Moon-Neptune Aspects In The Synastry Chart

moon-neptune aspects in the synastry chart

Both the Moon and Neptune are highly sensitive planets, so any Moon-Neptune aspects create a deep feeling of emotional intimacy. Couples with these aspects may experience a psychic or emotional bond, and it’s easy for one or both people to see their partner as the “ideal” mate, especially when they first meet.

However, these aspects can also indicate that both people try to escape to a fantasy world when things get difficult, and that they wound each other without even realizing it.

It’s important that people with Moon-Neptune relationships learn how to be emotionally intimate without becoming codependent.

These relationships have a lot of potential for growth if the couple is willing to do the work!

Moon Conjunct Neptune Synastry

The Moon conjunct Neptune synastry aspect creates an intense emotional connection, yet the relationship can also be quite fragile.

This couple feels emotionally in-tune when they first meet, almost as though they share a psychic connection through their feelings. They simply know what the other is feeling, so the relationship can seem fated.

Even if the Moon conjunct Neptune synastry couple is not physically together, both people are enthralled by the energy that this relationship creates. They love to yearn, even from a distance, and will make up for the lack of a physical partner by daydreaming about their reunion.

This is the meeting filled with starry eyed lovers as both people romanticize each other. The Moon conjunct Neptune synastry relationship truly feels like the ideal partnership in the beginning, both emotionally and spiritually.

Typically, the Moon person will take on many of the Neptune’s persons dreams that are projected, though this can go both ways, too. They tend to reflect back what the other person wants to see.

Both individuals see their ideal dream partner in the beginning of the relationship, but they may become disillusioned over time. After all, Neptune rules illusions, so much of what they see could be just a fantasy.

The Moon conjunct Neptune synastry aspect indicates that the couple will melt into each other, yet they also experience hurt and disappointment. As they come to realize that not all of the illusions they saw in the beginning are true, they may start to keep secrets, feel excessively jealous, or act out in passive-aggressive ways.

One or both people may start to blame their partner for not being what they need, what they thought they saw. However, this Moon conjunct Neptune synastry aspect means that, unless other communication aspects are present, this couple will have a tough time saying what they truly mean. Instead, their feelings will fester.

After all, neither the Moon nor Neptune are very good for communication. Both planets live in the etherial realm, where things are felt but not vocalized, so it’s hard for these partners to actually explain these concepts to each other.

This Moon conjunct Neptune synastry aspect indicates a high possibility for misunderstandings, confusing emotions, avoidance of emotions, emotional deceit, or emotional dependency.

There is usually a whole array of difficult feelings in this relationship, and it may be hard for either person to actually know what they’re feeling before they can even think about discussing it.

Both people may believe that they already know what their partner feels. However, some of this may just be the illusion or fantasy. This is one couple that needs to have open, clear dialogue and communication.

Over time with the Moon conjunct Neptune synastry aspect, one person may passive-aggressively manipulate the other if their partner isn’t being attentive or responsive. The unsaid words will build up and come out sideways, and there may be affairs or even hurts created on purpose in order to wound each other.

One or both people may also begin to feel emotionally swamped, as though they’re suffocating because they cannot exist outside of their partner. 

The Moon conjunct Neptune synastry aspect indicates a lack of person boundaries, yet there is also a lot of distance between this couple emotionally. Sometimes, this is because they each enjoy their fantasies about each other more than the real relationship.

At the same time, this couple may truly have a deep sense of intimacy. They can lose themselves in each other and block out the rest of the world, unless their disillusionment gets in the way.

It’s important that both people are mature enough to successfully deal with their real emotions (not their fantasies) and accept their partner for who they truly are. Only then can there be a deep, spiritual connection that feels authentic.

Even though the Moon conjunct Neptune synastry relationship makes both people feel like they know what the other is thinking, that’s often just an illusion. It’s vital that this couple learns how to communicate using words.

In fact, communication is vital for this relationship to work. It may feel odd or wrong, but the couple must vocalize what they’re feeling and learn how to speak in an authentic way, without criticism, in order for this relationship to work.

Moon Trine Neptune Synastry

The Moon trine Neptune synastry aspect indicates an intuitive understanding of each other. This couple just understands each other on an energetic level, but they can also talk quite easily about deep feelings.

In some ways, the Moon trine Neptune synastry aspect means that the couple can even anticipate each other’s moods. It may seem like they think the exact same thing at the same time, or respond in a similar way to a specific situation.

At their best, this couple can comfort and nurture each other with great emotional death, however this Moon trine Neptune synastry aspect can also mean that there are blurred boundaries, manipulations, or illusions in the relationship.

