Solar Energy Astrology: How Your Sun Sign Affects Your Energy

solar energy astrology

Energy is always flowing, and is always important when we go about life. Its fair to say that humans get their energy from the sun– the sun grows the food which feeds the animals which we then eat, and feed our physical bodies. 

But, we do have three other bodies that need the flow of energy as much as our physical one. The emotional body, spiritual body, and mental body are what we call our energetic bodies— and these must receive energy in a different way than our physical body. 

Interestingly, these bodies also receive their energy from the sun. These bodies affect us a lot on a daily basis: everyone has those days, or periods, where they just don’t have the energy to get something done– no matter how hard they try. 

When we discuss astrology, and talk about how our charts affect our lives, our sun sign is how we get energy to our energetic bodies. When looking at this, its important to talk about rulership– I find modern rulership to be more important than traditional rulership when talking about the flow of energy. 

Essentially, the reflection of the sun off of the planet that rules us is how we get our energy. When these planets go into retrograde, that means that there is no new energy going to our energetic bodies– which is why you are more effected when your ruling planet goes into retrograde. 

Remember when we are talking about energy flow, we are discussing the sun: do not apply this to your other placements. You receive your energy from the sun, and therefore only apply it to your sun sign. 

Sun in Aries

With Sun in Aries, you get your energy from Mars. Mars is one of the closest planets to earth, and only goes into retrograde once a year, so Martian people tend to have a lot of energy to expel. 

People with Sun in Aries tend to have an abundance of energy at their disposal– and they may act in spurts when going through life. When they have the energy, they use it. When they tire, they tire quickly and need to rest. However, it may only be a twenty minute nap to give a Sun in Aries person back their energy, just as another Martian spurt begins again. 

Sun in Aries people feel the best when they use their energy actively and continue working on their projects. Mars is a very volatile planet in terms of energy, so a lot of times a Sun in Aries energy may come out as anger, or a violent assertion of their drive. This is okay, and Sun in Aries people should learn to work with their energetic spurts instead of against them. Often, at the times when a Sun in Aries person is most angry, they are also the most driven. 

Mars Retrograde

When Mars goes into retrograde, Sun in Aries people feel deficient in all ways. Their drive is gone, there is no new solar energy coming towards them, and even though nothing really changes in their life, they just no longer have the energy to get things done. 

This lack of energy may lead a Sun in Aries person to feeling irritable, down on themselves, or completely depressed. They may try to get energy from old Martian things– which may come in the form of bringing up old fights, investing in past projects, or holding old grudges. It is important to note that when Mars goes into retrograde, the sexual energy of the Sun in Aries person will also be depleted.

But no worries: because as soon as it goes out of retrograde, Sun in Aries people will have energy flowing back to their energetic bodies, and they will be back on track. 

Sun in Taurus or Libra

Sun in Taurus and Libra people are both Venus-ruled, meaning that they get their energy from the reflection of the Sun on Venus. Venus is a very smooth planet, so Taurus and Libra people are a bit more suave with the way that they use their energy than Sun in Aries people.

Their energy is consistently flowing, and they have a lot of endurance throughout the day. Taurus and Libra people feel the best when they look the best– they keep their energy most aligned when they wake up, put on a nice outfit or some make-up, and go about their day. 

Sun in Taurus and Libra people are usually bright and optimistic when the energy is flowing since Venus is one of the closest planets to the sun. Venus moves quickly, so Taurus and Libra people also move very quickly with their actions throughout life, but these actions are quick and steady, rather than abrupt like Sun in Aries or Martian energy. In fact, you may not even notice the enormous strides Sun in Taurus or Libra are making until they are made.

Venus in Retrograde

When Venus goes into Retrograde, it affects the way that Venusian people get their energy. There is no new solar energy for people with Sun in Taurus or Sun in Libra, so they often attempt to use old energy.

Old Venusian energy comes in the form of past lovers, past jobs, past styles, etc. They may try to take drastic measures to change their appearance or to derive some kind of energy from their looks, but this will all be from the past because when Venus goes retrograde, there is no new solar energy. 

It is best that people with Sun in Taurus or Sun in Libra wait until the retrograde has passed to make any life-altering decisions. Rest, relax, allow yourself to feel the lack of energy, and recuperate until Venus leaves retrograde. 

Sun in Gemini or Virgo

Sun in Gemini or Virgo people get their energy from the sun’s reflection on Mercury, which is the fastest moving planet and the one closest to the sun. When Mercury is direct, Gemini and Virgo have an abundance of energy and can get things done quickly and meticulously.

Gemini and Virgo suns use Mercury’s quick movement to have a quick wit, quick critical thinking skills, and have their mental bodies especially active when Mercury is direct. Their energy comes in spurts, similar to Martian energy but not as aggressive. These spurts may last from days to weeks, where the Mercury-ruled person acts as though they are driven by a motor. 

However, Mercury goes into retrograde more than any other planet, therefore these solar natives need to get their actions out of their system before their energy is completely depleted. 

Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury goes into retrograde up to four times a year, meaning that for a third of the year, Gemini and Virgo suns are very depleted of energy. 

When Mercury goes into retrograde, all of the energy that Gemini and Virgo have is old, and there is no new Solar energy heading their way. This is why Gemini and Virgo are known as unstable signs, because for 2/3 of the year, they are happily living their lives and going on their way, and then for 1/3, they have the rug pulled out from under them and have no energy to get anything done. 

This may make Gemini and Virgo suns nit-picky, rude, or downright mean. This is really just a depression of energy, but being mercury ruled, it may come out as aggressive language. 

It is best for Gemini and Virgo suns to rest and relax, and recuperate for a time when they have their energy back. I recommend Gemini and Virgo suns to plan around these retrogrades, and try to get as much done as they can in anticipation of this lack of energy. 

Sun in Cancer

Sun in Cancer natives get their energy from the moon– which never goes into retrograde. Their energy is very soft, feminine, and lunar– and arrives to them overnight so they are rejuvenated in the morning. 

Moon ruled people are very emotional and soft, and their emotional bodies are the most nourished of all their energetic bodies. When the moon is large in the sky, these people are capable of anything– they feel on top of the world, like they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. 

When there’s a New Moon

Without knowing it, when the moon gets small in the sky (in or around a new moon time), Cancer suns may feel energetically depleted, depressed, or just sad. Because this affects their emotional body more than any other body, they may react very emotionally to this energy.

It is important that a Cancer sun remembers that this couple days every month is difficult, but they also have times when the moon is full and they are capable of anything. 

Sun in Leo

Sun in Leo people are considered the most energetic sign in astrology because they get their energy directly from the sun. This makes them the best apt for having energy all year long, because the sun never goes into retrograde. 

They are magnetic, central, and very steady with the way they use their energy. They have the capacity to put a lot of effort into things, but slow and steady wins the race. Like the sun, they usually rise early in the morning, have a full day, and fall asleep early at night. 

Sun in Leo people are very consistent in their energy, and have the ability to give energy to people in their lives like the sun gives energy to humanity. If they can hone in on this skill, they have such an abundance of energy that they will not lose any by doing so– and they have an incredibly gift that they can give to all kinds of people. 

Sun in Leo people do not do well in environments where the sun is small or not always available. 

When Sunlight is Short

Sun in Leo people have a really hard time in cold weather communities where the sun is small, or disappears for different times during the year.

They may feel more depleted than others during the winter, and likely have bad seasonal depression. I encourage all Leo suns to live in warm weather places where they can get energy from the sun year-round. 

Sun in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio people get their energy from Pluto, which is the furthest planet from the sun and from Earth, and also has a fairly small surface area– being the smallest planet. Because it takes the sun so long to reflect its light off of Pluto and back onto Earth, Sun in Scorpio people are typically pretty depleted in energy. 

Sun in Scorpio people typically do not know how it feels to have a lot of energy in life, and are always kind of dragging their feet. They may even feel a bit abandoned by the sun, because it does not energize them as effectively as it does other people, and it takes so long for them to build up any energy. 

Sun in Scorpio people, being Pluto ruled, find it very difficult to get any tasks done, and people may even see them as lazy. This is simply because their energetic bodies are not receiving the energy necessary for doing these tasks.

It may benefit a Sun in Scorpio person to have a Leo in their life, just to energize them and make them feel a bit more alive. They should also try to get out into the sun more than other signs, in hopes that replenishing their physical body may have some effect on their energetic bodies as well. 

Pluto in Retrograde

When Pluto goes into retrograde, which happens very rarely but lasts a while, Sun in Scorpio people lose what little energy they had. They may spiral out of control, go to substances to try to give them more energy, or simply give up. 

It is important that Sun in Scorpio people do not turn to despair so often– these things do come to an end and they will begin to build energy again after the retrograde. Rest, relax, recuperate, and do not despair.

Because Sun in Scorpio people are so predisposed to depression due to their constant lack of energy, it is important for them to remember that everything in life is temporary, including their lack of energy. 

Sun in Sagittarius 

Sun in Sagittarius people are Jupiter ruled, and get their energy from the sun reflecting on Jupiter back on them. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and has a very expansive nature. It is next to Mars, so is not that far from earth. 

Sun in Sagittarius people have a lot of energy– but like Sun in Leo it is very consistently bright. These people have energy to spare– their optimism shines the second they walk in the room, and they often have a very happy outlook on life because all of their energetic bodies are constantly being fulfilled. 

They use their energy in consistent ways, and like to share it with the people around them. Like their planet, they want to make a large impact on the world, as the energy inside of them is bursting to do something big. 

Jupiter in Retrograde

When Jupiter goes into retrograde, these natives lose their sparkle. They feel drained, depleted, and no longer optimistic. That is perhaps the biggest loss when Jupiter goes into retrograde: all the joy fades away. 

Sun in Sagittarius people can try to find their joy in other places, but like any retrograde, these will be old places, as there is no new solar energy going in their direction. 

