Venus-Saturn Aspects In The Natal & Transit Charts

venus-saturn aspects natal and transit

Because all aspects to Saturn have a sense of heaviness, of duty, of a slow-moving pace, Saturn changes the lighter and happier feel of Venus. In some ways, Saturn can ground Venus, but it can also create karmic debts surrounding love.

Venus-Saturn Natal Aspects:

In the natal chart, Venus-Saturn aspects indicate issues with love and restraint as well as value. These aspects have a heavy feeling, since Saturn tends to slow the romance of Venus, but can also teach loyalty, longevity, and how to value oneself.

Venus Conjunct Saturn

As a child with Venus conjunct Saturn, you were influenced by others’ opinions of you. Usually, this influence was negative. It caused you to feel lonely or different, even if these feelings aren’t obvious to others.

These childhood traumas caused a deep lack of self-love within you. Perhaps authority figures were too hard on you, or maybe you felt that others were mean, cold, or absent. You never felt that you held much value.

Venus conjunct Saturn can manifest as parents who comment on your appearance or status. Even if your parents didn’t realize what they were doing, these small comments deeply affected you. A parent or authority figure taught you that material values are what matter and that if you don’t have these specific characteristics, you aren’t good enough.

Now, you might be a bit awkward, standoffish, or even cold. It’s not easy for you to be intimate with others because you cannot trust that they won’t hurt you.

However, Venus conjunct Saturn also means that you feel the need to be popular and well-liked. You may want to be “in” with people you think are important or could even be a social climber. Of course, you might not be totally successful in this area because you struggle to express yourself and appear reserved, but that doesn’t mean you don’t try.

You may be materially focused and judgmental towards others. Specifically, you might judge others’ appearances, surface-level intelligence, or things that others own. This is because you judge these very things in yourself and always feel like an outcast. 

Venus conjunct Saturn means you were taught that nothing less than perfection will do, and you may spend a lifetime trying to achieve your idea of perfection. This can manifest as splurging unnecessarily on clothing or making, being obsessive about material items such as a car or perfectly decorated home, or any other way that you can use outward goods to make up for what you feel you lack. You don’t feel that you’re good enough just by yourself, so you look to status and money to try and feel worthy.

You probably experience power struggles in your relationships. This is because you gravitate towards those who have power over you and you do your best to get “up” to their level. However, you also look down on those you feel are “less” than you. The world appears a competition in your eyes, one that you can never win. Because Venus conjunct Saturn makes you feel inherently less successful than others, you may try to outdo them using material gains or beauty products.

Venus conjunct Saturn also means that you feel you have to work harder than everyone else for money. You may see others have money or goods fall into their laps and wonder why that never happens for you. There can be an element of envy with Venus conjunct Saturn.

However, if you DO choose to work hard for your money, you can achieve amazing success. Your financial situation will clearly reflect the amount of work that you put in overtime because Saturn is so consistent and dedicated. You will never get anywhere with quick gains but need to actually work, day in and day out, to see revenue.

Venus conjunct Saturn natal means that you must learn to value yourself. As a child, you see only your imperfections because of what you’re taught, but you need to see the value that you do have. This is something you must teach yourself. You won’t be able to love others until you truly love yourself.

This aspect makes it challenging for people to get to know you; you come across as closed down or emotionless. This is because you’re focused on the image that you want to project instead of truly being yourself, which can even make you seem a bit superficial. When you learn to value yourself, you will be able to reveal your truest self to others and really be known.

No matter how others treat you, and no matter how you dress or what you own, the lesson is to love yourself. You can look for love in those areas, from society, but you won’t find it there because it comes from within, from close relationships with unconditional acceptance. With Venus conjunct Saturn natal, you must learn to stop caring about your reputation and about material concerns as a means of status. You see these things as security, but it isn’t real: it’s just the construct in your mind. Real security comes from knowing your value regardless of the situation.

Remember that patience and hard work will be rewarded with Venus conjunct Saturn. And the more you learn to value and love yourself, the more love you will receive from others. It might not be the sort of love you pictured as a child (you won’t be with the in group, won’t be revered for your status or your possessions) but it will be much more real. This is the higher octave of Saturn: putting the work in to create depth and value rather than staying in your own limitations.

Financially, you may experience similar conditions to those in your love life. Learn to keep enough money to live on and how to value it. You can achieve stability and security by saving and investing. Hard work pays off, but it won’t happen overnight. Don’t expect to gain wealth overnight. But don’t be afraid to think big, either, as long as you put in the day-to-day work. Anyone with Venus conjunct Saturn natal can be incredibly successful! It’s all about overcoming your fears and your own sense of inadequacy to truly create the life you want.

Venus Trine Saturn

With Venus trine Saturn natal, you tend to be cautious in romance. You won’t promise more than you can give because once you’re in, you’re usually committed. And you certainly don’t take relationships with others lightly. Whether this means that you’re often committed to very serious relationships or that you rarely enter relationships without thinking through the commitment clearly, you’re definitely a bit reserved.

