Venus-Mars Aspects In The Synastry Chart

venus-mars aspects in synastry

Venus-Mars aspects are super intense in the synastry chart. They’re always charged and indicate both sexual and romantic/relationship-oriented energy.

Typically, the Mars person is the more aggressive individual while the Venus person is more passive. However, this will depend on the other aspects in the chart as well as the signs.

I find that Venus-Mars aspects are often present in the charts of people who stay together. This is because both planets are needed to balance a relationship.

Even the difficult Venus-Mars aspects can create a lot of attraction. They’re charged, and may be hard, but remember that difficult aspects are better than no aspects because they create passionate, focused energy.

Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry:

When you have the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect, this indicates a really powerful physical attraction. This aspect makes the couple turn sexual quite quickly. 

In fact, the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect is the ultimate aspect for sexual compatibility. Strong physical attraction is almost guaranteed.

When you meet someone with whom you have the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect, you’ll feel the immediate urge to make physical contact with them. The romantic, sexual attraction is almost irresistible. 

The sexual energy between this couple will be palpable, even to other people. It’s a very physical, animalistic aspect.

With the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect, the Mars person is usually more masculine. They have the sexual energy and physical body that the the Venus person admires, while the Venus individual may be more passive, with typical feminine energy.

Of course, this Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect doesn’t dictate which person has each planet. Therefore, the actual genders of the people have nothing to do with the energy that they share due to this aspect.

Typically, the Mars person will be more active or aggressive while the Venus individual is more passive. This happens regardless of their genders.

However, on some level, both people feel a lot of passion with this Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect. It’s extremely physical and usually denotes a great sex life.

The individuals in this relationship each view each other as the ideal mates. 

In the long-term, this aspect can be a bit difficult. Although the couple is attracted to each other, they also get under each others’ skin, which can make for a lot of passion arguments followed by physical “making up.”

This Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect is super powerful, but it isn’t necessarily blissful or peaceful. It causes a lot of commotion and frisson, for good or bad.

The chemistry in this relationship won’t die down quickly; this is a great aspect for the long-haul. However, the couple will need to learn how to communicate and to talk more calmly about issues in order to make this relationship work and remain passionate.

There will be a clear polarity between the masculine and the feminine with this aspect. The couple doesn’t necessarily like or dislike this polarity, but it naturally exists.

Ultimately, the Venus conjunct Mars synastry aspect means that the intensity in this relationship is off the charts. This can manifest in the positive or negative manners, or can be a combination of both.

Venus Trine Mars Synastry

With the Venus trine Mars synastry aspect, the romantic feelings are strong and natural in the relationship. This couple is sexually compatible, but also experiences the romance of being “in love.”

The energy between this couple is very natural. Even if the relationship doesn’t last, the couple will always hold a fond place in their hearts for each other.

In the beginning and throughout time, the Venus trine Mars synastry aspect means that the relationship is very fulfilling for both people. This isn’t something that takes a lot of work. 

The couple knows how to please each other sexually. In fact, the physical aspect of this Venus trine Mars synastry relationship is just as fulfilling as the romantic part.

With this aspect, the energy just flows. However, like any Venus-Mars aspects, the Mars person tends to have a slightly more masculine energy. This will be less obvious than the other aspects, but there is still an undertone of masculinity versus femininity. 

Venus trine Mars synastry means that the way the Mars person initiates is pleasing to the Venus person. Both people naturally know how to please the other in bed.

Ultimately, the Venus trine Mars synastry aspect means that the romantic relationship is natural, affectionate, and fulfilling. The couple enjoys each other sexually, but they are also on the same level in a romantic and creative sense. 

Unless other aspects indicate something different, this relationship will be quite easy, harmonious, and pleasant.

Venus Sextile Mars Synastry

Although the Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect isn’t as strong as the trine, it still indicates that there is a lot of romantic attraction between the couple. They know how to fulfill each other romantically and sexually.

In this relationship, there is both a lot of passion and a sense of emotional tenderness. With Venus sextile Mars in synastry, there is a lot of potential for a really fulfilling relationship.