It is best to wait it out, have a cup of tea, and attempt to get some joy from the little things in life, rather than the big. 

Sun in Capricorn

Sun in Capricorn people get their energy from Saturn, who is the disciplinary ruler of the Solar system. When talking about Saturnian energy, the key phrase is “Slow and Steady Wins the Race.” Sun in Capricorn people are the epitome of this phrase, as the energy they receive is consistent, steady, and unyielding. 

Saturn’s energy is much like that of an old man, so when it is reflected back at the Sun in Capricorn person, the energy comes with a sense of responsibility. They use this energy consistently, but when it runs out, there is no more where it came from and they must rest until more energy comes. 

Sun in Capricorn people have a lesson in using their energy sparingly, because they can easily run themselves down and take on too much responsibility. Short breaks can go a long way with Sun in Capricorn. 

Sun in Capricorn people should not expect to get things done quickly, but instead should focus on doing them well over a long period of time. Stress comes very naturally with Sun in Capricorn, and giving yourself a quick deadline will always lead to more of it, which will deplete the little energy Saturn has doled out to you. 

Saturn in Retrograde

Like all Retrogrades, when Saturn goes into retrograde, Sun in Capricorn people lose all their energy. There is especially a feeling of being stuck with Saturn in retrograde– like no matter what way they move, it will not be enough to get them out of their situation. 

Saturn in retrograde affects everyone, but especially Sun in Capricorn people because there is no new energy being created from the sun. They may try to go to their old tactics, push through, or attempt to rely on some old habits to get them through this period– but they should be especially careful. 

Saturn rules Karma, and if they push too hard it may have detrimental effects on their health. It is a good time to rest, relax, and recuperate for all Saturn natives– and just try to be a little easier on yourself. 

Sun in Aquarius

People with Sun in Aquarius get their energy from Uranus, which is the planet of rebellion, genius, individuality, and liberty. While Uranus can be hard to understand for many people, it has a clear cut meaning here. The sun reflects off of Uranus and gives Sun in Aquarius people their energy. 

Because Uranus is a bit far from earth and from the sun, it can take a long time for Sun in Aquarius people to build up any kind of momentum towards their projects. They require a bit of planning ahead, but their planning always comes in odd energetic spurts.

One day, they will feel completely depleted and like the project is no longer worth pursuing, and the next they will have it all mapped out and ready to go. 

Sun in Aquarius people are a bit difficult to understand from an outside perspective. For them, interest is energy— if they lack interest, they lack energy completely. Uranus only doles them enough energy for the things they have extreme interests in, and they must use that energy sparingly as it takes so long to get to them from Uranus. 

This may be hard to understand for Sun in Leo or Sun in Aries, who have a nearly constant supply of energy– but it is important that Sun in Aquarius people prioritize their energy stores. 

Uranus in Retrograde

When Uranus goes into retrograde, these Sun in Aquarius people completely lose their energy. This means, especially for Sun in Aquarius, that all of their interests are depleted– they don’t even have the energy to pursue the things they really love anymore. 

More than any other sign, Sun in Aquarius people will feel like they are just going through the motions when Uranus is in retrograde. Life is just harder, and without their interests that drive them, they may feel depressed, debilitated, or even like giving up. 

It is important that Sun in Aquarius people remember that when their interests are flourishing, life is fun and exciting. They should use this period to rest and relax, look inward rather than outward, and find excitement in their mere existence. 

Sun in Pisces

Sun in Pisces people are ruled by Neptune, which is the second to furthest planet from the sun– so it takes a very long time for them to get energy from the sun. Like Sun in Scorpio people, they almost feel a bit abandoned by the sun, because it is so hard and takes so long for it’s light to reach their bodies. However, Neptune does have a bit of mass on Pluto, so they do not feel entirely abandoned. 

Sun in Pisces people are likely a bit more depleted naturally than other signs, with the exception of Scorpio. They are likely more tired, energy deficient, and may be called lazy because they simply do not have as much energy as other people. 

Neptune gives energy very softly– he is a very soft planet that nurtures and cares for his individuals. When a Sun in Pisces person receives energy, it will be soft and caring– so soft that they may not even notice it. 

The big conundrum for a Sun in Pisces person is what to do with the energy when they got it. Neptune, unlike the other planets, likes to be wrapped in mystery– so he does not give specific instructions for what must be done with this energy. This can lead to a lot of confusion about what the Sun in Pisces purpose is, and can lead them to dissociating from reality and using that energy to live in a reality created of their own accord. 

Neptune in Retrograde

It seems like Neptune goes in and out of retrograde all the time. This can be very confusing for a Sun in Pisces individual, who just begins to collect a bit of energy to put towards something, only to feel depleted again and not know what to do.

Sun in Pisces individuals may feel especially sad and existentially depressed during a Neptune retrograde because not only do they not know what to do with the energy they have, but now they don’t have any new energy to do anything with. 

When Neptune goes into retrograde, the creative freedom that Pisces suns had with their energy is gone, and they must now rely only on their energy stores to get them through. They should spend this time resting, relaxing, and reflecting.