Flirting Style By Signs: Venus and Mars


Flirting is human nature. It’s something that we can do consciously or unconsciously, but we all flirt a little different.

In astrology, how you flirt will depend on your Venus or Mars and what sign and house the planet is in. If you want to know how you or someone you know flirts, then keep reading!

Should You Look At Your Venus or Mars?

If you think of yourself as classically feminine (most women but some men), then you’ll flirt using your Venus. You’ll want to look at the sign and house your Venus is in to determine your style.

If you think of yourself as classically masculine (most men but some women), then you’ll flirt using your Mars. Look at the sign and house your Mars is in.

Most people will have some combination of the two, but tend to have more qualities of the sign that corresponds with their chosen gender.

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Venus & Mars Flirting Styles


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Aries or Mars (with masculine energy) in Aries, then you’re extremely bold when flirting. Any potential partner will notice you right away!

Like any typical Aries, you’re spontaneous, impulsive, courageous, and outwardly flirty. You aren’t afraid of rejection, and you even love a good competition when it comes to flirting. You’re the type of person to go for the best looking partner at a party, just because you can.

Anyone with a Venus or Mars in Aries won’t be super romantic, but they will immediately go after what they want in a blunt, straightforward, even shocking way.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Taurus or Mars (with masculine energy) in Taurus, you have a subtle but strong energy. Your main form of flirting is definitely physical contact!

You flirt in a slow and steady way with a consistent magnetism. You definitely like to woo with sweetness, whether this is physical touch, food, gifts, or other tangible sweets!

Your potential partner will feel safe around you. When you’re in flirting mode, you’re easygoing, calm, and solid. Your consistent physical contact is very simple and non-threatening, although clearly flirty.

You also put a good bit of work into your looks and expect them to help you when you’re flirting.

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If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Gemini or Mars (with masculine energy) in Gemini, you’re all about mental stimulation when flirting. You love to be witty and chat up your love interest.

You probably show off your smarts in variety of ways – look to your chart to see what types of Gemini things you’re into. You could simply converse in a clever way, or talk about your favorite books, ideas, articles, etc. You like romantic variety, and don’t mind bouncing around the room to chat with a bunch of different people or prospects.

Regardless of how you show off your smarts, you definitely display a sharp mind and will use words to flirt. You’re not scared to banter with someone you’re interested in!

The most telling sign for a Venus/Mars in Gemini is how up and down you come across. You might be totally into someone one minute, then be across the room doing something else the next. You have a mysterious nature that’s very attractive, but it’s really just because no one can hold your attention for too long.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Cancer or Mars (with masculine energy) in Cancer, then you’re a little timid in your approach. You probably won’t immediately approach, but once you are talking to someone and decide that you want to flirt with them, there is no one more sweet, caring, sensitive, and emotionally supportive.

You put your love interest at ease right away. Although your flirting style is subtle, you’ll feel like home to a partner due to your sentimental tendencies.

You can be a little on the shy side in an adorable sense. A Cancer Venus/Mars is known for blushing!

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If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Leo or Mars (with masculine energy) in Leo, you’re probably a bit of a show-off in a good way! You’re boisterous, loud, and playful, especially around anyone you intent to attract.

You’re most certainly bold. You possess lots of flair, and you’re dramatic, but can also be romantic; those with Venus/Mars in Leo are known for showering love interests with gifts.

You’re warm, touchy, entertaining, and sexy. Whether or not the relationship lasts, you’re always fun to be around!


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Virgo or Mars (with masculine energy) in Virgo, then you might notice particulars about your love interest and mention them as a means of flirting; this lets them know that you see who they are.

You can be discriminating and picky, but when you’re actively flirting, you do this in a caring manner; you might fuss over the other person to show affection. You may also adapt yourself to the person you’re flirting with in tone, speech, body language, etc.

If you have Venus or Mars in Virgo, you can be witty and attentive all at once. This can be a really fun combination! Above all, you flirt by making observations about the other person which make them feel special.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Libra or Mars (with masculine energy) in Libra, then you’re outgoing, charming, and playful.

You’ll always be very composed in the presence of someone you’re flirting with, but you’re also smooth and charismatic. You might even lead someone on without realizing it. Those with Venus/Mars in Libra are huge flirts!

You’re probably a little witty, but in an elegant way with the intent to appeal. You exude beauty, and will love to talk about all things beautiful.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Scorpio or Mars (with masculine energy) in Scorpio, then you’re quiet yet intense around someone you’re flirting with. You can be mesmerizing and probing, and you won’t give attention to anyone except the object of your affection.

You probably ask deep, intense questions right off the bat, and want the person you’re flirting with to feel like there’s no one in the world except the two of you.

You can also be psychically intense. Even if you’re not speaking, the person you’re interested in will feel these deep, powerful vibes coming off of you.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Sagittarius or Mars (with masculine energy) in Sagittarius, then you’re adventurous and fun while flirting. You’re bouncy and you always come off as a free spirit.

You immediately seem extremely friendly and open, and you love making the person you’re interested in laugh. You might sometimes embellish the truth in order to create a better atmosphere, but you usually don’t mean anything bad by this.

At some points, you might be extremely blunt. You find it amusing to throw the truth out there and see how the other person reacts, but you also want to your object of affection to laugh and have a good time.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Capricorn or Mars (with masculine energy) in Capricorn, then you’re very composed around someone you’re interested in. You won’t be super outgoing, but you’re not quiet either: you’re just strong.

You might come off as reliable, responsible, and powerful. You’re a little more serious, but you’ll still want to discuss interesting topics and won’t be boring.

If you have Venus/Mars in Capricorn, you could either come off as reserved as quiet, or as wealthy, mature, and reputable. You’ll probably flirt by establishing your position in some way.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Aquarius or Mars (with masculine energy) in Aquarius, you may act one of two ways.

You might come off as quirky, interesting, unique, and individualistic. You flirt by showing what’s different about you and how much you refuse to conform to society and culture. You love to talk about new ideas and might flirt through conversation (which is always super unique), wacky clothes, or even unconventional body language. You’re goofy and fun-loving!

Alternatively, you might seem cool, detached, unemotional, and intellectual. This will attract a partner who wants to learn more about you, as you can seem mysterious and mentally stimulating. You may not be unemotional in reality, but you use this “witholding” method as a means of flirting.


If you have either Venus (with feminine energy) in Pisces or Mars (with masculine energy) in Pisces, you probably come off as mysterious and deep. This is not in a Scorpio fashion (this depth is not scary), but in an ideological fashion. You’re sort of like a deep cavern, or blank slate, which allows your love interest to project their idea of romance onto you.

You come off as an illusion yourself. You also seem compassionate, soulful, demure, and self-sacrificing. You often have deep eyes that draw the other in. You’re nervous and timid (when sober!), but this somehow works in your favor and attracts those with more bold flirting signs.

This description is easy to apply to Venus in Pisces, but Mars in Pisces is a bit tougher. With masculine energy, you are mainly focused on finding a soul-mate connection, even if it’s just for a night. You’re affectionate, romantic, and sensuous. You do have a deep, mysterious sense about you that feminine energy flocks to.

After a few drinks, someone with Venus/Mars in Pisces can be silly and even somewhat outgoing!

Is your flirting style accurate? Let us know in the comments!

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