Mars-Mars Aspects in Synastry

mars-mars aspects in synastry

Mars-Mars aspects can be very sexually charged, emotional, and may also lead to deeper problems or advancement in a relationship.

With these aspects, both people are charged and passionate in their own ways, and sometimes this charge can create friction in the relationship. 

At its best, both people work together and create something unique. This drive can work together and create a flow in the relationship that pushes them forward rather than holding them back. At its worse, both people may feel held back, angry, and hurt by the relationship. 

Mars governs how we go after what we want, our drive, but also our anger and how we fight. Having mars aspects in synastry can create a volatile relationship. 

Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry 

With Mars Conjunct Mars synastry aspect, both people understand each other’s anger and point of view. The two people do things the same way, and are driven similarly. This creates a feeling of familiarity and understanding between the two people. 

Initially, this relationship may seem very well starred. There is incredible chemistry and sexual energy between the partners, and it seems like things just work. The two partners push each other to be better versions of themselves, and build confidence in each other. 

They may even start business ventures together, or help each other succeed more in their careers. These two are very in tune with each other’s emotions, and very in tune with each other’s physical needs. However, in difficult moments, they fail at balancing each other out because there may be too much of the same energy. 

During fights or tumultuous moments, both people can easily understand how the other is feeling, as they too may feel that way. This creates less tension, but also less balance in the relationship. The people often express their anger similarly. 

During these moments, the couple may not even have to express their anger. There is such an innate understanding with Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry that both people are already aware of how the other is feeling.

However, this can also be difficult in the relationship at times where both people want to be expressive. Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry aspect may make it easier for the partners to shut each other down, and not allow them to fully flesh out how they are feeling. The innate understanding may make for less confrontation, which could lead to a build up of emotions and resentment. 

This depends entirely on the sign it happens in. When Mars conjunct Mars Synastry aspect happens in a fire sign, like Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius, this may produce explosive fights that lead to disaster. Because both partners have their mars in these signs, there is nothing to balance out the explosive energy, and the partners may not be able to stop themselves from over expressing their emotions. 

However, if it happens in a softer sign like Taurus, Cancer, or Libra, (detriment and fall placements of mars) this could lead to a buildup of emotions and resentment. Here, mars is hindered and unable to get out its aggression, and neither partner is willing to bring up the issues that they are having in the relationship. 

Ultimately, Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry Aspect can be beneficial if the partners have something else in their chart, like moon, to balance each other out. It is important to keep the relationship in check and make sure both people are saying and getting what they need, and not just brushing over problems, or allowing them to explode. 

Mars Trine Mars Synastry

With Mars Trine Mars Synastry Aspect, the relationship feels very well starred from the beginning. There is a fundamental energy that you are teammates with your partner, and you are on the same side together. This is a less volatile and frustrating aspect than Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry, and may lead to fewer fights and resentments. 

This aspect brings out the best qualities of both people’s mars placements, and it may feel as though martian energy flows naturally. Initially, Mars Trine Mars Synastry Aspect has a lot of sexual energy and flow to it. Both people are very naturally attracted to each other, and this sexual chemistry is not something that dies out of the relationship as it progresses. 

The difficult traits of Mars are fighting and volatility. This aspect seems to wean that out of both partners, and they have excellent communication skills together. With Mars Trine Mars Synastry Aspect, both partners feel understood, but not overly understood to the point where communicating is in vain. 

When Mars Trine Mars Synastry couples fight, these fights actually bring the two closer together rather than pulling them apart. Martian energy in general makes the relationship better, so they may find that after intimate physical moments, or a fight, they feel more in tune with their partner and closer with them than before. 

This is a very goal oriented aspect, and both people tend to understand each other’s individual and career goals. They support each other naturally, and don’t need to try to impose their beliefs or understandings onto the other person. There is a respect of individuality in a Mars Trine Mars Synastry relationship, in a way that promotes a healthy balance and understanding of each other. 

This couple enjoys doing activities together, and being out in the world. Their best dates involve doing activities, and they both feel more energized in each other’s presence. 

This can be a very helpful aspect in a relationship, especially one that has other volatile aspects. This can help balance out a relationship and make physical martian things more tolerable. 