However, the Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect is a bit more subtle. The chemistry is there, but it’s more of an undertone. 

This relationship will be very easy and simple. The couple is each attracted to the other and are pleased by the other. They may not be each other’s usual “type,” but this won’t bother either person.

The Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect means that it’s very easy to develop good sexual chemistry, too. There may not be as much sexual intensity as the conjunction or trine, but there is the potential to develop a really fulfilling sex life over time.

Generally, the Venus sextile Mars synastry aspect won’t make or break a relationship, but it is an easier aspect to have in the synastry chart.

Venus Opposition Mars Synastry

The Venus opposition Mars synastry aspect indicates a strong and compelling relationship. There is a lot of romantic and sexual attraction between this couple.

However, this Venus opposition Mars synastry relationship can be a bit of a roller-coaster. Both people may experience emotional ups and downs that cause problems in the relationship. It can feel a bit unstable.

Sometimes, this relationship feels like it’s always changing. The couple might be immensely attracted to each other in one moment, then repulsed by each other the next.

Generally, the Venus opposition Mars synastry aspect makes for a really complex relationship. It can be uncomfortable or difficult, but this aspect also creates an opportunity for both people to grow.

Remember that in the synastry chart, oppositions aren’t necessarily bad. They create a charged energy because of the polarity, but they also indicate that there’s an opportunity to change and learn.

On the one hand, this aspect creates a really intense romantic and sexual energy that borders on obsession. There isn’t a lack of desire in this relationship!

If this Venus opposition Mars synastry relationship turns negative, one or both people might become jealous or possessive. They might feel like they’re competing with everyone else. 

The opposition can become too volatile and polarized, leading to both people feeling like absolute opposites sexually and romantically. If this isn’t solved, it will eventually reach a breaking point.

However, this Venus opposition Mars synastry aspect has a positive element, too. Each person mirrors something on the other person because the way that they approach both sex and romance is opposite. If both people are able to recognize this mirroring, then they can explain their own desires to the other person and learn how to compromise.

Communication is really important with this aspect. Each person must be willing to let go of their preconceived notions and to transcend in the relationship.

Venus Square Mars Synastry

With the Venus square Mars synastry aspect, the emotion and sexual pull is really strong, but this couple will also experience a lot of miscommunications.

Typically, the Mars person will come across as too aggressive or inconsiderate, or the Venus person might feel like the Mars person is only interested in them sexually, not romantically. The Venus person usually needs more of the relationship aspect.

The Mars person person may feel that the Venus individual is too difficult, sensitive, or closed-off. They want more bluntness and animal instincts, but the Venus person desires a bit more finesse.

The Mars person might be attracted to the Venus person’s beauty or looks, but they’re not able to get what they want because the Venus person doesn’t react the way they desire when the Mars person initiates.

The Venus person is usually a bit more jealous than the Mars person in this relationship, but possessiveness may be an issue for both people, too.

In the beginning of the relationship, other people can see the tension. Some of this is because this couple might have really public, angry arguments.

Although both people are really attracted to each other with the Venus square Mars synastry aspect, the timing might be off. 

The Venus square Mars synastry aspect can be almost as charged as the conjunction, but the sexual energy is more unconscious. The couple might feel like it’s hard to actually access the sexual energy, even though it’s always there.

In fact, this relationship can be really frustrating for both people. They know that it could be something great, but they just can’t access it. This is especially true for the Mars individual.

Their sex life may never be quite what they’re looking for. Each person is attracted to the other, but they never seem to have the same timing. It’s hard for them to communicate what they truly want from the other; their wants and needs are quite different, so they don’t understand each other.

This couple may not realize how much they love each other until they’re physically away from each other, only to fight when they’re around each other again.

This Venus square Mars synastry relationship is love-hate. It is very possible to make it work long-term, but it will require a lot of communication. This couple will need to tap into the unconscious energy that is hard to reach in order to find romantic and sexual satisfaction.

Keep in mind that things won’t just resolve with this Venus square Mars synastry aspect. It will take a lot of work and communication to be able to work through these difficulties.