or even partake in an open relationship to grant them more personal freedom. Or, they can attempt to repress each other’s freedom seeking tendencies and end up in a bit of a toxic relationship. 

Both people in the Composite Ascendant Sagittarius relationship can be very restless, as the relationship inspires you to learn more about yourselves and search for the truth in the world. There is an insecurity that comes with this restlessness, as neither person may ever feel completely secure in the other person’s desire to truly be with them. But, if the couple can find a way to explore the world together and find their truth together, they will thrive. 

With Composite Ascendant in Sagittarius, the couple may find themselves at odds with daily existence. They think in terms of the big picture, so they may find themselves being more forgetful around each other, or more scatterbrained in the relationship than out of it. 

They don’t like to be bound by rules and schedules, and would probably do better leading a very independent lifestyles. This would be the kind of couple that would travel the country in a van, exploring freely and working from home. 

One of the biggest issues that this couple has is with commitment. They may find that both of their eyes wander often, because there are degrees of both personal freedom and vanity when it comes to Sagittarius. This couple should try to keep things fiery and interesting between them to stop wandering eyes. 

Composite Ascendant Capricorn

Composite Ascendant in Capricorn couples shoulder an incredible responsibility when it comes to each other. They both feel very responsible for the other’s emotions– one may take on the role of “parent” while the other takes on the role of “child.” The parental figure in this relationship will feel overly responsible for the other person’s emotions, and this is quite the burden to bear in a relationship. 

However, they are both very wise people. A Composite Ascendant in Capricorn couple is willing to go the distance, and they are willing to work on their relationship and stay together because it is the right thing to do. When it ceases to be the right thing to do, Composite Ascendant in Capricorn couples often break up. 

There is a certain drive that emulates from this couple; they want to achieve things together. However, on the reverse side, this puts Cancer in the 7th house, so there may be a bit of codependency in the relationship as well. 

The parent/child dynamic in this couple means that one of them takes on the role of caregiver, while the other takes on the role of child. This may be because of insecurities in one or both people, but this Capricorn ascendant tends to mask those insecurities and show the world a stoic, reliable couple. 

In public, the Composite Ascendant Capricorn couple is not especially demonstrative. People may see them more as business partners then as a couple. This is similar to the Composite Ascendant Virgo, in that people see you together for a purpose instead of because you have emotional depth and enjoy one another’s company. 

In public, this is not the kind of couple that yells at each other. They handle things privately and with grace, although they both may feel overly responsible for the other’s emotions, so may avoid conflict all together. 

Composite Ascendant Aquarius

With Composite Ascendant in Aquarius, your relationship may not come off to the world as one that works, and people may struggle to see why you are together. Aquarius is the “different” sign in astrology, so there may be something different or unique in your appearance as a couple, or it may simply be that from the outside, others cannot understand your relationship. 

As a couple, the Composite Ascendant in Aquarius couple comes off as objective and rational, but a bit aloof. Like Composite Ascendant in Gemini couples, these two may appear more as friends/acquaintances than in a romantic relationship. They appear emotionally detached from one another. 

With Leo in the 7th house of the relationship, there is often a leader and a follower in the relationship– which can lead to incredible power struggles. Both people in a Composite Ascendant Aquarius relationship are individuals, and they pride themselves on being so. But the shadow side of the relationship is that secretly, one or both people may want to change or control the other. 

From an outside perspective, it may seem as though these people are very detached from one another. The outside world often cannot understand what actually keeps them together. 

Because Aquarius is a fixed sign, Composite Ascendant Aquarius couples have a hard time embracing change in their relationship, and they typically are as they’ve always been. Both people need to learn to be a little more dynamic in the relationship, so they can have the personal freedom that a Composite Ascendant Aquarius relationship requires. 

Composite Ascendant Pisces

Composite Ascendant in Pisces couples are that couple that seems meant to be. With Neptune ruling the ascendant, these couples are dynamic, adaptive, and mystical in the way they interact with each other. There is a very dreamy feeling to this couple, almost as if they are living in their own world together– and its a side of them that often only comes out when they are together. 

These couples bring out the artistic sides of each other, and are compassionate and caring towards each other. They tend to give each other the benefit of the doubt instead of nit-picking and judging every little thing.

The Composite Ascendant Pisces couple rarely brings up negative feelings in each other– but they may be avoidant of conflict as a result. With Virgo in the 7th house of the relationship, their shadow side is their secret judgments and fears of themselves and the other person. 

A lot of this warm and empathetic side comes from that fear or insecurity– they are constantly worrying that they will not be good enough for the other person, which changes the way they act around each other. 

However, the Composite Ascendant in Pisces couple is incredibly kind to one another as a result. They stick together when times are tough, although they may be a bit secretive about their relationship or within it– again, trying not to upset their partner or get judgment from the outside world. 

This couple puts each other up on a pedestal, and tends to idealize the other person. This may lead to not living in reality, or thinking that everything is going to be okay without taking active steps to make sure it is. This couple may have blinders on, and even gloss over the bad things in the relationship to keep it working. 

The rose colored glasses in the Composite Ascendant in Pisces couple 

you are warm, tender, and sympathetic towards one another, ultimately giving each other the benefit of the doubt. There is a dreamy aura about you. Others may even envy you as a result, but rarely do you inspire bad feelings. Kindness and good humor dominate the energies of this relationship. You are not ones to fight or put each other down when times are tough. There may be a secretive quality to your relationship. Idealizing each other is great unless it’s taken to an extreme. You easily put the blinders on and gloss over the bad stuff. Although you may dream a lot together, putting plans into action is your weak point.