Mercury-Pluto Aspects In The Synastry Chart

pluto-mercury aspects in the synastry chart

In the synastry chart, Mercury-Pluto aspects show how much the couples’ way of thinking will change in the relationship. The Pluto partner in particular tends to transform the Mercury partner’s way of thinking.

The Mercury person is energetic and intellectual, while the Pluto person is more introspective and attentive. These aspects indicate a profound psychological connection between the partners, but this relationship can also turn controlling, as words can be used as a weapon.

Pluto Conjunct Mercury Synastry

With the Pluto conjunct Mercury synastry aspect, both people can be transformed intellectually. The relationship pushes them to go deeper and think deeper.

However, there can also be an obsession with the mind. Both people might be overly interested in what the other is thinking and with probing every part of their partner’s mind.

In the Pluto conjunct Mercury synastry relationship, you enjoy uncovering the motivations of the other person. You tend to analyze each other in order to learn, so your conversations are extremely deep.

This can be a mark of a really intellectually fulfilling relationship! As with any Pluto aspect, these conversations can be super intense. You may both feel that you’ve never talked this deep with anyone else.

However, the Pluto person might dominate these conversations. They could go to great lengths to convince the Mercury person that they’re right, but they may also transform the Mercury person’s way of thinking for the better.

Sometimes with the Pluto conjunct Mercury synastry aspect, the couple may be almost telepathic. They intuitively know what each other are thinking and what the other needs.

This relationship can definitely work if both people push to have those intellectual, deep conversations without controlling the other.

Pluto Trine Mercury Synastry

With the Pluto trine Mercury synastry aspect, the Pluto person naturally pushes the Mercury individual to transform their way of thinking.

This can be totally unconscious. The Pluto person may not realize that they’re changing how the Mercury person thinks, but the very relationship itself causes transformation. It’s simply natural!

The Pluto person will stimulate the Mercury person to figure out what the truth is in any conversation. This can be painful, but the Mercury person can also grow for the better. 

Generally, the Mercury person is more youthful and excitable, while the Pluto person is deeper or more serious. The Pluto person will find that, with the trine, the Mercury person is receptive to their thoughts and teachings.

Unlike the conjunction, this aspect makes the overbearing tendencies of the Pluto person a bit softer. It feels natural to deepen the relationship and growth comes whether or not either person realizes what’s happening.

Ultimately with the Pluto trine Mercury synastry aspect, the Mercury person will be heavily influenced by the thoughts of the Pluto person. This is usually for the better, even if it feels painful while this is happening.

Pluto Sextile Mercury Synastry

With the Pluto sextile Mercury synastry aspect, there is an opportunity for the Pluto person to transform the Mercury partner’s way of thinking.

In this relationship, the couple has the chance to engage in deep conversations that really push the edges of the mind. However, both people have to take advantage of this aspect, or it will lie dormant.

Sometimes, the transformation from this Pluto sextile Mercury synastry aspect can be painful. However, it’s ultimately for the best. The Mercury person must choose to be brave in order to truly learn from the Pluto person.

I really love the Pluto sextile Mercury synastry aspect because while it doesn’t force either person into transformation, it simply opens the door. The couple can choose to learn and grow, both intellectually and emotionally, through their deep conversations with each other.

Pluto Opposition Mercury Synastry

With the Pluto opposition Mercury synastry aspect, the couple will feel a constant battle of the minds. This can be a difficult aspect that creates a lot of verbal wars.

You each challenge each other to think more deeply, but you also try to overpower each other mentally. It can feel impossible to let the other person have their own thoughts without trying to change them.

The Pluto opposition Mercury synastry aspect does create the potential for abusive words. You need to be very careful that you communicate clearly and share your viewpoint without trying to control the other person, even if you think differently.

Both people in this relationship might hold onto issues. It’s hard for them to let go of past hurts, so they talk about past fights over and over. The Mercury person will feel especially overwhelmed by this dynamic, while this obsessive nature comes more naturally to the Pluto person.

The Pluto opposition Mercury synastry aspect means that the Pluto person will be especially forceful. They may be controlling of the Mercury person and could try to make them think as they do.

To succeed in this relationship, the couple will need to work hard on effective communication and be willing to see things from each other’s point of views.

It’s possible for this relationship to blossom if both people can learn from each other. In fact, it can be life changing mentally and emotionally should the couple choose to put in the work!

Pluto Square Mercury Synastry

With the Pluto square Mercury synastry aspect, the Pluto person may be overly forceful. They want the Mercury person to think a certain way and won’t wait for this to happen naturally.

Pluto may also demand to know all of Mercury’s secrets. The Pluto square Mercury synastry aspect is quite invasive. The Pluto person wants to know everything the Mercury person feels and thinks, yet they want them to think the right things. Sometimes, the Pluto person has a one track mind.

The Pluto individual might be a bit paranoid and look for hidden meaning in everything the Mercury individual says or does. They could also try to manipulate the mind of the Mercury person by any means possible.

Typically with the Pluto square Mercury synastry aspect, something about how the Mercury person thinks scares the Pluto person. They feel the need to control or change the mind of the Mercury person because they are afraid.

The Mercury person may strike back in their own way in order to escape the control. The method that the Mercury person uses will depend on the sign of their Mercury as well as the rest of their charge.

Ultimately, this couple needs to learn how to balance their communication and focus on themselves first. The Pluto individual especially needs to loosen the reigns and be OK with not knowing everything. They must come to realize that they can feel afraid without trying to control or change the other person if the relationship is to work.

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