Mars Opposite Mars Synastry

When Mars Opposite Mars Synastry happens between a couple, one person’s mars is very strong and the other becomes very weak, depending on the signs they are in.

For example, if someone has a Capricorn Mars and the other has a Cancer Mars, the Capricorn mars will gain strength (as it is in its exalted position) while the Cancer Mars will become weaker. Aries, Scorpio, and Capricorn Mars will become very direct when angry, while Libra, Taurus, and Cancer mars will seemingly fade to the background and take on manipulative or passive aggressive behavior.

In the case where the stronger mars placement is the masculine energy in the relationship and the weaker is the feminine energy, things seem to work out easier. However, if the roles are reversed, this can cause a lot of discomfort in both people, and lead to more fighting as the masculine tries to assert himself in the relationship. 

Whatever the combination is of signs, it seems as though one person in a Mars Opposite Mars Synastry aspect becomes the aggressor, while the other sinks to the background. The passive aggressive behavior of the weaker mars will anger the stronger mars, which will lead to more fighting. 

Mars Opposite Mars Synastry can be quite volatile. Initially in the relationship, both people found this energy new and exciting. Especially in physically intimate times, neither person had ever experienced that kind of passion before, which is very exciting in the beginning. 

As the relationship progresses, this stronger/weaker aspect develops, and both people start to feel like they are drowning in the fights of the relationship. This is a very volatile aspect. 

Mars Opposite Mars Synastry means that neither person likes the way the other goes about their career or drive in this life. When one person is advancing in their career, it may make the other person insecure or feel unimportant.

This aspect tends to hinder both people, as they feel that to preserve the relationship, they have to keep their individual goals at bay. It is almost like both people are threatened by the other’s drive and success, and the more success one person gains, the further away they become from the relationship. 

Mars Opposite Mars Synastry aspect can quickly become burdensome. The stronger Mars placement may become annoyed, feeling hindered by the weaker Mars placement, while the weaker mars placement feels threatened by the stronger. 

However, this aspect is not doomed to failure. If the stronger mars placement of Mars Opposite Mars Synastry aspect learns to back off and give the weaker placement time to come to terms with things, and the weaker placement learns to speak up and say their truth, they can learn to compliment each other well. 

Mars Square Mars Synastry

Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect brings with it lots of volatility, fighting, and charged sexual energy. Generally, when this aspect is involved in a relationship, the people will fight a lot. This aspect can become quite explosive very quickly. 

At the beginning of this relationship, both people may feel magnetically drawn to each other and attracted to each other. There is a large amount of sexual energy, which may be the ruling factor that brings these two people together at the beginning of the relationship. The problem is going to be staying together.

When Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect happens in cardinal signs, there is a tendency for both partners to want to take the lead in the relationship, which may lead to power struggles.

This friction of energy makes both people want to have the upper hand, while neither person actually does. With Cardinal signs ruling the Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect, there will be a lot of explosive fights as both people want the other to bend to their way of doing things. 

In fixed signs, this aspect may come across more as a standoff of some kind. Neither person will bend to the other’s way or point of view in a Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect, and neither will apologize at the end of a conflict. In fixed signs, both people are more afraid of losing than they are willing to work on the relationship and make it work. 

The easiest Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect to have is in mutable signs. These people will not be looking for power as much as the other two, and can put fighting aside to get to what is actually important. 

However, regardless of what signs this Mars Square Mars Synastry aspect happens in, these two people will fight, a lot. This may happen in the early stages of the relationship, which can lead to some degree of excitement or addiction in the relationship. These two people can tear each other apart with their anger, and don’t seem to care if they do. 

Other aspects, such as well starred Venus or moon aspects can go a long way at tempering this, and the two people need to remember the love that they have for each other instead of just wanting to win the argument.

When it comes to life goals, both people may find that they do better without each other. They feel stagnant around the other person, and may need to go off and do their own thing to get anything done in their career or life. 

However, if both people learn to express themselves in a way that shows that they want the relationship to work and care about the other person, rather than exerting their power over the other person, this can be a highly beneficial relationship.