Ultimately, the Moon trine Neptune synastry aspect just means that the couple has a natural emotional and intuitive connection. This understanding can be used for good or bad, but it is a very natural energy that exists between the couple.

Moon Sextile Neptune Synastry

The Moon sextile Neptune synastry aspect means that there is a sense of emotional connection between these two people right away. Each partner probably takes care of the other, and they are sensitive to each other in some way.

However, emotional dependence can also exist in the Moon sextile Neptune synastry relationship. This doesn’t have to be unhealthy, but it does imply that both people’s emotions are connected on some level.

With the Moon sextile Neptune synastry aspect, it’s important not to become hypersensitive. Because these partners can read each other so well, they can also take offense to the smallest of slights that don’t actually mean anything.

Ultimately, the Moon sextile Neptune synastry aspect gives this couple an opportunity to enhance their emotional connection without becoming too emotionally enmeshed. At its best, this relationship will foster a sense of emotional intimacy in a healthy, adult way.

If you have the Moon sextile Neptune synastry aspect, be careful that you remain in reality and don’t give into the delusions of Neptune. It may seem harder to confront reality, but doing so will help your relationship in the long run.

Moon Opposition Neptune Synastry

With the Moon opposition Neptune synastry aspect, the couple experiences a special feeling when they first meet, as though the relationship is truly magical. In fact, they may see each other as the “ideal partner,” at least in the beginning.

Over time, both people may experience disillusionment when they find out that the vision they created in their mind isn’t totally accurate.

The Moon opposition Neptune synastry aspect also indicates that this couple must learn how to stop taking on each other’s emotions. This can quickly build up and cause a lot of resentment.

Because they feel each other’s pain and anger, they might also feel responsible for each other’s happiness in some way. The relationship can take on a toxic energy, leaving one or both people feeling drained.

With the Moon opposition Neptune synastry aspect, boundaries are very important. Without clear boundaries, one or both people can easily become delusional.

Sometimes, this couple can’t figure out where one person ends and the other starts. There is a lack of clarity in the self.

The Moon person may especially escape into a fantasy world when the Neptune person isn’t who they want. Both people may react with escapist or passive aggressive behavior, especially when their illusions about each other are shattered.

At their worst, the couple with the Moon opposition Neptune synastry aspect can become overly codependent and begin to hate each other, but they simply can’t get away.

There can be a lot of manipulative tendencies in this relationship. Neither person knows how to be clear about their feelings and what they want, so they use roundabout ways to get their needs filled.

It’s difficult for the Moon opposition Neptune synastry relationship to work out, but it isn’t impossible. To make it work, both people must develop a stronger sense of self and learn how to be separate individuals from each other.

They must always check to make sure that they’re living in reality. Both people have a tendency to “escape” reality when they’re together, so this will be hard, but consistent checkpoints can help.

If this couple is truly committed and ready to do the work, then the relationship can come out on the other side. Ultimately, they can develop a strong emotional bond while maintaining their personal boundaries.

Moon Square Neptune Synastry

With the Moon square Neptune synastry aspect, both people see each other as their “ideal” partner when they first meet. It’s as though all of their dreams appeared in one person.

As the relationship goes on, they may experience disillusionment. This doesn’t necessarily mean that either person is bad, it just means that neither person saw the truth about who they were with at first.

Typically, this happens after the honeymoon period. For a couple with the Moon square Neptune synastry aspect, it can be very difficult to figure out what’s real.

The Neptune person may feel unreachable or emotionally unavailable. This wounds the Moon person. In fact, each and every argument may feel like a wound is being reopened for one or both people.

This couple struggles to feel compassion for each other. It may feel almost impossible to see things from the other person’s point of view.

Some of this is because each person misunderstands or misreads each other’s signals. They don’t necessarily communicate in the same way, so there are a lot of hurt feelings that need to be processed.

The couple will need to spend more time than normal discussing each and every disagreement. This may seem difficult, but it’s important that they explain their viewpoint to each other, without judgment or criticism, so that they can learn to understand each other. This is the only way to work through the Moon square Neptune synastry aspect.

Otherwise, this couple may either avoid each other or neglect what their partner needs. This relationship can deteriorate quite quickly if the couple isn’t careful to work through perceived hurts.

Remember that the square won’t let either person escape. The wounds will be opened, over and over, until the couple deals with these issues.

The Moon square Neptune synastry aspect requires a mature set of partners in order to work in a relationship. If you have this aspect, you must learn how to be extremely clear with your feelings to avoid misunderstandings.

It may feel like you’re “over” talking things, but this is necessary to truly understand each other. With a bit of work, this relationship can be really sweet and passionate, as you both grow in your world view from knowing each other.

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