Sun-Mercury Aspects In The Synastry Chart

sun-mercury aspects in synastry

Sun-Mercury aspects in synastry show how you talk to each other as a couple. These placements are very important thought they’re often overlooked.

In fact, these aspects also how how well you understand each other’s way of thinking. Many astrologers look to Venus or Mars synastry aspects, but I personally love Mercury aspects. They create great conversation and engaging mental sparring.

On the positive end, the Sun can shine its light on Mercury to illuminate their thoughts and words. However, the Sun person can also be too egotistical, while Mercury can be too cold and detached.

Sun Conjunct Mercury Synastry

With the Sun conjunct Mercury synastry aspect, you naturally share your opinions with each other. You probably never have a lack of words!

The conversation was stimulating from the second you met. It’s very easy for you to talk to each other; you actually encourage each other to discuss everything, from the big ideas to the small, daily occurrences.

This Sun conjunct Mercury synastry aspect means that the Mercury person’s mind reflects who the Sun person actually is. There is an intrinsic understanding here.

In fact, this relationship has a lot of intellectual potential. You probably enjoy doing new things with each other and love to learn from one another.

Mercury tends to be more practical while the Sun is more upbeat. The Sun gives Mercury intellectual energy and Mercury gives structure and constructive ideas.

Even though you may have slightly different strengths with the Sun conjunct Mercury synastry aspect, there is still a lot of understanding between you.

Mentally, this connection is easy and light. You’re both logical enough to deal with issues as they arise. Unless you have heavier aspects in your synastry chart, you’re able to deal with issues in a rational manner.

With Sun conjunct Mercury synastry, you may also have a similar sense of human and way of talking. You enjoy a similar conversational flow.

This doesn’t necessarily need to be a romantic relationship. However, the Sun conjunct Mercury synastry aspect makes for great communication in any partnership. You’re efficient when working together because you can easily get your point across.

This aspect means that conversation, or at least the sharing of intellectual ideas, is probably one of the main facets of your relationship.

The sign that the Sun conjunct Mercury synastry aspect sits in will influence how you communicate together. For example, you’ll understand that you both need to move on quickly if the conjunction is a fire sign, while you’ll get each other’s logic if it’s an air sign.

Sun Trine Mercury Synastry

You have a natural sense of intellectual understanding with the Sun trine Mercury synastry aspect. This isn’t something you have to learn in your partnership!

During everyday life, you may finish each other’s sentences or know exactly what the other person is thinking or feeling. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily agree with this thoughts; you simply understand what they’re thinking.

With the Sun trine Mercury synastry aspect, you enjoy speaking with each other. You have similar intellectual interests.

The Sun person tends to give energy and inspiration in conversations, while the Mercury person introduces new ideas.

This isn’t necessarily a romantic aspect, but it can be. However, it’s important that you work to keep the romance and mystery alive in a relationship.

Don’t assume that you know everything about your partner just because you have the Sun trine Mercury synastry aspect. There is always more about the deeper spiritual self to uncover; this exploration will greatly benefit your relationship and intimacy.

Sun Sextile Mercury Synastry

With the Sun sextile Mercury synastry aspect, you develop a natural flow of communication in your relationship. You might enjoy chit-chat and always have something interesting to talk about together.

You probably enjoy being around each other because you simply enjoy chatting. Although your communication might not have been off the charts stimulating in the beginning, you have the potential to develop a strong sense intellectual discourse as you progress.

The Sun sextile Mercury synastry aspect means that you have similar intellectual interests. You’re able to find common ground with a bit of effort.

You also have a chance to work on your relationship communication skills with the Sun sextile Mercury synastry aspect. You can choose to take this opportunity to better yourself and your mind, if you desire.

Sometimes, the Mercury person can feel like the Sun is too immature or showy. The Sun might think that Mercury is too aloof or that their thinking is black-or-white.

However, you have an opportunity to work through any communication issues that arise with the Sun sextile Mercury synastry aspect.

Sun Opposition Mercury Synastry

The Sun opposition Mercury synastry aspect means that you tend to have lively debates. You’re both very intellectual, but you’re also different and can have totally opposite opinions.

This opposition gives a lot of opposing viewpoints but can also allow you to have super interesting conversations if you stay open to each others thoughts.

Typically, your differences don’t cause serious problems with the Sun opposition Mercury synastry aspect.

Your differences may actually enhance your conversations. This is often a romantic aspect because it makes you attracted to each other’s minds and ideas.

With the Sun opposition Mercury synastry aspect, you probably have lively mental debates. Your conversations are never boring!

Sometimes, the Sun person can feel that the Mercury person is too cold or set in their ways, while the Mercury person may feel that the Sun person is too emotional or involved in abstract issues.

These differences don’t tend to cause large issues. If anything, there is an opportunity with the Sun opposition Mercury synastry aspect to learn from each other and grow intellectually through the relationship.

Sun Square Mercury Synastry

Sometimes, the Sun square Mercury synastry aspect can create some intellectual issues. You tend to have conflicting opinions about many things.

The Mercury person might feel that the Sun individual is too sensitive and defensive while the Sun person feels like the Mercury person is too critical of their ideas and thoughts.

Sometimes, the Sun person can also feel like the Mercury individual is too much of a “thinker.” They probably plan without taking enough action. The Mercury person feels that the Sun person doesn’t understand their motives and is too rash.

Unlike other hard aspects, the Sun square Mercury synastry aspect isn’t too difficult. If you’re both willing to be tolerant of each other’s viewpoints, then this relationship can blossom into a happy intellectual partnership.

Sometimes, the Sun square Mercury synastry aspect can even be a blessing. Through this relationship, you learn how to see things from other people’s point of views.

Be careful that you don’t criticize the thoughts of your partner. This can ultimately be a good relationship if you’re both willing to set aside your egos.

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