You may not be the most romantic person with Venus trine Saturn natal. You’re not prone to large gestures and don’t mind having a solid, stable relationship. In fact, this might be what you’re looking for since you’re no risk-taker in love.

With Venus trine Saturn, love flows into your life at a steady pace. You probably don’t have rapid-fire relationships but also do not struggle to find a love interest. When the time is right, someone appears. Consistency in romance comes naturally to you.

You are focused with Venus trine Saturn in most of your endeavors. You know that hard work is necessary to achieve success and you’re certainly not afraid to put in the effort. This doesn’t mean that you’re always successful. This is because much depends on the rest of your chart. However, it does mean that you aren’t afraid to try, to show up to work every day.

Venus trine Saturn natal also means that you are practical with money. You won’t spend more than you have and do not have an issue living conservatively.

Generally, this is a stabilizing aspect that contributes to success in the long term. You may not be the most exciting partner or business person, but you’re bound to do well over the years.

Venus Sextile Saturn

The Venus sextile Saturn natal aspect indicates that you have the opportunity to set down real roots in your relationships. In this lifetime, you truly can learn how to make love last

You will become loyal and faithful to your partner with a little practice. Emotionally, you’ll also learn how to create a secure relationship with Venus sextile Saturn. While you might be cautious about giving your heart away, you’re not as restricted in love as some of the other Venus-Saturn aspects. 

Your tastes tend to be simple, even austere, and you dislike frivolous things. People’s inner qualities and character matter far more to you than their appearance.

With Venus sextile Saturn, you also have the opportunity to develop a sense of security with your finances. This is a very stabilizing act that can serve you well if you’re willing to slow down and put in the hard work.

Venus Opposition Saturn

The Venus opposition Saturn means that it’s difficult for you to experience love in a natural way, especially as a child. There are blockages in love, and you may get frustrated that you never experience romance or intimacy in the ways that other people seem to. 

Some of these issues come because you don’t believe that you’re worthy of love. As a child, you felt different from others and developed feelings of inadequacy. This may have been due to a general lack of affection/absence of parental figures or due to excess criticism. Perhaps your parents neglected to give you positive reinforcement, enforced a strict sense of duty, or were even cruel towards you.

As an adult with Venus opposition Saturn natal, you associate duty with love. This means that you might get stuck in loveless relationships, thinking that you must choose either duty or true love. You were taught that you must sacrifice yourself for the greater good, that you must settle because you aren’t worthy of real love.

You struggle to know your own value with Venus opposition Saturn, but this translates to other areas of your life, too. Because you believe that you are not good enough, you also have trouble knowing the value of money, of things, and of relationships. You often get stuck in the limitations of Saturn, though you might secretly long for a deeper, truer Venusian love.

Venus opposition Saturn denotes restrictions early in life. Sometimes, these restrictions come from outside sources or from your relationships, while other times you restrict yourself because you don’t realize that you have the power to choose.

It is only by developing a sense of self-worth, of self-value, that you will find your own power. Once you do this, you will realize what holds value for you, whether it be money, relationships, or boundaries. You will slowly learn to let go of your sense of duty and find a deeper sense of loyalty, the kind that you give because you want to.

Therapy or mantras may be helpful to teach yourself about your own value. Venus opposite Saturn natal is all about lessons in self-love. Over time, you will notice that you become more confident and your relationships improve because they are based on real feelings rather than a sense of duty. Over time, Venus opposition Saturn can be a really transformational aspect, helping you to develop well-rounded relationships. 

While Venus opposition Saturn requires a lot of inner work over a long period of time, you will learn how you define love and loyalty and will develop relationships that are authentic to your truest self.

Venus Square Saturn

With the Venus square Saturn natal aspect, love and happiness are two of the most important things in life, and you consider them even more important because they feel harder to obtain, especially when you compare your situation to other peoples’. It may feel like you will always be denied what or who you most want in life, like you’ve gotten the raw end of the deal.

At an early age, you felt isolated or lonely. Throughout life, how you deal with these issues will depend largely on the amount of love you received from your parents and how they showed love. Support and encouragement will boost your self-esteem along with love. This aspect will likely be harsher in adulthood if you were subjected to criticism or abuse as a child.

Because of painful separations in your childhood, you may be very cautious about sharing your feelings and becoming close to people. While you long for love and affection, you struggle with intimacy. It’s hard to open up completely.

Venus square Saturn can cause insecurities about self-worth in relationships. This makes you afraid to share yourself totally with another. You’re afraid of getting hurt like you did as a child, of someone recognizing that you’re not good enough.

You may feel an extreme need to be popular or well-liked with Venus square Saturn. You want to be seen by those you deem “important” because that makes that little voice, the one that repeats your insecurities, quiet down for a bit. But unfortunately, you will be caught again and again in situations where you aren’t liked or respected for some reason, which only reinforces your sense of inadequacy.

Remember that when you spend all of your time focusing on social constructs, people don’t get to see the real you. And usually, the part of you that they don’t like is the mask that you put on.

With Venus square Saturn natal, you must learn to be okay with others not always approving of you. You won’t find satisfaction with adoration, because the satisfaction you seek comes from within. You’re looking for real love from yourself and from choice individuals close to you. But this takes hard work to accomplish: the energy of any square is always dissonant. 

You can have really high standards for others, too, as you have such high standards for yourself. Therefore, you need to learn to be less judgmental all around. To realize that there are areas of grey. And, with Venus square Saturn, you must learn that true beauty goes much deeper than just superficial looks and social constructs. You must find beauty in the soul of individuals and in yourself.

With Venus square Saturn, others won’t always approve of you. This is not an easy road, but it’s yours to create. Do what you like, what makes your heart sing, and you will slowly find love and wealth. This aspect is all about learning that you’re worthy of love and discovering what real, deep love means to you.

Venus-Saturn Transit Aspects:

When Venus transits your natal Saturn or Saturn transits your natal Venus, you will learn lessons in the areas of love, finance, and self-worth. These transits can test current relationships or limit your financial situation in some way but can also set you up for massive success in the future.

While some of these aspects will make you feel like nothing is happening, the energy of these aspects tends to lay important groundwork for the future.

Venus Conjunct Saturn Transit

The Venus conjunct Saturn transit aspect can make you feel a bit colder than normal on an emotional level, with no apparent cause. You might find that it’s difficult to show love or even general affection during this time.

If you’re in a relationship, now is the time for it to be tested. Sometimes, this is because of external reasons like physical distance or financial troubles, but most often your relationship will be tested because of a general mismatch of emotions. Even the most secure relationships go through these phases.

A secure relationship will only grow stronger through these trials. In fact, Venus conjunct Saturn transit is laying the emotional foundation in your relationship so that you can weather future difficulties together. Meanwhile, a less secure relationship may come to a close, though there would need to be other major aspects present as well (this is not common).

Remember that any painful lessons learned during the Venus conjunct Saturn transit, especially in love, lead to deeper understanding and commitment in the future. These lessons may be learned in a relationship or might be about your own self-worth and value.

If you encounter a new romance during the Venus conjunct Saturn transit, you’ll find that it’s based on practical concerns instead of overly romantic. You could also enter into a relationship with an age difference during this time.

Generally, money may feel a bit “short” during the Venus conjunct Saturn transit. Remember that this will not last for a long time. You may benefit from careful planning during this transit. Sometimes, this transit is an indication that hard times are ahead and is meant to prepare you to put your head down, work, and save. However, this will actually benefit you in the long run and means that you can make the best of the hard times ahead and actually come out on top.

Venus Trine Saturn Transit

The Venus trine Saturn transit is a wonderful time to solidify anything relating to relationships, love, value, self-worth, or your financial situation. This is a really stabilizing time when you can lay out clear boundaries (either for yourself or others) and set the stage for future success.

While this might not be the most exciting time with the Venus trine Saturn transit, it is a time when you create something real. For example, you might figure out how to actually function with your partner or what you want loyalty to look like. Or you may set the framework for your successful financial future through careful planning, a new business venture, or different investments. 

Venus Sextile Saturn Transit

The Venus sextile Saturn transit is a time when you have the opportunity to create a clear structure that will help you in the future. It’s similar to the trine but isn’t as fluid – you have to actually take action to lay out your plan of action.

This is definitely a time of clear, concise planning rather than a season of romance. Whether you’re setting clear boundaries with your partner and working on your relationship or delving into your finances, it’s recommended that you stay clear and logical in order to set the stage for future success with the Venus sextile Saturn transit.

Venus Opposition Saturn

Due to delays and limitations in your love life and finances, Venus opposite Saturn transit can make you feel a bit down. It’s a slower period that is focused on building rather than on anything ultra-exciting.

Venus opposite Saturn transit is not the best time to socialize so you should get ready for some alone time. However, know that this introspective period is necessary to move forward into the next phase of your life.

This is a time to wait rather than rush in. Focus on the tangible, practical things in your life rather than being reckless. You should be extra careful in how you address relationships and finances right now so that nothing blows up in your face. Instead, set secure, concrete foundations for success in slow and methodical ways.

The Venus opposite Saturn transit is also a time for self-work. You may want to retreat and focus on what value means to you as well as how you value yourself. You’ll naturally want to pull away and figure out who you truly are. You may also want to create a plan to pay off debts and increase your income in the future. This is a time for introspective planning rather than action.

Venus Square Saturn

You may experience delays, shyness, distance, or other relationship problems as a result of Venus square Saturn transit. 

There may be issues and blockages from others or from the world in general as well as your own fears and criticisms. This is a time when it all hits you, but don’t worry: this period won’t last forever.

Feeling lonely and depressed is totally normal under Venus square Saturn transit. Remember that every part of life has a phase – this will pass and you will actually learn a lot along the way. Money can also be a bit scarce, so try to restrain yourself from spending unnecessarily and know that this period is short.

You might struggle to want to earn money and feel generally unmotivated with the Venus square Saturn transit, yet you also acutely feel the lack of money. It’s kind of a catch-22. But remember that the Venus square Saturn transit will show you the weakest areas of yourself so that you can set the stage for future success. Now is a time to retreat, learn, and plan for your future through small adjustments.